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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - March 14, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol a xxvi no. 33.wednesday morning March 14. 1877. Whole no. 2076. Walk itt. / <1 , pm. Ota the Uttler sme where the woke a Helve Down to the Lovely River a Golden Brown in Here towered Long since an old Pine tree. And across the Stream in a right Bee line. Like a sentry guarding the ruined fort was a Large climbed Walnut where the Kane huddled together in Shower and Shine. Nibbling the , Apante and Short. To Turner and Winter those Brave old tree watched the Blue River that allot Between leaned to the Sunshine and drank the Bree so clothed like emperors taking their Case. Now in Ermine and now in Green. Plahy a ume when i was a lad .1 drifted by with suspended oar. Hie wind in the Walnut seemed so sad but a what a blustering voice it had la the rugged pic on the other Shore and often in restless slumber Tost 1 seemed to be Drifting Down the tide hearing the Strw Eui wind As it Crost. To die away like a murmuring ghost in the drooping boughs on the farther Side. Ferbat twas a Boyish fantasy the dream of a dreamer half afraid that the wind grew sad in the Walnut tree. But san get Ahr Nugh the Pine like the surging sea. With a so Send of Distant cannonade Only a fantasy who can Leulf but i think a twill haunt me to the end seeing what curious thing befell the Walnut tree and the Pine As Well ybor they West together Friend and Friend own a sullen Clond broke War at last. And a grim sea dog of the Quarter deck took the gaunt old Pine for a Mizzen Mast in the flame of Battle his spirit past and the it sen dragged by the shattered wreck. Ith the Union Jack across him Laid by bore hint Back to the by the sea i guns at the Yard his requiem played and the admirals coffin u is Sata. Was shaped of the planks of the Walnut tree. Of Flat Ray it maim a a am �4 of sir a in Ihu a a a it to Fri Var a it Benqt new a Emring n tkv Eki m Ike pfc Earlw of coff tit at Wum atm. Writ to Roa the from the Wabash. A in Joaquin Miller. Chapter in. West. To a at that general Dodge was drunk and. Therefore unable to Nee his lady Home in the morning that came in upon the events be Laet chapter would be perhaps the moot charitable thing that could be said. It is certain that he could not stand on his feet. What else could have been the matter 2is father gave him All his attention and a remove could do nothing for miss White. To the infinite Delight of general 8-, be wrung a consent from her with the maudlin permission of general Dodge to Lake her to her apartments. The old negress was delighted to see a a real Gene Leman from de 8ouf,�?� and Little Dot pronounced her sister More Beautiful in her nne dress by Day than by night. They were not worried by the attentions of Young Dodge now for some time and the Confederate general a silent Earnest Man a Soldier every Inch of him was often there in Brief Calle and always was so respectful so very Gallant so courteous in the presence of this woman even As if site had been a Princess that he took a very firm told on her heart lie fore site even suspected it. Young Dodge was ill very ill and again but for Sally White to watch by his bedside As before. This would not now do. It could not be. He feared he would die. He implored her forgiveness As she Bent Over him and asked Lier to Pray for him. Evidently this Man loved her with All his weak and worthless nature slut now her life Lay before her. The world was widening out. There was much for her to do. She was no longer a servant. She had in some degree tasted of the tree of knowledge. The emancipation proclamation so a fils she was concerned had taken effect and was to he enforced. Yet she came Muy to see the miserable Man till he was Lingoth Able to get about. Then there were parlor to let in the fashionable hotel for futher and son quite i washed and overthrown sad at heart and utterly dissatisfied were preparing to return Home. A will Yon not return with a a asked the older Dodge. A no i will not return now. I May return to the West soon very soon Buk not she said this with a quiet Assurance that Start cd him. A a hat a he thought to himself a has this i Token servant of mine conic to this in a Day Why acc talks As if she owned the Rewti Ami pm me and went at the old Man twirled his glasses about As he sat Cross legged and quietly settled Hack in his chair. Finally with some Embarrass fat he asked a Sally How do you hve7 to pays the rent since my son bos been she came close up to him and looked him in the face. Ii is Eves fell and the Titi arable Olif millionaire tried in vain to lift his face to Hoffa. It was no use. The Frank and fearless face Wmk like a burning Sun. Her glance was like a Swonie to Brut. A Well. Or. Dodge up a a Yea on a from vulgar cur Lewty f Dor not see that i am tired to answer. You did not ask me question every Day or any Day that 1 cams to see