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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer Newspaper Archives May 4 1887, Page 5

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - May 4, 1887, Cincinnati, OhioThe Cost Cannati weekly enquire a wednesday morning May 4. 1887. 6 blown up by a Paulding county . The Wabash canal and Reservoir badly damaged. Dry dynamite accomplishes the Lawless and unholy work. The looks and keepers houses also oiled and fired. Troops ordered hurriedly to the scene by the governor. General Axline in command and plan Ning a Midnight attack. Excitement Over the event at an used singly High pitch. Sex tse rioters commanded to disperse or abide the consequences acal dental death of a Soldier Stecial a Statch to was Enqu Bibb. Defiance Ohio april 20. A Tbs belief we sch bet been growing stronger with time Bat to Sulla upon the canal la Paulding county would soon be renewed has grown into % grim is Salty. Desperate threats have continued since the first destruction was attempted but nothing being done the com a sanity bad ceased to speculate and in consequence there was no Little Surprise when the a a port reached Here this morning that the Day Stalte element had made a most couplets Success in the destruction of Tbs Bute ditch last a igbo. Upon receipt of the new or. Filo Inger end several private citroen telegraphed governor Foraker full particulars and us acting that the state immediately and Aid it a alter the governor replied that he bed ordered Leneul Axline with one he fired National guards to of scene of Fotiou later dispatches from governor Foraker requested or. Flock infer to it once Ceil upon foe sheriff of feuding to preserve the peace and i panel a special grand jury god use a very Stfort of bring of rioters to in Fulce at pee. Should Tbs official of Paulc Jing relate to do this he wished to be advised at due. If. Flick Inger at one pad Fob 4�-Mand by Telegraph upon the sheriff who replied that he would go to Columbus to nis Rbt pod see the governor to Morrow and the governor Waey . Your oor respond it went to tui seat Pilot Troubl Begen. About of cry Canidy hear tramping on ail sides of item and in in instant they Yert surrounded by four Hundred men who took item captives a diced Toem a Jar Tion of the at one it to work with Spades cutting the Reservoir Hanks while the balance of the Crow a started Down toward the locks. Arv Viraji Che one fir the Bulkhead they saturated the look with goal Oil Mai set it afire. They next fired the lock Boose and then went Down Fly Tollos further to % a of lock. Here they a cha8ges of of a it Hadar the Gates and plow form out on for Road to the third lock which is one mile West of the a notion of the Ghash and Erie Call they took captive some Timmermen whom they found on their Way to their haunts and locked them up. In a old House they reached foe third lock about iwo of Dock ski Rafe Ftfe they Cut to work on of toff fifi til five of clock when they hap44 the poor a eared Guarda Beck their gun and told for to skip for Home this morning or. Flick Inger received two insulting telegrams from a twerp signed fictitious by and evidently sheriff of Paulding county make formal official demand of me for such help. Proceed immediately 10 make repairs of the property and Cru All disturber of the peace that they interfere with you at their to s. Frank Engle of Defiance the following was sent "1 have ordered general Axline to go immediately to the scene of the action with one company and a Many More As lie May need to suppress the not protect the property and preserve the Public peace mud have instructed or. Full Kluger and the Board Public works to proceed to re pair the damage that a been dope. The property of the state and All Law adding cit Lens will be fully protected and every Man who acts with or gives Aid and Comfort to the will do so at his peril. The Law will to fully enforced to its extremes limit against All such. Keep me fully the following Telegram was sent later a hon. U. A. Flinkinger Defiance Ohio in addition to All else ask for a sgt Ecial grand jury to indict the rioters and demand that the Paulding county officials do their duty and take prompt and vigorous measures to bring the guilty to Justice. If any official hesitates to chi duty inform me at once. A a a. B. proclamation. Immediately after these telegrams were sent the following proclamation was issued executive office april �6, ins7. Whereas it has been reported to me that on the night of the 25th inst an armed of Lawless and rioting men drove away from the Public works of the a state in Paulding county the guards who were in Possession of Ifie same and with dynamite blew up certain locks of the canal Aud with powder and tire destroyed others Ana otherwise by cutting the Banks of the canal and Reservoir did great damage and injury thereto and whereas this Afi Ped and Lawless Knob Are Ren oried to be still banded together for the purpose of preventing the state authorities from again taking Possession and control of the property so wrongfully wrested from them and threaten by violence to prohibit the repair of the damage so As aforesaid inflicted by them and whereas the civil authorities of Paulding county appear to be either unable or us willing to suppress said rioters and protect the authorities of the state in re Sutpin control of the property of the slate an making repairs thereof and appear to be either unable or unwilling to disperse said and preserve the Public pet be now therefore. I Joseph b. Foraker governor of the a state of Ohio do hereby Call upon All said rioting and evil disposed per a on to desist at once from their unlawful actions and to disperse immediately to their Homes and i hereby warn them that falling to do so they will be immediately compelled to such a course so far As the Protection repair an4 preservation of the Public property of the a state 1st concerned. All persons Felling to observe and comply with the command Hereof will do so at Forir april. In testimony whereof i have Herp info pm scribed my name and caused to be affixed the great sea of the state at coat Nobui Day of april in the year of our Lor t j. B. Flt by the governor j. S. Robinson Secretary of state. The Kos Krysik which is the scene of the depredations of the la situated in the heart of a wooded country in Paulding county and is known As the sex mile Reservoir its geographical location is about six Miles to the South West of Cecil a Small stat Lou on the to Bash st. Louts and Pacific railway and a few Miles East of Antwerp. Tim Cincinnati Van Wert Abd Michigan Railroad runs Abs a to four mites from the Southern end of the Reservoir. From a Point of this Railroad two Miles from the Tofu of Cecil the canal mas West to the body of water. Along the canal the wildest kind of a vegetation grows. Swamp Lapp stretch Back info Woods that seem almost1 in my in ii account of the dense under w 4 Shaker. Mounts inexpressibly dreary waste of Wood and water can be seen. Great blackened Trees raise their Barren length out of the water and along the Hanks of this Lake of the Woods the Sun dried logs Are strewn promiscuously. Across to Fob far shores off n be see h a quot 7 whle a Why one across to thi the dense Forest and look will but few signs of civilization can be see of. At what May be called the Eastern Corners of the Reservoir for it is almost a Square with rounded Corners an immense Arm at the South Waterh angles Are the locks which were destroyed. The level of the water is very much higher than the surrounding county to that a perfect floor Mast have gone through the Cut in the Hank and the ruined locks. The reservoii1 covers area of 2,500 acres and was built in 1840. Bank is ten and Doc half Fedt to Haubt lands around the Reservoir must be submersed. As the Basic was Hank Lull. Chief d a the a Pissas tend the repairs. Adjutant general Agio telegraphed the governor this aft Krpoun that he had ordered a Toledo company out instead of ibo no to reon company and that they would re Onalu until la trouble was ended. Reports to night say that every thing if enl in troops bin t for Ward. Three companies