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Circleville Herald Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Circleville Herald (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Circleville, Ohio Sunny sunny and warm Tiluy and tomorrow. High yesterday 7 Low 50. High today 82. Low tonight 55. High tuesday 85. The Circleville Herald monday August 14, 1967 to pages 10c per copy full service associated press leased wirt1 Lor Slute National and world news Central press picture service leading columnists and artists full local news coverage. 84th year�?190 gov. Romney candidacy is under Way Mackinac Island news conference seems official Mackinac Island Mich. Apr gov. George Hornney a final push for Hie 1968 Republican presidential nomination appeared to be under Way today following a weekend meeting with three of his major supporters. Aud the governor disclosed he will embark sept. 9 on a three week european trip iii which he said he Hopes to visit tile soviet Union. The trip May be extended to include Stop sign the Middle East. The weekend was billed As time of rest and relaxation and Romney and his guests. New York gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller Rhode Island gov. John Chafee and former Pennsylvania gov. William Scranton left sunday still insisting there had been Little serious political discussion. But at a news conference saturday the three for the first time together emphatically endorsed Romney and said they would work for his nomination. There also appeared a new tone to Romney a news conferences a tone that indicated to some there is no longer any question that Romney will seek the nomination although he has yet to formally announce his candidacy. None of tile dozen newsmen who trailed tile governors to this Island resort which can be reached Only by plane or boat in Daylight hours asked the Gover nor when or if he would announce. Romney a routinely turned aside that question at every news conference since the 59-year-old governor won a landslide re election last november and became a front run Ner for the nomination. The questions and answers seemed to take for granted Romney a intention to seek the nomination. A already the three of us share deeply a sense of dedication to help gov. Romney win the nomination a Rockefeller said As he sat with the other three on the veranda of the governors 3-story�?T, 20-room, White Frame mansion overlooking tile Broad Straits of Mackinac. Chafee has endorsed Romney in tile past As has Rockefeller but Scranton who left office in january after the four year term that Pennsylvania governors Are limited to has been pretty much of a Fence Sitter. Scranton made an attempt to wrest the 1964 nomination from Barry Coldwater but got no Public support from Romney who was widely criticized at the time for his aloofness. Bombing near China sets off new debate new protests tax Bill faces i dead 16 injured in 13 car collision a l of was blamed for the pre Dawn collision near Joliet ii of 13 cars and trucks resulting in i persons burned to death inside their camper vehicle with another 16 persons seriously injured. The big Chain reaction Accident started when two Semi trailers collided al the northbound lanes. This was said to be the worst traffic Accident in the u. S. In ten years. By probe in Progress . Again hits close to China police release implicated youth the apprehension of a Circle Saigon a �?. Warplanes announced . Warplane losses struck for the second straight Over North Vietnam. Day today at North vietnamese As the if or came Doser to Ville youth last week who had a target.-. Just the Miles rom red China iii what and by gun in his car has Given Po-1 China s Border along urn a what a lice their first Lead in solving or Railroad from China to Ifan neared to he a lifting of some recent by shooting rampages. Of target restriction by president chief of police Robert tem t10 attacks sunday Aud today Johnson Sharp ground fighting pie today said that the youth were closer to the chinese Bor stared in South Vietnam a North was taken to Bureau of Crim Der than any previous air raids c Mal investigation London Las in the Vietnam War. Elements of the 1st brigade of week and was subjected to a Navy a6 intruders and polygraph test. I sky Hawks from the Carrier con s the . 