Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
20 Jun 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
20 Jun 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - June 20, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvi no. 47.wednesday morning june 20. 1877. Whole no. 2090. In my main. Lam Mem Balm inti Najimm three horsemen entered the Oaken door. And loudly celled Lor the Welcome cheer Vel wee won to Greet the traveler Here. Good woman a ther cried As the hostess came a buxom Rosy Pur by old Dame quot Good woman bowls your wine and Beer and bowls your Little daughter dear a about seven years ago. And has three Bright eyed Nosy children one of them Only speaking a few words of English. Captain Woods was off at the Dardanelles putting Down torpedoes but we found his wife a charming and agreeable lady. She bad two unmarried Sisters with Here very comely Young women who spoke English quite fluently. They entertained is with piano music and helped to Mase up a party for a stroll through the Island. The lilacs breathed sweetly on the morning air. Anditerea the names of which were As a sealed Book. Quot my House is Ever supplied with cheer but my daughter Lieth upon her Bier in a Shadow Over to each wrapped in and silently one1 to the Darbannd i a Shadow Over the horsemen fell 1 in thoughts be would never Tell one by one they crept 1 room where the Maiden slept pling Low was Rippl a Pur Sasnow a hands so closely pressed bless breast Ese Iba death chill Lay t child a and one turned away have loved thee a the second said Clou Learned the love me and lived to a i loved thee always i love thee now a the third one cried As he kissed her brow quot in the heavens to come our souls shall wed i have loved thee living 1 love thee than silently out from the Oaken door three horsemen went to return no More. A prom the German. The War in the East. Burial correspondence of the enquirer. Constantinople May 28,1877. The Turk in his natural state is a queer Flash to contemplate. An intruder in Europe he buries his dead la Asia rearing there cities of crumbling Tomb atones Mora silent than those in which or lives for there the voice of the Street vender is never heard. His religion is not an Effort to suppress nature but a move in the direction of toning it Down. Instead of removing his Bat when be enters a House he keeps on his Bead covering and takes off his mums. He washes his hands after eating and not help the and Wisn he sleeps he covers Ida head and leaves his feet exposed to the atmosphere. He begins his Day at Sunset instead of Day Light. He goes to his affairs with slow and measured tread and hurries his dead to the cemetery at double Quick upon the theory that every moment spent outside the grave after death is a moment of extreme torture. Where other races bedeck their women and Send them Forth to be admired 0i men he covers his jewel with a repulsive Ferree and hides her face in a Yashmak. His life is sensual but his religion denies him that luxury of most abstemious nations generous wine. His religion is one of bigotry and yet the jew and the Gentile the Gimour and the hooded Monk Jostle the faithful in his narrow streets. The land which be inhabits is Fertile and yet it gives Forth no Ade Nate increase. He curls us and sleeps amid the riches of Bis bazaars and Only seems disturbed when men come to traffic. His capital sits upon the ruin of roman Empire in the Moat Beautiful spot of All the world and it is Beautiful in spite of his efforts to Render repulsive. He has no Eye for the a thetic he cart cheap Canvas and yet he lies along the Hills of Buff off chorus in artistic rupture smoking his aff Jpn while contemplating the beauties of Blue water Ami still bluer mountains. He is cruel at times but never treacherous be is insolent because he feels his Power but Seldom inhospitable. Hia government is weak and selfish and oppressive because his religion and customs Breed for rulers sense lists and we Tings instead of men. Because he has declined a it carry out quot reforms quot which Bis nature and his inbred beliefs prohibit be finds himself at War to Day with a nation which sets at Defiance every natural right of Man which Sui tresses intelligence which sends men of spirit in exile to Siberia and sets up the Knout Post in the in bloc place. Russia nation of Semi barbarians with a King absolute at the head of its Church Baa essayed the task of upholding the Banner of christianity and chastising the moslem whose chief fault is that he lies at the water Gateway of this most brutal and debasing of nations. The Turk secure in the belief that eng bind with her great Navy stands at Hia Buck has welcomed the War Asa Bride might Welcome Groom. He will set Down and cast up Bis accounts ruefully at the end of the game. He will find that Bis population has been materially decreased his glory tarnished and his debt quadrupled while his esteemed Friend from the Britannic Isles will own the Suez canal and a couple of Fine forts at each end of the classic Hellespont. In another half Century he Rivay be sent to join his dead on the Asiatic Side for Fate has decreed that the Pale Light of the Crescent can never make headway against the robust religious pole Star of Europe. The Banner of the of Ronli waved once under the wails of Vienna but from the Day that Sobieski was proclaimed Victor it has been slowly but Nono the less surely retreating toward the Tomb of the Prophet. Since my last there has been a development of War spirit in constantinople and a manifestation of activity which is quite Gratifying. Troops Are being knt Forward and going on amazingly at the . While in Siam bowl yesterday 1 saw a regiment of polish cavalry composed of the traditional enemies of Russia who had slipped away offered their swords to the turks they wore the polish military Cap and were otherwise hand Lomely uniformed. Their horses were quite Good. And the tout Ense Mue suggested business. 1 also saw a regiment of turkish infantry going Down to take r a transport for some Point up the Black Bea coast j they wore a Blue uniform luxuriously trimmed with red Short baggy breeches zouave like a ekes red sashes and the indispensable Fez. They marched with an easy swinging gait and Many of them chanted a weird Oriental sort of song. They had Winchester rifles made in enterprising new England. The inactivity of the Navy surprises every body. Hobart Pasha chafes and swears be Muse he of not allowed to take tha Fleet up and devastate Tbs russian sea Board. The russians have gave Forth a perfume which was Rich end sensuous. The Birds Sang As though their throats would Buret a Sabbath Bush rested upon the place and every two Fine ironclads in the Black 8ea�?the quot Popoff and Hobart hrs sworn by his Beard la have them both but the ministry will not let him treachery i found More than one citizen to boldly assert that Ignat efts Money has bribed officials High in Power and paralysed the Best Arm of the turkish service. The minister of Marine it is said gives As a reason for not bombarding Odessa that in the event of the War ending in favor of Russia the indemnity which Turkey would be compelled to pay for this bit of Enterprise would be quite unbearable. This May be said to come under the head of supreme caution. 