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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - November 21, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvii no. 17.wednesday morning november 21. 1877 whole no. 2111.the enquirer. Wednesday Ivov Baber 81,177 terms weekly 1 1 15 weekly 6 mod. 65c. , 14 00 daily. 6 montha.$7 of Fakan amp Mclean pubs., Cin. 1676-1660. Already the leading Republican organs Are measuring every act of the administration or of the party by its presumable effect upon the next presidential election. Already the Foremost republicans in the land Are endeavouring to so shape the course of the party As to save it from the doom that seems inevitably staring it in the face in the next National election. The superhuman struggle to keep up an appearance of party Harmony when there is no Harmony is a part of this Endeavor. The platform on which the Republican party won its approach to Success last year the one on which it made its Only Appeal to the people has been thrown away by the administration that was placed in Power. The most intelligent the shrewdest of the republicans chose the Battle ground last year and were beaten on it before the people. Wise or unwise and beaten or not beaten on it the Republican party can never reoccupy the ground. The old Republican shibboleths can nevermore be placed and imbedded in the hearts they Are forever banished hustings the party plat from the Republican press. The managers last year chose the Only Field on which they believed Victory possible and they chose a graciously. But for that sectional yell we should have carried Ohio in october and then the Republican party would have been beyond the reach of Salva Tion by returning boards or an eight to even commission. But this is not the most depressing phase of politics to the republicans. That platform entirely abandoned by the administration and a More human and patriotic doctrine being enthroned the party goes before the country in 1877 Only to confront still More emphatic defeat. This to republicans is the Over Topping melancholy fact. All roads Lead to defeat. A leading Republican Organ in the West in an article on 1878 meaning 1880struggles to extract Comfort and Hope from the elections this fall. It sagely says a it be comes the Republican party at once to organize for Victory in 1878.�?� to indicate the political condition of the country this year and the Republican Confidence for the future we give the Republican ciphering quot the following states with the electoral votes to which they Are entitled have Given Republican majorities this year Nebraska. 8 Nevada. 8 new Hampshire. 6 Rhode Island. 4 Vermont. 6 Wisconsin.10 in the lips of men. From the forms and Mustard seed instead of the scriptural Grain to claim these As Republican states. This brings us to another and a decisive element in the political situation the states of South Carolina and Louisiana. The Southern policy was the abandonment of these states to the democracy that is to the people of those 8tates. By methods that will never be repeated these states and Florida were counted for the Republican party in the last election. The Republican party is now dead in the South. In Mississippi this year no Republican ticket was put in nomination. The leaders of that party in the South have gone North from Prudential reasons abandoning the party to its Fate. Unless the republicans can carry the states of South Carolina Florida and Louisiana they can not carry the next election and they can carry neither. This doubly settles the question. The policy of this administration is the surrender of them All to the democracy to imitate the example of Georgia and Mississippi. The attitude of the Ohio democracy on the currency question has won this state and a Cluster of Northern states to the party making the Assurance for our future doubly sure. We shall summon the labor vote and the Greenback vote to our Aid next time. To do this w e must earn them by our declarations and our acts. But the Republican statement of the next electoral vote revised stands Republican.109 democratic.260 this gives them Oregon and retains Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Conceding Pennsylvania and they can not get another vote the footing would stand democratic. 231 Republican. 138 the last Congress has been lost in this extra session and More. The democratic party witnesses a Complete democratic overthrow in ita own Branch of the National legislature. There is no Economy there is no limit upon the use of the army for political purposes there is no assertion of the right of Congress to indicate the sphere within which the executive May command the army. On the contrary there is a democratic surrender upon each of these great issues. Silver . The restoration of the Silver Dollar to its Legal tender qualities is important because of the sneaking and surreptitious manner in which it was dropped from the coinage. It is important because the Coin Bonds can be paid interest and principal either in White and bars should be counted As Coin available for resumption save by a figure of speech or of the resumption its. But More than seven millions in this commodity Are reckoned in the Secretary a statement. Counting Only the Gold Coin in the Treasury sub treasuries and mints and remembering the half years interest demand upon this sum we have upon John Sherman a showing not a Dollar with which to attempt the enforcement of the resumption act. The entire amount of outstanding greenbacks about $350,000,000, must be redeemed according to the resumption act in thirteen months and eleven Days from this Date. Three Hundred and fifty millions of dollars in Gold must be accumulated in the United states Treasury within that time. Even ignoring the interest due or soon to be due Eastern republicans and Public men May be fairly interpreted As giving the deep seated Eastern sentiment upon the question of the currency. That doctrine is Rob or ruin and it is proclaimed of course in the name and on behalf of the Public Faith. Simultaneously with these Eastern declarations another great Seaboard journal the new York Tribune an Organ of the same idea was inadvertently admitting that a not a single Bond is now outstanding and bearing interest for which coins is not a expressly a the whole Case is Here presented. The question is Here stated and answered by the East. The Issue thus named must be met by the West and South. Standing in the very heart of the great Section of the country that is named the repudiation Section speak democratic majority. Colorado. 