of who sixteenth regi a Sny it and a Battery sent to Antwerp troops Abbly iffy. No. 4. On Fie Wabash piled into night three Romp he Teeth regime fit unloaded themselves and baggage in a face a Sam of clock to nig fit three com Axline himself and were Equi plea. A c and $ of the sixteenth begin Ives and baggage o Potot Ivym. They were of impelgeneral Axline himself and were equipped a in a a a 0<af or a Dpi \7f\ m �1 Miv came of your Currett Abd of id be had just copy from the Reservoir four Miles Distant and since dark there had been four heavy explosions in the erection Imp Lage to no kit. Hot esd k9thing definite buld be bad Engineer had gone Over the work but that governor Foraker had ordered film to of need at Onoe to repair the damage and warn the rioters that interference on their part would be at their peril ih9 in Pfaffl 4f Columbus. order of to the seen by to a a a nor Doscar Letlon of the Reservoir it reports from the seat of War. . Ohio april of governors office that an organised had during last night blown no the looks of Tbs a Bali canal and destroyed the Banks of the Paulding county Reservoir. The trouble is the outgrowth of a deliberate attempt to Foroe the state into abandoning that portion of the poetic works and of fit information re a in Edh re this a Rohnl Newas Only startling l boldness of a he work a As bus been it in to the Boyd of Pablo officials that Ifie la amp it Fanfa of a hat locality would not be Loath to destroy the Public works at that place it the Opportunity presented itself. A similar attempt made a few weeks ago warned the officials of the Board of Pablo works con one fitly guards were placed on duty about. Mail of a of of Mefi last night. To go Back to last Winter it will be remembered that what was known As the Geyer Hill providing for Tbs abandonment of this portion of the canal was introduced in Boose and after a Long and bitter tit passed that body receiving a Bare me Friy. It was however Hung up in the Seu a Fiher ged when this Bill was be the Rouse that there was a Job in it and in the internet of Paraois who desired to get bold of the Reservoir lands it Baa Olnee turned ont that Thesa charges were True for it bus been discovered that All of Thesa lands Bate ban gobbled by a find late. Many of tha people of Paulding county Bav a racial dispatch 70 tie Utpala. Filipo Ohto apr i Glt fifty of to of the three companies of the sixteenth regiment q. M. Q., together with Battery a in charge of agg thing gun and two other guns left this evening for Antwerp Ohio in accordance with orders from governo the disturbance there she county Reservoir b in h. Tax Cecil Tion at one and one third fare on the certificate plan. The you Eulion promises to be the most important one Ever held by the Wool a rowing interest and will embrace among its delegates Many Wool manufacturers and dealers in Wool from All parts of the country who for the first time will sit and Exchange views with the producer. The re suit of which it is expected will be highly beneficial to the entire interest. The West Villi Ima Middle. Governor Wilson a senatorial appointee writes a trembling card balloting this week. Special dispatch to tub Zilich. Charleston. April 28.�?mr. Hamiltons motion to begin balloting on May 8d was tabled in the House to Day by a vote of 33 to 28. Thi shows that the Camden men were indifferent to its Fate Well knowing that it is impossible to finish the business to adjourn before that Day and also knowing that Only one or two of the More violent anti Camden democrats question the obligation of this legislature to ballot for senator and even they will not remain out of the joint Assembly for by so doing they would Lessen the number necessary for a Choice. When it was thought that the legislature might adjourn without attempting to elect a senator hon. D. B. Lucas the governors appointee remained silent but now that it is evident such an attempt will be made he addresses an open letter to hons. R. P. Chew and Frank Beckwith members from Jefferson county in Tuon be say that observing the attempt made to trample under foot the Constitution of his state be feels excusable for suggesting both the Doty and method of preserving inviolate our own Constitution without violating the Constitution of the United states. Continuing at great length be gives his reasons for not believing that a called session is empowered to sleet a senator stating that the framers of the Constitution had no refer Echo to a called session which has been originated since the Constitution was written and which might be designated As the executive session of the limited legislature therefore the clause a the next meeting of the legislature a Blu shall fill any vacancy that May exist a does not apply to a called session brought together to transact such business As the governor recommends. At the conclusion of it to letter or. Lucas say a was the appointee of the governor clothed with his certificate which by its express terms is to continue until the next meeting of the legislature having authority to Fin said vacancy i will maintain my own title through every contingency peonage by this course alone 1 can uphold the inviolability of the Constitution of my own stat and carry out the specs go Aud obvious intention of the framers of the Constitution of the United the Senate in executive session refused to confirm the name of j. E. Feck. Superintendent of the Penitentiary Otto at the last session was charged with and cruelty toward prisoners Wiloh charges were investigated by a joint legislative committee. Marvelous. Two lunatics put in one cell and Aro told to keep each other. An Eye on about sixty persons joined the army. As Rule they Ara of a class that joins Church at every revival and As a consequence the work of the Balv zionists is not very creditable four Ruon Beof the alleged fight against sin is a Little too much and Many of the Best people of the town Are taking sides with the egg Aud water crowd. Train rockers. Each thinks the other is As crazy As a Loon. But in time the effect prove beneficial a the reason of both in restored and Onoe More they go Forth into the world a men among men. Wholesale poisoning. An Altoona Man tries to murder his whole family and Suco Ede in part of his plan. Special dispatch to the enquire. Altoona penn., april 27.�?yhls morning a Lenard Bart Worth a Painter living in the suburbs of this Eity got up before the rest of the family and a surprised his wife by having breakfast ready when she awoke. The meal consisted of bread potatoes Coffey and Tea. It was noticed that Swart Worth did not drink Coffee but took Tea instead. The other All drank Coffee. Swart Worth went to quot his work and oon i wife sister in Law and three Young on became deathly sick. Physician were a a mooned and pronounced them suffering from urinary poisoning from Canth Arides Spanish Fly / the cases assumed frightful phases. The patient discharged albumen like secretions clotted with bipod and suffered excruciating torture in the r bladders and vomited freely. Four Phy Siclar % have been in constant attendance to Day 1 id two of the boy Are pronounced ont of danger this evening. The lives of the others Are despaired of. A an analysis prove Titan Poison was administered in the Coffee. Tiie diabolical concoction was turned Over to the Izie Leal staff of the Board of health and the matter will receive thorough attention from the anti rarities. A. Few months ago Swarts Worth induced Bis wits to drink i bottle of Beer and a stomach pump then was jail that saved her life. The symptoms of Poison then were identical with those of the present e. A. A a a a regiment Pas been Kil or Foraker Tore Pel a citizens being Bent if name killed at us int a guard duffty off Fieri Ere has not been any very Lively t in the news from Cecil. It is pot Bebas been any serious col be any think More than Furta and Talt tie do who went the the Keekne of the riot Ltd so idling county to night went on Telic fat Low the killing Hil ear instantly. Three boys drowned. go Down in a storm on Chest Penke May. Lag no interest Frau Var in the lands corralled by the Syndicate desired