your son and console him in his sickness. Did you know did you care would you have cared had you known to quot i came Here hungry and went away Hung in a Many a Day sir were you trying to starve me into submission to your songs desires his base and beastly desires a you wince you tremble now. No 1 never spoke to you after this fashion before but do you imagine i have not thought it thought it a thousand times Sway in the Woods of the a Rcv this Bash where you starved not Only my body but my soul a i my old oppressor i have Beard you Pray that the slave of the South might Rise up against his master and sweep him from the Earth. Did you imagine that 1 was More weak and worthless than a slave of the South simply because i was a slave of the North no no no i followed you in your prayers. Your prayers were profanity and All your life you have been a villain. Or. Dodge if you should devote to penitence All that remains to you of life you would not have a soul half so White As the most miserable Black body that every has been born. And now sir Good by till we meet at the Graves of my parents on the the old Man uncrowded ills legs with a struggle and with an Effort sprang up. A what do you mean woman what do you mean do you threaten met i Aak you to return with me and be my servant no my Friend do Yon propose to come As my enemy you Are to Calm so cold so sets i Aleo know that there is a god and i have Faith in i Justice that is All. And you wish to know How i live Well i will Tell you. We live by begging. Aunty dear old Black aunty begs for the Money to pay the rent then the government gives her a ration As a refugee. We then Divide this and eat it together. You see one hand must help to rest the other one slave assists another. We were both slaves tilts bifulk woman and i. We Are both emancipated now and we Are going to work together. A slave is giving me that bread which you with millions lie put his hand in his Vest pocket and offered her fifty omits. This seems incredible. Were it not pitiable it would be laughable to con plate. But when you reflect that it was the largest sum that this Man had Ever offered to bestow on any one without Hope of a ten fold return you will not so much Marvel at his sub inc audacity. All things go by grades and comparison. You ascend a ladder round by round. This nmn was now attempting to place his foot on the first round of die ladder of Charity by which men can climb almost into heaven. But the girl would not notice his action or his pitiful contribution to the Little household of beggars she Hud just been speaking of. She looked calmly and earnestly at him and went on with her reproaches. Of course her conduct was very Imp Roj it or very unlike a indy of cal tire or refinement either natural or acquired. But you must reflect that she had had no cultivation whatever. 8he was a wild Woodland Rich enough indeed by nature but choked and rank with weeds and an ungainly growth which but for this Man before her might have been a Field of Flowers. And then she had endured All this for Twenty years. No Marvel then that she cried out now. She was As one who had got a glimpse of land after a Long and hoj irless wreck at sea. She lifted her hands in Hope to the land but she railed at the cruel elements. The old Man was vexed and embarrassed More than Ever. But he fell Lwok on his old tactics of turning his other Cheek. A a mild answer turn eth away Wrath a rightfully thought he and he spoke in a Calm and conciliatory tone in answer. At last As she was about to withdraw he said a i have forgotten your address. I am about to return to the West. A am growing old and we May not meet again. I should like to Call Anil see my Darling Little Dot before 1 go. If you will Tell me your address i will 8hc stepped up to the Center table leaned Over it took up a pen and wrote with ease and precision in a bold dear hand her name and address in full and turning around quietly reached it out toward him. The Man started Back. He had been watching her with a singular concern. A who in the nume of the saints taught you to write a quot or. Septimus Dodge sen.,�?� said the girl with much seriousness at the mention of ids name a i have heard Yum preach and plead und Pray far Money to Send to far countries to teach the Heathen to read the Bible. All the time you did not even give nil a half hour to rest. You did not even teach me my alphabet. Yon had Heathen in your Kitchen slaves who could not read or write their names. I Tell you All this that you May not forget it hut will have something to think of when you go Home. Who taught me to write a slave old Black aunty. She goes to the forced men a school. She brings Home tracts primers pens and copy books. She learns to read and write and she teaches inc. she readied her hand hut he declined to take it. Perhaps he did not intend this for his head was held Down his hands were clasped it Chind his Back and his eyes were vacantly trying to make out the figure