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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - May 2, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioRhe Cincinnati weekly enquire wednesday Menino. May 2, 1877.Over the advancing slowly Bat tardy. Bridging the Danube at Brail adapting romanian railways to the russian Ganga the csar firmly resolved Realise the bored Mission Russia. To turkish gunboats abandon the Danube fearing torpedoes and heavy artillery Odessa threatened. John Bull Issue a neutrality Roola Matiang Italy in unfriendly correspondence with the Forte. British naval preparation London april 30.�?the times says some months must elapse before the Ile Culee can go to the Mediterranean As it is necessary to renew her boilers. The orders sent to the Devenport Dock Yard Are to Yum Forward necessary works commissioned and non commissioned ships with All Speed and to direct sole attention to such necessary works leering All carving fitting officers Cabins ac., for cure completion. The Engineer officer in charge the Channel Squadron has also been ordered to inspect the boilers each ship and where also lately necessary red Nee the pressure to a Safe kit fitting new boilers in those ships which e been provided for in Tho Navy estimates will he left for future Opportunity. A Turkey and Hervias the Danube. The Vienna correspondent the times telegraphs As follows a three Days ago considerable alarm was created by the local papers announcing that Abdul Kerim Pasha Tho turkish commander in chief had asked the Servian government the Light passage for turkish troops. Last night the report was positively denied from Belgrade. The truth lies Between these conflicting accounts. It ii nmn the Porte not Tho turkish commander has informed the Powers that it might find it necessary for self defense to Cross into Servia. The Powors replied that it was advisable to avoid such a step As Long As possible. The closing the Danube by Russia seems rather a serious matter. Freedom navigation the Danube is notoriously a st Pula in the right to blocks the whole the lower Nube. It is stated that besides eight gun boats which the russians have brought Down in sections a and put together the Pruth Danube the ruse a Fleet is at Nicolaieff and will eventually come in to the Mouth the Danube to assist the rus Pian army in its passage the English troops tor Egypt i it is officially announced at the War office in this pity that the government has made preparations to my 50,000/nen at a moments notice to Egypt. Of Ais Force 25,000 will go from England and 25,000 am India. Tho commissariat and medical staff Are also ready to leave. Bombast prom the British times. A the times continues to deprecate unnecessary alarm and says a even if we had the most positive insurances that Russia intended to besiege constantinople there would be ample time to take the needful precautions Long after her army had missed the Danube. But to assume that the russian leaders have any such design is to suppose that they have taken leave their senses. It is it Turkey alone they would have to meet nor in Frey Ana England hut the whole Western Europe. We May safely assume that Russia is not altogether devoid common sense and mean while we Mav keep ourselves the rus8ians in Roumania. A special from Bucharest states that about forty thousand russians entered romanian territory saturday. It is estimated that 120,000 have so far a roasted the Pruth turkish attack anticipated. A Vienna special sunday says the authorities Brail have ordered the inhabitants to remove All portable property within three Days As an attack from the turks is expected. Fifteen thousand russians Are now quartered below the town to meet the anticipated assault. The turkish army the Danube has been rein forced by forty battalions and 40,000 circassian from Sofia. A prote8t that comes rather late. The news from Paris is that a protest is being drawn up by the Porte respecting alleged commencement hostilities by Russia previous to a formal declaration War. Several turkish con Buls Are unable to return Home in consequence. A a Neutral John Bull. In the House commons this afternoon the Chancellor the exchequer said a it is the intention the government to Issue a proclamation the Khedive will assist. Tho under Secretary for the foreleg a department in reply to h question said the Porte had asked Tho Khedive to Send assistance. Tho Khedive promised to do so and to place his contingent under their command but that none Tho Revenue pledged to creditors should be touched. The As st Otance Tho Porte therefore depends Tho amount contributions for that purpose. It is believed a number egyptians were already the Danube. Roast beep in solemn Council. The Queen held a Council at Windsor Castle this afternoon. After the Council All the ministers re turned to London. Roumania stands by Russia. Bucharest april 30.�?the romanian Senate today approved 41 to 10, the convention with Russia adopted saturday by the chamber deputies. The minister for foreign affairs communicating the convention to the 8enate, declared Tho treaty Paris had been destroyed by Europe allowing the entering Russia into Turkey. Roumania he a Aid would allow the turks to occupy Kalafat but would resist her further Advance. An attack by the bus8ian8. Erze Boum april 30.�?Tho russians having concentrated and advanced their siege train have at tacked the t res before Kart. The Battle commenced at Daybreak sunday. The details Are momentarily e expected. Muhktar pascals in Kars. No it appears at Vienna. Vienna april 30.�?the turkish Black sea squad ion will next attack Odessa. Five thousand russians Are Busy repairing the inundated railroads. R the austrian Archduke Albrecht and Wilhelm a re expected the croatian Frontier to inspect the garrisons. This is considered to augur important events. Engineers Are adapting the romanian roads to the russian Railroad gauge. This will first be done from Mirac Listi to Busco. The romanians killed Eigi and wounded eleven fugitive jews near Gulf fee i 1 Czar has telegraphed to the Princo Monte no a i am firmly resolved this time to Realise the sacred Mission Russia and my predecessors. will Aid things Are working in Romb. I Rome. April 30.