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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer Newspaper Archives Oct 9 1878, Page 3

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - October 9, 1878, Cincinnati, OhioThe a fuck al. Knul Ikuji wednesday a Okinu october a1878. Ii fallen from a race. A preachers terrible crimes. Deba Ching Llic lambs of iii flock. Several Littly girls the victims of his Lnu tote driven crazy thu Ujj hit in Fai Notis deeds a wretch wi.0 has lived too Long. Ftp Ceuta of the enquirer. Van Uhrig ., ocl Abc 5, pt.8. A Greet Deal of Xii Ternent in been a oozed in neighbourhood luring the past few Days by lie development in the oue of the Rev. W. It Broad Well a preacher of tie reformed Chat Fatiau Church arrested on the charge of out raging a left year of i girl a Pupil in the sunday school conducted by hon. Broad Well a been living Here for about two years and has been looked upon Slucy it is coining a one of the Bright Urdi me lights of the go a were made of Lynching him or admin Sterling a coat of far and Feather to Idun the general opinion 1 that a uie such would have been attempted had he been bulled out the right of the is a imitation. A ii i die tui per of the people has Coteil Down Onieh quot to. Though it is a Rill dangerously excite i against the alleged . Ban Char. Home idea of it May toe gathered from the fact that on l ii Day morning lat the effigy of a Man wan a a sew a i Angling in front ref Sain pies drug store which. Ihmi . Was discovered to to a representation of , that the Hoy Ltd i tag up the night before. One Man who a us the a a a a Orpse for some Lino was sure a hat it was is met web body dangling in the air. As soon As the latter released this afternoon lie look u skill a it in towed Aero a the ave1 to the Ohio Side thether he will return or not is unknown to us mod Likely lib will not. To ext the Oil 1,?T i a rest sat. Your correspondent in Bay ended on the parents of tie two children him had a talk with them about the matter. Or. Gentry seemed to ted very bitter toward a rout Well whom a be to Neq As a the Oto hound a a .1 Olid she would not want the Law to interfere if she could Only Lay her hand it Ltd him Otilee. In per present state of mind a he Wrt Lold toe Likely to a tuck it decidedly Imp Len nit for the peach or. She said in thu conversation had to eth your Cut respondent that her Little pm me attend1 i in and Wells uii Day i Phil. And that he coaxed her t o come to ids shop t it see him by promising lick ran I Here Lions who was present volunteered tie a int Etueni that he kept Apted and candies in his Simp to give to Little girls whom he coaxed in t. We him of wrote to his having Sueh a Hames a for piety she had never thought any thing of to Over the Ocean. Pel. His a palent Seal us a preacher Gnu teacher daughter a going then. She was not of the opinion him in the eyes of Many of tin adherents of a the Church in whose cause lie was Labouring almost an example of earthly sanctified a a id quot dear i brother Broa Dwelis was it tuii thought by a Orne of the most credulous to be an Especial messenger from celestial spheres dropped into this world of j out raging his Chad. He said he noticed his Little ion unit rtt iad Well had a in either of his by tempt on her dui Iglus a. She old Abe intended to nil she could to have him punished for what he did . Mis. Smedley refused to say any tiling about the Rase hut her he Stuvel Aid he had doubt that Broad Well attempted if he did not succeed lit sin and sorrow with nil apostolic Mission to Reform and Suvo the people of Vam Mehurg wherever two or three mutters were gathered together there also would be b other inroad Well exhorting praying and endeavouring with nil the Force of his burning words Puiul the example of Lus own piety to bring the stray sheep into the one True fold and his efforts toward that end were unceasing. But. Though he was Earnest in exhortation. Brother Bros Well a True sphere seemed to he in the Hundal school. There amid the Little Lorn Bisof girl get soloing weak Ini led lately mid lie believed it wit a c Rosed y the Devli isto work of Brasil Weli. He believed every word his Little girl Baid said on the witness stand. Ills wife washed Lor Broad Well and she used to Send t Onina to and fro with the clothes and he skippered it pastry this Means she had got acquainted with him concluding he said be was poor Man. Hut would All lie could to punish the scoundrel who had injured his child rentals of tie Flawie. Broad wet i friends there Are a very few Here who yet stick by their Faith in him say that the whole thing tins been got of by his eur it mles to toe lit failure of the great Glasgow Bank. A financial calamity far reaching in i to Cults. Further developments anticipated and much painful anxiety prevails. 1 wide spread fooling of alarm tons of capital Aud Iamb or in . La Ela i pm Scente him. They say that the Story of the Flack was be to lie found every Sabbath Inteli tie girl is Mude up att that Jordan perjured hinting Over them like a trusty Shepherd the of fac self and in fact arts the author of the talc when t on he apparently Mun Riemed for their spiritual welfare not even ending in the Schoel but being carried beyond it out into the workaday world and being the cause of his inviting them the Little girl lambs especially to come and we him on week Days at his shop for brother Liro dwell in adult ii Tion to his gospel labors carried on the business of a tailor though in lining sinners with earthly raiment he was not As Earnest As in trying to Supply them with the White Robes of Sanctification to Wear when Earth a pilgrimage was Over. Be this As it May through the kind solicitation of their Ceil forgiveness to tor ext lit.