on the carpet. When he lifted them she was a it it it a a a it was an Odd Little Colony Down there in that Low part of Washington Over which old Black a a aunty presided. It was a nest of beggars indeed a Little Den. About which whole volumes might have been written. Black beggars and White beggars were visitors there. Two or three senators who had heard of the Beauty of Sally White had sought admission to this singular Little Circle but in vain. Two members of the Cabinet had also called but were not received. A Only beggars allowed to enter Here a laughed Sully one Day when an important looking half Drunken senator was sent away reeling Down toward the Avenue after the door had been slammed in his face. Quot let us put up a sign a said Little Dot who had also Learned to read and write a let us put up a sign that shall read Only pedal Era and beggars at muted general 8�?�?�?� Cert airily came under this last named Clase now. The civil War had ended meantime leaving its sad lessons to a needing politicians and its blood red Cross on the pages of history. Bom to wealth educated in Europe and accustomed to luxury and affluence this inn was now without even a suit of clothes. He was almost barefooted. His Linen was not decent a paper Collar had been a greater to this Man now than had been a Boon Brown Stone front House on fifth Avenue Gara if poverty was the password. One Day the elder five years before. He certainly was entitled to admission to aunty a Little Home of beg he pass Doage met general 8�? on the Street and noticed with perfect satisfaction his utter destitution. The old Man chuckled with Delight As be cordially reached the disheartened general his hand and asked him to go with him to his hotel. The general declined. A but i have something to say something that will be to your advantage a and Here he looked at the threadbare coat that was buttoned up tight to the Throat and then Down to the shoes that were doing their Best in an ineffectual Effort to conceal the ten toes of the Confederate general. A i say it is something to your advantage general 8-. Business general 8-. Business and he led the Way. While the general reluctantly walked at his Side wonder ing what this hard and Tricky old wan could want with him at his table. Once in the rooms the elder Dodge asked his son to leave them alone and then taking a ten Dollar Bill from his pocket he handed it to general 8-. The general hesitated. A take it 7 r a and what do Yon expect me to do in return i know you mean to Sines As you Call it Pray Tell me what it is before i can afford to touch your Money. Well sir a said the old Man As he Laid Bill on the table and rubbed his hands same time walking no Sid Wise close to the Side of the general a Well sir now that the War is Over and All is settled and As i to toe West we Nave been to taxing that Eon might be what sex. In your you was then a prisoner was provoked could not Well Bear to see your enemy so lauded to the skies and so concluded to blast the future and Good name of a Young Man by this singular action. Sir you have been revenged. My son has suffered much both in mind and in body from your cruel course but i now ask you to Correct this great wrong and erroneous statement. Had my son been Well had he been Strong and Resolute As other men this could not would not have been endured. But sir he is a than of peace lie was designed for the a emr. Dodge your son is not Only a weak Man but a deceitful a sir do you know of whom you speak a �?o1 am shaking of your son who is a cow Ard a liar and an the old num s tactics Bis old tactics returned in an instant. He put up Bis hand rubbed his Chin and then his Throat As if be was about to choke und then again stroking Bis three Story Chin said calmly and in a kind voice us if be bad not heard the answer of generals a of course you maybe honestly mistaken. It is your opinion perhaps your honest opinion. Rut sir. This is business. Listen to me general 8-�?. I asked you to come Here to discuss a matter of business. Well now sir my son is wealthy. He has. Money enough lie now desires Honor. He went to the wars fought nobly won glory but Fate by your hand has taken the Crown of Laurel from his brow. Now sir this Mist be restored. Now sir i will give you one Hundred dollars if you will make a Public admission that you were mistaken. Sir i will give you one thousand dollars if you will admit that your statement at that Little dinner was a the old Man looked at the general a threadbare coat and Down at his broken shoes. He stole a glance at his Fine Young face and saw his lip curl with a cold Ana silent scorn. A sir i will give you five thousand dollars if you will Only say that it was my son you met that night face to face in fight and not that Vagabond Jack White who was shot for a a Herbai its he has not been shot. Possibly he escaped and is now under sentence of death a deserter still who is liable to capture and execution yet. In that Cuse i would