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Citizen Times Newspaper Archives Apr 19 1967, Page 22

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Citizen-Times (Newspaper) - April 19, 1967, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 10 citizen times must Reading april 19 1967 for the elderly Lowan who was self appointed censor following is an excerpt from the Book reasonable doubt written by the distinguished Law yer or j w Jake Ehrlich and published by the world pub Lishing company 2231 West 110th Street Cleveland 2 Ohio a reasonable doubt May be obtained in the Book depart ments of Sanford killians or armstrongs if not in Stock the Book May be ordered Cost of a reasonable doubt is the unknown clerk meet or James Harlan who is James Harlan judging by his accomplishments he should be easily rent Embred he was a Man of purpose and purity raised by go fearing parents and schooled by go fearing teachers he entered adulthood Well prepared his studies led him into the Field of education and in 1853 he became president of Iowa Wesleyan University he was Well suited for the position of spiritual Leader As Well As titular head of the seat of learning one of Harlan great loves was his collection of the works of the literary masters knowing this it is not difficult to picture him in a comfortable chair before a roaring fire in his Library thumbing through the offerings of Marlowe Shak Speare Keats Shelley arid Byron to be sure certain passages presented by these authors must have puzzled him for purity of thought and action was an Essen tial element in his makeup but he accepted these and did not take Issue with them because the world of letters accepted them and there fore they must be Good this reasoning enabled him to thumb through such classics As Shakespeare rape of Lucrece Dantes inferno Bacons Advance ment of learning Milton Para Dise Loste Rasmuss in Praise of Folly montaigne essays and other though provoking volumes that nest de Side by Side on his bookshelves Harlan left the University Post in 1854 studied 1 a and entered the realm of politics he was elected a senator to represent the people of Iowa in Congress in 1855 serving in this capacity for ten years in Washington he soon became a close Friend of Abraham Lincoln this tie was strengthened when his daughter married lincolns son son Lincoln recognized Harlan ability of appointing him Secretary of the Interior in 1865 that is when or James Harlan established his place in history for one of his first acts was to fire an obscure Sighund Redpoll a Aleaf Interior department clerk because he had written an obscene Book of poems entitled leaves of grass we All know Walt Whitman but who is James Harlan of the in Elk Howdy Mac could i trouble you to witness a Legal document for me a visit by the latest teen singers reminds us that we Are in an Era of Long haired music and clamor girls teenage girls getting their ears pierced say it int the first time Treyve been needled for fads what about retirement q hewing been employed through 1962 my social Security records show i have met the requirements for minimum retirement benefits of about a month my husband will not retire for two More years at age 65 file for benefits now would i he Able to change Over to a percentage of his benefits when he retires or would i have to remain with my own lesser benefits mrs a at a you didst state your age nonetheless if you Start receiving benefits under your own social be certainty worthwhile i cant see him wasting his time on some use less activity that leads to no where what would be an inter Esting Hobby or q k a there Are Many interesting hobbies and to choose any partic ular one would depend a great Deal on the background of the individual it should be an activity he likes or May have had a latent interest irl it should be a relaxing form of activity yet brisk enough to give him satisfaction without a feeling of wasting his time purity account and later qualify for a wife benefits under your husbands account you will receive the larger of the q does medicare pay for psychiatrists services in a psychiatric Hospital mrs Al a yes the medical insurance part of the medicare program pays for psychiatrists services for those persons enrolled under that part of the program q i am working for one of the Nat Ioris largest manufacturers and Jive reached the age of 45 we have compulsory retirement at 62 i now realize i must better myself financially to supplement my soc Ial Security and the company modest retirement plan i will appreciate any advice you May care to give me 5r a you Are sensible to give this important subject matter your ser ious consideration while you have the time its potential Many of the largest As Well As the smallest employers have provided financial Security for their employees in various ways some have plans which allow their employees to acquire their company Stock at a savings through a payroll deduction i an this promotes Thrift and gives the employees a sense of and an Opportunity to participate in the company growth and Prosperity companies have purchased individual annuities for their employees under an insured pension plan to guarantee them a regular retirement income for the rest of their lives following their retire ment your company May have one or both of these plans explore the situation with your personnel Man Ager q my husband was from a Hospital to an extended care facility under medicare now his doctor tells us he must be transferred Backoo the Hospital will medicare still pay the Hospital Bill for his second mrs be a yes if he has not already used in his 90 Days of covered Hospital benefits in that spell of illness q my husband will be retiring next year and i would like for him to take up a Hobby of some kind it so would be something helices Imd Iowa Generator company dealer for Delco batteries wholesale retail prompt service on alternators generators starters magnetos voltage regulators 521 j Street so 3634136 Over 10000 satisfied customers Call pm 40268 Groat electric co inc 710 Center Point Rene practice fire safety in your Home he should be Able to produce something worthwhile and stimulating enough to increase his in Terest to the Point of changing the Hobby to a career photography is such a Hobby and one you can always take with you it is so full of opportunities such As sponsored contests offer ing not Only personal achievement and companionship but one that May produce satisfying Revenue As Well were born earlier you would need fewer quarters to qualify it is Worth your while if at All possible to continue some part time work for the necessary 13 quarters nine More you would need to earn no More than each Quarter and would then be eligible for about a month or or More depending on your yearly average earnings As you didst mention your marriage status i wish to Call your at Tention to a wife widow or a divorced wife Benefit also if you do not continue any work you May be eligible for social Security benefits when you reach 72 keep in touch with your social Security office for any change in the pre sent social Security act As con Gress is considering Many changes to the act q i am 60 years old and have an Opportunity to retire at either 62 or 65 my wife insists i should continue working until at least 65 and longer if possible she says secant stand to have me loafing around the House Over the week ends and if i retire a daily diet of our togetherness would be More than she could tolerate she never wants to go any place other than Church so i suppose our Home has become her and my reign is Over what should i do her a Well it appears you have fal 1 in into a rut the same old Rou Tine can make life very Boring for the both of you to your wife your retirement appears to be a vacation for you but Only Drudgery for her there Are professional photog Raphy Home study courses Avail your Public Library will provide you with their names q during the years of 194445 i taught school in Nebraska Dur ing those years no social Security deductions were made from my wages however after 1946 i continued to do substitute teaching and social Security contributions were withheld i now have 10 quarters of social Security credits social Security new tells me i must have 13 quarters to qualify for benefits i am Over 65 and do not feel capable of continuing my teaching career do i lose All that i have paid in or what recourse do i have to be Able to enjoy some benefits mrs Wmk a you must have been born in 1902 to need 13 quarters if you Why not talk it Over with your minister q i was in a Hospital under Meti icare and after i returned Home 1 received Abill Rorri the radiologist am i obligated to pay this Bill c k a apparently your doctor ordered the rays and naturally you Are obligated to pay the radiologist in the past the Hospital usually included the radiologist and other specialist Bills in their itemized Bill to the patient now most of the specialists and other physicians Bill their patients direct this saves the Hospital a great Deal of time and bookkeeping expenses questions on retirement May be mailed to Frank Corrie citizen times newspaper 901 4th St so Cedar rapids Iowa 52404 regular frostings Only regular permanent regular haircut experienced we in trained Beau tic Only in Coupon Good monday tuesday wednesday Only encore Beauty salons main Salon 111 13 Street be 3635559 Halmar Salon mercy Hospital 3650745 Montrose hotel Salon Montrose hotel 3625743

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