81range As it May seem the people of constantinople have always been free from military service. The provinces in addition to paying nearly All the sex rises of government Nave also been required to Raith the muscle for the army. The favored Burgher of constantinople might be called upon for Money now and then but he was never required to jeopardise his life. This iniquitous system has at last been broken a and an order has gone Forth for a general conscription Here in constantinople. A commission is now sitting for the effect the decree and it be made without regard by Hue purpose of carrying into effect the decree and it is said that the draft will be made without re kit religious predilections. Citizens of every Hue and religion will be compelled to contribute by purse out person toward rolling Back the russian Ude of invasion. This conscription if Well carried it it ought to put100,000 new men into the Field. Last sunday i made an excursion with my Young Friend. Commander Klecman of the turkish Navy to Halki one of the islands in tbe8ea of Marmora about ten Miles from the City. Here the turks Kave their naval College we were received it the Landing by Captain Morris one of the English instructors in the naval school and taken to the res Denoe of Captain Woods. This Man Woods was a master in the eur Golsh Navy and ten Yean ago a need to drop Anchor in tha Golden Horn. Tha irks were beginning to dream of naval a Prem they the where there was peace and languor and a sense of delicious life but no Thrift. From the Island in one direction we could see the faint glitter of the minarets of the great City while in the other mount Olympus the abandoned residence of the greek gods lifted of his hoary head. The pop Laos of Halki is composed chiefly of greeks. In the summer time Many people go Down from the Joity to Bathe and take courage. In the afternoon we shown through the naval school by instructor Morris. The building was originally a summer Palace belonging to one of the old sultans and has a pleasant location close to the water s Edge. There was a slip shod air about the place. The cadets were handsomely uniformed but they were Slouchy in manner and any thing but clean. Morris explained that since the War All the Good cadets had been sent on Board the Fleet As midshipmen. The apparatus of the school we found to be quite Good being based on the English system. A turkish Bath was connected with the establishment and a mosque of course but no gymnasium. Morris explained that the Young turks could never be induced to play at sees nor made to take Manly exercise. When by had a Leisure hour from study instead of pull ing a boat or kicking a foot Ball they curled up in their overcoats and smoked cigarettes. As we were leaving we saw a company of the Young gentlemen through sword exercise on the ground in going front front of the College. They were of All colors from the Raven Hue of the nubian to the delicate tint of the oct Oroon. The drilling was the worst 1 Ever a a. Last monday i obtained quite an insight to turkish methods in official quarters. I had been trying for nearly a week to get a Ink Cath or turkish port to enable me to go to the front 1 had about Given up in despair when i received a visit from m. Garguilo the Dragoman of the american legation he gave me a letter to the under Secretary of the turkish minister of foreign affairs which i was to deliver to him in his office at the Sublime Porte Between twelve and one of clock. I found the Sublime Porte an immense yellow building very much in need of repair in close proximity to st Sophia Here were the offices of the various departments of government from grand vizier Down Ward. The Halls and corridors were filled with waiting people who smoked idly on the benches and watched officials in Gaudy uniforms whisking in and out after considerable palaver 1 was admitted to the apartment of the sous Secre Taire. It had a superfluity of red curtains and chairs. The Secretary who had just arrived the turkish business hour begins at 12 a. Was seated in one Corner by a diminutive desk under which he had a Little carpet sack tilled with papers. He was a greek and a gentleman of very pleasant manners. He read my letter and speaking in Good English told me to Call in an hour when he would Send me with one of his assistants to the ser Askier or Secretary of War. I took my courier and strolled be of st. Sophia and visited the the known As the Sublime Porte k formerly dispensed their favors name to the government of the the Soldier on guard declined hot 1 caught some Vicy refreshing Leafy Groves of the Seraglio and tube Arch and Whistler quot the Skidmore Way of familiarity al the end of an about the ancient Palace where the f thus pfc quot ottoman to Ltd he _ on my Friend ind i watched business in t1 at the end of this time be turned me Over to a Greasy me Down stairs to a dirty Young clerks were us he gave re half hour Dis and French me a note and Porter who marched room where a lot to be doing some thing. The chief Aske it in French when the r at Smyrna very much. They sat on Low chairs beside Little desks on which were a Box of Sand each a pot of thick Ink and some Sharp pointed Sticks. Thev would come in and Salo aca gravely to the chief and then curl up on their chairs. Now and then a paper would be passed Over to one of them and after contemplating it dreamily he would make a few Marks on it generally using Bis knee for a desk. Finally Coffee was served All around in Little cups Aud then came cigarettes. After watching this indolent crowd for Tome time i was told to Call in an hour. I went away in disgust and had lunch it a German restaurant near the Railroad station. At the expiration of the time i called on the industrious clerks being admitted after grave ceremony Aud was promptly sent upstairs to the under Secretary again. Here 1 found the Dragoman of the american legation. I told him that 1 was tired of being badgered in this Way and that if the Sublime port intended giving me a passport i wanted it and if not they might All go to the Devil for me. He held a Long convention with the Secretary and ended by informing me that there was some sort of hitch there always is Between the foreign office and the War office Ana it was doubtful whether 1 could obtain a document which would open the lines of the army to Roe. He Sid that the foreign office could give me a Firman