�?a correspondence is progressing Between Italy and Turkey in consequence the refusal i the latter to permit russian subjects to remain a Nair the Protection italian consuls in places where there Aro no German consuls. The return the italian ambassador to constantinople will be delayed some time. A the Advance the russians. Land in May 1.�?a dispatch from Bucharest dated monday says a the russians Are advancing very slowly. The left Wing rests at rent. Grana Duke Nicholas will establish his head quarters at Jassy to Day whence they will afterwards be advanced to Plo Cesti. It is reported that the turkish gunboats have left Tho lower Danube fearing torpedoes and the russian heavy artillery. It is believed that the slow movement the russians is Ltd get to an intention to a give the turks ample time to reflect upon their present situation. A special from Odossa says a by Ders received saturday Odessa bus been declared in a state a special from Galatz reports that passage Down the Danube is now impossible owing to the obstructions placed by the russians at the Mouth the Pruth. Arabs to assist the Sultan. An Alexandria correspondent says a great excitement prevails at Jeddah and Oil towns Arabia. Recruiting and drilling is progressing everywhere and Large numbers Are volunteering. The Schelff Mecca sends the Sultan 4,000 fully a quipped notice to quit Turkey. Constantinople april 30 a the Porte intends to Issue notice that russian residents in Turkey who Ore unwilling to submit to ottoman Laws must leave constantinople within eleven Days and the provinces within Twenty one Days. Russia s generous response. By. Petersburg april 30.�?notwithstanding Ture yes action Russia unhesitatingly permits ottoman subjects to remain in Russia under British Protection. The russians in Asia. London May la a Telegram from tills states that the russian administration has been established in the District t Utah angered near Kars. The russians have occupied Degwin dig Virs in turkish Georgia the inhabitants receiving them As friends and surrendering their anus to them. Preparing to a maintain a special from Liverpool says an officer the transport service is now there surveying the ves Wieb would be available for government in the removal troops in the event this is being done purely As a precautionary measure. Great it it it aim. Neutral till it eats to interfere London april proclamation has been to sued by the Queen stating that she to determined to maintain a strict and impartial neutrality in the War Between Russia and Turkey and commenting her subjects to abstain from violating the Laws relating thereto. Then follow the English statute instituted to regulate her majesty subjects during the existence hostilities Between foreign states with which her majesty is at peace. The proclamation conclude with an admonition to British subjects not to disobey the command at their peril. Heavy Rise in flour. Belfast. April mls flour to Day Rose �2 per ton. It has risen 927 in three weeks. Con Arne fetes the 4ltn�tfon. The turkish budget shows a deficit �4,500,000. Servia has Reo Elved a million roubles probably from slavonic committees. A Small detachment egyptian troops is expected shortly at constantinople. A steamship with eight Hundred fugitives Board has arrived at constantinople from Galatz. Friday and saturday Over a thousand turkish women and children took rail from rus Tschuch for Varna. Layard has advised the Sultan not to unfold the prophets Standard As it would end All attempts to localize the War. The permanent committee the supt Selna has protested against any forced occupation Servian territory by the Turk. The official russian invalid ast mates that ninety seven turkish infantry battalions Are already in near Dobr Dacha. A Vienna correspondent says the Porte has now Given official Assurance that it does not intend to carry the War Servian territory. A majority Tho russian booksellers in connection with German publishers have just declared their inability to pay their debts before Tober. A dispatch from Vienna says the Saltan has declared that he will not unfurl the Standard the Prophet to arouse ottoman feeling until All other Means defense have failed. The st a Petersburg Gazette announces that All War news must be submitted for the approval a special committee the Central staff office before being Pilsl toned in russian papers. During the night entry into departure from the bosporus and the Dardanelles is absolutely prohibited. All lights will be extinguished except two in the Dardanelles and these May also be put out the London Glt be says it learns that the Mediterranean Squadron will remain at Corfu unto the 6th May. When being reinforced by Tho frigate Raleigh it will proceed to the Piraeus and await orders. A russian general says the russians Are fully prepared to sacrifice thirty thousand men in forcing the passage the Danube should circumstances compel them to take immediate action in that direction. Belgrade dispatches say Abdul Kerim telegraphs Osman Pasha that the russians will probably Endeavor to Force the Danube at Roni and Ismail. There is agitation for War among members the Shup Schina. The Servian militia cavalry and artillery have been ordered to keep wagons and horses ready. The brigades Shumelda Drin a and Valtero have been ordered in readiness. A Large number recruits have arrived. Complications Are expected to arise in the event the russian Squadron in China being ordered to the Mediterranean and demanding passage through Tho Suez canal. All the Central steamers and ships have left Galatz and Brail. A dispatch from Vienna says that the main body the russian army is marching Between Batum and Kars supposed to be advancing Erso Roum Greece is directing her troops toward Tho turkish Frontier. The British ironclads stationed at Malta have sailed for . Special esp Rich to the a a Mizar. Washington. D. 0., april a 1977. A nor Kadlac trouble. If the Southern policy Hayes is to be antagonized in Congress the election judge Spofford to the Senate by the no Bolto legislature will afford occasion for directly traps terring the Louisiana dispute from that state into the Halls Congress. 