endanger Bis life ruin his character and contaminate Bis a i will give you ten thousand i come say yes you will Only have to be interviewed by reporters you will Only have to give a few accounts of the Battle to reporters whom i will Send to you. You will Only have to Tell How my son stood up Between you and the Moon that night How tall he seemed and How grand he was in his valor and All will be satisfactory Aud Complete. Come i will give you the Check now 1 Only iii it How much you May do with ten thousand dollars. Why you can take the Beautiful Kelly White and go to Europe and a you insufferable old wretch 1 if you dare mention that pure girls name again i will kick you till my feet Are Bare As my Pateos no keep your Money my gentle Sisters can go to work and weave and spin As their grandmothers did before them. My Little Brothers can plow and Plant with their own hands As their fathers did before them. Rut your Money Pardon me if this is your business Adieu a chapter x. Law. Wheat we see a great Circle about the Moon we of the West say there is going to be a storm. Certainly a Circle was drawing closer and closer closer and closer to the rim about the persons of the Rev. Or. Septimus Dodge sen., and his son. While this interview of the last chapter was going on upstairs Young 1 Lodge was Deal ing with a tartar whom he had caught be Low stairs. This new Man this tartar whom Young Dodge had caught was a perfect Type of the third rate Yankee. He had Cherry Clie eks a perhaps Brandy checks a and a Hatchet face. He was a lean und unscrupulous lawyer. He had a hooked nose like the hard and filthy beak of a vulture. He had All the Brassy brightness of the Yankee and counted it quite witty to assert that his Cherry Cheeks and his Hatchet face entitled him to claim to be a descendant of George Washington. As Young Dodge descended the stairs he fell into the hands of this hooked beaked vulture. A nah Well now i have been looking for you for several Days. Only Learned by Accident this week that a the hero of the wilderness and the dashing Young Dodge for whom i wrote a letter to his ravenous old father at Dartmouth College fifteen years ago were one and the same a Well sir they Are and what of it what can i do for you i remember you now. You Are the Lawver who wrote something to father about the land or something about the land office at fort a the same sir the same. I have a copy of that letter still. I always keep copies of every thing i do. Now Yon May remember you wanted a thing covered up like. That is you wanted to keep the Money for your own expenses which the old Coon your governor had put into your hands to Purchase land with. Well now sir you Are wealthy i am told. I am not wealthy. You gave me but five dollars then. You realized some hundreds. I was Young then and conscientious. I should have Nad half the Money at least half the Money. Why sir almost any other lawyer would have taken two thirds of it but now i come to you and i ask the reminder of Niy fee the other and the remaining half of the three Hundred a Are Yon mad to think i will give you another cent you insolent fellow a a mad he insolent he fellow he we will see we will see your governor is upstairs. I will see him sir. I will Tell him of this Little Freak of his songs Youthful Genius. Sir a Spray stop1 Pray stay sir. Do not disturb my father. He is already surrounded with enough of care and a Well then give me the Money and i will aay nothing. You see i have been silent for years you can Trust me to continue so. What great leak you Hare left in the old Many a estate by the misuse of this Money i do not know and will not seek to to 4 you Iling to Correct the not then a hero of Tbs m that my Aon was off Yalta a y a Irit abm n will lit m Inow find out but this Money 1 must have. A there sir take fire dollars and be fled. Be merciful and not exact see i have already trouble enough you know i was educated for the clergy am not used to the hard ways 6f the at this juncture general 8�? descended is and came face to face with Young who believing that All bad been sat-1 arranged upstairs and that Hie name now Lay in the bands of Gen it came Forward and cordially re lawyer Cherry cheeked bad Hatchet faed Rel raw my b a Loil Orfu Cioc up Smi Wiki w dodgers Elbow As if he feared he might attempt what his name suggested. A there is Twenty dollars take this and trouble me no a Twenty dollars Twenty Dours no air a nor fifty dollars. Come i i will leave it to this gentleman if i am not entitled to at least one Hundred a and he proceeded to rattle off with singular solubility the Little adventure of and service for Young Dodge in his school Days. General 8 was indifferent and hardly heard what was being said till the Man mentioned the name of White. Then he was All interest All suppressed and quiet concern. A i will give you seventy five dollars if Yon will Promise before this gentleman to not trouble my father with any mention of my up Traks at