Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
30 May 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
30 May 1877

Read an issue on 30 May 1877 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer.

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - May 30, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvi no. 44.wednesday morning May 30. 1877. Wii Ole no. 2087. Us Dak tf1k v violets. A Wendell Holmes. Her hand Are cold her face la White no More her pulse come and go her eyes Are shut to Lite and Light fold the White vesture now on a now and Lay her where the violets blow. But not beneath a Graven atone to Lead for tears Wlton alien eyes. A tender Croas of Wood alone shall say that Here a Maiden lies in peace beneath the peaceful skies. And Gray old Trees of hugest limb shall wheel their circling shadows round to make the scorching sunlight dim that drinks the preen Ness from the ground and drop their dead leaves on her Mound. When Over their boughs the squirrels run. And through their leaves the Robins Call. And ripening in it autumn Sun. The a corns and chestnuts fall doubt not that she would heed them All. For her the morning choir shall sing its Matins from the branches High and every minstrel voice of Soring that trills beneath the april sky shall Greet her with its earliest cry. When turning round their dial track. Eastward the lengthening shadows pass Lucr Little mourners Clad in Black the crickets sliding through the grass Hhall pipe for her an evening mass. At last the rootlets of the Trees shall find the prison where she lies. And Bear the buried dust they Seise in leaves and blossoms to the skies 8o May the soul that warmed it Rise. If any bom of Kindlien blood should ask a what Maiden lies below a Bay Only this a a tender Bud that tried to Blossom in the Snow. Lies withered where the violets entered according to act of Congress by the enquirer company written for the weekly enquirer the Rock fortress. By r. A. Gumming. Chapter i. Exit Leonidas. Letus Dook into another apartment in the tavern which was used exclusively by the family. It resembled the one we have just left except that it was not so Large and its present occupants were Musgrave his wife and Ringwood. They sat at a prudent distance from the closed door and spoke in subdued tone. The windows were also provided with Oaken shutters. A master Ringwood a the Host we saying a your father and i served together in the army. He was a lieutenant at first and i a sergeant in the same come win. He let a longed to a Good family in Southern Virginia and the Story went that he was heir to a great estate in that Region. We went into Winter quarters in Philadelphia and there your father met miss Juliu Neville your Mother. Is she living still a a no a replied Silas quot she died when i was very Ltd your mothers family a resumed the Host a were not opposed to the match and every thing went on smoothly until on an unlock Day your fathers Cousin Basil Ringwood made his appearance on the scene. Although Young he was a bold bad Man a dualist and some said a Gambler. He fell in love with miss Neville at first sight and was re false do the first time with cold politeness he second time with scorn. Boiling with rage he sought your father and picked a quarrel with him Flung a Glass of wine in his face and was knocked Down. They fought with Small swords the next Day your father disarmed him and then Saul contemptuously tick up your sword sir and try to find a letter use for the seconds decided that the Duel was ended. I was present and when Basil foaming with rage rushed in sword in hand to Stab your father when his Back was toward him 1 put my foot out and tripped him and be fell headlong. After that he had to leave the town no gentleman would associate with him and from that Day to this i have not seen him but it is known that he went to his Uncle the owner of the estate to which your father was to succeed and by false representations supplanted him in the old Many a will. Silas was engaged the in to be married and the Day set when the news came of his uncles death and the loss of the property. He went to your Mother and offered to set her free but although strongly urged by her family she refused to give him up and they were married quietly my wife Wiio was a Distant relation of the Bride and myself being the Only witnesses of the ceremony and we were married at the same time. I left the army and came to this place your parents we never met again i believe that a younger Branch of you mothers family occupies her Patrimony while Basilus ill gotten wealth was soon squandered and he himself fled beyond the sea. And Here comes the strangest part of the Story a said Musgrave holding up his Finger to impress his listeners a us surely As i set in this chair Captain Graves and Basil Ringwood Are one just As Dick Musgrave and i Are the same this announcement having produced the sensation he expected Musgrave went on to