8poffbrd will without doubt present his credentials the first Day the special session and Tho Senate will to called upon to decide whether William Pitt Kellogg elected some month ago by the Packard legislature judge Spofford elected yesterday by the a Cholla Legisla Ture is entitled to the scat this will necessarily invite a reopening Tho entire Louisiana dispute inasmuch As the titles the respective claimants were Given by the state officials the one acting before and the one after the withdrawal the troops. If then there is to be a general in silage the Southern policy the president it will not to want occasion for attack which will prevent its being made. Nor is it a abject which can be brushed aside. Either Kol Logg Spofford is entitled to the seat and the 8enate will undoubtedly proceed at once to adjust the claims the contestant it is Tho impression that Eust to who waa elected to the Short term after Pinchback was rejected will be seated the statement being made that senator Morton has indicated that he will vote for seating him both in committee and open Senate. There is some doubt As to How bitter a the fight anti Hayes faction in the Senate will make but it is considered almost certain Here that Spofford will secure his seat As there will be enough administration senators vote with the democrats to give it to him. The same is True in the Case Butler South Carolina so that the next Senate will stand undoubtedly thirty six straight democrats thirty four straight republicans four carpet baggers and two independents. It must be remembered however that the thirty four straight republicans include Blaine Morton and the whole anti Hayes faction. The czars declaration War. St. Petersburg april 24.�?the Czar s manifesto to the russian army and people was promulgated to Day. The following is the full text quot our faithful and beloved subjects know the Strong interest to have constantly Felt in the destinies the oppressed Christian population Turkey. Our desire to ameliorate and assure their lot has been shared by the whole russian nation which now shows itself ready to Bear fresh sacrifices to alleviate the Post Lou christians in the Balkan pc insula. The blood and property our faithful subjects have always been dear to us. And our whole reign attests our constant solicitude to preserve to Russia the Benefit peace. This solicitude never failed to actuate us. A during the deplorable events which occurred in Herzegovina Bosnia and Bulgaria our object before ail was to effect the amelioration the position Tho christians in the East by Means a Clulo negotiations in concert with the great european Powers our allies and friends. For two fest we have made incessant efforts to induce the Porte to effect such reforms As would protect the christians Bosnia Herzegovina and Bulgaria from the arbitrary measures the local authorities. Tho accomplishment these reforms was absolutely stipulated by Anterior engagements contracted by the Porto toward the whole Europe. Our efforts supported by the diplomatic representations made in common do other governments have not How Over attained their object. The Porte has be manned unshaken in its formal refusal any effective guarantee for the Security its Christian subjects Ana has rejected the conclusions the constantinople conference. A wishing to essay every possible Means conciliation in order to persuade the Porte we proposed to the other cabinets to draw up a special protocol comprising Tho most essential conditions the constantinople conference and to invt the turkish government to adhere to the International which st amp tos the extreme limits peaceful demands. But our expectation was not fulfilled. The Porte did not defer to this unanimous wish Christian Europe and lid not Adhe ito to the conclusions the protocol. A having exhausted Pacific efforts to Ere compelled by the haughty obstinacy the Porte to proceed to More decisive acts feeling that our equity and our dignity enjoin it by ner refusal Turkey places us under the necessity having recourse to arms. Profoundly convinced by the Justice our cause and humbly committing ourselves to the Grace and help the most High we make known to our faithful subjects that the moment foreseen when we pronounced the words to which All Russia responded with Complete unanimity has now arrived. We expressed the intention to independently when we deemed it necessary and when Russia s Honor should demand it. A and now invoking the Blessing valiant armies we give them the order to Cross the turkish Frontier. Alexander. A Given at Kisch Eneff. This 12th Day april old style in the year Grace 1377, and in the Twenty third year our the Montreal calamity. Montreal april 30.�?intense excitement exists in regard to the negligence the watchman the burned Earl Cabinet works. makes contradictory statements and is held by the Coroner. The latest returns show nine killed and ten wounded who Are doing Well. A Public meeting will be held to take Steps for providing for the orphans. The City Council to Day decided to pay the funeral expenses those killed at the fire and attend in a body. The funeral will be the largest in the City for years. On the Corn Exchange this Forenoon Over one thousand dollars were subscribed to the Relief fund. A sacred concert will be held in Aid the widows and orphans. The Odd Fellows free masons and orangemen held Spe dal meetings to night to consider the Best Means to Benefit the bereaved families. Not the body . Bliss. Cleveland o., april 30.�?henry w. Stager the Lake Shore Railroad and d. W. Whittle went Down to Euclid this afternoon a special engine and had the body though to be the remains p. P. Bliss disinterred. The body is not that . Bliss. The Corpse is that a Man about five feet eight inches High thick set prominent uneven Teeth and in appearance a German. Or. Stager and . Whittle Aro conf Dout. From personal experience at Ashtabula in searching for bodies that it is extremely improbable if not impossible that any the bodies from the wreck could have passed under to ice and Down the Creek into the Lake and unite in sending this message to assure the friends those lost at Ashtabula that in their judgment no More bodies will Ever be found. What to lib War la doing for a. New York april 26.