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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - May 02, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioThe Cincinnati weekly enquirer. Wednesday morning May 2, 1877. The enquirer. Wed Leiwat. May 1mt7 of b Ken 8t0ry. A next week we will commence the publication of an original Story from the pen of Robert a. Cumming esq., entitled a the Bock the foundation is Laid in the alleghenies and covers a period the Inlet exciting in our nations history the revolutionary Era and As the plot b unfolded characters Are developed who during these trying times won a nations gratitude and immortal renown. We assure our readers they will find in a the Rock fortress one of the most entertaining and thrilling narratives that has yet appeared in print the Wab ended. After sixteen weary years of War peace Lias dawned upon Tho land and thirty eight states lift up their Heads Between the oceans equal beneath the stars and stripes. The Sun Shono yesterday for Tho first time in american history upon thirty eight unfettered Independent commonwealths Sisters in a National family the manacles removed. Tho War waged Between sections of Tho country is ended the War waged by the Federal government upon everal of the states in time of peace is finished. The Federal government is at peace with the states and another epoch in our history was closed yesterday at Noonday As the glitter of the Federal bayonets in new Orleans passed away from Tho support of a so called state government in Louisiana which had no right to exist. It is 1th-nounced that the Federal Power will no longer be used to crush a state. This Marks Progress. The epoch just closed has been the most eventful in our history. Five states have been added to Tho Union since 1860. Three amendments to the Constitution have become a part of the fundamental Law of the land. We have seen Graves open by the Hundred thousand in the Battle for the Union. We have seen the shackles fall from Tho limbs of four millions of people. We have seen the slave become the master. We have seen the Bondman become a citizen a voter and a Man voted for. We have seen the Fetters that imprisoned an individual or a class shifted to whole states. Throughout Tho last ten years to have gazed upon states in Bonds. We have watched Tho Federal army stalking into legislative Chambers of Sovereign states in time of profound peace turning out Tho majority to install the minority. To have seen the bayonets of the United states eject a governor at a Behest worse than that of Royalty. We have seen the muskets of the Federal government maintain in Power courts that were prodigies of injustice and lawlessness and the tread of the Soldier of the United states has for a decade crushed beneath the Iron Heel states that were helpless bleeding and pleading for their rights. Infinite patience has endured these wrongs. Strangled states have struggled for breath and gasping for life have with Sublime Hope awaited the final verdict of Tho american people which is that the War is Over. At noon yesterday the tread of the Soldier in new Orleans meant that the states were All free that the Sun could no longer Rise upon a state enslaved or set upon the Federal government a stupendous despot. After years of weary waiting this great Triumph has been achieved and almost four score states should clap hands for Joy for the liberation Ami Liberty of one Are the Liberty and. The liberation of All in this family of states. The peaceful tramp of armed men yesterday was As it so Seldom is in history an eloquent tribute to the Power of the people a recognition of the omnipotence of the popular will in a free land. In the novel in which a nation was the hero among nations of men yesterday furnished a fitting finale in the retiring of the Federal Bayonet from the control of the states in time of peace. No Romance Ever had a More pleasing finish. We have said that this is Tho Triumph of the people and it is. Tho great charter was wrested from King John but history 1ms not Laureles the brow of King John though the Magna Charta has shed its blessings upon history. In the Workings of Providence it was left for a president without a valid title at the bidding of the party opposed to him and by casting contempt upon the Bridge Over which he Rode to place to do the thing which the sentiment of the american people had imperatively commanded. It will not be forgotten that or. Ii ayes issued his orders on compulsion and in pursuance of the theory of the democratic party. Iii place and his policy were stolen. Hut Tho country May rejoice that the War Between the general government and the states is ended mid that the War within the Republican party is not. The democrats of Ohio. A a grand Victory in Ohio next october for the Greenback democracy would revolutionize Public sentiment