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Circleville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 1

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Circleville Herald (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Circleville, Ohio Weather continued warm saturday and sunday possibly local Circleville Herald world National and state news by United press forty fifth year. Number 174.Circleville, Ohio saturday july 23, 1938. Office three cent three women lost in Malpa Britain urges lessening of pressure on czechs Gney a vet go pick a Back plane Crew honoured by u. S. Takes new step in peace plan the Mercury at port Washington n. Ltd a Ohio sanctions putting Bond issues to vote approval is Las of Steps necessary assure ballot be pal to that Circleville will ballot on three Bond issues totalling $31,-000, at the aug. 9 election was assured saturday when the Ohio tax commission approved the three questions. The commissions Sanction of the special issues was the last Legal step necessary before the questions can be decided by ballot. The issues Are Purchase of materials and installation of Boulevard lights $9,-000 construction of an addition to Berger Hospital $10,000 construction of an addition to City Hall $12,000. The total of $31,000 will be the City a share of the expense the Public works administration being asked to share in the construction Costa. The total Cost of the Boulevard lighting system is estimated at $15,000 Hospital addition $18,000, and City Hall addition $21,810. The Boulevard system would include erection of steel or Concrete poles in the business District for lights. A contract with the co Lumbus and Southern Ohio electric co. For wooden poles and rates for service w As rejected by voters several months ago. The Berger Hospital addition would provide More space for maternity cases. The addition which would be erected on the rear of the institution would be 55 by 32 feet. No excavation we Ould be needed. The City Hall addition would House a jail garage and health of flees All on one floor. The build ing to be on the rear of the present Structure would be 75 feet by 48 feet. Our weather Man i of 41, High Fred Low Baarde 71 Poh la 4t� local Thunder Shower saturday and probably sunday not much change in temperature. To 41 pish 4 in has pi.sp.44 la Park High. Low Abilene Tel Boston. Man Chicago in. Cleveland it Denver col Des Maine. Duluth. Min los Angeles Tov cab 70 58 64 66 58 64 ii Apt. Donald c. T. Bennett left and a. Coster Ori Tain a pick a Back plane the Mercury is shown at port Washington n. Y., after completing its Maiden flight across the Atlantic from foynes Ireland with one Stop at Montreal. The flying boat was tossed from the Back of its Mother ship at 3,000 feet above foynes and completed the 3,042-mile journey in 22 hours and 28 minutes flying time. The Mercury brought a shipment of London newspapers and newsreels. For the first time in history London newspapers were on Sale in new York the Day after they rolled off the press in London. Above Are the Mercury screw a Apt. Donald c. T. Bennett left and a. Coster. New York and the u. S. Government Ltd me lately prepared to give them Honor. Juicy tropical air mass draws blame for Rains prime minister physician fares death London and Paris expected to get Best possible terms for minority tension is lessening lasting improvement seen As result of recent conferences a tropical air mass four Miles deep in places and a a dripping Quot with moisture was blamed by the weather Bureau today for the incessant Rains Over Pickaway county and Host of the United states during the last week. A the warm moist air has been stagnated Over Large areas Bureau officials said and there Are no prospects of change within the next few Days. Quot we Haven to had a situation similar to this for a number of years a one official said. Weather Bureau observers believed that the stagnation w Ould continue at least until sunday when a movement of Cool dry Quot Polar air from the North May bring Relief from constant showers. The tropical air mass is general Over most of the country although it is not As deep in the Central portion. Tokyo july 23�? up news j officials said the cause of the papers reported today that Russia unusual conditions was extremely was continually increasing its Complex but explained that As forces in the neighbourhood of the i the air mass becomes deeper and Hill on the Siberia Manchukuo j moister the Rains become More Korea Frontier which has caused j frequent. Russia adds to forces at Hill Moscow gives no sign of bowing before demands of japanese London july 23 a up a prime minister Neville chamber lain has sent Adolf Hitler a personal message expressing the governments desire for improvement of British German relations and urging him to be moderate in his policy toward Czechoslovakia it was understood today. There seemed reason to believe that Chamberlain intimated that Britain and France