�?business yesterday the produce Exchange is stated to be much larger than Many a Day for several years. Of Grain 265,000 bushels were sold. In provisions 1,700 barrels pork were sold at an Advance fifty cents a barrel and 10,000 cases lard at an Advance 87u cents to 40 cents a Case. The bothnia which sailed yesterday took 40,000 bushels wheat Aud a Large Quantity Cotton and leather. Full urn in Buffalo. Buffalo n. Y., april 30.�?chester, Morgan amp Arend Well known dry goods and carpet dealers to Day made an assignment to r. D. Sherman. Liabilities �250,000 nominal assets estimated at 200,000. Another boy mar door. Nashua n. H., april 80.-James Whitney six years old in a quarrel with his playmate Lewis Shattuck. Was stabbed by the latter probably fatally three time a saving Bank gone up. Bethlehem penn., april 30.�?the dime savings Bank has suspended. The liabilities exceed 286,-000 assets unknown but claimed to be sufficient to yield a percentage. Sell mans do not lend too much Money account the european War the Syndicate will shoulder the responsibility and Purchase outright their own account the 100,009,000 to at will probably remain the per cent Bonds the 90th june at which time their option will expire. It to hardly credible but it to a fact that the next Call 10,000,000, which will be made next week possibly this week will wipe out the entire amount five Twenty Bondt 1806 bearing six per cent interest thus the syndicates operations under this contract so far will reduce the annual interest the Public debt 92.250.0u6 a year and if they fulfil Tho contract made last August they will reduce the annual interest 4,600,000. It has been suggested to Sherman that As soon As he can float the four per cent Bonds he ought to Stop the Alo the four and a half. Sherman has grown nervous Over this subject because to atop the sales even if the four per cents do appreciate to Par might demoralize the Market and defeat the very object he won have in View that is to fund the pud tie debt at the lowest possible rate interest. Whatever he Doea in this direction must be accomplished before the 20th june because the Syndicate want All the per cent Bonds that remain. This is regarded Here As a glorious commentary the credit the United states. Special dispatch to the enquirer. Washington d. C., april 26,1877. What it Means. The presence the six russian men War in american Waters at this time is now regarded to have More significance than the Mere escort Tho two russian Dukes Alexis and Constantine. It is believed that the Czar when he ordered the Fleet to this country had in his minds Eye that War Between his Empire and Turkey was inevitable and that it would to a Wiso stroke policy to have cruising in the Atlantic six Fleet ships his Navy in Case England should in any contingency become involved in the complication. In that event it is believed that Russia would commence a system predatory acts the Commerce England in the Waters the Atlantic. 9uch a stroke would compel England to keep her North Atlantic Fleet in a condition to protect its commercial Marine and at the same time look after the movements the russian Man War. It would also Lead undoubtedly to the passage k Freo shipping Law in the United states the repeal the present navigation Law in order to give the Commerce England the Protection which would be accorded it by flying the american colors. Naval officers say that the russian Shipe now in the Waters the Atlantic Are the fastest the czars naval establishment and by reason their thorough sailing capacity As to Speed could do incalculable damage and elude the vigilance a whole Fleet vessels Leas Speed though More formidable in armament. General Thorman think that the Turko russian War will eventually culminate in the greatest outbreak which has occurred for centuries past that Austria will soon to in it and that before constantinople to taken England will probably interfere am thus become involved. says that a Large army russians will Cross the Danube somewhere Between Rustchak and Varna and that both these cities with Sylestria will be the scenes great fighting. Tho russians will push into Moldavia and Down to Galatz if they can get there. At that terrific Battle will be fought but in his opinion the great Field Battle the Campaign will be fought at Seh Mia Tho immense fortified Camp the turks. thinks the russians Are moving with an army about three Hundred thousand men in that direction. is opinion that if the russians Are paying Gold Abr what they use in the moldavian and Wal Lachle a provinces the banners will continue to go and raise their crops but if they take by Force and devastate Tho country then the Farmers business in that great producing county will entirely suspend. To says Tho turks will make a More depend led resistance than they have Ever made before and that their Navy now in the Black sea is far Superior to the russian and that it would not Surprise him if Tho turks perpetrated a bold flank movement and captured Odessa in the Black sea the chief depot supplies ac., for the marching armies the Czar. believes that before the War is Over the map the continent and Eastern Europe will be very much changed. General Sherman says All officers the american army who get leave absence to go across the sea must do so at half pay and that it is decided that they can not to Tho staff any general either Side and that they can not become engaged either Side in any manner. Possibilities the new Senate. The Assurance that the Republican majority in the Senate will be whittled Down to four As soon As the Louisiana and South Carolina senators Are sworn in and the knowledge that there Are More than four anti iia resites among the Republican senators