-,-., i a t i. For the i Ord to Rete teacher several of in Little girl scholar found Iligir 1ali Kaiu Iway to his slurp which was also his Entine and a ice Ping Roo where the pious old Saint for his years Lack but two of the allotted three score and ten kept a Tore of aspic Ami Candiea for their Especial Benefit with the Promise of Winch lie persuaded them to repeat their visits which they did until it became a matter of note How fond brother Broad Well wus of his lilo girls. Something in these visits at lost struck a few of the unbelievers1 As being a trifle strange Ami calling for a Little investigation and they determined to watch the premises though to have breathed a word of their suspicions to one of those who blindly followed the Lead of tie heavenly Brou dwell would have been looked upon is sheer blasphemy. It Ink not Long after this step had been taken before startling rumours of was occurring at Broadw Llu a shop began to become current and finally reaching the ears of Mufti cml , he immediately began on invest nth it a the result of which was the arrest of Broad Well on the charge mentioned above which f True and the proof is decidedly Strong shows him unas a lascivious on scoundrel for whom despite his years arid i hoary head hanging would not tie sufficient punishment. Iii Chimes. The child whom Broadwell is charged with out raging. Littie it Nina Gentry is Only one it f several whom he is believed to Nave debauched and at least one of whom another ten your old child is believed though it is staid to entertain the idea of a Uch depravity to have gone to him willingly and repeatedly Hei it Elf to Liis criminal lust. This last mentioned Gol Little Minina Smedley was present on one occasion when Broad veil is charged with having taken Inisi Oscr liberties with tie Gentry girl and won a win ices at the examination which was held the Day after by it and we ill arrest elicit he was arraigned Lafiore judge Fryer. Liming me irial toe court room was Lii led with a Large and excited Croad of people who a denunciations of the Kev. Brou Aweis were both loud and deep and increased As the proceeded. The rotate was represented Liy one of sri Young lawyers or Ham la ugh who ably conducted the prosecute it a the prisoner ii aug ended i Gay judge Holbrook one of Hie oldest p a tit tile stale. The witnesses examined were Kim i a Tuckley the Little girl above alluded to Nitima Gentry the alleged victim of the outrage her Mother and a Man named Andrew Jordan who is said to have been a witness to Joad Wetig lecherous conduct on two of Castonis. The prisoner. Who is it sleek looking individual during tie trial affected an air of injured innocence tie pleaded not to the charge Ami says Rise Wii Ole thing is a persecution gotten up by his enemies. The Evivie be. The first witness examined we Emma Medley who is about the usual size of children ten years of Ace ugh site looks older. The testified to having been in Broad Wells on last in Turda a week in die afternoon. Emma Gentry w. S there und witness saw Broad Well take her und Lay Heron the bed and commit or attempt to commit the outrage lie is charged with. Pm inn a earned two or three times hut Bradwell a hushed her up. And which the two were still on the bed heating a noise lie got Down behind thee a Integrand hid. Witness on Cross Esumi Miou twid that i roadbed tried to use nor the same Way on the following monday Aud because she lie iii he had pinched her severely. She had gone there she said to get some apples from him. that Day Broadwell had told Iier to keep away lion the Iota As people were talking about coming Tilert Mien. Emma Gentry bed told her alter the occurrence she icat tied to that Broadwell had Hurt her very much. Zimna gently the Udegod victim who was next examined and whose parents say she is but ten years of age is a Large limited very Stout girl larger and better developed than most Gills of twelve or i iii teen. The g Ive her evidence in a Plain straightforward w a. And in such a manner As a Airiel cd movie Tion with it. She slated that the fir t Timo Bro id Well Ltd taken any improper liberties with her was about live weeks ago. One Niter Muu when she went into his Lioi alone. Her evidence As t. What occurred on that occasion is unfit for publication but if truthful slows conclusively Oliai Lii Tidwell made an attempt to Debauch her. Although he did not entirely succeed. 1 he girl stated that she suffered tor several Days limn the treatment she received on that Ocea ion. Being further examined she Zorro Horsted tie tale told by the Smedley girl o the Ocetik relies of saturday week in almost every particular. It is believed Trulu the statement she makes of what took place of that occasion that Broadwell succeeded in aco in Lishing her rum. To medical examination Luisa yet been made but the girls Story make it appear . Emma Gentry next examined and testify ii to her daughter hat ing Toiuo Home one monday about five weeks ago complaining of headache and Sienes that she Quexie soued her and found that she had been to Broad Wells shop that afternoon and Ltd just come from there. Her daughter Hill not told her what Hud caused her illness until lately. Since then she had Tohl her of what Broadwell had attempted. On the Day in question she complained of Teing chafed and sore and witness examined her and found such was tie Case hut thought it was the result of the lied and her flesh Ness. Witness know nothing of the attempted outrage except what she had heard from her daughter. Andy Jordan another witness raid that he was in Broad Well a hop one Day when Maiuu Smedley Curne and opened the door but. Seeing hint there run out again. On leaving the shop he saw her go Buck to hand returned himself suspecting that Alt was not right to watch proceedings. After wailing a Little while he went to the door and found it closed but. Looking through the window Auw Broadwell a and the girl leave the bed off rps Well seemed much agitated and attempted to hide behind the counter. His pantaloons were unbuttoned Aud his per on exposed. This closed the examination and the judge held the defendant Broadwell in 2�00 Ball in default of which be committed him to jail where he remained until this artery top when his wife in whose name �11 his property is held got judge Holbrook logo on his Bond. Gavin it him a inert Gage on tie property As Security and lie was released. Broa Dwelis Wile has not been living with him since he came Here but resided at Dover the e he bad lived for five years before coming to this place. They have however been on Good terms Aua have visited each othe. Frequently free opt esses % firm belief in his Leno Oenone and says her husband is physically incompetent of the crime he made nut of revenge tor being put out of ids Bouse by or. . W hat i a Intoc curious about Jordan is that since the b inkwell pee Nemato irial he tins Linen arrested and brought before the mayor charged with exposing Bis person to one of Tho Seante Little gals that Hindley Giri and a still younger use named Spencer. Bot ii children testified to the off rinse which was committed in a Iown to Wii Kali lie had taken them but Jordan was Riachar it ail As tio statutes not provide a penalty for any Ofle uses of Mie kind unless committed in abbe. Broad Well since his arrest has enacted tie role of a Martyr and prayed and Sang hymns night und Day while in jail. Tie Burden of his prayers was forgiveness to be