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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1968, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - August 21, 1968, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cedar rapids Iowa volume six Nui Viber Post office Box 4278 Cedar on the Capitol firing line wednesday aug 21 by rep h r it i Hove Gross August of us 1968 ways to waste Money in r prize examples Wahbe found in the Commerce department and in what some people Call the foggy Bottom syrup Factor another Lafof state department recent hearings before a House approbation Subco Mitele indicates 6 travel service Ifo have prize for 1 Servie Merce department be spending Ysuf of miners to Yea tits a the com to sure Biankie asked an increase of he was Given last year the Black proved c prove under questing that he has Only the foggiest idea of what is iding in but he had to admit that with his Kielp the us travel deficit increased million last year he added he had been proud to receive the title of National Salesman of the year from a sales club the sub committee chairman cow Only comment i v w3s a pretty record for the National Salesman of the year Over in the state department mean time a group of Giveaway artists banded to perform a Surv Fiefe known As Mutual education and1 cultural Exchange this Little program Cost the taxpayers Well Over million and in reality should have been name4 the us travel service because All it did was bankroll professors students and m their Glo girdling for example m Maynard a former Driver training fro i of to help the King of Jordan organize centers or Grams got editorial quote Beck is the Only of the supporters of another Candi w the soc to capitalize on the on second 1966 Republican primary m which Bob Beck of Centerville lost to Bill Murray of Ames by a narrow margin they Are spreading the word that Beck is a loser while their own Man is a this of course is our i political poppy cock r of your tax dollars to conduct demonstrations and clinic for volleyball coaches in Poland a retired air Force colonel from Texas dragged Down of your dollars to teach space Medicine in Columbia and Peru neither of which is notably involved in the space race then theres the associate professor of Law at Georgetown University in Washington who will be asking in an Kara Turkey with tax dollars to write a Book on the Law of Public and private investment in Turkey and the Law had a big year in the state department former supreme court jus tic Clark picked up nearly to junket through new zealand and Australia also Japan Hong Kong Singapore Malaysia Indonesia and Thailand where among other functions he was to meet and Dis cuss Mutual interests with his Peers chief Justice and mrs Earl Warren not to be outdone took a round the world junket at your expense mrs Warren pick ing up just Over 3000 of your dollars to discuss women voluntary welfare activities in countries like Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia and Poland where the communist rulers scythe already know How to take care of everybody welfare while the judges were Gie so was the track coach at Central state College m Ohio who got to lecture track instructors in Zanobia and while mrs Warren lectured on welfare in Poland the University of Delware basketball coach was pocketing to lecture basketball coaches in the same country meantime a member of the Massachusetts boxing commission got much More than Many americans earn in a year to give a few boxing Demontra Tionson the dominican Republic and trim dad the required believe it Ornot 136 professor1 of Many new rules for school bus Drivers remind Lowans of Law changes the department of Public instructions transportation division is reminding superintendents school boards bus Drivers and All motorists throughout Iowa of the changes in state Laws that went into effect july 1 Arthur Roberts Dpi director transportation said the last general Assem Bly wrote changes into sections 321372 and 321373 of the code of Iowa which he summarized As follows All school buses shall be equipped with assemblies in front two lamps shall display an Amber Light arid the remaining two a relight Only two lamps each displaying a red Light shall mounted on the rear when the bus is within 500 to 300 feet from the Point where pupils Are to be picked up or discharged from the bus the Driver shall turn on the front Amber and rear red flashing lamps after the Bug stops the Driver shall turn off the Amber flashing lamps turn on the front red flashing lamps and extend the Stop Arm after receiving or discharging the pupils the bus Driver shall turn off All flashing warning lamps retract the Stop Arm and proceed on the route motorists when meeting a school bus on which the Amber warning lamps Are flashing must reduce his Speed to not More than 20 Miles per hour and shall bring his vehicle to a Complete Stop when the school bus stops the red Flash ing warning lamps Are turned on and the Stop signal Arm is extended the vehicle must remain stopped until the re lamps Are turned off and the Stop Arm retracted an exception on highways the pages Driver of a vehicle need not Stop upon steers meeting a school bust Raveling inthe of if Sivo Dicicc tips even the Rah the in urge Jar Fiessor or Psid Al to lecture abroad on Sot that Rhi Ohey might have be ii better spent if hed been