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Circleville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 4

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Circleville Herald (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Circleville, Ohio Page fourth daily Herald Circleville Ohio saturday july 23, 1938 the Circleville Herald consolidation of tile Circleville Herald established 3.883, and the daily Union Herald established 1s94. The published evening except sunday by Circleville publishing company 210 n. Court Street Circleville Ohio t. E. Wilson publisher member Ohio newspaper association. United press Central press association and the Ohio select list. National advertising Kep Rusen Tati ves John w. Cullen company 8 South Michigan Avenue Chicago 630 fifth Avenue new York general motors building Detroit subscription by Carrier in Circleville 15c per week. By mail Pickaway county and Circleville trading territory per year. $3 in Advance zone one and two $4 per year in Advance beyond first and second postal zones per year $5.50 in Advance. Entered at Post office at Circleville Ohio As second class matter. Rising tide the ebbing tide of business according to evidence on All sides has definitely turned. It is particularly noticeable in the Industrial communities which were harder hit than others by the latest slump. The most convincing proof is the growing re daily Washington merry go round w by Drew Pearson and Robert s. Allen. ring to mrs. Ickes Ashington officials of the Interior department Are disappointed with mrs. Harold Lckes. They had expected More cooperation. While she and her husband were travelling through Europe on their recent honeymoon or. Lckes Bureau chiefs congratulated themselves and gloated Over the fact that hereafter their telephones would not ring As Early As 8 a. In. Or As late As 6 p. In. With the operators Curt warning a Secretary Lckes mrs. Lckes they Felt sure would now see to it that their Boss and her husband would Lead a More leisurely life. Mrs. Lckes however has failed them. The Secretary of the Interior Long known As the hardest working member of the Cabinet still comes Down at exactly 8 employment. Steel textiles shoes Glass a. Rn., and expects others to be there at by Maud Mccurdy Welch written Tor resealed of Central press association higher learning read this first determined to show or. Julian Paige the Man she is in love with that Ane can make her own Way in the world Noel Shayne wealthy society girl Burns her Bridges behind her moves to a Rooming House and for Lack of anything better obtains a Job As a taxi dancer at the Peacock run by Nick Liuigi. She is living with a girl named Laurie Evans whom she met in the Park and who is a cashier at the restaurant which Julian patronize. Noel feels she has a dangerous rival in Ruth Chester Julian s pretty nurse. During an Outing in the country Julian tells Noel he wants to kiss her but does t think he should. One evening at the Peacock Luigi tries to kiss Noel. She slaps his face and threatens to quit. Not i gets a Job in a laundry but loses it after three Days because she does no to work fast enough. Still dancing at the Peacock. Noel meets a Young Man named Chris Landers whose refinement makes him stand out from the others she has danced with there. Noel is Happy when Chris returns to the Peacock a week later. Leaving the Peacock one night Noel is greatly embarrassed to find both Chris and Julian waiting for her. Now go on with the Story automobiles and accessories building All show it. There is no Rush Back to work but a steady trickle almost everywhere. It is the first upward turn in nearly a year. This is especially convincing because june and july Are usually months of business decline. When activity can Rise against Normal summer stagnation and in the face of a congressional election involving issues that businessmen generally have been viewing with alarm there must be some Force at work More powerful than weather politics and business precedent combined. Government spending no doubt has something to do with it but can hardly be the dominant Factor because millions of americans regard this spending itself with an alarm which tends to offset its Potency As a stimulant. There is every reason to believe now that barring unforeseen developments in the four vital areas of business labor politics and foreign affairs things will be humming in the fall. The same time. Because they Start an hour Early they Are supposed to get off an hour Early but since the Boss remains at his office until 5 or 6, most of his Bureau chiefs have to do likewise. Mrs. Lckes has achieved one thing however. She has succeeded in getting her husband to go out to lunch. It used to be a Glass of milk and a Sandwich at his desk. But now he takes an hour off at noon. Occasionally also she stops at the Interior department on the Way to a shopping tour peeks through a Side door and interrupts the Secretary of the Interior for a moment. Many of his subordinates would not dare Beard the lion in his Den. She not Only gets away with it but the Secretary of the Interior seems to like it. Harmonizing state Laws the Public needs to know More about the work of the National conference of commissioners on uniform state Laws. Composed of three members from each state this group year after year studies the great mass of statutes with the purpose of sifting out those which conflict and drafting uniform Laws on matters of More than local