Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
23 May 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
23 May 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - May 23, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioYol. Xxxvi no. 43.wednesday morning May 23. 1877. Whole no. 2080. The maid of the Hill. By Wathan d. Ubne1l the glad May wind in its wildflower qom As it blow eth across the Bill. Finds never a fairer Flower to kiss than Nally of Oldham a Mill where All Day Long As with thunderous song. The dripping wheel goes round. And the engine roars through the Dusty floors and the yellow wrists Are ground. She sings at her work with a wild Bird trill in her fathers cottage below the Mill. The Millers men in their blouses White w Ith the dust in their beards and Huir. Oft pause at the meal dulled window panes to gaze at the maid Down there. And the teamsters backs As they leave the sacks that Are harrowed from floor to floor. Oft turn to their work As their glances Lurk toward the Vine wreathed cottage door where Nelly perchance for a space they meet. With the poultry clucking about her feet. And the Miller himself of the itching Palm and a face like a Flint defined that from under the Flap of his great White hat Pecos to bargain with All Mankind. Even his hard glance takes a Holiday dance w hen his daughter perhaps flits by. With her apron lined from a hen House find and a gleam in her laughing Eye. A May whirl old Mill and make no demur a he mutters Low a for it s All for her a grind out the grist grind out the Grain till the Shower of wealth begins till the Bright milled dollars flow into her Lap As the flour flows into the bins my Motherless maid shall uphold her head with the richest in All the land and a Man of degree must the Gallant be who sues for her Lily hand a thus proud As hard and else heeding naught he hugs in secret his Darling thought. I know not if Nelly knows aught of this of Gallant and Golden Dower but her heart knows Best if she meet not Oft at the Woodland Stile a wooer Brave honest and True and whose eyes of Blue Cun Mirror her glances dark As the Brooks soft wave at the Glimmer of eve a glow Worms tender spark. Heaven Grant her sire May gracious be though Farmer Phil is of Low degree beside the heart he has Given to Nell he hath Only his acres Good. And a Strong right Arm and a dauntless brca6t, and a sturdy and Bie adjust mood. But let us but dwell As we wish them Well on the present hour Serene. As the maid of the Mill with her wild Bird trill flits Over the rustic scene while the hoppers shake and the wheel goes round and the yellow wrists in the Rili Are ground. Entered according to Art of Congress by the enquirer written for the enquirer. 1the Rock fortress. By 11. A. Gumming. Chapter in. An attack. The protege of the Chipmunk made his Best Bow to the lady of the Rood fortress and his honest face with its expression of Gay Good humor won for him an unaffected Welcome while the Chipmunk himself a stranger and with no special graces to recommend him crept into a Corner and put on a look of grave observation. The chief walked up and Down the Hall with an air of preoccupation like a Man who feels a weight of responsibility and who is surrounded by danger of the exact magnitude of which he is ignorant. He was in fact counting up the chances of attack and his Means of resistance and the Prospect was not cheering outside the fortress and perhaps con Tom plating an attack under cover of the dark Ness was Jacques Reynard with he knew not How Many French and Indian allies. Within Liin self Angus and the negro besides his neighbors Silas und Walter ring Wood who would hasten to his assistance the defences were Strong but feebly Garry soned and never before had an enemy found him so . The Young Bohemian unconscious of danger soon began to feel very much at Home by that cheerful Hearth. His Story was soon told. His name was Frederick staub and lie came from Virginia. He was nothing he declared nothing useful Only a Lover of nature a devotee of Art. He had some sketches in 11i8 portfolio he played on the flute he could sing he could dance a measure but in this work a Day world he found no place and he would that he could make himself useful in Liis Young country where useful men were so much needed. A a can you Light a said the chief abruptly pausing in his walk and facing the youth. A that is a part of my education which has been shamefully neglected a replied staub a shut under your instructions sir William i May become a proficient. Who Are we to fight a a i know not As yet a replied the chief gloomily. A that is i know not their num hers nor whether they Are All frenchmen but 1 have reason to apprehend an attack to night and you see the strength of the car Risom i want a trusty messenger to sum Mon the iting Woods and other staub glanced at the Chipmunk who sat upon the floor his elbows on his Knees his hands clasped behind his great ears and an expression of profound repose of remoteness from worldly troubles on his Bronze face. A Why not question this Dwarf this nondescript a i know not what to