3 Connecticut. 6 Illinois. 21 iowa.11 Kansas. Amp Maine. 7 Massachusetts.13 michigan.11 112 Minnesota. 5 quot to this number we May confidently add Ohio 22, and Pennsylvania 29, giving a total of 163. A to secure the majority of the electoral College Only Twenty two votes a More Are needed and these Are to be sought trom California. 6 Indiana.13 Louisiana.8 new York.36 Oregon.-.3 South Carolina. 8 total.73 this is the Republican Hope or the Republican hopelessness. Let us examine it of the states that were Republican this year named above not All Are reliably re publican. Tilden carried Connecticut last year by 2,900 votes. The elections held this year were on local issues Only. Those six electoral votes Are reliably democratic. Illinois Wisconsin and new Hampshire Are become doubtful states. In 1876 the Republican majority in Illinois had fallen from 56,000 in 1872 to 19,000. The democracy of that state have planted themselves upon the True currency doctrine that of the people and Are within a step of carrying the state. Wigeon sin was Republican last year by Only 6,000, and new Hampshire by Only 3,000. With the a tidal wave against the republicans they Are by no Means sure of either these states. Without either of them the republicans will Lack 79 votes of a majority of the electoral College. Ohio is permanently a democratic state and that settles the whole question. A plurality of 817, by which William Allen was elected in the opening Days of democratic victories May not have had permanent Force. A plurality of 24,000 is quite and Ferent thing. We shall carry Ohio next year by congressional majorities that v ill largely exceed this number. The Ohio do Trine upon the currency has essentially won to itself the democratic party in the National legislature and the party in greatly strengthened in this state by the temper of the majority in the House of representatives in these changing times the democratic organisation has shown itself strongest in con Gressional elections or where party ties a hoped to rest More loosely. We shall have Hgt a pen edit of this tendency next year not Odly in this state but throughout the coun try. The democracy can carry the country without the Aid of Ohio the Republican never again. Pennsylvania when an october state never voted in minority in a presidential election. Ohio the october state will Prophesy the result of Many elections hereafter. Pennsylvania has just voted. It is not a Good time for republicans to be claiming that state. And with what Confidence can republicans expect to carry California Indiana or hew York it would require Faith like a quart of the army Bill passed. The object for which the special session of Congress was called was accomplished saturday in exact compliance with the wishes of the Republican administration and of the Republican party. The compliance amounted to complaisance to subservience. The democratic House has surrendered every thing for which the House in the last Congress contended. The Republican Senate which could not coax or overage the Peoples Branch of the National legislature in the forty fourth Congress have found that task easy in the forty fifth. The Senate last Winter would not tolerate any conditions in the army appropriation Bill touching the uses to which the army should be put. The Southern policy was annexed to the Bill and rejected by the Senate. It was this rejection that caused the extra session. The Senate has now accomplished its purpose and More. It has or something has kept out of the Bill any restrictions As to the use of the army for election purposes the very thing for which the Senate compelled the extra session. The country demanded that the army be reduced. It has practically been increased by about thirty five Hundred men. The country demanded that the principle be recognized that the con Gress should determine the purposes for which the army of the United states should be used. This has been abandoned by a democratic House. For years the army has stood Over the states of the sunny half of the country governing them at the Point of the Bayonet. For the Sake of the future and in bitter memory of the past it was demanded that the repetition of this Norm i to be made by Law impossible. With sickly and criminal sentimentality with und scrim unating gratitude for nothing with unnatural forgetfulness of the rights of a people whose chords have just been sorely wrung Southern members refused to vote that the wrongs be committed no More. Did that bargain Between Southern members of the House and or. Hates extend so far As this can no precedent be established in favor of a demand by Congress for the constitutional use of the army because the com pact forbids the wounding of the sensibilities of or. Hayes and when or. Hayes has himself declared by word and act that certain use of the army is unconstitutional dare not this Congress say so for the instruction of his possible successors some democrats in the House joining All the republicans say there is one question of immediate prac tical importance involving millions of expenditure and concerning which the people looked to the democratic party