were using their full influence with the czechoslovak government to insure the Best possible terms for the German minority in Czechoslovakia and added that the British government would regard a peaceful settlement of the czechoslovak problem As offering real Hope for resumption of British German Friendship talks. Message relayed the message was Given by Chamberlain to Herbert von Dirk sen German ambassador yesterday during a 45-minute talk they had before Dirksen left for a vacation in Germany. The result of developments in the last few Days was that British German relations Long strained had taken a decided turn for the better. Nevertheless an authoritative source warned against what was called extreme optimism expressed in some quarters and commented that of the Many rumours circulating As to developments 99 percent were wrong. A responsible informant summed up the situation As follows Quot no harm has been done by recent talks and there is a fair likelihood that they May ultimately result in lasting crisis still possible but the same source said that i a serious crisis might still boil up in Czechoslovakia during August and 2 that there was still a huge Gap Between the German minority demands and the concessions which the czechoslovak government was prepared to offer. Germany a recent tone of moderation was regarded Here As the most favourable Factor in a still tense situation the informant said. As regards specific reports a most authoritative source said that continued on Page eight to Aid injured youth Gowanda n. Y., july 23.�? up a rescuers summoned by Telephone reached a Cliff overlooking the Zoar Valley four Miles East of Here last night just As a thunderstorm broke. Flashes of lightning disclosed the form of Walter Stoll 18, lying 300 feet below. He had fallen his Skull had been fractured. The Cliffy a Wall was Steep and studded with Sharp rocks. It would have been a hazardous descent even in daytime. As the rescuers Down a driving rain started. Slippery footing instantly became a new peril. But the youth needed attention quickly so or. Norris Frank of Collins Center volunteered. Tile others held ropes but they were of Little use to the doctor As he clambered Down. He clawed at the rocks slipped and almost fell a dozen times Tore hts clothes and scratched his hands and arms. Thunder rolled lightning flashed. After several minutes and what seemed hours to the men on the Cliffy he reached the Bottom. Shanghai july up j he administered a hypodermic american Navy authorities learn t0 the injured youth gave him de today that the United states first Aid and then with the Aid gunboat Mono Cacy crowded with jo111 Sunlighter a Farmer who had arrived after taking a longer and safer Way into the Valley Jap War Birds miss u. S. Ship american gunboat in acute danger As planes drop bombs on Kiu Kiana Navy men and american civilians had been in acute danger during started carrying him. A japanese air plane bombardment other rescuers overtook them of Kiu Kiang. On the Yangtze River j and made a Stretcher from a japanese troops and Blu jackets clothesline and a coat. He was arc driving up the Yangtze toward taken to a local Hospital. His Kiu Kiang in face of a stubborn i condition was critical his injuries chinese defense. Aggravated by Shock and expo farther up the River navigation i sure. Is impossible because of the mines Stoll had been camping with which the chinese have strewn to Bruce Upton 16. Yesterday Block japanese warships. Evening they had started japanese planes raided Kui Kiang i t0 climb the Side of the Cliff just above their advanced lines sixty feet up Stoll fell. He Lay yesterday. Face upward in the shallow Waters crowded aboard the Mono Cacy Cattaraugus Creek. Upton missing flier charge of Hunt grave fears Are Felt for kentuckians missing several Days automobile abandoned state s chief executive organizing posses for minute search Tea vis e. Smith above of Malden mass., 46-year-old aviation enthusiast loaded his plane at Detroit Airport with 373 Gallons of gasoline a collapsible boat and took off for a Quot destination nothing has been heard from Smith since the take off. June 29. In addition to its Crew of about 46 officers and men were a number of civilians who had sought the Protection of the american Flag there rather than ashore at the Standard Oil company Plant where others Are staying. During the japanese raid bombs began falling perilously close to the gunboat. At that moment the j ships radio failed. It was impossible to communicate with japanese authorities to warn them of the danger of the gunboat. The failure we As similar to that of the radio on the United states gunboat Panay when japanese air planes Sank it last december Between banking and Kiu Kiang. However the bombs did not strike the Mono Cacy and the radio was repaired. 