Call him a said staub. A the looks like the material that nightmares Are made of and yet i must not be ungrateful for to his guidance i owe my present Good Fortune. Speak to him in French sir William and you May find him More communicative than he a can he speak a said the chief in sur prise. A no but he can understand and his dumb show is excellent. I urn sure there is no deception about him. Like a Hamlet lie a knows no seems but hath that within which Passitli question him 1 Pray that chief approached his strange guest and asked him in French if he knew the number of Reynard a band and their plans the Chipmunk slowly opened his eyes dropped his hands to his Knees and made a Spring Forward like a Frog then he Drew himself up to his full height buttoned an imaginary coat up to his Throat set an invisible hut upon his head and made a gesture of Salute to an officer then he counted five on his fingers. Then putting on a look of hauteur which almost made his audience laugh and folding his arms he strode across the floor and continued to be stimulate with great earnestness. The chief explained that the enemy consisted of Reynard and five of his band the rest of whom had not yet arrived but might at any moment come to ids Aid with their Indian allies that Jules Mercier had followed the Trail of the virginian and the scout and that the French outlaw was resolved this time to storm and sack the Rock Vorum a Shade of incredulity rested on the chiefs brow. How was he to decide As to the truth or falsehood of the statement. A you would not be base enough to betray of exclaimed Alice. The Chipmunk sprang Forward seized the lady s hand and pressed it to his lips then dropping on the floor at her feet made the sign of the Cross with his Finger on his breast. A no one but a Frenchman could do that a remarked Fred staub. A we will Trust him a said Alice with an appealing glance at her father a i am sure he will he a i think so a said the chief a and have a mind to put his Fidelity to the test. Suppose 1 Send him with a note to with al a shanty at the Bend of Wolf Creek the old Man and his two sons could get Here in time to turn i the chances in our favor beyond a 8ir William sat Down and wrote a Brief note and then explained to the Chipmunk the nature of the Mission he was to undertake and which the latter accepted with apr a Are it pleasure at the Trust reposed in him. A lie chief then proceeded to give egress to his ambassador but the Chipmunk was seized with sudden merriment and threw three or four somersaults on the floor then springing to his feet with staring eyes and outstretched Arm he pointed to the barred window. His Start led auditors gazed in the direction indicated hut saw nothing and on turning to the Chipmunk for an explanation found that he had disappeared. I wonder if Lucifer is any relation to that Imp a exclaimed Fred in a tone which indicated that he was More than half in Earnest. A at least it will be the part of prudence to keep on Good terms with a member of that influential family and who knows but it might be the making of a poor adventurer like the chief Vas evidently much disturbed and paced up and Down the room several times with Hasty Steps. To his mind the idea of accepting a service from the evil one was associated with sin of the most deadly character and if the fiend should betray him at the critical moment As tradition says he invariably docs he must Bow to the jus Tice of his punishment. Alice Cameron was the Only one of the Trio who maintained her composure and even smiled As she observed that a door leading to the upper apartments was ajar. A let us accept his service without suspicion or Reserve a said she. A i have no doubt of his Fidelity nor of the fact that he is a human being deformed Lulf witted eccentric what you will but human still. Father a she exclaimed laying her hand on the chiefs shoulder a this House has been attacked before when our foes were legion and we will defend it now whatever be the a you Are a woman in a thousand sex claimed her father doubt vanishing from his face and his own heroic soul looking through his eyes. A lady a said Fred a i will try to do Honor to your service and if i can not live to protect you permit me the Honor of dying in your quot come woe. Come rack at least Woll die with harness on our Pace entering from the court Yard said that the dog was uneasy As if he scented some one approaching. A let him Loose a said 1ns master a i forgot bran when counting the sir William buckled his Broadsword to his Side and Rifle in hand proceeded to the Gate where to his great Relief he found his friends the ring Woods father and son. A i was about to make the usual signal to Call you to my Aid a said he and West on to explain the danger of the position and it was decided that the chief should keep guard while the others rested. The Moon had not yet risen and the stillness was profound when sir William began his solitary Vigil. Imagine a Man of lofty stature from whose Broad shoulders fell the Graceful folds of a Highland plaid and whose handsome face bronzed by exposure and Calm Ami gracious