to have the Reservoir and the Sixma of a Nai abandoned As tbsp consider them utterly worthless. These persons in enraged by those who were Pecunia Rily interested and assisted by the Lawless population which Eirts in a very Community tried to do the Law would not allow and began laying waste Leybot thing Uhlon their reach. The state authorities intervened and placed the Reservoir Abd it attachments under what was deemed ample Protection. It seems however from last nights occurrences that the state officials and the Paulding county authorities Are powerless to do any thing or else the latter Are in sympathy with the . Excitement at the governors office upon the receipt of these telegrams All was he etly at the governors office and Telegram to Telegram was sent out. #�y2�foir a Rit telegraphed adjutant Alipe who is at Fostoria directing a a Jeave immediately for Defiance and to a command of the company there. The company cop Timander at a Poison was notified Mohave his company under arms ready to proceed at once to Defiance. After giving general Afflic nos orders the governor replied to the various messages received by him As follows _ a a has c. A. member of Board of Job he works Defiance Ohio i have ordered general Axline a go immediately to Soj Bujal dispatch to the enquires. Baltimore april j27.�?e three sons of George Hay Ward of Solomon Efland were drawn a Horday night la f fief cd Gale on the chi Speake Bay. They were returning on the bugeye Blanche Hayward from a visit to Belr grandmother in Dorchester county when the boat capsized. Frederick he oldest Hoy la Aan Ched so a a Wias soon As the bugeye upset and attempted to reach a Liore. Before he could get his Brothers paid a coloured Man named Dorse who accompanied the boys aboard he yawl was caught a a Freavy sea. And Soop disappeared beneath the Waves. Gay the next oldest Hoy was torn from the rigging and lost within ten minutes after Frederick went Down. The youngest brother. Bernard lung to Dorse who had lashed himself to the rigging in which position they remained All bight a a Ibeh Day broke both were so exhausted hat a he lad slipped away from Dorse unnoticed and Sank. Dorse was rescued an hour a afterwards by a Pas log vessel. A teachers be stay conduct. Special do Faytik to run enquirer. Sidney Ohio april 29.�?joseph Hoelderle a teacher in charge of a school at Berlin Melean township ibis county suddenly skipped yesterday in Hie school Are about thirty Young girls whose Ages Range from ten to sixteen years. A Rumor that he pan been taking improper liberties with some of the girls caused him to disappear a and an investigation of the charge by the school Board yesterday develop amp a the fact that the rce Dalous conduct had been in Progress Over a year and that Twenty or More pupils had been 101 properly dealt with. The greatest iffy ion prevails among the parents and greatest a itt Digna a the parents and Hoelderle would swing if caught just now. had been teacher a Berlin six years and was a graft favorite. Death of an of Rifle shot. Special do Patch to ire enquires. A Haiti i re w. Va., april 25.�?hr Dap Lel Marker an aged citizen of this City was paralysed yesterday afternoon while leading his class in the m. E. Church South. died last night. Deceased was Well known by the Orting fraternity of other years As the Best Marksman in the Cumberland v spor Riflealley t was fits custom to disguise himself and attend All a the prize shooting matches of the Day. A Gunsmith by occupation he made his own Fie. Wiloh was considered the Best she of Fig Iron in this Section for Many year deceased had been an Active member of the m. E. Church South. To e scene of the trouble i one company of to e National guard to Aid the Drill author vor�pa7n�io?3i2wma��sr�i� and his grandmother wants to know. A Pectal dispatch to tub by quibble. New York april 29.-Many strange letters Are received by the Castle Garden commissioners. Here is one from Ohio a Clyde Ohio. Dear sir will you please look Over your re Juster for the name or Fritz Baker. came from Germany around and about 1772. What i want to know is what place and the name of the town he came from. Now will your officers look up the matter and Tell me what the name of the place is Over in Germany for he 1s a Grandfather of my Mother and she wants to know. My address is or. Melvin Evy Clyde Sandusky county Ohio. Wool growers convention. By. Louis mo., april 28, repeated efforts by the managers of the Wool growers and International sheep growers association whose annual convention is to be held Here commencing May 9tb, to obtain reduced rates from the railroads dispatches were received Here to night stating that the roads in the West and a Outh and very Likely those in site East will convey delegates to toe Conven Priven from Home by the dirty 9t i lately deceased daughter strange and sad manifestations in an Indiana farm it a .j.,\ a a a t a House. Special dispatch to the enquire a. Shelbyville ind., april 26.�?the Eastern part of this Shelby county is considerably a a cited Over some spiritual manifestations that pave been going on for some time at the House of dior euro Powell one of the wealthiest Farmers in the county add who is nor making arrangements to abandon hit Home where he has resided for years on account of them his wife having preceded him in his departure being unable to endure the manifestations which have according to their belief a romantic and pathetic origin proceeding is they believe from the soft of their daughter mrs. Adrian Rigsbee who died at her Home a Short time ago after give log birth to a child. Or. Powell himself if authority for the few facts Here presented Beveral year ago his daughter fell in love with a Young Farmer living near them named thomas1 Rhodes who returned her love hat her father determined she should not marry him he Vang selected a husband for her in the person of Adrian Rigsbee and finding that she was continuing to meet the Man of her Choice in spite of his command he resorted to Steiner measures and confined her to her Romih until she a hairy gave up the Battle and a feed to and a did marry the Man her father desired her to. Her death followed the birth of her child taking place in the room she had occupied at her a Bane during her girlhood and Ever since that time sounds of a burning have proceeded at snort a intervals from that room every night and All the night through the suppressed sobs and groans being a com panted by the noise made by her favorite to oking of dlr As it Rooks Back and Forth and which is always of tied next morning in the place where she was wont to sit and Rock when at h a my although care has been taken time after line to leave it in another part of the room. Her father and Mother believe that it is the spirit of their daughter mourning Over the loss of her life and Lover and they have stood it As Long As they can and will desert the House. Or. Powell is a Man of Good character and to one who knows him doubts what be says about the matter the cause of Wiloh he deeply regrets. A ate wild parsnips. Four boys poisoned three of whom Are Misad. Re a it a Jacial dispatch to thi Hanoi huh. mtg sex a by ind., april 27.�?news has jul teen received Here of a horrible Case of poisoning which occurred Negr Ste Dale a Small top fifteen Miles Froni Here. Two sons of j. D. Lamp ton one of g. Wilson and one of j. Moore while la the Woods found and ate what they supposed to be spinach but which proved to be Bat deadly Plant wild Parsnip p. Three of the toys died in excruciating a go by within eight hours after eating the Plant Wojie the other is in a helpless condition. _ _ suspended from a Rafter. Special dispatch to the enquirer. Ravenna Ohio april 29.�?matthew Chapman a wealthy Stock dealer living a few Miles North of Here committed suicide yesterday by hanging himself to a Rafter in his barn. had started presumably for a Public Sale nut a Short time after was found cold in death. Domestic troubles caused by a wayward son and daughter is the supposed cause. leaves a wife and two children. Two girls thrown under a train. Houghton mich., april 27.