bearing the Sultan s signature which would answer All practical purposes. I closed at once and was sent off to the main Hall where 1 found two Grove old turks sit Ting Cross legged on stools smoking chinooks. They gave me no sort of recognition but examined my papers. One of them wrote something and handed it to an undo Strawter who showed me out and told my polyglot courier that 1 was to Call again in an hour and a half. 1 went away to a turkish cafe where Swarthy turks were drinking Coli be and stroking and gambling Nind Leafy myrtles and Cherry Trees red with luscious fruit i heard the Muezzin calling to prayer from the minaret of a neighbouring mosque Aud put in my time trying to draw a sketch of the Barbaric Structure much to the Amu it ement of a Bare quoted turkish lad who served the company with col dec. When my time was up 1 returned to the us Blinde Porte. The solemn turkish officials were still smoking. After some delay my Firman was brought in Aud was gravely signed by Saivets Pasha the minister. A Young clerk then shouldered the immense document and bade me Tollow downstairs where the official Seal of Abdul Hamid was to be affixed by the Only Man in the Empire who had the skill or the authority to do that sort of thing. In a Dusky room we found an old Man seated by a window on a divan. He had an attendant who passed him my document. He read its turkish characters slow a aloud from left to right and looked at me from time to time As if to impress me with its importance. Then he motioned me to take a seat by his Side to watch his performance. He. 1 id the great paper on a Board which rested on his knee and with q Broad pointed stick proceeded to affix an intricate and convoluted character about the size of a Coffee Saucer. He was engaged for fully ten minutes �j1 the while trying to explain to me the significance of the characters. Having finished he climbed Down from his seat Aud went Over to the Corner of the room where he sprinkled the Damp Seal with a lot of glittering Sand and the Job was completed. I gave the old it of Silver Aud be fairly bowed his floor. The Day was almost wasted when 1 regained the Heights of pent for fear Ray unintelligible document might be an order to some turkish general to bang me i bad it translated by a scholar last night it commande All government officials to give me Safe conduct and assist me in every Way. My Scholastic Friend assured me that it woe a document of great Power and value. Here the beat Endeavor of the newspaper correspondent brings Little Reward. One of the London times men picked up a lot of la formation last week about the expedition which was sent up to Soukam Kaleh to reinforce the circassian. He got his a a tips direct from naval head quarters and prepared for a big stroke. He wrote out his news in Good style and carried it to the Telegraph office. He came Back to dinner in flue spirits telling us about his wonderful bit of Good Fortune hut later in the evening his Telegram was returned to him with a polite note from the government official to the a Fleet that Bis matter was of contraband character and would not be transmitted. That sort of thing is calculated to take the spirit out of a live Newe Gai Berer but we Are All living in Tho blessed Hope that the Post is still left tons. The British Post office sends our letters direct to England and there is no Ebano we Are told for the Otto officials to stick their noses into the mall-1 this is slow Bat it is quite consoling. A wonderful place is this for the study of Chano ter. The stores Are full of gorgeous colors and oos by their variety. The boat a big piece of Silver head to the Turnes that fairly stun Bridge Between Galati human Panorama i Ever saw. Close. They Are very generally adventurers. Turks have vent Little Money to pay hang about the admin Bridge Between Galau and Sto Boul is the richest k Fate turban a Turk from that i was in need of a Dragoman or servant of some sort a fellow called Day before yesterday who fairly shocked me with the multitude of his Coom cd a ments and the strangeness of Hie history. He served on an English Man of War. Had been a russian spy in Poland had lived five years in Arabia Baa been a smuggler along the Mediterranean and was at this very moment a deserter from the russian army with a Price set upon his head. He spoke French English turkish russian and arabic and could do a fair Job at modern greek. To impressed me As a very Able and dangerous gentleman. He knew entirely too much and 1 declined to place myself in Bis charge. The turks enjoy a great variety in their currency. They have a Gold and Silver circulating medium which has a certain value a Copper Coin which has an Uncertain value and a paper currency which has next to no value. Some of the Copper coins Are As Large As the top of a Spittoon while several of their Silver pieces look like pin Heads flattened on anvils. There is some discussion going on in the newspapers relative to the unification of the currency. But the government is in a quandary and can t decide whether to make the new Money out of Nickel or a new sort of Metai called Arvyzine. There is Afine lot of englishmen Here ail anxious to serve the turks. Thev All have Plaus for blowing up the russians and bring the War to a Happy Fly adventurers. The that clan of people. They hang about the admiralty and make Fine propositions to people who look at them dreamily and smoke in their faces or drink Coffee while quot taking the matter under advisement. That sort of treatment will Wear the Edge off the cheesiest Knave that Ever followed the drum. Bread stuff s Are quite High in constantinople and in the country there is great distress among the poor. The men Are All in the army and the crops Are almost neglected. There never was much incentive to agricultural labor in Rural Turkey for the Pasha always took two thirds of the crop and the thieves a Good portion of what was left. For the life of me. I can to see How Turkey can stand a protracted War. J. A. C. Special correspondence of the enquirer. Constantinople May 25,1877. While the Turk and the muscovite arc firmly Locking their horns and eyeing each other viciously in the preliminary stages of the War which bids fair to convulse All Europe it May not be out of place to indulge a sort of retrospect. I Haven to been in Turkey Long enough to write a Book on the manners and customs of the people after the style of the roving englishman who stays six weeks in America and proceeds to Analyse the populace from a hotel stand Point but i really feel that i know More about the turks than i did a month a go. Albeit 1 have glanced at them superficially. I know that at Home we Are All prejudiced against the Mussulman a we Are inclined to look upon him As the embody ment of All that is reprehensible in Mankind. This is chiefly because we Are