at Ordinary times but now Stern and vigilant in anticipation of impending Battle was crowned by a scotch Bonnet from which escaped masses of Short curls while a pair of keen Gray eyes flashed through the gloom with untiring gaze and you have a Man who might have stood As the impersonation of one of Ossian a heroes endowed with every physical attribute of the Kings anti warriors of that mystical and poetic age. The hours came and went the Moon arose and a walked through the night a and began to Pale before the. Coming Dawn. Yet the chief remained motionless and vigilant. The breath of morning fanned his Cheek Laden with the doors of the dyeing season exhaled from Hill Ami Forest from it or fumed grass and late autumn wild Flowers Sweet posthumous children of departed summer. The mists Are slowly rolling up the sides of the Mountain and the rising wind gently airs the fallen leaves yet no hostile sound reaches the ears of the chief who As the Light increases grouches at the base of the stockade and listens breathlessly. At length he hears a Distant muffled sound like the cautious tread of a solid body of men keeping step like soldiers and marching at double Quick. These were not Indian tactics As lie knew by experience that the children of the Forest charged order and fought like skirmishers. A a detachment of French soldiers a lie muttered peering through a Loop Hole into the dim Light the next moment he is a deceived for the terrible War hoop bursts upon his ear and he sees a band of Twenty five or thirty men some of whom Are French hut the greater part indians advancing to the attack armed with a battering ram in the shape of a piece of Timber which taxed their United strength to carry. His heart stood still for a second for this was a Mode of attack he had not anticipated but this was no time for indecision. Pushing the muzzle of his Rifle tji Rouglin the Loop Hole he took aim at the advancing body and fired. One of the Savages let go his hold and fell in a Heap upon the ground. Another yell was the answer to the shot and the enemy came on without Jause bringing their rain to Bear on tha great Gate of the Rock fortress expecting to burst their Way through to the heart of the Citadel. But the timbers were staunch and resisted the first Shock Winch was delivered with great Force the attacking party collecting their breath for a a spurt a a acid actually breaking into a rim As they approached the Gate. Contrary to their expectation the Barrier though shaken stood fast but the Shock to the besiegers was tremendous throwing Many of them to the ground and forcing them to drop their unwieldy engine which left its Marks in scratched and bleeding fingers. Then came a Volley from the stockade to add to their discomfiture Fos the Little Garrison had hurried to the support of to Weir chief at the it first sound of the War whoop. The indians checked in their career thus disastrously would Havo broken and fled but for the coolness and courage of a chief of huge proportions upon whose naked bosom was painted a representation of the Sun. He rallied his men and leading them close under the stockade to protect them from the fire of tie defenders allowed them to rest and nerve themselves for another Effort and the Frenchman followed their example. Jaques Reynard and the Hun Flash which v is the name bestowed upon the chief in recognition of his prowess held a whispered conference. The Frenchman urged another attack with the ram and after some opposition the chief assented and addressed his countrymen in a Short speech to which they responded with grunts. A t a signal the log was manned by French and indians the two leaders had resolved that this should he a rapid and Brilliant movement. The ponderous engine was raised and borne to the assault this time in silence but with terrible Resolution. Again the Garrison opened fire and three redskins fell dead or dying and one Frenchman howled with a broken Arm. The defenders had this disadvantage Itiat there we Ere but three Good marksmen in their band Angus Grant though a Good sword player in Highland fashion was. Not a sure shot while Fred staub was a Novice and Dyce though a formidable antagonist at close quarters and armed with his a was of Little use except to Load the spare rifles. Thus far the assailants had lost several men without firing a shot and this excited their natural ferocity to a pitch of insanity. Their loaders too urged them by word and gesture to Victory and revenge. With terrible Force the catapult struck the Gate bursting its Iron clamps and almost forcing its hinges from their places. Again and again without pause or intermission fell its ponderous blows until it became evident that the Stout Oaken Barrier was trembling to its fall. The Garrison therefore stopped firing and crowded to the Gate to defend the break h with whatever weapon Chance might Arm them with. Fred and the two ring Woods reserved their fire for the moment when tie enemy should break in Dyse. Firm As an Ebony statue grasped his a in both hands while sir William and the Henchman sword in hand prepared to contest the passage