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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - June 13, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvi no. 46.wednesday morning june 13. 1877. Whole no. 2089.sunn. To i lasy summer Swarthy in the ran lies pea Ling with Bur breasts upon the Hill along her Lumbe in lures warm and Dun l splendours into Dotty splendours run Ira try glory ill the heaven o or Falls. Mot a White dimple stirs among the Corn not a Low Ripple Shivers through the leaves a since wrapped in Gold and Crimson gleams Unshon came flashing through the East the regal morn no throated twittering gurgle around the eaves. Flooded in sunny silence sleep the Kane iii languid murmurs booklets float and flow the quaint farm Gables in the Rich Light Shine and round them Jasmine honeysuckle twine. And dose beside them Sun Flowers Burn and blow. Amid the growing brat i Lay me Down. And into visions swarms the moved air gleams up before me Many a famous town pillared and com with a regal Crown oat shimmering in an Orient purple Glare. To lowly Tadmor. Burning in its Sands Baal Beck and Babylon i see slow streams gliding by mosque and minaret see the gleams o. Seas in san set slips or strands and drowsy Bagdad buried deep in dreams Bee Swarthy Monarch flushed in purple rings 01 Silken courtiers through half open doors catch the spice doors and the Cool of Springs leaving forever in a Maze of wings 8ee Light forms dancing Over Pearly floors bleeping Seraglio spire and tremulous dome a winking in drowsy splendor All the Day Bee Forest haunts where thick the Lions roam Bee thirsty pan these flashed in bloody foam leap terrible a lightnings on their prey or stand with Cortez on a Mountain Peak above the acted City see unrolled Gem threaded shores of Montezuma weak Bee the White temples swarming thick and sleek and sunny Street stretch up by towers of Gold. Bee Silken sails float by Ambrosia ,. Laden with spices up a persian Glen or stand on Lebanon mid the Cedars tall or hear the a Oft and Silver fall of water Down a jut of Darien. Bat to a waking shiver in the Trees and voices mid the Bay Cocks in the Glen the Sun is setting and the Camson seas Are shaken into splendor by the Breeze and All the Busy world is mgt again a London athenaeum. \ entered according to act of Zongren by the enquirer company. Written Ron the enquirer. The Rock fortress. By b. A. Can hint chapter xxx. The negro s Revenue. There is a Well Spring of goodness and parity at the Bottom of every woman a heart which needs Only the occasion to make it babble to the surface and thus it happened that when Madge born of unholy passion the nurse Ling of ignorance and vice on whose friendless soul had never fallen a Ray of the divine influence of religion became As were the jailor of Ellen Willet. The Beauty and gentleness of the captive at once struck a chord in her soul of whose existence she was previously ignorant. Madaha Felt drawn to her As the gnome of a Etter Wracan mine might be attracted and captivated at the first sight of some Bright being of the upper quot air. When therefore Jacques gave signs of returning life after his Brief struggle with Maleck his daughter resigned him to the care of one of the gang while she went to the Aid of her new Friend whose Beauty was attracting the admiring glances of Cyrus mole ton. She took Ellen a hand and led her to the foot of the ladder saying with assumed sternness quot retire this is no place for a save him a whispered Ellen quot save him and if i Ever regain my Liberty there is nothing Wullich you May not ask of me in return up to this moment Madge was ignorant of to who Silas was but now she was enlightened. Quot what Are you going to do with this stranger7" she asked of Moleton who was watching the signs of returning animation in his chief. Quot he is a spy a replied that gentleman quot and you know what we do with quot done to be Hasty a returned Madge quot he saved fathers life and if he should ask for him to Morrow and find that you had shot or Hung him on suspicion of being a spy he might get angry and you know what that Means. Quot who is he then and How came he to save the Captain a asked Moleton. Quot the negro was choking father to death when the stranger entered and fired at him a said Madge. Quot who he is i done to know but you had better keep him till Moleton looked hard at the half Breed girl but she met his gaze with perfect serenity and he Felt that it was the part of prudence to accept her Story whether True or false rather than to assume a responsibility which might be fraught with danger to himself. Silas submitted to have his hands tied behind him and was then in arched off to tip guard House or room where the men on guard duty for the Day waited to relieve their comrades. Here Moleton made his Best Bow and assured the captive that if he attempted to escape he would be immediately shot and having Given orders to that effect to the guards he departed. When Jacques recovered his senses the first