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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - September 12, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvii no. 7.wednesday Mollring september 12. 1877. Whole no. 2101.hellward by Kentucky Justice. Homo a Hildeth Nan i blood by Nan shall i blood be a bed Tho career Oft be Henry i Nonty outlaw abruptly abridged for of the in Lerona bang of Deaper Ndoca done to meet Shock the outraged Cut Lens take the Law into their own hand break open the new Halle jail and decorate a Bridge by Oha atly car Enasel a fall Detally of the affair. Of crime. To pass into them Wawa. Alea burs and other instruments was comparatively easy and in the Black stillness of night. In a Small town where Gas police and even night watchmen Are alike unknown to Cut away even the two Seta of heavy bars and with a few heavy blows of a Hammer to break the atone grating from the outside windows and thus regain life and Liberty would have been to a lot of condemned and Dea karate men comparatively easy in spite of the it that the Henry county jail was quot the beat in the state of Kentucky what wonder then that the excited and outraged citizens who have seen their murdered friends brought Home from the Kentucky River Hills or have seen their Bones dug from sink holes or Cave after Long years of Sua it Ense and mystery took the Law in their own lands when they saw the Small probability of these wretches who had committed so Many and varied crimes Ever coming before the courts of Justice tim Hummons. Sen., was about fifty six years of age and the acknowledged head of the gang. In fact he waa known As quot the King a and his House the quot Kings he waa Large Well built with Broad shoulders and a muscular Frame. His features Well bronzed by exposure were by no Means coarse but Hia eyes from which at times shone an unnatural Light were dark and set Well Back in his head. Hia forehead sloped rapidly Back while his nose Sharp pointed and with thin nostrils stood at an Angle with that of his forehead and his full Chin waa covered with a growth of Short Auburn Gray Beard which ran along up the sides of Hia face. Hia expression waa that of a far seeing shrewd desperate Man bom to command but whose desires and plans and passions had been All Given to the baser sorb Bob Goodrich can probably boast the most villainous countenance of any of the gang. He is a Small Man of not More than one Hundred and thirty ave pounds weight with Black Mustache and quot Goatee a which stand out like bristles from his face. Hia Brown eve very Small and Bright Are set very close together and upon Hia countenance plays a constant sinister smile adding to the repulsive Ness of his features. Of. Goodrich is somewhat larger in Frame than Hia brother Bob just described above. His weight is probably one Hundred and sixty pounds height five feet nine build rather alight and shoulders stooping. His Eves have that same remarkable brilliancy which characterize both Bob and the old Man Simmons while his full Black Beard and hair and a remark ably Pale face or used by sickness give him a Haggard and anxious appearance rather repulsive but not so much so us that of his brother Bob. He is evidently about forty years of age while Bob is perhaps five years younger. They Are both married to daughters of old Jim Simmons. Sam Goodrich. The youngest is a half brother of the other two. And much their Superior in appearance. He is of Light complexion a Clear Gray Eye pleasant voice and manner and the most intelligent of the lot. Slight in stature and but about ave feet eight inches. His weight can not be Over one Hundred and thirty Fie is by no Means a bad looking Man and in his neatly fitting suit fashionably made he looks any thing but a murderer or a member of the worst gang of murderers which Ever disgraced the Commonwealth. The mob seems to have been composed in the main of peo pie from the adjoining counties on the West of Oldham and Trimble and probably also a number of parties from Madison. Ind., where Baer one of their victims resided. The Jailer or. James Jones who probably saw More of the mob than any one else and indeed More than he cured to see states that the men seem to have been All strangers and As he is familiar with the face and voice of nearly every Man in the county his opinion is Good authority. There is Little doubt that there were present a number of parties from the Eastern part of the county where most of the crimes were committed but they evidently kept out of sight As much As possible and through the Aid of their disguises escaped detection. That there had been some surface indications of action of this kind for two Days part is almost certain though on this subject there is much reticence. The hanging occurred at a few minutes before two o clock this morning and not at one of clock As at first reported. The first indication of the presence of the mob was seen at about one of clock when about Twenty men on foot and with double barrelled shot guns in their hands were observed by some citizens who were on the Alert moving quietly upon the main Street of the town from the West toward the House occupied by the Jailer. Arriving at the door they rapped loudly Awakening or. Pierce who was sleeping in the House. He. Calling from his bed. Asked who was there receiving in reply a a Friend a dressing he went immediately to the door which he opened to find himself in presence of a body of masked men two or three of whom with revolvers at his head demanded the keys of the jail. He replied that he Hadnot them As he was not the Jailer. They then ordered him to Call the Jailer did Quick which order he complied with a couple of men being sent with him of a guard. Lie immediately aroused Jailer Jones who dressed and started Down stairs. On the stairs he was met by two masked men who with pistols at his head informed him that they were after old Jim Simmons and the Goodrich boys and that they were going to have them ordering him to go with them and unlock the jail. He pro tested saying that the Law would certainly do jus tace. To which the reply was a we mean business and want no Ivy a fooling on your part. Unlock the jail or you la be taking Possession of him they forced him to March to the jail leaving a guard Over the parties who were in the House. By this time the crowd Ltd increased to about forty men. On the Way i the jail which was a Block away they were met by she i f Ricketts and his deputies who had been awakened and informed of the presence