cute Udud to i persecutor and c him out of ids difficulties preached to Aud exhorted his follow prisoners to turn from their evil ways until they threat lied to choke ibs wind Oil when he desisted and directed his appeals to heaven alone. He told the prisoners How i Atil and Silas Sang nod prayed in prison until a Tigris a none Down from heaven and struck off their shackles and Relea cd them and said he would lie released like them Liis release came however in the Matth of a ?i>0rt Bond with Good Voct Rity for its payment Aud the Angel was a very sensible one a f the Earth Olio afterwards counselled him to leave the Cusuma wealth which he did. The prosecution a that by the tiny ids care Conns they will have further damaging Teti irony against him. And expect to Slaiw that he not Only a bused these Little girls but Ranny other and that lie has been practising ids lascivious conduct for Over a year Back almost since lie came to tins town. B. A family foot und hrs Aklo Mardor spa iat i pm try to the . Oli maps october 4.�?i�?Thilip and Peter Kradel were Arre ted Forenoon fora murderous assault on Leonard Kradel. I Goliard is the brother of la eter one of his assailants and the Uncle of Philip. 1 lie Greij own a tract of land South of the City in common Aud the quarrel Wii Icli May yet prove a one to the victim grew out of a dispute Over the crop in the ground. Among other things Leonard Kradel who lives on the land had planted a crop of potatoes. His relatives tio live at . 309 new Street in the City yesterday went out to the farm and a eau to dig the potatoes for to their own Liene fit. Leonard oame out and ordered them to quit work but they refused and in angry quarrel ensued during which Philip Drew a knife and Cut his Uncle face in ii frightful manner carving him about the eyes until he was longer recognizable. While the son wits thus on a raged Liis father Peter stood via and struck i Onart with ii Hoe Wii Uever he got a Good Chance. La tween tie two the Man was nearly finished. Lie was left lying insensible in the Field and his a Milans lied. After awhile the wounded Man revived suf tic cutly to crawl to his House which was fortunately but a Short distance from the scene of the affray. A surgeon was sent for Aud his wounds were dressed but it is feared from the extent of i injuries that Leonard will die. He will certainty lose one Eye anyhow Liis head is Hail i y Ami Aud swollen from the effects of the blows with tie Hoe. As Well As the cuts in his face and i he Case is a critical one. Alter the aff Ray the wife of Leonard came to the City and swore out the War rent on which the assailant were arrested. This was placed in the hands of officer Visker w to apprehended the parries before dinner. Philip Kra Icsis credited with the threat that he would kill his Uncle before he got through with him. All the arc honest hard working people save that the younger kind i is inclined to be a trifle Fust. He was for a Long time one of the Drivers of Toger ice wagons. The elder of the prisoners is wealthy but somewhat quarrelsome. He gave bail this afternoon and was be sed to await the result of his brother a injuries. Arrangements Are also on foot for the release of the younger Kradel under Pond. A woman outraged toy tramps in a Muia. Spa tal div Pattii to the enquirer. Have is a. Ohio october half past six of clock to Dight of or. Mary Mcgrogan was returning Home Tram town a be was seized and dragged a Short distance from the sidewalk Atid horribly outraged by two rough thought to be tramps. Air. Mcgrogan was Tunsen Vitole when found about seven o clock. The place win hum was snipped a in Hie heart of the City and thickly populated. Officers Are watch or nil the trains and Liquing places him should the ruffians lie caught a Lanip Post May live an Sun uni decoration As there is great exe Tenn it. a will hardly dare to go out in the streets after Maraness since this most horrible occurrence. Hew it us a prof Lam Stoa toy the president. W Ash in Tom october 8. A the following was issued to Day toy the pic Widen t a a Koce mation. A Pitne items. It is provided in the Laws of the United states that whenever by reason of unlawful obstructions or assemblages of persons or rebellion against tie authority of the government of the United states it shall become impracticable in the judgment of the president to enforce by tie Ordinary course of judicial proceedings the Laws of the United states within any state or territory it shall be lawful for the president to Call Forth tie militia of All the Stales and to employ such parts of tie land and naval forces of the United title us lie May deem necessary to enforce the faithful execution of the Laws of the United states or to suppress such rebellion in whatever suite or territory thereof the Law of the United state May he forcibly opposed or the execution the Creel forcibly obstructed and a a i Kirkas. It has Tarn ii made to appear to me that by reason of unlawful combinations and As nil Aga of persons in arms it has become impracticable to enforce by Ordinary course of judicial proceedings Tho Lawa of the United state within the territory of new Mexico and especially within Lincoln county therein and that the Laws of the United states have been therein forcibly opposed and the execution thereof forcibly resisted and a wit mus the Laws of the United slates require that whenever it Muy be needs Ary in the Jungmei i of the president to use Lias military Force for the purpose of enforcing the faithful execution of the Laws of use United state., he a Trail forthwith by proclamation command Sueh hour Gnu to disperse and retire peaceably to their respective abode within a limited to me new therefore i. Rutherford b. Hayes Peai Dent of the United states hereby admonish All Good citizens of the United is mph a. And epee ally of tie territory of new Mexico against aiding count enhancing abetting or taking part la such unlawful proceedings and i hereby warn All person engaged in or connected with said obstruction of Law to disperse and return to their respective abodes of or before october Isth. In Tant. A in witness whereof i have Hereunto set my hand end caused the Seal of the United tales to be affixed. Tame at the City of Washington this a even to a Lay of omber is the Pear of oor lord org hmm Kundrod and seventy eight and of the in Depeso be of to. By Cable to the new York Herald.1 part in in Putty la the enquirer. , october 4.