object which presented itself was the body of the negro lying where he had fallen upon the floor and with a fierce imprecations he ordered it Tobe Flung into the cellar where the wretch might live or die without the interference of doctor. A trap door was raised disclosing a pit four or five feet deep into we ilex the negro was Flung. dropped with a Dull thud and something which bounded Leto a groan and then the door fell Hook into its place. Of course Jacques knew nothing about the part which Silas played in the scene and As be it As not in a mood to be approached with questions by his subordinates nothing was said to him about the capture of the scout Silas could scarcely be said to be conscious of the pangs of inn Ger or the gnawing of the cords which bound his arms so acute was his anxiety on to count of Ellen and the peril which threatened the Rock fortress. Hie practice Eye and ear noted the preparations for the March and one of the men observed that a reinforcement of one Hundred Indiana had arrived and was waiting at the Entrance to the Den. The marching and hurrying to and fro increased As the hours wore on. Then came a tramping of Hopes feet with Short military commands in French and Bilas knew that the robbers were to Eftig up their line of Anarch. At this moment Moleton entered the guard woke and examined the Bonds which held the captive then to ordered one of the men to tie Bia legs beneath the Bench on which he sat after which they All departed barring the Ioor behind them and leaving him of Bis own reflections. T profound Edens reigned for the Only Hying things left in the rubbers Den were Bliss and the two women and Maleck. The Ember glowed upon the Hearth and my opon a horrible apparition for the hideous face made its appearance. Slowly it arose pushing the door up and exhibiting the huge proportions of the negro like a Vampire crawling out of its grave to banquet on the sleeping forms of the living. There was a terrible Glare in his eyes and the Corners of his lips Hung Down like those of a dog. stepped out upon the floor and lit the lamp. The table contained a drawer which he opened and Drew Forth a flask of Brandy which he half emptied at a draught and the lurid fires deepened in Hia eyes and a terrible smile distorted his Mouth. stared around the room. The ladder was gone Madge having prudently drawn it up As a measure of Security. With a curse Maleck placed the table under the aperture in the upper floor and set a chair on top of it on which he began to climb. Already his hand grasped one or the rafters when a knife descended on it and two of his fingers dropped upon the floor below. stepped Back to avoid the glittering Blade which came lunging at him from the obscurity above directed by a slender hand and a pair of flashing eyes hut the frail support below gave Way and he fell in a Heap upon the floor. 81�wly he arose and bandaged his mutilated hand. was weak from loss of blood and could scarcely drag his huge Hulk to the fire. Again he had recourse to the flask of Brandy and then he deliberately Drew the coals of fire out upon the floor and piled on them every combustible which the room contained and soon a dense smoke arose and filled the apartment he emptied the flask and thought he would like More fire and less smoke. Then he crawled to the door and opened it. It was Good Daylight and the morning Breeze brought the Dull sound of Distant firing. sat Down upon the step and Drew the door shut behind Nim. began to calculate How Long a time it would take to smother his victim. It was not the revenge lie once meditated but it was better than none and he took a fiendish pleasure in gloating Over her death struggles. But what is this approaching in eccentric fashion with its eyes Flea on one object Maleck. As it draws near to him it snuffs something in the air it rises to its full height with an air of alarm and for the first time observes a Jet of smoke Curling up from the loosely fitting window Sash. It is the Chipmunk and Maleck sees him approach with superstitious Awe. With a bound like that of a Tiger the Goblin sprang upon the shoulders of the Riant and Flung the door open. replaced the table with the chair upon it from whence he leaped lightly to the floor above. The two women were clasped in each others arms stupefied by the vapor. The Chipmunk Tore away the Rotten sheathing of the roof and admitted the fresh air. Madge was soon aroused and Between them they carried Ellen to the opening. But the thorough draft was toning the fire below and escape was it taif in that direction. The Chipmunk sign to Madge and the girl without hesitation crept through the a Gerture and dropped to the ground a distance of ten feel very tenderly the Goblin lifted Ellen through and steadied her for the fall while Madge whispered encouragement from below and caught her in her arms when she fell. The Chipmunk followed. Maleck Satin the same place although the Sparks from the burning roof scorched his Nesh. Presently the roof fell in and one of the