of the mob. He protested against violence and in the name of the Commonwealth ordered the mob to disperse. The reply was As to the Jailer a we menu business and Are going to hang Jim Simmons and the Good iches. Get into your House and keep still and you la not be he however continued his protestations until the mob Cocking their shotguns informed him that they wanted no Moredo a nonsense and that if he valued his Lite lie had better get inside and not trouble them further. At this he and the deputies withdrew. The mob then moved quietly to a Point near the jail where they halted and some of the men were sent after a role. They went to the store of William of Brien about a Block away and waking the proprietor demanded a rope and some Small cords which they got and paid for getting a Hundred feet of Cotton half Inch rope and a Quantity of Cord. Returning to the spot where the Jailer was still held by a part of the mob they Cut and prepared the rope moved on to the jail. Arriving there they with guns at the head of the Jailer ordered hint to unlock the doors did Quick saying that they were bound to have the men and resistance on his part would be useless. After another protest which was met with threats he unlocked the doors. The moment this was done about thirty Laen rushed inside and lighting candles which they had with them rushed into the cells occupied by the men whom they wished ordering them to get up and dress. The men seemed to fully realize their condition and a Hepard to meet their Fate with that a a Toiola indifference which a characterized their conduct from the first. Old Jim 81m-Mona, the Leader and it a believed the instigator of the crimes received the summons without a word or sign of displeasure and dressed himself with All the carelessness with which he would prepare for a trip to Bis tobacco Patch. Ham Goodrich while being tied by his captors asked permission to give his Money to the Jailer to deliver to his Mother which privilege was allowed him with the injunction that he be did Quick about it. He turned Over $43 to the Jailer and then turning to the mob gave himself again into their bands. Joe Goodrich with the exclamation quot of lordy i they be got us a allowed himself Tojo a bound. Bob Goodrich who was generally counted the worst of the lot at least in Point of cruelty asked his captors to Grant him time to Pray. The reply was quot Damn you. You did no to give Onan time to Pray you can to Nave Tine now yourself quot Hie hands were quickly tied and the rope ready tied was thrown Over his head and be was forced from the cell it will be remembered that shuck in Bis confession states that Bob was one of the crowd that drowned John Onan in the Kentucky River after shooting him through the Arm and that he refused to allow Onan time to Pray though he begged for that or Vilece. Rapid work or the Moa All this seen in the jail i have Given you occupied but a few seconds so thoroughly was the work of the Knob planned Aud executed. The Leader a Large Man closely masked and from whom All orders emanated stood in the door of the jail giving commands to the men. His principal order waa be Quick now we Are Here for Busl nem. Aud special correspondence of the enquirer. Newcastle ky., via Campbeli Jilburg. Ky.,1 september 4, 1877. 1 quot vengeance is mine a Saith the lord �?�1 will and so at length after a tors of endurance the lord who has doubtless laughed in his sleeve then this portion of the country was referred to is a quot god forsaken Region has spoken and the gang of criminals thieves counterfeiters Highway robbers murderers who Hava infested this country so Long and made human life so cheap cheap a Ven from a Kentucky standpoint have been brought to Justice and his vengeance and the vengeance of his Law abiding citizens have been meted out upon them in a terrible manner. Daylight this morning revealed the bodies of old Jim Simmons Bob Goodrich James Goodrich and Sam Goodrich dangling from a Bridge just upon the outskirts of this Little town of Newcastle within an hours ride of the scene of their crimes. A quot mob a not a mob in the usual sense of the word but a collection of outraged citizens who Felt that forbearance had ceased to be a virtue and that Justice to themselves their families and their state required that they should take the Law in their own hands and while administering a wholesome lesson and rebuke to All Law Breakers and murderers rid themselves and the country at Large of the great danger which existed in their midst. Thus the lord s vengeance is meted out. He has repaid through his Law abiding country Loving citizens and the chief members of the Jim Sim Mons gang which has for so Long infested this country and made life Uncertain death almost certain to whoever ventured abroad along the Kentucky River with a few dollars in his Possession have met an ignominious death As a punishment for their Many one week ago the Tom members of the Jim Simmons gang of outlaws who had undergone a preliminary examination for one of their Many crimes committed in this Vicinity during the past ten years were committed without bail to await the action of the court in january next. At that time i sent you a history somewhat in detail of t in crimes of this one of the worst of the gangs of desperadoes and outlaws that have Ever disgraced the outlaw infested state of Kentucky. There had been after the arrest of the men and during the Early part of the trial a disposition on the part of the people to make sure work in the disposition of the men who had disgraced their state and county and rendered life so Uncertain but the action of the examining court in holding the criminals Over without bail somewhat allayed Public sentiment and it was thus thought that the Good citizens would await the action of the Law. This belief however proved incorrect for the slumbering fires of the Volcano of Public sentiment again burst Forth last night and the wretches who have so Long escaped Justice were overtaken by its fiery torrents of indignation and the Hempen Halter which in Public opinion these men have so Long and so richly reserved did a terrible work. The crimes of this noted and dreaded gang. I As intimated above detailed to you in my letter of one week ago. They Are in Brief As charged by the Confes Eion of Dick shuck and Dave Carter and also other facts and circumstances the murder of William Gallagher the murder of Eli Downey the murder of John of Nan the murder of Nelson Parrish the murder of two paddlers names unknown the Mur der