�?last evening Mary Hoar and Maud Mcdonald were thrown under an Ore train on the Hecla and Torch Lake Railroad a coupling Pip breaking. Miss Hoar bad her head Cut from her body and miss Mcdonald a legs were crushed so badly that amputation was Ueo Essary. Both Vlotis lived at Lake Linden. A Clew to the train robbers. San Francisco cal., april 30.�?a Man named Cook has been found in Tucson who says he knows All about the train robbers. furnished the officers with the names and r minute description of the desperadoes Ami says they me biding in Tucson. Special dispatch to the enquire by new York april 80.�?the increase of insanity in this City during the past few years is remarkable and the scientists Are searching among dry statistics and the history of individual cases for the cause of the increase. The asylums Are overcrowded every Wber. And the Public institutions can not contain the number of patients who Are sent there. Formerly if Ope Case a week appeared it was thought to be about the average now there is not a Day passes when the boat that goes to Blackwells Island does not carry from five to ten lunatics. The Lack of accommodation for them has rendered a doubling up system necessary and m two cases at least the result has been of decided Benefit and further experiments will be made in the same line thut May Lead to some important changes in the treatment of the insane. These two patients referred to Bav been in the Asylum Lor More than a year under the charge of or. Macdonald. One of them Thomas haxkin8, a Mason and builder is about thirty five years old. was at work in a cellar about two years ago in a House at Ford am when the place took fire. tried to get up the stairway. But was driven Back by the fia mes and smoke. Half suffocated he crawled along the cellar floor to a Cistern partly filled with water and jumped into la the flames raged fiercely Over him and he could see the Progress of the fire. The suspense was terrible. What moment the floor would give Way and the building on hit Bead he could not Tell. The Walls of the cellar were of Brick and thus kept the fire from coming close to him and he Lay on the water with his eyes fastened on the fire of boy up eting death. The intensity of Ifie he to Fri it Dued by the application of water to Hie head and face. This became warm but for Lunate in never re nihed f temperature tuft the a Dong. It was Oyer Tigo hours before the fire was got under control from the outside and it was some time afterwards before he dared to gave he place of Refu a. In Fiese Fig fit or of lived a life time and when be was finally taken out of the building and lie Strain a ended he became unconscious. Then followed a severe attack of Brgan fever and when to Feyer abated an Ltd the delirium had gone his Eye did not epo Ful a his family or Ffield. #4 a idea that tfi#7 were All animals of some kind and Tegt be was a cow. The Only Way be would take food was by telling him it we Bay. As Long As he remain�4 quiet Gud did not Siow any inclination Tofi Jare himself or others he was treated at hid Home. Finally he showed a suicidal tendency and was taken to the Asylum. The other patient a go Jefferson Williams a mid file aged negro who had followed the sea for Many Yea Cook he was picked up in an open boat about thirty Miles off Cape hat Teras. The boat belonged to tie Schooner John j. Ward and it Isey Ulmat a rom what 1$ known a Bat he Hufi beep floating around in the boat for Twenty five Days. was the Only survivor. To a re was a dead Sailor in the boat with him that showed Marks of having of a visited by a Man eater. Two others who were in the boat jumped overboard having become crazed by thirst. Williams was lying in the alongside of the Corpse when by was found. was nearly dead from there was nothing to eat or drink in the boat save human flesh. Williams was we a cared for on the old Dominion line Steamer that picked him up and he was Niue stronger physically when the vessel arrived Here. Mentally be was a wreck and after an examination by fhe commissioners of Llin he was pronounced incurably insane and was sent to the Island where he soon a bored a desire to end his Elf a. Williams Abd Harkins were pm Aoud in a padded cell to Ogeth of. A he of qty of traint placed on them was a strap that held their hands firmly at the Side. The barbarous treatment that patients of this kind for rarely received happily is Given to More. Chi in clubs dark cells that were never Oieu had instruments of torture a air bleeding and the administration of vol emetic and Morgad ves Havy All been imbed froth the Modem a syium together a hath the fiction that the insane Are possessed with demons that deserve to toe torture al. Ibeh placed together each of the Patli its warts a that his companion was going a to comm la Fiji tide. I there is Dot bang that pleases an insane son better than being placed in charge other 5�?~ an to Williams and win Eti Ohen while a Man shot while throwing stones into the windows of a passenger coach. Special Imp att h to tub in Liutkus. Nashville tknn., april 29.�?great con 8leruatlon and excitement occurred among the passengers on the Columbia accommodation last evening while it was passing at the rate of Twenty Miles a hour through Reynolds Cut one Mil North of Franklin. Sam Cook of Columbia and will Vaughn were sitting at a window when Vaughn saw two Young men outside about to throw into the train. Vaughn dodged when the Firestone was thrown but it missed its intended Mark and struck the window sch above. Vaughn at once jerked out his revolver and fired at one of the men who dropped to the a round. Vaughn then tired e was 1 Man fell. Thrown struck Sam Cook in the head Knock Long him entirely off Bis peat. Albert Dennis Sou of the hotel keeper at rank Iio was brought into Bis father s Nous us was attempting in the mean to life the second Stone at to other As climb a Fence. The Frankil last Vighi when it was discovered that had been Phot in the left Side and the wound got shot he declined it is thought in a fatal one. When asked where he got to Tell. It is believed in Franklin that Dennis was one of the men who stoned the train at be is a reckless desperate character though Only Twenty three years of age. And had a grudge against Vaughn who had several times As slated in hip arrest. Rich diggings. Discovery of two lost Bonanza. The wonderful Bolc of a party of american prospectors in Max co a Gold and Silver galore. Of hark ids watched Yurkins. Aeb Ofie thought the Ether was As crazy As a be himself was perfectly sane about a a a after they Tad been together about and had become Tho Rohi a each other Belr bands ably familiar were freed a to do what they saw usion a Bat his her quot rolled it on the Fiad was a Metal loot taking his his cot pan Cee Tashow some of his of com Filah Raen is. Being a cow he was an expert s backing and would run at the Wall hard a Bough Tore Alkhis Skull. A the padding i vented Lafrom doing any harm. Such an exhibition of levity would dig hot had several Richer accomplishments in their repertoire that1 they Abuwi show to each other All of which were manifestations of delusions of some nature. The effect on thi mind of each was that of Sumpat bar a or his companion who was so unfortunate As to be foolish and unable to reasonably. A but with All me a Fon the vigilant watch was kept up All the time. One of them could not make above that the other did not see. They kept the motive of their close Wafon secret hut in time it seemed As if both of an idea that each was a he others keeper. This was shown when a the morbid impulse that impelled to suicide was coming on. They would inform each other about it not in 60 Many words but by 9lgns and movements and then they would sit a closely together. As the period of companionship became longer there was an improvement no titled in their a Stind Luloh by the attending physician. They ceased to flight against taking Good and had Lucid intervals More frequently. They took less int eyes in b tug and rolling the Ball a kid Day would pass without either of them showing any insane antics. A feeling of interest sprang up for each a tier outside of the performance of duty and they