�?the excitement has considerably abated Over the failure of the City of Glasgow Bank Zhongli numb Jim Fdl anxiety exists in financial Circle a Here. For Sitku Heve Iommi to Ark expected which Are at present in apparent. And complications Bare Arisen involving Many houses whose Fate is inevitable. To is impossible therefore to estimate occur Stein the Ful Range of the damage. An analysis of the list of shareholders of the broken Bank shows 393ladies and s31 gentlemen. The holders of Zulfi client Stock to qualify them to be directors Are divided is follow hankers. 1h5 Bank officials. 16 solicitors and writers 4 1 ministers 85 widows 4 1 teachers 54 paper makers 7 manufacturer 9 merchants. 19 tradesmen. £2 doctors 82 insurance agents and factors 22 Farmers 47 executors 24 trustee 7� other professions 39 not stated 335. Almost tie whole of tie shareholders reside in Scotland. In glad Gnu there are267, in Edinburgh 193. The remainder of the total of 1,2-19 Are scattered All Over the country. The Linb Iliyof the shareholders is unlimited and heavy Calls Are shortly exp ted. It is estimated that Over 60 per cent of them can respond to these Calls. Although an estimate of the damage is at present impossible some idea of the wide spark to feeling of and tie unsettled relations of capital and labor rnai be finned from the fact that several builders have in ald off their men one builder a shareholder having Dis inbred All his employees on learning that the Bank had gone under. Res ranking the ship builders one firm has failed. The Glasgow Stock Aud Iron markets opened Dull today but improved. Among the minor incidents of the failure the following a reported at Inverness the agents of the Bank nil not a dec Ewid orders to Stop payment until �15,000 175,000 bad been withdrawn by depositors. At another place the postmaster withheld the Telegram ordering the closing of tie local Branch Oiler of the Hank until his frien Island relatives had withdrawn their deposits. All Telegraph business in Ile United kingdom it May be recalled to american readers is under the charge of the postal authorities serious charges Are nar need against the directors. It is said that Only out director is free from the charge of borrowing Large sums of Money from the bunk and using the Poitou for their own ends Oil entire departure from the legitimate banking principles for which Scotland has Long been celebrated. The action taken by the other Banks in accommodating the broken Bank by taking the notes Nua circulation and their arrangements for making the deposits comm Rhally available has tended to mitigate the disaster but considerable uneasiness prevails respecting future revelations. Shipbuilding in tor eats Are certainly seriously effected. Vav. Simons it co., of Renfrew have failed and it is feared that other firms will speedily follow. It is not considered Likely that tie trades unions fund will suffer nor that strikes will occur but doubtless there will be several local failures. La Oller. Wilson pc co. Arc reported failed. Putter is a director and shareholder. There is real panic Here yet. The Clannish action of the other Banks has averted it. 1 lie fact that immediately Beote the stoppage tie shares of the Bank were quoted at 236 illustrates forcibly the Public Confidence in the Bank. The feeling is now correspondingly bitter against the directors who threw the depositors Money into la be bunds of a Lew persons and then resorted to a system of acceptances Oil a Large scale. Quot from recklessness in dealing with resources to the manipulation of accounts quot says the scotsman quot is a Short and easy a al later Keeling prevails Here to Day in financial and commercial circles concerning the failure of the City of Glasgow Bank than on the flirt Day after the c Osh. 1 his is because the worst is known. Many damaging rumours continue to circulate Almit the fatal management of the Bank which Are eagerly discussed by depositors nod shareholders alike for each Are equally interested the former in the fear that tie deficit can not to made Good and tie latter because of their full Legal liability for the Dif Terence Between the assets and the liabilities. The statement has been openly made on a change today that certain sex directors sex officials their relatives and friends to the number of dozen or Are indebted to the bans upward of �6 000.000 . It is hoped that a judicious liquidation of the wrecked institution May mitigate in some degree the losses of the unfortunate och older. An assessment of t50 �750 to �200 .hi,000 for every share of �100 1500 is considered probable. A Glasgow she building firm is said to be in difficulties on account of the failure but its actual stoppage will probably be prevented. Much Surprise and incredulity exist at the appointment of or. Is Gregoi and or. Anderson to sex mine the accounts of the Bank both being officially connected a Vii a company car gel indebted to the fallen concern. A panic feared in London. London october 4.�?in the City yesterday for a Short rime fears were entertained that Vve were about to experience a panic which would form an unwelcome parallel to quot Black Friday of disastrous manager and directors of Savior Banks As Wel Kikui what a Load of inc Nuil Anil bodily torture his its . J cd pc in Pool Hull lot a fore wife and daughter dosed tie door As they went Fate of the Glasgow Bank. Within a. Forth at his urgent request. They did not remain al til Long sea indy Lite m minute hut on their a it turn they met a sight we Tai Fotr Flerl them with terror. The husband and hither was hanging and from the window. Assiat Atice was in silly summoned the body was Cut Down restoratives were tried but in vain. The unfortunate scholar had sought in madness the solution of h problem greater than any he had Ever wrought Over with unclouded Drain. He was dead Ami crumpled in one of id hands with the clutch of death was a paper. It win a letter addressed to his youngest daughter and contained his will. It bore the Date it it of september 6th, showing that he had harboured the a Hal intention for Nineteen Day. Ati easily understood motive led to a Strong Effort on the smrt of the family and friends to keep the e use of the death secret but enough leaked out to Lead to the it unveiling of the entire disk Kisina tragedy. Thus it was that or. Peterman in the Ripen its of his scholarship at the age of fifty sex fell owing to reaction from excessive work Anil conjugal torments he was unable to withstand in easy prey to the he Hestory a Elf destroying mania. The Man Luise vast Mill had solved the most difficult geographical questions in the hemispheres be talked to private inflation that the world took boded the few year the entire list of Stock