against overwhelming numbers. Not a word was spoken by the devoted Little band but each Man with lip compressed and foot advanced waited for the impending crisis. It comes the Gate is hurled from its position and theft a like hungry wolves crowd into the breach. A shot from an upper window of the fortress struck the Foremost assailant a Frenchman Between the eyes and lie dropped quot foiled by a woman a hand before a shuttered then commenced the unequal fight at close quarters. No shots were fired after the first Volley from those who had reserved their fire and who now fought with clubbed rifles and so determined was the resistance in the narrow passage that the a Nev was checked and actually recoiled before the deadly sweep of the scottish Broad sword and the Butts of the Young menus rifles while i ice raged like a lion in their path and when his blows fell skulls were cracked and brains scattered upon the Earth. At this critical moment Jacques Reynard forced his Way to the front to rally Bis men when he received a Bullet in Bis thigh from the window which had already sent Forth a fatal shot and fell into the arms of his countrymen who crowded around and bore him to the cover of the Woods while their Indian allies looking on this movement As a signal for a general Retreat fell Hack in confusion. Air William seized this propitious moment to effect a Retreat to the fortress for already Sun Flash was rallying his followers and taunting them for to Weir timidity before a handful of enemies that redoubtable chief declaring that he had rather die there than go Home with such a band of squares at his Back quot the redskins answered this sarcasm with a War whoop and faced about hut they had lost the Golden Opportunity and when they rushed through the deserted Gateway with a jubilant yell of Triumph it was to find themselves sole occupants of the spacious court Yard and under lire from the windows of the Rock fortress. Sun Flash sprang to the front to Lead an assault against the door but under the persuasive influence of a Bullet from Frank staub who was much elated at his Chance shot lie too halted and was carried off by his men who were themselves glad of an excuse to get under cover for there is nothing which the Noble aborigine objects to so much Asa needless exposure of his person to danger. And thus both parties relinquished the Fields the enemy in spite of their partial Success at the beginning feeling that they had been roughly handled where they had expected an easy Victory and the besieged though grateful for their remarkable escape and for their present safety Felt that the latter was a temporary Blessing and that the loss of the Gate was a disaster which almost left them at the mercy of their Savage fates whenever they could he rallied to the attack. The Little Garrison had come off with a few slight scratches which Alice Cameron attended to with much skill and in turn received the thanks and compliments of her father and his friends for her share in the Battle Fred comparing her to Boadicea and Joan of arc while Walter ring Wood whispered his gratitude in words of loves own choosing. While she trusting in Providence and the courage of her friends with her eyes upon the Cross of her Faith implored a continuance of the All powerful Protection. After his night of watchfulness and the Battle which followed it sir William sought repose and Fred declared his intention to mount guard in his place and shoot All the redskins who might came near enough for him to hit lie demanded the Post of danger and placing himself at a window remarked that As he had thus lately a fleshed ins Maiden sword a his appetite for glory was whetted and that the career of Othello would suit him very Well barring the last act. Fred wus in fact a great acquisition to the Garrison. He had a never failing flow of spirits which no danger or discomfort could depress and his memory was. Stored with poetry and Toles of love and chivalry. Already in the few hours of his sojourn at the Rock fortress he became a favorite of All within its Walls and especially with Walter Ringwood. A what a splendid actor you would make master staub a remarked the latter As the two Young men kept watch on the ruined Gateway from the upper window of the House. A �?o1 am an actor in the general sense a replied the Bohemian. A fall the worlds a stage you know but the Best actor i Ever knew in his line is the Chipmunk. He would draw larger houses than Roscius himself or the common Herd love to laugh at the Phanta tical rather than to Ponder on the latent meaning of a witticism. Not that i blame the world for its jollity it is a Strong Point against the doctrine of total depravity for if it be True that mirth and Viu Ainy Are irreconcilable then the logical conclusion is that the world which loves laughter must be a Good honest fellow after All notwithstanding the Sharp sayings of cynics who Are not honest Fellows to the said Walter a that is the longest original speech that you have Ever made is it a i have quoted the poets and philosophers so much a said Fred a that i fear i am becoming a Mere