brought Here to Wash the Headquarters of make i acquaint Lydon Johnson with us fiscal policy since passage the so called tax package second thought Schwartz would prob accomplish just As much if he Roii the Money across the Potomac r to in the first place Bob Beck is the Only Man among the current candidates who had the courage to run in 1966 when it was certain that the gop nominee would have to face the democrats top gun How any other republicans would have fared is an unknown Quantity they simply were not there furthermore it is interesting to note that Many Iowa governors got into of fice on their second try the incumbent governor who everyone Minisi admit did pretty Well in 1962 1964 Ahful 1966 was Defeated when he first for the democratic gubernatorial nah ignation in 1960 several other Iowa state them Hickenlooper and love at least Oie go ing to the state Housel in Jack Miller one of Khe Best in the Republican party was Defeated when he ran for Lieut Riant governor in 1958 but went on to Washington two years later of the three major1 current Republican gubernatorial candidates one never run for political office he has been a National Leader in the Ameri can legion and has served As mayor of his town but has never before had his name on a party ballot me was asked to run for governor two years ago but declined the other himself been a loser he was Defeated in an at tempt to become county attorney he lost again m a try for state representative when reserved As state Republican chair Man his party lost the governors race twice by the time he resigned his party had lost More than 100 county offices had Only about half As Many state senators Asut had when he took on the Job hapless congressmen and less statehouse officials could hardly be called a win inv record actually it appears that Bob a former member of the state Legisla the Only one of the Republican candidates who has Ever won a partisan election Laurens Sun Laurens Iowa slightly overstocked the de sense department has a Well deserved reputation for paying fancy prices for sex those who say they will forgive but am o 1u1 Ca Cess quantities of everything from paper clips to Oyster Forks but the Interior departments Bureau of Indian affairs is right up there in front in the race to squander the taxpayers Money the bureaucrats in that Agency often ignoring the estimates of people on the scene have a penchant for buying too much of almost everything take the Case of supplies stocked m several Indian boarding schools in new Mexico and Arizona on hand at one school is a 38year Supply of blankets More blankets than could be used m 11 and a half years Are stored at another this same school has a 13 3 year Supply of paper clips another school has a 145year Supply of oxblood shoe polish hardening in the can and a 158year Supply of paper clips still another school had 3073 books on hand that we rent being used because the school had no program requiring their use and m six others new books costing 883 were stored because there was no course which required them there Are other examples of this sort of waste in the Bureau but these Are enough to give you the idea of what has been going on and lbs says Hes going to economize that will be the Day pies learn to Fly y k though the school bus is stopped m the Sarge situation the the school Shai school bus leave the s and Allied forces Rand Shal Lipit turn on the front red cashing aged program thed Riveroy any vehicle designed to assist the Vietnam school bus regardless of the Type of to Abl 6j3e in completing self Way May not legally pass when the flashing Stop warning signal lights Are flashing he must bring his vehicle to a Corri plete Stop not closer than of the school bus when it is stopped and the St parm extended he shall remain Stop Ped until the Stopard is retracted the lamps turned off and the bus resumes quote scared of Wallace Bors maps Fiolo Tex record rout of the Ting Are ran surface which ung scared this year but not motion or until signalled by the Driver to proceed these of the flashing warning lamps and Stop Arm Are prohibited in business and residence districts unless the City in which the buses Are operating permits their use by adopting a local ordinance the regular procedure is necessary How Ever in suburban districts of cities and towns where the Speed limit exceeds 3 Miles per hour Roberts said the Law apply to All school buses whether transporting Public or Pri vate school pupils Dairy cattle Congress at Waterloo sept 2129 great farm equipment show at cattle Congress one of the nations top equipment shows will be a major attraction for visitors at the 1968 National Dairy cattle Congress m Waterloo Iowa from sept 2129 for Over 50 years the farm equipment show at the cattle Congress has provided the prospective buyer with an expanding exhibit of the latest ideas in farm mechanization this year the requests for exhibit space have been greater and have come earlier Cadet Hanna trains at it Carson West Point nyc adet John he Hanna 19 son of or and mrs b Hanna route 3 Marion is one of More than 800 Junior and senior clansmen at Theus military Academy West Point n y who Are re Anny 0 r i e n t a to o n training at various army installations this summer the Cadet a second class Man is assigned for approx innately four weeks this month to it Carson Colo during this period he will