hoppers changed. Whereas formerly Rich merchants were among the propel dior. There Doe not now appear a single Grant in Uch financial name on tie list. A his change took place a nine years ago. It to diff icel lies of the Hank appear to have tie tided Over at that time in order that a year Naglit elapse without a Erasto thus Lieving the great proprietors from being called in. Is unlimited shareholders under the of the Law to May the irises Nie it in in go of bom imy a Branch of the Flemings Are known to have drawn largely on other in Mon firms and there a a. A eat Susji clon about the solvency of some of to two. As far a the caledonian Bank to concerned. It remains to be proved w Hether tie Transfer was purely formal. Rig Iron sent Down. In consequence of Itie failure pig Iron warrant sold yesterday tor 43h. Fid. Fotio 84 a the lowest Price in Tho past thirty years. It is not probable that a crisis or panic similar to Len it a in 1857 mid 1866 will result but several firm in London tid Glasgow and perhaps a Bank in Lancashire Are to fleeced. The financier ays a a consolatory Point is that although the. Figuro Are Large the whole business affect it i seems to have travelling in a Circle. A widespread system of unsubstantial credit based upon paper is about to b�1 disclosed. Although the failure will rank among the most disastrous on record the Hulk of the Hiss full upon this Circle of to it or flying House and of course the scotch shareholder will suffer on the Trail of the Indian cal Throat in Kansas. Their work of death and destruction in eater county men murdered women ravished houses burned and live Stock stampeded. Thrilling adventure. Incidents of defense and is rape of Kame of the Katie nth 1 he raiders Oret Token by the troops sad scattered in Kerry direction. Stif Duj Luton nth in the end purr. Torras kas., october 5.�?full particulars have been received hero of the Indian raids North of the Kansas Pacific Railroad. After crossing the Railroad the indians went South West and a truck the settlement in Decatur comity. Decatur is one of tiie outermost counties touching Nebraska on tie North and the settlers Are mainly homesteaders living in dug outs and Cabins. The main depredations were committed on Sappa Creek a tributary of the Republican River every residence for a distance of twelve Miles was raided and almost every thing destroyed. All kids of clothing and wore taken Feather Beds ripped open clocks torn to pieces and dishes broken and strewn about the Prairie and to add to the disaster and make it Complete herds of cattle were stampeded and have eaten and destroyed the scant crops of the settlers their Only dependence for tie Winter. The number of persons and wounded can not of accurately stated but the bodies of tie following have been brought into the Little town a Oberlin and buried to. To. Humphrey James it. Tailing l Homas and miss Kelley or. , Marellus Keif win. Tjin Fig m. F. Abernathy. Or. Irwin. Two other Meinert is of the i ran my family have Buen kilted since tin troubles begun and mrs. Caning an old lady wife of Ona of tie murdered men. And Mother of me other three was knocked Down arid brutally outraged by several of the Ludo aos and left for dead near Iier burning Lionte. John Marshall was badly wounded in tie Back and shoulder mul Lay Eon a ruled in the Cymek Willows until the a it soiling party Froin uber Liu came upon . A named Tuleo Man was also badly wounded til the aim and a or Wright Sod Fred Walters Are most us. Though the wife and children of Walters have been foun i. Some of tie incidents of defense and escape on the part of tie tiers Are very thrilling. 1>. Colpini wife Aud two children were in a log House in what is known As the Bob Irson draw a Branch on the South Side of the South Fork of the Sappa. They were surrounded by about Twenty Indiana. When tie indians were first discovered Colonni knocked nut a Post Hole on each Side of Bis House and his wife putting the Little girls under the bed took one Post Hole and he the other she. With a shot gun and he with a Volver. U leu an Indian had approached close enough. Colum fired at hint with revolver and he returned the fire without a Fleet and within Hall an hour not in Indian was in sight and in about two hours the Relief party enabled Colum to Load his family into his Wagon and go to town. At Keeler ranch on me South Fork a cattleman named Lynch and one Herder a boy and mrs. Keefer and seven children were tie Only occupants , when Opportunity uttered fired Aud killed or buddy wounded an i Indian and that was All the trouble they had there or at least it was be last of the indians showing themselves. J. J. Keeler and w. J. Autull. Who were turning it on i the Nort of Otic of the Napolo to Keefer a Range with a Yoke i c Itile and a Wagon and when wit Hiti a few rods of South Fork discovered the indians and run their cattle into he Creek and. Taking to the Brush and going the Creek notified or. Humphrey and or bridle and family and Lay out to the Bushes with them until after dark. Mrs. Tailing after being outraged und seeing her sous killed and her House burned made her Way viral Miles along the Creek in tie darkness to Lender ranch arriving Tulero it Midnight in a terrible Pight. Nearly All the settlers along Lii Sappa have taken Refuge in he rain and Itie Lettl town is exerting to tie utmost to rare for i Lien they have literally nothing left lit tie Way o fleas clothing or . Their crops arte All gone an their Cabins destroyed. Almost every Brainy a some killed or wound a or escaped Only with the loss of All Lliel Little properly. There was enough left in All the Tittle Salt lenient to it a cod1 c for one of the dead men and lumber for Llinat Purpe e was contributed by tie Good people of Oberlin. All reports to Day concur in saving thut the a mops have overpowered the indians arid at tried ill in in a a directions and it is Safe to conjecture that the worst is Over and nothing Bertous is further to be apprehended. The late or. Teterman. With which he is charged. Huice Broad Well arrest considerable feeling has Bis exp ibo had among the people Here arid threat ence of the United Man one a indeed end third. In exp quot it. R Hovas. Fuby Ine pro tent quot of. It Emu. A acting Secretary of state. Memory. This feeling however quietly subsided on Lea riling the till sets connected with the failure of the City of Glasgow Bank the ramifications of the Bank Are chiefly concerned in scotch local al 1 East Indian affairs. 