of John Gividen the butchery of Beely James a boy of seventeen and a list of Highway robberies and lesser crimes the details of which would full a volume. They have been detailed through the enquirer and eagerly read by hundreds of thousands of people and though history of crime is always of interest especially when coupled with Swift Justice at the hands of an excited populace. I will not again attempt its detail. / the jail from which they were taken by the excited crowd is the Pride of Henry county. It is of massive Limestone blocks from the native quarries roughly dressed but with their seams of Cement almost in vulnerable to the most persistent attacks of either prisoner or would be Lyncher. It was built some two years ago adjoining the old court House which was torn away recently to give place to the Fine Brick Structure now being erected the new court House is being built on both sides of and Over the Rock jail and completely hems it in on two sides Leav lug Only openings on the North and South. On each Side Are four windows wide and High but barred with massive stones perhaps ten inches thick and eighteen inches wide each slab being the full length of the window. They run up and Down Lengthwise of the opening and Between them Are spaces about three inches wide for the admission of air and Light. On the North and South these windows stand directly opposite and in the first and second stories alike. The jail proper is then a Square Box about Twenty feet wide Twenty feet Long and Twenty feet High of the heaviest of heavy Limestone on All sides above and below for the roof and floor Are also of the heaviest slabs. Inside is a floor dividing the room into a first and second Story the first or lower being occupied by old Jim Simmons and the three Goodrich Hoys. In each of the two stories is a huge Iron Cage about fifteen feet Square and reaching from floor to floor. It is of heavy Iron bars fully two inches in diameter and for my supported by Cross bars of heavy pro ight Iron. Still inside of this Are 64�?T 1� of the Ordinary strength of bar Iron fitted up with a comfortable bed Stool an other necessary furniture in these cells those of the lower floor the whole gang were confined. They Are directly alongside of each other Aud with nothing but the bars Between to that communication Between the prisoner was a a easy a upon the Highway or in the fastnesses of their native Kentucky Bills. Here they Wen free to plot and talk Over their desperate condition and devise Means for escape Means which they knew however desperate. Waa thar Only Chance for life for Juat so sure As they had escaped the vengeance of the enraged Ai vixens and come to trial they must have met death a portion of them at least at Tho hands of g tardy Law. This fact of the possibilities and even probabilities of their escape of the escape of any Manor lot of men from such a place when that escape waa their Only Chance for life probably had Rouen to do with urging the citizens to Toto step which they last night took. The new court House was being erected Over the jail. The Jailer s quarters were nearly a Block away. The friends of the. _. _ criminals visited them frequently and Ilka the minutes from the time the doors Ware thrown prisoners themselves were schooled in All the Arta open the men had dressed themselves their bands were tied nooses were thrown Over their Heads and firmly grasped and guarded at each Side in front and rear and with drawn pistols at their Heads they were marched from jail Down the Street leading to the West of town. A slight mistake. As they were taken out Humphrey Roberts a Young Man living in this county who was in jail on some trifling offence and who had been tied through mistake by the mob. Was untied and the Jailer waa ordered to lock the jail and go Home which he did with alacrity. One or two persons attempted to follow the mob but were ordered Back and informed that they would be shot if they attempted to follow. They were also informed that the mob was two Hundred and fifty Strong and that any attempt at resistance would be promptly met even if it were necessary to bum Down the town in bringing about the desired object they meant business All the quot mme. During All this time which by Means of the delay caused by the Hunt for Roumi occupied Over half an hours probably a dozen or so people had been awakened and become cognizant of the dreadful work that was going on. Yet no one dared make any Effort to prevent action As All the streets were picketed and every movement was met with a loaded shot gun or the Glare of a Navy six or the Glisten of a Bowie knife accompanied by a quiet but determined order to the party concerned to get Home and stay there. The mob after leaving the jail with the prisoner started on a fast Erik or run toward the Western portion of the town. Scene of the execution. Following Down the Road at a rapid Pace they soon came to a Bridge Over a Branch of Drenan Creek just outside the Western line of the town. The Bridge is about twelve feet High an arched Culvert and about Twenty five feet Long. Along either Side was a railing supported by heavy Locust posts. This seems to Nave been the spot a greed upon beforehand for the execution. Arriving there the mob stopped and lighting candles placed one upon each end of the Bridge. They then tied the ends of the ropes which were about the victims necks to the posts at the Side of the Bridge and prepared at the word of command to pitch them Over the Side of the Bridge. Old Jim Simmons and Bob Goodrich were Given places Side by Side upon the North Side of the Bridge and Sam and Joe Goodrich were consigned to the South. Then the voice of the Leader whose commands were the Only words spoken distinctly except another plea for mercy from one of the wretched victims rang out on the still night air a ready one two three a and the form of one of the victims was launched Over the Side of the Bridge. The rope was quickly tightened with a snap and a Dull thud and one of the murderers of Beely James and John Owen and Eli downy and we. Oal Liehan and John Oliden and Nelson Parrish met his Fate. Again that awful voice rang out a ready one. Two three a and another form was hurled Over the Edge of the Bridge into the darkness below. A break in the proceedings. A third time the awful quot ready a and the counts were heard and the third form was dropped by the grave executioner. This time there was a crash and a sound As if a failing body on the stones below accompanied by a cry of anguish. Then