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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer Newspaper Archives Oct 12 1870, Page 5

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - October 12, 1870, Cincinnati, OhioCincinnati weekly enquirer wednesday morning october 12, 18t0 5 a Woina a a Fol cask. A a it most of f a Gwi hmm residing in the in Byrbe of Pitta Borg Penis Huau Robard of very Oboile trait and Hou greatly annoyed by trespassers a to wonk Piatt the ooh try at night and Harry it Large a Toa titles of the Addiss and other Frait. Toad 11near the Row do de. A i and Hla clothing red Aeed to Mere tatters. A few Meta id Maat we Wane Mma Job am it Wii Lup Poitz Idil Trio min we Aua pm mama a Kaaa it. Jhana a div a Mam Maas Ami Afla out to ii were Ultra Ano Tny men went Over Tomoz ruin what we the matter. The found the Man almost exhausted and unable to More a Toast if. They procured water and after giving the injured Man a drink he recovered sufficiently to Tell them his name and his place of residence. He declined at first to Tell them How be of me to be in the condition he we found but we finally persuaded to Gira an a Plaza a a a rhe Quot told them that i tin. Had visited ground. A we rendered unions Fiona but did not know How Long he remained so. When he n covered his consciousness he Felt no pain but on attempt ing to Rise found that one Arm and ote leg were paralysed. He did not Call for assistance for fear that he would to arrested and ooh dude that to would remain until More hog. He soon Felt a drowsy sensation and would have fallen asleep but for a noise which aroused him and on looking up saw two cow by the animals advanced toward my a be f Aoe and one of them Oommen Ood Licking i bands. A tried to drive them away but they had tasted the brackish perspiration which covered Hie bands and face and he found it Impola site to frighten Chen. Hie tormentors per a mated in Licking my. And finally common oed tearing off his coat and flannel shirt thus enlarging the exposed surface. This process use continued until his body we almost denuded and the flesh labors Ted by the tooth of the Ani the lick ing with the rasp like tongues we continued Nutu blood oozed from Hla arms breast and face and the unfortunate Node sunk away from Mere exhaustion after using every exertion in Hie Power to keep the animals away. The men wore Oon Vinded that the statement we True and it we corroborated by the appearance of the Man. They immediately conveyed him to his Homo Ana a physician summoned to attend him. The treatment at first we directed to the lacerations of the flesh but before these wore healed it we found that the fell had affected some of the internal organs one of which we ruptured. The Man we sub sequently removed to a Hospital where to a a till under treatment although no recovery Are entertained. Hopee the Pilot Bouse of the Mississippi Steamer is feet from the water. It commands Mississippi Pilot about thirty flt a View on ail Mas and affords the beet Outlook. Hera one gets a Batter idea of the Way a boat in managed than anywhere else. The wheel a tan feet in diameter for the Pilot must have sat Power Over the rudder in threading the iting. Tortuous Channel this wheel is scarcely m Vest for a moment. When in a hurry the Pilot uses both hands and feet in setting it Over and often the rudder requires the Aid of a reversed engine in order to turn the boat with Anfel Ersnt rapidity. The boat he two engines and at each is an Engineer aver on the Lookout for the order to Back to atop to go ahead alow and to go ahead Strong. The Pilot he two sate of Bells for Reeoh engine. One set is need for slopping and starting Only the other set is used for conveying signals As to broking and going ahead when the boat is in a difficult Channel and he to make numerous changes of har Noarae a Stringer to a Mississippi Steamer mis it suppose the Pilot mad As a March Hare. He putt his wheel to port and then to starboard Sod is always in headlong haste he rings one Bell after another with a Quick nervous touch of ahead and then vice versa sometimes they Tun end Home