a Christian nation and accept the dictum of the missionary rather than the deductions of the philosopher. The Turk is undoubtedly a Tough customer but it roust be remembered that he vegetal Tea in a Quarter of the Globe where humanity it a poor affair. The average human being in this Quarter of the Globe whatever his origin or his belief is a scoundrel Ana the Best citizen can Only Hope to escape the imputation of being i Eug. As a ruler the Turk is held responsible for Many faults which ite entirely beyond his reach. The turkish Empire in Europe musters 15,000.000 souls and badly mixed souls they Are. I picked up a pamphlet the other Day written in Paris by an intern rising serb who was trying to demonstrate that the slavonic race was the predominating Rao in Eastern Europe and that sooner or 1 ter it w set up this pamphlet i Learned that of Tho ottoman subjects in Europe. Only.ljm0.qq0 could be classed As Osmanli or Mohammedans of the pure. Asiatic Type. The remainder a it Hie population was class Fth a us greeks armenians slavs hebrew circassian a. From this it May be seen that the Button has it Hete Royene is fan rely. Mid a my to Njo Netrol iff a Eish Fco nothing pm Sims Onuoha to prejudice the people against the turks As the bulgarian outrages of a year ago. The reports of our Consul or. Schuyler upon that interesting topic created a feeling against the turkish government which can never be allayed. I dined last evening at the Pera club with or. Wrench the British vice Consul and heard him expatriate for nearly an hour in an intelligent Way on turkish affairs. He has lived in Turkey for Twenty years and having travelled in the Interior a great Deal May be suspected of knowing something of his subject. Of course he has his prejudices. He is not an admirer of the turkish government for he says that the stupidity and Folly of the rulers will repel any outsider who attempts to develop a Friendship for the people or the government he says that the chief fault with the turkish rulers is that they Are utterly indifferent to the opinions of the world and have never made an attempt to control Public opinion. They have no consequential press of their own and have never troubled themselves to furnish Correct and trustworthy intelligence to the representatives of influential newspapers from abroad. They have always Felt their importance to a degree quite amusing to a Calm observer. Until a few weeks ago the emissaries of Russia could Telegraph from constantinople every Day news of a most damaging character to the turks while a Friendly or truthful Telegram would be suppressed by the Knavish government officials. That of course meant bribery and corruption. As to the bulgarian insurrection which has done so much to prejudice the world against Turkey or. Wrench said that it was wholly misunderstood. The turks one year ago were struggling wearily against a rebellion in Herzegovina and Montenegro and an open War in Servia a War instigated by Russia and directed by russian officers. They were making slow Progress. In the midst of All this an insurrection began among the Christian subjects of Bulgaria. The nand of the priest and the russian school master were discovered in the bloody plot it was a vague sort of outburst and it filled the turkish rulers with terror. They discovered plans for the burning of Adrianople Phil Popolis and several other important Mussulman towns. They saw a sudden uprising followed by the destruction of several Mussulman villages. Encompassed by enemies from without Aud within they feared that the hour of their destruction had come and in their extremity they determined to crush this rebellion even As pious England crushed the sepoy in Ludia. The minister of War lost his head completely. He sent an order to the governor of Adrianople to Muster a urge body of irregular troops and turn them Loose in the revolted District this was faithfully executed. Followers of the Prophet whose Homes had been burned by the insurrectionary christians were enlisted to execute the vengeance of the government Mahmet the chief of these Bashi Bazoukas had seen his House burned his wife murdered and his daughters defiled by his Christian neighbors and As a matter of course he was thirsting for revenge. The work of rapine and Slaughter As carried on by these infuriated religionists was something fearful to contemplate but it was the natural result of the commingling of extremists in sect the worst crimes were committed by the turks at tartar a Mardjik the hot bed of the insurrection. The rebellion was crushed for the bulgarians although cruel Are pig headed and cowardly. Wrench says that they remind him very much of buffaloes fierce in exterior but Coward at heart. After the bloody warfare the civilize i world was called upon to contemplate the affair. Or. Wrench says that the christians in this part of the world Are always making an outcry. They consider themselves the oppressed class and having the Consul the patriarch and the newspaper correspondent on their Side they Are always moving the world with the Story of their wrongs. His experience is that the moslem peasant suffers More from the exaction of his government and the brutality of his friends than his Christian neighbor. It is a part of the education of a Turk to never he bears in silence and Waits for Bis Chance to get even. If an irregular Soldier or prowling Bandit sweeps Down upon a Christian and takes four Oaks of Grain and Only pays for one a complaint is at once Laid before the Consul. If this same thief pays the same sort of visit to his brother Churchman the poor Devil says quot Allah is i Send some person who along in Bis Hashe shy sort of Way. Now for facts. Or. Wrench says that a a member of the Relief committee appointed by some philanthropic Enle to distribute a sum of Money amount i llah people no to ,000 among the bulgarian sufferers he bos Felt it his Doty to investigate closely. He sent an English Engineer up to Bulgaria a Man focus to close s to pressing the outbreak in Bulgaria will dome in Mina in this connection tans Are great intrigues. In carrying itary policy of Peter the great they pled to use every Means within their Tomed to close figuring and average a and he reports that the total Numerof persons killed by the turns in Suppree not exceed 8,000. It a bold be dome in mind in this connection that the russians out the Heredi have not scruples to use every Roach. They have set on foot every insurrection against the turks. They started the rebellion in cite and kept the Herzeg vinian peasant in the Field when he greatly preferred the Rule of the Pasha to the ignorant and vicious monster which the revolution gave him. Ignatieff was Here for years in constantinople corrupting officials with russian Money and nobody knows the extent of his labors. Treachery is suspected every