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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - May 02, 1877, Cincinnati, Ohio1he 0inc>1knati weekly enquire. Wednesday working a May 2. 1877. 3 Louisiana. Imp ii of Tbs Renli Lucati of a Mbura of Lka la Lili itary to i of kurd they am a a Talon or lha would by governor Keport of the comm Mlong re what they Fotani the they went month Bow to Beer mmfaar�4 their a new om.i4m, april 24, 1874. A a to governor s. B. Packard "81�?the following Addry adopted in Point caucus of the Senate and House by the Republican 6embers of the general Assembly of Louisiana respectfully presented for your consideration. M. Ii. Twitchell a a Caius in or ionic a a loud m. Sour. to govenor 8. B. Packard. We Mcnanly and appreciate the Fidelity with Whigob you have sought to carry out the obligations which you assumed when. In presence of a legally organized quorum of Botu Honse of the general Assembly alter a formal constitutional can Veas of the votes you took the oath of office As governor at Tholf Tiili of Lou iii Tiia. The sympathies and Active of operation of the Republican members of the general Assembly have been with you and your associates in the state government in your struggle to maintain ion authority against overwhelming obstacles at Orno and abroad. One of the first Acta of the general Assembly was to pass a joint Resolution calling upon the president of the United states under Section 4, article 4 of the Constitution of the United states to Accord the Legal government support against Domestic violence which threatened its overthrow. In response amp it Appeal after some delay an order used by president Grant setting Forth that you had been legally declared governor of the state that the supreme court violently set up by your opponent was destitute of Legal authority and directing that if a necessity for recognition should arise recognition must be Given to Packard and act to Nicholls. Encouraged by the expectation thus held out that the government acknowledged to be the Legal government of the state would eventually be recognized by the president the members of the general Assembly faithful to their Trust though encountering Many hardships patiently waited the action of the National a ova a Mont. Rumours which soon took an authentic shape were circulated that Over zealous friends of the president elect for whose Success hundreds of devoted republicans in Louisiana had Aid Down their lives had bargained to give away the Matea of Louisiana and South Carolina to oar political opponents. The out going president failed to take further action upon the application of our general Assembly. Reluctant to give even ibis re inert in 1 president. Hayes adopted with a quorum present in both houses and Traci fitted to him a concurrent Resolution re citing the Domestic violence prevailing in the state and requesting under tire Constitution and Laws o the United states his Aid to suppress it. No reply has been vouchsafed to that request. The president sent to the state a commission of five gentlemen who submitted a proposition for a reorganization of the general Assembly which though involving a waiver of undoubted Legal rights on our part was accepted by the Republican member in deference to the understood wishes of the president. That proposition was rejected by our opponents who in turn submitted to was of our uen Eroi ass emmy. Nei Uytani to give eve passing credence to these seemingly impossible r Porta the general Assembly patiently remained aes Slon and after the accession of president. Hey it obtain even the appearance of an organization they have been compelled to Call to theft Aid three men Defeated at the polls whose election had not been previously claimed. The inquiry therefore seems pertinent in this connection. It a returning Board q no rum Wahseu new Tulve for Nicholls claim Why waa it that such a quorum was ignored while it remained faithful to the Legal government of the state that government had a returning Board quorum from the Day on which the general Assembly convened and Tho legislature was duly organised and matted in Legal existence till disintegrated by direct action of the commission. Tyls result having been achieved it is a matter of record that congratulatory messages were exchanged Between the president and his commission. In Tito following Day the president by a formal Ler made Public through the press directed that l United state troops occupying a building in the Vicinity of the a state House should be removed to their Barracks. These troops had been place there by president Grant without a forma Call of the governor to protect the returning Board while counting the vote for propel deut. I firmly believe that had the Legal govern ment been Reorg Uhtof it would have sustained itself without the intervention of troops but the order for withdrawal tamed under the circumstances and in the manner that it was issued arly indicated that even Tho moral support which the Legal government of Louisiana should have re Oliveo from the National administration would be denied. Had the general Assembly continued in the state House i should have deemed it my duty to have asserted my government to the last notwithstanding the withdrawal of the troops. But with the legislature disintegrated and no Prospect of present Success i can not task your tried Fidelity by asking Yon longer to continue to Aid me in the struggle have thus far maintained. Election has been prevented by the causes above nor of a in. I the mime Law further declares a it she be the duty of the in Eltary of state to transmit to the clerk of the Louse of representatives and to the Secretary of state of the last general Assembly a list of the names of such persons As according to Tho returns shall have been elected to either Branch of the general Assembly and it shall be the duty of the clerk and Secretary to place the names of the representatives ant senators elect so furnished upon the Roll of the House and of the Senate respectively and Hose representatives and senators Whoso names Are so pieced by the clerk and Secretary respectively in accordance with the foregoing provisions and none other Rhall be competent to organize the House of representatives or Lens it is claimed by counsel for the Nicholls government that this act so far As it interposes the returning Board exercising their Powers of exclusion Between the Parish supervisor of registration with his consolidated returns and the Secretary of state is when applied to the election of members of the general Assembly of governor and of lieutenant governor a Plain violation of those provisions of the Constitution of Louisiana which say the returns of All elections for members of the general Assembly shall be made to the Meere tary of state and in reference to governor and lieutenant governor he rot uras of every election shall be sealed up and transmitted by the proper returning officers to the Secretary of state who shall deliver them to Tho speaker of Olvea ugg .1___ 1. Therefore announce to you that 1 am compelled t ofom 4u of my govern me rights but yield on impel assertion _ waive none of my Legal a to sure Flor Force. I am not by the fact that one by one the to abstain for the presen it i a wholly discouraged. Republican state governments of the South have been formed to succumb to Force or fraud or poll by. Louisiana the first state rehabilitated after the War is the last state whose government thus Falls and i believe it will lie among the first to raise itself again to the plane of equal and honest repro sent Atlon. 