1 Nave spoken with several prominent English and american Bankers this morning and transmit the following of a summary of their views the history of the City of Glasgow Bank is that of a series of criminal adventures. The managers a howl a set of Edven tums. Several of item related to the directors of the Bank to become their masters a dominant relation which they maintained for years. The books and balance a Heel have Long apparently been falsified As three months ago the Bank Only accounted for �1,800,000 19,000.000 in acceptances whereas they arc now shown to be �3.000.000 815,000.0001. A few houses bad unlimited c edit with the Bank vet these houses were known to be unsound for years. Firm among them was that of Smith. Fleming a go., East India merchants of Leaden Hill Street with �160,-000 8800.000and a Cash credit. Next a scotch cattle breeder who had Early been an East India i Mercian it with acceptances to the tune of �1,�00,000 #6,500.000taken by the Bank. Two other Honsey in Glasgow owe Between them �3.000,000 815,010,000. The liability of the four houses alone it will be seen amounts to Over �6,000,000 830,000,000. doubt is entertained of the criminality of the management As the in Lane Sheet of Lurt july Only mentions acceptances for �1,500 000 87,500,000. For several years in London financial circles the Glasgow Hank has been considered unsound and i Diun Banks took its paper to Only a very limited mount. At a lately held meeting of the managers of the first French Bank which have branches in India the precarious condition of the Glasgow bunk a clearly known. The securities upon which toe col in prod in tit nation Lent Money were incredibly risky. Among these Are sureties upon land in the far West of America and in Australia on Cuttle in South America ranging the pampas on pig Iron and steel at the full value of four Vears ago. Namely 160 shillings 840 per ton of which tiie Market Selling Price Lias been 49 shillings il�?~2 be it p�1 ton lower without any further org h. The Tull Dation will be. Bad. Four million Famid f2t ,0u0.tk0 Aro a Tately lost and swallowed up in the Disiere be of val Nejin the pledged securities. The shareholders with the exception of theule Donius Bank Sod the Duke of Sutherland Are not wealthy and there is the usual property of Lei gumen. Widows Aud spinsters. The caledonian Dank became the proprietors of four shares Mccaue to advanced to customer on them and had the shares transferred for safety. The american Trade will hardly be affected much most of the Bank a transactions being in East India and Australia. American Bankers hold paper of the Bank nor of Buith Fleming a co. Another question is whether or not Areat embarrassment will result in the Iron Lral be of Scotland As several House there Uro connected with the Flemings whose Metal Trade in India is Large but in Case America would be debtor Ana not creditor. The Stock Exchange i very Elat in consequence of the failure Many firms Selling mock largely to strengthen the balances at the Banka providing against possible returned Tulla. Ail Accuro Etc Awood Mele ratty lower except United states which remain firm the Banks taking them More freely and with less margin than Indian Stock even. Trust finds of oon Steerable amount Are conc med in the crash. The account of. Specialities. Tilt election Vest Kra. Details of the sad death of the eminent scientist. By fable to the new York Herald special die truth tut a enquirer. Berlin october 5.�?the sad surrounding the death of him who is widely admitted to have Bisen the Foremost geographer of Highg Ltd. August Hein Rick Peterman come tardily to Light. His sudden death. A bounced to have occurred on the 27th Ultimo wart a led to have been tie result of in a it Opi cric stroke. Science mourned its loss in Heartfelt terms and tributes to this Industry his learning and the Happy influence they have had upon geographical science were it Aid by every press in Europe. To the great establishment of j list us pet the tie loss was fell to be a heavy one but it was not suspected that a tragedy Llu Ryhd behind the simple announce meet unit startled the quiet town of Gotha from a correspondent of the Herald who upon the first whisper that or. Pete Nnanna a death was not attributable to apoplexy set about an investigation of a lie facts. I now learn the True Paris Eulas of tie Mournful event. His Story confirms the Rumor that or. Peh Mann driven to distraction by bodily suffering and mental anguish committed suicide. He telegraphs As follow or. Petermann had for sometime suffered from repeated attacks o bronchitis. He coughed almost constantly and Coit planned of constant pain. His nervous irritation increased and added the physical suffering was a mental excitement of a Domestic nature which rendered him almost frantic at times. He complained of a headache acute that the least touch Itji Oti the forehead produced violent pain he was bit fifty six years old. And it was hoped that his Strong Constitution would pull him through. On the morning of the 25th ult. After a restless night or. Peto Manti who had been tenderly watched Over by his wife and daughters exhibited a startling agitation which they alarmingly noted but never Lor a to meat attributed to it True cause. He begged them to retire from the room. Here it May be proper to observe that the lady who with his grown of daughters had watched by his bedside was his second wife whom he married four months ago and whom All describe As an exceedingly amiable quot lady doing every thing possible to promote High Comfort. He had lived unhappy with his first wife an English lady who is spoken of of a real fiend. A divorce was dec Rood Between the ill meted pair in 1877. End since then it is stated that the first wife has Bent her endeavours to destroy his lie Nee of life. After his second marriage every thing appeared to be going prosperously with him. When his al rat wife it is alleged by Anonymous threats recommenced her persecutions and worried the Greet scholar to distraction. In his own family too he had trouble quot ugh and to Capaiu. He father and i brother Hod died by their own hands and their to apparently pc myth him. With this blight upon Hie life it May be a med to the editor of the enquirer please inform me what would be a a nimble insert option for a ii tum Kemem Ting. A. L in. Twin engaged to 8. A. Ami should the Date of the on get Lemout be on the ring Picaro answer and oblige a Reader. A. L. Some persons Enn remember a lat it was for without any inscription. But if either of you is liable to forget it would be advisable to inscribe both nines in full und state in it specifically when the wedding a a to be. Also keep a certified copy red. Knq.1 to the ei11lor of the enquire quot. Please to inform two readers of your paper in next Isette which state in the Union is the Largett tobacco growing state and which City to the largest tobacco Market and oblige j. Kentucky is admitted to be the largest tobacco growing state although Virginia is a close compact tor for the rank. Louisville Sells the greatest number of pounds of Leaf tobacco but the sales of the Cincinnati Market aggregate the largest amount due to the better Quality of Stock which is handled . to the editor of tie enquirer is the following Correct or not Rex. �?