for Protection and Economy the size of the army. The House had limited the Force to Twenty thousand enlisted men. The Senate amended by increasing the limit to Twenty five thousand. To the astonishment of the country the House concurred in this Amend ment. This was duo to two causes the seduction of the Texas members whose political principles did not seem to extend More than fifteen Miles from the mexican Border and the absenteeism of some other democrats whose political convictions and duties to their constituents seemed to be matters of minor consequence. Among the latter yesterday were Sayler of Ohio Clark of Kentucky Walker of Virginia Douglas of Vir Ginia and mobs of Massachusetts. It would Cost thirty millions of dollars according to the estimate to support the proposed army of 20,000 men. Pro rata the absenteeism of the gentlemen named above will Cost the country $7,500,000 for the sen ate amendment was concurred in Only by a vote of 184 to 130, and those five truants would have Defeated result of this action on the army Bill is that every thing for which the democrats manfully contended in this matter in the above illustration Speaks in a great measure for itself. Its application will be seen by All our readers. It is the Gamo which for years has been going on at the expense of the Farmer manufacturer and producer of the country. A gang of Money Sharks represented by John Sherman have at the present time got the people of this or yellow Gold As May he most convenient to the government. It is important because it will show that the Money Power which has dictated the financial legislation of the country can not always trifle with the interests of the people. Its effect upon the prostrated business of the country will be inconsiderable. We give notice to those members of Congress who Are so clamorous for the re monetization of Silver that the passage of the Bill will not satisfy their constituents. It is Only one of the measures and a comparatively insignificant one the adoption of which is demanded. The unconditional repeal of the resumption act is required. Both of these propositions in the form of Law constitute Only the beginning of the series of indispensable enactments. The great overshadowing Issue of the hour is who shall furnish the currency of the country. Shall this function of the government be retained and exercised by it or shall the whole Power of supplying a circulating medium he relegated to banking corporations this question outranks All others in importance and the member of Congress who skulls or Dodges this Issue will have an account to Settle with his constituents. The masses of the people understand the question better than Many of our politicians suppose. They will be terribly in Earnest in their Resolution that a Banks of Issue shall be suppressed quot and that the entire currency of the country whether it be Gold Silver Nickel Copper or paper shall be issued and stamped by the government received by it alike for All its dues and a Legal tender in the payment of All debts Public and private except As modified by actually existing contracts. In the congressional elections next fall this will be the great Issue and woe betide that Man who asks a seat in Congress from the West who is not outspoken against All Banks of Issue. The impossibility of it. A facts Are the most eloquent As Well As the most stubborn things. General a. V. Rice our excellent member of Congress from the fifth District of Ohio secured the passage of a Resolution in the House calling upon the Secretary of the Treasury for information As to the amount of Gold in the Treasury available for purposes of resumption. John Sherman has answered the question. The information is before Congress and the country. It furnishes the proper basis upon which to consider the resumption repeal Bill that is pending in Congress. The amounts of available Coin Are Given by the Secretary As follows hold Coin in the Treasury sub treasuries and mints.$101,486,964 49 Gold Bare in Treasury sub treasuries and mints. 3,686,692 2b Gold Bullion estimated in mints .3,700,000 00 Rilver Bullion in Treasury sub treasuries and mints. 6,998,387 34 Silver Coin in Treasury sub treasuries and mints. 2,479,137 40 total Coin and Bullion.$117,251,181 48 deducting the Silver Bullion and the Silver and Coin the demands upon the whole amount for various purposes not including accrued interest we have As the net amount of available Gold Coin Gold bars and estimated Gold Bullion the Sura of $67,436,071 42. This is All the Coin in the Treasury of the United states that is available for resumption. It is important to note that among the demands standing against this sum the accrued interest on the National debt is not mentioned. The interest on the Public debt in round numbers amounts to $100,000,000 annually. Nearly six months interest has accrued. It is Only fair to deduct nearly one half a years interest from the available Gold above named fifty even millions. Nor is it easy to Sec Why Bullion country by the Throat. The Bonds which arc now held by a few millionaires Are claimed to be due in Gold when in truth they should he paid in greenbacks the currency of the people. When these Bonds were advertised for Sale it was announced in the advertisement that quot these Are the Only Bonds whose interest and inn ii it al Are alike payable in and giving the utmost latitude to the showing of John Sherman it would still be necessary to gather three Hundred millions of Gold Coin prior to january 1, 1879, in order to resume. This is the Plain unvarnished statement of fact made by the Secretary of the Treasury himself his own unanswerable argument against his own infamous resumption act. Is there a sane Man in the country specially is there a sane Man in Congress that dreams that it is possible to accumulate $300,000,000 in Gold in thirteen months