Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
16 May 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
16 May 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - May 16, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvi no. 42.wednesday morning May 16. 1877. Whole no. 2085. Til wat Mill. Listen to the water Mill All the 11 re Long Day How the clicking of the wheel wean the How away languidly the autumn wind 8 tin the Greenwood Lea Vea from the fled the reaper sing binding up thu a heave. And a memory o or my mind a Aspell Iaea at the Mill will never grind with the water that a pact. Take the Leaton to ourself. Loving heart and True Golden year Are fleeting by youth a re Ming too strive to Multi the Moat of life. Loa no Happy Day time will never bring you Back chances adopt away. Leave no tender word unpaid love while love shall last the Mill will never grind with the water that is past work while yet the Daylight shines Han of thought and will never does the Stream let Glide useless by the Mill Walt not till to Morrow a Sun beams upon your Way All that you can Call your own lies in this to Day. Power intellect and health May not always last big t b Esfi ii the Mill can not grind with water that is past. According to act of Zongren by the inquirer company f Vivon the weekly enquirer. 1 the sock fortress. 5 by r. A. Cu1hmino, a a is i chapter v. Home again. Emily the outline of the Sachem a Rock red up in the dim Twilight As Silas ring after two months absence once More eclied his Home. The Mountain forests begun to put on their autumn livery the Earth was covered with fallen leaves yellow and seared fit emblems of mortality now budding Forth in tender Beauty now Blooming in Meridian strength now dead end withered mocked by tie Winter wind whose Stormy voice has More of Triumph than of requiem. But Silas bore a Talisman in his bosom which effectually excluded All participation in the melancholy aspect of the fading year Ellen a ring was there suspended from his neck and resting upon his heart guarding the Temple where her image was enshrined. Ringwood no longer thought of difficulties dangers or delays his mind full of one great theme of happiness had no room for doubts or fears but gave itself up to making. Dreams for a future Happy Home made Bright by Ellen a presence perhaps beneath the Shadow of the Sachem s Rock. Night closed around the familiar path As he Drew near his Home. He opened the door and stepped within the Ruday Circle of the fire Light a Silas a exclaimed a Young Man whose Strong resemblance to the wayfarer proclaimed their kinship for they were Broth-4sbf a Silas a thousand times Welcome a two Shook hands heartily. Quot where is father a asked Silas. Quot he went to consult with sir William Cameron and a stranger who is stopping a nothing happened since i left Vou a a a it quot nothing remarkable a replied the younger brother. Who busted himself preparing supper. Presently the father of the Young men entered with an exclamation of pleasure at i the sight of his eldest son. When the greetings were ended the three men sat Down to supper after which Silas had to Tell his adventures. Of course he suppressed the tender episode which we have narrated but Walter had no difficulty in filling up the gaps to suit himself. A Silas a said his father a you have come in time to undertake a Mission which i fear 1 aug unable to per Orin. There is a stranger a virginian in the Rock fortress who to the Ohio River near fort Duquesne and you shall go in my place. A what say you when will you be it a to Rao Row morning a replied Silas a and ill go to bed nos amp to Nave one Good sleep before i a al a the stranger who a tight the hospitality of the fortress was tall and dignified for his age with an expression of great determination in his face. His dress was that of a Hunter and he looked like a Prince or other in disguise. Perhaps sir Wil mental remark was a tie is a Gen second a this youth was born Ler of men who can he be a but hospitality forbid the question he asked for a guide through the mountains however 8ir William dispatched Dyce to the Cabin of the ring Woods and old Silas returned with him to the fortress. Quot if my oldest son was at Home a said he when the chief introduced him to the Young stranger. Quot lie could per form the service you require better than i As sir William can Tell you but i can guide you to the Ohio River As Well As any Man in these quot i pledge myself for his capacity an Fidel. Ity a quoth the chief and lie stranger professed himself satisfied. A it a a we will Start two hours after Sunrise tomorrow a said to and Ringwood departed to make preparations while sir William resolved to give an entertainment in Honor of his guest accordingly he called the Henchman aside and gave him instructions. A the shall not leave us with a mean opinion of Highland hospitality a remarked the Chier for he is a Gallant youth and