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Circleville Herald (Newspaper) - October 24, 1970, Circleville, Ohio Hinge or history the Circleville Herald sat. Get. In 1970 Droit Vin. Ohio by Jeu key Haut Laff a Day football especially professional football is. In the strictest anthropological sense the nearest Ching we have to a National religion and therefore you May confidently expect int Ball to come under politically implicated attack in the very near future the attack has even Here Ami Theresa ready commenced. When i say that football is a National religion i mean Diat it gives Concrete form to and glorifies a far More completely than any of the Ordinary religions a the actual ingredients of the american ethos the values that represent american life is it is actually lived. Anil i do not say this in any Deu igra live sense. For it is this Dimen Aion of football that explains wily president Nixon instinctively chose to be watching an Ohio state game last fall during one of those Radical marches Spiro Agnew has associated himself so closely As admirer and Friend with the Baltimore Colts and Why Nixon again and As president took the Odd Dartmouth i have observed Sal lever a to ban tile Large hints of this beginning to seep Bonfire Long traditional on the out acrid on the afternoon night of the rally before a big game. These ate microscopic things but symptomatic. Others Are the revolt of the negro players at Syracuse clearly aware in some sense of acting against acrid Breeze the political Zed and radicalized fringes a to be sure without. Much real consciousness a Are fumbling for an Issue Here they Are for example. Trying to stir up indignation the myth the weakness of the Over the fact that foot Ball players get free meals at the train ing table dining the season a provision indeed that has been commonplace since pre history another group is trying on grounds of ecology of All things a ecology has become a univ or army and Navy teams Aud the behaviour of Joe Namath thai Abelard of Ute National religion. In Short As the meaning of football rises into consciousness Ute sport because it is More Titan a sport will become More and More a focus of conflict. Letter to the editor editors note a we Welcome letters to the editor. In order to be considered for publication they must Bear the Correct name and address of the writer and those Chance in Case of request that signatures be step last year of officially in withheld will not be accepted officially declaring Texas the for publication. Opinions now had a emergency my first visit to the Hospital was to take dry ice to put in from of an electric fan in front Anonymous letters 0f a window to Cool the room signed with the in jul. As. To in a a half years i have been hospitalized at Berger Hospital four different times and the x rays and the business world by John Cuno a kit Kun Syno Imi. I. 110. no iitwrt4 you broke Par that in coincidence i smashed a fender yes National Champion to the in do Vandable dismay of Joe Pacino and Penn state listless this year As if still stunned by the judgment but what is it a hat football. As religion As ritual so powerfully expresses first and it pressed in this column Are those diagnosis of the doctors and of the writers and oot surgeons attending my Case necessarily those of the Herald from Circleville have been verified by some of the most dear editor outstanding specialists in their after Reading Ralph Altmey Field including my last stay at Eros letter to the editor in sat a veterans Hospital urday evenings paper i lust i would like to say to those has his in common with other could t resist stating my views people who think that Berger Glamor sports it embodies of Berger Hospital and Circle Hospital is nothing but a a Way much More purely than the rest Ville doctors and surgeons in station to something better or of color parental origin or general t0 those who think they must i Etva a Cen rat beliefs that the As a boy growing in Pickaway have a Columbus doctor and poor boy with Talent can make county i can remember most Hospital for delivery what Good. He can make Good in a of the trials and difficulty that would you have done 30 years big Way and do so regardless was had by the sponsors of Ber ago my hats off to the doctors of color parents1 origin or Ger Hospital. I do not have the surgeons nurses nurses aids Creed. Sports very intensely to facts figures or names of most Kitchen and housekeeping staff late and instantly Reward Merit persons who sponsored the hos of Berger Hospital thus distilling one of our funds Pital or even the dates. And to the business adminis mental beliefs. But i can say that when the Trator and office personnel who Anomer aspect of this is thai Hospital was built you could see get All the blame for rates and sport including football re it from court St. E. High