1 advise that you maintain your part organization and continue to Battle for the rights of citizenship and free government. We strive for it grieves me beyond expression that the heroic efforts you have made and the cruel sufferings you have undergone to maintain Republican principal in Louisiana Havo had this bitter ending. 1 those who have so gallantly stood by me in the Long contest we have passed through i tender my Heartfelt thanks patience fortitude and a firm Trust that eventually right Ana Justice will prevail. 8. B. Pacha up governor. To All i would counsel peace nut Flagra Lunior opponents who in turn submitted a plan Rutlt by unjust and violative of Law. The Reso ions adopted by Tho general Assembly in joint caucus which have been published have explained by what Means of cajole by persuasion and threats members of the commission professing simply to act la an individual capacity bet wielding All the Power and sufi hence of authorized agents of the president sent to the state for a specific Parps be induced a sufficient number of the legislature to give to the opposing body a majority of members legally returned elected. This action of the commission wus followed by an official order of the president made st the request of general Nicholls directing the withdrawal of the United states troops and virtually sustaining the opposing government. During the one Hundred and ten Days and More that have elapsed since you took your seat As governor no word of encouragement recognition or support has been accorded Yon by the National administration. On the contrary a disposition has been clearly manifested to encourage strengthen and maintain by All direct and indirect Means the government of your opponent already so Strong in the overpowering armed Force it has mustered to its support in the capital of toe state. Under these circumstances while abating none of our belief in the rightful Ness of your title we can not but feel that forces which neither you nor ourselves a re Able to resist Render it impossible to enforce your rights at the present time. To attempt to do to would Only add to the blood which has already been fruitlessly shed in defense of Republican principles in this state. We therefore Are respectfully constrained to advise that for the time being you refrain from actively asserting your unquestionable rights trusting to the future to vindicate the righteousness of your cause. New Orleans april 26.�?by five o clock this morning governor Packard and All his adherents except one metropolitan had left the state House and colonel boy lao chief of police directed a squad of his men to take Possession of the building. Packard a militia left behind them about two Hundred stand of arms belonging to the state. State or Louisiana executive dev�?Tt., 1 new Orleans. La., april 25, 1877. J to tote republicans of Louisiana on this Day the fifteenth anniversary of the surrender of new Orleans to the forces of Tho United states it becomes my duty to announce to you that Tho Aid and countenance of the National government has been withdrawn from the republicans of Louisiana and that a government revolutionary in form is practically on the Point of usurping Tho control of affairs in this state. I recall the service of the last electoral Campaign Only to thank you for Tho Fidelity to principle you then displayed. Tho Republican party As you know entered upon the canvass More United and stronger than Ever before. It had enlisted under its banners an influential class of native born citizens of old whig antecedent who to their Honor be it mid still remain faithful to the principles they espoused and the government they supported. It was further strengthened by toe absence from the state or Tho opposition of that element whose previous adherence to Tho party had brought it into disrepute. These causes combined to bring about too remarkable Success achieved by the Republican party in All toe doubtful parishes with one exception even where the White population preponderates and which gave us a of Jority in lie legislature. Except where organized Vio Lenco prevailed our Stato ticket carried a very Republican Parish and also a number of parishes which in the last legislature were represented by democratic members. I briefly summarize the historical a Vento that have since occurred. The general Assembly met on theist of july last organized with a full Legal quorum in both houses passed Laws which Wero approved by the executive of Tho state and on the 2d of january last canvassed and declared the vote for govenor. At this time the nation was agitated by doubt As to the result of the presidential election with an expectation that Samuel j. Tilden might possibly become president of the United states. With no Hope of Success otherwise my opponent in the Stato Campaign established a mock legislature and went through the form of an inauguration in order that there might be a semblance of a government which or. Tilden if inaugurated would possibly galvanize with vitality. In the few Days that followed general Nicholls and his adherents were encouraged by the unexpected refusal of president giant to recognize the state government or to respond to the constitutional Call of the legislature though he questioned toe legality of neither. On the 19th of january i had scarcely taken my seat in the executive chair when toe White league Rose in armed insurrection and by a coup do main took Possession of the supreme court arsenals and stations of the metropolitan police allocated at the Capitol then came orders from president Grant establishing a state quo the practical effect of which was to confirm the insurgents in the advantages they had gained and to prevent any Effort to dispossess them. On the inauguration of president Hayes the state authorities made preparations to organize a militia Force for the defense of the state government. General note holism police seized upon the recruiting officers and imprisoned them for treason without the Benefit of bail or a writ of Hareas Corpus. 1 telegraphed this fact to president have asking if this to a violation of Tho statue quo and if not whether a release of these men by Force All civil remedies having been exhausted would be so considered. The president replied a your dispatch of the 24to is received. The Secretary of War Hau telegraphed to general augur a a commission will shortly visit Louisiana. In the mean time the president desires that the situation remain a the commission came. In the mean time the Nicholls government l and crystallized into shape. So far from permitting the situation to remain unchanged it had broken into the tax collectors offices of the City had taken forcible control of the state institutions and had strengthened itself on my sides. Notwithstanding this however the commission found a Legal legislature still in Snadou at the state House and my title in assailed and unassailable except by Foroe. The result of their labors during Tho two weeks they remained it Ere to of ajl men. They induced a us to Washington april 25.