worthy to drink with Prince Charles himself. See to it Angus that we have wine and music and Good cheer to make the banquet worthy of our Angus Grant always watchful of his i masters wishes placed upon the table some crusty bottles of wine and Stiver Flagon of ancient Date and having secreted Dyonisius behind a screen with his violin tucked under his Chin with a whispered command to wait for the signal Ere he poured Forth his minstrel fire which signal was to be the popping of the first Cork. V a a a time was a said the faithful retainer quot when the bagpipes skilled every time a Cameron pledged his friends not that we Ore less powerful he added proudly quot but the times Hoe changed. This Hall has seen a Hundred Stout Fellows lined i knife and Rifle under the chiefs command and Many a Savage foe has Felt his Power and some Fnu Ishmen. Too a he added. A Simle which seemed to struggle with embarrassment stole Over 8ir Williams face when at the signal the violin As if with difficulty held in restraint until that moment burst Forth in a droning Highland Melody which Tbs artist had Learned from the Henchman. With great dignity Angus filled the goblets and with atone and attitude almost melodramatic exclaimed a Cameron of the Roek drinks to his friends to the Avenger of Prince Charlee in be added in a and lower tone. �?o41 the strangers Eye had involuntarily glanced in the direction of the mysterious music and turning thence caught the smile of amusement on Alice Cameron a face. You Are not used to Highland ceremony a said she. Quot Madam a said the Young stranger in his grave yet courtly tone a the music is excellent and if i but knew the step which accompanies it i would ask the Honor of your hand for the a Dyonisius come said the lady. You need no longer be invisible. Play a the woolly head and laughing eyes of the minstrel emerged from their concealment and mounting the lower end of the festive Board he struck a position tucked his violin under his Chin and evoked a preliminary Strain. Perchance in after years some thought of that quaint dance with its Feudal and romantic accessories glanced across the mind of the guest in the midst of those stirring scenes to which his High destiny called him. We Are All More or less impress Ible and memory sometimes touches a chord which recalls with marvelous vividness some Long forgotten scene or incident. To sir William had been confided the secret of the Young strangers Mission in the wilderness and be understood too Well the value of rest to the adventurers to press the Hospital ties of the table especially of he saw that the wine cup had no Charm for his guest. The revel therefore was not prolonged and soon the household was Stee in repose. No thought of danger disturb their slumbers for the present the French and their Savage allies being engaged in a Distant Field of operations and the Rock fortress was too Strong to fear stragglers. The storm had ceased and the Moon in its second Quarter Only occasionally free from driving Clouds gave a wan and Uncertain Light while the wind still played boisterously with Forest boughs and fallen leaves surely a Good time for a Surprise a sudden raid while within vigilance pillows his head on the bosom of Security without the voices of the night muffle the tread of the invader. Something moves crouches to the Earth when surprised by a sudden Glare of Moonlight and moves again in the Semi darkness when the face of Diana is veiled. This object seems like an illusion of the senses a jugglers dream a Goblin of the Hartz mountains. Now rolled up like a Ball it seems As if the wind hurried it hither and thither like a Leaf now uncoiled and listening the Moonlight momentarily fell upon a monster a nondescript half brute Naif human with a round Bullet head balanced As it were by huge ears which looked like wings so out of proportion were they to the size of the head to which they appended. The latter was entirely dese of hair and seemed As if cast in Bronze were tit Ute the nose Flat with distended nostrils forehead and Chin receding but the Large Coal Black eyes flashed with More than human intelligence and with restless activity while the month resembled that of a Bullfrog in shape but susceptible to rapid changes of expression now ludicrous now ferocious and anon stolid and indifferent As that of any croaker of the swamp. The body was Short the legs and arms Long thin wiry. When the Goblin stood erect it might be forty inches in height. Its raiment consisted of the fur amp an animal wrapped around the loins Ann a Blanket the latter rolled up compactly and secured to the body. The hour was yet Early and the party within the House were occupied As we left them. The Cork had just popped and the music burst Forth obedient to the signal. Trense and plea a a _ Oblin it rolled close up to the stockade dressed its face to the pickets its hands be Ign Surprise and pleasure lit up the visage of