and forestall any new party schemes of the president it would put an end to the Urther political supremacy of the Wall Street monopolists whether operating to. Ough the Republican or democratic a san Haven Conn . W e Are to receipt of a Quantity of letters and papers from various parts of the country expressing an anxiety As to the attitude of the Ohio democracy in the approaching political contest. A gentleman in Mississippi writes to inquire when it will be proper to discuss the Greenback question. The Washington d. A nation the Organ of the new whig party urges us to fight for the re monetization of Silver and let the other nine tenths of the currency question alone. A Large number of our friends in Ohio tenacious of their Faith Are in slating that the democracy of this state should not permit a Jot or a Tittle to pass from their doctrine As declared for the last three years. 8ome of the candidates for office in the state Are decidedly of the opinion that the a Greenback question quot should be ignored in our democratic platform for Tho people Are always afraid of their leaders and while the people Are always willing to declare their belief their a leaders quot Are not. Ohio is recognized As the Pivotal ground in the politics of the near future and the concern As to the position of the democracy of this state is not manifested without Causo. To do not assume to dictate to the democracy of Ohio their opinions they have become addicted to naming their own belief free from dictation from any source. We Havo in mind some illustrations of this spirit of Independence furnished a thin two years. While we do not pretend to dictate we do observe the sentiment of the Ohio democrats and a somewhat familiar acquaintance with them possibly enables us to predict with some accuracy what they will do next. The gentlemen who Are asking that the Greenback question be kept out of sight and out of mind Are asking an impossibility. The resumption act is itself Tho Greenback question. It declares that Twenty months hence the greenbacks shall be wiped out. This is the question of Tho life or death of the Greenback. Isnit that the a Greenback question quot the Ohio democrats do not make Effort to bring Tho Greenback question to the Frt for it is already there. The resumption policy of the Republican party Means the annihilation of the Greenback As Well As Universal bankruptcy. This is the Greenback question and the democracy of Ohio Are on record upon this Issue and they will not belie their record. It is the favorite plea of the speedy specie men the forced resumption its that the Honor of Tho country is at stake that the Greenback is a Promise to pay is a part of the Public debt that it is a government Bond. We have about two thousand millions of government Bonds outstanding that Bear interest. The Greenback bears no interest. The democracy of Ohio Are in favor of paying that part of Tho Public debt that bears interest before paying that portion of the Public debt which does not. There �9 the Silver question. Tho democracy of Ohio a year ago pronounced in favor of the re monetization of the old Silver Dollar. No journal in the United states was in Advance of the enquirer in demanding it As an act of equity and As a compliance with the letter and the spirit of the Bond under which every outstanding National obligation was issued. The Ohio democrats will not reverse their record upon this question. The democrats of this state Havo an opinion As to the National Hanks which they will reiterate for Tho right of Issue of currency should rest with Tho government alone. They have a belief to the effect that there should Only be a Tariff for Revenue. Probably they will say so. They also have a prejudice in favor of installing a Man in an office to which he has been elected. These Are some of the things which the Ohio democrats a Likely to Declaro at the next Opportunity. We make those predictions for the satisfaction of some people who Are fearful that the Ohio democracy will not bold fast to the organization of the House. It has never happened in Tho history of the United states that Tho House of representatives was organized in Tho interest of the West or in Tho joint interest of Tho West and South. It is not a score of years since the a Star of Empire quot in this country passed the alleghenies in its Westward Way and it is Twenty years since the last democratic president elected was permitted to be inaugurated. Before that time the East or the South had shaped the organization of the House and thus had folded our National legislation. The South had interests peculiarly her own with a system of labor unknown in the other states and for Many years directed the formation of the important committees of to a House to suit her pleasure. The East has made our protective Tariff Laws and dictated our financial legislation. The