St. Prices of Medicine t can Only enact the myth of Equality. Joe and As far from the North and Sac there must be a better re Kapp. John Unitas roman East As you could see if the Ward in the hereafter for a ded Gabriel Jot Nama the. Bill Brad weeds. Cat tails and Corn Ica Ted few in the Circleville Ley. Wilt comb Cruzin enter a he weren to too High Ami i can say Community. Arena abstracted from the pain to the people of Circleville and Ful truths of history. They Are Pickaway county it was a in fact and not Only in aspire great Relief to know that they Tion equal at the starting line the Only place in the american actually that this idea really Doc obtain. But football Nas mythical Potency beyond All the other sports ii embodies the american Faith in organization represents it to an extreme degree approaches perfection. It is like our civilization increasingly specialized. And like our civilization it is also violent. The individuals who can mister All these aspects a and to to films Quot so takes mind. Will courage and happen discipline a arc gain in the during the week of november try and Stop me by Bennett Cerf new York a the game plan had tailed for the enemy to be worn Down gradually Over the first three periods and the coup to be administered Midway through the final Quarter. It has t worked out that Way. Inflation has been an unusually rugged foe. It seemed to weaken during August but in september appears to have swallowed an illicit amphetamine in a singular disregard for the rules of the game. The question now is whether the game plan can Lead to Victory at All in a political or economic sense. Republicans will be Hurt at the polls. And old no hons of How inflation is checked May have to be changed. Not just in Washington but throughout the world nations Are asking themselves if old fiscal and monetary measures alone Are sufficient to defeat what appears to be a especially virulent form of inflation. With each month that inflation persists the chances grow that Ute United states will have to adopt an incomes policy which Means a greater leadership Roll by the Federal govern Milt in determining acceptable wages prices and interest rates. The Nixon administration has carefully avoided any such policy of intervention into the affairs of the marketplace and has in fact expressed Philosophi Ca distaste for such an approach. Tampering with the Market mechanism is nothing new to the american Economy however. And there Are numerous examples of far More direct controls on activities than would be the Case with an income policy the Federal Reserve Regula Tion a for instance limits the rates of interest that Banks can pay on time Aud savings deposits. There Are acreage restrictions on agricultural production fair Trade Laws regulate prices. And other Laws affect minimum wages and transportation and Utility charges. To be fair to the Nixon administration it is not alone with the problem or with the decision that must be made. In its midyear economic Outlook the organization for economic cooperation and development commented about the chief economic problems of its 22-nation arca. A Price it said a is an old problem which has now acquired new dimensions and a new urgency. The last 12 months have witnessed the most pronounced and general Price Rise experienced in the Obi area since the korean War. Prices have been rising in most countries by at least 5 per and it continued a it is Clear moreover that the strength of the inflationary forces generated Over the last two or three years has been consistently yours truly. I j. Brown 211 Cedar Heights Mary Pickford by Bob Thomas a television movie writer Hollywood apr it is 1920 a daddy Long legs a 1919 billed As a the first major trib a a Lite lord Fauntleroy. 1921 Ute to Mary Pickford and her a Sparrow a 1926 a my Best and it almost did no to Friend a 1927 and a taming of the shrew a 1929. All were silents except for at last a exulted a Long suffering father a a in be Dikeov a ered a tactful and reasonably effective Way for convincing my daughters latest boy Friend that it s time for him to go Home. I casually stroll through the room where they re parked with a Box of breakfast food and two bottles of a a a in a first families a author Nathaniel Burt we nates a the most prestigious clan in our history the Adames of new England the Biddles of Philadelphia the Dupont of Delaware the Lees of Virginia and the Roosevelt of new York. Runners up and coming fast Are the Rockefeller and the Kennedy in the words of the author his chosen families have contributed a a Pride of presidents a quorum of legislators a Ledger of merchant Bank Era a pollution of industrialists. A Constellation of generals Sud admirals and a sideshow of and the underpinning of All of them hooey and lots of it insists author Burt sad who a Fol say him nay Ess the Bridge of signs _ in a pygmy menus shop in Africa 1 think to a on a Fence outside a suburban Bungalow a salesmen Welcome. Dog food is on a grocery window. Quot come i for s hello and some Good a homemade sign outside a White Plaine Home obviously loitered by a vow Young lad a free Kittens a ims by Hewett owe Inisi i Iii by inv speaking of your health by Lester l. Coleman . According to Boyle by Hal Boyle new York a the human memory is like autumn a season of both recollection and premonition. It is also like Aii Tumu in that it is a Harvest. The Reward of the Green and growing years is the Goden sheaf of memories one is left with in the Indian summer years of life. Your own memory crop is Bountiful if you can look Back and remember when there really Wasny to much need for an alarm clock because there was always a rooster somewhere in tile neighbourhood to announce the Dawn you re telling me More and strict anthropological sense 8. The american film Institute shrewd which was her any Dei ices cultural heroes. Without anyone will screen Mary Pickford mov co starring role with her equally ingeniously for medical and the really noticing ii football has in dating from 1917 to 1929. At famous husband. Douglas fair surgical problems cardiac acquired a meaning for a Mer its Headquarters in Washington Banks or pacemakers to maintain the lean life that baseball a so a c. If the Star had t exer the Pickford film More electronic approach been that there now Are being used is a communications network criss crosses the entire state of Arizona when an might regular beat of the heart where we urgency arises on a Highway by William Witt Central press write this is United nations Day. It commemorates the founding of that great International peace keeping organization aimed at better understanding Between the countries of the world. Lets All celebrate it Many a Farmer made pin Money by hitching up his team or horses and charging sunday motorists so to haul their stranded cars out of holes. Everybody in America seemed to Start munching raisins a1 at once after word was spread that they put More Iron in your system. During the flapper Era of the 1920�?Ts, women for the first time began to invade menus barbershops. Thereby riling the old timers and forcing Barbers to bide their copies of tile lurid police Gazette. The nation had More pot bellied stoves than pot bellied people. Sometimes the lights in a movie House were flashed on and the film stopped so the manager could come out and announce a the show will not continue unless you kids in the front Row quit shooting Beans at the piano the Best Horseshoe Pitcher in a Small town was looked up to a even though he always seemed too Busy to find steady work. Many a Man who lived a Long life died in the same bed and same room he was born in neither babies nor dogs were expected o subsist on canned foods. The favorite pinup girls of world War la soldiers was Faye Emerson and Betty arabic. Kids when digging a backyard Cave always conjured up the dream of going All the Way through the Earth and wondered if the first person they met on the other Side would speak chinese. Every child also hoped to be the first to catch any new Dis ease that appeared in his class. The most popular air conditioner in hot weather was a cardboard fan. The keyword of the american Credo was Opportunity not Security. Those were the Days remember much less intense so nine cited her female prerogative seem naive to today saudi Only a few years ago con or a Lake to campers or Hunters tenth Century and even Rural there would have been no trib fences but they were immensely s i d e r e d miraculous. Now helicopter is quickly Dis Pat a game a once had but no Ute next month or Ever. Popular with a gentler Genera almost As a routine operation Ched with the cooperation of the Tion. The Star specialized in these devices Are implanted on Arizona Highway patrol who the first snowfall As Zadok Dum Kopf puts it. Is the Eraser nature uses to erase her masterpiece a autumn. Mayors report by mayor Richard l. Gerhardt longer Dot s. And so. Given our political fissures hatred of football will inevitably be evoked at Dan baby is born on Hospital Lawn la my my Stekert re Wilion it i a a Ucrry i cml in body wit frequency Thatje by a a Al, i thought Thov were of nne Young ladies. Almost makes them com special Salt to frequencies let Only to my own a a he Hasnal changed at 77, she Mon pure. The rest of the United totes interest Only to my own Genera firm minded a Ever an of this Hasm awaits Complete reports lion and i t Hought succeeding Gunaca As Nam Mamea a Ever an adaptation of this Basic system so that other generations would Nelv Lauh at As spoke on the Telephone principle is now being used to ,. A a system so Coal outer find re amp la far the Hilltop Man stimulate. By ref ctr sum a a a it Quot a a a �?op1� this we Sion