great logs which formed a portion of the front of the Cabin fell out crushing the wretch under its weight and baking him beneath its surface of glowing Are. A few piercing shrieks and All was still. Quot where is Silas a Ellen asks. Madge knows whom she Means and in her turn asks the question by signs to the Chipmunk. The fire is extending it leaps from one to another of the dry wooden Cabins and grins in intensity every moment but there Are none to Check its Progress for every Man of the unholy brotherhood marched that morning to the attack of the Rock fortress. Silas watched the faint str aks of Daylight with feelings which can not be Analysed. The cords which bound his hands and feet caused those limbs to swell and eat into the flesh with a Sharp gnawing pain which under the circumstances would have been intolerable but now the mental torture rendered him almost unconscious of the physical. In his minds Eye he followed the marauders on their March he calculated the moment of their arrival their attack and the probable Surprise of the stronghold but he knew the indomitable courage of the defenders and that they would not succumb while Hope valor or despair could fire a shot or strike a blow. But where was Ellen had she amid the Bustle of preparation for the fray been respite from the dreadful Fate which threatened her or his blood surged like a fiery torrent from heart to brain and mechanically be tugged at those inexorable Bonds. Under the weight of anguish and despair reason tottered on its scat and a film seemed to passover his sight. Yet stay the Mist grew thicker As he tried to regain his composure it took the form of a Cloud of vapor driven before the wind it was not the effect of exhaustion or of pain it was a volume of smoke driving past the window after one breathless moment his ear detected the crackling of fire and then his soul grew Calm. Welcome this Fate the Short Sharp Pang of a cruel death perhaps his beloved had already passed through that fiery Gate and waited for him upon the threshold of another world. A spark fell at his feet and a thread of smoke Eddie Down from the roof above him and Silas braced himself to Rileeta his Fate if not with the stoicism of an Indian Brave at least with the composure of a Brave Man and the Hope of a Christian. As the smoke became More dense his senses already overtaxed began to fall him and muttering a prayer for Ellen and Hia friends of the beleaguered fortress he passed into a state of unconsciousness. Chapter xxi. A a ter the Battle. Quot by Jove a exclaimed the doctor laying Down the Hose when it Wes no longer necessary to use it and rubbing his hands together to restore their warmth for the mornings in that High Region were Cool in Early Spring a by Jove i knew that the application of cold water was efficacious in Many cases but i was not prepared for this. For Many years i have studied the science of Forcee and that of water especially. I done to mean that i am partial to it aaa Dev Eragon not at All but 1 am decidedly of opinion that it possesses great quot doctor quot said de picking up the boat quot i sueae ill put a Pitt fee More water on that smoke up there just to make ears Yon quot Thoa Art an honest fellow Dionysius a a eld the doctor grasping the negroes hand in such a Friendly pressure that there was nothing to be seen of Hie a Yea except the Whites a ten honest fellow for albeit thou Wareet a the shadowy livery of the burning thy soul is White a bleached Ermine. And now bring me my instruments like e Good fellow. Borne of our boys will need noon a horrible apparition for the trap door my Profete Ronal services end you of was partly Rumaeo and a i it Lood Stan it amp and their Lumbe White i examine he had plenty to do binding and bandaging All kinds of wounds and the great Hall was turned into an Hospital. Quot Why doctor your Blunder is must have blown some of those Fellows to atoms for in never saw a Man after Yon fired at him a remarked 8am Kimball whose right Arm the Medico was engaged in bandaging. Quot i was rather too close to them sometimes a he replied quot and wasted a charge on one Man which would have killed three or four at longer Range but these things can to be helped. Where is sir William a he and Captain staub Rode out of the Gate Side by Side a returned 8am. Quot the old Many a blood is up and hell keep up with the youngest and strongest Man in the troop but i noticed that the Captain looked Pale and one of his arms Hung Loose by his quot i must examine him As soon As he said Verger quot for i would not have any thing serious happen to him and Young men Are so careless. Walter Ringwood at the head of All the available mounted Force which he could Muster As soon As the Victory was assured Rode off in the direction of the robbers Den naturally supposing that Jacques Reynard would there Endeavor to reorganize his shattered followers and As the latter were dismounted it would be comparatively an easy task to Cut them off from their stronghold and at least prevent