became Friendly and talkative. Being closely watched toy the attendants it was seen after a a Var amp a months that to Bdl pres Slon that precedes an attempt to take life in the insane had disappeared and they were taken from their padded room into Ohe More cheerful sunny and Light. Other lunatics were with Fhy a it but they stuck together Aud is tubed the strange actions of their of a Llu is with apparent sir pulse. They were Given privileges about the Piave. Whatever they were told to do they did without hesitation. The Cloud was slowly if time from their minds it was evident. They talked rationally with the physicians us together. When Williams was told that he had an Iron Bead he had no idea what was meant by it and when Harkins was told that he was a cow he looked upon it As a reflection upon Bis manhood Aud became incl Nant. Finally they were separated and placed at work in different parts of the building. They were orderly and obedient and they each other Wita feelings of genuine various tests were tried upon them for insanity but there was always a negative result. They knew where they were what was the matter with the people who were there with them but had no knowledge of what their condition formerly had been. There coaids not Beany doubt about the Complete restoration to reason Aud last week they were both discharged. Other patients who have a similar form of los unify when the Good work was shown in Harkins and Williams have been put toothed and in every Case there is a marked Muro vement and it is expected that some definite Ruleffe will be evolved from these cases that will help this unfortunate class of people. Mobbing Tbs salvation lists. Special dispatch to the enquire. Sidney Ohio april 30.�?a squad of the salvation army Here was last night bombarded with aged eggs and to right the same warfare with hot and cold water Baths is arranged. Two or three thousand people were out on the streets lust night in anticipation of the trouble and for an hour or two the army had the town by the ears. The Balv Nylon Sharps came Here in january under command of Captain Gray of Columbus. They created a sensation and about #100 in debts liquidating the latter by giving a hallelujah banquet which was furnished by the ladles of the town. Since the Campaign against Salan file Ninion Hove Leminen st. Louis Mam 4-Prii 27.�?a Pecl a dispatch from the City of me loo triumphantly announces the discovery of two of the Ven lost mexican Bonanza min a by an american party of prospectors. Hum bold and Hamilton speak of the fabulous wealth from these mines by spaniard. They were forked up to the Middle of the last Century. In 1756 the indians swept Over Northern Mexico and destroyed Chihuahua and All the sifters if re driven qut. Ali of plans held control of the country so Long to tall records were lot recently lieutenant hipper formerly of the United states army w. K. Glenn of 1111-Qql Captain a Glen Aud j. Mcintyre of chi Cago went out expedition in the interest of a Sonora land company and in hold cab per found maps and Othef data Pill dig into our email parties a thorough search begun and Mcintyre a party to cat a what is believed to a Tjie a Yopak Ilver mine. Tis in be midst of thousand of rained buildings among Large churches and forts. Within a radius of four piles Are 420 Workings old Spanish furnaces and ions of slug. A few Day later Powers party reported the discovery of the guano a mine in the heart of the Sierra Madre mountains. Advices from Nogales confirm the report and state that a great Placer fit cd a been located where tie jesuits of two Hundred a ears ago found fortunes for the Church Reat excitement in mining circles prevails. The guano a mine is a free milling Golf. It is in the heart of the Sierra Madre mountains and the working Are near the top of a conical shaped Mountain. A Road hen through the solid Rock circles around this Mountain starting from the a to a at the be and leading to the mine Ope chamber of the mine is ibo feet wide 40$ feet Long and 20 feet High. This will give an idea of Bow the mine a worked by the spaniards. There is no dump. Every Pound of Rock has Ben taken opt and carried Down the mount Ain and worked which 1 evidence that the Ope was homogeneous and All Rich enough to go to the Ras tora. There Are the ruins of 118 re stores at the foot of the Mountain. The Raptor we the old Spanish and mexican stamp Mill or. Power a claimed this mine for or. Kruse and hot self. The Ore Bra Ugat oat has been assayed and gives $16 to the ton it being perfectly free milling. By Way of comparison it May be stated that the Bome a no a probably the most profitable Gold mine at thi time in a he states pays fi00$6 a month on Ore which yields 3 8q a top. Close by this mine was found the deserted stronghold of the apaches. There were forts on the Mountain tops and tons of jerked meat were scat Tref about the apaches had Milf zeil the hou6es from which the miners Fiad been driven. There were indications of Indian occupancy extending through Many years. The news of these discoveries had been brooch to the City of Mexico by parties from Sonoma. Dynamite bombs Flung under the residences of Nicholas a lue officials a thirteen year old giant suspected to Kcal dispatch to the enquirer. Nicholasville ky., april 27.�?at two of clock thi my ring an attempt was tade by dastardly persons to Bio up the City a i Dong by dynamite bombs. Tiree were exploded one near the residence of j. S. Bronaugh the mayor and another in front of to a residence of a. B. Hoover the City recorder. Several dynamite bombs were Fez pm offed near the court House. On yesterday the recorder fined Brown Anderson a boy of thirteen for being drunk and disorderly. was put in the work Honse and the fact that he is the wealthiest boy in the county and heretofore unusually quiet in created quite a storm of comment. Hla Mother paid the Fine. A few weeks ago he was pulled end refused to be arrested drawing a Brace of revolvers. 1� Only thirteen years of age and is six feet tall and a giant for his age. is the son of a he i. A. Anderson. Be to accused of the work of ibis morning. Great excite meat prevails and every Ebro will a made of ferret out the guilty parties. His friends deny the imputation and claim that his arrest on yesterday a without cause the 011 him Asa victim easily skinned while other boys in the gang equally a guilty were not arrested. A a a a the Tennessee the River with a big Bend. Oue of the most marvelous i vers of draining a territory of fifty thousand Square Milas Rich in Coal Ivon Timber Stone and agricultural product Beautiful scenery that Dwarf the Hudaon or the Rhine Powell River Hiwassee Little Tennessee Frauen Broad and other Brauo Hes Are navigable i times of High War an aggregate distance of about 160 Miles. This make Chattanooga the Ohlf part for s no steamers Fiat to end this Trade a a ral Ini Lupu Dol annual or is three. The Bambi by dept a _ ity and the improvement pitted at a Coil of betwee tar in Luton Dollar to tic a a this done Aud some compari improvements effected Beta the bed of the ion Mineral Forest or in Trade Here River. _ its trs Devn Oats Rafte. Ac., of to Mil As Curloss Otna City yearly a it Oua rip Worth of and it amour Uulu in Ber practically depends its vitality and a to Ftp al Gate syst i 1 the City and the head of Savli Western Barge systems of the a Between the Olty and Oai. Flu make thi City on for arg Craft and Tab a la tributaries. A twi Hatti ii 75 to in per ton and Othar heavy Mataro Ais the the Chattanooga Oan River navigable to pal Iron d of in la source. By. Louis for at the same rate. In not far off either the Tenn noted by Wuy of to to Mississippi near me Ftp do Rector let for our Coal 0 freight of ail kinds to the cd the time to Goa a will a con Buessee w or. Iron 1 cities on to Sinai and the Golf. R with thi Iron Aad heavy and glorious in historical associations dear to the american heart. A facial dispatch to the enquirer. Chattanooga tenn., april 29,-in my so Biol Days geography was a favorite study and to state of to nne be in it place on the map always had a Charm for me. It seemed to he a sort of a heart