time feet you wonder whether constant tinkling of Bells Down in the engine the rope one wheel backs and the other goes torn it Engin room won t distract the engineers and whether they can keep up with their orders. The Pilot seems to have his hands rather More than full but he never makes a mistake. At Bis feet is a Spring and when he set his foot upon it a whistle which is More like the Ora of a lost soul a whoop of a Hundred Romanc eke a steam Whistler announces that the North Western is coming. I have always wondered How these pilots would guide their boats through the intricate Oban Nels of the upper Mississippi in the night. Their pay is $260 per month. It requires an apprenticeship of several years before a certificate can be obtained. The Anches than pm vital surgery a Yankee Nat Tabones it tee me i Arena artery we the Mattie. Field of Sedan a a surgeon write the greatest even of the War in the matter of saving life we perhaps the tying of the carotid artery in the ogee of a wounded Soldier bleeding to death on the hideous Day of Sedan by a surgeon amid a Hurricane of by Ollete that we an amerion Volunteer surgeon. The Soldier he recovered snatched from he jews of death. The Ameri san we helped by an Irish surgeon. This is one of the most desperate Opai actions in surgery requiring Tbs steady minute precision of a watchmaker mending a Geneva watch steady fingers exquisitely accurate Eye chloroform nerves and fibres to get at the artery Xet our minute Dis a eating the patient a and Fibert american and Irish friends did not flinch though the Hospital itself was smashed by Cannon Ball a impropriety of those whores getting married. My Buh Fob Vouno men of the i of bomb end the propriety or married with sanitary help for those for matrimonial happen eat. Bent firm in mme mar association a we we m a m 4 wonderful discovery a the Only 60-cent Duretto Medicine in the world or. 8ar-fittnt�?Tb backache pills for the euro of All die of the urinary organs. Thay remove Oberno of the kidneys subdue inflammation and str Engreen the organs. Purely vegetable. Boy Eury. Sold by druggists. Sent by mail o a Rice 00 Cento Kerbox. Geo Bob a. Kyj Praetor 8 Wood Street Pittsburg Penn. Je3-4mtnth8a-4mwy44 receipt of uly. Pro a ladies Are remarkable for their Beauty a greater portion o valuable anus rely harm Triton preparation prepared by George a Laird is known throughout the it eve youth. It renders the skin soft and smooth and complexion dear Brilliant and Beautiful this delightful acquisition to the toilet is sold by drum late my fancy goods dealers every where. Ask for George w. Laird a Boom of youth and take no other As Tbs Are Are counterfeits in circulation. The genuine has the name g. W. Laird stamped in the Glass on the Back of each bottle. Stuth san amp Law vol it tabs Sci Down a persons often allow their systems to a run Down a or rather dots by overwork oooo Guiod by s neglect of the proper Means of invigoration. Tbs result is what is called a Tui do butt a in other words a failure and partial collapse of the physical forces a a Willy by Greet Depreston of spirits. The Hast remedy in such oases is Bostet Terv stomach bitters. Whether the state of exhaustion has been brought on by excessive physical labor dissipation anxiety of mind exposure or my other reuse toe Ismedia effect of this great run Rajahia will be found squally prompt sad certain. As a How Iii after severe is. Knees has prostrated the bodily and mental energies it a pronounced by competent medical authority a the Best Tomo in if men were not foolishly careless shout their health and Over Eon Dent in themselves they would always when engaged in any work that required great exertion use lorrae pud tag Means of sustaining their strength. Ter this purge be in Stetters a bitters Are invaluable. All Tollers Mould use them Law an Lovig rant., a is a 1/a a t a4\xa., tar a. Tor those constantly employed in in door i crowded workshop they May to reckoned As the very Best safeguard of health. Where do is a predisposition to Koonst Patton or a tendency to thou Tess they May a truly arid to is a specs amp of Tot whih there is a substitute. 