them from taking vengeance for their defeat upon their prisoners. Be Bruc who had fought with desperate courage and was captured where he fell outside the Gate of the Rock fortress vainly endeavouring to rally the fugitives was questioned by Walter and being near his end and moved by some feeling of contrition for his crimes told All he knew about the prisoners whom he had left in the Den and died with the Crucifix pressed to his Lipe by the hand of sir William himself. While Walter with a new born Hope in his breast hurried on to the Rescue of ins brother Fred staub with the dismounted volunteers returned to the fortress to look after the dead and wounded and to place the stronghold in a position to resist a night attack by the wily old Frenchman not that such a thing was probable but As a measure of caution. found or. Verger in the great Hall busily employed in the duties of his profession whom he warmly praised for his coolness and presence of Mina at a critical moment. Quot i deserve but Little credit for it a re flied the doctor modestly. Quot the science of hydraulics is yet in its infancy but i fess i am proud of the service done by incomparable weapon which 1 had the Good Fortune to use in the quot i observed the execution you did with your Blunderbuss returned Fred gravely. Quot it truck terror to the quot it made a Furrow Clear through them a a Aid 8am, with a Grin. Quot Captain you look a if you stood in need of my Aen toes yourself quot observed rite doctor carefully wiping Hieba Felon his handkerchief. Quot where Are you Hurt a quot nothing More than a spent Bullet which struck me on the Arm a replied Fred. Quot its hardly Worth while troubling you with such a quot these trifles Are very serious affairs sometimes a said the doctor gravely. A let me see a a quot Well if you insist upon it a cried Fred removing his coat and rolling up his shirt sleeve or Verger ran his fingers Over the Blue veins and corded Muscles of the youth s Arm. Quot swelled somewhat and a slight discoloration a be muttered quot and what s this a Bruise a quot no a said Fred quot its a Mark i quot it looks like tattooing a mused the doctor apparently much interested quot but what does it represent it must have been done when you were quite Young he a quot i done to know who did it or when a replied Fred quot but it used to be More distinct than it is now and it resembles a quot and you done to know when it was done can to recall the circumstance at ally he a quot no a replied the youth quot i have no recollection of while Fred was pulling on his coat and remarking the perplexed expression of the doctors face sir William entered and grasped his hands in both his own. Quot you Are like Montrose a said the chief with emotion quot and he was the Pride of Scotland a Knight without Feor and stain and i would to god that a scion of my House survived with half the Promise of Fame which you have quot by Jove its a Thistle a shouted the doctor who had been plunged in a Brown study Ever since he examined Fred sarm. Quot what a a Thistle doctor a asked Sam. Quot Why a said the doctor recovering his self Possession quot a Thistle is a Weed. It is also the National Emblem of Scotland and very characteristic too to my the Fate of his brother. The Chipmunk answered with an impatient gesture. There Wax no time to be lost he stamped his foot upon the ground and pointed to the robbers Den. Walter surmised that the prisoners still lived but were in a critical position. Prompt to act the Young Man ordered the guide to take the Chipmunk up behind him and the troop moved rapidly in the direction indicated by him. By winding and devious ways they reached a deep and gloomy Ravine and halted at length before a cavernous Arch which appeared to Lead into the bowels of the Mountain. Here in obedience to a sign from the Goblin the men dismounted and followed him into the opening which resembled a Tunnel through which they groped their Way in a stooping position soon to emerge into Daylight again and to find that they had entered the robbers Den by its rear approach. But one of the log houses had escaped destruction while beyond the fire still raged in the jaws of the Gorge. The chipmunks face wore an expression of deep anxiety re he advanced by the Side of Walter. They entered the House to find it empty. There was nothing to denote that it bad been recently occupied except a fragment of a woman a dress non the floor. Walter examined it and concluded from its Fine texture that it belonged to Ellen. When he emerged from the Cabin he found the Chipmunk on his hands and Knees eagerly looking for tracks in the trampled soil and not unsuccessfully for he pointed to the indentation of a Small foot which was plainly visible among the larger ones which surrounded it. Again and again it appeared or portions of it sometimes a Heel sometimes a toe evidently encased in a shapely Boot. Following this guide they returned to the funnel shaped Entrance and thence to the Ravine where they had left their horses