�?the following is the report of Tho Louisiana commissioners Given out by the president this evening new Orleans april 21, 1877. To the president of the United states sir in accordance with your request the undersigned have visited this City and pawed the lost sixteen Days in ascertaining the political situation in Louisiana and endeavouring to bring about a peaceful solution of its difficulties. In View of the declarations in the letter of Tho Secretary of 8tate that to should direct our efforts to the end of securing the recognition of a single legislature As the depository of the representative will of the people of i it oils Laos leaving if necessary the to judicial or other constitutional arbitrage it within Tho state the question of ultimate right and in View of your determination to withdraw the troops of the United states to their Barracks of soon of it could be done without endangering the peace we addressed ourselves to the task of securing a common legislature of undisputed authority competent to compose the sex toting political contentions and to preserve the peace without any old from the National govern ment. To this end we endeavoured to assuage the bitterness and animosity we found existing of both sides so As to secure a Public opinion More favourable to such concessions As were indispensable to our Success in obtaining such legislature and such general acquiescence in its authority As would in Suro social order. We have bad full conferences with the two gentlemen who claim too gubernatorial office and with Many other members of their respective governments in their executive judicial and legislative departments. We have also conversed very freely with Large delegations of men of business Wlton Many of the District judges and with Hundred of prominent citizens of All parties and races repro Swenung not Only this City but almost every Parish in the state. We have Atoo received Many printed and written statements of fact and Legal argue men to and every person with whom we came in Contact has shown an Earnest desire to give us All possible information bearing upon the unfortunate political divisions in this state. The actual condition of affairs on our arrival in this City May be briefly stated As follows governor Packard we shall speak of both gentlemen by the titles they Culm was at the state House with his legislature and friends and an armed polio Force. As there was no quorum in the donate even upon his own theory of Law his legislature Ivas necessarily inactive. The supreme court which recognized his authority had not attempted to transact any business since it was dispossessed of its court from and the custody of its records on the 9th Day of january 1877. He had no organized militia alleging that his deficiency in that respect was owing to his obedience to the orders of president Grant to take no Steps to change the relative position of himself and governor Nice Olls. His main Reliance wus upon his alleged Legal title claiming that it was the constitutional duty of toe president to recognize it and to afford him such military assistance As might be necessary to enable him to assert his authority As governor. Governor Nicholls was occupying Odd Fellows Hall As a state House. His legislature met there and was actively engaged in the business of legislation. All the departments of the government of Tho City of new Orleans recognized his authority. The re Brumfi inert Nimni Natori Yov him Salt a tale who a halt the House of repro Nta on the other hand it is insisted by counsel for the Packard government that the legislature Lias Power to create this returning Board nud give t the authority with which the act clothes it. It is also claimed by them that the constitutionality of the act has been settled by the supreme court of the state but the Nicholls party denied tont the question was decided by the supremo court in a manner that could be considered authoritative. It should be further stated that it is not claimed by counsel for the Nicholso government that the legislature could not create a returning Board and clothe it with these Powers in regard to the appointment of presidential electors Sinco the provisions of the state Constitution on which they rely relate Only to Tho election of members of the legislature of governor and lieutenant governor. To quota the following sentences from one of their printed arguments a indeed of to presidential electors there the Mode of their appointment is by the Constitution of the United states left to the discretion of the legislature of the state. Therefore the general Assembly of Louisiana might Oreate any tribunal whatever and confide to it the appointment of electors for president and vice president consequently it May properly authorize such a tribunal in Case of the election of presidential electors by the people to count the votes and decide and declare who were entitled to seats in the electoral at Matteis stood on our arrival Here the Legal title of the respective claimants to the office of governor depended upon the question we have stated. There was no judicial tribunal acknowledged to be authoritative by both parties by which it would be solved. For reasons already Given the Only Hope of a practical solution was by the Union of so Many members of the rival Legislatures As would make toe legislature with a constitutional quorum in both the Senate and House of members whose title to their seats is valid under either View of Law. With a Legisla Ture of undisputed authority toe settlement of other questions could of stated in the letter of instructions to our commission from the Secretary of state to gradually worked out by the prevalent authority which the legislative Power when undisputed is quite competent to exert in composing conflict in co ordinate branches of the government. Within the last three Days this first great step in restoring peace to Tho state has been accomplished. In consequence of the withdrawal of members from the Packard to the Nicholls legislature the latter body a now eighty seven return Long Board member in the House and thirty two returning Board members in the Senate. Blaty one members constitute a constitutional quorum in the House and Nineteen in the Senate. It to proper that we should say m conclusion that it was in View of the foregoing facts especially too consolidation of the Legislatures and our knowledge of the condition of Louisiana derived from personal Contact with the people that we were induced to suggest in our Telegram of the 20th instant that the immediate announcement of the time when the troops would be withdrawn to their Barracks would be better for the peace of Louisiana postpone such announcement to some Distant Day. The commissioners holding various shades of political belief can not Well concur in any sketch of the Post or a probable future of Louisiana. We have foregone n this report to express an opinion on Legal questions arising upon the foregoing statement of Facto because our letter of instructions seemed to Call for a statement of Facto rather than the expression of opinion by the commissioners. We All. However indulge in confident Hopes of better Days for All races in Louisiana. Among the reasons for these Hopes Are the resolutions of Tho Nicholls legislature and the letter of governor Nicholls herewith submitted and which have already been Given to the Public. With an Earnest Hope that the adjustment which has been made of the political controversies of Louisiana will be of lasting Benefit to that state and will lie approved by the patriotic people of All sections we have the Honor to be your obedient servants. Chas. B. Lawrence Joseph r. Hawley John m. Harlan. John c. Brown Wayne Macveigh. Rough railroading. The supreme court nominated by him and con by his 8ci 4 time for the collection of taxes had not arrived firmed by his Senate was holding daily sessions had heard about two Hundred oases. The and known number of members of the Legal House of representatives to Tako seats in the Nicholls House thus giving it a returning Board quorum. It the meeting of the taw med to have elected Only sixty members use. One lest than a quorum. One at least of the Mem Ems claimed by them Vul a term pendent member would Onieu a at with Nolle House and consequently in order to but a considerable sum of Money in the form of taxes had been voluntarily paid into his Treasury a fraying the Ordinary Exilie no knolls a a a i 8em either the Nicholls or the Packard theory out of which he was defraying tenses of the state government legislature had a quorum in Tho Senate upon a a Teory and a quorum in the House on the nicholls1 of Law 11s�?T, but not on the Packard theory. The Packard legislature had a quorum in the House on its own theory of Law but an already stated not in the Senate and was thus to fabled from any legislation that would be valid even in the judgment of its own party. The commission found it to be very difficult to ascertain Tho precise result to which the respective governments were acknowledged in the various parishes outside of new Orleans but it is Safe to say that the changes which had taken place in the parishes after the organization of the two governments on the 9th of january 1877, were it the Teholis government. The claim to 1 violence turn us corrupt influence shall Prei vent a fair free peaceable qualified electors. It shall be t mis Louers to make the Deadfall cd Setien of George Williams at Spring Fuleki Georgia for tile Morder or fila ctr la la Daniel i. Berk Hung of o a., for killing win. Atm Nfn it a peculiarly hard Case exciting intense feeling in the com inanity. Special dispatch to the shun re. Bering Field ga., april 24.