which was the Center of vibrations nerves to make Saun Tenni tit. Was persuaded Ina Hollywood society for decades paralysed Muscles Able 10they Wen a part of the history she j Cen confined to the contract and function. Whenever possible one Parent of the american film. So House for the past year or two at the Rancho los Amigos voir you Cwm most of us believe in a second Chance for everyone a except losing baseball managers and football coaches. War lances used by the knights of old according to a Book on medieval history averaged about 16 feet in length that s going a Long Way to make one s Point. Changed in Nind. Combating a number of ail Hospital in Downey. California she and her associate Matty menu a team of scientists have per a a in a feeling stronger than an formed these implants and have Kemp undertook the remora Riverside. Calif a the first child of or and mrs. Tim Marsh Man w As born on the Lawn of Parkview Hospital. A a the parents were walking on c and elephant a said the Petite a reported astonishing successes rapid in across the grass when it. A limn Washington for the Tress. A but in a self indulgent. It is interesting that or. Vernon became apparent that he 15 time in their renewed buddy Rogers her husband l. Niche has surrounded year old wife was in delivery. Amp Tate a at a except for a trib Bas been telling me that the himself with physicians and Marsh in an rushed in and of uus Kiven t0 mias Pickford by Mayo clinic advises exercise for surgeons engineers and tallied u nurse who assisted. The drench government in 1965, people like my. Well in a going electronic experts to achieve by attendants said both the Hoyles have rarely been to try. But i Don t think i can go remarkable cooperation Suc Mother Debbie and the son today in h Story things could be worse a supposing All american football candidates were Given to making Campaign speeches were in Fine condition. Police funds okd Marietta Ohio of a tile Ohio Law enforcement planning Agency approved thursday $14, he in funds for the Southeastern Council of governments headquartered Here. The funds will by used by police department in Athens Nelsonville Gallipolis Powhatan Point Brookside Bridgeport and the a Iii a county Proser u Tor 7 office. The Herald a Olivia newspaper p. I ul.1 publisher k l Davis editor end Manege a Delly newspaper Cuneo Deung Lite co Ole Ville Herald and Ute daily Union Herald. In tried a act rid Cleat Melter at the Circle Ville poet Otho under the act of March 3, Utis. Second last Pottage paid at cd Clave lie. Ohio. Published every Aile noon except sunday at the Herald building 2 0 North court Street. Circleville. Ohio by the Circleville publishing company. M Ion Phinx by Center in Circleville my per a Rock by mall in Pickaway county so per year. A lec where in Ohio he per veer. Outside Ohio fib. Mali rates apply Only where Carrier service is not available. Lellep boxes business 474.3131 news 4743133 postmaster Bend form 17� to. Boa 493. Ord Villa Ohio 43113 shown Hin co their initial release for that Cess with this concept among the tiles a poor Little she said she won t be Able to a Battery powered transmitter by Tuk associated priss today is saturday oct. 34, Rich girl 1917, Rebecca of attend the film Institute trib provides the electric stimulation surm Brook farm 1917 a Astel Ute but buddy will serve As her to the Muscles paralysed by Quot Pollyanna a representative. La Maris a 1918 crossword Puzzle across 45. Watch 16 judges 1 a gun smoke a Down Symbol character i speck 19 not a 4. Ruif inf 2 russian City soul 8 prior to 3. Yield <2 la 4 turmoil was t blame me Quot b vaudeville 21. Dimin 12 in ecstasy act 3 was shed 13 Wise 6. Whole 23 Donkey about 7. Expiate 27. Tree or 14 get 8. A Shrub Hun 9 omit in 29 window Rover pro Nunci Etyle 15. Gam action so. Poor 17. Martini la own up to 31 ring like ingredient Colloq 35.a of 18 sly Ai 13 veda. I Wight la a i pit o i i a m a a n ugh a a r Elfr f a big l 1 Ami a b l i a s i a Idt or s o i strokes and injuries. The present study still in its Early stages is performed on carefully selected patients in order to learn More about the the 297th Day of 1970. There Are 68 Days left in the year. Today s highlight in history on this Day in 1945, the United nations charter went into Force As the soviet Union be the Bec is the Only insect domesticated by Man a nature item. Domesticated perhaps a but tamed no the Man at the next desk says that he thinks its ironic in a sense that when a person is so successful he Maks the Hall of Fame he finally winds up just a bust. At. Min Oil a j a by i to t a a be it p bask a l l i american newspaper i preventatives a Atlanta a Chicago a National Tat i a a a Judi angelas a now York c. Troll advertising espresso 20, cognizant 22 Wyoming Mountain Range 24 weather cock 2b farming implement 26 finish 27. Repair 2k Mike Vuyen 2 Ida it 31 front covered 32 Challenge 33 a Down under Quot Bird 34 Pooch cry 37 never Ger 3 wow 40 Cut up 42 Minny 43 attractive 44 ukr lingerie ii avg 1 a Kir i nor Dtra i Aas or 36. Frustrating tactic 39. Fodder 41 Quot got sixpence Quot Mem 2 5 a r _ 6 in. Quot to Quot v 1 a Quot a to a a he 17a a 19 27 in j of a a a or i 1 7.7 h 29 to if 2�?o to. T7t a i Sibka a a to 59 w. A i m. A Cal 41 45 i a 44 _ ii Mem remarkable potential came the 29th Nason to ratify it. Possibilities of this new method. 