give his reasons for the belief that was in him and if his listeners were not Nite convinced they were at least without a rebutting a and now a said mrs. Musgrave a that private affairs have been talked Over let us Call in Ned and decide upon what Yon Mew Are going to do in the Way of defense if you thin it a i do think so a replied her husband have my suspicions would that i had some certainty to act on. Yes Call Ned in he is a trusty lad and Handy in a Rosy entered the room followed by Manly looking youth of Large proportions and Resolute face but who was nevertheless the Meriest slave and Bondman of the pretty tyrant who condescended to Rule him cosy sat Down behind her father whom she dominated to nearly the same extent that Alie did her Lover while the latter bowed and took a scat. A a Ned a said Musgrave a did you bring your gun a a yes sir a replied the youth a knife and a where Are they a a in the next a Ned a said Musgrave a you and ros and bring All the weapons you can find in the House into this room. What do you think about the slaves Are they to be trusted a a Jake and 8am Are the Only ones that will a tand fire sir and they can Only use knives a a in a Send out and gather the neighbors there a five or six within a mile of us a said Musgrave a if i was t afraid of looking like a fool to Morrow if there should be no attack after a who is going to attack you a asked Ned. A that is the very question that Pussies me replied the Host a if i could answer that id know what to a but being in the dark a must be on our a Home one should keep guard outside a a Aid Ned after a pause. A the danger must come from without. Suppose i take my Rifle and go on duty there a it was agreed that Ned should place the two negroes in such positions As he thought Liest to assist he in guarding the approaches to the House while the Host and a Lilas armed themselves and waited for events. Musgrave went to a closet and brought fort a two swords. A take your Choice master Ringwood a said he. A if you Are As skillful in handling a Blade As your father was we Are a match for three men be Thev who they Bilas took one and balanced it in Liis hand. Angus Grant had taken much pains to teach him the Art of Fence and finally acknowledged that the Pupil was a better swordsman than his master. How does that suit Yon a asked Musgrave watching him critically. A it. Will do a replied Bilas. A then you women had better go to bed a said the Host a while we men watch turn about. It is near twelve the women entered the next room while Silas stretched himself on the floor with a Pillow under his head and Musgrave kept Fuard facing the room with military step. It had not Long to wait. The hour hand of the old fashioned time keep it or pointed to twelve of clock when the Sentinel heard the trampling of horses feet a a Challenge Given and a shot fired outside then came a Rush of Many feet up the front Steps u crash followed and told that the Hall door had Given Way before the assailants. Bilas sprang to his feet and grasped his sword. A i was not mistaken after All a remarked Musgrave coolly quot the philistines Are upon us they seem to he Many and we Are few but god defend the right a the door was Flung open and Captain Graves sword in hand strode into the room. His rub Cund features were lit up with a smile that satan might have envied a dozen Cut throats were at his Hack. A Cha a Hec claimed scornfully a to guard Are be throw Down them toasting Irons while i am m the mood to Grant mercy or by heaven your time is Short a who Are you a demanded Bilas a and what mean you by this violence a a who am i quot repeated the Bandit with a boisterous laugh. A Captain Mortimer Graves at your service Young sir the Lender of the free lances the Leonidas of Romance a Habu and yet Young Man there Are reasons Why 1 would rather not spill your blood. Re tire i am in Pursuit of wealth and Beauty. My followers will help themselves to the first i Reserve for myself the Beautiful daughter of this churl. Make Way i say a a fool and Coward a answered Ringwood sternly quot you can not pass the Barner of this bladed thou Bastard of our race a with a deep imprecations the robber sprung Forward and crossed swords with his antagonist but his Blade was snatched from his hand and sent whirling to the ceiling and Only by a backward Spring did he escape the thrust that followed like lightning. With a yell like a wild beast and a rapid movement lie picked up his sword. A come on men a he shouted to his fol Lowers a strike and spare not a two Rifle shots ring through the apartment and two of the advancing robbers drooped. This timely Aid was rendered b Neil who had entered through the Bac room and his lady love had fired the second shot from behind him a go away Rosy my Darling go away a a leaded the Lover while lie proceeded to re Oad his gun. Rosy snatched the weapon from his hand and handed him another. A a we la Load while you fire a whispered the