�1 am not in uii a tiv disgusted but Ofsa printed now As you Are perfectly aware of the difference Between tie above comparisons it is of use to it is til Correct except the spelling punctuation grammar language and . Enq.1 to the editor of the enquirer a bet is pending As to tie distance across the Ohio River from Shore to Shore it Louisville and t in Cannati respectively. Will you inform us through the at which of the two Points named tiie nver is the widest x. At Louisville. Every thing is a god Deal read out there including yellow fever. Red. to the editor of the enquirer please suite through wednesday enquirer when game Law opens in the state of Kentucky. I Lead in Forest and Micum and Chicago Hrlic that it opened october 1st. Which is right october i or october 15thf hoping you will answer i am yours truly Kentucky. First of november. Red. Esq. J to the editor of the eau Poirer will you please slate in to Morrow enquirer to decide a bet tie following ii a son is born to the american minister to England while he is in that country can lie be culled an american Csc rib kit. Yes but just now he might to called a . End to the editor of the enquirer please inform e though the columns of the enquirer the value of the United states Silver Dollar dated i860. Parties Here i use to take them Only at 90 cents. Anxious. Value one Hundred cents precisely. It is neither barred by limitation nor has any interest accrued it . to the editor of the Enon Ortr can a Soldier if a citizen of the United states vote for piece Ideal while seism a ins time by answering the above and to Settle a dispute you will of luge a 8lbs� Skibek. We not disfranchised soldiers As such in this country. The Soldier can vote by conforming to tie Laws applicable to other . End to the editor of the eau Poirer would you please answer in your next Issue How often cadets ate a jointed to the Muired 8tatos military Academy West Point and oblige a reaper. As often As vacancies occur about once in five years for each congressional . I q j to the editor of the eau Poirer will Edwin Booth or Lawrence Barrett play at die grand opera this season. By answering this through tie columns of your paper you will greatly oblige a reaper. Lawrence Barrett vill. Edwin berth does not play in the Western country tin end a to the. Edi or of the enquirer i would like to ask your opinion upon the fol lowing a bets it that the expression a to Morrow is the 2d of october is Good Gram mat. B it is w Rong. Win is right rooms Stix. A is. See b owns grammar or Fowler a or Latham s . End to the editor of the Nuqui. Or Sui you tend me Winil the entire Public debt of the United states is at a lie present time and what it was i july 188.5? if please answer through the columns of the enquirer and oblige and sex Soldier. A. C. Republican fraud Aud corruption. Tho a melt still in Douht though Fortune seems against us. Fraud corruption and bribery held High revel in Cincinnati yesterday. The result As far a obtained will be found below Ini the election estimate. It seemed As if Tho republicans had defined to make one last stand and to win at whatever cd just. To tide end they illegally employed a Host of Deputy United states marshals to terrorize the timid from the Hill fear of trouble there and called to their Aid the thieves nil Ruil Aud a cum of the Community to their dirty work of corruption. Men votes were bought almost As openly As on would buy bread the Price per vote ranging All the Way from $1 to 810 apiece. Added to this was Tho defection of a portion of the Irish vote from one part of the ticket and of a portion of the German vote from the Otner and these combined have moot probably Defeated Saylor and Goss and Tho whole county ticket. To a How How Money was Uroz Hottie Republican a we will give a few in stance i Early in the morning the Porter of a Down town whisky hons asked permission to a Bent Hin Rolf for tiie Day in order that lie might work for the democratic ticket. The member of the him to whom he applied though a Democrat tuned to granting the Petit Priori of the ground that lib partner was a Republican it id would be unfair to him to Grant it. Quot of that will he All tight was the response of the Man i la hold All democratic tickets but ill have Butterworth ii Raic on them fun quot hut you Are a said the gentleman quot Why you want to against Kish quot because a was tie aii wer quot a got 815 last night to work tor Butterworth find ill get Tureen More this morning and my father is going to get a Job on the now it custom House a in another ease one of tie alleged democratic executive Orn Mittee Nien took his tickets und scratching the names of Szyler Jolgui ton Hunt and Irwin substituted in their places those of the Republican nominees. He was paid for Iris treachery from the Republican funds. We could give dozens of instances in which men were pointed out who had voted the Republican ticket or a portion of it fot a monetary consideration l o w hat mean Straits tie repel Jocuns were driven the following will show during tin morning a Man named Mckelvey was arrested tor attempting to vote ii legally and Nelson Kuyler was a ked to appear Ledoice Biliti Domsi Hooper and defend him. It turned out that he wanted to eat a Republican ballot and the ticket of tot party was taken front him in the commissioner office. Nevertheless the Gazette stud out on its by ileum Board a notice to the effect that noise say scr a brother of Milton Sayer is now before the i med states commissioner defending a Baltimore illegal voter 1 Hough it is a quot rate office and bars riot its employment All 1rudeunion men. It listed up on that same bulletin a arid a Gnu of n from u mythical self dubbed a i Rade . Which requested Pontiu Smeu to vote for enu Voung in the Gouni that they had Given this Iiades Noii Congress satisfactory pledges of their fealty to its purposes. The very of clock. The following Are the totals of the vote from All tii quot precinct of the quot county except 3 of the fourth a of the seventh. A of the eleventh a of the twentieth a of tie Twenty first and the Western precinct of Delhi it will be seen thousand majority thut go amp is elected by Over a while Sayer Falls Short about three Hundred vote., which is about oue Mif of the fraudulent Vot quot cast for ins opponent. Hunt is elected judg it <1 Irwin pro Roctor state ticket. 