England the great Home of Gold would not permit $15,500,000 in Gold to leave her shores at the time of the Geneva award to this country. Will Europe permit Twenty times that amount to come to this country in this Brief period bout Well when Secretary of the Treasury acknowledged his inability to coax Twenty millions in Gold from England by the Sale of Bonds. Can John Sherman draw fifteen times that sum across the sea in a Twelvemonth England said on these occasions that the withdrawal of even so Small an amount of Gold comparatively As fifteen or Twenty millions would cause a financial crisis in that Gold hoarding realm. Not All the nations on Earth can spare three Hundred millions of Gold within these thirteen months. Within two Days the representatives of the people of the United states in Congress will decide whether or not the threat of a resumption of specie payments that is now known to be impossible shall remain upon the statute books the terror of business the enemy of Enterprise the doom of debtors. There Are numerous arguments against this resumption that Are absolutely irrefutable. Overtopping them All and rendering them All needless so far As the vote upon this Issue pending in Congress is concerned is the one Secretary Sherman has himself furnished the impossibility of it. In the face of this let the country take notice of the men who still vote to retain the Law. The currency que a ton eel Lonal. Within a week the new York Herald the great journal of the Atlantic Seaboard photographic of Public sentiment declared a the alleghenies Are taking the place of the old Mason and Dixon a line and the new irrepressible conflict is Between the states of the Atlantic Seaboard and those in the Mississippi Valley. We Are again being drawn into a vortex of geographical politics. The unreasonable domination of the West is no More to be submitted to than was the unreasonable domination of the South. The West is already nearly As unanimous for repudiation As the South Ever was for while the myriad readers of the Herald were conning these words George William Curtis writing for Harper s weekly was penning an Eastern sectional lament Over the action of the House of representatives upon the Silver Bill. The last number of the a journal of civilization says a of one Hundred and sixty three votes for a measure of practical inflation and therefore of repudiation a a new England did not furnish a single vote for the attack upon the Public credit and the National while a Ohio Kentucky Tennessee Indiana Illinois Iowa Wisconsin Minnesota Oregon Kansas West Virginia Nevada and Nebraska with Virginia North Caro Una South Carolina Alabama Mississippi and Arkansas voted solidly in favor of a debased the one journal mirroring toe opinion of the hour in the East and the other expressing the deliberate judgment of one of the most cultivated of Tho Breed behind them when they returned to a merry England a and their descendants Are now attempting to Rob and plunder the agricultural people of the country of their All. The West is slow to Wrath and unwilling to believe the East really Means to Rob them but they Are fast being roused to the True state of affairs. The East will not be permitted to leave the West which loves them nor much longer be allowed to Rob them. Beware or we will have of spank you i the Damnable legislation of 1869 made All the Bonds so the shy locks say payable in that now precious Metal. It is a simple question that is before the people of the West and South quot will you allow yourselves to be plundered and kept with your noses to the Grindstone that Rich men May grow Richer a ing specially on behalf of the vast West whose a a domination we Are told must be resisted whose a a arrogance must be rebuked we Send notice to the Atlantic Metropolis that we accept the Issue thus Flung in the face of the West. We Are proud to say that the recent vote in the Peoples Branch of the Congress upon the Silver Bill indicates that we can afford to accept the Issue and if such action be a repudiation a we covet the name of we Send word also that to just such a a domination the East will be compelled to submit it is the domination of the Law and the Bond by the admission of one of its Foremost organs. Precisely this a a arrogance will certainly Bear Sway it is the arrogance of the people in the sweat of whose brows the Bond is to be paid and the Law fulfilled. The House of representatives has said by a vote of five to one that the Bonds shall be paid As the Bonds themselves say they shall be payable and As the new York Tribune admits they Are payable. He who exacts More than the Bond exacts is a robber and it May As Well be understood since the East has mentioned the subject in connection with the Alleghany line that the West and the South Are at la stable to Stop one phase of Eastern robbery by Law and that the a journal of civilization has indicated the ability of the West and the South to maintain the Law on any Field to which the East chooses to Appeal. It is admitted even in the East that we Only insist on what is a nominated in the we Are willing to abide by the consequences of this determination. The West is now More unwilling in that the plundering Section of the country accompanies one of its thieving schemes by an ominous threat. It is the East that by its own confession is the repudiate or of the Bond adding to that hateful offence which so often in history has been a National necessity the More odious one of robbery which never is a sectional duty. We Are aware that men will say this is unpatriotic sectional that we must have Harmony that we Are one country. It is implicit obedience to the National Promise. We will give the Pound of flesh. It is sectional ism Broad As the toil that shall work out the salvation of the National credit in the very terms in which it was pledged. We Are anxious for