the Iblis it roil pressed its fact Hind its huge ears As if anxious to catch the sounds. It stood erect now breathless enchanted by the Wand of orpheus. Presently the music ceased and a look of disappointment and resentment flashed from the goblins eyes it dropped upon the ground in a recumbent attitude. Again the violin gave Forth its Melody the tune was different and apparently More enchanting to the uninvited listener for it sprung to its feet glared at the intervening pickets then began to uncool from its Waist a rope of Deer hide tied a Loop at one end and with much address Flung it on the sharpened end of a picket mounted the stockade with the agility of a Monkey and dropped into the Yard. The rapture of this new sensation seemed to Rob the strange creature of All caution its face was pressed Aga list the window of the great Hall and eyes and ears devoured the sights and sounds within. Jjck 6 j a Little thought the Sable minstrel of the effect his Art produced beyond Tho Circle of his visible Ana appreciative listeners. A any a Highland reel and strathspey Many a Contra dance and local and popular Jig followed each other in Quick succession and each produced its separate effect on the strange creature without the Walls. It watched the player through the window with entranced gaze then of if overcome with ecstasy it dropped upon the ground its eyes rolling its Mouth wide open and disclosing two rows of immense Teeth of Ivory whiteness. Suddenly the music ceased. The creature Lay still in hopeful expectation. Gradually it became aware that the performance Hod ceased. The Hall was deserted the lights dead except that which soldered in the fire place. The Goblin leaned its head upon its hands and seemed to Ponder. Another figure glided to the foot of the stockade and in a whisper Saidt a Hist a the Goblin heard the sound it seemed annoyed at the interruption it sprung to an erect position Shook its hand in the direction of the sound which proceeded from the outside of the stockade then rolling itself up in a Ball disappeared in the darkness. The new Comer waited for an answer before repeating the signal waited again this time impatiently Theu muttered a malediction in French. Unlike his great but wicked namesake Dyonisius slept the Calm sleep of him who has no care or sin upon his soul. How Long he had slept he knew not hut he found himself sitting up in bid and very wide awake with a vague sensation of fear an undefined dread of what the surrounding darkness might evolve. He had a magnetic consciousness of the presence of a mysterious something. The obscurity was intense for the Moon Vai Riding behind a double Bank of Clouds. The intruder was evidently searching for something. Then again utter silence and Dyce Laid his head Down smiled sleepily at his fears and snored. But his dreams Wen now disturbed by that which the musical cat abhors discordant sounds. He awoke again to Realise the dismal Foci some one was practising on the violin Home outside barbarian he judged by the noise who Hod never touched i instrument before. The scraping sound proceeded from the great Hall. He Felt in the darkness for his violin which Hung above the heed of his bed Bat it wee not there. Who would play him Sucha trick a Angus no. Ringwood Jno not and a dismal Wail from the tortured violin set his Teeth on Edge and fixed his Resolution. Noiselessly he crypt Dosun into Tea shall the Dyce was Brave As a lion his courage had been tried in Many a time of need and failed not but fora moment his Stout heart quaked and his hair displayed a tendency to stand by itself. Then be Shook himself and rubbed his eyes recalled his Resolution and boldly strode into the Middle of the room. In the great chair of state by the smouldering fire sat the Goblin the violin under his Chin his eyes shut his month screwed up the Bow in his right hand painfully trying to extract from it some of those sounds which had so enraptured him while the instrument obeyed the masters hand but in vain. The sound of the footsteps aroused the gob Lin it leaped from the chair and faced the intruder a glance of recognition. It offered him the fiddle and Bow and made a supplicating gesture As if asking him to play. Dyce gazed in astonishment and stood irresolute the Goblin be stimulated furiously. The heart of the musician was touched by this homage to his Art he commenced to play softly a pathetic air. The Goblin listened with glistening eyes. The master Felt that he possessed two slaves animate and inanimate that he could control the one by Means i the other. He glided from the pathetic to the humorous and ended with a martial Strain curiously watching the effect of each. The face of the Goblin betrayed rapid changes of emotion from Gravity to mirth from thence to military excitement and when the music ceased he made a gesture to fix the negroes attention. Dyce in his turn became an interested Spectator but not alone. Unknown