101st airborne division starting operation Benton ran chief Temple said that results fellation in the Tonkin Gulf no a withering barrage of of the test implicate the youth in the shootings Aud show that he May have knowledge of other individuals involved in t h e vandalism. The chief is Quick to Point raked the Lang son Railroad bypass Bridge 63 Miles North of a trip mortar and round town Small automatic Wear on mortar and artillery fire Haiphong. Pilots reported drop from t0 Vij communist Ping the Southern Span of the s a Baue u r d 360-foot, four Span Structure. Continued on Page to a . Military spokesman out that results of a polygraph said the Bridge is half a mile test Are not permissible Evi East of the Lang son Railroad Deuce in court As other factors and Highway Bridge which was in a persons personality May knocked out in raids Uear the affect the positive or negative chinese Border sunday. results recorded by the testing. The Navy said uie Bridge was Circleville in e r c la ants Temple said that the youth nne of two bypass Bridges being Aud residents today Are display built by the North vietnamese eng the american Flag comat Lang son to link with the a incinerating a a Day. What Jor rail line. It a celeb native Clay that was 22 other Navy pilots trom the i years ago the scratch of a pen Constellation hammered a rail heard around the world bringing siding South of Lang son and i to an end world War ii. Was released into the custody of his parents As there was no Concrete evidence on which to charge the youth. The total number of cars damaged by vandals in the area is now in excess of 380. Police have estimated that monetary damage is Well Over $10,000. Police Are intensifying their investigation. Draft Call for september is released pilots said they Cut the tracks in several places. The pilots reported they encountered Only Light antiaircraft. Fire. No planes were reported lost iii the latest raids but tile . Command announced that in saturdays 151 attacks on the North an f105 Thundu Relief and an rf4c it s that time of year again for sneezing itching eyes and just Plain being miserable for Hay fever sufferers. Plane were shot Down by ground fire. All three crewmen w Ere Columbus Ohio apr Ohio histed As missing. Weekend weather in tile Circleville area was simply Beautiful. Warm Days Cool evenings and Chilly nights. Of reconnaissance of Ciai now Here sunday morning was 50. Was 51. Monday morning Low three a aged fire truck hits Auto 6 injured Cincinnati apr firemen and three teen Cincinnati girls were injured two seriously when tile girls ear was struck by a fire truck responding to a fire Call sunday police said. The firemen were and released from general Hospital but Marcella Heater 18, selective service today issued a september draft Call for 2,289 men of whom 1,475 will be inducted. The net Call is 266 men less than last month and 715 me less than called in september 1966. Tile Call by counties Allen 25, Athens 15, a Glaize la. Clinton 9, Defiance 8, Fairfield 21, Fayette la Greene 19, Highland 6 Hocking 13, Madison 6, Mercer 5, Paulding 3, Perry 3, Pickaway 9, Putnam to Ross 9. Van Wert 8, Warren ber this brought to 641 the total of Willie Brandt joins Kiesinger Washington apr West German foreign minister Willy Brandt was due to arrive Here today to join Chancellor Hurt Georg Kiesinger for an official visit Kiesinger a first since becoming Chancellor last Deceron 13. Weekend traffic treated toll among lowest the West German meet with american tuesday and wednesday Inelus clouding president Johnson vice president Hubert h. Hum Ify the associated press Ohio it weekend weather v. and her sister Andrea 16, were Bunny and pleasant inviting to the renovation of the court House is nearly Complete according to Pickaway county commissioners. Basically All that remains to be done is painting of windows and the cleaning up operations. The project was done for $22,650 by general maintenance inc. Of Marion. The project has had its share of criticism. The dirt dust and inconvenience to employees visitors and office Heads of the leaders court House has been the basis officials i or most complaints. The Cost of the project has also been questioned As has the need. Commissioners have staunch threatened by buddhists Saigon apr South Vietnam a militant buddhists vowed today to stage protests against tile governments recognition of a rival faction As the country a j official Buddhist Church and hinted at a a struggle in a strongly worded statement the leadership also denounced the current presidential Campaign and called for a drastic they avoided saying we form the protests would take but questions about a struggle movements or a demonstrations a brought wild cheers and applause from the More than 800 Buddhist followers at a news conference. The a struggle movements of extremist buddhists have in the past been Able to help topple governments and bring thousands of demonstrators into the streets. But their Power is believed to have greatly diminished following their clash with Premier Nguyen Cao by last year. The militant buddhists held their news conference at the an Quang Pagoda Saigon Headquarters of their Leader Thich venerable tri Quang. The buddhists cheered As their Lead ors accused the government and specifically chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu of trying to suppress and destroy Thieu signed a charter the last week of july which set Saigon a Buddhist Institute tile Vien Hoa Dao As the official Buddhist Church of South Viet Nam and squeezes the an Quang buddhists from control of the unified Buddhist Church. The Viet Hoa Dao and tile an Quang buddhists have been fighting bitterly for months for control of tile unified Buddhist Church which is unified in name Only. A truly in regard to Buddle ism Gen. Nguyen Van Thieu has show himself both Malig Nant and reckless a a com Munique from the an Quang Bud deists said. Thich Thien Minh a spokesman at today a news conference said a if Thieu pushes the an Quang buddhists against the Wall we buddhists will have to a Minh also said a we wont have a fair election unless drastic changes Are he referred to the elimination of two Buddhist slates in the Senate election for what tile government called a apr communist and neutralise reluctant House Washington a president Johnson Stop fiscal spokesmen Are ready to argue that painful As it is to raise income taxes it would be More painful to let inflation Cut everyone a purchasing Power. Johnson Scall for a surcharge of to per cent on the income tax owed by individuals and corporations starts its series of tests in a Congress whose members Range from grimly resigned to hostile to the proposal. Johnson in a series of sessions with House democrats has Laid out the main lines of the administration argument a deficit possibly approaching $38 billion would mean inflation higher interest rates scarce Money for the Small business and individual Borrower and quite Likely disaster for the Home building Industry. The opposing argument is that the Economy is not so Strong but that a Burden of the magnitude of tile proposed tax increase might depress it and actually reduce instead of increasing the governments revenues. Chairman Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., of the ways and Means committee expressed a widespread congressional feeling when he said a i am absolutely Mills added sunday the proposal a certainly faces a very difficult Uphill battled and he sees no congressional or taxpayer enthusiasm for any tax increase. Mills spoke on a radio television broadcast in new York state Fowler on abcs a issues and answers and Morton on metro Media so opinion Johnson made one move saturday to demonstrate his stated intention to hold Down some types of government spending. He vetoed a Bill that would have provided More life insurance coverage for 2.5 million Federal go beyond a 4.5 per cent increase he has recommended in Federal pay. His pay raise warning was aimed at pending congressional moves to add an extra $1 billion to his recommendation. He said that would equal a two per cent tax surcharge. Administration spokesmen got last minute help from a series of favourable economic developments tending to support government predictions the Economy would be Strong enough through 1967 to support a tax increase. If the ways and Means committee runs True to form it will at least modify the administration proposal. Strong sentiment was reported for giving individual taxpayers a better break than corporations especially since business was helped this year by restoration of the in vestment credit that permits re covery of 7 per cent of spending on equipment. Dangerous and stupid Fulbright says new Orleans jury convicts Dean Andrews found guilty of perjury in Juk plot new Orleans apr a jury convicted Dean Andrews today of lying to a grand jury about a mysterious figure in tile alleged new Orleans plot to assassinate president John Washington apr . Bombing within to Miles of red China detonated Sharp new Cut scism of the Vietnam War by a persist but critic of administration War policy and appeared Likely to generate More debate on Capitol Hill. A i think its very dangerous and extremely stupid a said chairman j. W. Fulbright d-ark., of the Senate foreign relations committee. But Senate preparedness subcommittee chairman John Stennis d-miss., said the broadened bombing of North Vietnam reflects a More pressure philosophy which he supports. The new level of bombing came on the eve of Senate de Bate on president Johnson a foreign Aid program. Debate opening today already had been expected to bring fresh attacks of Johnson policies in Vietnam and elsewhere in the world. Whether one variety of recent congressional criticism that bombing was too sparing affected Johnson a decision to add new targets could not be determined As the White House fended off questions on the shift in tactics. But it was Learned that Bleu Nisi subcommittee heard secret testimony last week from adm. Ulysses s. G. Sharp Pacific j commander that Johnson had agreed to some Extension of warplanes options to strike j what one subcommittee member