Little heroine gliding into the Back room with the empty Rifle. A fire la shouted Captain Graves and his followers with the Well drilled precision of soldiers Drew up in line brought their guns to their shoulders and fired simultaneously. Would have no difficulty in escaping to the Woods. With a Low Bow lie offered the Hilt of the sword to the officer and before the latter could grasp it he threw the weapon in the air caught it by the handle struck Down a Man sprang through the cordon with an exultant yell and stood face to face with Bilas Ringwood the cry of Triumph died upon his lips and a look of despair and hatred darkened his visage. His race was run neither courage nor artifice could Avert the stroke of Fate. He had his choices to die by his Kinsman a hand or Oil the Gallows. They crossed swords without a word the Bright steel flashed in the Torch Light thrust and Parry followed with dazzling rapidity and then the Blade of the robber chief fell from his hand. He tried to keep his feast. The indomitable courage of his race impelled him to face his enemy to the inst. He clutched at the air with empty hands and slowly sunk to the Earth. The torches circled him and Stem men looked on him wit i Unpi tying glance to meet a gaze defiant As their own. Silas Knelt by the Side of the dying Man and raised his head. He was breathing heavily and his eyes wandered around the Circle until they rested again Union the face of the Avenger by his Side and then the look of ferocity and hatred passed from his own and was succeeded by one of Tranquillity though it was evident from his muttered and disjointed words that his mind was wandering. A let us forget the West Silas a he said for after All the lady refused me and you should Bear no malice. She is yours. Yes about the estate that is another matter but i ill see you righted knights compan ions of the greek Cross i thank you for that sentiment a he said gazing at the cordon of Stern soldiers. A slam your Captain i Basil Ringwood a he shouted struggling to Rise. A charge free lances charge Leonidas commands you Leonidas Leone a they a myriad him next Day at the foot of an Elm tree which had been blasted by lightning it was his appropriate Monument. The defenders dropped upon the floor and the Volley passed harmlessly Over them while one shot responded from their Side but with what effect was not known the room being full of smoke. A charge a cried Ringwood and rushed Forward followed by Musgrave Ned with clubbed Rifle and the negroes Bam and Juke with their Long knives. Cd attain Graves levelled a pistol at ring Woods head As he approached and the by let grazed his Temple and then the weapon with two or three fingers of the hand which held it drooped on the floor. Graves placed a whistle to his lips and made a shrill Call then he shouted encouragement to his men while he bound up his bleeding hand which done he rushed into the Melee and not too soon for his cutthroats wilting before the impetuous charge of the defenders and Gnu old to resist the sweeping blows and lightning like thrusts of the two swordsmen were rapidly becoming Horst acc it it Bat. A fight on my Bull dogs fight on a shouted Graves a help is coming a and then the butt of Ned a Rifle became entangled in Bis hair and lie reeled to the floor. But the tramp of feet upon the stairs told the robbers that reinforcements were at hand and soon the defenders were compelled to give Way foot by foot before tremendous Odus. Musgraves breath came in gasps and Ned a arms grew weary with swinging his Rifle while bum was badly Hurt and Jake fought with the courage of despair determined to sell his life As dearly As he could. Ringwood was unhurt and a dismayed he knew the it must Retreat and gave orders in a Low tone to his friends to fall Bock on the room where the women were. Slowly they gained this Refuge Silas being the last to enter. Two rifles stood ready loaded and then Ned and Rosy fired into the faces of their foes with such effect that they recoiled for a moment then the door was shut and Barrica led and the defenders prepared to escape by the Back stairs into the Yard and thence to the Woods. Boma minutes elapsed before Captain Graves with a ringing sensation in his head picked himself up and surveyed the situation e understood it at a glance. His baffled ruffians stood idly before the closed door through which their intended victims had escaped or vainly tried to kick it open with their boots. A Quick Quick a he shouted a follow me a and ran Down the stairs and out at the Hall door followed by his men to find themselves encircled by a cordon of armed men whose Leader stepped Forward and said a i arrest you in the Kings name a the robbers were confounded caught like rats in a trap resistance useless flight impossible. They crowded together in sullen silence. Not so their Leader. Like a Wolf at Bay. He fairly gnashed his Teeth at his foes while his glaring eyes sought for a weak place in the