to the two performers a third was added in the person of Angus Grant that Wakeful and watchful Seneschal whose slumbers were Light in proportion to his self imposed Burden of responsibility and who now became a perplexed witness of this strange interview. No sound issued from the Mouth of the strange creature whose gestures were As rapid As they were intelligible. He made Dyce understand in pantomime that he had come to the fortress As a spy on the track of the Yonng stranger to Ouen the Gates if possible to a Small hand of frenchmen and failing this to strike a blow with his own keen Dagger which he snatched from his Belt and flashed before the eyes of his auditors at the heart of the Man who was the object of Pursuit. But music had captivated him soul and body and he was willing to change masters. He was but a slave after All a mutilated slave for his Tongue had been Cut in Sutti a manner that he could make no intelligible sound. Havling told his Story after his fashion he dropped on the floor and resumed his natural expression of stolid indifference. Dyce muttered All the French he knew to ask him who he was but he knew not. He was known As the Chipmunk from his agility. He fixed his eyes on the violin and became Mot finless As a statue. Angus advanced without attracting his attention and consulted with a co. They resolved to keep guard Over the Chipmunk until morning and then hand him Over to sir William. Having thus resolved they turned left no imae the shadows it chapter i. A Captain Reyna al it. When a Many a Faith is shaken in that in which he placed implicit Confidence he is Apt to moralize on the mutability of human affairs and the Folly of attaching importance to things which Are proverbially inconstant and perishable. That any mortal could enter and depart at will from the Rock fortress in spite of such stubborn obstacles As bolts and oars and the vigilance of its defenders seemed almost impossible aft yet the thing had been done under the very nose of the Seneschal himself Angus Grant a a True there might have been witchcraft at work but this did not help the matter As to the sense of Security for if witchcraft gave one person the Means to enter and depart it might open the Gates wide and admit the enemy in Force. Sleepless vigilance for the remainder of the night and a thorough Over hauling of the fortress by Daylight were first in order in the mind of the Henchman but the night passed without event aria the search by Daylight Only demonstrated quot the Security of the fort and showed no Trace of egress or ingress of a questionable character. Sir William heard the Story with uneasiness Ringwood thought they had been drinking too much wine and if the Young strangers suspicions pointed in the same direction he did not permit them to appear on the surface. Dyce and Angus looked blankly at each other and resolved to say no More about such mysterious matters and inwardly cursed the Chipmunk and All his family. But we left a Nian in the last chapter in Man of note in the French service. He stood leaning with folded arms against the stockade apparently lost in thought. His face denoted cunning and cruelty and a sort of cold courage devoid of magnanimity in Short the face of a Cut Throat rather than a Soldier. He has been standing there an hour perhaps More when his reverie is interrupted by a slight Shock and the Chipmunk drops like a Ball at his feet. A a Dialler muttered the Frenchman a is that you you Imp of sin a the Chipmunk made no response but making a gesture of silence rolled into the obscurity of the Forest. Captain Reynard slow y followed and having reached the covet of the timelier sat Down on a log and gave a signal. In a few moments he was joined by six men All Whites and by their dress or rather the peculiarities which pervaded their dress and bearing frenchmen. They were frenchmen but Boa types of their nationality like their Leader they were by edits rather than soldiers ferocious rather than Brave desperate rather than steadfast they obeyed Reynard As one More ferocious and desperate than themselves whom they feared rather than loved and whose sagacity and knowledge of woodcraft compelled their filled with the witchery of the Inte plating the captains face it of a neighbouring tree and re respect and Confidence. They awaited the Advent of the Chipmunk to make his report of the state of affairs in the fortress while that individual his head still filled with the witchery of the music was of from the cover _ vol Vine in Liis mind sundry cunning devices by which to Avert danger from the House which contained the violin and its master to Send the frenchmen on some fools errand elsewhere and then to return to the Rock fortress and claim the Reward of faithful service. Ltd it Captain Reynard wee just beginning to indulge 1� seme impatient expletives when the Chipmunk dropped into his presence As if 1m had fallen from the Clouds and,.with