where both Here and at the Heads of the armies. The turks religion makes him naturally a fanatic but he is by no Means the intolerant wretch to Day that he was Twenty years ago. I find however that there is great apprehension among the resident christians Here. A very intelligent gentleman told me the other Day that in the event of a series of defeats for the turkish armies with no a modern Dick Turpin. Prospect of immediate intervention upon the part of England nothing could prevent a massacre in constantinople. The turkish government is virtually penniless. Its soldiers Are fighting without Reward. In the hour of desperation the Banner of the Prophet would he raised and vengeance will be wreaked upon the christians who according to turkish belief Are directly responsible for this russian invasion. A turkish newspaper was suppressed the other Day for suggesting something of this kind. So it is that every Christian resident Here is praying for Success to the turkish arms. As i write we have the details of russian Success at Arahan in Asia and As soon As the Waters of the Danube subside the russians Are expected to make their Forward movement. All this has produced some depression. The whole place is full of suspicion intrigue and indecision. Down at the admiralty a lot of old duffers Ore sleeping and smoking Ever Day listening to the plans of English adventurers who Are All Here to still further deplete the almost bloodless ottoman government. The great turkish Fleet is rusting in Waters hemmed with hostile ports and the chief duty of the minister of Marine seems to be to keep Hobart Pasha from doing something rash. The War of contracts is being waged with the vigor Wirich attends All wars and patriotism of the pure kind is at a heavy discount. The Only Case that i have actually heard of is that of Ismael Effendi a very wealthy gentleman who has raised and equipped a regiment of men. And has pledged Biseli to maintain them at his own expense during the War. He has adopted a Peculiar uniform of Lus own and the members of Bis regiment that i have seen about the streets have no reason to complain of his liberality. Now 1 wish to leave a few foot prints in the saudi of time for the Benefit of any of my distracted country men who isl that they have a Call to Vitt this delectable part of the world. When you come to constantinople make it a religious duty to keep away from that repulsive ruin known As the hotel Dangleterre. This hot Elrie has had its Day. It was established during the crimean War by an old half Breed maltese named Misseri. As it was the Only place in constantinople where an englishman could Purchase hospitality it obtained quite a name. By quot greasing the guide Book makers it has that naked to run along for the lad ten years on its War Fame. Misseri is now a surly ugly old bankrupt who rents his name to the proprietor his wages by hobbling Rheu Enlace and depressing the appetite of his guest. He should be known As human an italian and earns his wag magically about the place and ily take one Oak of Grain and pay so the Turk suffers in quiet while the Christian attracts the attention of the world by Hia howling. Good to Morrow he Wal will Only take one Oak of Grai it w e to m following the reports of the bulgarian massacre a commission was sent up there to investigate matters. Or. Eugene Schuyler the american Consul who come Over Here in preened with the idea that the Starks were defiling Europe was a member of the commission Tvovi vow to m a via a a a a pm two Mou or. Barring an Eullah ratau detailed by or. Ku1-Britlsh ambassador. Or. Mcgahon the respondent of the London Newe went along to do the Floodjr Bonee business none Ott the sensational ooi of these gentlemen were familiar with tha turkish language and Ware compelled to depend on interpreted who Are always liars. They made out a misery now. The hotel is in a fair Way to Tumble Down. The plastering drops off the ceiling when you you hop out of bed with unusual atm and not More than three rooms in the place would Moke a defense of an hours duration against a Blind thief. Coupled with in-., convenience and hungarian looking Are prices scaled in the majesty of hotel Art. I defy any trav Eier to Fig Moree Days under Misseri s broken roof without hmm feigning the sentiment which moved the poet sum Ken he left the inscription on the window pane by the inn at inverary that if Providence sent him to this place it must have been in a moment of extreme anger. While watching a couple of turkish regiments on Parade at one of the Barracks Back of this City yesterday evening i saw a gang of three Hundred ragged dirt men marching along the Road to Camp under guard. They were a sorry looking lot and 1 at once set them Down for conscripts. Much to my Surprise i Learned that they were neither conscripts nor volunteers they had simply been a Shang had a picked up in the streets by the soldiers end sent to the a rim no Lens minus. That Muy be a Good method of ridding constantinople of its Lazy surplus but it certainly Isnit a Good plan for recruiting a cheerful army. One of the greatest wants Felt by the turks is that of suitable horses for artillery service. The turkish horses Are generally Small and like the snakes in Iceland Are quite 6carce. One Day this week the grand vizier issued a sort of requisition upon the ministers and chief dignitaries of the Empire calling upon them to surrender their private Carriage horses to the artillery service. They All responded with alacrity and now the ministers arc setting a Noble example to the people by going to the Sublime Porte daily on foot or on the backs of common Street screws. The horses thus added to the service Are splendid Fellows for the turkish dignitary has a weakness for Fine horses. He runs almost exclusively to Arab studs. The Way in which the russians Are moving things in Asia would seem to indicate that military men were right in supposing that the main Advance would come from this Quarter. The turks Are confessedly weak in Asia and the russians Are said to Tye getting great Aid from the armenians whose country they Are traversing. The �?T1 urls continue to set great store by the revolt in circassian and Are still manifesting activity in the matter of sending arms and supplies to that Section. They say that it took the russians fifty years to subdue that War like people and that once again in arms w Ith u keen remembrance of russian cruelty they will be a source of great trouble to the army in Asia. The report that England is about to Send an army into Egypt has caused some elation Here but i think the sensible turks Are dubious. If they have any discernment whatever they must recognize this As the coming of King Stork As i close my letter we have a report that redid Pasha has been deposed from his office of minister of War. I have no time