West now the Home of Tho great industries of the country directed nothing. From the Republican party which came into Power in 1860, the est had nothing to Hope has nothing to Hope now. The party of High tariffs and National Banks and shylock is not the party of the people it is not the Friend of the Groat Industrial interests that rest in the valleys of the Ohio and the Mississippi. While during the Complete supremacy of the Republican party Western men were frequently placed in High places of authority they have never acted As friends of the great producing agricultural sections of the country. They have been Western men in Longitude not in sympathy. Of the Twenty eight gentlemen who have held the office of speaker of the House of representatives but three have been Western men each of these from Indiana. John w. Davis of Indiana was made speaker in 1845. Schuyler Colfax was elected to Tho speaker ship in 1864, and or. Keisir ten years later. Thirty two years ago when or. Davis was made speaker the West was not the a great the legislation of the country during the terms of or. Colfax As speaker Marks an epoch in our legislation perhaps the most bitterly hostile to Western and Southern interests of any in our history. Or. Keisir did not organize the House in the Western interests save upon the single question of the Tariff and the fruits of that Concession to the Well Bema of the South and West Here net been realised for they Are from necessity of slow growth and but Little was actually accomplished in the Way of Tariff Reform. Since 1789, therefore when fun a. of Pennsylvania was made the first speaker of the House of representatives of the United states till this Day the West has not had a thoroughly Western speaker. A Man dwelling on the Banks of the Penobscot might be in full sympathy with the great Industrial interests that lie West of the alleghenies and Between the lakes and the Gulf but no such Man has Ever been made speaker of the House. The War Over slavery buried the interests of the West and South have become identical. The framers of our Laws in the National legislature should re Cognize this fact. The West and the 8outh should not be divided and while patriotism knows no sectional ism they should unite in protecting their own. The sources of Tho National wealth and Prosperity Are to be found in the West and the South which Are the dwelling place of the agriculture of a nation of Farmers. This is the american Industry. It has never been a beggar in the lobbies of Congress. It has never had its equal rights within the Halls of Congress. These vast populations and these enormous productive capacities never having been recognized in the determination of the officer who is to fashion the committees that fashion the legislation of the land ought now to be. The most important committee in the last Congress with a single exception walked the will of Tho people for seven months. We care not for the name of the next speaker nor for the latitude or Longitude of his dwelling place but we do ask that he to the fearless Friend of the Western and Southern welfare which is one. 1 Wab in Europe. From the Dally enquirer april 25. It is almost unnecessary to say that the War in Europe of the imminence of which we have spoken for the last twelve months will break out in a few weeks More probably in a few Days. As to said Many months ago it was not for nothing that Tho Czar the autocrat of Russia made his famous Moscow speech and it has not been for nothing that in his old age Prince seems to have been imbued with almost preternatural activity and that general ion Matieff has imitated the example of Thiers in 1871 and made the tour of the capitals of Europe. It is a horrible thing but no less horrible than True to Declaro that the nations Are in arms. It is useless to attempt to disguise the fact that the approaching War Tho War which even now May be declared will be More dreadful than any in Tho memory of the present generation. Timour was fierce and ferocious and the campaigns of revolutionary France were bitter and determined and violent. But there is one element in which their ferocity was and must be less than that combat Between Russia and Turkey which is now breaking out in Eastern Europe. It is singular but it is nevertheless True that religion and the gospel of love the purest monotheism even in influencing Peoples intensifies their antagonisms. The most cruel and the most bitter wars Ever waged have been those carried on by sect against sect by Creed against Creed. It is rare indeed that when such men As Richard and Saladin fought that any chivalry remained in their actions and if burkes words Are True and the age of chivalry is gone there will be but Little mercy to expect in Tho combat upon the Banks of the Danube and the Pruth and those but half known regions where the muscovite and