�?this Little Village dropped like a Millet seed of civilization into toe heart of a great Pine Forest has been overrun today with thousands of spectators who gathered to witness the hanging of George Williams for the murder of his son. The crime for which Williams suffered was discovered about two years ago and the doomed Man went to his death under the third sentence that had been pronounced against him. The Story of the murder. On the 6th of August 1875, the Community of Springfield was startled with the statement that a foul child murder bad been committed near the Village. The body of a child terribly disfigured had Bera discovered in the Woods hidden under the leaves. It we impossible at first to identify it suspicion was at first directed toward Williams by a Man swearing that to had heard Williams Sav he had a child so a no Ancon nth that he had half a mind to kill him. Upon investigation it was found that the Corpse was the remains of Williams child. The left foot of the Corpse was burned nearly com by off Aud the face was All drawn and seared with flame. An ugly Bruise appeared in the pit of thereto Mach Tho Skull was crushed in with heavy blow the eyes were terribly swollen and the Back was fearfully gashed and mutilated. Upon the coroners investigation it was proven that Williams had become very much dissatisfied with his Sou. Who was hardly two years old because he was backward in learning to walk. On the Day of the murder he made rope it him to a Folk across the room. The child a turning at every trial the father seized a barrel stave and beat it in a horrible manner. It still being unable to walk he threw a heavy Box at it and crushed la Skull in. It fell screaming and dying and the father then ru9hed upon it and kicked it severely in the pit of the stomach. Finding it Una ble to get up the father then took it and held it Over the blazing fire until its foot was nearly cooked away and its face almost burned to a Crisp. He then took toe body and hid it in the Woods. The confession total a. Williams confessed that he Hart beaten the boy As described but stated that he was merely correcting him for some Misdemeanour and did not intend to kill him. Upon trial he was convicted of murder in the first degree and sentenced. His sent once was twice delayed by the efforts of his lawyers. For some time Oast toe prisoner has been in the Chatham county jail. To has been visited Rogu i arly by the Benedictine monks and about Ono week ago joined the Catholic Church. He was brought to this Point under Strong guard on yesterday. In route to the Gallows he said to cur correspondent that he believed his sins had All been forgiven and that he would a go straight to the arms of the he is a most unprepossessing Man. Of brutal and sullen look and his appearance belies All of the religious rhapsodies tout he indulges in. On the occasion of his first sentence the reprieve mothers that Are present will find this a useful lesson to teach their children. 1 done to dread death except on my wife a account. 1 have nothing More to timing to the sheriff he a Ala �?o1 am the noose was put around his neck he said a my friends i Hope you will meet me in heaven. It is mighty hard to die this Way. I would not mind it so much if 1 did not know i was unjustly the trap door was then sprung and hit body fell nine feet breaking every Bone in Kis neck. The execution being Public Over two two thousand people witnessed the right thing. In1877, were in favor of he claim to legality of the supreme court composed of chief Justice Manning and associates who were nominated by governor Nicholls and confirmed by his Senate rests upon the same basis As Tho title of governor Nelch Olls and his Senate. The claim to legality of the supreme court composed of chief Justice Lude Ling and Liis associates rests either upon their right to hold Over in Case the Nicholls court is illegal or upon the legality of the Kellogg Packard Senate which confirmed the judges upon the nomination of governor Kellogg and while it had a returning Board quorum. We have briefly sketched the actual position As we found it. We will now state the Legal in Estious upon which the right of these respective governments depends the Constitution of the state of Louisiana requires that a the returns of All elections for members of the general Assembly shall be made to the Secretary of it also provides that a the qualified electors shall vote for governor and for lieutenant governor at the time and place of voting for representatives. The returns of every election Shull be sealed up and transmitted by improper returning officers to the Secretary of state who shall deliver them to the speaker of the House of representatives on the face could Day of the general Assembly to be Helden. The members of the general Assembly shall meet in the House of representatives and examine and count Tho it will he observed that this provision of the Constitution requires the returns of the vote for governor and leu tenant governor to be sealed up and transmitted by the proper returning officers to the Secretary of state and the same provision is made in substance As to members of the general Assembly. But in 1870 the legislature passed an act amended in 1872, which created a body called a returning Board consisting of five members to be appointed by the Senate and to quot be the returning officer for All elections in the the act provides that a the commissioners of election at each poll or voting place shall count the votes making a list of the names of All persons voted for Aud the offices for which Tho votes were Given the number of votes received by each the number of ballots contained in the Box and the number rejected and the reasons therefor and to make duplicates of such lists and Send one to the supervisor of registration of the Parish of Orleans Aud our to the Secretary of the Law further requires the supervisors of registration to consolidate the retards received from the different polling places and Forward them with the Ong nals to this returning Board. The act further provides a that if there shall to any riot tumult Acta of violence intimidation Aud disturbance bribery or corrupt influence at any place within said Parish or near any poll or voting place or place of registration which riot tumult acts of violence intimidation and disturbance bribery or a prevent. Or tend to pre Ltd full vote of All the duty of the Cora a statement of suck facts and Forward toe same to the supervisor of registration with his returns of the election and supervisor of registration a Hall Forward the same a sufi a say ssh i. A is a sea too and to exclude from the return which it make to the Secretary of state the returns received by it Irani there polls a voting pares where a fair track a it the 1., m. And b. Tarn up to Uvrl on two Banda Man handed at Lafayette tic Kankakee Ellne n severe sol Ferero excitement among the citizens a a company of sold Era called out to preserve the peace. Special let Patch to the enquirer. Lafayette ind., april 30.