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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Dec 7 1966, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - December 7, 1966, Cedar Rapids, Iowa5 7, 1966 Boundary should change in the Wake of the Boundary dispute at the Board of education monday night we at the citizen times feel that some changes in the boundaries should be made. We feel that each Side made Excel Lent Points there were Points the school Board covered which did not fall under the Pruvie of Reilly s speech and there were items which Reilly. Underscored we Ich the school Board did not take into ultimate consideration. But we feel that the main lesson to be Lear Ned from monday night s meeting is a lesson of flexibility. The school Board should we think take into consideration the views of opposition and modify the Boundary lines so that More groups of people would be satisfied. We Are not. Advocating a Pana Cea but we believe that by solid thinking a workable plan could be derived which could Benefit a More inclusive group of Cedar rapid ians. Stealing on Campus word has come from Yale that the undergraduates Are stealing from the University Coop. To combat this the administration has sent out a brochure to All under graduates entitled the consequences of steal and the shave further lenses by spotting policemen and plainclothes men in Side the building. The second method is prob ably the More effective brochure seems suspiciously like a Mother slapping her son s hand after he has copped a Candy bar. Why Are such out Breaks of Petty thievery increasing on our nation s campuses a Yale undergraduate gave the following explanation it s an unrealistic atmosphere. Everything is paid with one Large Check at the beginning. Then your room and Board is free. The idea that Money is paid in Exchange you kind of forget about. You feel like you re living in the ultimate welfare the reasons for Simi Lar problems were a Little bit different agr Innell when i was a Stu Dent there not so Many years ago. The Bookst Ore on Campus was not a cooperative but a profit making venture which continually Rai sed the Price on books. It was considered a moral duty by Many Stu dents to oppose the Bookstore in some Way or another and the most obvious and rewarding method of opposing it was to go underground and steal it Blind. This kind of guerilla warfare morality and there was no sir not Danang i was the Navy Recruiter at the University of California at Berkley. A particular Brand of ethical concepts i vol instance it was taboo to steal from the Library which was established in the minds of the shoplifters As an organization directly benefiting students and faculty alike caused a great Deal of subversive activity on the part of the students. For inst Ance one student had culled a Library of some 400 books. And for the methods for stealing the books were often As ingenious As they were stealthily carried out. A Friend once volunteered to show me his particular technique. With a he said you re Worth one and he promptly stuck the Book he was carrying into the front of his pants underneath his shirt. With a jacket you re Worth and he placed a Book under each Arm As he donned his jacket. And with an overcoat you re Worth he said As he filled the pockets of his storm coat. What is common to both the Yale and Grinnel brands of Book pilfer ers disparate As their apparent motives seem to be is a penchant for amassing material. To Day s student has a de sire for collecting As much data As possible to ride the Waves of a St orm of Competition which is blanketing the campuses. This collection of data spills into areas of More material conc erns and it is fair to say that a larger collection of books than his Fellows strengthens the erring student s especially if he is prone to a receding Gra depo voice of the people letters to the editor must be signed however names will not be published if requested. Please be Brief. Walter the gadfly Gormley writes nearly a year ago at the request of pres. Johnson five . Sena tors went to South Viet Nam to make an investigation. In their 13 pages the Best Avail timotes of the number of enemy forces in Viet from the report we learn that no rth vietnamese and South Viet namese were fighting and the South Vietnam Ese government. In percentages 94 percent of the enemy were South vietnamese and 6 per cent were North Viet namese. In March of this year a door to door poll of 267 people was made outside the Rooming House area in Iowa City. One question was do you believe any South vietnamese Are fighting against the Ameri if they answered they were then asked if the South vietnamese were a. Small minority a Large majority or about half of the total enemy for Ces. Twelve out of the 267 people gave the co erect answer that the int. There Are other fac tors which enter rebellion against society a response to the general loosening of moral none of these reasons is As compelling to the student in our minds As the Prospect of a stand of Good books St Aring him in the face As he contemplates the i series of upcoming final exams some frosty night. South vietnamese were a Large majority. One would expect the people in a University City to be better informed than the popular North Don t know that most of those doing the fighting have never been in North Vietnam. The people Are so mis informed because they whole As 95 per cent did t know whom the major enemy was probably an even Lar Ger percentage of the country As a whole Don t know whom they Are fighting. Numerous polls show that the american people Are not wll in formed on world affairs but it can t All be blamed on that usual ignorance when 95 percent of those polled in a University City Don t know whom they Are at War with. More North Vietn amese. Soldiers have moved into South Viet Nam and the latest figures show the North vietnamese to be 16 per cent of the enemy and South vietnamese 84 percent. The information comes from William Tuohy a reporter in Saigon for the los Angeles times in the nov. 24th Issue of his paper. He got his in formation from a High u. S. Military official in South Vietnam. The actual figures were South Viet namese. These figures Are the ones being used by the us. High comm i doubt that americans Are any better informed today As to whom the enemy is than they were last March. Certainly those who advocate winning the War by bomb ing the cities of the Ament by the associated press International and other news services. President Johnson May have his reasons for wanting to hoodwink the Ameri can people but he Cou Len t do it without the help of the news ser vices. American boys Are drafted to go to Vietnam to kill and destroy and to be killed and they Don t know whom they Are going to kill or who is going to kill them. American parents so me of them encourage their sons to go to Vietnam to kill fellow human beings and Don t know the nationality of those they want their sons to kill. And americans think it is the people in other countries that Are fooled. Americans flatter themselves on How much better informed they Are than the people in certain other countr ies. After seeing How easily the american govern ment can mislead am Ercinas it seems to me that any government in the world ought to be Able to fool its citizens about any War. Any government that can t get the support of its peo ple for any War no matter How unjust must be outrageously income Patent. Iowa legislators from cont. On Poge 4

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