the Mussulman meet in Asia. But Little mercy there will be none at All. It is a War of race and religion a contest wherein All Hopes of National aggrandizement and All the strength of National Independence Are involved. Tho Cross is flaunted upon one Side As brightly As the Labrum shone before the eyes of Constantine and the Crescent upon Tho other is As conspicuous As it Ever was in the Days of Mohammed or Ali or Baja zet or Suleyman. The passions of Tho most fanatical people vehement in the death struggle Are excited in the defense of their race and their religion. From a thousand minarets in a thousand bazaars lemans and sofas Are preaching Tulve doctrine of resistance to Tho encroachments of the unbelieving Gimour. With the Quick , they know full Well that now is Tho Day of their trial that now in temporal matters is the crucial test and they Are prepared to meet it. Passions such As these so fiercely excited and extending Over regions so vast can not possibly be localized. Of the Earth a surface Russia occupies about one Twenty sixth and the Rule religious or military of the caliphate of Turkey extends Over the fairest districts of Asia Over the most civilized portions of Africa and Over Somo of the most Beautiful districts of the old world. Irrespective then of All considerations of race or Creed any attempt to dispossess her must in Tho present complicated condition of european International society cause a wide and grave tumult. In a crusade like this which Russia is beginning it is difficult to Sec the end or to attempt to define the limit. The treaty of Paris of 1856 will of course be thrown to the win is. Roumania like Belgium will be Tho Battle ground of nations. Her integrity will be violated her very existence boat stake. From the very necessities of her geographical position she has halted bet Wen two opinions but now invaded As she is certain to be from the North by Russia and from the South by Turkey her neutrality will be but a thing of the peek and so it will be with Austria. The vital combative preservative element in the austrian Empire Are the hungarians and there is not a Magyar living who is not a passionate almost vindictive enemy of Russia. Interest at Vienna and sentiment at Banda Perth will carry the great flank weight of Austria against the russian ranks. France will be quiescent if she can absolutely Neutral but that is not the ease with England. Her Mediterranean Fleet is the strongest naval Force Ever assembled in any Waters. It was reinforced yesterday and the principles of Palmerston to far prevail that she will never submit to the capture of constantinople by the descendants of Peter. As in 1852 Nicholas said to sir William Hamilton that he should see with pleasure an English occupation of Egypt so now Alexander has declared that he would be willing to see English troops upon the Heights of Pera. But putting aside All these baits All this bribery and All this diplomacy Tho startling fact remains that in this coming War the real contestants Are not Russia and Turkey but Russia and England. The struggle for Yoars has been inevitable. It will be a Battle of giants and can not Long be delayed. Tiie tables seem to be turned a Little. It is no longer a question As to the capture of the organization of the House of representatives by the Republican party but is the Republican party secure in its Possession of the Senate of the United states the republicans have not More than an assured majority of two in the Senate As we some time since announced. Giving Spofford of Louisiana a seat in the Senate and counting Davis of Illinois As a Democrat and he will unquestionably act with the. Democrats on every important question the republicans Are sailing exceedingly a close to the they have a majority of about fifteen to capture in the House of representatives and the democrats have Only a majority of two to persuade in the Senate. There is undisguised dissatisfaction on Tho part of several Southern Republican senators with the Southern policy of or. Hayes. There is a quarrel in the Senate As to the arrangement of the officers of that body. It is easier to gather two votes than to gather fifteen and the Wrath of Republican senators from the Southern states at the Southern policy of or. Hayes is quite As vehement As the discontent of any Southern democratic member of the House with the Well known policy of the democratic party upon Tho Southern question. Our recent history shows that Republican votes can Boas easily a persuaded quot As any known among men. We can not but think that Tho capture of the Republican Senate is quite As probable As the seduction of the democratic House. While the Republican party is surely slipping away from its position of Power Whilo it clings to a de Facto presidency and to Tho slender est possible majority in the Senate As its Only tokens of