under guard. Here they struck the Trail again and followed it to the Edge of a morass when it was lost. The Chipmunk however was not discouraged. gave waiter to understand that the horses were no longer available. explained his plans with his usual rapidity of gesture Ana Walter prepared to carry them out. Chapter xxii. 0b8tacle8. The location of the robbers Den was known to a few of the mountaineers and when Walter Ringwood called for a guide one of his followers volunteered for that service. As the troop approached the Den Clouds of smoke rolled above their Heads mingled with flying cinders and the Low fierce hissing of fire was borne to their ears upon the wind. Quot they have set fire to the place lieutenant As sure As you live a exclaimed the guide. A few minutes More brought the raiders to the Entrance of Hie Gorge and Here they Drew rein and sat in wonder gazing at the awful scene foiled in the moment of anticipated Success by an obstacle against which they were powerless to contend for the Gorge was a mass of surging and roaring fames like the Crater of a Volcano the Trees of Rainous Pine having become ignited and forming a Barrier of fire which nothing could approach and live. A terrible apprehension sent a chill to the heart of the loader of the troop. Were there no other Means of approach no rear Entrance to be gained by a Detour of the Hills the guide Shook Bia head and pointed to the precipitous rocks which formed the Walls of the Gorge a Rampart not to be scaled by the ingenuity of Man. In the face of such an obstacle a Damper fell upon the spirits of the lately victorious mountaineers Many of whom had dismounted and led their horses up to the Barrier of lire As if resolved to Force a passage through that glowing hades but were forced to retire before its fervid breath. Heart sore with the conviction that Ellaa and Ellen had perished miserably to glut the malice of a Savage foe Walter ordered a return to Throck fortress and the raiders slowly and reluctantly turned their faces in that direction. They had proceeded but a Short distance and were entering a Little Grove of waving Pine when without sign or warning the Chipmunk dropped into the path. presented a singed end battered appearance which contrasted forcibly with Hia Ostia cheerful aspect end he moved a lowly a if suffering from fatigue. Welter a poke to him in French demanding eagerly chapter Xxiii. At Bay. When Silas returned to consciousness he was lying on the grass a few feet from the burning Bouse his head supported in Ellen a arms while Madge was bathing his hands and face with water and the Chipmunk whose Peculiar style of Beauty had not been improved by Bis efforts to Rescue the scout from his terrible position. Looked on complacently while he rubbed his own singed head and limbs or occasionally took a Roll upon the ground in order to allay the irritation of his numerous bums which though individually slight made up an aggregate of torture which tasked the Indian part of his nature to endure with fortitude. While searching for Silas his attention was called to the guard House by the fact that the door was barred on the outside and when at last the obstacles were removed and the prisoner dragged Forth both rescuer and rescued were very nearly spent after two or three vigorous shakes the Chipmunk succeeded in freeing himself from the stinging Sparks of fire but when Silas returned to consciousness and found himself in the arms of her whom he had never expected to meet again on Earth tie revulsion from torture of body and despair of heart supplemented by Long fasting and fatigue overwhelmed him and he relapsed into insensibility. Much precious time was lost before he could be revived and the circulation restored to his benumbed limbs. The Sun was High and the Distant firing had ceased. The Chipmunk was becoming uneasy for whether victorious or Defeated some portion of the robber band would soon return to the Den. Madge too. Was anxious to escape with her new Friend for whom she had conceived a Strong affection while the latter thought Only of Silas and prayed and hoped and feared for him alone. At length the. Scout arose with the Aid of his friends and the flight commenced. But scarcely had the fugitives emerged into the Ravine when they found themselves face to face with Jacques Reynard Cyrus Moleton and the chief of the Scarlet feathers with a few French and Indian followers. Jacques like Napoleon in after years was returning from his Waterloo though in a More sorry plight even than the corsican for he was on foot and the stronghold which he relied on As a Safe Retreat was destroyed by fire. Quot a treachery a he muttered As Bis glance fell upon his daughter and her companions. Quot what could i do father a cried Madge boldly. Quot the Jen is burned out there is no food nor shelter there and i knew not whether you would this seemed plausible enough and the old Man was proportionately mollified. Quot and what would you do with these a he asked still suspiciously pointing to