line where he might break through. Such a place offered the Cliance he sought and the wily villain approached the commander As if to surrender his sword which Cha iter Xii. When Bilas arose from the body of his Kinsman he recognized in the Leader of the rescuing party one of the gentlemen whom he had met on the Road the previous morn ing. Your companion excited my suspicion a said he a and the More i thought of it the More i became convinced that he was the Captain Basil whose exploits had rendered him infamous throughout the country. That you were ignorant of his character i had no More doubt than i had that he intended to Rob and perhaps murder you. I told the others my suspicions and we agreed to hurry on to Williamsburg and raise a sufficient Force to attack the robber and his band if fortunate enough to find them in Force. We traced you until Nightfall and then determined to visit Musgraves House and fast till morning. I am Happy to know that we came in time to turn the Battle in your favor without robbing you of the laurels you won so the captured robbers were bound securely and the remaining hours of darkness Given to rest. The next morning Silas found that he was the Only one of the defenders who escaped unhurt. Even Rosy had a scar upon ner Temple which Ned Coull not look at without a shudder although his own right Arm was in a Sling and he was a dreadfully Rosy said while he declared that it was Only a scratch not Worth noticing. Four of the robbers were dead and As Many More badly wounded. The latter were placed in a Wagon and taken to Williamsburg the dead were buried near their Leader who was Given a separate grave at ring Woods request for his names Sake and then the rescuers departed with their prisoners. Silas had resolved to set out that Day but Musgrave would not hear of it. He had conceived a Strong affection for the son of his old Friend and resolved Togo Itji him As soon As he could dispense with the Bandage which did not adorn his head. Quot tomorrow a said he a i will be Able to do without this thing and we will take the Road. I May be of service to you in More ways than you think of Martin Ringwood and i done to like the idea of your going alone. When i think of what Yon did for us lust night and that but for you Rosy might now be in the Power of that villain a a and if it had not been for me a interrupted Silas a the villain would not have come to your House nor seen miss Rosy whom i done to blame him for falling in love with nor broken your head but of you can arrange matters without inconvenience i will be very glad of your a Well a said Musgrave reflectively a doubtless Ned could be induced to help the women to look after things in my absence. 1 suspect that Young fellow has a liking for Rosy they have always been great a have they a said Ringwood laughing a Well i believe 1 have seen some indications of this Friendship you sneak of it will probably last them through Musgrave gazed into his friends face As if he was trying to find a hidden meaning to his words and slowly remarked a ibo be Chafter Xiii. You Bir William How it Bap coming to help a a in la Tell opened that we were so ion you a said old Joshua win bal. The feast was Over in the Rock fortress and Doe was discoursing music to the younger men while the elders gathered around the chief and talked about the affairs of the country and the insolence of France and what England would be Likely to do about it. Gimbal was the Man to whom sir William had sent the message by the Chipmunk. Quot you see a resumed the old Man a my boy Rube went out that Day to shoot something for the old woman to put in the pot and be Hadnot been gone More than two hours when he comes Back and says that he see plenty of Indian signs Down by the Creek. Knowing that Rube is not like to be mistaken i went out and took a look it the Marks myself and found them just As he said All of fifty redskins As i judged. Then i sent Rube to scout them close and Young barn to warn the neighbors and stayed Home to keep watch myself. The Sun went Down and i was beginning to feel uneasy about the boys being gone so Long when Rul get came in and said that Reynard the Frenchman was ui1u Naiu time us Juliu my i a in Isumu Naa going to attack the Rock at Daylight and had a reinforcement of indians under Bun Flash to help him. Rube said he went out of his Way to warn same Nighbor and then he Laid Down for the boy was tired out. I told the old woman to go to bed and i sat up listening listening while the hours passed away and not a sound to be heard but Rubens heavy breathing then a drowsy feeling1 came Over me and i think i must have dozed awhile when i Felt a draft of cold air. Then i opened my eyes quiet like and saw the Aue Ereat sight my eyes Ever looked on for lie door was partly open and there was that fellow you Call the chipmunks his Bead inside staring at me with them big eyes of his and his Mouth open too. 1 rubbed my eyes to see if i was awake and the thing began to make signs to me. Then it dropped on its head and turned Over Ai d Rose up beside me and it had your letter in its hand and a Grin on its face that made me laugh in spite of myself. 