Mouth piece for other men. When i would aspire to originality i find Shakespeare slyly clothing Niv ideas in his words. With All his piety Milton does not refrain from using my elocution to adorn his poetry and i am sometimes at a loss to remember whether Spenser or myself is the father of a the Faery but i wish we could do something to barricade the Gateway. Yonder gaping passage invites the a let is go out and examine it a said Walter. A we can beat a Retreat if the Savages Are watching Angus Grant Shook his head. A we must he very cautious a he said a and i fear that the Gale can not be closed for the ram lies across the threshold where they or open d a they wont conic again in Daylight a said Walter a but when night Falls they can enter with impunity and storm the a some one must go and take observations remarked Fred coolly. A now As 1 am the worst shot among you i will do the scouting while you Fellows keep guard with your rifles and cover my Retreat if i am discovered by the to this plan the Henchman reluctantly consented. It was now nearly noon and since the repulse of the enemy not a sign or sound indicated their presence. Fred was therefore sanguine of Success As a scout and anxious to Start. The Henchman however decided that they must wait for the chiefs permission. It would not do to take such an important step without orders from Tup commander in chief. To him the project was submitted hut Highland hospitality revolted at the idea of sending a guest on an errand of danger. In vain Fred protested that he did not believe there was danger the chief resolved to go himself and after much persuasion yielded the Point that Fred might go with him. The attempt was made with great caution under cover of the guns at the windows. Keeping close to the stockade they approached the Gateway to find it a Complete wreck its Strong timbers torn apart Holts and hinges snapped and As if the More effectually to prevent the closing of the ruined Portal the engine of destruction Lay across the threshold. And yet the barricade might he made Good in an hour if the enemy would permit. It could he done sir William thought hut not under tire. There were two Good horses in the stud by which the catapult could he drawn inside the fort and then Strong arms and Sharp axes would soon Render the passage secure temporarily at least. But no sooner had Fred i cautiously stepped in front of the Gate than something hurtled through the air and a Sharp pain in his left shoulder called his attention to the fact that an Arrow was sticking in the flesh. Then came a stir whoop and a Rush of feet but the Garrison was on the Alert and As soon As the first Copper coloured philosopher in search of scalps made his appearance in the Gateway he received a painful reminder thut the family did not desire company at that time and prudently retired with the help of his friends. The chief hurried Fred Back to the House and proceeded to extract the Arrow. A does the wound Hurt you much a asked will ter. A no no a replied the Bohemian. A ask for me to Morrow and you will find me a there is something a said Angus a which will make be sleep awhile and take the fever out of your blood. Fred took the Goblet offered by the Henchman and drank it to the last drop for his wound had made him feverish. It had a pleasant hut unfamiliar taste and while he was endeavouring to thank the Scot for his kind attention in a dreamy Way he fell asleep. What had become of the Chipmunk was he a traitor or had he fallen into the hands of the enemy or failed in his Mission through want of knowledge whatever might have been the individual Opi Lions of the dwellers in the Roek fortress Little was said for discussion of the question could do no Good. The hours were passing quickly night was approaching. What was to he done sir William had resolved to await events to defend his House As Long As possible and should the enemy prevail As it seemed almost certain they would to Endeavor to escape in the darkness with his family and followers. Well he flew that he could not hoj Etc to retake his Castle when he had mustered his friends and Defeated his enemies for these marauders were sure to Burn the House after they had plundered it and it was associated with so Many memories of Domestic happiness that the Stout hearted Scot swore almost with tears in his eyes that lie would make the capture of the Rock fortress an eventful Day in the iii Story of the Banditt of the Hills. The night came at last dark and Cloudy with a Gale of wind howling through the leafless Trees Nota Star visible a Hundred men could March into the court Yard without being seen or heard. A so much the better if we must Retreat a thought sir William a the storm and darkness May prove our Best the Little Garrison was ready for the fray every Man at his Post and Resolute if not hopeful. And now under cover of impenetrable gloom the spirits of the night began their work. Dark forms glided through the ruined Gate Way and ranged themselves against the House under the very guns of the Citadel they were without personality or distinction a part and portion of