the two captives. Quot give them their Liberty replied the undaunted Madge. Quot Why. Should they starve to death when he a pointing to 8ilas, quot saved thy life when the negro would have strangled thee a quot Jacques looked with great Surprise at the scout whence his inquiring glance passed to his daughter who briefly narrated the scene where the negro overpowered him and according to her version would have killed him outright but for the opportune appearance of the stranger. Jacques listened attentively to her Story and also to the sequel of Maleckis second attempt his revenge and his merited Fate. Jacques instantly resolved to inspect the ruins to verify the truth of the girls statement at least in part. Leaving the prisoners in charge of Moleton he visited the scene of destruction with Madge who pointed out the body of the negro horribly charred and disfigured and crushed under the still soldering log. Jacques cast a gloomy look around him. Quot where is the Chipmunk a he asked suddenly. Madge replied that Ahe did not know which May have been True for that shrewd individual Ever cautious in Hia movements peeped from behind the cover of Madge a skirts and having caught sight of Jacques and Hia companions quietly withdrew to the darkest Corner of the Cavern where he remained until Moleton tired of waiting or curious to know what detained Hie chief decided to follow him accompanied by Hia friends and the captives when the Chipmunk took the Opportunity to make his escape. Jacques was prudent in Hia Way and had accumulated a Small treasure out of the plunder of a lifetime which he had secreted in the cellar where Maleck had been Flung and where he knew that it was Safe being buried two or three feet under ground. Bui he had no present intention of removing it and having Toonen Tod with Moleton end the Sachem he resolved to Retreat to another Oover there to remain until the Pursuit wee Over end the vengeance of Hie enemies bad hum to Cool. It was nearly dark when they arrived at your dead wife then look in their destination after a toilsome journey through swamps and Over Hills and narrow rugged paths. This place was a sort of Grotto formed by immense Trees Whone branches interlaced and afforded the Only shelter which could be expected in that inhospitable wilderness whose chief Security appeared to lie in its seclusion. A fire was made and some game cooked and Dis Tensed in Liberal portions to guards and prisoners alike. Hunger and fatigue had tamed the wildest spirits in the band and when the meal was Over All sought repose. Ellen and Madge with their backs against a tree and their feet toward the fire slept in each others arms like Sisters. Jacques sat by the fire and smoked his Nipe in Moody silence while the rest of his band except Moleton wrapped themselves in their blankets and disposed themselves to sleep. Silas leaned against the tree where Ellen slept and tried to form a plan of escape for her and for himself while Moleton with arms folded paced the Grotto a self constituted patrol. The profound silence was occasionally italicised by the Distant howl of a Wolf and the fire fanned by a gentle Breeze Flung grotesque shadows around the Circle of Light. A Twig snapped and Moleton faced about in the direction of tie sound and cocked a pistol. But he too Felt the pressure of sleep upon his eyelids and his step was unsteady As he resumed his walk. Silent and vigilant silos became aware of an approaching sound so faint that it might be the step of a prowling beast of prey then a Shadow crept past him in a crouching attitude a Shadow which saw and recognized him by a motion of its hand. Another and another followed. Jacques in a Brown study his head resting on his hands continued to smoke. Assured Security had lulled the habitual vigilance of the band and they slept on until they were ringed around by eager foes. Quot fire a shouted a voice and from a Circle of flame a Shower of bullets fell like Hail. A few of the panic stricken marauders broke throng i the cordon of their foes and escaped the rest were shot or clubbed with the butt ends of rifles. Jacques Reynard and the chief of the Scarlet feathers were overpowered and bound. The dead including Moleton Lay where they fell for wolves to fatten on. Jacques accepted the situation with stoical indifference and when Madge tried to cheer him he repulsed her coldly. A Cdr. Verger must have something in his head a said waiter to his brother As they sat beside the fire waiting for Daylight quot for he made me Promise to take Jacques alive if i could and bring him to the Rock at break of Day the mountaineers began the homeward March with their prisoners and when they reached the Ravine where they left their horses two of the latter were Given up to Ellen and Madge. Chapter xxiv. Or. Verger a a problem. The Little troop of cavalry which Rode through the Gateway of the Rock fortress was received with the greatest enthusiasm by the Garrison. Sir William advanced to meet and thank them for their services