to seek the facts but if the thing is accomplished a Good Days work has been done for the turks. Among the Active warlike citizens of the capital he has been regarded As a decided stumbling Block and there has not been lacking a very Large element to question his sincerity and integrity. His chief advisers and supporters have been men who do not possess the Confidence of the people and if it is True that he has been removed a More hopeful spirit will at once diffuse itself throughout the army the visit of a he Czar of Russia to his army in Roumania is now set for the 2d of june. About this time if the inundations Are at an end a determined Effort will doubtless be made to Force the Danube. In anticipation of something of this sort i leave to Day for the front j. A. C. Jeff White was one of the wealthiest and drunk Enest Young men in los Angeles California. Katy Harvey was Beautiful but she belonged to a poor and wicked family who conceived that they might mend their fortunes by inducing be t to marry her. Katy did her Best to fascinate Jeff and succeeded but Jeff was not inclined to marry and his sister influenced him As much As she could the other Way. The Harvey got him into their House and a the him whisky and morphine for two weeks y that time be was at the Point of death and consented to the marriage. A willing Justice was found to perform the ceremony but with his arrival came Misa White determined to prevent it. Then there waa a scene of strife at the dying Many a bedside Katy took Hia hand and the Justice began the ceremony. Then Misa White pulled her brother a hand away in the midst of the confusion he died the tide of chinese immigration bos set in again. Over three thousand chinamen landed at san Francisco daring May and Mora Ore coming. The anti Rooue editors raise their hands in pious horror and groan unceasingly. Quot the lond grabbers and the mongolians a they exclaim quot Are the ogres of quot there will be revolution in the Sacramento and san Joaquin Vallejr a quot coolie labor is worse than the african slavery which it has coat ted nation More than a million of live and More than tour Tho Assad million dollars to throw quot the oppressed millions will be pm pelted to the last resort of revolution to redrew a Hoosier de in a is Mlou his escape to the n wans pet exciting Chase. Special correspondence of the in outer. Terr hate ind., june 13, 1877. A Brief Telegram from your correspondent at this Point published in the exec ire of saturday last stated that Deputy sheriff John m. Cleary of this county had been fatally shot by Earnest White House who was under arrest at the time for burglary. The history of Earnest Whitehorse and the exciting events of the Chase after him which has been kept up for three Days without intermission furnish material for an interesting article. Earnest White hot he is about Twenty years of age. He came to this City with his Mother a mrs. Yates name of second husband about eight years ago. The boy at once began business As a Boot Black being the first to follow that calling in Terre haute. He soon gained an enviable reputation for promptness Energy and Industry which brought Hirn numerous patrons. He was held up before the youths of the City As a Patron of All that was commendable. About four years since the boy began to develop vicious habits and Ere Long his hitherto Bright and shining Fame was clouded by numerous xes of theft. Lie abandoned the blacking Brush and devoted himself to ways that Are dark in a More figurative though less literal sense. For two years he enjoyed a career of uninterrupted Success. During this time he was a Liberal Patron of the numerous urchins who had adopted the calling he himself had abandoned. On several occasions he returned from a successful raid to some adjacent Village with his pockets full of revolvers. Which he gave away to Boot Blacks. In january 1875, he stole some trifling articles from the shop of the Vandalia railway at this Point. This would not have Given him much trouble but at the same time our officials received notice from the authorities of Vincennes Evansville and one or two other towns that Whitehouse was wanted for various thefts. While he was in jail awaiting trial on the local charge or. W. C. Ball of the evening Gazette of this place visited the jail for the purpose of interviewing the Young scamp who w test Gay this time quite famous in this Section of the state. The prisoner was brought out of his cell by a Deputy sheriff but before the interviewer had an Opportunity to nut the first question the Young Rascal said quot Good by a and shot through the door like a Quarter horse. Down the Street he ran pursued by a Deputy sheriff and a constantly increasing body of citizens. But he outstripped All his pursuers and escaped to the open country. Three Days afterwards he was captured in a swamp about Twenty Miles South of the City. After his return to jail he signified his readiness to plead guilty to the charge pending against him in our court he was permitted to do so and received a sentence of two years in the Penitentiary. About six months ago he was released having served out his term. He returned to Terre haute where he has remained in comparative quiet until this tragic occurrence. On Friday last he was arrested by Deputy sheriff John m. Cleary and chief of police stack of this City on a charge of burglary. He confessed his guilt restored part of the Booty and promised to Point out his partner in the crime. Or. Cleary started with his prisoner to search for the other guilty one but they had proceeded but a few squares when Whitehouse Drew his revolver and fired twice one shot taking effect in the Abdomen of the victim the other in the left shoulder. Cleary fell to the ground while the Assassin fled through a neighbouring Alley pursued by several citizens. The fugitive had proceeded but a Short distance when he turned and fired at his pursuers. This had the effect of stopping the Chase and the culprit escaped in the darkness. The shooting occurred at about 9 15 p. A a Wolf the Chico met of revolution to the editor need to be Muz quot the last sled. Public opinion in Germany is thus reflected in a a venation Between two Good a Wigbers of Berlin a n Preer first banper�?�?