school or College or to Ever mention this matter to me a Good but vhf you do drive a hard bargain indeed for Aman Worth his general s lifted Hia Naples hat and hurried after this Man As soon As he could Well escape from Young Dodge. He had himself been like Many Young men of the South educated in the Luw and from what he knew of the profession and from what he could gather from the Story of the nervous and narrow headed Little Man wit ii tin Hatchet face he suspected that the populous and thriving Little City which the Rev. Septimus Dodge had built out West was not standing on quite As solid a foundation As it might. He found the Sharp Little lawyer on the pavement near the Capitol he had his office on the pavement like hundreds of others. In fact he was really one of that class whom Napoleon iii. Designated As a gentlemen of the he had All the facts at his Tongue and his fingers end. He had Only the Day before prepared himself on the subject in order to orow beat and bully poor Young dial go. When general 8 met him a few min utes after he had left the hotel he was still greatly elated with his Success. He would gladly have taken ten dollars five dollars any tiling. Tie was Only attempting to frighten the weak fellow out of his Money. He had succeeded and was greatly elated. He readily and gleefully took up the thread of his Story and without even having his suspicions aroused gave to general 8 All the dates facts and figures that were desired. General 8 put in an appearance at the beggars Palace very Early that evening. He was looking brighter than he had been for Raav a Day. His Fine eyes were full of fire and his face beamed with inspiration As he talked. He took Little Dot in his arms and told her that just As Likely As not some fairy no some a Princess indeed i Oung pod in into z would come along some Day and make her a he took part in the school that night and acted the role of professor of English literature. Black scholars Brown scholars White scholars and scholars that were neither White nor Black nor Brown but All three colors in one came close around the a dragged but respectable professor and took their lesson from Liis smiling lips with a satisfaction rarely witnessed in any school. The Man whispered something very tenderly to Sally that evening As she stood in the open door to say Good night and she went Back to her miserable bed very Happy for she knew that she was loved. Nere was a desperate game to be played now. General 8�?�?o�? went to the Best advocate in All the City Early next morning. He acted in All tilings with absolute unqualified and unlimited authority. A a it a a dead shot a said the great lawyer at once. A but i want my Friend the governor of that state to be with me in the ease. We will ask Only one per cent of the property on these conditions the Case the great Case that was to unsettle millions and to startle a Stute was silently and secretly begun. It was not a ease that would involve delay. It was a matter of fact Only not of lug Ftp we May As Well Here explain the secret of the poor girls rage in her interview with the elder Dodge As narrated before. What had occurred was the last Feather to be borne the drop that overflowed the bucket. Her brain was very Clear that night of the Carousel before described. The brains of others were clouded at the time the door opened and the Man stood before them there and they were not at All certain of what they saw. Many of them were old sinners at the table and had Learned to be cautious about reporting real or fancied visions of an after dinner order. But Sally White knew that this was her own brother in the flesh and blood. Perhaps the Dodges were equally certain of this. And this May account in some degree for their nervousness and anxiety to have general s take sides with them and publicly declare Young Dodge the hero he had encountered in the Battle on the Ridge by Moonlight. She knew this was her brother knew he was under sentence of deah and knew he was a deserter. But she did not then dream of the villainy that had been practice by the younger Dodge. She Laid All the wrongs at his fathers door and so sat by his bedside an hour or two every Day during his ill a Han wretchedness among the negroes in dark aide is in deserted old houses any where that he could conceal himself through the Day while he prowled about by night to if possible get to speak with his sister. He had followed the party from the West with great difficulty and danger. He had seen How utterly base and treacherous and heartless Young Dodge had behaved and he knew perfectly Well that if he should be recognized and retaken there would lie no Mcvey. Dodge would not Only not reach a hand to save the Man who Hail saved him but he would leave no Stone unturned to make certain this time of his execution. Therefore it was with his life in iii hand that he followed his Sisters to Washington in order that he might keep an Eye on the Villa inies of the Lex Les and