to the body of the United Slat. Ope of the questions asked me at an examination was a what state in the Union touche and Borders on most of its sister states a of course it was Tennessee Whigob is bounded and surrounded by a a in trogy Virginia North Carolina Georgia Alabama Mississippi Arkansas ocl Missouri in All eight states. It was the key to the Southern confederacy and when the last rebel army was driven from it soil and fled Pell Mell from the slopes of Mission Ridge the was the beginning of the end. Fiut it is not of the by gift but of the Tennessee or Cherokee River a it was called by the indians that i propose to write. It in said that the meaning of the word a a Tennessee is a the River with a big this show that tie indians were Early impressed with tit Peculiar character and course of thi marvelous and Beautiful River. Marvelous because of it contradictory course in flowing North instead of South marvelon because of the Peculiar formation of the country along its upper course and both marvelous Aud Beautiful because of the wild and impressive Seo enry that Grace it wild and wilful and imperious by in the mountains and the Broad and Fertile Fields that reach away from the margins of the deep and Placid Stream after it leaves to mountains of Noria Alabama. The Tennessee 1 formed by the Clinch and Colpton Rivers. Thep two Rivers Ripe and Are Fefie by Little streams in the Cumberland Mountain and the Smoky bang in in South West Ern part of old Virginia and West Korth Carolina. Of Roxy Knoxville it flows South tending toward the West and from Kooy Ejli to Bridgeport it being beamed in most of the spay by mountains Ragi pm from 300 to 1,500 end 2.000 feet in height. After leaving Chattanooga it winds and twist around the base of Lookout a Fountain and has found a tortuous Way from one Refuge of to another until it look in the Valley like a Gigantic Snake agonizing. In a distance of six Miles from Chattanooga the River is Twenty five mile Long in a former letter i alluded to the probability of the Tennessee having Onoe swept Down the Valley last West of a la Okonta where general Looker s command formed foe the famous Battle Aboye the Clouds it followed this Valley a distance of seventy Miles to Gadsden terming what in Row the Coos River and formed the Gulf in the Bay below Mobile. After twisting around in the Mountain it enters Alabama at Bridgeport just missing the Corner of the state of Georgia. After leaving the mountains it changed it character and becomes a Broad and expansive Stream until it strik the obstructions at the Mussel Shoal a below Decatur. It touche ��8 Southern Llin if at the old town of a Unte Reviue and then turns North West cutting off the Corner of the state of Mississippi. Above Luka now Corinth it enters Tennessee just below i Tilburg Landing and flows almost directly North through Tennessee and Ken quot in if it fat tie into the Ohio or rather the Ohio empties into stat Paducah. It is the largest Branch of a River in the world. Sock facts and figures. The Tennessee River drains about fifty thousand Square Miles of territory. From it extremes source �0 its Mouth it is 1,027 Miles Long. From Knoxville to pad Noah it has 644 Miles of navigable water having the obstruction of thirty Miles of Mussel a Shoals which a he government proposes to sir Mofit by one of tie most extensive improvements lit a a country Effie volume of water a owing by Chattanooga annually is equal to that in the Ohio at Cefic Lauati. This 1�?~atter statement surprised rpm but it is made upon the authority of Weitzel who was Lotta at Chatta Looga for some time. Her singular feature about the Teni River if the fact feat there is no Long or Large miss isl a i Kun at Wate lox team Aud stage coaches of to fact Are Worth Mere than infer show that Connel Natl buy Fly tips an overage of two an almost Sadhe Avi Worth lower a modern Miracle. Wonderful Buti Tutila to Heitli of % life Long invalid. A bed Ridden woman who avers that the Havior stood by her bed Iida. She vory Teiria that on a certain Day a a win Sithar die or a a avar and on that Day Boe Ovora. Tweit is port it would Oost rage of Tweit cents a re if she were depend debt Turfy of Tweit cents per by a Ger from to new Orlean. Tipo thousand Miles if per ton. At the rate of tvo third of # make no Mene distance p13 20 per ton. If m s of a fir mate won s2e.m.�7 _ it tny Coal magnificent Brown and i Mest Tennessee in 0 use Coke a fuel and the deut Ahlf Field of ooi 411 our not goal Field 1 drained by the tend branches. The River will connect this District with the red Hematite ores o Ablong that Region to us Coke quo Sdee Dlly and largely increasing the de for our Coal and enlarging the manufacture. Terui Squy tributary to t Fig ten no sex. A the territory drained by the ten Elver above toe Shoals 1 fifty Thursan Square Miles in extent add 1 on of the st Region in natural resources in the won d. B supp to Marble Iron Ore Copper sine Lead ing Stone Timber Are in inexhaustible products the hot re agricultural prod acts Are now Large and 3 per sent. Of the pos fiut a of toe realised it this Perlee of rat a val yes and the mountains Between the former of boundless Fertility the latter covered with stately forests and charged with Mineral wealth of All this Chattanooga la the Center the inevitable commercial capital the Khu factoring and distributing Denot. With oar River open. Freights from the Bast Matt a graded on a level with those of atm phyfe. Nashville and the other most favored a a tile cities. A when to War ended the River to City to navigable for Small steam about four month of the year. The Gable season has been More than you a comparatively Small expenditure be As Good from Kingston to Cairo by the Ohio Aow is from plot Borg to the Point and that puts oar Proa and cot 1 Thim of a the Craft Natl water 500 Miles nearer the Golf that and Iron of Western pen Sylvan will not Only give Tennessee a Chan it a st ---1 certain it my Hwy a the capital or. A the Coal rare. The be at our own 80u the Wettern Market. But make an Otto let the Central America and Mexico which Are certain within Twenty five years to become heavy customer for Thesa prod nets. A the capital for development a come slowly to this splendid Region combining the Kan britons climate and health of Southern Italy with ail the beauties and Dron 0�r0ojr�fca 09 the Enci. Wet Sonora. Ohio april a ub7. About on Mil West of this place lift Peter Fowble a Farmer. Hll daughter. Mis Sarah m. Fow ble has be a afflicted with spinal disease dating from infancy and Baa been drawn altogether out of shape her limb being drown la to Shuff of Bowa. For than eighty Are miss fowl has been g bed Ridden invalid offer Long ind sortable a goals. About thirteen month a go it in and shift deaf Oes a of Loas of speech Ana a by was Abl to ooh verse Only in a faint whisper. By retained however a Clear and vigorous mind. On the morning of Anarch 12th lends that Fth of Vior Hod it a of by proc told or to he led that he friends that daring the night would come her spirt health. The Isth was t of do a of time with great Uncer Taifita As to what would be her final disposition. In the morning olt the a Fth her sufferings were greater than it a a his do pm a by Rio jobs eight year Emory hat of to Longs set in and she at to x weaker. Louth and a amp a profusely at men Tarity who had oat feed around her b#00ids thought her last Moteuis had come when add Only there came Over her a great physical change. Her Eye opened with a Brill Lacy her crooked limbs and Strong she Green from or it no r Previc i explanation of this upon Donyul Lse mtg Jwj i tha if tet tages of latitudes As High i Lei. In he reasons for the s men to come among o known Ihu be hinted rom _ leave those of a political Nathra for others to discuss. Most of those reasons have passed in mock o gorged Iron Anc Allee North of the Prat away. City a. Off. English capital 000, a wet need the Plant at Dayton forty i Neslo Wessof moneyed or in the past Are weled rom off them and a Fons i comes in five men suffocate a another mine horror in the Penney Vinnin Coal re ii Ficen i al the month of the pit. Fiat re about the Tennessee Straf there is and Long or h Stream emptying into it on either a Ide. Largest Brunch is the Duck River Bat it is fed 3ia number of Short Deeff creeks which Are a Pfoff by Springs in summer 4nd none of turn1 Are Ever entirely dry like so Many Mountain quot self eats and some of them wiil a a prove a valuable in the near fut Are when manufacturing industries begin to utilize the magnificent water Jower. Shoal Creek which a empties nto the Tennessee on the North Side above f Lorence tails about a ight Hundred Leet in Twenty Miles. Many partially navigable Rivers like the big Bandy Muski Ngum Kentucky ticking and Labash contribute fib volume to the onto River. To Tennessee River flows through More Tine wealth than Kny River in Cha dutch. The Cranberry ores of Carolina Ough the Coal Iruh and Marble. I it Skiris t flows the Rast quot ten Coa Hayati Iron ill ask so de Black a artist defect in through the of Middle Tennessee. Inside preventing thievery. Three coloured Brothers found hanging from a Roadside tree. Proctor w. Va., april 30.