and or. Verger whispered to Walter while he glanced at Jacques Reynard. Quot you be done Well lad to capture that old villain alive it seems As if the hand of Providence was in quot what does it All mean doctor a asked Silas. Quot wait awhile lad wait awhile a replied the doctor wringing his hand energetically. Sir William lifted Ellen from her horse with the Grace of a Gallant old Cavalier As he was and handed her Over to Alice who received her like a sister. A sir Cameron i am your prisoner a said Jacques with much hauteur. Quot it is the Fortune of War and the Day May come when our positions will be quot impossible a replied the chief. Quot the measure of your crimes is full your Fate sealed. Make your peace with god while there is yet quot proud Scot a growled the old Bandit quot you hold the Power of life or death but with me lives or Dies a secret which you would give your right Arm to a you allude to my son stolen from his Cradle by your Agency a returned sir William. Quot make some atonement for your life of crime by restoring him if he still lives. Yet stay it would be terrible to know that he was one of this band of robbers and murderers better hat he should sink into an unknown Gra e than live to disgrace a Noble the Frenchman shrugged his shoulders. Quot Diable a he muttered quot the profession of arms is much the same Call it by what name you will quot the bears cub a quot Dost thou remember Mon omit said Jacques turning to tie Indian captive by his Side quot Dost thou remember when the Bear of thy tribe w de across the Creek and stole the baby i i this House a the Sac i a nodded. Quot sir can Ron a continued the Frenchman quot the Chile was called by the indians the bears cub forever after. still lives Ait i i can find him. The bears cub shall be the Ransom of myself and the 8acliem Silas believed that this Promise of finding the lost boy was a Mere ruse to gain time and or. Verger shared his suspicion quot sir William was there a Mark upon your child a asked the latter. And them reflected you will see a ourself there a the chief was very Pale. Quot doctor a he said quot you mean him whom we Call a the doctor waved his hand to some one at a distance and Fred staub approached. Quot Here is your son sir William a he said impressively and nature whispered to the old Man twid the youth that his words were True. At a sign from the doctor Fred took off Liis coat and rolling up his shirt sleeves disclosed tie Marks on both arms indistinct but with close scrutiny discernible. Sir William clasped him in his arms. His paternal heart was satisfied. The band of mountaineers looked on for a moment in reverent silence and then burst into tremendous cheers. There was great rejoicing that night in the Rock fortress. The chief had found his son and the heir to the name and Fame of the camerons Alice had found a brother and the mountaineers a chief and Leader worthy of them. The volunteers began to disperse to their Homes leaving Only a few to help guard the prisoners whose Fate was not yet decided. The newly found heir Fred staub no More but Duncan Cameron departed with Reuben Kimball to carry the Good news to Kate and to Lay at her feet the laurels which he had acquired in Battle. It was Midnight and Jacques Reynard paced the floor of the room in which he was confined his arms pinioned behind his Back while the Sachem sitting on the floor with his Back against the Wall remained perfectly motionless. The tramp of a Sentinel was heard in the corridor. The new Moon had gone Down and left the world i darkness. The Frenchman paused for a moment to gaze through the Strong wooden bars of the Small window with a bitter feeling of despair and misery gnawing at his heart when suddenly he found his arms free and a Finger placed upon his lips to command silence. Groping in the darkness he Laid his hand on the round Bullet head of the Chipmunk. Half an hour afterwards under the Blue sky and beyond the Gates of the fortress the old Bandit took a solemn vow to depart forever from that Region and to trouble it no More. The Chipmunk made a gesture of Farewell hut Jacques the desolate and homeless outlaw suddenly clasped him in his arms with a despairing cry quot my Sou my son deformed despised disowned so Long yet still my son leave me not i Pray thee a great was sir Williams Surprise the next morning to hear of the escape of the Frenchman and his ally the Sachem. They disappeared mysteriously and from that hour neither they nor the Chipmunk were Ever heard of again in that Region. Silas anti Ellen were married and returned to Virginia to spend the honeymoon in her old Home. They found colonel Willett very much changed from grief at the Uncertain Fate of his child for of course he and mus grave were unable to follow Silas in the darkness on the night of the abduction and had to give up the Pursuit. Once lie alluded to the secret of his daughters birth but Silas remarked that she was his wife now and her past was blotted out. When Walter Ringwood and Alice were married