1 went to the fire and made out what you had written. Then i woke Rube and when he saw the Chipmunk he went for his knife but i stopped him. While he und i were talking about what was Best to do Bam came in with the news that the boys would come to our House at Daylight., and see if they could get a fight out of the redskins on something like even terms that is two to one. All the time the Chipmunk sat on the table and watched us. At last he got out of patience and began to make signs As if he was angry. Then Rube who practice talking on his fingers to the French prisoners when he was in the army tried to make him understand the situation and he did too for he stamped on the floor and made signs for us to go with him. Lets go Hoys says i and away we went the Chipmunk fending. It was Daylight by this time and we heard the firing As we Drew near the Rock and we were just in time to see the enemy Retreat. Then i sent Bam Home to meet the boys and Tell them the news while Rube and i scouted and found out what we could about the Frenchman a intentions. As the Day went on i knew they attack before night and Rube and i made the plan of the Battle. The Chipmunk watched every thing we did and put the in Iea in Rubens head about the Brushwood Eracli Man gathered an armful and throw it Down in a pile in the Yard As he went to his position. And maybe the Chipmunk did no to Light it just at the right time and maybe we did t Pepper them he Bir William a Fred was in his element and soon became a general favorite with the mountaineers. He Sang songs and gave recitations from the poets both tragic Ami comic and even managed with 1 is wounded Arm to play an accompaniment. On his flute to the violin of Dionysius which excited their enthusiastic admiration. With the first Dawn of Day the mountaineers set out to track the enemy except a few who remained to Bury the dead and repair the broken Gate but the allies were too thoroughly beaten and disorganized to make another stand they had hed beyond Pursuit under cover of the darkness. Fred had attached himself to the scouting party for the purpose As he said of looking for his Pony which he had not seen since their abrupt parting at the Bachem a Rock. A that accounts for the horse tracks i saw yesterday morning a said Rube win bal. A now or. Of club As your Arm is in a Sling ill find that horse and bring him Here or you can go with us 8am and me if you think you re Able and if we done to get Hack to Day you wont mind camping out in the Woods for one night will you a a no nor a dozen of them a cried the Bohemian gayly. A we will distort ourselves under the Greenwood tree like Robin Hood and his merry men. Thou Allan a Dale Shalt strike a fat Buck for supper and i will draw the Long Bow afterwards which i think is my favorite weapon. Lead on i say a on they went Over the Hills through the leafless Woods silent and watchful. Bam keeping As near As he could to Rube whom he loved with somewhat More than brotherly affection. They were on a Broad Trail Rube said though Fred a in practice eyes could detect nothing in the carpet of withered leaves until they reached the margin of a Creek in the soft mud of which the track of a horse shoe was plainly visible together with some a narc by human feet a now you see them a Baid Rube pointing to the tracks. Quot he was a Long tailed Pony and the redskins found him and Are taking him along in their a Well let him go a said Fred. A i am sorry for Boh though. He was a horse of Many Good qualities but lie stained his character by one act of perfidy when he fled at the approach of the jii Punk. The sword of retributive Justice however Falls on horses As Well As on men As Bob will find out among his new a Bam a said Rube a a we be followed this Trail Long enough lets go Home. We can get there by Sundown. The reds Are in full Retreat and will nonstop till Thev reach their wigwams. Besides or. Staci is looking Pale. We should have thought of his being wounded. a we might carry him Home Between us a remarked Bam looking at Fred As if calculating his weight. Fred laughed although feeling that he Hud been imprudent but stoutly asserted that he needed no help and feigned a careless gait which it Cost him an Effort to sustain. At length they reached the brow of a Hill overlooking a pleasant Valley bathed in the splendor of the setting Sun. A log House nestled at the foot of the Hill from which curled a Wreath of smoke and not far from the door a Brook ran noiselessly Down the Valley. A let us rest a sail Fred. A one does not often look on such a a there is our Home a said Rube a right Down beneath our feet and there is Mother at the front Gate. Sam go Down and Tell her we re coining. She a anxious about us too. Like a Good Mother