importance. Among the Laws studied at the current sessions of the conference Are those on real estate mortgages insurance regulation survival of tort actions death by wrongful act House trailer regulation and aeronautical codes. Marriage and divorce Laws Are also recognized As greatly needing uniformity but they were omitted from the program because of the recognized difficulty of reconciling state differences at this time. Alexander Armstrong president of the i conference opened the recent meeting with a Strong plea for More action in i putting Over the body a recommendations. I married Bliss in other respects mrs. Lckes has been no disappointment. In fact at a picnic Given by Interior department officials for the Lckes shortly after their return she proved just the opposite. Jane her husband pronounces it a a Jean has Auburn hair delicate skin an inclination toward freckles a contagious smile and a charming sense of proprietorship Over her husband. Because Lckes looks far younger than he is and because Jane acts somewhat older than she is no one who had not read the papers would consider their Ages very far out of line. Mrs. Lckes seems to take real Delight in mingling with people and her husband who never was very social now is More companionable better Humoured and seems to get a real kick out of life. And Spur the agreement. Forty eight Legislatures to among the triumphs of nazism done to Overlook those helpless austrian refugees living in a deserted Barge on the Danube and not allowed to land anywhere. It urn j. J. A. Makes a person wonder whether a we spend years in drafting acts he said a and then in Many instances do nothing whatever to present them to the Legislatures of our states and secure their speaking of a building Boom a lot of the Job is one which greatly needs political build ups Are coming along nicely. Doing and in which Progress is inevitably a slow. Yet the commissioners themselves if there Ever was might Well do More to educate the Public they be taken the a a in today is River w without civil Iza in a Barge floating Down a a destination. Chapter 19 when Noel saw Julian standing at the Entrance of the Peacock waiting for her it seemed As if her heart leaped right up into her Throat. For a moment she did no to know what to do or say. Chris was standing there his eyes questioning. Finally Noel gained control of herself and presented him to Julian. Then she said. A a in a so sorry. You see in Hadnot any idea that doctor Paige a Quot i quite understand a Chris said coolly and moved away. Then Noel s eyes found Julian a again. And she knew that Chris did no to matter. A thousand Chris Landers matter. Julian was Here. He had cared enough to find her. Her heart was suddenly singing like a Nightingale under the stars. Julian was angry. Noel knew that. But even this fact could not overshadow her Joy at seeing him again. The Only thing of which she was really conscious at the moment was the fact that he was Here after All the desert of the Days that had passed. Then she heard him speak saying calmly a i am sorry about your Friend. Perhaps in a the one who should give Quot of not no Julian a she said hurriedly. He moved up then and took her Arm. A shall we go a at his touch Noel w As conscious of a Rush of feeling which threatened almost to overwhelm her. Mow that Julian had come All of her worries had been quickly relegated to the background of her thoughts. Her hatred of this Garish club Nicks disapproving eyes even the look of Hurt disappointment on Chris Boyish face was it Only tonight that she had tried to convince herself that in time she could care for Chris and then she and Julian were going out into the Cool Star sprinkled night. There Wasny to a Moon but never had the stars shone with such brilliance. There w As Julian a shabby car parked under a Street Light. She recognized it with a Little thrill. Julian said nothing As he helped her into the seat even in the Semi darkness Noel could Sec that his face had a Pale set expression. Was he really As angry As he seemed ? Noel managed a Little laugh at last and said a How did you know where to find me a a i waited hoping you a get in touch with me a you had Julian began. A called you Over the phone a number of times you never called Back so a Noel Drew in her breath Sharov. Julian had called her. A number of times he had said. Then there was Only one thing that could have happened. Mrs. Barsom had forgotten to Tell her. The Rooming House keeper was getting More absent minded All the time or else she did no to care whether messages were delivered or not a when i did no to hear from you a Julian continued a i did the Only thing left for me to do. I asked Laurie where i could find Julian a voice was controlled but it had a cold steely Quality that frightened her a Little. He was still angry but she could see that he had himself Well in hand. Would she Ever be Able to explain to make him understand a Julian a she began timidly a i a i Hope that is a but she stopped because she think of just How she should begin the explanation. His expression was so uncompromising. He looked so Stern and and unyielding. A you see there there Are several things i want to explain a she managed to say at last. A yes a Julian a voice came coolly. He did not look at her. Then before she could find the courage to go on he asked a where do you live you la have to Tell me now since in a taking you she gave him the number on court Street in a voice that was a Little