has started into renewed activity a plot which has Long been hatching to break up the Anthony ring which for Long years has had a death grip Senate patronage. It is rather More than probable that sergeant at arms French and clerk Gorham will both be ousted. There Are four Republican senators who have openly avowed their personal animosity to French and they hold the balance Power and will doubtless Force the republicans to nominate some other Man. Sex congressman Jerry Rusk is said to have a Good show for the place. The possibility the democrats effecting a reorganization the Senate committees with the help the carpet baggers to also hinted Here and is among the possibilities. It is not probable however tor in the recent reorganization the Senate committees the Republican leaders foresaw the danger and cleverly guarded against it by giving each the four carpet bag senators holding Over better chairmanships than the democrats could afford to give them. Thus Dorsey is at the head the committee the District Columbia Spencer military affairs patters education and labor and Conover enrolled Bills. Special Dimitch to the enquirer. Washington d. C., april 27, 1877. There i considerable Moonshine in the published statements that Secretary Sherman intends to Stop the Sale the per cent Bonds the new loan As soon they Apple elate in value so As to bring the 4 per cents to Par. The facts Are just these the 24th last August a contract was made with the rothschilds sell Man Drexel Syndicate. This synd Ca was to take 300,000,000 44 per cent Bonds at Par less the one Quarter 1 per cent commission by Tho 30th june 1877. There was a proviso in the contract that at any time after the 4th March the Secretary could terminate it by giving ten Days notice. This provision was made so As not to hamper any new administration that might follow Grant. The Syndicate has been very Active and successful in its operations. They Hare sold All the Bonds that Calls have been made to offset amounting to 9140,000,000 and the indications Are judging from the regular tone the Market that they will sell 930,000,000 a month More Between now and the 30th june. Our Bonds meantime have appreciated in value and Tho general supposition to that if the rothschilds and special dispatch to the enquirer. Washington. April 29,1876 the ghost a crime. Anderson returning Board notoriety and marshal Pitkin left last night for Louisiana rather dejected. The former was an applicant backed by Ohn Sherman for Tho collector shop the port new Orleans. Hayes has gone clean Back him and agreed to appoint John e. King. told Anderson. However that he would have Given him the place but be apprehended that if he sent his name to Tho Senate he would be rejected because the democrats would not vote for his confirmation. did no to Tell Anderson in addition however that the principal reason Why he did not appoint him was that it would give Rise to a debate in the executive session the Senate which would probably revive the Rascal ties the Louisiana returning Board and compel a number the statesmen who visited new Orleans to see fair count to Rise and explain. It is understood that Carl Schurz advised Hayes that it was much better to offend Anderson by not appointing him than allow Tho returning Board in any manner it saw fit to ventilate its own Rascal ties. Such ventilation should not come up in the Senate As it most assuredly would pending the confirmation if the nomination was made. King who will receive the appointment is an sex judge the supreme court under the Kellogg dynasty. Special dispatch to the enquirer. Washington april 30, 1877. The famous Megar Raban fraud is again before Tho Interior department. For eight years it has been pending and As yet no Secretary the Interior except Cox Ohio has had Tho nerve to say whether Mcgarrahan s claim was fraudulent not. The Stock has been watered by Mcgarrahan to untold millions and sex sen tors and sex congressmen hold it by Tho 100,000. The new Idria company now demand a hearing from Schurz while Mcgarrahan wants the hearing delayed so that the new con Gressmen May to placed Tho ground floor with additional Stock. Schurz wants to end Tho litigation and make a decision but is restrained by Montgomery Blair who is Mcgarrahan a attorney Aud to whom the Teuton is under some obligations for past favors. The claim involves minions and is an evidence How slow the government can adjudicate a claim that has sugar in it for its officials. The carpet Bagger regard the appointment judge King to the collector shop at new Orleans As a movement directly in Tho interest Tho natives the South As distinguished from themselves. King was recommended by Anderson late the returning Board whose connection with that notorious institution made it impolitic if not inappropriate that he should be appointed to office. Anderson is not a native but is not a carpet Bagger and hav ing been an old line whig has become imbued with Tho spirit conciliation and dreams the resurrection the whig party among the natives Louisiana the carpet Biggers say the suggestion Kings name was his first step in this direction and that even Sherman has recently said when speaking Louisiana laces that he had Como to the conclusion that the Republican party had carried too heavy a Load in Louisiana and must now unload but did not think it was his business to say who must to thrown overboard. The is Tho whole Batch carpet baggers both those who Are Here and so far As heard irom those in Louisiana have been thrown into a panic by King s appointment almost As much As if a Democrat had been selected and Are casting about for Means to save the lost hold they have upon Tho spite. The speaker ship contest. The president has Given up the weak Hope he had cherished that the House might be organized with a Republican speaker and since Garfield got that Black Eye. And his Little game was prematurely exposed he has kept quiet to await Tho operation the Oil pacification administered by Hayes. In the mean time . Randall sits in his office at Tho Capitol and like great Black spider is spreading his web catching the stray congressional files who swarm to the government molasses pot. receives and dispatches scores letters every Day to every Corner the country Aud smiles in the Happy self satisfaction that he has secured the votes nigh one Hundred members. has no doubt whatever that the South will to solid and the administration held m wholesome Check. Southern men Here assert that Randall will find himself not so unanimous he supposes and that Sayler Cox Morrison Blackburn and Hooker Mississippi Are improving every ino a aet and forming combinations that will have i decisive Fleet upon Tho result and when the con test grows warm gome such representative element Tho democracy As Goode Virginia Gibson Louisiana will to brought Forward As a Point concentration for the opposition. To the associated press. Revenue returns. Washington april 30.