1>. 22,212 buries 1c, in july. 1865, 82,680,647,809 87,025,908,485. Red. End 14 october 1, 18/8, to the editor of the enquirer to decide a dispute. To it us Ltd a in your valuable paper which one was killed first in the fight Between the Donkey and the Ron at the Zro zoo. The lioness died first. The Donkey lived like Many another Warrior to Tell the . End to the editor of the Etu Mirer please answer is e. T. Goodrich the. Actor now performing at the coliseum tiie same gentleman that win in Ine stuck company of u god theater and oblige a constant Reader. He is the . to the editor of the enquirer it National Bank notes Are lost by fire or otherwise w to 8 the gainer the National Bank or tie government please answer and oblige j. 11 Morton. The . End to the Edil of the Eui Jarir a foreigner coming to this country with minor children and Gering naturalized immediate y. Must his minor children when they become of age get any papers before voting Dick. . End to the editor of the enquirer please inform me in your next paper who is president pro tan. Of the United states at present and oblige inquirer. Thomas w. Ferry of . to the editor if the enquirer can you give address of any part or parties in the United states who manufacture papier in ache ? a subscriber. Do not know of any men. Req not to Nanny Burlington Hawke to it Isnit Kearney that of men it Isnit violent harangues and Iuone diary speeches it Isnit the teaching of hot headed demagogues that makes men communist. It is when the president and directory of a solid insurance company when the president Aud directors of a bos toil or Chicago savings b get the hard earned dollars of labor tug men and working women into their own hands and then Divide it up among them selves and retain their stations in the beat society these Are the things that make coi Muu Pelt it pie think that a general division of All property would Benefit the poor quite As much As a special division of the savings of the poor among Tho few. We started out to May something funny on this theme but somehow or other when you get Down into it there nothing funny about u. Secret a of state Pat 2171 Royn. Tos. Judge of the supreme court hum. D., 22,159white a. 23.069. A. White a. 454. Board quot to Public we a Field it. 22.201 Paul r., 22.816 l Lorili. V. 131. In it a Ort quot a a i ticket first District synic y i lb.95 bulb Worth r., 11.241 Spohn a. 115 a Cipiti or 172 Clark s., �?�21s. Secund District gosh. A. 11 sos Young r., ui.v15 Platt. N., 246 Ruth Eulberg 166. T of m y 111 1.1. Sheriff Johnston a. 21,722 Weber r., 23,339 Mai Kiuru. N., 306 Tego v.102. Judges Cottret Comuni quot. , d., 22,847 Pugh it. 21,611 Muoc. K., 22,519 Smith r., 22,835. Judge of probate it Obi in Matson d., 22,425 Montgomery. R. 22.517 Milioti .,425. attune v a Iivo itt a. 22,703 Drew r., 22.554 a att a. 517. Co Cue a Muley. >., 15.558 Carrick r., 24,827 uy. 279 Uei he i. 296. T county cominis i i Era Hopper i 20.50 Zum Tiu k., 26,189 Scha Man n., 557 May Evv s., 158. Comity Surveyor is Lou i 22,664 Welsch r22.736 Whittaker n., 33 i Irolla s., 45. Lif Mmry Dite Erar a Kuperman 1�. 4,882 Schwarz it., 4,725 Rowe a. 257. Townsl lip to . Jul Tice of the peace Johnson i 17 928 Doss Man. It. 18.379 Shannon ?T., 1�1 Lucy Democrat 16 371 Anthony rep. 18,412 Porter. N., 178 Kvitt. A 16,951 Marchant r17,669 Kearney 196 Sullivan d., 15,895 Harmeyer ii., 17,570 Miner. A 139 Omen dark d., 16,616 Cullen it., 16,824 tot Hacker n., 108. Tie 4 a a Lejca of iffy air. The College of music of a. Prepared to Start out As advertised. Though it has car secured the services of but Twenty seven eminent instructors. It is to be How ii that the Zutl c ups will be up before Tunny weeks Roll by. To Tere Are to of four terms in the College year As follows piano Forte. Voice. Oreti Strul i net rin11e u to. Organ. Theory. Lungu Ugis. F. Of Mioli. Cockerl Ruom decor Vincnt Diamatit session. Chorus a these. 1 lie following e uit Artol singing will c term Lor Tho year lesson per week o oni half hour pc v Lesui Ier w. A a. In week in a. Liei Clit it Tunde with a Cour Cut a not Rumen t. Kir t terms oct Olier 141it to november 27ih. Second terms november 28th to february 8, 1879. Third terms a in loth 40 april Lily. Fourth terms april 21 to to Jure 2. It. Tiie tuition per Quarter of ten week Twenty lesson. strictly in Advance. The Organ concert by or. Georg. E. Whiting Are be resumed commencing wednesday october week fit to 60 15 to 60 10 to cd 15 to 80 10 to 40 10 to 39 10 to 40 10 to 40 old to in al quot ass ity for the Reven yearly for �160. The Lorty week two singing ult hour piano one lesson. In in it tic quot bin Fri quot none Las italian one lesson per in. 1 >i.6 Les "1 be week in a Tillar to the a it to will be piano or for any orchestral to it 18th, to be Given twice u w saturdays ill the after Noi Soi Renty of the Board of of music is the proper pen Marion upon the subject. A quot a on Widne Days and it is. Jacob Burnet iun. Direct a it of the College sort to address tor Luxor Altose he in it la. It nut Nati october 3, 1878, to the editor of the enqu.- owe of tie speaker lvi night it tie meeting of tie National party oort or of and Ivearl cot raid Puiul the Liona a understood him to say All of them wed by the government were a Vid for in Green Seks. I am aware of the fact Itiat the last several i surfs were p id for in that Way with however the addition of the Premium on Gold. That is. If the Premium on Gold was say �0 percent., then 8-559 in Greenback would Purchase a 8500 Bond. But i am under the impression that the first issues were not paid for in Greenback. Mere there not government Bonds sold before pm Een backs came into existence please answer and oblige one of your readers. The first Legal tender act was passed Early in 18ftj�?february 25th�?when the War was Young. The great bulk of the War debt was created after that Date. Practically All the Bonds composing tie War debt were paid for in greenbacks and the five Twenty Bonds which constituted nearly the whole of the Public debt at one time were not Only paid for in greenbacks but were redeemable la greenbacks by the letter and spirit of the Kun �q.j

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