1 a a. ,. I. Local aaa dash aus. A mothers a Yon love your offspring Don t fall to use lira. White it Mph syrup for soothing Rohll Drin. Based the advertisement in another econ in. Oolo-Iw-Ltwy-10 a Anjou est not do a better thing Tor your wife on a washing Day than provide her a Doty Washer end s Universal wringer. It will keep aches from her Book end arms wrinkles from bar forehead and roughness from her hands. It will do Tbs work of so Trad woman and save your Linen from being scrubbed out and has tamper from bring chafed York weekly Tribune Merck a 1870. _ Ltdfcwy-10 bt$1 0c0 Reward is offered by Tbs proprietor of or. Pierces Alt. Ext. Golden medical dts ovary for a Medicine that will Sygual it in the Oure of a liver complaint or a Bili Rusness a constipation of the bowels bronchial Throat and lung die Sesee Pavero coughs and As s mood purifier for the Oure of so Romulous diseases boils eruptions blotches tutors and rashes appearing upon Tbs a in. Sold by druggists. A a a 1 nothing san 00mpete with or. Bagels Marrh remedy. a a a a a. A a i a Why suffer with pains in the Back end loins a lib irritable bladder and the annoyance it causes with neuralgia and rheumatism with dumb Agua and its discomfort and with headache Whan they can speedily be cured by the use of Wayne s Diu Brtio and Alt Ratier elixir j�8-wy-tf.4ri a Xava thex Bud Duan. My truer saying than the above was Ever uttered. Boback s bitters pills and blood ppr Tibb have been before the Dubue nearly a Quarter of amen tary and in no mss have they failed to remove the Dmn As it Whan taken in time. A a delays Are dangerous. A apply to your nearest drug atom they always have Jami by of a a dts patches be Kolbs and tan us a ferry s Moth and pm Bockli the Only reliable and harmless remedy for removing Brown discolorations from the pose. Prepared Only by in. B. A Perry do baath Street sew Ink. Bold by druggists every where Liy if Fead Sod Fimby Loa no do 1 a a 1a a or a of Apical bestow Good health upon a Man so that he can labor six out of seven Days and no matter How poro he May have bean at the commencement of Lafaw gnat Raro he will is certain to accumulate a Fortune provided he takes okra of his earnings. Plantation birr was a certain to make the weak ones Strong and to preserve the health of the healthy. From four to six hours a considered the Ordinary limit for brain work at the expiration of this time the phosphorus a carried off and the than becomes irritable and nervous. If he is poor and continues on at his task As most of poor doctors Law yen and editors do he will be certain to shorten his Days and fill an untimely grave As did sir Walter Scott unless he eos Plantation bitten which speedily restores Hla vital Energy repair his indigestion and corrects the sluggish circulation of his blood. Sea Moss Fum made from Pun Irish Moss for Blanc Mange puddings custards creams do. The cheapest Healthiest and Moat delicious food in the world. Coll a Tutusa Twylo nervous Uxa a with its gloomy attendants Low spirit depression involuntary emissions lose of Yemen loss of Power a Tawny head Loes of Meta wry and threatened impotence and imbecility find a Sovereign cure in Humphreys he med Atho specific no. Twenty eight composed of the most valuable mild and potent curative they a Trike at once at the Root of the matter tone up the impart vigor and e entire Man. They have Price $6 Erpf Tokaze of ?6 boxes and Large vial Worth of. Which is very Laa portent in obstinate or old eases or Ftp nor single Box. Sold by All druggists and sent by mail on receipt of prior. Address All letters Humphreys specific homeopathic Medicine co., 662 Broadway new you. Feta a i1 11 s marriages. Royert Johnson in Cincinnati october 1870, by Rev. . Walden Daniel Boyer to Emma Johnaon of pleasant Bun Ohio. Burlingame a Anderson a by elder a. A. Knight or. Enos Burlingame to mias Sallie e Anderson at the brides Home oct. 4,1870. No cards. Coffman Winston on tuesday oct. 4, St the Soott Street methodist of Huron in Covington ky., by the Rev. W. T. Poynter or. Samuel Coffman to miss Jennie daughter of the Rev. W. T. Winston All