called a lucrative Fulbright said the bombing near red China a is directly contrary to what was the is established policy of the govern i ment in 1964 and it will Lead tile Kennedy. Guilty on three of live perjury country directly into the most counts tile criminal dist. Court disastrous jury decided at 1 30 a.m., after Fulbright a committee Indue employees and would have Cost deliberating two hours and 40 $61 million the first year. J minutes. He also told Congress not to Ltd really should t complain a i said Andrews with a heavy sigh i moments before he was hustled off to jail. A if i did t have bad i Rhodes Calls for More Ohio festivals Dayton Ohio apr gov. James a. Rhodes called today my members already troubled Over Vietnam Cut Johnson a Tun tinned Oil Page 2 armory bids i have any at i he has been sentenced. Maximum sentence would lie five years. The ease went to the jury lie listed in serious condition at the same Hospital. The Driver of the car Lisa Fields 17, was reported in Good condition. Motorists. But the traffic death toll was one of the lowest of tile year. Eleven traffic deaths were prey Secretary of state Dean Husk and Dereuse Secretary 1 in defended their decision to re Robert s. Mcnamara. Pair the two county owned build Kiesinger and Bis Wile who lags pointing out the mortar arrived sunday will be in Washington about a week spending much of their time with their reported in tile state Between daughter Aud american son-in-6 . Friday and Midnight Law or. And mrs. Yolk mar k. I sunday. Wentzel of Washington. New drug users creating problem for mental health Cincinnati printers get new contract Cincinnati apr printers at Cincinnati a two daily newspapers were working today under a new contract for the first time since april when tile last agreement expired. The contract described As a �?�$31 three Star package a gives the printers a $10 weekly curious experiments by youths raise both the first Aud second who us psychedelics or other years an. A 56 hike the third hallucinatory drugs has posed year Keloug with fringe benefits. A a problem for state mental j. To 7 hospitals. Their treatment is the the contract is retroactive to prof Lem april. France Spain Are rocked by earthquake Columbus Ohio apr the keeping score on the rainfall tumult fur 4s Fluur Peru i tiding it i d. In. Of al Ltd fur Angillo Date is Normal fur August Tai Date Humm to inches Normal is no january i urdu a1 due january i Jill hiker. 2-20 Sunrise. Stunt. S a a or. C. Erie Johnston consultant in the states menu health division said Ohio is recruiting and will train is Yeti triste psychologists physicians Aud social workers to treat those who have used the drugs. Bul the number of victim j such experiments is unknown. The new state narcotics Law bans the use of psychedelics or their Sale a but says nothing about reporting such cases. The plan will be hard to oper ate because of the unknown number of psychedelic users says or. Richard Griffin a psychiatrist of the Harding Hospital j year iii Worthington who is a member of the Ohio state medical associations drug addiction committee. Some victims of a bad trips on Ltd or Oiler psychedelics now Are being treated in Blate mental hospitals. An untold number Are undergoing private treatment a and perhaps a larger number Are getting no treatment at All. The state s mental Hygiene department is setting up a system for gathering statistics on tile number of persons suffering from aftereffects of glue budding breathing banana Oil and gasoline or using psyche joints were beginning to crumble badly particularly near the i Bordeaux France apr i top. The appearance of the j earthquakes fucked Southwest j buildings Lias been enhanced j pm France and Northern Spain considerably by the sandblast sunday devastating one French ing. J Village Aud Felling scattered buildings elsewhere. One death j thursday is Bloodmobile j was reported Day in Pickaway county. The j in Arette France a 80-Yeur-red Cross blood collection unit old woman was crushed to i will lie at the first methodist i death w Hen Lier House came Church in Circleville and the tumbling Down quota is 125 pints for the county i the pyrenees Mountain Vil. The county is currently anlage population 1.000, was bad-91 per cent of its quota for the j by hit by the Quick tremors and it must stay Over 90 its residents abandoned their per coot to remain in goo stand Illume to spend the night in Umery county ing will the red Cross blood Leaf or huddled around tamp at Vandalia Hugh Mckinley i Luck defense attorney Harry Bur Glass immediately announced an Appeal will lie filed on Many i Points of Law. Judge Frank j. Bhea did not set a Date for sentencing. Burglass said Andrews 44, i for More state festivals to Dis j will not be eligible for Bond until play Ohio products. The governor speaking