an air of great humility Wal Tedfor his Captain to speak. Quot cub of said that amiable gentleman quot who have you delayed Ana what have you to Piaf quot the Chipmunk arose and made a deprecating gesture with his hand. He was careful to keep out of reach of the Captain whose fingers began to play with the knife at his Belt. The Chipmunk pointed in the direction of the Roek and Shook his head sadly. The Captain stamped his foot and uttered an impatient quot Sacra or a a the Chipmunk was still More disconsolate. He counted his fingers four times to show the number of the Garrison he described them As being on the Alert having been warned by one of their scouts. The place was Well manned Well armed and Well provisioned hopeless to attack it dangerous to remain in its Vicinity. Reynard scowled at him from under his red Eye brows and studied him closely. The wily Chipmunk dropped no hint of his own adventure save that he had narrowly escaped capture. He admitted that the place was Worth robbing which was after All the chief object of Reynard and his friends but for the present impregnable. Having concluded his pantomime he Shook out his Blanket rolled himself up in it and to All appearance was sound asleep in two minutes his head 6 a flowed on the Moss grown roots of a tree Cunard remained for some time in deep thought then motioned to his lieutenant a Man like himself distinguished by his reckless bearing while the Only indication of the rank of either was a red around the Waist of the latter while the former sported a Bunch of feathers in his three cornered hat. A few words in a Low tone passed Between the two and the bandits disappeared silently and noiselessly like wolves to their lairs. Reynard remained gazing at the recumbent form of the Chipmunk twice he seemed on the Point of arousing him with his foot yet paused. He was evidently struggling with some feeling of distrust for cunning As the Chipmunk was lie had not quite deceived the Sharp witted fre Booter while the Only question in the mind of the tatter was what could be the motive of the former to deceive him. A muttered the Captain a i will do some scouting myself before i Call in the redskins to share in the fighting and the chapter Vii. An adventure. Sir William stood at the Gate of the Rock fortress watching the departing forms of the stranger and the younger Silas. There was an unwonted expression of anxiety on his face for there was enough of the inherent superstition in his scotch blood to make the event of the night seem like a premonition of danger or of doom. It was the mystery which troubled the chief face to face with danger neither doubt nor terror could shake those Iron nerves nor daunt his Gallant heart. A Angus a said he to the Henchman who stood near him a i wish we could have sent a stronger guard with the stranger. My mind missives me for his a Silas Ringwood is As Good a scout and Woodman As there is in the mountains a said Angus. A the is Brave As a lion and cunning As a Fox and a match for All the straggling French and indians Between this and the a True a replied the chief a but How know you that there Are Only stragglers on the Way they May be waylaid and overpowered by numbers. My mind missives me Angus. I feel As i have Felt before when unseen danger impeded and then the Warlock or whatever it was that you and Dyce encountered last night How do you account for that a a i believe a said the Henchman a that the wild creature we saw was human though deformed. There is a foreboding of danger in my mind. The Rock fortress is Strong and my prophetic eyes Are free from mists of the future. If there is danger Ower our Heads there is a guardian spirit watchful to Avert it. Jakye Nae care Cameron of the Rock. Fogt you the Day of doom is not near nor the ruin of your House at hand and As for the Young Granger yonder to is reserved for a great career. Fear not for him his path is Clear to me through the Remote future dangers will beset him Theu As now but his name and Fame will never the voice of the seer was full of a strange earnestness and his concluding words seemed to the listener to be far away in the future of which he spoke. Nor can we afford to smile at the superstitious Confidence of the Highland chief in the seer by his Side for if sir William had his full share of that mysterious feeling we Are All More or less subject to its influence. In spite of education learning piety philosophy this Weed which reason would kill if it could this offspring of the mystery of life lives in our hearts and influences our lives a part of the occult scheme of nature which human Wisdom can not penetrate. The Sun shone brightly and the Forest glowed with All the gorgeous hues of autumn the Mountain air was exhilarating the landscape wild romantic Beautiful the silence broken Only by the rustling of the withered leaves and the cries of the various Birds chief among which was the cat Bird with