of Boone county by. A Corbin Coob rank october 4, 1870, at the residence of the brides father in Boone county Kentucky by p. B. Wiles pastor of the Christian Church in Covington j. L Corbin Esq., of Covington Kentucky and miss Nannie e. Pooh ran of Boone county Kentucky. Oubti8�?emley�?on wednesday morning october 0, near Middletown. O., by Bev. J. Starr or. James p. Curtis of Middletown and mias Brille Emey daughter of g. H. Emily Esq. Dear Wilson october 0, at merchants hotel Cincinnati by Bev. A. N. Spahr we. Dear and miss Lyda Wilson All of Kentucky. A Smith Weaver october 5, aft the reformed Church in Ismie Turg o., by Bev. Isaac b belter or. Robert j. Smith of Cincinnati to mias Ella Ellen Weaver of Miamisburg. A Philadelphia papera Piasse copy Stoughton Hoel by n. Summer Beu on the 0th inst at the House of the Bride is Mother or. Arnold Stoughton and Margaret Boel harbigan�?bri8tow�?oct 4, by the Bev. Robt hints at the residence of the brides father at Ghent ky., or. A. J. Harrigan of the Steamer Ben Frank in to Mike Mattie Bristow daughter of the Bev. B. F. Bristow. Flinne Hatzell at the m. B. Huron in Ladiao Ivlue on thursday evening oct 6, by Bev. Vanee or. Thomas j. Flinn and Amalia Harteau. No cards. I. Browne Hunting on Weensy evening oot i Mias 8. And d. D., acting. The bride1� parents by the Bev. Brown. A. And w. T. Thompson Rives on tue Lay oot 4, at Hub Boro. O., by the Rev. Jos. Mod Trimble d. Miss Marie l. Thompson daughter of Jas. H. Thompson Esq., to or. Edward Rivas of a White Epply on wednesday evening the 0th hut., at the residence of the brides father by the Bev. J. B. Helwig or. Joseph it White son of the late Rev. Levi White to miss nettle fourth daughter of Adam Epply e�q., All of this Etty. Births. Crista september 38, on Wert Indian Hui to or. And mrs. Lias Crist a daughter Leila Hortense. Deaths. Ritchie october 3, in new York City. Mrs. Unale Ritchie wife of Andrew Ritchie and daughter of Jacob and Mary Ellen Lem abre deceased of Covington Kentucky aged 30 Yean. Barms on tuesday morning october 11, at a a Arter before 7 of clock of inflammation of the Twain Ama Martin daughter of Gan b. And Fannie l. Harms of Hartsburg Penn aged 0 months and 33 dig. Campbells on monday. Oct. 10, a of consumption Virginia b. Campbell Van Bibber october 10, or. James Van Bibber aged 88 yet Are. 1 month and 4 Day. in Covington ky., october of of flux infant Sou of d. And l. A. . A. Ulrey on the 0th instant of inflammation of the brain mrs. Rebecca Ulrey wife of a Tephra Ulrey formerly mrs. Coon of Lacrosse Wisconsin. South thursday evening at a Quarter to Loren o clock Peter South Belg Ved son of James and Abby South in the 37th year of Hia age. Johnston on thursday morning. 0th Lynsi at his residence to Newport kv., of congestion of the heart Geo. L. Johnston a the 88th year of Hla age. Magurk Friday morning at half past 11, of Oon a a Mutton a Flam at Eon of the late m. J. Mcgurk eat aged 31 Yean and 0 months. Stewart at Demoa Eville Boot. 7, at 11 a. M., of pneumonia James g Stewart in his Voth year. Thrashers at Demoe Arille by. Oot. 7, at five mint a of 8 p. pneumonia Chara Only Daog ter a a m. . And Mary thrasher aged 3 yens 8 months at d 18 Daf Filp alas i she a gone too pore Lor this Angels there to a. A a a the Mattie ones come onto me i oat Sunder morn tax. Oot. summer Erm Plant. Hattie Nemea. You gees Dasi ter of Anna and m. Nemea aged 1 year 4 months and 10 Days. Derrick in St Leals mo., oct. T f x Derr lok As. A a a openly of pulmonary bettor Runga in his Urt year. Chamberlin in Newport or Tadar Ito Ana re 0 a y me that Bright and Beautiful babe Orrid she has joined gods choir o sing and Praise Bim who Eaid a elem Qaqi a Quot Berne go at Cut finn Ilant. Hattie Nernean. Youngee let Daog Rmon hot medical. Kew York August 16,1868. Allow to to cell your Attis Tiou to my preparation of compound extract Bucu. The component parts Are Bucu Long Leaf cubes prone rom Taua a it Iam it a a Juniper berries. Modi of , in Valuo. Juniper berries by distillation to form a line Gin. Cubes extracted by displacement with spirits obtained from Juniper berries very