0 scampered Down dragged his companion to the Creek Bank and went for help. Stol had lain unconscious for seven hours when or. Frank reached him. O sheriff rushes to crash finds one dead drunk sheriff Charles Radcliff was called from peaceful slumbers at i a. In. Saturday to hurry to Rob town Scioto township where a Man was reported dead and another Hurt in a wrecked automobile. He reached the scene of the i a a tragedy and found roys Fau Naugle 33, of Jackson town hundreds flee Forest flames Ore town ordered evacuated and two others stand in path of fire Courtway b. C., july 23 a up four Hundred residents of Bevan prepared today to evacuate As authorities warned that a Forest fire which already had burned through 130 Square Miles of Timberland would reach the town within 18 hours. The towns of Courtenay and Cumberland also were in the path of the fire. A train of empty freight cars was sent to Bevan to carry out the residents and their belongings. Fire fighters escorted 50 families to safety from the Community of Black Creek. Camp three of the Comax lumber company was abandoned. The fire has destroyed millions Doug Corrigan recovers from week of Strain ship. Not dead. But Quot dead drunk Quot. Of Dollar a Worth of atari 1�?zg and Cady continues i i a a a Cut Timber and farm and town pro Perty. The More than 1,000 men engaged in fighting it were driven i continued on Page fight drunk Drivers son township and Faus Naugles a j q $100 fines for driving an automobile when into i j rated Charles Smith 41, also of Jack-1 i son township and Faus Naugles a i companion will face intoxication charges. Another heavy Fine for drunk j Fau Naugle proved to be an Acen driving the twentieth since comm dating fellow choosing the Jan. I when mayor w. B. Cady j Roadway in front of the Home of took office was decreed 3atur j Justice of the peace Harry Kil j Day for Ronald Vav. Chambers 1 Burger Scioto township for his 5593 hard Road Columbus. Cham 1 wreck Kilburger called the sheriff Bers was arrested just before mid i and Kilburger will conduct the night Friday when driving through hearing for Fau Naugle at 7 p. In Circleville. J saturday. Police were warned that a or. R. S. Hosier of Ashville Drunken Man was driving a car was called to the Kilburger Home Quot All Over the Chillicothe he to treat Fau Naugle s injuries the had forced one car off the Road Motorist having a Cut ear and a near Gold Cliff chateau police were bruised shoulder told. I a a. Santa be. N. M., july 23 a up a gov. Clyde Tingley took personal command today of a search for three missing women one of them a member of the faculty of the University of Kentucky. W to disappeared in the Malpas badlands in Northwestern new Mexico Early this w Eek. Grave fears were held for them. Gov. Tingley left for the badlands accompanied by la state policemen. He will organize posses for a minute search of the area where a number of tourists have disappeared within the last few year. The missing women were mrs. Vav. A. De Laforest Lexington by. An instructor at the University of Kentucky. Miss Irene Piedalue 45, Winchester by. Extension worker at the University of Kentucky. Mise Laura Piedalue 47, Nim of Winchester a social worker for Catholic charities in new York. Missing since tuesday the women missing since tuesday were in route to Billings mont., to be the summer guests of mrs. Philip Gibbons wife of a hardware Salesman and sister of the Piedalue women. Mrs. Gibbons said today she had received a postcard from the women Friday mailed tuesday from Albuquerque. N. M., saying that they expected to be in Billings next week. The card was signed by Irene Piedalue. The first indication that the women might have lost their Way in the rugged Mountain Region came tuesday when Martin Craig of Albuquerque noticed their car on the Side of the Road. When it still w As parked there the next Day he notified police who found that it contained the women s travelling bags pocketbooks cigarette bits of food and other personal belongings. Local authorities searched for them until last night when they notified gov. Tingley and asked for assistance. Governor gives Assurance gov. Tingley telephoned mrs. A nth t n Gibbons at Billings last night and to i assured her that everything to hold meet on Road building the latest dangerous japanese russian incident some dispatches expressed the opinion that the russians might withdraw within a few Days As Japan demands. But others were More pessimistic particularly because a party of japanese and Manchu Kuan messengers sent to negotiate with the russians on the spot had not returned. For the moment newspapers confined themselves mostly to publishing dispatches from the Frontier without trying to anticipate the next move by the government As weight w the result of russians refusal to cigars. A the air is so heavily Laden with moisture that slight changes will Start the rain falling a one official said. At present there is no dry Polan air in the United states or Canada they said. The tropical mass which officials described As Quot very Juicy a extends through the tropics. G a