�?internal Revenue receipts for the last year to 30th april were 93,332,-710. Receipts for this year have been 995,982,210 18, showing a gain for ten months 2,590,499. Receipts for May 1876, were 13.711,356, a sum nearly two and one Quarter millions greater than for the month May 1876. Present indications Are that Tiro receipts for the next month will not fall much if any Short the receipts the sume month in 1876, and if the receipts for May and june do not fall off the receipts for Tho fiscal year will come up to the estimate 120,000,000. Commissioner Raum thinks the estimate will certainly be reached even if riot exceeded. Financial. The comptroller Tho currency reports the amount United states Bonds Deposit As Security for the circulation National Banks Tho 1st May 3-10,732,000, an increase 13,000.000 since the publication his report november 1, 1876. These securities consist. Of 992,870,000 6 per cents., including 98,330,000 issued to Pacific railroads 211,842.-000 5 per cent Bonds and 36,020,000 4>j per cent Bonds since the 1st november 1876. There has been a reduction 911,000.000 6 per cent Bonds 12,000,000 5 per cent Bonds Aud an increase 125,900,000 4per cent Bonds. The amount National Bank circulation outstanding May 1st, 318,364,667. Deducting from this amount the amount Logal tender notes Deposit for the purpose retiring National Bank circulation we Nave 9302,986,249, which represents the amount National Bank notes secured by Bonds Deposit As above Given. The net increase National Bank circulation for the month april was 124,000 amount additional circulation issued 1,452,250, the following is a statement the operations the National Bank resumption Agency for the month april Aud for ten months ending this Day As compared with a corresponding period last year National Bank notes disposed and notes fit for circulation assorted and returned to Banks for april.11,615,600 for ten months. 114,450,600 notes unfit for circulation assorted and delivered to comptroller the currency for destruction and displacement a with new notes for april. For ten months. Note. Of failed liquidating mid reducing Banks deposited in Treasury for april. For ten Mouths. 20�305.400 totals for 1877�? for april. 18,334,600 5,248,600 49,334,500 1,570,400 for ten Mouths. Totals for 1876�? for april. For ten months. Increase for april. For ten months. 184,090,5002,897,500 a. 154,476,3555,437.10029,614,145 dentil a Kentucky lady a latin gushed connections. Special dispatch to the enquirer. Louisville ky., april 26.�?news reaches hero the death at Cloverport ky., mrs. Ann Maria Murray a lady extensively known by reason her distinguished connection deceased was a daughter colonel John Allen a distinguished lawyer Shelby county. Kyd a who enlisting in the War a f i a a a it Sci Elf. Of 1812, won distinction and fell at the River Raisin action. Her first husband was Henry Crittenden a prominent politician the state. His brother was the celebrated John j. Crittenden. Her eldest son John Allen Crittenden to now a prominent citizen Frankfort. Another William Crittenden waa shot in Cuba. Another general Tom Crittenden represents Missouri in Congress. Her second husband was colonel David r. Murray by whom she had five sons. One John Allen to judge the criminal court at Portland. Another g Oral Eli h. Murray sex United state marshal Logan c. Murray. Cashier the Kentucky National Bank Here and David r. Murray clerk the Kentucky House representatives. The deceased was Sevonty five years age. Jottings. There Are More men duty now in the englis army than at any time since the Cymean War. There will be Twenty six executions during the month May. And even then Many the wicked will escape. I the Spectator says next to the English Premier the president the United states to most important to englishmen. California to to have a Slaughtor House 2,400 feet Long and All sheep who enter there will leave Hope and their pelts behind. Over 2,000 hostile indians have surrendered during the last six weeks to get recruited up and equipped for the summer Campaign. They should be tenderly treated. M. Gudin the distinguished French Marine Painter who to threatened with loss sight is better. His surgeons have injected strychnine at his temples with beneficial effect and they Hope to cure him. White Silks Are said to to quot doctored with oxide Carbonate Lead to such a degree that the health the persons who make up and those who Wear such articles clothing made such goods is rapidly undermined through the absorption the Lead into the system. The permission granted by the Pope to the italian Bishops to obtain the Royal Equator has produced a bad impression among the prussian prelates who accuse the holy see allowing in Italy what it withholds in Germany. The Vatican is making strenuous efforts to allay the resentment Tho German prelates. An undertaker in Chleople mass., has a queer grievance. The Catholic priest has a favorite in the Samo business and refuses to permit a Corpse to enter the Church unless encased in one the letters coffins. An Appeal to the Bishop has been ineffectual and the debarred casket maker is in an exasperated state mind. A prominent gentleman has offered 500 for the privilege being Tho King the carnival in new