receive extensive training with unit of the us army the training is designed to give the cadets firsthand knowledge of the duties responsibilities an living conditions of a Junior each 1cadet is required to demonstrate leadership ability in several demanding army exercises was appointed Topf the military Academy by rep John c Culver he is a 1966 graduate of Linn Marr High school m Powell in states after Viet Nam tour Davisville Rico Struc Trohman Richard Powell us 20son of or and mrs Homer 0 Powell of 1650 9th St new has returned Yiller an eight month deployment to South Viet Nam with Mobile construction battalion 58 ask a member of the Bat Talion which was located 10 Miyei North of helps to provide rapid and of construction support help projects such As the build ing of Walls culverts Small Bridges and schools the Bat Talion constructed 136 Homes for 680families that were left Home less Folio Wing the tej offensive Jami Uto do c 1 us1 rung scared this year but not particularly so of each other looming on their Nightmare horizon is a bogeyman who fun really intones be sure your sins will find out out the bogeyman is George Wallace and Pes got the establishment both sides of it in a cold sweat such a sweat that the democrats and republicans have put their Heads to Gether m a Las ditch Effort to neutralize Wallace whose bumper stickers seem to be multiplying like rabbits the Middle class revolution if it Ever comes is going to make the so called negro revolution look like a Pink Tea there probably will be no stores looted burned but disposition of the Heads energies of All the Gar than customary the variety of new equip ment will continue to amaze the Farmers who attend the equipment exhibits Are easy to see at cattle Congress because of the com the grounds and the hard easy Access to All exhibit space the huge equipment show is a valuable addition to one of the nations top livestock shows Dairy cattle horses Dairy goats and meat animals from 15 states will com Pete for in premiums at the 1968 National Dairy cattle Congress these prize winning animals will be available for viewing by fair goers this years exposition will include entertainment features of the same High Quality that show goers expect at All entertainment both in the hippodrome and on the race track be free this year Junior Bowling clinic 1 the Iowa stat Junior Bowling association will conduct on Day Abc certified coach instruction school aug 25 at Colon Ial lanes in Iowa City Camarillo airman John t Debruyn or son of and mrs John t Debruyn of 609 is Lucas Iowa City has completed Basic training at Amarillo fab Texas he has been assigned to the air Force training Center at Lackland fab Texas for specialized schooling As a Security policeman airman Debruyn a 67 Grad uate of Iowa City High school attended the University of Iowa Wall completes Basic san Diego Calif Marine private Wayne a Wall 24 son of or Arnold w Wall of 1117 Hubbard ave be was graduated from eight weeks of re Cruit training at the Marine corps recruit depot Here he will now undergo from 2 to 4 weeks of individual combat training and then after leave at Home will report to his first Marine corps assignment the intensified Marine recruit training emphasizes rigid physical conditioning and survival techniques both at sea and a Shore to develop sol Confidence and endurance marksmanship with the m14 Rifle and 45ca Liber pistol Are equally stressed and close order Drill instills the traditions of Marine corps team work a through Basic Mili tary subjects Hygiene first Aid cd sanitation and the customs Urt esies history and Mission f the Marine corps serve to polish the new marines recruit education and prepare him to join the Marine combat forces san John m Dougherty son of or and mrs John Dougherty of 2045 Thiesen Iowa City has completed Basic training at Lack land fab Texas he is now an administrative specialist with a unit of the strategic air command at Francis e Warren fab Wyo airman is i 4 1968 Grad uate of Dubuque Culver proposes tour to get support for great River Road Clinton congressman John c Cul ver proposed Here tonight n three stage tour of the great River Road to simulate congressional enthusiasm and support for the development of the 50000 mile Mississippi River Parkway Culver gave the main address at the banquet of the 29lh annual International great River Road convention Here tonight Culver who last year sponsored a meet ing of he 20 senators and 32 Congress men who represented immediate great River Road areas said if can initiate initial interest just by a meeting in a committee room in Washington How much More could we accomplish by taking that same group of men and women and bringing them to the great River Road itself Basing his recommendations on the successful Tours which wore conducted in Iowa and Wisconsin last year for state officials Culver suggested that weekend congressional Tours be conducted in three the upper Middle and lower Mississippi River and that in addition to members of the House and Senate who re present the great River Road states members of the Public works and appropriations committees from other sections of the country be invited As Well he proposed that the Tours be scheduled for Spring or fall when the Parkway is at its Scenic Best Culver noted thai Mississippi River con Gressman represent an influential target group for