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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Aug 6 1964, Page 2

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - August 6, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaCedar rapids Iowa Diw Kial Page citizen times 324-7th St. South East Chiw Iowa managing editor editor j. W. Grant or. . Kuncl contributing editors Rac ing Les Burianek boating. Merrill Lund woman s Blair labor. Ethan Akin Hammill teens. Leni Stasny Dennis Malone interta1nment w. Grant photography office manager. Barbara Elam Art advertising layout dept. Kay Brock circulation Harvey Billy Pulda sex. 2 published weekly by citizen publications inc. Second class postage paid at Cedar rapids Iowa citizen times augusts 1964 Iowa subscriptions 6 months 1 year 32. 60 50 out of state subscriptions 6 months 1 year 50 Book of the month the juror caused by the suspension of three Cedar rapids firemen this week gave us the Opportunity to Riffle through the pages of an amazing document that might never have come to our attention save for All the commotion. We refer to an innocuous looking but terribly inter Esting entitled rules and regulations of. The fire department a Small 32-Page guide Book for the conduct of the fire service and in cadent by perhaps unintentionally a Reservoir of Feudal age obligations approached in our experience by Only Hobbe s treatise on Man in Nat ure and Conception of the social compact. What is for the most part a sensible and Well ordered document does however contain some hair raising passages some stipulations that can Only be perused with giggles and some that no Man should have to abide by. A few that struck us for one reason and an other we offer for your rumination the chief shall have sole and absolute control and command Over All persons connected with the fire in Case of alleged in just treatment in Violat Ion of the rules and regulations a member May prefer charges against a Superior but failure to substantiate such charges shall Render the accusing member liable to disciplinary officer or member shall take any Active part in politics nor shall they engage in any controversy or dispute upon political or religious officers and members shall not when in uniform and Riding free on Public bus occupy seats to the exclusion of pay Passen the chief have full authority to detail members of the off shift for duty at parades funerals memorial ser vices and special Active All members must conform to promptly and cheerfully obey All Laws rules and Gulat ions circulars and no Idle conversation or indiscreet conduct with women in or about the quarters will be carrying tales or loafing at other depart ment stations will not be whenever there is a doubt As to the meaning of any Rule or regulation application shall be made to the chief for an interpretation of the once More a look at the facts Send boyhood illusions Down the Drain. We had always thought of the fire station As one of the last bastions of quiet masculine prerogatives a place for the perfection of the Fine Points of pin Ochle and leisurely conversation. Alas it s not so. And if the rules and regulations Are any indicator the fire House might just be a place where you d want to look about some before cough ing. According to they can t say Why do firemen Wear red suspenders there will be three less firemen answering the Gong in Cedar rapids this week it s a shame As we understand the Man Power situation the local fire service is already understaffed. Barring action to re verse an order for their suspension from duty by the fire chief the three will not be answering the Gong for ninety Days. There does t seem to be any question about the ability of the three sus Pended fire one has accused them of not knowing which end of the Hose to Hook to the hydrant or How to scamper up a ladder or Why a Dalmatian has spots or Why firemen Wear red suspenders. Apparently air three who were suspended for ninety Days from the fire service this wednesday were not sus Pended because they were poor firemen in a tech Nical because of their violation of a Cannon imposed arbitrarily by the department that robs them of the right to exercise fundamental american freedoms the " Day they Don the Honor Able fireman s garb. Pending further state ment or a denial our understanding is that the three suspended from duly for the heinous offence of daring to re lease information relative to the conduct of fire service affairs to the news Media City. Such action on their part As members of the fire department is expressly forbidden by a provision in the rules and regulations service that carries the obvious implication that firemen Are not to be considered As american citizens or if they Are at least not citizens that enjoy the same democratic Perron at yes inherent and explicit in the Bill of rights the Federal and state constitutions and Are legitimately regarded As an irrevocable part of our heritage of Freedom. According to the rules governing the conduct of the fire fire Man May out in formation relative to the department its operations equipment and so Forth unless permission by the chief has been the consequences of this fantastic provision were levied this week a Aga Irist three firemen who acted in their capacity As spokesmen for the fire fighters Union under in common sense the . Proposes a new solution for the problem of academically