its shrill scream. Sir William standing in his own Gate and commanding a wide View of Valley Mountain and Forest gazed on the scene with the eyes of one who loved nature with the deep adoration of a poetic soul. The Shade of anxiety passed from his face his Eye brightened. A your Confidence in our Security lifts a weight from my heart a said he. A these cot webs of the brain Are fed by idleness and i must shake them of Tell Dyce to bring my Rifle and follow me to tie Sachem s Rock. I May strike a Buck Down by the thus saying the chief stepped Forth upon the Mountain Side and followed a Well worn foot path which led through the Woods. At every step his spirits Rose at every Bra ath of the elastic air his heart grew lighter he was not made of the stuff which succumbs gaze rested on a face and figure As uncouth Oil that of Caliban himself no less a person in Short than the Chipmunk. He was squatted on the ground one hand raised to enjoin silence and caution while with the other he beckoned the chief to approach. Cameron hesitated and the Chipmunk rolled Over and Over on the ground till he reached the spot where the chief stood and began to be stimulate with great earnestness. Recovering from his Surprise and satisfied that his strange companion was flesh and blood sir William observed him with interest and soon became convinced that danger in some shape impeded from which the Dwarf wished to warn him. At tie same time he heard approach ing Steps which he rightly conjectured to be a e Chipmunk disappeared behind a tree and Cameron made a signal to those of Dyce. The Chipmunk behind a tree and Cameron ,.�?z a the negro. He observed that the latter had net in an unusual circumstance. Already the Sachem a Rock was close at hand rearing its huge precipitous sides a Sharp turn of the above the Trees and the path the Sachem a Rock took its name from Indian tradition that it was a rendezvous for the Heads of the tribes when matters of National importance demanded their attention. A huge Balsamic column hundreds of feet in height Fiat on the top which was almost inaccessible and sloping to the base covered with such shrubs As could find Roo hold in its crevices it stood there like a Monument of time a relic of a past and forgotten world. Thiol Rock was a Well known lond Mark throughout the Mountain Region and if its visitors were few and far Between its Fame was wide spread. Sir William had a Hunter and few his notice. He pay email Surprise when the might breaking of a Twig caused him to look to the right and Hie Hatchet in his hand and a knife in his Belt and he Felt a sense of Security when he grasped his trusty Rifle. A Hickory nut dropped at their feet made them look up to see the Chipmunk in the upper branches of a tree gesticulating to them to hide without delay and they had scarcely time to throw themselves Down behind a prostrate log when Captain Reynard made his appearance on the path they had just left. He paused and cast a searching glance around him then ave a Low Sharp whistle. The Chipmunk looked Down at him with malicious glee the signal was meant for him but he paid no attention to it. The Captain waited impatiently he was in a bad humor and various imprecations dropped from his lips then he gave an imitation of the cry of a cat Bird which was answered and in a few seconds his lieutenant Jules Mercier appeared. A where is that accursed Chipmunk a asked Reynard spitefully. The lieutenant who was a Man of few words Shook his head. Another Volley of Sacra a res. The chipmunks eyes rolled and his Mouth opened to its utmost capacity his mirth was of a convulsive character and he seemed in danger of falling from his Perch. A Jules a said the Captain in a Low tone a i have decided to Send you on the track of the two spies. They must not reach their destination. You must go alone and if you need help pick up some of our Indian allies but you Are More than a match for the two lads Jules with a sinister smile stroked his Black Beard and nodded complacently. A what do you think of the Chipmunk a asked the Captain. Jules looked at his Superior with Surprise shrugged his shoulders and snapped his fingers contemptuously. He had not thought of him a i mean a said Reynard a would he betray us a a if you think so shoot him a was the Quick answer. A i done to think so but i doubt a said the Captain a and i mind killing him but that he is quot Well a after pause a i will satisfy myself a to his Fidelity before i tak your advice fir the meantime you had outta once. I will re main and a my age to if Rock fortress and if i take it or storm before you return i Watt Reserve your share of the plunder. Adieu a the Sharp eyes of the lieutenant had not been Idle during this conversation and placing one hand on his captains Arm he pointed with the other to the fresh tracks made by sir William and the negro. Reynard glanced at the Tell tale signs and the next moment his shrill whistle