Possession while it is certain that the Man who holds the presidency will soon to left without a party and without a Congress democrats Are not Likely to desert. Republicans in Louisiana flocked to the Standard of Nici dolls so soon As the Success of the Nicholls government was assured. Tho Devotion of Southern republicans in the Senate to the Hayes republicanism will not be amazing. Or. Hayes should be looking after those two votes in the Senate. They May not be of much consequence but their loss would be a sad one to Hayes. Before attempting to seduce fifteen democrats in the House the controllers of or. Hayes would do Well to Endeavor to keep what they have in the Senate. =�=Sei. There is a Peculiar fancy abroad in the land that the War will furnish America a Chance to get rid of All her old clothes and other rubbish that we can sell the turks and russians All our last fall styles and get Money enough to buy the present Spring styles and put a Little Money in our pockets besides. At the outset there was a singularly solemn regret expressed that it had been found impossible to Palm off All the old unserviceable arms and munitions belonging to the government As if this country were a Peter Funk establishment. Now there is a scheme on foot to sell one of the belligerents the Bulky Hulk of that Dubberly old Stevens floating Battery which has been lying so Long at Hoboken. It is an enormous mass built by a wealthy or. Stevens of Hoboken now dead but for what purpose to intended it is not known unless for the glory of building the heaviest vessel afloat or otherwise. He tried to give it to the state of new Jersey As a free gift but the scheme fell through somehow. Then the easier plan of Selling it for Money to the United states government was tried but fool As the government was it was not fool enough for that. Then they tried on the chinese and japanese governments but those fledglings of civilization were not to be taken in by any ways so dark or any tricks so vain a3 this. Now Tho ingenious proprietors of the great White elephant of a Hulk Are sedulously getting up a report that Rusby his about to buy it for a million dollars. It is expected that Tho result of this Rumor will to that Turkey will Rush in with a larger offer. Meantime Tho wily russian does not say whether he is about to buy or not though both parties Are openly buying arms in new York. He expects Turkey to buy the encumbrance and cripple her resources that far and he is willing to see her do it. But the Turk is not Lih Cly to buy any thing not even a wife without first examine carefully. Probably the beet policy for this country would be to offer Good wares for those europeans Are not so liable to invest in shoddy As was this Good but Slighly inexperienced government of ours. There Are people who say that the currency Reform votes the anti forced resumption votes All of which Are known As Greenback votes Are taken from the Republican ranks chiefly or at least that As Many of them Are drawn from the Republican party As from the democratic whenever these voters stand off by themselves. In the municipal election in braid Wood la Salle county Illinois the Independent Greenback ticket received 686 votes the Republican ticket had 187 votes. The straight democratic ticket had 9 votes. The people of Illinois Are very like the people of Ohio. Pool Sellino in new York state is done. It Only requires the signature of the governor to make the Bill forbidding Pool Selling a Law. It is claimed that this Law will depreciate racing Stock in the state greatly and will drive millions of dollars away from there into Pennsylvania and new Jersey. Saratoga americans greatest summer resort will feel it most severely. The races and the excitement of the heavy betting brought thousands of visitors there every year. Buffalo Utica and Rochester should cover themselves with mourning. The Louisiana question must yet be discussed in the Senate and at once upon its assembling. Spofford Eustis Kellogg who Are senators from that state or. Blaine will Havo an Opportunity to enlarge upon his views As to that Southern policy. Or. Morton cite reaffirm his views. Don Cameron can obtain some satisfaction. It is Likely that the republicans will fall to telling the truth about each other before the discussion of the Louisiana question is ended. Tea Cross and the Crescent conflict has revived the old prophecy said to have been made in 1453 a in twice two Hundred years the Bear the Crescent a Hall assail. But if the cock and Bull unite Tho Bear shall not prevail. But look in twice ten years again let islam know and fear the Cross Ahall Wax the Crescent Wane grow Pale and Mark the Democrat who is absent from his seat when Congress convenes. It were better for him if to had never been born or that a Millstone were tied to his neck with a fathom Cord and then cast into Tho