the darkness As silent As the shadows around them. In the very Center of the Yard and equidistant Between the fortress and the Gale one of these mysterious beings was busily employed in building a pile of monstrous size to which each entering Shadow contributed until it grew in pyramidal shape into the dimensions of an Ordinary Hay stack. The last Shadow took its place against the Wall the last addition was made to the mysterious pile then there was a pause. Something was waited for a within the Garrison were in momentary expectation of attack for they did not think the enemy would repeat the mistake of waiting for morning. In the great Hall the firelight East a flickering gleam upon the Walls where Hung the trophies of the Chase flashed from the weapons to the features of the chief and glowed upon the Madonna like face of his courageous daughter. The others with the exception of Fred who still slept under the influence of the opiate were at their appointed places. They too were silent and waiting. Then came a yell which made the blood curdle in the bravest hearts which heard it. The hour of Battle had arrived. The chief Laid his hand upon his sword and made a step Forward when a door which led to the upper apartments opened and gave admittance to a bundle which rolled across the floor to the Hearth and before the chief recovered from his Surprise the Chipmunk for it was he snatched a blazing Brand from the fire sprang up the stairs by which he bad Home Flung wide a window which overlooked the court Yard and hurled the burning Fagot into the midst of the mysterious pyramidal Heap below. A first came a fierce crackling sound and then a Roar As the wind carried the flames into the heart of the Brush Heap. Sir William reached the window an instant latter and gazed in silent wonder on a scene which made him doubt the evidence of his senses. A pillar of fire sprang into the heavens transforming night into Day. The French and indians who had just entered the courtyard sounded their War cry and were about to Rush to the attack halted within a foot of that or valid of fire in whose Light their painted faces glowed like those of the lost in hades and Ere they had time to recoil from the intense heat to Weir ears were saluted by a cheer which echoed far away into the mountains and was followed by a Volley of bullets from a Long line of Stalwart men who were ranged along the Wall beneath the windows of the House. The Garrison having by this time recovered from its Surprise opened fire on the panic stricken foe who like a pack of Defeated wolves now turned and Flea but Only to encounter another Volley from a file of men drawn up across the Gateway which they so lately entered in the full Confidence of an easy Victory. Decimated by bullets surprised and Over matched they now fought with the courage of despair. And Here their chief ski Flash although severely wounded in the morning showed that his renown had not been lightly won twice he broke through the cordon of foes which hemmed then in wielding a War club which cleared a space at every sweep. He could have escaped himself but bravely though stoically remained at the Post of duty. His courage and address would not have discredited Richard the lion hearted King of England hut All in vain. Within the limits of the court Yard the Battle was fought out. The mountaineers when their blood was up were scarcely less Savage than their foes and now like Sleuth hounds they hang upon their flanks and tear them to the Earth. Mercy in this Case would have been looked upon As weakness by the mountaineers it it Vas unknown to the redskins and the frenchmen knew they had forfeited All claim to it by reason of their crimes. The Bonfire still gave Light enough to see to fight by but Sun Flash noticed that it was rapidly declining and lie resolved to make one More Effort to save the remnant of his hand. Calling to his warriors to keep near him Fie pressed nearer to the Gateway and placing his lingers to his Mouth gave his War whoop and for the third time that night broke the cordon of his foes. The rapidly fading Light from the fire favored his Effort and lie escaped into the outer darkness with some half dozen of his tribe and one Frenchman. Jacques Raynard was not in the fight his wound prevented him and he had to entrust the expedition to his Indian ally. The Battle was Over and the victors having placed sentinels and otherwise provided for future Security adjourned to the Hull where they were received by Alice Cameron and it May he remarked that in that wild Region and among those half civilized men i the lady of the Rock As she was called was even More popular than her father. There was not one of these Fellows who would not have risked his life for her in return for some act of kindness to his family or Ilase 1 f. Fresh logs were piled upon the Hearth and All that the House afforded was placed upon the Board to provide a banquet Lor tie victors. Then the Long Hall re echoed to the laughter of men who were accustomed to enjoy the present moment and let to Morrow take care of itself. Jokes rough hut not indelicate