there was a Sharp Call from the commander a look out there below done to let him get away a Anda confused hum of voices in Tho darkness Belott As they gathered up the form of the half dead wretch the fastening of whose rope had Given Way and carried him again to the surface for a second fall this Timea fall into eternity. Again the rope was fastened and amid the pleadings for mercy of the now thoroughly unnerved victim lie was again launched Over the Side of the Bridge bleeding from the fall. As the rope tightened the Dull crackling sound announced that the Raur Dierof Gallighan was avenged and that Joe Goodrich had met the enemy which he and Bis fellow conspirators had so frequently brought to the door of others. Then came the fourth and last victim and As he struggled and pleaded for mercy be was reminded that he never showed mercy to his victims and amid his pleadings and imprecations and groans he was hoisted aloft and. In an instant his form dangled beside those of his Fellows writhing in the agonies of death. The work done the candles were extinguished and the mob lingered in silence to see if it were Well done. A few of those posted below moved quietly Forward and examined the bodies feeling for the pulse and occasionally pulling Down a mask and peering into the faces of their dead victims. Nearly half hour thus passed and they finding that their work had been Well done silently withdrew. Calling in their pickets stationed through the town and by roads and mounting their horses which they had placed under guard near the Bridge Rode off in a Westerly direction. At Daylight the few people who knew of the terrible work that had been in Progress but had been driven to their Homes at the pistols Mouth ventured Forth. Following the tracks of the mob they soon reached the Bridge and found the bodies of the victims. Their hands were firmly tied behind them their hats Lay in the dry Creek below where they had fallen As the forms of the wretches were pitched Over the Bridge and their uncovered faces swollen disfigured and bruised by the fall Aud abrasion from the rope and against the Bridge with staring eyes and half open Mouths were a terrible sight to look upon. Even to these people who had Learned to dread the sight of these faces in life there was a feeling of horror mingled with pity and sadness As they taxed upon the four faces in death the terrible death which had been inflicted upon them. At five of clock Esquire b. B. Gray who had been notified acting in the capacity of Coroner Cut the bodies Down and removing them to the town Hall held an inquest. The jury composed of a. H. Ditto Richard Samuels. Elijah Pollard William Pearce. George hugely and it. J. Thompson gave a verdict of death from hanging at the hands of unknown parties. Two venturesome witnesses. The above connected account of the operations of the snob i have obtained from the fragmentary observations of the citizens. Two men prominent citizens Here by carefully eluding the pickets munged to obtain a position near the Bridge and overhear Aud see a part of the work of the mob. That Joe Goodrich was the Man who fell and while piteously pleading was thrown Over a second time is evident from the fact that his face was badly Cut from the fall on the stones and his clothes covered with mud. That Bob Goodrich again pleaded for mercy at the Bridge and that his captors with oaths and threats. Ordered him if he h id any thing to say to talk fast is also clearly shown. No confession of their crimes. Whether any of the number made any confession or statement of any sort is unknown but it does not seem probable either from the time Given them or the conversation fragments of which were overheard. In the jail before they were removed both Joe and Sam Goodrich protested their innocence saying that they did so in full View of the death which was awaiting them. Neither Bob Goodrich or old Simmons however made any statement. After the inquest the bodies were enclosed in neat coffins and left in charge of the authorities. Late this afternoon the father of the Goodrich Brothers font a team for the bodies which were delivered to the messenger and they will to Day be buried at Lockport near the scene of their Many crimes. The body of old Jim Simmons still lies in the town Hall. His wife and son who lived at Eminence four Miles from Here on learning to Day of the terrible Fate which had befallen the gang immediately disposed of their effects and taking the West bound train left for parts unknown not calling for or living any attention to the body of the old Man. T will be buried to Morrow at the Public Efi Cense. Of the strength of the mob there Are various estimates. Not More than fifty Kirsons were at the mail or upon the streets together but the Leader stated that he had one Hundred and Twenty men in and around town and As Many More in the immediate suburbs of the place. Where they came from there Are various surmises though it is probable that a portion were Lorn the Eastern part of this county the scene of the crimes of the gang a part from two counties West of Here and a number from m it Dison ind., the Home of one of the victims. They disappeared As suddenly As they oame but according to report were some of them seen this morning passing the town of Sligo North West of Here making their was toward Madison ind. There Are also rumours that John James the father of the murdered boy Beely James who is suspected of Baving connived at the murder of his boy and Dave Carter a member of the gang through whose confessions these parties were bound Over were also hanged near Lockport this morning by a portion of the mob. No details of this affair have yet reached us. But it is to a than probable that it is True. Thai they were equally guilty with the parties hanged Here is unquestioned and there can be Little doubt that they have also met their Fate at the hands of Tho mob. Lockport to situated on the Kentucky River some ton Miles from Here and st a Point Seldom reached by mails or Public conveyance hence he difficulty of obtaining Setalla. Jack Simmons to still at from Gath. The Pennsylvania state convention Hartranft and Don Cameros Hayea abandon Roth the cd fan a Fauntle review of the administration. Special Corret Pondelee of the enquirer. New York september 7, 1877. Hayes Hartranft and Don . The american Way to accomplish Reform is to use All your influence and Power to do it to attack Urith your following upon particular Points of evil. The president might have exerted his patronage Only yesterday