�?early this morning after the mall train West on the Lafayette Muncie and Bloomington Railroad had departed e. H. Waldron late of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad acting under Power of attorney from Abraham b. Bayless. Trustee of the first mortgage Bond holders of the Western division of Tho above Road quietly took Possession of the track leading to the South Street Bridge. He had a Large Force of men and with several engines with coaches and cars hired of the Wabash Road he stole in on the unsuspecting Lafayette. Muncie and Bloomington officials and in a very Short time had a train of the canal Bridge within the line of the first mortgage Bonds. This train he chained to the Bridge. Immediately Back of it he had run two engine As u Reserve Force and behind these engines there was a wide space of uplifted track with an engine ditched thus cutting off All egress or ingress from either end and the blockade was Complete. The morning train from the West came in. Which the Lafayett Muncie and Bloomington took Possession of on the Bridge Aud chained it thereto. During the time the whole space around the depot was packed by an excited crowd of Railroad men and citizens and for a time it was feared a general mob or riot would Prev a but mayor Gilleh appearing Jon the scene counselled moderation. And by his orders the Street Crossings were cleared and Tho excitement subsided somewhat. In the Early part of the Day judge Ward of the Superior court issued a temporary restraining order against the a. M. And b. Company preventing any interference with Waldron in his Possession of the Road. The action in the seizure of the Rood was induced by the failure on the part of the company to pay the interest due of Bonds aggregating some f �60.000, on which it is claimed there is due 5100,000 Gold interest. The Bonds Are a first hen on the Road including property tolls rents and receipts including a rental of track to the Short line Road which makes that Road a party to the suit. No interest has been paid since february 1875, hence the move on the part of the bondholders. Alda afternoon judge Ward issued a supplementary order on the l., m. And b. Folks directing them to Clear the obstructions from the track to permit the passage of trains of too Kankakee Lino which lenses the use of the track from them but up to this hour Midnight the order has not Yeeu regarded. At a late hour this afternoon judge Ward issued a temporary restraining order until Friday enjoining both parties from operating the Rood. Travel Lias been stopped All Day. The Cincinnati train for Chicago was discontinued Here and trains from the West have been Laid out and have not yet arrived Here on account of the blockade on toe line West. The Lafayette guards were called out this afternoon and were on duty until a late hour to afford assistance in Case of any serious trouble. The British societies of the United states and Canada will unite this year in celebrating the birthday of Queen Victoria May 24th, at Petersburg Virginia. The Earl of Duffrin governor general of Canada has promised his immediate patronage and among others who will be present Are sir Edward Thornton the British minister the British consuls general at new York and Baltimore and the governor and Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Celebration will extend Over several Days preceding the 24th. In the address of invitation Tho committee say a virginians love the old country As the dear Home of their ancestors the birth place of civil and religious Liberty the Mother of Freo nations and deeply Revere those Noble Virtues and womanly graces which have made the reign of Queen Victoria so the programme will include a banquet on the Queens birthday excursions and other festivities. The French papers describe an invention for driving a horse of electricity. The Eoo chinos is to have under his sent an electro magnetic apparatus which he works by a Little handle. One wire is carried through the rein to Tho bit and carried to the Crupper so that a current once set up goes the satire length of the animal along the spine. A sudden Shock will we Are gravely a assured most violent runaway or the most Oba thu Stop the Ift the creature however Strong and vicious is a Obsta Nate Ibber. Transformed into a sort of inoffensive hone of Wood with the feel firmly nailed to the curiously enough foe opposite effect mar to produced by a succession of Small Shock. U influence of Bese the Meriest screw a an be with tkv Gorand fire was not granted until the night before the in suing was to have taken place. Tho sheriff steadily pursued the preparations for the execution ant had the coffin for Williams made and placed in too Hall of the jail. At supper time in a spirit of Bra Vado Williams hobbled Over to the ghastly coffin and seating himself coolly in it. Ate his supper and laughed and joked with the bystanders. After eat Long he stretched himself out in it and said a was will have to sleep in this a Good while i believe 111 take a Nap Here to is now sleeping beyond toe reach of dreams in that same coffin. The preparation the execution a tic Gibbet on which Williams was Hung was rude and simple. The drop platform was placed on such triggers As boys use for Bird traps. It was situated la a dense Grove of Pines about half a mile from the court House building. An immense crowd gathered to witness the dread ceremony. About six Hundred persons White Aud Black including women and children gathered at the scaffold in a Clearing about a Quarter of a mile from Springfield court House. There Wes intense excitement but no attempt at disturbance coloured minister of the Baptist persuasion attended the prisoner and a choir or five coloured men chanted a hymn at the scaffold foot. The prisoner was indifferent Cool and collected. On ascending the scaffold the prisoner addressed the crowd follows a friends All i will shortly see gods face Hope you will try and see me there. I do not feel Well enough to talk to Yon much. I Hope you will All meet me in heaven. Now i have found that god is peace. I am a Soldier of the Cross and feel re signed to die willing to die. Nothing grieves me. I Hope you will All continue in prayer and remember the Way in which i go to the next world a better world than this. I am accused of a crime. I ant innocent of Tho crime. I feel my Way Clear to the prisoner then turned to the Deputy sheriff and inquired a after my death who will h the control of my body quot the sheriff replied a i the prisoner then said a if my people desire my body give it to them for burial. I Neve now no More to at 1 03 p. M. A Deputy sheriff bound the prisoner who then took leave of his friends. The fatal knot a was arranged under direction of a physician but Williams did not flinch. When the Black Cap was drawn Over his face however he trembled slightly. At 1 17 p. M. The drop was Cut the platform dropped and Tho body swing off into the air quivering for about two vistas. Five minutes after it was Cut Down and Are physician pronounced Tho neck broken. The execution was on toe same Gallows on which were Hung the Effingham county outlaws bust May. This is toe second execution in Effingham county in Twenty six years. A mss v of Oever nor Hampton important financial legislation Besom mended an improved free school Neatem demanded. Columbia 8. C., april 26.