be at hand in their extremity. There had been nothing marvelous or miraculous in his escape it All. His friends Aud fellow soldiers who loved him quietly allowed him to escape in the right and in the hurry and excitement and Little inquiry was made next Day when his body was not found among the us Lippy wretches who had died Asan example to deserters for the army was Young and not then very Stern in discipline. One night As Sally was returning Home More late than usual from or last visit to the bedside of to sing Dodge this tall and powerful Man m the garb of a Confederate Soldier who professed to be begging stepped behind an Elm and stood before k Ness while her poor unhappy brother was hiding away in rags and wretchedness Anion out from her. She did not swoon or make any display of emotion. She led the Way into a dark Alley and there threw herself info her brother s arms and wept and wept As id her heart would break. It was then that she Learned for the first time of Bis Vaflor and the dreadful conduct to lire younger badge. So turn fold hint of their base behaviour and it was with difficulty that she restrained him from going a a in of _ a a _ i 4 a a via Allf t a Lay in his bed and dragging Street. Glad As she was to meet her brother and to have him near her she saw at once that he most no longer remain there. He was not Only of no use to them but his own life was in peril every hour. He most go. Time would set All things even. They would Appeal to time to gods first born. Long and late the brother and sister talked Over the painful past and tried to plan for the doubtful future. All looked dark and hopeless. Turn in whatever Way they would there was not a Ray of Light. No Bow of Promise broke from out the storm and Bent above these two ignorant and helpless Young people As they stood there in the dark Alley starting trembling at the least strange sound that struck their ears lest it might be the tramp of soldiers seeking the ragged wretched and half desperate deserter. There was nothing to Lay Nold of and lift them out of the pit in which they had fallen. They could Only wait and. If possible Hope. At All events he must Fly. She bade him go and go at once Back into some deep wilderness where he would be Safe till she could see some of the great Cabinet members and though it Cost her a sacrifice of All tilings save her virtue secure his Pardon. He was to Send her word All the time 1 3 some of the thousand refugees and floating Blacks then pouring into Washington and wait for her command to come to her. Standing there in the Moonlight Frith her two hands on his shoulders and looking up with her proud Brave face lifted into his she told him that just so sure As there was a god in heaven she would have him reinstated soon and she knew there was a god and she knew that in time the right must prevail. And then the Man Tore himself away gro ted along the Alley ways on the dark Side of the fences out of the City and was gone. The sister returned More sad More thoughtful than Ever More doubtful of Many a Honor or integrity than Ever before. But she kept the secret of her brother a presence in the City All to herself even from general Little Dot and old Bluck an qty. The next Day Young Dodge presented himself to Sally White at the miserable Little apartment. He was going away and bad come to Sav Guk gtd by to the Only woman he had Ever loved. What a singular love was his it was the love of a dog for its master. No not a faithful love like that at All but a cowardly sneaking love like that of a sheep killing dog. She arose As he entered and move toward Lier smiling and extending his hand. Per iap8 she had been expecting him and had prepared herself. Possibly however in their Little beggars school they had introduced the use of the >edagogue�?T8 scepter and always kept a fresh one at hand in Case of an emergency. Be All that As it May As the inn approached she said not a word. I she did not look at him with any More concern than if he had simply been one of the Many half starved and obtrusive dogs that had crept in at the door which generally stood ajar. But she step ted rapidly to one Side and reached her right hand toward the mantel piece. Her face was Flushing red with the recollection of this Man s deadly wrong to her brother which she had Only heard recounted the night before. She clutched a Hazel switch from the mantelpiece Aud sprang toward him. He was the liveliest sick Man you can imagine. He leaped backward like a Clown in a circus. He missed the door by which he had entered and struck so hard against the Side of the door that the Little old House trembled and creaked from the concussion. His splendid Beaver hat flew Here his gloves and Gold headed Cane flew there his hands Llew up Over his head As he tried to protect his face from the storm of blows that rained Down from the Sharp Tough Little Hazel in the hands of the injured and infuriated girl and his lips moved As if lie was trying to say