9n a it is hoped that youngsters James i was pro with cerebral palsy will soon be a am Ltd King of England. Scot the beneficiaries of this and France and Ireland brilliantly conceived idea. A Peac of european nations recon when medical emergencies Independence of the arise in Large cities rapid Netherlands transportation by ambulance. A l861 the St telegrams police and fire services Are Wert sent across the United effective in saving lives that states. Might otherwise be lost. There it re a collapsed on Are vast areas in America the new York Stock Exchange. Where gush services Are not presidential candidate readily available. In order to Dwight d. Eisenhower said he meet this need the state of Woultz go to Korea to try to cud Arizona has begun to use the War there if elected helicopters to transport Accident in ambassador Adlai e. Victims to the nearest Hospital. Stevenson was roughed up by or. James l Seh Madam of right Wing demonstrators after hic air medical evacuation making a . Day speech in system reported the value of Dallas Tex this method to the lives of 225 ten years ago a the United persons a evacuated in nine states and Mexico announced an agreement to begin work on two specially equipped the Armistead dam on the Rio helicopters All on round the Grande clock emergency duty carry five years ago a South Viet highly trained physicians and namese Relief Force was pushing other Hospital personnel to the toward the besieged Fie me scene of accidents. Severe Burns Vietnam and Snake bites that need Ira one year ago a several per mediate help Are Given it in sons were killed in Lebanon As the helicopter on the Way to lebanese troops clashed with the Hospital. Demonstrators supporting anti so successful has this Rescue israeli guerrillas. Indians of Taos Pueblo in new Mexico still Boycott such modern conveniences As piped water electric it Ower and radio and television. The most fun filled and exciting week for round towners has arrived and the 64th Circleville pumpkin show is again As billed a the greatest free show on the Effort put Forth by the show directors and hundreds of people who work in the Booths is a reflection of a com in Unity by a very Best. It is also a time to meet old friends and make new ones. It is also a Busy time for the various City departments. Not Only is it business As usual but also for most departments there is added work to be done the City health department daily inspects All food establish intents and checks the workers that they have been Given the proper test for food handlers. The fire department also makes daily rounds to Check that flammable materials Are properly stored that fire Extin gushers Are properly located and must also make sure thai the specially designed fire lines Are kept open in addition special arrangements Are taken during Peak crowd and Parade time to insure that the fire equipment can quickly respond in Case of an emergency. The police department is kept Busy guiding lost people locating lost cars controlling the crowds treating and taking care of the Many Many other emergencies that always accompany such a Large crowd. Did you Ever look at the streets in the evening when you leave the downtown for Home a tons and tons of paper litter and about everything else is on the streets. Yet by 8 a m. The following morning the streets Are clean the trash barrels empty and another Day of the pumpkin show is ready to begin. Unnoticed but with a great Deal of Effort each night after everyone has gone Home the City service department swings into action sweeping cleaning and gathering up the trash and debris that accumulates during a Days festivities. The service department Aud utilities department in addition must continue to carry out their Day to Day work As much As possible. Pumpkin show is work for some but above All it is a Iso fun for everyone. Hat Jos i a Cyl do it every time in Weetzer loves to sound off balance of payments foreign Aid Etc. Our taxes go overseas is 1/ we billions to 4 a a countries that sneer at of. And cheap foreign labor its a undermining our. J Economy a air but where does he do his shopping a so Sot bargains look \ made be amp Patzia to Piru with what american ? i 8im0c0-ars Cost we can get these two shop / cameras a radio and a watch Ste Vilf by it it a it a

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