with Good moral effect upon the Pennsylvania nominations and their relation to Cameron ism a Gross and Long standing evil. The state of Pennsylvania Central and populous has been controlled since 1857 by Simon Cameron. His influence was very great forty years Ogo but when All the opposition and the Wil Mot democrats formed the Republican party Cameron became next to of Solus a. He bought a democratic legislature to Send him to the Senate instead of Norway. He reached a place in the Cabinet by assisting to boat he Ward with Lincoln. He antagonized and embittered Curtin and the War administration of the state because he could not Annex it he finally invaded and conquered Philadelphia and added its local offices to his state and National property and put his son in the Cabinet of Grant. As Henry vii., having accumulated a full Treasury and subdued All opposition left every thing ready for the cruel and licentious Henry viii., old Simon Cameron slipped his son Donald into the Senate when Hayes dad refused the said Donald a Cabinet continuance and Simon nominally abdicated but it was Only to tighten the family Cord. This accumulation of Power by Simon Cameron and the bequeathing of it intact to his son was human enough though contrary to our Republican ideas and dangerous to Liberty. But it was accompanied with that safeguard indispensable to tyrants the suppression of All ability in the state. Saul did not hate David for his popularity Herod did not persue the innocent babes with massacre to anticipate a Messiah More than the camerons massacred purity capacity and popularity in the state of Pennsylvania. They slowed under All the political Talent of that state. After the death of Thaddeus Stevens the Republican party there was nothing but the camerons and the Cameron Stool pigeons Rob Roy and his cattle ten Eves at the close of the War a Young general John t. Hartranft returned with reputation to Pennsylvania. He was handsome but More modest and docile and the camerons did not suspect that he would Ever have an ambition or will Independent of them. They weaned him from the governor Curtin who had Given him his commission and after filling various staff offices with him in Pennsylvania. Found that his record was so Clear and his standing so Good that he was requisite to be nominated for governor. The great split in the Republican party had just occurred and the previous administration Geary a had Only been elected by 5,000 majority in 576,000 votes. Besides the Cameron surroundings of Geary a administration bad Bent it to Pardon base criminals and outrage Many decency is. Hart ran Ftp a character sustained the Cameron Crew. That and Boutwelle a Treasury reserves sufficed to elect Hartranft governor in 1872 Ove senator Buckalew by 56,000 majority. Running a in in 1875, when the Republican forces were much spent and depressed Hartranft beat judge Pershing by 12,000 majority with 13,000 Republican votes thrown away on a prohibitionist. Hartranft and Mackey. As governor Hartranft grew older and More experienced he became More vigilant on propositions and suggestions which reached him through the Cameron ring and on which he had frequently acted to his injury if not his self reproach. He visited other parts of the country and conversed with other governors and he found himself alone among them the victim and Organ of a selfish family Cabal. The camerons themselves were personally respectable compared to some of their master tools like Robert a. Mackey of Pittsburg. This Man was the great Almoner of the moneys which belonged to the state but supplied the Cameron exchequer. To was a desperate persistent revengeful Man bred to business in Pittsburg and in consumptive health so that with death always near at hand he feared nothing less. Thin in stature dark skinned Bright eyed and Low in affiliations he cared nothing for personal honors but desired Money and the pleasures it brought. He was ashamed of nothing shocked at nothing and knew All the Means by which revenge is followed out through expenditure and even through the administration of Justice. Mackey bore the relation to Cameron that Herbert the executioner bore to King John. Besides Mackey had schemes and plans of his own which he would not relinquish even for the camerons. He was a faithful Bravo but a dangerous renegade. Elected by the legislature in 186?, soon after the celebrated Bill Kemble had held the office Mackey As state treasurer had absolute custody of the state funds and balances often amounting to millions. He Lent this Money at convenient interest to the private and Public Banks Over the state so As to control practically the election of the legislature. The receipts of the treasurer Are from 8400,000 to $500,000 a month the balance nominally in the Treasury last december was 8985,000, Lent out in parcels to the loan institutions wherever a weak spot was discovered. Maekey a Money was All important to the camerons. He was indispensable and in 1874, when his office became elective he was elected state treasurer and being required to give it up in 1876. He arranged for a concentrated City ring in Philadelphia of which he should be the chief. The police prisons. Fire department &c., were All to be consolidated. Mackey was to become the Sardana Palus of the whole and governor Moses of South Carolina would find a Northern imitator at last. Tweed would be distanced. This Job atrocious in inception and repulsive by the agent who was to control it. Governor Hartranft stood ready to put his foot upon. Philadelphia was already weighted with debt and stained by crime of collusion with her officials. Mackey swore revenge. He had been foiled when every thing was ready the same super serviceable legislature which elected Don Cameron waiting to order and Only the governors veto poised Over his Job. Hartranft should feel that Bob Mackey could Stab Hayes Abandons Hartranft to the camerons. Prior to this time the camerons had taken Hart Ranftl a name to the Cincinnati convention As their presidential candidate. They did this for the purpose of a Trade and to break up an ugly movement in favor of Blaine in Pennsylvania. Had they supposed Hartranft to possess any chances he would have been left at Home. By the use of his name they held the Pennsylvania delegation together although a Blaine Man from Pennsylvania was in the chair and half the delegation was at heart for Blaine. The camerons hated Blaine because he had come from Pennsylvania and might resume a family influence there. Their motto