�?governor Hampton in his message to the legislature convened to Day says a i cherish the Hope that you will forget the animosity engendered by political strife Rise Superior to Petty considerations of partisanship Ana devoting yourselves with patriotic Zeal to the service of your 8tate, strive earnestly to restore its lost Prosperity revive its wasted industries Reform All abuses in it government and promote peace Harmony Good will Aud Justice among All classes and parties. All efforts to bring about a better state of affairs will prove unavailing until the finance of the state Are put in a healthy condition and the credit of the state is established on the sound and honorable footing it once occupied. It is duo alike to the credit a Well As to the future Prosperity of the state that there should be no question or doubt a to on determination to meet every honest obligation fairly and faithfully but it is equally our duty to ascertain what Aro la honest liabilities. The states obligations whether funded or not should be strictly scrutinized with a View of ascertaining which Are valid and Wutoh Are not. This should be a condition precedent to the payment of interest on any of the outstanding obligations whether in the shape of Bonds or otherwise and Alao to the further funding of any state indebtedness into consolidated Bonds authorized to be issued under the act of 1873, to reduce too volume of Public debt. In order to effect this object in a Mode satisfactory and equitable alike to the state and to the Public creditors i respectfully suggest the appointment of a commission of one member from each House the comptroller general and the treasurer of state and three citizens tinder whose directions a Complete investigation of the funds and floating indebtedness of the state shall be made. Tho obligations the Validity of which shall be ascertained shall be certified in such form As the commission legislature May prescribe and the coupons on such Bonds alone shall be receivable for taxes. The commission should also be charged with toe duty of reporting to toe general Assembly at the next regular session the precise character of All obligations of doubt us Validity or clearly fraudulent with the specific facts or testimony a ion w hich their conclusions Are hosed. The records and books of the consolidated Bonds outstanding being withheld by the late officials i am unable to state with accuracy what portion of the Public debt has been converted into consolidated Bonds and what portions remain to be funded. But from the Best sources of information before me. I estimate the amount yet to be funded at about three millions which at Tho rate established for funding will require Tho Issue of one million five Hundred thousand dollars of consolidated Bonds. Under the act of 1873, these Bonds Bear Date of january i 1874. And the actual tax provided by the act for the payment of interest on the entire consolidated debt has been regularly levied every vent. And the amount unexpended for interest should be in too Treasury to meet past due coupons of these Bonds As soon As issued. A i have no reason to believe that there is any such unexpended balance available for this purpose and if the conversion of the debt into consolidated Bonds continues As provided it will be necessary to Provido for these arrears with interest. The funding of these arrears As recommended and the reduction of the expenses of the state Are earnestly urged also the establishment of such a lace the Means of sys humorous. Austria has a poet seven feet High. And. Strange to sey he Fem poses Short meter the beet moot. Stick a Ginger snap on the end of a knitting Needle. And you will have the latest style of parasol. To but a in Winter Boston May prefer intellect to Beauty but Oman of Good looks never Falls do without a mob Rushing to pick her tip. Tit City Belle who tried to drive a cow Over the bars indulged in High heeled we Are sorry to say that the aforesaid is a Pun. Infirm soldiers Are generally designed to duty at some Arsenal. They prefer that to any other kind of York commercial. In menus bodies were in proportion to the Rizo of their souls some of our first citizens could Button their collars around their Boot Sentinel. Punch Pat to stove dealer a a and if re say if i take this off ill save half the fuel Bedau struck with a Bright idea ill take a pair of a Ems and save it All a always take a rope into your room at the hotel. It May enable you to slide out. Even if there is no fire. A big Board Bill is just about As bad a Confiado Clarion. Spring a come warm and Balmy and few men know the luxury of rising at five of clock and r under the edges of toe Par putting Cayenne Peppe Lor carpet to keep out the Moth the Oil City Derrick get off thi Temperance maelstrom nos Swallow it Cut the an editor he of the Clarion Republican. If you hear of a sick maelstrom you will know what ails it the Man who invent some Way by which a fallow can take his liver out in the Spring hang it la the Back Yard and whip it As they do eur cts will Confer a Boon of his Sentinel. A new York state Man grated some horseradish for his wife and then sneezed broke a blood vessel and died. Husband will by and by learn to sit of the veranda and let Domestic Drudgery alone. Quot Johnny have you Learned any thing new during the week a asked a teacher of a five year old Pupil. a Well what is it a a never to Lead a Small Trump when you hold both there Are times in every married Many a life when prudence dictates a policy of silence and Ono of these is when his Wile is trying to account for the cat tracks in the new mince Standard. Quot no a quot Abe said a Charles can never be any thing to me More. He came out this Spring in his lust tall overcoat and of Mal if it Only matched my new dress i would t Core so much but it does no to and we have free press a no Rural housewife can be al fold to have attained True happiness until she a scratched her own pigs Back with the Broom handle and soaked her cows tail in soapsuds to get the Burdock burrs out of a chinaman thus explains the object of Tho celestial order of freemasonry a one chinaman he bad. Steal put him out. So pose chinaman Lazy no work put out. By pose Good work no steal he sick we pay he die we catches Box and put him a bucolic paper Down in Maine prints this personal item a an Auburn lady a few Days since Seti tied it that st is a very difficult thing for one woman to get a calf into a Wagon. The sympathetic people who looked on enjoyed the sport better than Tho calf did and apparently better than toe a question of rights lady a so you wish to leave Cook May i ask Why a Cook a Joe tingly Mim. You see there a Only one policeman in this a Ole of a place begging the parishes parking a and he a took up with the Hupper a housemaid a which its no concern of mine who takes up with who but its Well be known As the pm Iio Eman is the cooler to folks. Singleton s Confes Siojo. System of free schools As will place the incur education within the reach of All the present Tern As admin layered. Being characterized As a Mere mockery under which children have been imperfectly taught teachers have been swindled out of their toy. And too Money of he people squandered. Yave now before me a teacher s pay certificate to which Tho Board of school trustees consisting of three members have each affixed his Crosti Marx a his signature. We Are bound alike by every consideration of True statesmanship and of Good Faith to keep up in the 8tate such a system of free schools of will place within the reach of every child the poorest of Well As the richest Black As Well As White the Means of acquiring an honest and honorable education. A i shall look with confident Hope to your Aid in carrying out and fulfilling toe pledges to which we