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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Apr 23 1964, Page 5

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - April 23, 1964, Cedar Rapids, IowaV Page Wien times 3rc citizen publications. Inc. Avenue South citizen times april 23. 1964 Page 5 if a citizen s viewpoint can do Good with right motives a new Force for civic Good j.npte.7 of rapids the newly formed informing the Public the in group of when the Issue Dies taxpayer s Assoc hearing them out and course is the party so does the party of action inc. Could be a abiding their wishes which wins the maj ciliated with it Good thing for Cedar this has not always Ortity of the offices in this is the very rapids if it lives up been the Case though an election. Having no trap which could be to its expressed Aims nor will it always Power the out lne death of the tax of the organization be. Even if it were group or minority our l which was formed last it is still a Good party becomes Dedi judgement be declared to have presented both rated to the task of if Van selected increasing filial in paver s association. Tied to a single cause t sj2d. Its this has sex concern of the Rass or to and would of unwise to View sincere efforts in that Light. We View the Advent of the taxpayers upon the when that Issue passed from the scene. _ _ the group would be of sin believing that such its dedication to such sides of an is sue with watching every move no use to the common concern was merely Noble goals As provid equal enthusiasm. It made by the party in an attempt to embarking orderliness in in fact essential control. The system dealing taxation if democratic govern automatically creates on the other acting As a protector ment is to survive. A watchdog whenever they acted As the out the taxpayer s properly run the or hesitates to bark at grou and res fare and the backing organization could be the first sign of any All the office seekers who particularly beneficial Hanky Panky by the actions of each official would support these in Cedar rapids be in party. This is body the Community ideals. These Are cause candidates for the feature which is heal worthy goals. Whether office in the City do lacking in Cedar and thy sign that this com they Are carried out not run with the Back rapids City govern itself to Unity s citizens Are Only time will Tell. Ing of a political party ment an organized lives up to w a to the participation will be the Organiza Divi duals. Such Anar Tern. Tion is going to be a ran gement has its and a of Partick officials. This vantages but therease Lar importance to the of Little con disadvantages As Well. Taxpayer s Assoc a further develop sequence however to other level s of gov the theory of by part ment of those who believe internment county is that action and others that truly represent Ive state and Federal Are a party has or ma3r Spring up will government where All based on the two party never in this nation s ple then the county level. Clearly Bear interested watch the people Are heard system. The theory of history lived a Long nation wil1 indeed by government the it is widely accepted two party politics is life. The reason being a and com that the somewhat involved that third parties have Ici Pality the objectives the present City and but basically it boils always been an could that such ministration Are doing Down to an in group be associated outstanding Iob of and an out group specific in matters that con them and their should they could justify their . If the taxpayer s facts and suppresses emotion if it does not marry itself to one cause at the exclusion of others and if it is supported by a sufficient number of peo to be Cedar Benefit rapids. If it does not fulfil these then every Amine what a such being spent. No government no county official can object to this genuine concern about the tax Dollar by those who have every right to be interested in How it is m Unity pursues. It is time in deed past time that private citizens take an Active role in their Community. The City can Only Benefit by such interest. Red Cedar s cities looking at transit problems metropolitan areas putting off a solution transportation needs across the United makes the problem automobile commute republicans. Expansion is to take place. The key to successful action in the House is support by Urban the Washington and Small business by c. Wilson harder Tion. Has Long since reached the Point of diminishing returns. The automobile Isi speaker has said he will move the Bill As soon As he has commitments from the 40 As every knows. The Mark of n slovenly House pc Pei is one who is Loo to go after the Dustpan my hence sweeps. Everything out of sight Undi Uil Uii nit but despite the. Critical View Ken by Home makers of Tho lactic this principle of Swec p ing hings out of ight under he carpet is be cont the quite the idea a govern ment circles. Unemployed teen agers arc a prob c w