waa that of Louis Xiv l eat e est Moi Cameron is Pennsylvania so they cast their vote in some extremity for Hayes and then called upon Grant to punish every body who had voted for Blaine. Grant obliged them to the extent of turning out the Philadelphia postmaster. Hayes did not like to oblige them when he took the presidential office but he wanted to be very delicate about Dis obliging them. So he did nothing at All with decision or to any Good purpose. The camerons practically kept the state and there was left on Don Cameron. S hands the interesting problem of How to re elect himself in 1878 to the United states Senate. Meantime governor Hartranft. To the Surprise of the Cameroun bad taken a National importance. His character Rose a it was seen that he lived in a world of to own and entertained Independent Hopes and thoughts. Hia Edminia Tragiou was pure Hia appearance was Fine he was Brave of the Best military record in Pennsylvania and of a sober and affectionate nature which inspired Confidence in the old and enthusiasm in the Young. Had any body been Able to Peep into the old Stone mansion of Simon Cameron at Harrisburg about the time governor Hartranft put Down the strikes in Pennsylvania he might have heard some such conversation As this Simon Don. This fellow Hartranft to getting too big for us. Done yes he a got an Eye on up seat. 111 Knock him Down with a Stone. Simon never my dear Hoy let any body be popular in Pennsylvania 1 if Yon set any Mau in your party popular worthy and aspiring drive him right Over to the democracy. Then hell be out of the Way done in a a better Driver than you Are. You re an old fool you Are always taking a drink with somebody and hobnobbing with people you have ruined. I m a genuine Ruffian and drive my friends As Well As my enemies Simon an my son. It is your disadvantage to lie imperious. Yet a make it a boast to say no. You got your Money too easy and it s set you up. But As to Hartranft we must get rid of him begin by Cooling off his Friendship. Slaughter a Friend or two of his and hell Cool on us. Play him like a Trout and land him in the opposition. Break his heart but done to quarrel outright till he is Well undermined. Done Well ill let bib Mackey get a Little revenge out of him. Simon a my boy Yon will go to the Senate again your country is worthy of you. Me and you will have a Monument together done you mean me and you you old fool ot7tbkeak in Pennsylvania. The state convention met last wednesday. Governor Hartranft dad desired to nominate for one of the state offices the Worth son of that Tough old democratic governor of Kansas Heeder who went out from Easton Pennsylvania before Simon Cameron had ceased to be pro slavery. Hartranft s interest was disinterested rhe camerons had no candidate for the place. But it was a Good Chance to Cool off Hartranft. Don Cameron therefore abetted the revenge of Kemble and Mackey the state Treasury ring and threw his influence for another Man. The governor had a Young Friend on the floor whose impetuosity swept Down All hypocrisy. He arose and denounced the nomination As a War of governor Hartranft. Now. The camerons not Only forgive no one who once opposes them hut they forgive no Friend who is praised to their disadvantage. John t. Hartranft is a doomed Man because he received merited Praise where the Cameroun have had merited censure. They will hate him the Inore As he is praised the More no Courtesy for Candor on his part can change their malic. He represents what they can never tolerate a Young Many a Manly resentment to oppression and sympathy with other Young men of Pennsylvania who Are condemned to be the camerons serfs or never to reach Public distinction. What was the relation of president Hayes to such a conflict in Pennsylvania provided lie fell the yearnings of Reform yearnings not to be based upon any sense of delicacy nor gentle theory of evil service but upon honest indignation he knew that the Only Public Man of any consequence in Pennsylvania who had publicly commended his views and purposes was Hartranft. Sympathy and Reform together should have counselled Hayes to consult with this Man As to the fed Crul appointments in the state. Without their patronage the camerons Are nothing but a gaelic tradition in Pennsylvania. It is by the continued patronage of the nation the state and the cities that they succeed and reinstate each other. The Man Bill Kemble who recently insulted the presidents minister Schurz is quot the Confederate of Cameron and m Ickey and their prejudices Are never Long different. Yet the whole effect of Hayes office holders order in that state is to support the camerons and even should he turn out their friends Hartranft a appointees would be forbidden to exert their political influence. There could be no Reform in Pennsylvania like ending the scandal of the camerons. Civil service rules Are of minor consequence. But Hayes Lias spun a web about his own Freedom and where he should be indignant and bold has declared neutrality for himself and his family wherever Light and darkness Are contending. William Allen. An interview tilth the 011 spartan his View on the political a nation and the duty of the Xiong. Special Corret Pondelee of the enquirer. Chillicothe september 3, 1877. In my meandering through the state a frequently come across democrats who Are desirous of knowing sex governor Allens opinions of the political situation and with a View to the gratification of that curiosity i dropped Down on this charming Little City and called on Tho old Patriot the other Day at his charming Rural Retreat a fruit i found the old spartan just after his afternoon Siena looking ruggedly healthy and in the Best of spirits. If the croakers who two Vears ago Laid such stress on his feebleness As a bar to his political Elevation could have seen him As he sat talking to me with his heels cocked up on the railing of the porch surrounding his residence i am of the opinion that they would havoc confessed that their prognostications were groundless and i am sure Many of them would be glad to change their prospects of Good health for the next decade with him. I was informed that i was not the first correspondent who had called for the same purpose some twelve or fifteen journalists representing papers of All shades of opinion having visited fruit Hill during the past Mouth or six weeks but none of them have succeeded in drawing a old Bill out As he told them that he was no longer in Active political life and had no desire to return to it even