resounded through the Woods. The lieutenant dropped upon Iris Knees to examine the tracks More closely. Quot two men a said he rising just in time to receive a blow on the Side of his head from a Stone frown which the blood flowed freely. He staggered and put his hand on the wound stunned and doubtful whether he had not received a Bullet. The Captain rushed in the direction from which the attack appeared to come and which was exactly opposite to that in which the chief and his servant were concealed. For the moment the lieutenant was hours do combat e Captain on the wrong scent and before the signal whistle had brought their followers to the spot the fugitives had escaped. Soon the human blood hounds were on the track but tie track ended at the Rock fortress and the baffled robbers shrunk Back under cover of the Forest. F if if july to Mercier could have viewed the scene of his late disaster he would perhaps have been surprised to see the Chipmunk rolling on the ground in a paroxysm of mirth the Point of which the lieutenant could scarcely have appreciated. Having relieved his overcharged feelings in this manner he next began to throw a series of somersaults to keep his agility from depreciating. In the midst of this exercise he happened on the Stone which was the cause of the Bandage which pow adorned the lieutenants brow and this seemed to renew his mirth especially As a piece of skin still adhered to the rough Pebble but As Iris head touched the ground preparatory to another series of evolutions no checked the impulse evidently something had attracted his attention for his face wore an expression of intense Gravity mixed with curiosity. He listened with his ear to the ground for a few seconds then slowly dragging himself along by hands and feet until he disappeared amid the Timber. A brawling Mountain Brook ran through the. Valley and washed the Southern base of the Sachem a Rock where meeting with less impediment than elsewhere because of a wider Channel and fewer rocks Ift its bed it murmured gently in a peaceful mood. The Sun of the Hort afternoon was not More than an hour High and the rising wind gave Promise of unusual coolness. So thought i individual who with a certain Shadorf anxiety on his cheerful face seemed it be trying to a console himself a for the want or human companionship by words sometimes addressed to a Stout and rugged Pony which grazed near him and sometimes took the form of Soliloquy. He was a Young than of Middle height of slender but rather Graceful form with the air of one who had mingled much with men and had some knowledge of books be if not handsome was animated and what would be the flask empty the Brook is at hand a a come thou Monarch of the Vine plump Bacchus with Pink Eyne in thy vets our cares be drown a with thy grapes oar hairs be Crown a cup us till the world go round i quot a. Bob thou Hast no stomach for Shaket Peare and there at least i have the advantage of thee but again thou Art Superior in this that thou Art a Good listener and Why not with such an ear for sound yes Ana thou Lovest music too Bob and if thou Hast eaten thy fill i care not if i do regale thee with a tune for truly this Gray Rock hath acoustic properties and this murmuring Brook lends a soft the flute which Lay on the grass beside the youth was raised to his lips and presently poured Forth a tender Lay so Sweet so soft so sad that the Pony for whose edification it was volunteered lifted his head and suspended the operation of chewing gazing the while at his master with a pensive look which was almost human. But soon bobs attention was distracted by some disturbing influence which he showed by a startled snort his nostrils distended and his mane erect. Then he tossed his head galloped a few rods trembling in every limb with arched neck and flashing Eye yet seemed unwilling to leave his master to his Fate. His master however was so absorbed in the symphony that he heeded not the animals warning until with an uncontrollable impulse of terror it almost leaped into the air and then fled with the insanity of panic. The youth in great Surprise Laid Down his flute and turning slowly round like one Awakening from a dream encountered the glistening eyes and eager look of the Chipmunk. So closely had the latter approached under the All powerful attraction of the music that their faces almost touched. The Young Man recoiled instinctively. The Chipmunk opened his huge Mouth and licked his lips. A Angels and ministers of Grace defend us a muttered the a youth. A i thought the Days of monsters and Wood sprites were past and yet Here is a representative of one or those respectable the Chipmunk made a sign that he did not understand him. A you Are not familiar with the English Tongue a observed the youth reflectively. A then we will try French. Parl Cavous Francotte quot tie Chipmunk placed his hand upon his heart and bowed nis face beamed with satisfaction. The