~8o i another War with France a 8i _ is Sisir a a a a a and the news spread like wildfire. Within half an hour the streets were filled with angry excited men. Cleary was universally liked and the Story of the shooting created a wild desire for immediate vengeance. A special session or the City Council was called at once and a Reward of f20� offered for the capture of the murderer dead or alive. Each councilman As he voted a have a added mentally no doubt a and we prefer him of course the air was soon filled with rumours. The fugitive had been seen in All directions and at Twenty places at oue and the same time. But each Rumor being traced to its source faded into nothingness. A Strong guard was placed on All the Bridges leading across the Wabash at the railway stations and around the residence of mrs. Yates. Whitehouse smother. During the following Day sunday the officers were Busy but could not obtain a clue to the whereabouts of the fugitive. On sunday evening it was discovered that a suit of clothing belonging to Whitehouse which had been seen in his mothers House on tie previous evening was missing. He had either visited the House or the clothes had been carried to him during the night. At ten of clock sunday evening the chief of police received a Telegram from one Jackson of York Illinois stating that Whitehouse was in a swamp up to his neck about two Miles North of that Village. York is a Small Village on the Wabash about Twenty Miles South of this City. At Midnight following the receipt of this Telegram a posse started from this City on horseback in Pursuit. On monday your correspondent took the Vandalia express to Marshall 111., there procured a Saddle horse Aud joined the Chase. The following details were obtained from parties along the line and from the officers in Pursuit Whitehouse crossed the Wabash at noon on sunday last at Darwin about Twenty five Miles South of this City. He pushed on to York five Miles South where he encountered two men who recognized him. These men Jackson and Ayer by name attempted to capture the Slippery Young scamp but found him More than a match for both of them. Ayer was in Advance and after he had emptied his revolver and was about to grasp his prisoner by the Collar he was brought to a stand still by an ugly looking revolver in the hands of Whitehouse. A throw up your hands a commanded the outlaw. Us they went. A now then you git a was the next command. Or. Ayer said nothing but he at once acted on the suggestion of the Man with the revolver and no doubt mentally responded quot you bet As soon As Ayer had been thoroughly vanquished Jackson appeared upon the scene and opened fire with a Navy revolver. Whitehouse returned the fire and a running Fusil do was kept up for several minutes Whitehouse retreating into a swamp. Jackson hastened to a Telegraph office and sent the message above mentioned to the officers in Terre haute. Whitehouse meantime slipped quietly out of the swamp went to the stable of a Farmer of the name of Willard where he selected the Best horse in the stable a Fleet Young Chestnut narc. He helped himself to a Saddle and bridle mounted the Steed and galloped away Westward. That evening at seven of clock he was seen at a Point about ten Miles West of the River but he either lost his reckoning or changed his mind. Two hours later he arrived at the farm of a or. Mckain about four Miles from the Home of the stolen horse. Here he entered Tho barn placed his horse in a stall and climbed to the Hay loft where he was found at four of clock on the following morning. He apologized for having taken Possession of the barn paid tor his horses feed and his own breakfast Ana galloped away to the northward. Four Miles South of Marshall he was met by two Terre haute men who had been Hunting for him two Days. For some reason or other these men passed the fugitive without halting him. They declared to your correspondent that they did not recognize him until head a a a just finished his dinner and was walking across a Field to his work when he met our Young outlaw. Quot see Here a said Whitehouse a can you sell me ten cents Worth of bread and milk a a guess not a briefly responded the rustic. Quot i guess you con a said Whitehouse displaying a revolver. A Well i done to know Bat what we con. Come la a sold rustic and he led the Way to the House. Arrived at the Bouse Whitehouse was invited to take a seat of horsemen i Tion of House i Clad lattice work a he could see ail who passed along the Road without himself being seen. Here he stood revolver in hand with one Eye on the horsemen the other on the inmates of the House. The party of horsemen sheriff flood of Clark county and three deputies passed on and Whitehouse seated himself at the table grasping his revolver with his right band and conveying the eatables to his Mouth with the left. When the meal was finished he arose threw a ten event piece on the table and walked out to the Road. He strode boldly along the Public Highway to the farm of John Clapp about one half mile South of or. Beadles. Here he Jumi the Fence crossed a pasture lot and ent wheat Field. Meantime or. Beadles rustic had followed at a respectful distance and when Whitehouse was about half across the wheat Field he looked Back and beheld the rustic watching him. He at once dropped to the ground. The rustic aroused the neighbourhood As soon As an agricultural Community can be aroused. In the course of two or three hours quite a crowd had assembled and at intervals of thirty or forty Yards around the whole Field there sat perched upon the Fence a Resolute company of grangers armed with muskets and shot guns determined that the outlaw should never escape from that Field alive. At about five of clock sheriff quot flood and a Deputy arrived on the scene. They at once plunged into the wheat Field and striking the Trail of the fugitive followed it straight through the Field into the Woods adjoining. The Trail was lost in the Center of a Small running Stream. After this there were numerous rumours but nothing definite was heard of the fleeing murderer until tuesday morning when he appeared on the Public Road leading from Marshall to Paris distance Twenty mile mounted on an indifferent looking horse. This 6teed did not suit the traveler and he accordingly abandoned it and continued his journey toward Paris on foot. About four Miles South of Paris he met an ancient get Fuger Riding a Bay horse. Drawing Bis revolver and presenting it Whitehouse said quot now then old fellow i want to borrow that horse of yours if you have no Granger gave oue glance at quot the revolver and Slid out of the Saddle remarking quot no objection in the world Young Man take him along i have no further use for Whitehouse mounted the horse and sped away Tai the North. He skirted around Paris and continued in a northerly direction but being closely pursued he again abandoned Bis horse and fled to the Woods. Last night the officers thought they Hoff their Man surrounded in what is known As a cat fish Timber a located Between the Indianapolis and st. Louis and Midland railroads about twelve Miles West of Paris. About one Hundred and fifty men were in Pursuit surrounding the Timber on All sides. But the experience of that valiant troop verifies the truth of the old scotch saying a the Best Laid Nulanz of mice and men gang aft atan Early hour this morning Whitehouse made his appearance on the Public Road several