at Hie air Force museum on the first Stop on his fourth trip in a series of promoting tourism said i that Ohio is no. I in Man products but More festivals Are needed to Call attention to these i products. A we can sell More Agricula i Tural products if we merchandise and Market them so the1 s consumer can become aware of i Ohio a great agricultural re j 1 sources a he said. Rhodes said at present Ohio j j Lias the Bliest festivals in Amer i i Lea but a we need to broaden i this he suggested such events As Turkey pop Corn peach and i Honey festivals and said lie had asked several state departments to work will communities on organizing such festivals. The governor s trip today als j was to include stops at the american trapshooting Oro at Vandalia the Garst museum in Greenville the Miamisburg Mound in Montgomery county and fantasy farm in Mont j will be opened bids will be opened Here sept. I on construction of a 15, Square foot Ohio National guard armory to serve Lancaster Aud Circleville. The facility will be located at Tarlton in Pickaway county. Authorization tor construction of the armory and the Sale of present Ong armoires at Lancaster and Circleville was Toro Midnight Atter Marathon elven last month in Bills pasted debate for five Days and included a sunday session so unusual the judge had to Cheek the Law Hooks to see if it was Legal. In final arguments the state accused Andrews of trying a to continued in Page to by the Ohio general Assembly. Members of company a it the 166th infantry regiment from both Lancaster and Cir Coleville will Tram at the Circle Ville armory until the new facility is ready. It s quite an Honor but they Don t like it Chicago apr it but Chicago cubs baseball fans Bank. Negroes is police a with a difference Portland Ore. A j fires. Manager of the Amateur trap four persons were injured iii shooting association ground the Arette quakes. Told the governor that other Walls collapsed in Mou Iory states were trying to move the France and Many slight injuries grand american Crapshoot to a were reported. Their areas. What it is but a what is it a that is creating the controversy in j the civic Center Plaza. Even before the wraps Are taken off Picasso a five Story Rusty steel sculpture tuesday private and Public debate is j furious. Those who like it say ifs great Art those who done to say its a $300,000 piece of junk. To far it has been called a woman a head the head of a Long eared dog a Dodo Bird a Trojan Dove a Baboon a Barbary ape and a Bull among Atli fellow aldermen did riot go along with the pro>05al and threatened to censure the Alder Man who proposed the action mayor Richard a Daley a til Rector of special events ctr Jack Reilly Abo came out in Public opposition to tile Sculp Ture a if it is a Bird or an they ought to put it in in zoo lie said a if it is Art Lime ought to put it in tile Ari his outburst followed a Kallipi no patriotic ceremony in tin Plaza at which redly represented tile mayor. Questioned about Bis mans objection to tin y outs in the predominantly be reports trom Northern spam Gro Albina District a scene of particularly in the area of san two nights of disturbances two j Minier and Sun Sebastian on the weeks ago a have challenged police to a baseball game. Police capt. William s. Taylor immediately accepted Ute Challenge of the Albina panders a neighbourhood team that is in no organized league. Many Albina youths were a Delic drugs or. Johnston said. I rested during the disturbances. Northern coast said people ran into the streets in fright while furniture shifted lights swung on their chains and Small cracks ripped Down plaster. Scores of cities from Bilbao on the Northern coast to Valencia on the Mediterranean reported quakes. Or things. Hie intensity of feeling about sculpture mayor Dalty replied Rhodes said ohioans should tile 30-foot, 160-ton sculpture a ooh it was rather hot that a get behind the Ata and keep was climaxed by an Anonymous you know 1 the grand american iii Van Telephone Call threatening to tile mayor Hasni to said wha blow it up aug. I. It was a hoax. In himself blinks of the Sculp there were however verbal Ture. But since it obviously fireworks in City Council after one Alderman proposed that pm Cassos gift to Chicago which be called a a rusting junk Heap a be sent to Paris. He wanted it replaced with a statue of Ernie Banks hero of Dada. A a it a a big Industry Fiat pours a half million dollars annually into the area a the governor noted he also called for the establishment of a museum and Ball of Fame in Vanda a to Honor All the great Trape booties. Prestigious for Chicago it mayor Isnit Ukey to say publicly dial he does no to like it of in does no to. Roger Stevens chairman of the National Council on tie continued on Baga 3

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