or unfit for a woman Sears were passed around few bragged of their own exploits and All were disposed to have a Good time. A fight and a Victory first and a feast afterwards. What More could a Hunter of the Hills ask for then sir William took his place at the head of the table the lady at the foot. To Weir servants waited on the guests who crowded in and made the Best of the accommodations a picturesque scene which with a Little change of costume might remind one of a baronial Hall in the Middle Ages. So thought Fred staub who leaning against Tom Wall with his Arm in a Sling looked on with the eyes of a poet and an artist. The banquet quot River there was a Short pause the table must he cleared and the minstrel fed before the music of Dice s violin set the mountaineers catering on the floor. At this moment Ringwood caught the Eye of the Bohemian and he called out a Fred a song a song a then in a lower tone a i know you will sing and do it Well for i see it in your eyes a Fred came Forward without hesitation if his Cheek was Pale there was a fire in his eyes and he loved song even As the troubadours loved it. Bowing to his audience he commenced without further pressure the Mountaineer. The Mountaineer in love or War in Ever first and Ever ready he scents the Battle from afar his Eye is keen his aim is steady. Nor lives the foe whose serried a ont when bursts the rifles vol lied rattle will Long withstand the fearful Brunt nor waver in the line of Battle. And if the maid lie loves be Coy. Shell hide her love Light and dissemble and veil the transport of her Joy. And let him doubt and fear and tremble. Not Long the contest can endure in love or War his Point hell carry and then the maid Yon May be sure. Will Blush and whisper yes and marry wave Mountain Eagle wave thy plumes thy deeds will live in Story thy Fame the minstrel s Page Illume thy Nate a synonym for glory chapter x. Leonidas. The echoes of that supernatural yell had not before Silas Ringwood sprang to his feet confused by his heavy slumber and the deep darkness to which he had awakened. But speedily regained his composure and began to Grope for his companion whom he found sitting upright and into whose ear he whispered the question which neither of them could solve quot what was that mysterious noise a the scout crept to the Entrance and looked out there was nothing visible the darkness was profound he listened but there we As no sound except those natural to the Forest and he returned to his place almost convinced that he had been dreaming and soon dropped again into profound slumber. The next time he awoke in response to a gentle pressure of the virginians hand upon his shoulder and a whispered intimation that it was time to resume their journey. The scout put his head out of the Hole which served As door and window and found that it was Broad Daylight but at the same time he discovered something else then he called the attention of his companion to this disco very and the face of the virginian became Graver if not paler than its wont for there in the soft Earth As if newly made were the tracks of a Large Panther which had evidently spent a portion of the night in the Cavern where they slept. When Silas placed this fact in connection with the nocturnal shriek his browsed Cheek turned White and he proceeded to follow the track with a blood chilling premonition of what he should find. Nor was he mistaken. A few Yards from the Cavern to found the remains of the Frenchman Jules Mercier terribly torn and lacerated by the Teeth and claws of the Savage beast lying free Down upon the ground. The scout gently turned the body Over and observed the expression of Surprise and horror in the dead Many a face. The virginian gazed upon it and his lips moved As if in prayer for his departed foe or in gratitude for his own escape perhaps both. A colonel said the scout in an Awe struck whisper a that Panther must have almost stepped Over us on his Way out of the Cavern then the Frenchman who perhaps knew the place also came suddenly upon him and that was his scream we heard. The beast was not very hungry or he would Havo attacked us As we Lay at his mercy or May be he was restrained by a Power not of ear i a added the scout raising his Cap reverently a then meeting the Frenchman face to face in the narrow Way he struck him a you Are right a replied the virginian a and we have escaped the greatest danger which has yet threatened us. Thanks be to Providence for the great mercy vouchsafed to us. But we have no of titans to give this body burial and his friends the redskins May find it while searching for us let us therefore depart for this sight has Cost me my appetite for the present at nothing loth the scout led the Way observing that there were no other Hufhan tracks in the Vicinity from which he inferred that the indians were still ignorant of the Fate of their Leader. A i wonder if they know what a shabby trick he played them when he deserted them and left them to perish on to Weir Island prison a thought Silas quot hut they have at least a Strong suspicion of it and i would not be surprised if