deficient College drop outs elect them president of the United states a Republican Friend reports that Bobby Baker appears to have accumulated Large holdings through . Steal. Senator Goldwater increases his guard to fore stall possible Crackpot attempts on his life. He need t fear any democrats he s the Best Republican that party has had since Warren g Harding boobs americans is shocked by the information that 50% of the american people Are below the National average in intelligence. Groucho Marx reports that Barry Bilge water has formulated a. Plan to drop Cuba on red China did you know Many american Banks have sub Stantial monetary investments in Brazil not in Coffee in sex tellers Republican James or Barryer James Bromwell takes umbrage at his Able democratic opponent John Culver s pointed questions concerning Bromwell s voting record. Why pick on me Bromwell seems to say i Haven t done precisely or. Congressman Striction to do so by the majority of their membership and in suit of collective bargaining Aims that Are both justifiable and a Germaine subject of Public concern. They have been subjected to an economic pen Alty for making Public the fire services dissatisfaction with wages and the narrow Range of fringe benefits provided. They have been put on notice in essence that there is no distinction Between their duties As firemen and their rights As priv ate citizens. They have been told in substance that to sign on As a fire Man is to sign away the right to hold and express an opinion about their Job their superiors and that to discuss either without the express permission of the chief is to court Dis Missal from the service. We View with both amazement and concern the chief s action in suspend ing the Trio that refused to be muzzled. That such a Rule was Ever constructed can Only leave one to wonder if its auth or of , of fights that so Gross an anachronism should be used As a Blackjack can Only be termed inbred Washington and Able and deplorable that either the chief or any other responsible official can seriously entertain the notion that reprisal and intimidation Are a substitute for the object Ive appraisal of legitimate grievances or that the suspensions will sufficiently frighten other members of the fire ser vice into silence is not Only Folly but a misguided adventure in ruthlessness. We demand enough of the fire service without de manding that they give up their citizenship for the privilege of risking their lives to protect our property. We would Hope and the Public will demand that the suspension of these three men be fully investigated before they Are penalized by three months of unemployment because they dared to ask after other recourse failed for a decent Standard of living for themselves and their families. Perhaps a look at the Normal Pat Tern of life might both be analogous and instruct Ive we Veall asked for a raise at one time or other maybe we did t get.1t, but we be never heard of anyone being Senf Home for three months for Dar ing to ask. Small business by c Wilson harder and so it came to pass in this land trial the mighty i ooh Hahs of the Potomac be nine concerned with the plight of Many of the citizens whose years were past three score t ill u previous Ivy Nasty of Pooh bulls had been set up culled or Ciul be Curill. Into the Krcal god of Thi Lime called u. H i s u r y pourer Muster a fund t r e j in arc both build people lir can in v c. W. in monies from and sin ant to i j keep elderly in1 i their re Allyl in arc were inc great and i to with inc passim of years u was round by incise a Lin had waxed Neil uial the value of the Dollar hit if waned. Anil i in keep Cidy and soul inc Thor Many snug lil use i Clr experience at Light tasks helming their years to supplement the pittance from the Urcal i Orl i. S. Treasury. Asked How does ii happen thai older people who have in vestments. Can Wax fut Anil Happy on these incomes and still Kel social Security while. I am not permitted to help my and. The Roo Bahs replied twice blessed. Is he who clips coupons Foi toils nor spins find thus Din s not irritate. Our Trout u. S. Treasury. And in it came to pass that two. Leaders from the province known a rep. Kalherine. Is. Ieorgc., a men. Keating proposed Laws to permit who had passed three score and live to earn As Ucli As they and Sill Jet the Lic Clits of the monies that had been taken Funni them in their youth. Anil i con Sec nation i Roll Hall fill Potomac i i and us a great Council was held by inc i onh Halis. Uni like croat held Iii their in girls and said. Nay. If you want Coati. Up from us. Trca Surv in Nevils of inc , wast Lake la away Cheeks for these year s then like inc held Ulicni must toil not. Neither must inc cup in. Of if inn u Frei week Vou social am unix u. Proc so set up. The were and inc decision was to Mil in i Mil people to selves. And forthwith with a Mif Lily Cli Izmir of Irun Hicls there was . Inst cud ii War on poverty which was a win to keep the. People Lepi and Cal on the manna Down the Noral of tool . Treasury. The rally cry was be first tie . Treasury nut nil thinus will Fol Lii i t m this was an Era when Lyle re was conf vision about Many . In a place called Vietnam and a place called Laos. Of the Cereal land i Midlil and died and while some people ii War. Lac i Coli liars is if no it unix not War ii jail Wishik

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