shaky. She Hadnot wanted Julian to see the rather Down at tie Heel place where she lived. It would Only make him try harder than Ever to persuade her to go Back to her old life. And too she had a feeling of Pride about it. This w As the Only place she had yet been Able to afford on her earnings. And she had made such proud boasts. Julian turned the car Tow Ard court Street. He drove smoothly and not too fast and maintained a rigid silence. It was As if there were a Stone Wall Between them which she could t break through in order to reach him. The silence seemed to grow More and More ominous. Finally she said in a voice that held a tiny note of desperation. A Julian i can explain really. Please done to look Uke a there Isnit any explanation a he said coldly. A facts have an Odd Way of speaking for themselves a Noel Drew a Sharp breath which was almost like a pain. It was going to be More difficult to explain to win him Over than she had expected for she saw now that his attitude was absolutely unbending. He did no to appear As if he had any intention of listening to her much less believe in what she had to say. What could she do what could she say she had to think fast. She let him leave her in this angry unyielding mood. And in a few minutes the car would be stopping suddenly her Throat was aching dreadfully. Many Many times in her imagination she had pictured herself sitting Here beside him in tile shabby car Julian smiling and Happy his dark eyes seeking hers with warmth and something Akin to tenderness. And now she w As afraid he w Ould never believe anything else but that she had deliberately lied to him As to where she was working and the nature of the work. He was Uke that. Everything to him was always simple. It had to be one Way or the other. There were no deviations with Julian. Of course she had permitted him to have a misconception of things but not because she had really wanted him to. Only because she had failed so miserably in getting the place she had wanted at the Gar Woods and was still hopeful and almost confident of getting another place similar to that one it Wasny to her fault that she had not been Able to find another place like the one he had approved of. And she could t Bear for him to know that so far she had been almost a total loss at making Ber own living. They were in front of the court Street House now. Julian stopped Hie car. Noel hesitated and did not get out immediately. In another minute he would be driving off with a Curt goodnight which probably meant Goodby As Well. She Bear it. She but to her Surprise when Julian stepped out to help her from the car he did not get Back in the seat instead he took a Small Black bag from a compartment in tile car. Then they were walking together toward the House. Quot you re going in a she asked mystified. a but Julian in that is the Landlady a Noel was puzzled beyond words. A you seem to be forgetting my profession. Your Landlady or anybody else could have no possible objection to my going with you to your apartment or room or wherever it is that you live. You see in a going to have a look at your foot. In a almost certain you have rubbed a bad Blister on your Quot of a Noel gasped. So he had noticed that. It was True she had been conscious of pain but she thought it was because the shoes were too stiff. A i of were having such a Happy time you probably didst even realize that one of your heels was blistered. I could Tell the Way you walked on it when we came they had entered the room now. Julian did no to even glance around. He just sat Down at her feet and said quietly a take off your Sandal and she obeyed. There was a Blister quite a Large one. Julian reached for a Roll of medicated Cotton and a Small Blue bottle containing some kind of Antiseptic. In a few minutes he had her Heel neatly bandaged. A now be careful and done to get an infection. There s always some danger you Laurie awoke and sat up in bed her dark hair tousled about her Small freckled face. A is Noel sick anything wrong with her a Julian Shook his head. A a she la be As Good As new in the morning no need to worry then he went Over to Laurie and put his haad on her head. A you Don t look any too Perky yourself Young lady. Of you girls if you will rip around All night a a Laurie never does that a Noel told him quickly. Julian looked at her As if to say a Well i know you do a and then moved to the door with his bag. Noel followed him out into the Hall limping a Little. They faced each other on the porch. A so it was just a Lark after All was t it a Julian said a Little bitterly. A no Julian honestly it Wasny to Noel exclaimed. But it Wras quite evident he did no to believe her for he started walking on to the car regardless of her Little cry a wait just a to be continued a would you two historians be interested in knowing that it Lias stopped raining outside a diet and health it it How Poison Oak eczema now is being treated by Logan Clendening m. D. A hopeful demonstration for Many who have been exiled from the Woods of summer by the presence of Poison Oak or Poison Ivy was that of or. Ame e. Ingals of san Francisco at the american medical association meeting last month. Poison Oak like Poison Ivy produces a resin in the process of growth which causes the skin eruption. Only a Small proportion of people Are sensitive to it so it appears to be a form of allergy. Poison Oak is know n Only in our Western states. Or. Ingals had collected specimens of the Bush in All