Are solemnly diving for a drink. More Linn six years after throwing a fellow labourer into a Furnace. From the Eureka Sentinel at the head of Culver Canon about thirteen Miles from Eureka in a desolate and forbidding country is a Tumble Down shanty evidently built by seme Coal burners. Some four Mouths ago a Man in search of stray Stock happened to look into the shanty and found the body of a Mau dead a Leais st the Side of the Cabin. A week ago James Thornton while out Hunting. Special dispatch to the in it ruin or. Summerville a. April 27, Beck was Hung at this Point to Day for the murder of we. Shanlin. The drop of the Gallows a few hours ago closed Tho last chapter of a Long struggle Between Cioku Uio iii i a Long Nuggie a Eiwen. A. A. i c a it overpowered and carried wounded and bleeding to two factions of this county. It is doubtful if the. Race Ivyng Hospital. He was subsequently execution of any private citizen Ever so excited and divided a Community As in this cose. About one year and it half ago Beck was arrested in Chatt ooga county by 8hanlin, who was a sort of Constable. It appears that Beck had been charged with robbing the Gold boxes in the mines in Lumpkin county and had lied to Chat Mega. He rested Here secretly for some time. At Shanlin discovering that he was a fugitive from Justice arrested him Aud started to carry him Back to the mines. Just before they started Shanlin Aud Beck made a Trade. Shanlin buying Becky a crop for 5100. He paid Beck no Money but handed 525 to a creditor of Beck. He agreed to Reserve the balance until Becky a return letting mrs. Beck have what Bhe needed during her husbands absence. The trouble Between the men dates from this Point. Mrs. Beck made frequent application to Shanlin for Money which applications he steadily refused to comply with. Mrs. Beck in great want offered for Sale a Little tobacco that she Hod raised with her own hands and which was excluded from the Trade. Shanlin opposed her Selling and the tobacco went into court where the fees Aud a osts ate it up. Mrs. Beck who was on the Point of starvation wrote these facts to her husband who became very much exasperated with Shanlin. He resumed shortly afterwards to Chatt ooga. Upon his arrival he sought Shanlin and demanded the balance of Tho Money due. Shanlin refused to pay the Cash but uttered to give him his notes for the amount. Beck refused to take the notes saying that the Trade was a Cash one. A bitter quarrel ensued which closed by Shanlin denouncing Beck As a a did Coward a and saying a i am going to gather that Corn any How. 1 Cun take a knife ant run you Over the whole a few Days after this Shanlin entered Becky a Cornfield for the purpose of harvesting the crop. He was accompanied by a Man that he had hired to Nelp him. Beck becoming acquainted with the state of lungs hurried to his House and taking Down Hia single barrelled shot gun loaded it with a handful of Lead balls. He then went to Tho Field and meeting 8hanlin�?Ts hired Man ordered him out of the Field. The Man left. Beck then approached Shanlin. And. When within a few Steps of him Drew his Guu Down and fired with great deliberation. Shanlin fell at the Flash Aud was dead in an instant. The arrest trial and conviction of be a followed promptly. Then the citizens of Chatt ooga divided into two factions Aud a straggle opened for the Rescue of Beck. Every delay of the Law waa invoked and a tremendous pressure was brought on the governor to secure a Pardon. These efforts were All unavailing however and a few hours ago the troublous drama waa closed. At nine of clock your reporter entered the cell of the doomed Man. He was of Heotis composed and apparently resigned to his Fate. He said that his sins had been great but that he believed that the Proya a of friends and himself had been heard and that he would be saved. The Only dread of death was leaving his wife destitute. Never except when be took his last Farewell of his wife did he give was to his feeling and As he says act the child. When his wife was carried screaming front the cell to seemed perfectly overwhelmed with grief but he soon regained his aca Tomed composure and when led from Tho jail to the Gallows his a tap was firm and he was seemingly unconcerned a to the nature. Mounting the scaffold a said a my Young friends. I nope Yon will Lake this As a warning that Tho Gallaron is Tho certain end of those who keep bed Cotol Fly and indulge in Strong drink. That has been my rain and it will be Yoors. The a Man jumps through two Luss door for grog. From the san Francisco chronicle 17th. R. D. Ross a Young scottish gentlemen of excellent family Aud unlimited Means is the last living witness to the Efficacy of California whisky. Three months since he arrived in ban Francisco and daring that time to has been equally diligent doing its innumerable natural wonders and its one great artificial wonder of whisky. Last sunday Forenoon at half past eleven of clock it suddenly occurred to him that to had not had a cocktail since eleven of clock and that in fact he had Only had seventeen altogether that Forenoon and in haste to repair the error he ran out of his room on the fifth floor of the Palace brushed swiftly past the surprised promenades in the Hall dived with a crash head first through the closed Glass doors into the yawning elevator Shaft and lit on the top of the descending elevator itself a Story and a half below where he steadied himself by the standing part of the traction rope. The eleven Inch Edge of a piece of the shattered door which found its was into the elevator fell upon Tho Gaiter of Camilla Ursos husband and Cut its whole length and nearly the whole length of that gentleman a foot through Tho leather but fortunately did not wound the flesh. At the next Glass door the Resolute Ross made another dive from the roof of the elevator and came Down into the corridors through the splintering Glass doors in such a Shower of brilliants As was never equated in a sgt act Acuilar piece. It Assad to record that after All this Riding Bare backed elevators and throwing double somersaults through plate Glass doors. Or. Ross did no to get the eighteenth cocktail but a were Ai put under n powerful opiate and retaken to his room and yesterday morning he in contingently hauled off from the unequal conflict with a sour Mash a and sailed for Scotland by the Way of the isthmus. Hull fighting in Spain. Andalusia must be seen when the Sun shines and gives its towns their real aspect of life its landscape those splendid contrasts of color which Are most striking when As at present Spring has put Over Tho Plains and the foliage those fresh and Lovely tints which Semi african Sun soon destroys. Seville looked quite another scene on easter Day and As the afternoon advanced people on foot and the More favored in vehicle of every description began to direct their Steps to the Bull ring. The Entrance was so crowded that the guards and soldiers had to use actual Foroe to collect the tickets even Long before the hour appointed. Tickets for even the worst seats had been for Days in great request. So much so that foreigners in hotels paid fancy prices for any chair. Before four of clock every Inch of space in the entire Amphitheater a crammed and it can fully hold 11,000. As regards architecture it was very ugly to say the least and but for the ladies sitting in the front rank of the galleries it could not have suffered any comparison with the Plaza de Toros of Madrid. The boxy a above were filled with ladies wearing the White Mantilla Aud most of them dressed in Bright coloured Silks. Many of the faces were Well know in Madrid and indeed not a few of the fair Countesse in the gallery followed the whole performance with the keen zest of accomplished