norwegian maelstrom. Illness will not be taken As an excuse he can not afford to be sick on this momentous occasion. An outraged constituency will hurl an Absentee so far into oblivion that nothing Short of a blast from Gabriel a trumpet will reach him. Tiie new York times labels the Louisiana policy of Hayes a Louisiana Legal government it characterizes the work of the administration in that state As a the Nicholls usurpation this is not in the nature of encouragement to the Republican party for there Are too Many republicans that endorse Tho times. Pm. G. Brownlow a Parson Brown Low quot Carpenter methodist minister editor pro slavery Lunatic sex governor of Tennessee sex United states senator from that state author of pro slavery and methodist tracts and a vulgar rasping howler in general died on sunday at his residence in Knoxville tcnn., at the age of seventy two. By cup old Ben has Given a War whoop and danced into the ring with his sanguinary Tomahawk full High advanced. He does not propose to shuffle along through the Valley of humiliation in sackcloth and ashes. He will Don his War paint and feathers and a Sandy Scalp will probably Dangle from his Belt before the raid is ended. There is to be a reorganization of the Federal offices in Louisiana. Carpet baggers Are to leave and natives to fill Tho positions. England issues a proclamation of neutrality and prepares to Send fifty thousand men to Egypt at a moments notice. Governor Nicholls of Louisiana has issued a proclamation for a Day of thanksgiving. That holds the state fast. Ohio votes in october and Ben quot evade and his kind Havo 6ome influence on the Western Reserve. Int United states Senate As it stands leaves the republicans in an unpleasantly Small majority legitimately a majority of two. We May count thirty three democrats one Independent and three vacancies. Two years hence the democrats propose to add two senators from Louisiana one from South Carolina one from new York one from Ohio one from Indiana one from Oregon one from California making forty one democrats in the Senate majority of six. This does not include David of Illinois who was elected by democrats but will vote As he pleases and will mostly please to to with the democrats. The Man fraudulently in the Whito House will soon have Little Power and to this end let every Democrat work. Especially let the democrats of Ohio labor to this end for they Are in the forefront of the fight. We do not wish to interfere with the meditations or speculations of the scientists As to the a origin of species a but merely make a suggestion. They Havo an educated Gorilla in Berlin one that turns hand Springs drinks Claret bows very politely has a hand a intensely human a and a face like a negro boy. We Havo Eliza Pinkston who possesses no doubt All those a accomplish Moats a and others in addition. The marriage Laws in Louisiana Are very Liberal la the canse of science though it a great National Mac Rifle we would be willing to contribute oar Oele Britojr if the germen will con tribute Tibeiro and a generation or two will prove the truth or falsity of the darwinian theory. It la highly probable that All tha great Continental Powers will be drawn into the War. After they shall have become thoroughly exhausted in men and Money Portugal Greece and Denmark will Seise the entire continent apportion it among themselves and reconstruct the map of Europe. This supposition is just As Good As any and does no to coat any More. J there is one fact that stands out As prominently As a wart on a woman a nose and that is if Packard is not the lawful governor of Louisiana hates is not the lawful president of the United 8tates. Packard a title to the governorship la the same As haves title to the electoral vote of that state they Are one and inseparable. The face of Packard Stamps the a Brand of fraud upon the brow of or. Hayes. Tea Southern question being nov practically settled save in so far As its settlement will be a Bone of Contention a Thorn in the flesh in the Republican party what question remains so Likely to command the Public attention As that relating to the currency some of the gentlemen who Are anxious to keep the Greenback question out of future political discussion will please answer. John 8nkrman does no to find the Southern policy of Hayes easy to take. He went Down to Louisiana and found that pack Abb was elected and that j. Madison Wells who said he was elected was Tho peer of any senator of the United states. And Sherman is in the Cabinet and must Swallow the Pill. The report of the Louisiana commission smooths it Over a Little but Ben Wade and Blaine and Morton and Cameron and Jon Looan and Ben Butler done to yet understand How the same votes can count one Way for Hayes and another for Nicholls. Personal. Cardinal Vannicelli of borne Laded. Sir Henry Thompson Saya that brain