youth Lay Hack upon the grass and laughed aloud. A gnomes of the mine and goblins of Tho Hartz mountains a he cried a hide your diminished Heads for Here is the King of gnomes the Prince of goblins a More gentleman like Devil and i doubt not As cunning As mephisto Pieles hut not As wicked judging by the expression of his face which i am hound to say is More pleasant than Many handsomer the Chipmunk interrupted this Soliloquy by an imperative gesture of silence. He snatched up the flute and signed for his companion to follow him with caution. The Bohemian was in the mood to accept any adventure that might offer and therefore obeyed with alacrity. He was in a pathless wilderness and must Trust to Luck. Perhaps the Goblin was going to take him Home to dinner and introduce him to his family. With great caution and by a route which seemed interminable to tie weary Man the Chipmunk arrived at the Rock fort rings. The night wars closing in and Only the outline of the stronghold could he seen it was prepared for attack and no lights were visible nor a sound to be heard. The Chipmunk sat Down by the Gate and placing the flute to his Mouth endeavoured to the the sounds he has heard his companion produce. Hut in vain. A let me try a said the youth and soon a soft Strain of music was poured out of the night. Then a voice behind the stockade asked a who is there a the Young Man explained that he had lost Liis Way and had been guided there by his strange companion. The Sentinel left them to Confer with sir William. No one in the fort doubted the Friendly intent of the Chipmunk and the stranger spoke English As no Frenchman could. This much being in the favor of the outsiders it was decided to admit them. Would bring him to it in less than a Fult air Meidl amp certain careless Bonhom Mic about a Uva Tuituu Tuv if zoo Auu e in expression with dear honest Blue eyes and Light Brown hair and there was a i Bonhom Mic about him which told plainly that to whatever path in literature or Art his ambition pointed he yrs a Bohemian in heart. Sittin an pm hand sat it Down with a sigh quot All gone Boh All t said addressing that Friend thou Hast master in the matter of provender and drip thou feeds on those things which Are Dant in this Region and agreeable to thy which is not fastidious and slake st thy la the Brook which though dear and is to my not lbs somewhat too thin gone my Friend quot he i Pony. A a Bob a the advantage of chapter Viii. Tiie virginian. When Silas Ringwood agreed to act As guide and companion to the Young stranger he was told his name and rank which wus that of colonel of a regiment of Virginia volunteers and that the Mission in which he was engaged was of much importance and required dispatch. The colonel offered no details and his manner and bearing although courteous were not calculated of invite inquisitiveness for Young As he was his face bore an expression of Gravity which repelled familiarity while it invited Confidence and won affection. A of the path was rugged and narrow Ana the two men journeyed in is left a each occupied with his own thoughts the colonels doubtless with the important matter in hand while before the minds Eye of the Lover floated visions of future Bliss mingled with morbid apprehensions a heaven and hades. What can exceed the wretches sufferings except his Bliss what can compare with it the depth of his misery except tie Heigh the of his ecstasy he Vibra Lisbe tween the North pole and the Equator. In the absence of the enchantress nor worshipper re Calls her form and features with the Fidelity of a photographic apparatus to ponders Over her words and tries to find a hidden meaning in her slightest gesture she is alternately an Angel Ana an iceberg Tho guardian spirit of his life and the Marble visage executioner of his Hopes. 1 in after life perhaps a Man is Apt to smile when he remembers that Brief up urfa do but he Seldom dwells upon it because it is not conducive to the self esteem of no lord of creation. I imagine what would be the reply of the grave and sober elderly citizen whom Sonje injudicious Friend might remind of a Youthful Folly quot yes yes i did make a fool Jef myself that time 1�?� e events of the night before had made impression on silos. He looked of aligns Grants gift of prophecy As a mild Kojic pics of lunacy and thought that Dyce Lud seen his part of the illusion through the medium of a Winc Bottje. A but he a Stew there were dangers enough in their path wit Lasut borrowing apprehensions and. His brain lost none of its acuteness been use to tasted of Movo a enchanted chalice nor his Eye its vigilance because the Sweet fact of Ellen Willet was Ever in his thoughts. While the watchful gaze of the scant was a a Archt of hostile foot a Alert for signs known eyes or his com of quiet a Fiti Honor net con Emit face and smiled lost sons hot it read Thuve. Through the Wal

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