�?the Bodiee of three negroes Brothers named Sylvester were four amp a hanging to a tree on Tho Roadside six Miles East of Here yesterday. Each body bore a placard on which was written a Nigger thievery must be broken the Farmers in the neighbourhood have suffered depredations at the hands of unknown it persons and it seems they finally settled on he sylvesters As the guilty ones. These negroes lived com Pax Tivey comfortably yet scarcely Ever did boy work. No arrests have been made not Utility. Special dispatch to the inquirer. Logansport ind., april 29.�?the Case of the state against George Harris the Vandalia brakeman charged with having aided in the murder of Abraham Leslie a member of Tho Mexico band at Lake Maxen Tuckee last summer was decided this morning. The jury after being ont Twenty four hours returned a verdict of not guilty. Three children burned to death. Columbia s. C., april 29.�?sharp Smith and his older children were working in their Field yesterday and left three children in the House not fur Distant. The building caught on fire and the children were All burned to death. The Mother was killed la the Tornado which passed Over this Section two years ago. Death of a centenarian. Special dispatch a to the Kequi hse. Seymour ind., april 30.�?mrs. Anua Mehs Loe died at the residence of her , Henry Snyder last night aged oue Hundred years and fifteen Days. An account of the Celebration of the one Hundredth anniversary of her bit Tuduy was published in the enquirer two weeks Ugo. Sewing machine Needles Are probably harder to got outside the Laree cities than most any other article of household necessity. For accommodation of our patrons we Wilt Supply them by mail with reedies for Auy Standard machine at Twenty five cents per dozen or free according to terms set Forth to a Doverue meat in this Polar Ortt Alabama and it flow detect in through the Rich Mineral Belt of a fla the obstruction will be removed from the Essee and boats go from Cincinnati to Chattanooga As Many months in the year As they ban go from Cincinnati to any other Point. A a #031e fancies. But the Tennessee River is destined at an Early Day of become generally known and when the people who love to travel learn a of its beauties it will become fashionable to make a trip up or Down the Tennessee from Chattanooga. I have seen several Rivers in my Brief space of life. But Tho Tennessee is without exception the most Beautiful River that floats a ship not excepting the Mississippi. There is More history clustering Aroi ind the Tennessee Thau any River in America. Almost every foot of its course has been stained by the blood of heroes and from Knoxville to Paducah there is hardly a mile of its Banks that was not the scene of a Gallant feat it arms daring the War of the rebellion. Every foot of ground a been made memorable by the foot prints of the illustrious soldiers on both sides for the Blue Grant Sherman Sheridan Thomas Mcpherson Logan Hooker Rose Orano Garfield Steedman and for the Gray Sidney Johnston Polk Forrest Wheeler Bragg it Beauregard Longstreet Hood and a Host of others who have made history that clusters and barns along the Border of the Tennessee River. When it comes to scenery the Hudson and the Rhine Oan take a seat in the second Row Abd give the first to the Tennessee for it is hers by right. What is there along either the Hudson or the Rhine to compare with mount Lookout and the Mountain ranges about Chattanooga in grandeur or Excel them in their Rich historical associations gentle Reader i am stuck on the Tennessee River find if Ever you can find the time and Money done to fail to make a trip from Chattanooga Down the Tennessee River at least As far As Florence i mean As soon is the government works Are finished. Yon will never forget the glorious pictures you will gather of the journey. River Trade. A before the War Chattanooga was the Center of an immense Cotton Trade. This has Long since been scattered and directed to other Points by railroads but in place of the Cotton has come Coal Iron and lumber. The Tennessee Valley is Lull of magnificent Timber of All varieties and at this season of the year rafts of togs containing millions of feet of Cedar Pine Oak and Poplar Are lazily Drifting along the River to the nearest saw Mills. Tho magnificent mountains of Timber will be opened up to the markets of the North at an Early Day. Hon. Joseph Wheeler places the annual products of the Tennessee Valley above the Shoals As follows wheat bushels. 9.000,000 Corn bushels. 30,00u, Oats bushels. 5,000.000 Hay tons. 20u,ft00 Cotton Bales. 7o, live Stock value.$�0,,t�t0 Limber 1,000, to this May be added at least $�,u�s0, in Coal Aud Iron for the year 1886, for the furnaces and mines on and adjacent to the Tennessee of this subject colonel j. In. Mcgowan says a a Chattanooga is located on the South Bank of the Tennessee River 665 Miles from its Mouth and 462 from its source. The River is the saute size As to depth volume of water general Width and length As the Ohio. Its navigation is Cut in two by the obstruction at Mussel Shoals located in North Alabama 195 Miles below Chattanooga. For nine in Onins of the year the Stream is navigable for steamboats from Kingston tenn., to the Shoals a distance of a a a Miles and some fifteen crafts regularly ply its Waters. A in addition Clinch which joins the Tennessee at Kingston is navigable in the Winter and Wias at on in a a Stane of 159 Miil a. Special dispatch to the a opt i Ashland penn., a april 27.�?ti i Liq Patch on the outskirts of a of Grid were thrilled with excitement thi afternoon when it was reported that for men were killed in the Tunnel Colliery people left their Home at one and men women and children harried to the month of the Shaft there they were told that a pillar Down in the mine had collapsed cutting off five men least from the ventilated pay of the mine and they might be suffocated to death. Brave men went to the Relief of the imprisoned Miner to it la them on of their underground prison. When the pillar fell All Avanna of a rape a Cut offi while the men were Busy at work digging for the Usfo Rinkie their relatives in team about the mine were bemoaning their Fate. Finally word was received above that the unfortunates had been reached. The weeping people became silent in their eagerness to know the worst. The announcement that the men bad been suffocated to death was received with Load a mentations. Then on by one the podia were hoisted to the surface in the Cage. As the be Grimes bodies were identified by he stricken wives and Little ones foe scene Wae heart touching in the Extrema. The tic Tiai Are Harry Gui fire Boss aged thirty five married leave wife and for children Michael Bohanna aged Twenty six wife and two Small children harry1 Marion aged thirty five just married a month Daniel finn aged thirty five York leaves a wife and eight daughters the oldest fifteen Yean Ebenezer Francis aged about thirty a foreigner Only in this country about six months and had Uken another Maas place a a substitute for to Day. The Colliery was operated by the Philadelphia and re Odlag Railto company. A a a Ltd a mass., has a world old reputation a the most important Cotton Manafov tiring City in America. In Little Lesa extended there ame As the place of production of her Tain medicinal specialities. The end of the latter which at this time Merit special mention because of the phenomenal Advance which it has made in the estimation of the Public As evidenced by foe necessity of continually increasing the facilities for Harry Lufi on the business connected with it manufacture and Sale is hoods Sarsaparilla twelve years ago in 1s75, c. I. Hood a co., then apothecaries began to compound the Sarsaparilla which immediately came into Fervour with the Public Forough some remarkable cures which it Efie Etca. The first Tesa Zoulal in regard of it Efficacy which the proprietors of Tais remedy received was dated it Wilton. N. H., Janavry 16, 1876b and related the care of a Aeri oas Case of eur Fula the suffer a a being a Little Girk face manufacture of the Sarsaparilla a Oan tinted at the store until 18?