Harmony but we want some Western and Southern Harmony after weary waiting. A we Are one a says the brutal husband to his wife a and i am the four score years the East has been uttering this sentence. It has not strengthened its proclamation by clothing it with a menace. The Eastern press grow More rampant every Day against the West and South. Any Man who advocates the re monetization of Silver or the payment of the Bonds in the Money contracted for is denounced and at once put upon their Black list. The most violent expressions Are directed against the West however and the Farmers and people of this Section arc termed rascals Reudi amp tors and cheats. The alleghenies they say will yet be the dividing line. It is to be hoped that the mountains will yet Mark the line As far As living off the West is concerned. If the East Means by its threats to secede from the West we will not allow it. We will put the same men in the Field who did All the fighting for the North in the late unpleasantness and Anarch to the palaces on the Hudson Schuylkill and Charlas Rivers and dwell with them for a Short time. The tories who tried the Tea tax left some of their the Farmers Are in a great degree responsible for the legislation of rascally congressmen. If a Man wants to go to Congress the simplest assertion on his part that he will be faithful to the people is taken and he receives the vote of his neighbors and constituents. Instead of accepting his Bare statement they should demand a written pledge from him that he will faithfully vote for the people the restoration of the Silver Dollar the crushing out of National Banks and in place of National Bank notes work and labor to have the Greenback dollars the Dollar of the people put in its place. We All know and remember the Good times immediately after the War. Labor commanded a Good Price improvements were the order of the Day and the country enjoyed a Prosperity never before known. As soon As the moneychangers saw that the people were thriving they at once set to work to break Down the currency and for Sunshine and Good times to substitute hard times broke Down labor inaugurated failures panics All of which culminated in the great riots of last summer. So hereafter we advise All voters to demand written unqualified pledges from their representatives. A petition has been extensively circulated and signed by the Bankers of Boston asking the Senate and the president to withhold their approval of the Bland Silver Bill. New York Bankers will of course follow and the eminently respectable ring of moneylenders expect that their request will be granted. The War that for years Lias been waged against the Greenback has been transferred to the re monetization of Silver. Any Bill introduced in Congress that looks toward Relief for the people or Justice to the masses meets with the opposition of this Gigantic band of human vultures. Relief will ultimately come but we fear the Only Road to it will be a sorry and Rocky one for the country. Slavery for years held full Sway a Market for the Sale of human beings ruled the United states but it could not and did not last. We All know How and by what Means it was abolished and the blot upon the country removed. The Money wolves who now Burden the people and Are circulating petitions asking that no Justice be done Are As powerful As the old slavery party. They too will fall and when that Day comes no sympathy will be extended to them. Our new York Telegram contains an interview with a prominent Republican statesman or. William e. Chandler. He is very severe on the administration and says Hayes does not represent the True republicans. He wants it distinctly understood that the Victory in Massachusetts Wras Only won by a coalition with the liquor interest and As such was a disgrace. The Louisiana Case is far from settled he remarks and is positive that it will yet be Given to the world in its True colors. A fall the statesmen who took part in the outrageous swindle Are doomed and chief among them is that Patriot John old mad Wells will be forgiven his sins if he will Only Tell his Story and let the Light of truth fall on the returning Board and the influences brought to Bear upon it. A we Bankers and brokers can protect ourselves but we desire that our fellow citizens generally shall not be injured by such legislation As is proposed on the Silver the above is a speech of one of the Bankers who is now visiting Washington to get ii ayes to veto the Silver Bill. They Are a very honest set of men Aud their care for the people is most touching. If they should All happen to die the same Day what would become of the country tue Silver agitators object to the quot hard names quot which the quot Wail Street shylock so Call them. It is a difficult task to discover a soft name which will fit the Case of a Man who is advocating repudiation. In. 1. Tribune. It is also a difficult task to Call a Man any thing else than a thief when he is trying to Rob you. F i forty five National Banks of Boston have sent in a petition against the Remone Tiza Tion of Silver. That is a Nice figure and should speak volumes against them. Tho illustrious owners of the forty five Banks had better take Silver or they will take Copper or Iron next. Senator Davis of West Virginia has again brought up his Resolution to investigate the books of the Treasury to learn per titular by How managed it we think if he gets below the surface he will strike pay dirt yet. The Best Way for the Senate to Amend the Silver Bill is to strike out the enacting . To Tribune. Quot i there is an equally Good Way to pay the Bonds. Or. To extend free coinage to Gold Bullion i not to Silver is illogical and unjust that any Way to do to Dis bar Silver the Roguer of the House continues seems impossible to reach a it Paal of the resumption act

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