Little sugar is used and a Small proportion of spirit it is More palatable than any now to use. Buchuael prepared by druggists is of a dark color. It la a Plant that emits its fragrance the action of a flame destroys this its Active principle leaving a dark and Glutinous decoction. Mine is the Ocolor of ingredients. The Bucu in my preparation predominates the smallest Quantity of the other ingredients Are added to prevent fermentation upon inspection it will be found not to be a tincture As made in Pharao Optea nor is Ita sir up and therefore can be used in cases where fever or inflammation exist. In this you have the knowledge of the 4 ingredients and the Mode of preparation. Hoping that you will favor it with a trial and that upon inspection it will meet with your approbation with a feeling of Confidence i am very respectfully h. T. Helmbold chemist and druggist of 16 years experience. Organs. Hgt for ptts a Djmal Xay al to american organs t he manufacturers take pleasure in announcing that in addition to tha great improve Menta in Alec Bantam and in Quality of Tono with which their agent and Irlanda Hava recently expire eyed a Monch Aat faction they have at great expense made rach changes in the external appearance of their organs at will place them far in Advance of All others. In particular they would aril attention loth first five Sty Tea in their of trogus which with greater Power and Sweet Mesa of tone have now enlarged and elegant Carea fully equal 1� Beauty to tha own expensive instruments. New and costly Atylean of cases Are Ateo in Arjoe Teof Leonat notion for the larger Organ. Acknowledging the great and increasing favor with which their efforts have been rewarded the manufacturers blah to assure tha musical Public that no Paina Witt to a Arad to Mako Fea american Organ Model instrument to maintain and to increase Ita solid excellence and a attractiveness. To do this in a imply to retain the precedence they Hooe gained Neuree preferable of a their judgment to reducing Price end Quality. At tha same time it can not to too often repeated that with their Long experience their ample resources their labor saving machinery their corps of a killed and tried Mechanic they Are Able to get and do get. More tangible result for the Money expended than any manufactory in the country. Every instrument warranted. No inferior work 0w.an elegantly illustrated circular containing descriptions and Proee will a sent port paid on application s. K h. W. Smith. Mod. Mast a for Bale by from tha Lar Fiat manufacturing chemist in Fea a a a a a a i k a a november 4, 1804. A i am acquainted with or. H. T. Helmbold he occupied the drug store opposite my residence and was aug cubs Lyhl in conducting the business where others had not been equally so before him. I have been favourably impressed with his character and Enterprise. A William Weightman. A firm of Powers amp w eight Man manufacturing chemists ninth and Brown streets Helmboldt a fluid extract Bucu for weakness arising from indiscretion. To exhausted Powers of nature which Are accompanied by so Many alarming symptoms among which will be found indisposition to exertion loss of memory wakefulness horror of disease or forebodings of evil in fact Universal 72 wet fourth St., Cincinnati of Ocia atty to Book Trade. The second volume of a e Stephens great history of the War a now ready. Agent wanted. Send for circulars with term and a full description of the work. Address National publishing co., Cincinnati oo5 4twy8 fun fun a Captain Jinks oomioalith8. The greatest co i 3 Book out. Price 25 cent. Add ebb Alfred Warren bookseller no. 2 9 Cen Ira Lavenue Cincinnati Obio. Ocl2-Uwy-10 knitting machine. A. The great machine for families manufacturers and women who want to make Money bite Over 20 garments. The Only machine that shapes and completes hosiery of All Sis est Heel and toe gloves mittens ac., or that knits the ribbed double and fancy webs for jackets underwear and worsted articles. Success in using it guaranteed. Over 10,000 machines in use sold with Little advertising and mostly by canvassers. Bend stamp for Sample stocking