York next month but Iris offer has not yet been accepted it is considered that there May be others who will to willing to pay More for Tho Honor. In new Orleans one year it was secured by a leading banker Thore at the Price 8,000. The most expensive newspaper published in Paris is la Art Tho yearly subscription to which is 21 Gold and the cheapest is Tho Bonne pen see a religious weekly which costs ply 12 cents a year. The oldest parisian journals is Tho journal Gen eral Des a fiches which is now in its two Hundred and forty seventh year publication. The debts Tho Homburg gambling Bank were sold at auction recently. There were Bonds Given by unfortunate players Dukes counts Barons Duchesse Countesse officers Artista merchants lawyers and Diplomatist. The Bonds Are stated to represent the sum 500,000, and they were sold at 1,300, that being the highest bid made. Colonel John w. Dix a son sex govenor Dix died at the Home his father in new York City saturday. was Secretary legation with his father in Paris and private Secretary at Albany while his father was governor the state. had for several years been his fathers private Secretary and had the sole management a val i table Trust estate. The Duke and Duchess Edinburgh accompanied by their suite visited the Royal naval Hospital Malta the 24th ult. The Duchess in passing through the wards made gracious inquiries regard ing Many the patients and evinced special in Terest in the Cabin vacated that Day fourteen years ago by her husband then a midshipman his recovery from a serious illness. Admiral Philip Westphal the oldest commissioned officer in Tho British Navy is said to be the last surviving officer present at the Battle Copenhagen april 2, 1801. At the time this historical engagement he was a masters mate and three Days afterwards was made a lieutenant. The Admiral now resides at Ryde is ninety six years ago and entered the Navy in december 1794. The City forester Boston has come to the defense the maligned English sparrows. says that their introduction there was attended with great Benefit almost beyond All calculation in the destruction caterpillars and canker Worms and he denies that the sparrows molest interfere with any other Bird. Thousands dollars he adds would not pay the City for their loss. A Nashville Man a statistical turn mind who has had chills and fever for four years estimates that he has taken during that time 1,800 grains quinine 1,000 grains arsenic 500 grains Chincola 500 grains peruvian bark and considerable quantities nitric acid without apparently disturbing Tho chills at All. thinks a a shaking the town and seeking a More congenial clime. Windmills for raising water somewhat after the fashion those at present in successful Uro in South Australia Are Likely to be introduced in Tho Punjab where disastrous droughts Are so frequent by rating the water found in abundance at a Short depth below the surface to a system cheaply constructed reservoirs and pipes it la believed that in Case a deficient a rainfall the soil May be sufficiently irrigated 4o produce crop that will suffice to prevent famine if not dearth. A Man named Jean de Falasc was hanged in the sixteenth Century for a series murders. To All questions he replied with a song and the scaffold and in Tho presence 6,000 persons he asked and obtained permission to say a few words. Thon to begged the throng to join in the chorus a popular ditty quot there were four asses in a Field nipping Tho tender grass a which consisted imitations braying. Then said Jean a i die Happy because at my last moment i have heard six thousand asses braying at once and i have no desire to live with such the memorial window presented to Trinity Church Boston by Harrison Gray Ritchie and dedicated to the memory his Mother has been placed in position. It is eighteen feet in height the subject being a the the figures about ten in number Are life size the draperies Are gracefully disposed Aud the colouring is Rich and pleasing in effect. The window is the work Oudinot Paris and is perhaps the finest specimen stained Glass in Boston. Underneath the figures is the legend quot i ascend unto my father and your father and unto my god and your Ajjon the matrimonial announcements con Jungo the Paris marriage broker in the Petit journal May be noticed a Young lady age Twenty nine Fortune 100.000 francs orphan age Twenty three Fortune 60,000 francs widow without Chil Drin age Twenty six Fortune 100,000 francs widow Well preserved age thirty nine does not look More than Twenty eight no false hair has preserved All her Teeth plays the piano sufficiently for dancing temper Quick but heart Good slight Mustache Fortune 130.000 francs and an Uncle paralysed one Side whose doctor gives him Only three months to sex governor Warmoth Louisiana to a foxy politician. All the while he was pretending to sustain the Packard government he was in reality helping the cause Nicholso and buying state Bonds. purchased 160,000 Worth state Bond some time ago when they were Selling at 61, and subsequently disposed them at 74, making a Clear profit 13 per cent then he sold Short the same securities and after the depression in their Price which he himself caused by a speech he mad in favor Packard he again loaded up his our chases being greater than before. will no realize a big profit As the result to treachery. A Rochester mo., april m. 1979. To the motor the enquirer did the jetties constructed by Eads la tote Tosto Suppi River cause the River to Wash deeper at ote Mouth than it was before the construction tote if Tbs water to deeper at the month River to it not caused by the water Rushing a at swiftly at its Mouth into the Gulf thereby a venting Back water please answer the above and oblige a constant Reader Eastma. The jetties Are merely straight parallel Walls i far out into the open water and the which seems to have proved successful Only in thus enabling the Swift straight cd Matzl carry tha sediment out into the Gulf instead off to a positing it in the Mouth the . Kirk to the editor the enquirer As you Are answering a Good Many question i would like to ask one two 1. Is the population the world greater at tote present time than it was previous to the flood 2. Is the birth rate throughout the world grat Otot than the death rate rustic. 