Lento improving Orange. N. J., july 23�? up Tony Galento rotund heavy trains on Beer and As reported slightly in withdraw her troops. Moscow july 23 up a continued on Page eight proved to Xian As he Jay in an oxygen tent at Orange Hospital. Where he is fighting a sudden attack of of Lurenza pneumonia. Dublin july 23 it up t do Las Corrigan America s Cham wrong direction trans Atlantic a Tor slept until Ila. In. Today e after a Light breakfast Armour that he had recovered from effects of a week of Strain. Retiring last night Corrigan bounced that he w As going sleep until further notice he so tired that he could not attn carnival in the Irish National i ing stadium. It was not the flight that Corrigan or the writing of it ens of Post cards or the eaten ment programs. He said that Felt the Strain of being a her a when 200 girls mobbed him ter Day As he came out of a t shop and tried to kiss him w Hen his $900 air plane was in onto the steamship Lehigh t Day to precede him to new t a Wing of the plane was Sec jarred but proved to be in aged. Chambers pleaded guilty and was taken to the county jail when he failed to pay. Costs amounted to $15.10. A Columbus Man Riding with Chambers was released without a charge being filed. Mayor Cady has now attached j fines on 20 motorists who have n violated the Drunken driving stat-1_ i Ute the maximum of $500 w As a assessed James a. Chris Levisey a Ierg j of new Holland last monday the mount offence being Levisey a third. He j was sent to the Cincinnati workhouse too for four months. Each of the persons sent before the mayor for Drunken driving lost his boy Falls 80 feet off Cliff at Lancaster of retail merchants have been called to attend a meeting monday at 7 30 p. In. In the chamber of Commerce rooms with several important matters to be discussed. George g. Griffith president of the retailers association sent letters to ail members urging them to attend. Bible w Ould be done to find Tho women. Nearby Are subterranean passages under lava Beds whose Walla Are coated with ice. Known As the ice caves they Are visited by hundreds of tourists annually. Authorities said it was impossible that the women had lost their Way in them that they were entirely too Small for such a thing to have happened. Local authorities had searched the area including the caves thoroughly yesterday and when continued on Page fight la5 uti Ca St for after an o in 80- i the face pleasant july 23 oot drop i of Lane ast nine year possible closing of route 22, West of Circleville during the time j William Dixon becomes chief of Ohio Relief e Marti i Boyer w today in is in critic Lancaster i operator s permit for a year. Lie i yes ii Lor Tom Gallati jailed Marion of july 23 up a Thomas Callas 37, of Cleveland under indictment on a first degree murder charge in connection with the gang slaying of Roy Marino Youngstown underworld character was taken into custody by police Here today. Galiati was one of five men indicted after Quot taken for a ride Solly Hart Cleveland gangster was convicted in Youngstown yes Tei Day. A to a ing Mon a ital. He boy son of or. A in Boyer suffered a by lion and compound Fra right forearm Dice were called what Nett playmate of the use near rising Pat help George fell am Cut etude t about it of the higher 23 i up Tearly higher dealings today steel shares were in Best demand. Bonds followed the action in stocks and Cotton futures were steady. Stocks move new York july stocks pushed Irreg Marino was j in moderately Active last sept. 9 the Federal Highway is being rebuilt will be considered. The As-1 Socia Tion will discuss the Uptown parking situation and the approaching Camp meeting of churches of Christ in Christian Union. Or. Griffith urges a Good attendance since the matters to be discussed Are important to All merchants girl lives after Needle is removed from heart Hickory. N. A july 23up j a Olema Cody 10-year old daughter of or. And mrs. David Cody was Given a Quot Good chances to recover today after surgeons had i removed a Needle from her heart i in a delicate operation at a has-1 pita Here. The girl was playing with her j brother when a sew ing Needle she had pinned in her dress Accident ally was jabbed into her heart. Columbus july 23 up a administration of Relief in Ohio today w As in the Handa of William c. Dixon Cleveland attorney appointed by governor Davy the appointment effective at once runs until next april. Tho salary is $400 a month. Together with state auditor Joseph Ferguson Dixon will oversee administration of Relief in Tho various counties. The auditor will make pre audits of the expenditures of the local Relief units and investigate the eligibility of Relief clients. Dixon will Supervia the program set up uniform system foe handling applications and distribution of funds. Upon his request the auditor May with Hoitz funds from any counties fail to carry out the of the new administration

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