and circular showing wherein the Lamb machine is Superior in All Soi hts he Elbert Bros. Aco., 175 West fourth St., Cincinnati 0twy6 new book8. Lassitude prostration and inability to enter into the enjoyments of society. The Constitution once affected with organic weakness requires the Aid of Medicine to strengthen and invigorate the system which Helmboldt a extract Bucu invariably does. If no treatment is submitted to consumption or insanity ensues. T r Helmboldt a fluid extract of Bucu in affections Peculiar to i it a by Harry cd Sale Mem. Price $1.50. A rolling Stone series Tor boys. Ask any bookseller or Send to r. W. Carroll 6 00., publishers Cincinnati. Oc8-at-3t wy-10 wanted Agha to. $26 a Day i�?40 new articles for agent. Sam plea sent free. H. B. Shaw Alfrod a. Flea Sumdy amp by slow aaa agents wanted. A a watch a Vul Given Gratis to every person male or female and Tern sent free to Clear $10 to $35 per Day rare. Business entirely new. Can be done at Hame or travelling. Ester 267 Brood Way a ocl2-2tvvjlo females is unequalled by any other pre a gilts read this we will pay agents a salary of �30 per week and expenses or allow a Large commission to aril our new and wonderful inventions. Address m. Wagner 6 co., Marshall mice. In a a Quot 9el3-3mwyia agents wanted to sell the Light a the East a comprehensive religious work embracing the Ursoi the Uvea of Bis Apo Atlea and Evangelista together with the Uvea of the patriarchs and prophets and of fee Moat eminent Christian martyrs fathers and reformed. To which is added the history of fee jews and a history of the religious denominations of the world ancient Sod Modem with much other valuable matter making it the Moat compre Henaire Roii Glouas work Ever published. Send for circular Kwh full description end terms to a Geum. Address National publishing co Cincinnati Ohio. It Wye to agents want ewer. Where for that an look original a a Bible looking the Glass Quot ii in 024 oeuvre plot ii and 178 engr Vida it ill Truting the varieties of human character and the qualities of the Humen heart. It fat Oom mended by tha clergy and widely patronized by the beat it eople. Par it Paga a be Ottn Book with a graving end terms of Thea and other works event frit on writing to Henrt Howko pub flyer 118 w. 4th St. . 8e22-lid-2t Wye w8y 10 Iso a Day to Lalib and female Parathion a in Chlorosis or retention. Painful Ness or suppression of customary evacuations ulcerated or Schirru state y a a he a of the uterus and All complaints incident to the sex or the decline or change of life. A a a j Quot Helmboldt a fluid extract Bucu and improved Rose Wash will radically exterminate from the system diseases arising from habits of dissipation at Little expense Little or no change in diet no inconvenience or exposure completely superseding those unpleasant and dangerous remedies Copacia and Mercury in All these diseases. Use Helmboldt a fluid extract Bucu in All diseases of these organs whether existing in male or female from whatever cause originating and no matter of How Long standing. It is pleasant in taste and odor a a immediate in action and More strengthening than any of the preparations of bark or Iron. A those suffering from broken Down or delicate constitutions procure the remedy at Ono a a a slip the Reader must be aware that How i anted agents pro Faaao Parsons even go Koght May be the a attack of the above do senses it is certain to affect the bodily health and mental Powers. All the above diseases require the Aid of a diuretic. Helmboldt sex Traci Bucu is the great diuretic. Gold by dog gifts every where. Price�?$1 25 Par bottle or 6 bottles for 16 60. Delivered to any address. Describe symptoms in All Eom Mulca tions.1 a address h. T. Helmbold drug j a a my i it at a i a a Quot a and i chemical warehouse 684 Broadway new York. A Rob and a Ini Tirb uni Dos Sone up in >taal-a�vava4 Vamp per with fac a a Wall of Way Csc meal wan. Hew a sufi Sigas 3 a rom t file Mia a sewing machines. Shuttle both Side linear in to to introduce tha Bunkley stat of Aliko Oab ofe Laad la Fea Only licensed shuttle Mohini a to the United Bettee ter Lorn than $40, to use fee Oele bated a Leon feed. All other Are infringements Rod the cellar and fee user Are liable to prosecution and imprisonment. Qut Vit Ron. Adf thaew. A. X1w Otteson a Cleveland. �el-lvwv.1v Laws of j omness. Wife full Der Erthia and forma for Ell tranae Oiom in a very state of fee Union. By theophilu8 Par so kill. 