Miles West of the quot cat fish Timber As fresh As a Daisy. He invited ii1mself to breakfast with a Farmer eating heartily and giving the Farmer a sight at his revolver by Way of compensation. A Little further on he met a Man on horseback compelled him to dismount and. Jumping into the Saddle sped away to the Westward. Bui the horse was slow and was soon abandoned. Half an hour later he met a woman mounted on a Mare which was followed by a sucking Colt. He compelled the lady to we sound seated Himmell in the Saddle and started on. He did not a seem to relish the idea of being followed by the Colt and accordingly dismounted opened a Wayside Gate shut the Colt in Aud remounting Rode on. Shortly afterwards a party of his up callers came in sight and again the fugitive abandoned his Steed and Mado tracks for tall Timber. He was pursued to the Bank of the Embarrass River where he was lost sight of. The Region is alive with Raen armed to the Teeth but at this writing 11 30 p. In., june 13, he has not been captured. Cleary the wounded Man is still alive although but Little Hope is entertained of his recovery. The Pursuit of the murderer Whitehouse has continued to Day attended with great excitement. Last evening City marshal Owens of Paris Illi Noto and others came across the fugitive several Miles North East of Charleston Illinois and exchanged shots with him. A part of Owens ear was clipped off he Whitehouse a Ball and the latter was seen to drop As though badly Hurt but he Escaip d from them. The search was kept up All night but without Avail. The next heard of him was that he took breakfast six Miles North of Charleston at a farm House. Those in Pursuit made a Lively Chase after him till near noon. In the. Last reports received from Charleston it is stated that lie is surrounded of the Galbreath farm in the Embarrass Bottoms and that his capture is certain. The whole country is aroused and in Pursuit of him. A dispatch was received Here this evening from the City marshal of Casey iii., stating that the criminal was three Miles North of that Failace this morning and had forcibly taken Possession of a horse and fled. This report is not believed Here. C. S. A. Letter from Michigan. 1 passed. However As soon As they realised that this was the object of their search one of them jumped to the ground they were Riding in a buggy and ran a few Steps toward the fugitive but he soon thought better of it. Instructing his companion to follow on and keep in sight of the fleeing Assassin he ran to a neighbouring railway station and boarded a passing train for Marshall. Arrived in that Village he aroused the sheriff and together they started South on horseback. About one mile out they met the Man in the buggy. He declared that Whitehouse had kept straight on a and had disappeared in the distance. Returning to town they Learned that their Man had galloped through town about one hour previous. Gathering together a pome of men the sheriff of Clark county Illinois started in hot Pursuit Whitehouse had Token Tho direct roed from Marshall to Charleston Twenty seven Railes to the North we stand the pursuing party heard something of him at every farm House. About eleven o clock the Advance guard came up with the fugitive who abandoned Bis hone and fled to the Woods. A Short distance beyond a Road led into the Timber and Down this Road the panning party a Ped As test As their Hora a could carry them. Whitehouse. Meantime entered the thick Brash and made his Way backward toward Mora Hall. About two Miles South of suit trim arara forests on fire a vivid description. Special correspondence of the enquirer. Howard City mich., june 11, �877. Quot thank god a 8o exclaim ipod a Hundred thousand michigander the other Day when the Clouds poured Down torrents of rain hour after hours enough to drown out even a Forest fire. There is something terrible connected with such a calamity As Bezel it. Carmel there is a feeling of Awe and a chill of fear As one walks Over the path of a Tornado but men who have never witnessed a Forest fire have but a faint idea of its terrible Power to almost blot a county off the map. It is More terrible tiran the Tornado More appalling than the Swift moving rapid working Cyclone. People wonder How a wilderness of Trees each tree clothed in its Spring dress can become a sea of flame but every thing is food for a Forest fire. If the first Sheet of flame docs not smite the Green Pine or devour the leaves of the Beech and Maple it parches and dries them for the flames to follow and the Stout Pine shooting a Hundred feet High becomes a Beacon Light for a moment then sways totters and goes Down with an awful crash to Burn until a Heap of ashes alone Marks the Earth. Your correspondent was in Osceola county when the fires first began. In the midst of a wilderness of Pine Aud Thicket Miles away from Village or Hamlet was a pioneers Cabin. The Clearing around it comprised about ten Aeres. Borne of the i ground was ready for Corn and some of it had been sowed and planted while toe Forest around was so Damp Aud Green that ofte would have smiled at the idea of great she Eli of flame climbing those tall Trees Aud waving fifty feet above them. One night some Hunters built a grand fire against a Heap of dry logs. The next Day they were Miles away and the fire had began to creep. Little tongues of flame reached out after dry ittes and limbs larger tongues followed Thea and before night the fire Hod control of an act of Forest that was Start enough. At Midnight the wind came up fresh and the heat of the fire drove through the Forest scorching and baking a Trail for the red flames. Quot in a afraid there is a fire in the Woods to toe West of said the Pioneer one morning As we stood at his Cable door. We would scent the odor of burning Trees and leaves and there was a Smoky look to toe Forest. At noon the odor was stronger the smoke denser and the live Stock around toe Clearing began to exhibit Signe of alarm. When toe oxen were Uny oked to be fed they to read their Heads to the West scented toe air for a it charged across the Clearing to the East i being oat of sight in two minutes. Quot that Means danger 1�?� said the Pioneer in alow voice. And a turned Pale. He belief he in alar thought we rat Down w. A wimp w of we oxen afterwards but before the meal waa Over there was afresh cause for alarm. A Buck and two does dashed into the Clearing closely followed by a Fox a Evora Ojah fled a dozen Coons and Wood it and at full Speed. Bed the fire to Large swamp ten Miles Sway but hardly it possible for the Green Forest to ignite. Kit in to dinner meaning to Hunt for the Erward but before the meal Ash cause for alarm. A Buck and to nto the Clearing closely followed by sore of rabbits and a dozen Coons and Meed us. and Aee what

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