#, when off is Rel for it became so great that it was found to toe necessary to fit up a Laboratory in which to voip Boud it. Accordia Egiy one floor of a business Block was a ecu fed and the 8a Isa Parrila business was there carried on upon what seemed to toe a greatly extended scale. Bat the popularity of the Medicine grew so ran idly that in another year still larger quarters were necessary. In 1879 a five year a late to taken of a a flail three Story wooden build ing. Of foil three years however these quarters became Oram Ned and or. Hood con cit Raed that it was time to build a Laboratory Large enough to accommodate the business for a Long time into the future. Hence a four Story Brick Laboratory 100x50 feet was constructed but in less than three years the business had again outgrown its accommodations and in the Sommer of �?~188# an enlargement1 was made making the Laboratory at present 229 by 50 feet four stories and a basement. In shis building there is a capacity of production of 10,000 bottles of Sarx Parilla a Day and Bere most of the printing for advertising ac., 1 done. The increase in Ilie Sarsaparilla business has from the beginning doubled each year Over the previous year. It is expected t hat the increase for 1887 will be at least 75 per cent Over 1886. Up to 1878 the floor Are occupied for Itlie business was 200 Square feet. Now the floor area occupied is 60.000 or Oare f��5-Suen phenomenal Success is certainly evidence that the meet Niue does posse real Merit and Many of our readers can testify to its curative Power. It is very warmly endorsed As an excellent Spring Medicine. As to the outstanding three per cent. Washington april 29.�?Secretary Fairchild said this afternoon in answer to inquiries on the subject that be had not yet made up his mind with regard to the uncalled three per cent. Bonds. It is. However regarded As practically settled that there w ill be no More Calls for Bonds during the present fiscal year and that the amount of three per cents outstanding amounting to about $19,000,000, will be reserved for foe sinking fund requirements of the next fiscal year beginning july 1st of or a being inadequate to a Ltd foe Church Ard was no a sentence from the statements mad by mias newbie As she a poke from the pulpit giving a fall history of ner life utt rings and final restoration to health Bhe a poke for half an hour giving a full history had Effial for guidance through the p Cess. She Furtner stated the handed her to go Kud friends of i being my ��n�?~il0rk�1f,\do�.,. K e said Fife did no quot Krowl Ltd her Lime on Earth w of foe Toel Spok wit Toire 1 a. Sawr a ?.wt�wat8sss ner Story. After the Moat Strong voice by diction waa pronounced a Felt. J estion Sand addle by visitors from al Paru c continually answering que ner Story. After the Ringh Reaf Strong voice Bijj diction was pronounced a a a priest s Tulfo got a div new Orleans la., april 28.- divorce pril 28.�?father a1� Tifful girl a leaving the ifs half member 6f i congregation Church and marrying father a fam to hat District Dort to Day granted three persons cbnjf., May l�?3lt Putnam of saturday h Foff boat containing or. Henry Deary aged thirty years Peter Bursa aged deed bodies of Tuff worn and affy girl have a there i no Trace of the i body. Try curious. Questions answered for foods Inion nation. 7 a please state if e. M. Stanton won Secretary of War under Buchanan. to not what Day of the week april foil on la i prof Friday. Did for today of re pot mile ird of Flag a i distance 250 Mil fare limited �7 50i �5or Baa f to b that Maud 8�?T beet record official been beaten by Auy a Foer official eve it Baa been beaten by Johnson a pacer. Maids Johnson 2 0�. 1 would like to enlist in the United state army where i a place to go. Or fico must a to of enlist Ana How much do they puff a month and How Long Dath shortest time of a Nii to it you can enlist in the recruiting office a Cincinnati five years �18 pm front upon what Day of the week did Day or March 184�o, foil sunday. Eth d foe a claih3 that the first police commissioner in Cincinnatt Veie elected a District. B claims that they or appointed. Whole they were appointed. Please give the salary of the president. A Horseshoe Long Ario what was the result of foe contest la the iffy Fly fifty thousand dollars per Annam. Won by Kane. It Whin was the last time prohibition was voted on and who was governor elect. In 1883. Heedly. A can Yon inform a of Astana Reader who Reverdy Johnsoe was a a a �.�?��?�? a distinguished Maryland statesman at Torney Generio under president Taylor United states senator and minister of England. Will Yon please state the porn Laura of toe entire City of London England of about 4,000,800. April 30, 1855, came on 14,16t>7. Came on monday sep came of thursday april 2, tuesday Apelt 1866, pm onday january a Temler 17,1m& 1872, came of ame on saturday. Will Yon kindly state what Day Longview Asylum is open to visitors and if a Spe Oliai permits necessary f on thar Daj. To. Please info foe United states form derailed by a Bowlder. A Xci al dispatch to the Enqu Bixb. Carlisle ky., april 30.�?the North bound freight train engine and four cars were thrown from the track by a Large Bowlder having fallen from the 6lde of the Cut two Miles from this City yesterday evening and mashed the cars into kindling Wood and wrecked the engine. No one Hurt but r. Whittaker the Engineer who is Cut about the shoulder and on his right hip by being thrown against the head of the boiler when the engine made the jump. Four boys drowned. Buffalo n. Y., May 1.�?jay and Lee Moore aged fourteen and twelve years and Ira and Bertie Hotchkiss aged eleven and eight sons of Well to do Farmers of South Valley Cattaraugus county yesterday went i snog along the Allegheny River. Beu about a Rda Lorn Shore the current a pelted the boat and a a four Ware drowned. Me if the late decision of court against the tax or License Law that existed in several Southern states in Virginia and Tennessee that Man no Here had to pay for commercial men to sell their Good a still in any part thereof be in the in existent now sell their goods without being molested above to totes or can they the United forced. States decision has been in please Tell me what Day of the week tha 16th Day of november 1837, came Alito to 16th of March 1839, and the 15th of october 1867. A it a tuesday saturday tuesday. Did general r. E. Lee of the c. S. A., ask the French government for a position in it army daring the Franco prussian War and was he refused because he Hod been a traitor of fris own country that a a lie made oat of whole Elioth. Please state if great Britain owns Australia and of so when and How did she come in Possession Australia is a province of great Britain and was acquired by discovery and conquered the same As other British Possession. What Day in 1858, corns on saturday. Tha week did december 11, Young or Middle aged men suffering from Nerva debility and Kindred weaknesses should Send ten cents in stamp tor in re illustrated treatise suggesting sure Means of

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