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Full instructions to use this Power Over men or animals at will How to mesmerize become trance or writing mediums divination spiritualism Alchemy philosophy of omens and dreams Brigham Youngs harem guide to marriage a All contained in this Book 10p,000 sold can be obtained by sending address with 10 cts. Postage to t. W. Evans a co., 41 South eighth it Philadelphia a. Se2i-9twy-7 five cents additional a twill buy shoes with Silver or Copper tips which will save the buyer the Price of a new pair of shoes. Compared with ragged toes and dirty stockings they Are Beautiful to say the least parents try it ss7-8mwy-5 watches. The watches made by the of a 1w a it Toj up Are the if of . A to Syz them. Fatna Springfield Lam jy27-lan�0mwy01 7. Steam in Gin r 6. Lane scrod let manufacturers of stationary and portable steam engines and Sill machinery. A Fri Awe circular saw Milia with wrought Iren Mead a Broeke Wood work a if Chinar. Sum a. Hat Gers and Vamp urk b a a ref might a Ninfina Tawiia Bod lbt johnkvaur8l cat Natl fit f j�10-Finiodythmoeow 0mowy w-40 soothing syrup. Look to your children f Tib a seat soothing Remes. A. Mma a bit combo a by rup. A a a it a by j. Whitcomb b Iby Hiipfl a Mph Van of Mem bib up. It a Fea bad a a do in All ofter can. Onrea Oolie Rod griping in the Bowel and facett tatar Proa a of Teeth the. If Luro conv Claiona far coat a All a Laarosa la al Atio Infanta and ohttd1� a re Der Rhea Der Ostrov my Bui Umar comp Lifet in ii fran of to am. Jwa a a a Osrol in it Fea Grafton me i cubs 1 Ostema a la a fltta�im4�aa4�toi roared i a Rug i poll is. Do Nerti i Medicine Over Jaq Katf b grist Mills. Queen of the Mouth i Only genuine Straub is a Sass w Musmar m a spam eur portable grist Mills porn meal wheat flouring and a took ebb bolting apr Aratus a mutter Conn a Heller flour packers arb Hull work of really. Uthal in Carol it a Quot apply the want of Fea Plantara and took grown of Fea both Bat their Fame Baa Anraad in every a tartar of Fea Globe and they Ara now arid and need in Europe aria Africa and bout America. To apply Fea tour and ing demand a have enlarged on manufactory and added Val Nable improve nta to fee Metlie. A heretofore on Mills Wrba Taulma of Choice run Block selected at Fea a narnia a in . He nil for . Pamphlet containing treatise on milling sent by mail free. Addrena i8aao Straub 6 00., Corner front and John ate., Cincinnati. Jya-4meowwy4s Gombini Buhion m k if chant. Brown a Jelke Hobo Hants Fob the up Rohre and Sale of Ohe eee better Kos. Dried fruit Feather fun Fiat brooms Broom handles wire twine Broom too and machinery Lime Cement Rad plaster special attention paid to of Broom porn. No. 27 Walnut Street Cincinnati Ohio anal -8m wy0p-4 my Hjalm greenbacks Are Good a but Robacki a arb better b1tter8--a tonic. Ccu rec dyspepsia sick headache incl gelation scr Fula old sores and . Pills amp a ape Rient the blood Pilla Are the most Active and thorough pills that have Ever been introduced they to directly upon the liver exciting that Organ to such an extent that the system does not relapse into its former condition which a too Apt to be the Cane with simply a purgative Pill h bl60d Pobi Fier i alterative will relieve and cure Colic Paina cholera Moribus indigestion via see. A a. 8. Proprietary Medicine co. 56 and 56 Bast third Street h none genuine without the stamp of the company on the bottle and wrapper. A a j4iklw4�. Rheumatism t a. I 4k t Dreitler s rheumatic i Emedy. I warranted by affidavit a permanent cure for rheumatism and neuralgia $5000 will be paid. Tutuh l will be paid to any pjbil3�n Pho a Pouv during a preparation showing half Many living genuine permanent Curen he a for a axe 8 Veo staubb rheumatic a fumed. Tie u�o0 prescription of