harder Henry. The idea now seems to he to sweep them under the Carpel. In less a Perso Izanc i a Wil lard Wirtz. Secretary of labor is come with one easy sol ution. He is Advocat Itig Tiona Law to make it cominis Bry to keep teen tigers it school until they Are 18 years age. With of course federa tax Money. _ now of Chi Irsic one of Thi biggest contrib stink factors to teen age. Unemployment is do to the labor practices support cd by the of labor tie majority of tic nation mop la make their living a some calling that requires ski1 in a certain Craft. This mean learning that Craft while work ing As an apprentice. Thru ghost ing Hyrc is now. A system where the Craft unions in order i keep the Supply of craftsmen i Short Supply either limit or bar Chc a port unities for youth to work i an apprentice. Another segment along the o Tomac is espousing the idea taking the youth my setting Lem up lit engage in borne sort f Public works similar o the id acc i. A Unpi of the 30 s t the theory Here be hat if Vou get he unemployed Een apers Oul of sight some heft ill the mountains pert aps they will just in Lime Dis appear obviously if they go up o Tho mountains As unskilled Hen they finally come Down relm the mountains hey will till be unskilled. Or perhaps is. They will All fall asleep As did rip Van Winkle n d when they finally awake Haj will All he eligible for Soi Ial Sei drily so Las the Best idea assuming a a in keep them in school until 8 is Lisl a Sirc Afler ill it is lot necessary to keep age at 18, Iny More dept Imit kept constant or social Security Rales. This limit could be raised until eventually in reached age. 65, when hey. Could then leave school for social Security. 6f there is another solution advocated by a lion s Independent businessmen. That is to pass the legislation nationally putting unions tinder antitrust lavs and for 31.addi tonal states to join ice presen in passing right to work jaws. These measures would Pirn break the present monopoly unions have in deciding who will learn a Trade and we will this could be than sweeping the teen Agar the carpet. Slowly defeating itself gop members needed Urban rail and. Bus trans to assure its passage prob pm station have become the time to be count a must. De is yet the country has states including this worse. City Are grappling of people seem with the real and Sev to think that the pro Ere problem of How ble of Urban transport to meet the Challenge action will solve itself. Presented today and in in fact the the future of providing transportation for traffic flow in their Lem is getting worse already congested every Day and thedis j City. Many of the faculty of solving it is been strangely slow to god Cedar shavings Large Urban aglow being compounded by see the need. It Haslet and the entire staff of me rations have Al Public inaction. Existing transit comp the citizen times ready begun their a when the mass Tran Anies go to the Wall doff s its Cap this week attempts to the sit Bill was being financially. It has let to organized labor in problem through sex debated in the Senate precious rights of Way Cedar rapids and All Tensive and expensive a year ago senator be abandoned across the state for freeway projects. Sparkman warned Over. It has hoped that the Fine Job they Are some though sorrow the longer we delay time would turn some doing in their pledge Ful experience Are in recognizing thattis thing up. And time All to help Camp sunny finding today that even is a real crisis the along has been working Side the largest freeway is costlier it will it. The Benefit dance held last saturday not the final solution to Many communities president Johnson is their cities transit have abandoned transit now trying to break evening raised More problems. One such right of ways that could through this inertia than toward metropolitan area have been saved if he is trying to revive further improvements taking a. Long and Congress had acted the House version of at the Camp for agonizing second look the administration s crippled children and is the City of Boston. He was right. Mass million in match adults. Across the in a recent transit is Only a part ing Grants in Aid to state in the past few Boston hearld a rep of the Urban transport cities building or re years organized labor publican newspaper action picture. But it is building mass transit addressed itself to the a vital part. President facilities. Itis import matter Kennedy and president ant that he succeed. The editorial follows Johnson have both re the need for rapid sometimes you can cognized that without transit expansion is solve a problem by Strong radio transit overwhelming and simple ignoring it. Systems our big cities Federal Aid Isabol heartwarming More often however cannot meet their utely essential if the raised for the Camp. Congratulations to labor in Cedar rapids and across the state fora wonderful and pro Gram

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