As she Bam ran Down the Hill and soon they saw him hug his Mother like an affectionate Bear and Point toward them and then another female came out of the House and looked up. That skate a said Rube a a she a been visiting up the Valley and must have come Home this morning when she heard of the they descended the Hill slowly Fred musing often to Admire the View he said but Rube glancing at his Pale face suspected that weakness was the prime cause of his delay and his suspicion was confirmed when Fred tottered and would have fallen but for his prompt Aid. The Brothers led him into the nouse and placed him in a comfortable position and their Mother hunted up restoratives and stimulants wit a the solicitude which Only a woman can feel. It was evident that the boys inherited their Good looks and Rube his Superior intelligence from their Mother who might have been selected by an artist to represent in Humble life that Noble band of women who folded the heroes of colonial times and the revolution women who possessed physical courage and Intelli sence of the highest order and a certain dignity which in Europe would be thought inseparable from birth and education. With skillful and gentle touch she dressed the bohemians shoulder calling to her daughter to bring such things As she needed and even to assist her to Bandage the Linb. A the men often need such help a she said a and we women must learn to take the doctor s place when he is not to be had. I have dressed some ugly wounds in Ray time that the roman rather than the greek Mold red Resolute Litis. And fairly rounded limbs. 8hc could not be called pretty. Blie was a Noble girls worthy the life Long love of a True num. Fred soon revived under their judicious treatment but the old lady declared that it would he two or three Days before he could return to the Rock. A i am not sorry for that a said Rube a for i intended to ask you to stay awhile and help quot i shall he Well pleased to do what i can to help you my Friend answered Fred heartily quot though How i am to help a Stout fellow like yourself in my present condition i can not imagine it. Seems like the fable of the mouse assisting the a no a returned Rube a it will be just the other Way the lion will have to help the mouse. I want you to teach me How to read like you a you mean that i am to teach you elocution a said Fred in Surprise a is that your wish a a yes a replied Rube blushing a and id like Mother and Kate to hear you read that piece you sgt Oke last night Fogt a the lady of the Rock. Who was the author a quot Spenser a said Fred a and the lines were from the Faery a i done to know that i quite understood it All a observed Rube simply a but it sounded like music to my a to be sure 1 will gladly teach you what i know a replied the Bohemian. A but it will take some time and patience on your part Reuben for if you would climb Parnassus let me warn you that the Road is a rough one and strewn with disappointed a the mind the climbing a said Bam confidently quot and the Hill must be higher than any we have around Here to tire supper was Over and the party seated round the fire which half lighted the room with a dreamy shadowy Light much admired by lovers poets a Ltd other lunatics of a mint Type. Outside the wind was howling amorous ditties to the Trees and embracing them with an ardor which wanted nothing hut warmth to make it acceptable and the coolness with which his attentions were accepted seemed Only to stimulate him to greater efforts. Inside was cheerful Comfort and while most of the apartment was in Shadow the fire Light brought the faces of its inmates into Strong Relief. In the Center of the half Circle which they formed stood the Bohemia his hand resting on the Back of his chair his features Spiritualized his soul absorbed by the witchcraft of his Art while his lips poured Forth the words of the Puritan poet. The elder woman a eyes were fixed upon the speaker with an expression of awed Surprise and pleasure her aged face borrowed a tinge of the poetic fire her knit Ting had fallen into her Lap and her hands were clasped As if in prayer. Opposite to her but drawn Back from the Light so that she was enveloped in Shadow sat Kate her shoulders thrown backward her face turned toward the ceiling her eyes closed and her Long lashes drooping on her Cheeks while various expressions chased each other across her face. Reuben Between his sister and his Friend with eyes Bent on the floor and soul absorbed while Bam Between his Mother and Fred looked from face to face with a perplexed expression on Liis own. Lie was waiting for the place where the laugh came in and was afraid the joke would let a spoiled by being kept Back so Long. At length the speaker ceased and silence fell upon the party. Sam. Feeling that he had been defrauded out of the joke which had not made its appearance after All remarked a i wish the Chipmunk was Here he d show you some Fred laughed Good Nat redly. A Sam a