prof. Jos. P. Fitl ii m. A one of Philadelphia a oldest regular physicians who nag made Hhan Watlam a specially 37 years permanently curing with this reined 95 in every 100 patient treated to warranted under Octh from registered ant med a paid we ties $7 result unparalleled. It is a plea Ani due free from injurious drugs sworn vouchers from renowned prominent physicians endorsing or. Fitler accompanying each bottle. To protect sufferers Irons risk a Legal guarantee stating number of bottles War ranted to cure will be forwarded without charge to any person sending by letter a full truthful description of Casa in Case of failure to cure the amount will be refunded. Price $1 50 per bottle i hot 50. Medical advice sent by letter Gratia address or. Fitler office no. 29 South fourth Street Philadelphia or no. 704 Broadway n. A bold by John d. Park Corner fourth and Walnut Cincinnati and All druggists. Jylfi-Lysaalywy-50 of j Tai is / # a regular graduate of Medicine cae diploma at office will show continues to give nig special attention to the treatment of All forms of is Nerell and private Dis Seea syphilis. Gonorrhoea Gleet stricture Orchitis. Hernia and All urinary diseases Are treated sated with unparalleled Success. Up Mato Rhea or seminal weakness and impotency the result of self abuse in youth or excesses in maturer years and which produce some of the food Walji effects is nocturnal emissions blotches dizziness nervousness Damn ass of sight indigestion constipation despondency Oon naion ideas aversion to society loss of memory and of trawl Power Rad which units the victim for by Alneada a marriage Rad ultimately causing insanity and Job Guowu a debility Martaa sumption Are thoroughly and permanently cored. A medical pamphlet relating to private had free at Ornee or by mail in sealed envelope Tor one stamp. It contains foil symptom lists feat ble fee patient to give a written statement that Fli answer almost As Well for fee purpose of treatment a a personal interview but where it is convenient few doctor should be consulted personally. It ii self evident feat a physician who conf Lee himself exclusively to fee treatment of a certain class of disease must acquire greater skill in that specially than out in general practice. Patients treated by Matt and sex medicines supplied from fee doctor1� Orfi up saw consultation by totter or at of toe free. Onrea guaranteed. Honra 14. To 8 p. 1 sundays 13 to. To 8 p. Office no. Iso Wert sixth Street Between race and Sim Cincinnati Oettli fan Iyr&Gtwy-2&i a prow. Met Laboratory avoid quacks a victim of Karl Indis oration sensing nervous debility premature decay 6c., having tried in vein every advertised remedy Mpoto Means of self a Core which he Ferow Suffa Raea. J. H. Tuttle discovered a aim will and free to Hie 78 Naan rt., new York Otty. Aalo-3mwy-l Mamma age Ouirk. A ilk for the Millen. A Arki Aue guide i on the physiological sexual system and preventing a. This la ral your afm vat Roux sum w no a a a a a Khae about the a Teri a and Latart too overtake in prone Law a preserving Felt a pm a. _ won of iwo wife Noma Row in information for those who Are Merman n age still ii is a Hook feat look Rad Lay and not told a. Bent to Ray one free of postage a a a Lgth it., Baa Louf ii a notice a Fea Raffl Tad end Rafn Tea at. To a who Adver Fox what your a Toraei Rodor ooh ought tog about fee before applying to fee Notoriana a a m in Public papers or Naing any to a Crane or. But to work no Mattar w k a How Dap Loeble your condition. . Mia can a Eon ratted personally or by Matt in fee a rationed to Hia works. Otloe no. 12 h. A tree. Baa Market and Chestnut a Louis to. In test info Vivi a a Patent. P a twp Liq in j3l al min i a a al Kuffa inventory who wish to take oat letters Patent advised Munn 6 00., Ettora of scientific american Olio have pro a a rate do fore fee int office for Over Twenty Tawmaw american and european Patent Agency lathe Mort Tensive in few world. The charges Are Tom than tin other reliable Agency. A pamphlet containing of nil be. Inventors la went m Munn 600., 37 u Twy-47�

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