Worken should not take alcohol. So the Prince and Princesa of Walea Are to vial the United states next year. General Stephen Burbridge of Kentucky la Likely to to minister to Belgium. Caleb Cushing la seventy seven but he will struggle for the ninety and nine. Parson Brownlow a favorite son has been appointed to a Federal office in Tennessee. Although Cardinal Manning eats almost nothing and is m thin As a Shadow he has the gout Jaffek is a Nebraska postmaster. He should avoid being pulled and should pan out Well. Judge Spofford United states senator from Louisiana is a brother of the librarian of Congress. Lons Xiv. Once More grins decorous by upon Paris from his Pedestal in the place Des victores. Mrs. Belknap a Little feet Are seen no More in Washington and there Are women who Are glad of it women who Wear no. 6s. Congressmen John Randolph Tucker of Virginia and Richard p. Bland of Missouri Are both nephews of John Randolph of Roanoke. Mrs. Stonewall Jackson who is going to write the life of Hor husband says that if to had lived the War might have Hod a different ending. When d1 Muraska was asked which of her seven husbands she would have in heaven Sho answered that Sho did t expert to meet any of them there. Mrs. Hayes determination to run the White House on Temperance principles May diminish the number of guests and have a slight effect on their Quality. The London times understands that the Queen has signified her intention of knighting or. Sandio re for his services As commissioner to the Philadelphia exhibition. Sir Charles Dilke. Has been so charmed with Tho Beauty of the scenery near Toulon France that he has bought a Lovely site and intends to build a Villa upon it. The death of sir Jung Bahadoor will it is said oblige All the male inhabitants of nip and to keep their Heads shaved for a year according to the custom in Force in the country. The Uncle of the emperor of Japan who has been studying in the prussian War Academy has been summoned Home to take command of tha army against the insurgents. Or. Spofford the new senator from Louisiana married a wealthy Tennessee lady miss Ophelia Martin and spends much of his time at his summer residence in Pulaski in that state. Wendell Phillips says he Only talks on tha platform and that who he gets through a always feels like running out of the Back door. A says that we Are on the verge of another disunion. Bacr Kathy Mccrary is described As a Man of singular modesty and reticence. He will sit silent of the Sphinx until to becomes thoroughly interested in the conversation around him and then has talks Backofen the Swiss Jurist says that the regulation of marriage by which in primitive times it became possible for a woman to belong to Only Ona Man came about by a religious reformation wherein the women to armed conflict obtained a Victory Over men. Or. Phe Ronesha a Farsee has recently started Large pottery works at Bombay and the Industry promises to attain much commercial importance. At the formal opening Many european and native gentlemen examined with much interest the specimens of pottery exhibited. Mrs Hawkins a Pawtucket woman encounter al a burglar in her House a few nights ago and presented a pistol he Drew his revolver she Fred twice he fired once then knocked her Down and escaped through a window empty handed and leaving a Trail of blood behind. General Ignatieff was liked by All the londoners except is inn keeper who complained that the general was invited out so constantly it Wasny to Worth while to have him in Tho House. A two breakfast issues a said the unhappy Host was All his guest paid for in the Way of meals. A letter from Kesheneff mentions that the grand Duke Nicholas lately sold a Trinco Bismarck has declared that wars Between Russia and Turkey usually last three years. We shall break with this tradition. Should War occur we shall take care that it shall to Short and exempress Carlotta now to the Palace of per mean Belgium has Only recently been informed of the Fate of Maximilian. She received the news calmly but it is impossible to 6ay whether or not she appreciates its significance fully. The Queen of Tho belgians frequently visits Carlotta and spends hours with her. The death of sir John Foster Fitzgerald reduces Tho list of British Field marshals to three the Duke of Cambridge the Marquis of Tweeddale and the Prince of Walee. Rumor says that it will not be increased until the Duke of Connaught the future commander in chief has had a Lew More years of military experience. Help for the weak nervous and debilitated chronic and painful diseases cured without Medicine. Electrio belts and other App Llenora All about them and How to distinguish the Gennone from the spurious. Book with full particulars mailed lies. Address galvanic company 291 Vine Street Cincinnati Ohio

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