the latter resigned the title of lady of the Rock to her brother a wife but not her place in the love of the mountaineers. After colonel Willetts death Silas and Ellen returned to the mountains and Madge lived with them until she married. In after years that Region gave a regiment of Sharp shooters to the revolutionary struggle led by Duncan Cameron and the Ringwood lir others. Or. Vergee although getting too old to do very Fine shooting with his Blunderbuss marched with them in his medical capacity and did Good service to his country. Honor to the memory of the Brave. The mists of a Hundred years have not dimmed their renown. We Are familiar with the Story of their struggle for Liberty their trials their constancy and to licit final Triumph. Let us Hope that when their heroic object was accomplished the evening of their lives passed calmly and cheerfully away in the midst of children and friends of peace and plenty of gratitude for blessings vouchsafed and a Bright Hope for the future of the Lana which owes them so much. The end. Adventure with a Bear. The Portland Maine Argus tells the following Story quot last monday night a Man by the name of Selden Hanscon who lives in Chatham n. H., Rode to a neighbor of his to get two Small pigs carrying them Home. In a Basket. On his Way Home at about ten the bears cub lives sir Cam it of clock in the evening he saw an animal beside the Road which he at first thought to be a very Large dog. It turned out however to be a Black Bear. His bears hip commenced the Battle by trying to Spring into the Wagon Between the Forward wheels and tie horses. Hanscon finding he had got to fight seized hold of the bears head and was fortunate in clutching into his nostrils. Being a very muscular Man lie held his grip the Hind feet of the Bear being All the time dragging on the ground and thus they were dragged by the horse Over Twenty rods. Hanscon shouted for help but no one heard him. His strength failed him and the Beer making another Spring freed himself and fell outside the Wagon and Hanscon got away. The Bear was accompanied by its cubs and hence the cause of attacking the Man. The above is a True Bear the doctor calmly quot Ana it was a Thistle 1�?� this was spoken in a Low tone and in English and Jacques did not quite catch the sense but sir William was very much surprised and looked at the doctor for an explanation. The latter whispered something to Silas who turning to the Sachem asked him if the Indiana had not put a sign non the child to denote that he was adopted into the tribe. The chief inclined his head. Quot what was the sign a quot the to turn of the tribe.�?�. Quot the totem of your tribe is an Arrow a said Ringwood and the grim old Warrior grunted an assent quot has exclaimed Jacques looking at the doctor with a sarcastic smile quot you will know the bears cub when you see him a "8ir William a observed a Verger quot i would like to question the Indian but i done to wish Reynard to interfere. Will Yon remove him a the request waa obeyed. Then the doctor through his interpreter Silas Ringwood questioned the Sachem As to the fete of the child and elicited the fact among others that after retaining it two years the indians sold it to a White Man in the settlements for tobacco and rum. A sir William a began the doctor with a Gravity which wee the More impressive because it was foreign to Hie habit a need no help from Jacques Reynard your loot Eon. I know him-1 hand on him and he is worthy and the honors of your House. 1 aide Hie meter Alice recall the railroading in India. A Railroad incident occurred recently on one of the East India lines which was a startling As it was singular and May he said to be one of the most miraculous escapes on record. A train was approaching at Ridge on a curve. When the Bridge came within sight at a distance of three Hundred to four Hundred Yards the engine Driver waa horror struck to discover that it was completely in flames. Finding his break Power totally useless in the emergency he jumped off As did also the fireman just As the train entered upon the burning Bridge Over which it rushed fortunately with unabated Speed through a continuous flame that Rose furiously above the height of tie Railroad cars. The wooden sleepers were on al re and parts of the rails themselves were red hot the whole train composed of a number of cars passed safely Over and not a passenger was injured or scorched. The front of the pretty Little episcopal Church in Stockton Street near Filbert san Francisco is ornamented by Croas keys designed by e noted burglar who repented of his crimes and became an architect instead of following the usual style he Cut them after the pattern of the Best Skeleton keys a kind with which he waa particularly a Muir a. Erie dispatch the avenge a mall boy la already kicking up Hia Heele at the thought that his mothers brass Kettle and his fathers Over out will net him enough to take him safely Over the fourth of july

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