said he. A these solemn things Are not in your line. How do you like this it is a song the author of which is unknown to Fame a the water Nymph. She bathed her Jeet in the Brooklet a wave which mirrored her form a living. And she smiled this Maiden with eyes so grave. And lips like the Rosy wine. Her Silken tresses the wavelets kissed her Robe by the Zephyr fanned. And the Sunshine fell like a Golden Mist on Maiden and a Stream and strand. This Beautiful daughter of eve stands like Undine with lips apart and scarce a sigh or bosom heave flutters the vesture above her heart. Of. Would that mine were the hand to win this per of the Mountain Stream. To gite on the Mirror her soul within where sunbeams of love and gladness gleam and see myself reflected there like her form in the Silver wave. And know the love of this Maiden rare was mine to hold and to have were made by French bayonets and Indian scalping knives and my daughter must not be faint hearted when her turn comes to help the sick and wounded. She certainly did not look As if she would flinch from her duty this Calm eyed girl with dark Brown hair in profusion a nose in chapter Xiv. Captured. The departure of Maggie to her new Home made a Gap in the household of colonel Wil let which lie and his daughter were it a loss to fill. The former Hustle about his estate and deceived himself into the belief that to was too Busy to find time for regrets but Ellen Lead a cause of anxiety of which he was ignorant for the weeks passed away Ami brought no news of Silas. Her conscience too rebuked her for keening a secret from her generous father Ana at length she re solved to Tell him the Story of their Mutual love and Trust to his generosity. She took the Opportunity one evening when they were alone and the colonel listened to her like a Man in a dream. When she concluded he arose and paced the room in great agitation. A i wish 1 had known this before the youth said he. A the is a Noole fellow and to Niin i could make the confession which must be made to the Man be he whom he May who asks me for your hand. Has Maggie never hinted any tiling to you about your birth a quot nothing quot you shall ride Over to her House to Morrow and say that i request her to repeat the Story with which i entrusted her in the event of my a Tell me yourself dear father a Baid Ellen embracing him. A i can not my child. I have done Yon a great wrong but if i told you All my self i would be compelled to paint myself in such colors that you would hate me for your Mother s a hate you father that is impossible a a i Hope so my quot Darling but you will need All your fortitude to Bear the stroke and yet find excuses for my it was a Bright Starlight night though cold and Ellen wrapping a Mantle round her shoulders sought her favorite spot in the Garden by the River Side where Silas bad contested his love. Here she often came to live that scene Ovar again to think of her absent hero and to build castles after the fashion of people who Are in love. But her fathers words gave her something additional to think of to night and that too of such an alarming nature that the could not help thinking the suspense incident on delay was More than any thing he could have told. After All perhaps his love exaggerated the danger or whatever it might be which threatened her and then if the worst should come would not Bilas Jove and cherish her All the same gradually her mind began to shake off the mists of doubt and terror which enveloped it. To regain its composure with which came the resolve to wait the result of her interview with Maggie before giving Way to despair. As she paced up Ami Down the Little pail she heard the sound of horses feet upon tiie Road. They stopped in front of the House and site was about to turn her Steps in the same direction when she Felt herself clasped in a powerful embrace while a Blanket thrown Over her head half smothered the scream which Rose to her lips. A what noise was that Musgrave a asked one of the horsemen dismounting. It sounded like a suppressed scream such As a i arson makes Alten he a drowning a was the reply. A i thought it was a woman a voice and in a going to see about it a returned Silas for it was be and he hurried Down to the River Side followed by his Friend. Through the Semi darkness of the Starlight night a shadowy mass was visible to the Sharp eyes of the scout and his ear too caught the faint tread of feet or rather of one foot which was evidently not that of in Indian or Hunter retreating rapidly. A Musgrave a whispered Bilas a return to the House and give the alarm. If All is Well a Rifle shot will recall me if not follow with what help you can get. I will keep upon the track unless you recall the old Soldier obeyed silently and Silas pressed Onward with a Well defined presentiment of danger to Ellen. He tried to recall the Fate of the negro Maleck was he killed outright or had he escaped through the Connivance of his fellow servants