different stages of the annual changes. It differs considerably from Spring to fall the leaves being Reddish in the Spring then Green then turning a Bright red in the fall. It May grow As a Small Bush or in the form of a Vine attain a height of 20 or 30 feet. It is not necessary to touch the Plant in order to get poisoned. The smoke from a Wood fire on which or. Clendening will answer questions of general interest Only and then Only through his column. A looking Back in Pickaway county any out. A a glory in War a round Circleville. Hour by hour 7 i Dages from the diary of an antiquated reporter up and soon away to the Post there meeting eve Merri Man come for communications to the. Gas company. Waved to Frank Lynch whose Days Are made happier by increasing frequency of a pauses for Franks business of course thrives most in hot weather so he is one who never complains of the heat. $ 0 # arrived to find the Coffee club in full session and panning at its height. Turney Weldon did not participate in refreshment but occupied a High Stool to join in the fun. Wonder whether he is on a diet ? 0 0 0 received a card from Franklin Kibler who with Erme Weiler and their wives Are spending a weeks vacation at Heasel on the upper Peninsula of Michigan. Plenty of Small Fiah but the big ones Are riot hitting he pens. Franklin up to the time of writing had tagged Only one great Northern a five Pounder and Ernie had failed to score. Answered a Hail from above stairs and joined Bill Cady Eli Roper and Jim Swearingen in a conference in George Roth a office. Settled some of the local and world problems to our own satisfaction. W00 on the Street did hear of men passing petitions but was unable to learn what they were All about. Talked to a half dozen signers but they knew no More about it than i did. One thought it was something about the sales tax another was certain that the petition dealt with a socialist ticket and a third thought thai it had to do with Highway improvement. 9 0 0 one of the boys in the Back room looked at the afternoons Page one ban Nerline and asked a say who is Russ Bear a and the answer was a Maxies brother a reminds me of the apprentice Printer up Lima Way who came into the editorial room one afternoon to comment on the Days ban Nerline that Dean with an i pc seen time Fellows in Vau Deville and circuses a he said a but i never knew that they were breaking the Law. I like Mem and done to think they should be i never cared for contortionists until then but they always give in a laugh now. 0 0 0 also there was the local Pressman who was adjusting a Page of Type and found an apostrophe that was damaged. Turning to the Foreman he yelled a say you la have to replace one of these High commas a a chatted with Bish Given and walked a Block with Sam Joseph the retired Clothier. There goes George Foresman and Here comes Rae Bales. Waved to Wallace Crist and passed the time of Day with Dan Mcclain listened As Sam Rader made another Promise of a Jaunt into Pike county. I wonder what happened to that lad who agreed to keep my Lawrn Cut this summer. Twice he appeared and then disappeared. A Job there for someone and i have a Mower. Five years ago the Ralston Purina co., which recently purchased the h. M. Clites Mill properties employed to 1 men to Start cleaning up the s. Court Street elevator in preparation for an improvement program. Pat Malone a purchased the j Walnut Street property of the late George Brown for $1,320. Felix r Caldwell sued the City of Columbus for $10,000 damage to his property by pollution from the Scioto River. To years ago Arthur c. Moore of the Container corporation has been elected president of the chamber of Commerce to succeed Frank a. Lynch. John Abernethy Circleville native jumped 6 feet 3 inches in olympic trials hut was unable to make the american team. The winning Mark was just Aoah nuts Kun. £6 May Xiv Gay sues a Vyt Kkt to Teeas Noah i i give. A g . A a Rino is 5hf Een a Sld a Lysov a wars. . Dea ii Noah if a Man a ctr his leg in Hollywood a lilo he go to the Quot casting of fic a 7 aoy6 a face no we. Rapi amp is dear Sqq am m Suhk a wat Faulls do its was figs break 7 maa j Amk. or it be Vimr it it a Rev in Kutsc to it to. R above 6 feed 5 Inch. Abernethy is Captain of the St. Xavier track team. The Winorr Canning co. Is planning to open its Plant at Stoutsville to can Beans and tomatoes. 20 years ago Captain p. J. Mogan has resigned the police Force after serving for 20 years. Kirk Harwell son of or. And or. George Battu Ell is serving on patrol duty on the it. S. Cruiser Corol stationed in French Waters. A. L. Redman sex millwright for the at aboard has gone to East Palestine to work for the Mcgraw tire and rubber co. 25 years ago Fred Zwicker dislocated his left shoulder when he was thrown from his motorcycle in an Accident at South Bloomfield. Dorothy daughter of or. And mrs. Fred b. Brunner has gone to Toledo to visit with Louise Graham daughter of or. And mrs. H. E. Graham. Miss Nellie Denman left for Denver colo., to visit her Cousin mrs. Walter b Toole. She will Stop in Logansport ind., and Chicago iu., to visit relatives Anil friends. Fact graphs w a a the american association of adult education serves is a Clearing House for activities of 240 organizations and More than 1,000 educators. A a inoculation against smallpox was practice before the birth of Christ. Grab bag Poison Oak branches have been thrown if blown on the hands or face of a sensitive person will cause the