in the shape of an a however a said he a if the enquirer is desirous of knowing where i stand of course i am willing to speak Only asking that you will not print any thing that will involve me in any controversy As nothing human can indie me to again re enter the political Arena and i do not wish to be put to the bother and annoyance of defending any statement i May make to i promised to regard his wishes in this respect and then he began a retrospection of american polities running Back to the time when Harrison died and his successor Tyler Zed the whig party drawing an analogy Between his conduct that of Andy Johnson Ana of Hayes present policy. Nothing but a Short hand report would do Justice to the sex governors magnificent review of this interesting portion of our history and i regret that my ignorance of the cabalistic signs of that wonderful Art prevents me from giving it to the readers of the enquirer in its entity. Enough of it however yet dwells in my memory to give an idea of its spirit. It was interspersed with anecdotes of a most interesting character and one of these contained a retort courteous of so felicitous a nature and so Germain to the proper course of the democracy with regard to Hayes policy that i think i had better reproduce it Here. A one evening a said the governor quot while engaged in conversation with Henry it i in he twisted me upon the fact of our support of Many of Tyler a measures and he Laug Ninalu said that the president a bid fair to Tylene the democratic party As Well As the 1 answered him and said a or. Clay you seem to misunderstand the democratic policy in this mat ter. We Are supporting or. Tyler by the Job. When he vetoes any measure that is peculiarly desired by the whigs we sustain him and when he does any thing that is obnoxious to us we let him look for quot support outside our Clay laughed heartily at our a piece Job support a and admitted that our position was a perfectly Correct and tenable one. -41coming Down to the politics of the present Campaign the governor said quot the platform of the democratic party in Ohio in 1875 was far better than our present one. It interpreted itself without any explanation. That is the chief defect of the present one. The a inter convertibility clause is not Clear and admits of too much of a difference of opinion As to its meaning. It would have been far better if the convention had simply reaffirmed Tho platform of 1875, made its nominations and one Home. In 1875 we came within a new thousand votes of Success though opposed by the whole strength of the Gigantic Money Power i this country Ana of our european bondholders and also of the secret opposition of every democratic aspirant for the presidency in the land. We were engaged in a herculean struggle and it was foreseen that Ohio was Tho real Battle ground of the presidency and to the Victor would fall that great prize. Had we been sustained by the democratic leaders outside of the state we should have had a triumphant Victory but we had to fight the Republican party sectarian hate and enemies in our own Camp. 8am Tilden spent More Money to defeat me than he did in his attempt to carry the state for himself last fall. Well the result was As anticipated As far As settling the candidacy for the presidency. The republicans won. And Hayea of of Norse. Became their nominee. By the wave continued the governor quot Wasny to it angular that Tilden a Man who waa credited with being no keen a judge of human nature and to Crafty a dipl mate should make such an egregious Blunder As to write such a latter Asha did on the question of the rebel War claims. What did a have to do with base claims until they had then by Congress and Why should he permit himself to be forced into print upon the subject of their pay intent by the taunts of the Republican press when i read his letter i threw Down the paper in disgust and i said a by god he has throttled Why did he not treat the taunts with silent contempt and act As be chose alien the claims came before him for consideration. If they Ever did from the moment that that letter was published his chances were on the Wane and when the critical time came the men who sold him his nomination at 8t. Louis sold Hayes his office. 1 think Hayes conduct during the dispute Over the presidential muddle until near the close of it was most admirable but near the end he became frightened and i am satisfied that he bound himself hand and foot to the southerners in return for their Promise to permit him to be inaugurated. You see when a Man gets As near the presidency As Hayes was he will not Stop too closely to consider the Means that Are needed to Compass his ends. I think this fact fully explains his Southern policy. The southerners were More interested in getting control of their states than they were in the presidency and so Tilden went by the Board. But it is a dear bought Victory for the Republican party for Hayes is disintegrating it As fast As possible. If Tilden had been inaugurated Ana Nad pursued Hayes policy in the South the Republican press would have declared that the rebels had Possession of the government and they would therefore waive the bloody shirt from every stump in the Laud this fait Aud it would solidify and mass the purty As a unit. Now these same organs Are attempting a weak defense of the president and when the Republican party ceases to be aggressive its cause is the governors Mauner was so vigorous and so robust that i co hid not help saving a governor w hen i read of senator Morton a dangerous sickness the other Day \ was forcibly reminded of i taunting speech about your feebleness two Veara a i thought of that myself a replied or. Allen. A Morton made a most unprovoked attack upon me and compelled me to retort most unmercifully. He brought it upon himself however and had no right to complain of his treatment. But poor fellow i am sorrow for Nim. There is this that must be said for Morton when he was Indiana a War governor his Power and his influence was almost unlimited and since then he 1ms been the Leader of the leaders of the Republican party and in a position to have accumulated millions of dollars Ltd he so Desney but he Dies a poor Man. He has not been personally corrupt with the Public Money and in this age of venality what higher compliment can be paid a Public Man there waa another Man who resembled Morton in this respect. True he left a Little property but he made every Dollar of it by Liis profession. I mean poor Ned Stanton. There was a tremor in the