Afi clon Ades. In the crowd below the men were in great majority and As usual in Spain All classes mixed up but not much to the Comfort of such As Are not accustomed to native disregard for bad smells. However Ere Long the ring absorbed the attention of All present when the struggle began Between the Ziuras and the Cua Drillas of la Garlijo and chi Corro. There was some brutal horse Slaughter in the beginning but the Picador defended their beasts with the Long Spear in some cases punishing the Bull very badly. Though some of the Toros were spirited animals the scene exhibited no accidents and hardly any incident to stagger the nerves of the Spectator beyond a few severe tumbles inflicted on the Picador. As a Rule Little sympathy is in modern Days shown to the Noble Bull no has to Bear the Brunt of nil the efforts of the Cua Drilla. He is doomed to die and the people care naught for his sufferings in fact they barely notice the most striking moment in the fight which takes place when the doors of the Cage Are thrown open. The splendid beast rushes front the dark cell into the full Light of Day Aud to seems staggered As he casts one hurried glance on those Crow ded rows above and his Eye catches sight of the brilliantly attired Tormentor. He paws the ground and with one hoarse aran be rashes at them in some eases like the first Ball of yesterday to Lay every Picador Down and to scatter in whole baud Over the Barrier in a headlong charge. The Bull then stops and looks round to seek for new foes and Only to esp a glaring cloak skilfully moved before his nostrils by a Torrero who the next minute Bounds Over the Barrier. The Secretary of the Navy now hits trader consideration the question of asking Congress to appropriate 1500,01 0 at the approaching extra session for the purpose of fitting out eight vessels to be held in readiness for service in Case of emergency. It is feared that the Eastern troubles May possibly jeopardize american i Teresta and it is proposed to have these vessels ready to John rite european and sought shelter under the roof of the shanty and found a Book from which the following is transcribed november 17,1876. My name is Lee Singleton. 1 was Bora in Litchfield county Maryland in 1841. I lived there until the breaking out if the War when i enlisted in the Southern army Aud served until the close of the War. I was wounded twice once at Yorktown and again at the siege of Petersburg. Both my parents died and after the War was Over i came West and followed the Union Pacific Railroad until it was completed. I then went to White Pine and in 1871 to Eureka where i went to work As a feeder at the Furnace. My companion. John Murphy a very overbearing and insulted me on several occasions. But As he was a much stronger Man than myself i took no notice of it until one Day he struck me. He did not know that he signed his death warrant with that blow but he did. While feeding the Furnace the thought often came to me that it would be an easy matter to stun him with a blow and throw him into the stack and i knew that if it was once accomplished no of could Ever detect any traces of the crime. The principal difficulty w As the continued presence of the or wheelers but As they worked ten hours and quit at six of clock there was an interval of an hour during which me and Murphy were alone save the occasional visits of the might Boss. I had to wait nearly two weeks before the night shiite changes that we came on at the same time. When the Opportunity finally presented itself i stepped behind him and struck him a blow on the head with my shovel As he was stooping to get a scoop Ful of charcoal. To drag him to the feel Hole and throw him on the charge was but a moments work. I do not know whether he was dead or Only stunned but it made Little difference As the fumes would have suffocated him in a moment. By working hard i succeeded in covering the body with Ore and charcoal and As the charge in the Furnace sunk he was soon out of sight. I went into the charcoal business and forming a Copartnership with two other men built to Cabin in which i sit writing this statement. We burned Coal Here for two years w hen the Wood becoming exhausted i took my Shate of the profits $2,00ft and went East but after four years wandering re turned to Eureka. As soon As i finish this i shall take the Poison and Lay Dow n in the bunk. I done to suppose that any one Ever passes this Way and i shall probably Lay Here and rot or the vermin will feast on me. I can not go to a worse hell than what in be been a for the last six years. If any one finds this statement they can verify the truth of it by looking Over the books of the smelting company and they will find mine and John Murphy a name on the payroll and if or. R. M. Wallis is still in Eureka he will remember the fact of Johns disappearance for he was the night Foreman at that time. Lee Singleton. To have inquired into the matter and find that John Murphy mysteriously disappeared about the time mentioned. Or. Wallis recalls the circumstance and says that when Murphy disappeared he Hud eighteen lays wages due inn. And the Money was never called for. A curious storm of lightning. At a recent meeting of the French Academy of sciences a paper giving the following curious description of a storm observed by m. Edward Blanc on March 21st, at Vence in the Var was read a the Veather had been variable during the Day at 7am.� Hail storm accompanied with Thunder had swept Over the whole Northern Seaboard of the Mediterranean from West to East Frejus. Antibes Cannes Nice and Monaco had been visited but the Center of Tho Tornado was several leagues away on the sea where the Clouds had a characteristic Copper tint. Vence had been but 6lightiy touched Hud Ltd some intermittent rain mingled with hailstones and occasional squalls. During the rest of the Day the Sun shone out and at intervals a big Black Cloud would travel from West to cast letting but a few minutes. The cloudless horizon. Sun was warm and set fall a Shower of rain lasting to was surprised to overhead being Clear. There was no thunders a we about Midnight m. Biane was surprised to see numerous hashes of lightning in the East the though the phenomenon could not be at any great distance. M. Blanc proceeded to a spot where nothing could obstruct the observer and saw Tita whole Eastern horizon covered by a layer of Black Clouds Over which a number of Light and Fleecy Cirri Wero skimming in various directions the general appearance was that of a dense mass t in ebullition on the surface of which Light a Corita were dancing about. To the North East of Vence and at a distance of eighteen Kilometres or thereabout. A Large Black Cloud seemed to be exceed ugly disturbed it was constantly rising and falling and above it fire balls resembling rockets issuing from a bouquet of fire works seemed to a tart from an invisible Center flew about in every direction and after passing Over a space of from six to eight degrees would burst silently leaving a dazzling train behind. The apparent Diame of these Ball was about one degree they move slowly and the phenomenon to repeated three or four times in two minutes. From time to time the Cloud was torn by a Flash of lightning accompanied by a rambling accounts from various Points in Minnesota Iowa Illinois Kansas Nebraska and Missouri Aro encouraging with respect to the prospects for wheal and Corn. A vast amount of seeding has been done within the past two or three weeks the farm Era being moved to extra efforts to order to octet As far As possible the ravages of the Grasshopper so that the acreage will largely surpass that of Ous years. Examination of the to counts of al o. Is or to a tel it i

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