development of the great River Road including the majority whips of both the House and Senate the majority Leader of the Senate the chairman of the1 Senate appropriations Public works sub committee four members each of the House and Senate appropriations commit tees two members of the House Public works subcommittee Culver cited studies1 Depinon Strating that the most popular Type of recreation in the country today is pleasure driving last year americans drove More than 300 billion Miles for recreational Pur poses he noted and that equals nearly 11000 trips Down the entire great River Road from the Lake of the Woods to the Gulf of Mexico he also pointed to a study of outdoor recreation in Iowa just released by the state conservation commission which lists pleasure driving As the most popular out door recreation activity with 788 percent of All Lowans averaging 18 Days a year of such driving driving As such was followed by other activities closely associated with and available on the great River Road he noted including picnicking sightseeing hiking and walking fishing and boating the need for a great River Road is Clear to permit pleasure driving by the 51 million Noole who live right in the great River Road states As Well As the millions who would converge on the Parkway from every part of the country and Canada Culver emphasized and if the possibility for significant tourist Trade exists now it will be even greater in the years ahead As the demand for recreation is expected to quadruple be fore the year 2000 Culver said that development of the great River Road would take combination of simultaneous cooperative efforts including congressional authorization and appropriations of funds direction of state Highway and conservation resources county zoning and local preservation and development of historic traditions lie stressed that although massive in puts of Public funds could not be expend Ted is Long As expenditures in vie Triani remain at their present Levels we must move ahead now and build on the interest that has been stimulated at a local state and National level so that we Are in a position toy develop a truly National Scenic Parkway when budgetary restrictions Are lifted and economic conditions ask help for striking Millers x Grain Millers local 25 of Belmond have been on strike since june 1 other Grain Millers went on strike aug 1 taking of the situation the Iowa federation labor has notified members that checks May be sent to support strikers to Richard Lindvall Secretary Rte or Fortt thei strikers in state to Joe Rajcevich 611 Owen St new Cedar rapids Lucky number is 5863 watch the it for a new free Lucky of Timber Garni starting next week arts and sciences staff doubled at area x College area x arts and science staff doubled to meet anticipated increased enrol ment for the 196869 school year 17 new ultime staff members and 3 new part time instructors have been added to the area ten Community College arts and science staff according to or Vernon Pickett head of the arts and science Divi Sion recruited from secondary schools col Leges universities and graduate schools throughout the country the 17 were chosen from Over g50 inquiries and applications they represent a wide Catl Mic and geographic background with Talent from Kansas Missouri Iowa Illinois Wisconsin and Colorado in the departments of math English speech science business and social science All have masters degrees and half Are presently working toward doctorates i think we have one of the finest teach ing faculties that can be assembled said Pickett we looked for people with Strong academic records an with skill As teach ers almost without of our new faculty members More than meet both of these criteria they Are goo i scholars and Good teachers with he staff expansion new courses in social sciences physical sciences mathematics and literature will be added to the area ten arts and sciences curriculum new programs in Library services and computer science will also be inaugurated the new instructors raise the total arts and sciences staff to 35 an increase necessitated by the expanded enrolment which is expected Tomore than double last years enrolment Pickett estimated that equivalent of 800 Lull time students will in Rollin arts and fall semester i l Ai new faculty members Are Gary Brinton University of Illinois r Charles cunning social University of Montana 5 James Cunningham University of Northern Iowa Allyn Goese University of Kansas Richard Koolbeck Arizona state University Katheryn Mckay English speech University of Iowa Donna Madsen office University of nothern Iowa William Marland social sciences University of Iowa Floyd Meyer mechanical University of Iowa Carol Oliven social University of Iowa Melvin Oliven mathematics a University of Iowa James Padilla University of Southern Illinois Carol costing Bowling Green state University j c Smithy social North Texas state University f Joan Smith social University of Iowa Sarah Stephens univer sity of Iowa Charles Traylor University of Illinois Hanna Weston social co Lumbia University Ralph Wilcox Case West Ern Reserve Robert Young Colorado stale College both Day and evening a Polege credit courses Are now open for Enron Leniert Reg i lotion will be thru 6 with the twelve week fall charter big in eng on september 9

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