1. It would be difficult to state precisely. As the archives were destroyed about the time off aft flood. Noah was heard to remark at the tins quot this boat is the Only Ark in be left but you Atef obtain the information by looking Over late Filas off the Gazette which to now publishing items Abasto that Date. 2. The population the world to increasing and immigration does not wholly account for it de. Knt Clinton county mo., april 19,187t. To the editor the enquirer will you favor a subscriber by answering the to lowing questions please answer in your next toss How Long a person has to be a resident in the Tete Illinois to commence a div vice suit and Ona party having no knowledge where the other is. Ato this is the first question please answer a subscribe. To person does not have to be a resident in Tho state Illinois at All to commence a a cd Leto suit he can commence one any where. Sad whether he to married unmarried and get ii dismissed. We Are in favor marriage and opposed to . End Waynesville april 23, 1877. To the editor the enquirer 1. 1�?Tleaso inform me in your next paper what la meant by the Cross and Crescent which i Dally Saa in your foreign news column also 2. If it won be a Good investment to invest in Texas land Auto what part the state As i have Only a few Hundred dollars daily Reader. It al. Tho Cross symbolizes the russian Bear who is quite Cross at present in fact Tho russian Baa persuaded himself that Tho russian bears the Cross. The turkish Emblem is the Crescent by ii looks like it might he the last Quarter now. Z be very . End Cincinnati april 28,1877. 7b the editor the enquirer i noticed a communication signed quot eleventh Ward in your valuable paper yesterday referring to a couple dead dogs that have been lying Fox Street for several months. As yet they Nava not been removed. Now As tax payers to demand that he Board health give the matter their afr Tention and have the bodies removed As the stench is horrible and will be worse As the warm deaths increases. I Hope you will give this a place in your paper and by so doing oblige constant Reader. Perhaps they Are Spitz dogs and the Board health to afraid to tackle . End Columbia o., april 28,1877. 7b the editor the enquirer by answering the following question in your valuable paper you will greatly oblige a Reader off Tho enquirer is there any papers published in Oberlin Ohio if so hew Many and please give the names each please give me a Good answer without any fooling any kind. Yours a constant Reader. All right old boy. There is any papers published in Oberlin the number them Aro one and the names each Are Oberlin . End Ripley tenn., april 19,1877. 7b the editor the enquirer we have a dispute please decide for us. Waa judge David Davis tendered an appointment a a member the electoral commission before to election to the United states Senate and did he decline serving As such before after his election a subscriber we believe there was no regular communication the subject until after . Davis reduction to the Senate but the old Rascal knew All about it before and . End Indianapolis april 22,1877. 7b the editor the enquirer do the Laws this country require men foreign birth coming to this country minora to to naturalized in order to become citizens f. Born. Men foreign birth always come to this country grown up. Children sometimes come in Toto disguise minors and when they do they must to naturalized red. End to the editor the enquirer in a Commini cation the 27th with the above caption Tho subscriber wants to know whether three quarters the Republican party Are negroes. Allf it lungs cultivated in the dark become bleached a Siose their vigor. That is Tho cause their rank growth. R. A i we supposed it resulted from assimilation to the Stern apr White democratic . Eno.1 Cynthiana ky., april 27,1877. To the editor the enquirer please inform us through the columns Yon valuable paper what Greeley a majority onto Grant was in Kentucky in 1872, and oblige Felix Jonski 11,229. This was what broke Greeley s de. End detonate the month with White Teeth set in Rosy Gums. To do a it a you have Only to use Sozo dont regularly. Thai supreme Cleanser the dental Row arrests decay the Teeth and makes the breath Sweet As honeysuckle tuberose. the worst cases a . A have been relieved by using Jonas Whit Comai remedy. In no Case purely asthmatic Charneta has it failed to give Relief. Cocoa shells prepared by Walker Baker it pc co furnish an excellent substitute for Tea and Coffee at half their Cost and Are palatable nutritious Saafi healthful. All grocers sell Baker s chocolate which Are the Best in the enquirer. The Cincinnati enquires. Ratos subscription and a. Etc for the daily enquirer without sunday with bunftaf1 Issue. 1�ok�?T year12 14 to 61x months. To 7 Oto three months. 3 25 3 74 one month. I a 1 Toto per week by Carrier 20 2% for the weekly enquirer cd state prepaid by the publishers. One copy one year. To five copies one 75 each. 4 74 ten copies one year 1 60 each to Twenty copies one year 1 each. So 04 additions to clubs received at any time at Tab rates. Specimen copies free to applicants. Advertising schedule. For the daily enquirer advertisements displayed solid for each. Insertion per Square. A al cuts for each insertion per Square 1 if double column advertisements per Square. A a a Ding notices per line. Preferred specials per line. Business local notices per line. Marriages deaths religious and society notices wants boarding. For rent for Sale lost and found per line. Eight words make one Une. Eight Ante one Squar. Fourteen tees Agate one Inch. For the weekly enquirer advertisements displayed solid for each insertion per Square. Or 76 cents per Agate line business local notices per line Reading notice per line cuts subject to special rate according to Varav a Mclean s Cincinnati oboe. 1�o 5 is

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