eruption. All parts of the Plant contain the irritating resin and it abounds in Young twigs. Best treatment in treatment remember that the irritating substance is an oily resin and that it is Best dissolved in alcohol. The severity of an attack of poisoning is dependent to a certain extent on the amount of resin left on the skin. At the first symptoms then vigorous and repeated washings with soap and water followed by cleansing of the skin with alcohol or Ether and then rehashing with soap and Wrater is imperative. Ether soap is also valuable. All sorts of soothing lotions should be tried Calamine lotion or Zinc oxide lotion. The watery lotions Are better than the Salve. If these Are not available a baking soda paste can be made and smeared on the affected part. It was in the department of prevention that or. Ingals exhibit was the most noteworthy. An alcoholic extract of Poison Oak leaves is prepared. It can is taken by hypodermic dosage or by Mouth or added to the Bath w Ater drop by drop. In these ways an immunity is built up and exposure need not be feared again. One Man told me he was Able to go camping comfortably for the first time in his life after using this extract by Mouth. He went on a two weeks trip in the Woods and walked through Poison Oak and handled it without any harm. Before that he said even Reading about it made him break out in a rash. Editor s note seven pamphlets by or. Clendening can now be obtained by sending to cents in Coin. For each and a self addressed envelope stamped with a three cent stamp to or. Logan Clendening. In care of this paper. The pamphlets Ara a three weeks reducing a hts. A indigestion and constipation. A reducing and gaining a infant feeding a instructions for tile treatment of diabetes a feminine Hygiene and a the care of the hair and skin i one minute test i what were the approximate political divisions in the Senate at the opening of the last u. S. Congress ? 2. What do the initials pm. D signify ? 3. What it Gold Bullion ? hints on etiquette tile we Ell bred businessman is As polite to the office boy As to the president of the company. W ords of w Wisdom labor rids us of three great evils irks meness vice and Voltaire. Today a Horosco Jie enthusiasm is characteristic of most Persona whose birthday occurs today. They make Good executives. Horoscope for sunday Persona w Hose birthday occurs sunday May be inclined towards hypocrisy. They must learn tile Virtues of forthrightness. One minute test answers 1. Seventy six democrats. 16 republicans and four independents. 2. Doctor of philosophy 3. Gold not fabricated into Coin or manufactured articles double breasted affair becomes a grim and ghostly messenger of a Battle of the elements. Is a it does no to matter what Day of the week or time of Day i Don the Snappy Linen suiting rain is bound to happen. The other Clay j there Wasny to a Cloud in the sky j As i slipped into the snowy Trout j rings but by the time i was but j toning Tim coat it was raining cats j and dog 3. 0 0 0 a i really believe the Clouds hide j behind the Sun until they spy me venturing Forth in my new ice Cream suit. A Here comes z. Dumb Kopf esq., boys a they shout a lets have some fun and pour it on him. 9 0 9 a science should make a study of my suit it is by far a much better rain making device than the old fashioned sunday school picnic or the out door Church supper. A How is my suit As a suit Well i really can to say a seeing i Haven t had it on for a period longer than five minutes since i bought it. I done to care i done to want to be morally responsible for a cloudburst or tidal 0 0 0 some Folk never seem to have any Luck. Their vacation is slated for the last two weeks in september when the fad for suntan has run its course. A Ever since the announcement that a or. A according to government statistics has the shortest name in the country Zadok Dum Kopf has been diligently searching for a or i. 0 0 0 that Young Irish american Douglas Corrigan certainly started something when he flew to Ireland in his $900 air Jalopy. This morning Junior was trying to fit wings onto his roller skates. A incidentally. Corrigan might make an extra Little piece of change by revealing what Brand of safety pins and rubber bands he used to hold his plane together. Is a horse named congressman lost a race in Ohio. This might we Orry some of our congressional re election seekers who have Only two not four legs to run on. The War in China is costing the japanese far More than they expected says a news item. Well for one thing they did no to Forsee All those Cable charges for sending apologies. We pay for horses s3-cows $2 a i Alc sad �tiud111ud hugs m Keh 4 Siv a a Multi to move a i rom Pii Circleville fertilizer i Al. Nill la in k set twp i Lei Ket Vracr bar ski i 004 it Bara by. Ill to Lac. Zadok Dum Kopf announces he has an infallible rain making contrivance. Ifs his recently purchased White Linen suit. All Zadok need do is put it on and splash a cloudburst. In a when hanging in the clothes press a Zadok says a my new White Linen Job looks just like an Ordinary suit. But draped around these Manly shoulders the nifty Pickaway livestock cooperative association owned and operated by consignors daily Market service a Market lose at Home which Brinie you the highest prices auction every wednesday deliver your livestock before 12 04 noon for Best service phones office 118. Yards 482. Harry j. Briggs. Mgr

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