to plan a second abduction it was scarcely possible that lie could have survived his wounds. No there were plunderers of another sort whose motive was Ransom not revenge. And thus lie followed throng the darkness As silently As a Shadow yet Ever listening for the signal of recall which came not but instead to his ear was borne a Distant sound which lie interpreted As the gathering of to colonel willets household to Aid in the Pursuit. The fugitives moved wit i great celerity and now they trod a Forest path which seemed familiar to the pursuer. Once More he entered the Little Amphitheater and beneath the arms of the great Oak where he slept on that memorable Day when he rescued Ellen from a terrible Fate and met Bis own. On the self same spot he stood once More but with Small Chance of Victory. A slight splash in the water told him that his invisible foes were embarking on the River and lie crawled to the Bank to watch their movements and if possible to form an estimate of their numbers. He judged there were four canoes and eight or ten men. Three of the former were already afloat and the fourth was about to follow when one of the Crew stumbled and fell upon the Bank from whence he rolled into the water which was very cold. Then Folio we 1 a splashing and scrambling noise and a Volley of French out Lis As the unlucky Voyageur clambered up the Hank and demanded of Liis companion Eliut was to be done. The latter whose clothes were not wet and who seemed to contemplate his comrades wretched plight with Placid indifference urged Imp new Liate departure on pain of the displeasure of the Leader but the involuntary diver obstinately insisted on removing a portion of his dress for the purpose of wringing the water out of it and the altercation Between the two was growing quite noisy when the scout took advantage of the Opportunity to step softly into tie Canoe and push it from the Bank then with a skillful stroke of the paddle he urged it Forward in Pursuit of the fugitives. Chapter Xiv. To arms to arms Pence the hand Maiden of Victory reigned in the Rock fortress. The Winter had passed with no other event than the death of the Ohmi Unter on the night of which Angus Grant beheld the vision on the Bachem a Rock. Bilas Ringwood diet in the arms of Liis son Walter leaving to his children nothing save his Blessing and in honorable name. In the be Days when the Means of communication were limited and accidental nothing had been heart a from the elder son and namesake of Liis father since t lie Day on which he set out to guide the virginian to the Ohio. The Snow still lingered on the mountains and the air was cold enough to make the fire on the great Hearth not Only cheerful hut indispensable to Comfort. Bir William paced the room in thoughtful mood Angus Grant was engaged in cleaning and 1m Lishing the Broad swords while Dyce caned Back in a Corner of the Hearth and watched his Young mistress who sewed busily raising her eyes from time to time and glancing in the direction of the door As if she expected some one. Night was closing in moonless but Star liar it without the silence was profound within broken Only by the footsteps of the chief until aug usgrant drop died the Point a if the sword to the Hearthstone with a Sharp ring and exclaimed quot to arms to arms a Bir William paused in Liis walk and looked inquiringly at the Henchman whose eyes had a fixed expression and his figure As lie arose sword in hand a certain rigidity the meaning of which Liis companions knew by experience. The seer was under the influence of Liis mysterious gift of second sight. Bran the Deer hound arose Ami threw Back Liis head with a Short bark of Welcome As he moved to the door which Dyce understood As a warning that a Friend was at the Gate and lie followed the hound into the court Yard. The visitor was Walter Ringwood. To be glad to see you master Walter a said Dyce. A the old Man is having a fit and was aspects danger a a a what old Man whom do you mean a a asked the youth. A listen a exclaimed the negro raising his Finger As the sound of the Henchman a voice reached their ears. Walter opened the door and entered silently followed by his a the comes a he cried a the messenger of War and Fate to Rouse the Mountain men against their ancient foe Call a in our friends and double bar the Gates for the Battle will be fought under these Walls but mar sight is Din and i can not Tell who will prevail in the Long hard struggle when fire and water will fight on the one Side and on tha other a a who is coming Angus a asked Walter advancing a step. A hush a cried the seer waving his hand. A i hear his step upon the Mountain Side. He follows on the Trail of the robber like a Sleuth hound a a what Are these robbers French or indians a asked the chief. A i know not a responded the Henchman faintly a but there is a lady in their band a a captive and their Leader is a negro. My

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