old Many a voice As he pronounced this Pany Geric upon these famous men and the maily manner in which he eulogized their Virtues while opposing their political sins roused my admiration to the highest pitch. Quot Well. Governor a said i a would you advise the Hearty support of the Columbus platform and ticket by tie Greenback democrats of the state this fall a a most certainly i would a was the reply. Quot it is the Only Safe position for them to take. They must work out our financial salvation within the party lines. It sometimes happens that through Foree of circumstances a Plank that we do not w Holly approve or n Man whom we do not particularly Admire gets into the platform or on the ticket and while we May regret that such is the fact nevertheless it will not do to abandon the great Good there is in the grand party because of the lesser wrong. I have invariably quot in the past and intend to do so in the future and supported the organization feeling that at its worst the democratic tarty is a thousand times better than the Republican party at its a what do you think of our prospects of Success a i asked. Quot of i pm As firmly convinced As that i am alive that Bishop and the whole state ticket will be elected by a Large responded the governor. Quot the Only danger i feat is to the legislative ticket in Hamilton county. You see you have thirteen votes there which makes a change of Twenty six one Way or the other in the vote for senator. A think the republicans will concentrate All their strength thereon Ali at Issue and i fear the workingmen s movement May Cost us valuable votes. If you elect your ticket in Hamilton county All will be the Sun had sunk behind the Western Hills and the Twilight was fast gathering Over the Beautiful Scioto Valley As i took my Farewell of Ohio a last great democratic governor and As his parting salutation a a Good by. And god Blees you give my love to All the enquirer boys a rang in my ears i breathed a prayer that he might Long be spared to the land he so loves and honors. Macon. The in Clde of or. Stein. Falling to throw a boy guide into the Niagara he jumps Over himself. 4detroit free press september 6th. Poker travelling agent of the great Western Railroad a resident of Niagara Falls says there is a curious fact connected with the suicide of or. Stein of new York the old gentleman who sprang last Friday from the suspension foot Bridge below the Falls into the bubbling flood below a distance of one Hundred and eighty five feet or. Stein whose health appeared feeble and who was no doubt suffering under aberration of the mind arose quite Early Friday morning and engaged a Boot Lack to show him around and Point out objects of interest. He agreed to give the boy a Dollar Ana a half to continue with him during the Day. And pulling out a very Large Roll of Bills paid him in Advance. When the old gentleman and the boy had reached the Middle of the suspension Bridge near the Falls they halted and after a momentary Survey of the great cataracts. Or. Stein asked if there was any Carriage to be seen upon the Bridge in either direction. The boy looked and answered 110. Quot is there and one in sight at any part of the Bridge a inquired the old gentleman. Quot there is no one All a said the boy after a Sharp look. At the same instant or. Stein seized the boy and endeavoured to throw him Over Tho railing of the Bridge. The lad screamed and struggled with All the Energy he possessed and by clinging to the timbers Defeated the object of his insane companion. Or. Tooker considers it wonderful that any sound could be heard above the Roar of the Falls. Perhaps the struggle of the Man to throw and of the boy to save himself caused the Bridge to oscillate to a marked degree at any rate the attendants of the Bridge at each of the Shore ends rushed out and made for the Rescue. This or. Stein perceived. Let go of his Well nigh exhausted victim climbed to the top of the railing and without a word sprang into the misty air and the unfathomable Pool Down below. In falling he struck one of the Bridge Guys which springing from the concussion threw the distracted mortal More up Stream and changed his attitude from a nearly upright to a prone position. With arms and legs extended of if swimming he fell Fiat on the turbulent Green hued Waters of the Niagara and that was the last of him for although 81,000 Reward has been offered for the recovery of the body and hundreds have looked for it night and Day since not a vestige of it has come to the surface. Smith Hawes to ase and it effects Washington special to the n. Y. World the decision of judge Jackson of Kentucky a the Case of Smith n. Hawes that the court could not consistently with the terms of Tho extradition treaty of 1842 with great Britain detain and try Hawes for offences charged to have been a emitted prior to his extradition and for which he was not extradited is regarded in Diplomat a quarters with special interest. It is thought that this decision will go very far to remove the obstacles which Havo existed to the negotiation of a Fuller and More Complete treaty of extradition Between the United states and great Britain than that which now exists. At present Mutual deliveries of offenders Are going on without interruption but nothing of consequence is being done in the Way of making a new treaty. A Royal commission was appointed by the Crown on the 20th of August last charged with the duty of examining and revising the present act of parliament to which exception nos been taken by the British government in order to ascertain whether any changes in the Law Are demanded by Public policy and until this commission shall report it is not Likely that any thing will be Dono by the two governments in the Way of resuming negotiations. _ a. An Allende statement. New Haven Justice Bradley has by to Means relieved himself of the charge of shuffling in the care of Tilden a. Hayea his card is not explicit on the Point that no wrote an opinion in favor of Tilden and then changed it to Hayea what he Doea deny without any Reserve to that he was besieged by leading republicans on the night in question. He acknowledges that he was mixed up in his View a first leaning one Way and then the other. The Way to get at the whole matter to for the House to investigate the charge and examine justices Field and cuff re quot by. 7 or Tuuk Moons started Home from Connersville. Ind., on Friday intoxicated and saturday r inf was found dead on the Road

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