quot spare me spare me i am a Man of peace. I was designed for the lie had hard work in finding the door. He had to keep his eyes on the infuriated woman. He had to feel for the door with the lower end of his Back. At last with a special sort of intelligence that part of his Anatomy found the opening and led the Retreat. Soon after some Little negro boys were heard crying a ski i a at a Man who Batiese and flurried was trying to enter by the Back Way of a fashionable hotel to escape observation. The Dodges now returned Home at once. They were not it All certain of their social standing at the great National capital whatever Altey were of their financial status in the West. Yet when a great reception was Given them on their return Home and the mayor of their City made a speech which was highly complimentary and was published in All the papers round the country they Felt reassured and settled Down in their palatial residence very Well satisfied with Trio world generally and themselves particularly. Here they sent their time in receiving the homage of the Servile portion of the people with a patronizing air and a hollow dignity and also in arranging for a Long and extended tour in Europe. Meantime the Little Colony and school of beggars flourished wonderfully. There was certainly no want of recruits Washington was full of miserable people. All along that indefinite and invisible line that lies let a tween the North and the South there stretched a thousand stranded wrecks. A great wave of War had rolled across the South. The South had been a Seething sea there had been a terribly storm and Here now in Washington and elsewhere on the margin and High tide Mark of this wave of War Lay stranded a million ruined men. Women and children too were Here Waif and stray and Castaway kelp und sea Weed and Dolce and Drift spar and bar Roj get and Hulk and broken Mast and tattered sail. The ships were All strand the anchors sunken in the sea the wretched and ruined people stood on the wreck strewn Shore wringing their hands mute with the awful desolation looking out sadly Over the sea where once they had bailed in peace and plenty through All the summer months. And then the wreckers came the carpetbaggers. But let us draw the veil. In the midst of this wrecked and wretched mass general 8 found himself thrown. He was utterly helpless. He had no of to anneal to who was better off than himself. The Finger of reproach was pointed at him by men who had fought with no More valor no More Devotion to what they deemed right than himself. The absence of that High sense of Honor which Ditingo silted the Warrior of old made insults to the overthrown no infrequent thing. It takes a grand order of courage to Bear this . men of the conquered half of our common land have borne with this for years. Let it be remembered of them to their everlasting Honor. Tills Hian of whom we write did not scr Pine. He could not get any thing from the City. He Ronld do nothing i the cily. Yet the found himself All the. Ume hovering e part Ever she did whatever she desired to do seemed to him to be Beautiful. He often acted As professor at their singular Little night school where so Many Little waifs Wqlter and Olack and Brown were thrown of Getlir in the lower rooms of the Humble Little building and found the occupation As delightful att was novel. How destitute be was most men after a War have at least left to them their swords and accoutrements of War. This Man had not even his sword. To was indeed poor beyond Conception. His clothes were so poor tie now could no longer be seen in the company of gentlemen. There was nothing at All to which he could Lay his hand. Lie could Only wait and Hope. The great Law or to whom he had entrusted the Case had gone West to search for the missing deed. If that deed could be found if there Ever had been a deed if he could find by the records in the land office of Indiana that there Ever had been such a deed of Sale or even the Sale of that certain piece of land to the elder White then the great ease would let a settled at once. It was not a question of Law. There would be no litigation. There was either a Purchase and Salet Complete and perfect or there was not lung of the kind. It was so Long ago that the statute of limitation was pressing hard and the lawyer must be Active. If the Good new was to come it must come soon. A few Davs a Operand it would he too late. Jdc Antime this Man was almost starving. He was in a position to envy the dogs of the Street. He no longer dared take a walk even in the most a frequented lanes for his shoes would no longer hold themselves together with any Confidence or any Assurance to the Confederate general that he would not return Barefoot. How he wished he had Learned How to work in the Fields. A there is no Man so poor As a poor a emr. General professor a said Little Dot one evening who since she had never known any thing but poverty thought All this very funny a if you done to dress Upa bit you Shane to come among us any and then she added looking on her Primmer As her sister frowned a Little and tried to keep her still a Why even the third class beggars Are ashamed of at last the letter came. The Man Tore it open As if it had been a reprieve or a denial of it and meant life or death. A Check for a Ali Busund dollars fell to the ground. He Only read through his tears quot come at once and bring them with 3011,�?