they scalped him when they find his from this Point the Pursuit ceased whether because the superstitious indians on finding the body of the Frenchman believed the two americans to be protected by a supernatural Power or whether they were guided by other motives is not known. This much is certain that a few Days after the events above narrated the adventurers reached a French fort on the Ohio River with the commandant of which the virginian demanded and obtained if interview which was strictly private the latter producing credentials from governor Dinwid die of Virginia touching his authority to ask for the release of certain prisoners who it was claimed had been seized on English ground and therefore unjustly detained by the French As prisoners of War. The commandant politely but firmly declined to resign the captives asserting the Justice of the seizure and ended by inviting the ambassador to dinner. The next Day the two americans turned their faces eastward armed with a Safe conduct from the Frenchman to protect them on their return or for the space of ten Days from the subjects or Indian allies of the King of France. Consequently we will not dwell upon to Weir homeward journey which As the season grew More inclement was remarkable rather for its Many hardships than for danger but will hurry on to newer scenes to renew some old acquaintance and to become lookers on upon the episodes of love and adventure the Joys and tribulations which Betel the dramatic per Sony of our talc. The virginian had gained the entire Confidence of the scout who looked up to him As a being of a higher order than any lie had yet conceived of so Young and yet so grave and Wise so proud and yet so affable no wonder that the simple and honest heart of the scout was drawn instinctively toward its Affinity or that the self contained and observant virginian should recognize the rare combination of qualities which his companion unconsciously betrayed. Being now fully in Possession of the secret of his love for Ellen Willet herbal no difficulty in persuading the scout to return to Virginia with hint by a Shorter route than that of the Rock fortress promising to use his influence if necessary to place him in a position where he could approach the object of his love without offending the ancestral Pride of her warm hearted but sensitive father and the lovers heart beat faster at the thought of meeting his idol followed immediately by an ague lit of despair conjured up by jealousy which in its turn gave Way to ecstatic Confidence for did he not carry the ring she gave him next his heart at length their journey was Over and they found themselves in the capital of the old Dominion with its House of burgesses and College of William and Mary with its air of metropolitan dignity and legislative importance and the real grandeur imparted to it by the presence of some of the a mba est men and women of the Day whose ters Are not to be found in our own boasted Era of cultivation and refinement. It was late in the evening when the wayfarers entered the City and the virginian led the Way to his lodgings. A Trust to my advice and guidance for t time a said lie a and i think you will have no reason to regret it. In the Host place you must make your first appearance Here in a different dress to that which you now Wear. I will provide it temporarily a he added observing the color rising to the scout Cheek. I have reasons which i will explain to you if i am successful in my project which i will not Tell you yet a and he smiled gravely As was his wont. The next Day Ringwood dressed in a suit of his friends clothes looked in a Mirror and was somewhat startled at the metamorphosis. In height and build he resembled the virginian although wanting in the stateliness and Stern Gravity that characterized that gentleman. This was a turning Point in the life of the scout his thoughts turned in a new Channel it seemed As if the change of dress had afforded him a new revelation and he saw himself in a new character of which the dress was the proper badge and Symbol even As a Soldier puts on the uniform of a higher Grade in his profession won by his own Merit and his Cheek flushes and his heart glows with Pride not because the cloth is of finer texture or More elegant in decoration but because it is the badge of the distinction he has won by his own valor. Ringwood fell into a reverie while contemplating the change in his own appearance. First in Bis waking dream came Ellen Willet. He must distinguish himself for her Sake to place her in a position not quite beneath her acceptance. With this for a basis his thoughts soon built up a very pretty Castle frail in proportion to its height but not impossible to realize whispered Knock at the door broke the thread of his musings and the virginian entered. A come a said he a i Hare just had an interview with the governor and he desires me to say that lie would be pleased to have the Honor of your company at dinner to Day. L too am invited and we will go together. His excellency. I Hare reason to believe will

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