� and then hurried away ran As fast As his tattered shoes would let him Awa it Down to the miserable Little beggars Center to find 8ally White. Breathless and trembling with a strange Light in his eyes he told her the Good news and the Hope of Fortune before her. 8he was Over Calm. 8hc Only placed her hand in that of general 8-. As in Token of gratitude. Yet her tace flushed her proud breast swelled and throbbed and beat As if to bursting and who can say what Battle she was fighting with bad thoughts and thoughts of revenge that were dying to tempt her and and hold and place in her heart she said very calmly a i told or. Dodge we would come some Day to the West again. Poor Man poor Man to will indeed be surprised to see Hia servants seeking to take Possession of his House. But he shall have no hard Fate at my hand. I want my mothers grave the land my father left us and that is then lifting her head As if from a sad Sweet reverie she said in a brisk business like Way As one who is used to command As if she had been Horn to place and Fortune a Send for my brother. Send him Money plenty of Money and Tell him to meet us there at once. Tell him there will be no danger now. If Gold in this Darr of corruption paves the Way for the Pardon of the guilt it surely the innocent need not a aunty a she erred As she burst into tears and threw her arms around the old woman a neck a you shall have a Palace now. You shall have the biggest beggars school in All the world and no Black face for 3our dear Sake if for nothing else shall Ever be turned away from the old negress could not understand it at All. But when they made her put on a new suit of clothes next morning and when the general and Dot and All were standing there in new but Plain dress waiting for her to be ready she quietly tied up her old clothes in a Bandana handkerchief left her Little school in charge of a venerable old virginian and was driven away with the others to the station. It was an Odd and unexpected company that culled soon after this 011 the Dodges in their palatial residence in the West. It was made up of Beautiful Sally White with Little Dot in her arms As of old general the old negro woman with a bundle still in her hand and the eminent lawyer with his Friend and colleague the governor. The same governor by the Way whom the Rev. Or. Edvidge had so often alluded to As quot my Friend the there was a solemnity about the whole affair As the party took their seats that boded ill they were All so still so silent you might have heard a mouse had it crossed the floor. As they sat there some startled lord of his feathery Lia Cui culled the hour of Midnight from his Roost in some Distant bum and it rang through the House like a Trump of War. In California it is always strangely still just before an earthquake. Perhaps the ipod Gas Felt then an earthquake was about to follow. The elder Dodge looked As if he Wax at that moment going to propose that they should All unite in prayer when the great lawyer with the governor at his Side slowly arose and Drew a paper from his breast pocket and said a i have come Here to announce to you or. Dodge that i find you have built you City and your palatial residence 011 lands not your own. I hold in my hand the deed of this land and i have brought with me the heirs. Your own Good sense will Tell you at once How futile it would be for you to resist. I have not even troubled myself to bring an action of ejectment. This is merely a mat ter of fact not of Law. The elder White entered or bought this land of the United states nearly Twenty years ago at Vincennes. When you sent your son to Purchase thi land at the newly established land office at fort Wayne the least inquiry on Hia Pari would have saved All this the old Man Liow clasped his hands lifted his Brood Aud benevolent looking face with a wild Appeal for mercy to his a Friend the a it is All too True a answered the got error gravely almost solemnly a too True. A this House these rows of leases All the land on which you have built All every thing have your personal effects Ana movable property is the property of these orphans. And sir we Hare come to take Pae it session and we now have Possession and Yea must go. To your stuff and the clothes on your i end go out into the storm out on the a old old world. Such i Meta Leer the old. Cumm Law of the land. Whatever these children Way see fit to bestow on you hereafter As merciful fellow creatures is their own business. Bat my

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