Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
6 Jun 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
6 Jun 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - June 06, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvi no. 45.wednesday morning june 6. 1877. Whole. No. 2088. Eab tii Loyk. A what if thu soul should m a Dew dissolved or like a vapor mix again with air when death the creditor comae to absolve. And Mills me from a world of plaguing care from this Dull casket a a Bird let free whole wings Long vainly fluttered against the ban. Think it thou enraptured i could Fly from thee to dwell immorally beyond the Atara a if my soul through Fields of Paradise i Titra Meled roamed where suns forever Shine 1 Hinks so thou that soul if heir to All the skies. Could dwell in perfect peace apart from thine Back from the lonely splendor of those spheres my spirit lost should Cleave the realms of space once More to seek thee in this Vale of tears contented Only near thy dwelling place. Should i not mass thy smiles thy tenderness though freed from human sorrow and regret and Dost thou think that it would Grieve me less to know that thou Couldst live on and forget e in though i dwelt on some celestial Shore. Beyond the Waves of dark oblivion a sea bathed in that glory i should still deplore that heaven itself could keep my soul from thee. If 1 could know when in my grave i Lay with sightless Eye it and lira forever dumb that thou Wert mourning o or my senseless Clay would not my spirit break its Bonds and come and when the Moonlight glimmered through the a a Emu and the faint night wind seemed to breathe my name Boft should i steal upon thee by degrees once More my place in thy dear heart to claim. Not Hess Supe another s tender smile it might on toot heart have cast a Subtle spell but thou shot Plust fond remember me the while and thou we lust. Never say in truth Farewell. Deep in thy be emf inmost sacred shrine a hound there Grill in image left in Trust to it it Wistful eyes boat. Gating into thine implored Kresge Metante tot . Entered according to act of Otma pm by the jmj Uirt wet ten for the a Kaki a xnqutmlt.1 the Rock fortress. <7 by k. A. Cd Momiko. Chapter Xvi. A he robbers pen. Get when Ellen and her captors entered the narrow Gorge which led to the robbers Den. This cavernous porch to their resembled a Tunnel and was al inst choked up with Mountain Pines and other evergreens through which a path had been Cut admitting but one at a time dismounted and leading their horses for after leaving the canoes the band had succeeded in stealing several horses one of which i for live use of the captive. Fortunately for the latter the French Leader of the band fell in love with iter after his fashion and refused to surrender her to the negro Maleck. Might made right among these worthies and Mulbeck found that the indians were deaf and cold to his commands while his rival recognized Leader. The attentions of the fatter were sufficiently unwelcome pc they did not strike us ohm terror to the 5 a la a heart As the fierce glance of the negro the Juch canian was familiar with the path and to King Ellen a hand he Ledtje Way along tits brine of tied narrow track when they suddenly emerged upon a sort of Amphitheater surrounded by precipitous crags. Numerous lights glimmered from the doors and win Dows of k group of buildings the mature of we Deli Coul not be determined in the darkness. A a a Frenchman halted his band and a Ltd the Rahll Lytic to one of these buildings where he found Jacques Reynard seated in a fore a fire smoking a pipe and partaking of something out of a flask. A thu Monsieur be Bruc a he exclaimed in French a you Are Welcome but who ivc we Here a and he fixed his eyes with a bold admiring glance upon the trembling girl. A a prisoner of War Captain a replied be Bruc a for whom i ask permission that she share my a a it a false a exclaimed Mulbeck who had followed be Bruc into the room without ceremony a the girl is mine mine for love and for revenge love for her Beauty revenge upon her father she is mine by a halt there in cried Jacques imperiously. A a Farleu it is for Meto decide about the right and i will Maleckis knowledge of French was very slight. He Only guessed at the substance of be Bruch a speech but a the look and gesture of the Captain were sufficiently intelligible it his words were not and the negro was resolved not to lose the prize which Ltd Cost him m much. But if he thought there was any Appeal from the decision of the autocrat he was speedily a deceived by the Sharp Click of a pistol which he observed was levelled at his head and he commenced a backward movement to the door. Ellen looked at the grizzled locks and White Beard of the old Frenchman and thought that Bandit As lie was Oberc must be some lurking instinct of the Soldier and gentleman left if she knew How to App Cul to it but she knew no language save her own and hesitated to make the attempt then hastily approaching him she said in a Low tone a in the name of your daughter if you have one i Pray you sir to protect me from these men a her face was tale with fatigue and terror and a tear glittered upon her Cheek Ere it fell at the feet of him who for the time being seemed to hold her Fate in his Hind. A daughter said Youfu he replied with the same bold look and a cynical smile. A nah to be sure there was Clothilde whose life in Paris doubtless was a merry one and there is Madge to Madge 1 say a he shouted. The ladder which did duty for stairs and led to a sort of loft above the room began to creak beneath the weight of a descending figure and a tall Black eyed Black haired girl of some Twenty years made her appear Unce. Jacques waved his hand toward the captive. A a take her away a said he sternly a you Are responsible for her safety till 1 relieve you. Madge grasped the hand of the captive in heir own hard Palm and Drew her gently toward the ladder. The Corners of the room Remote from the fire were enveloped in a Shadow and Ellen observed amp figure stretched upon the floor and so close to the Wall that it was difficult to distinguish it this figure began to uncool itself on their approach and As Ellen passed it with a feeling of apprehension. It made a gesture which was intended to convey sympathy and an Assurance of Protection. But the expression of the chipmunks face was not calculated to sooth a disturbed mind and Ellen passed on with a feeling of terror but before commencing the ascent of the ladder she Flung Gaunce at the Corner to assure herself that the Goblin was not following her. The Chipmunk was watching her retiring figure with an expression of Heartfelt sympathy which might however have been costly mists Ksn for diabolical malice. Catching her Eye he placed his Finger on his lip to express secrecy then stretching out his hands in a supplicating manner As if imploring her to Trust him be sprung to an erect position and made a menacing gesture toward Jacques whose Back was turned to him. There was an earnestness about this dumb show which made an impression on the captive besides it was politic to make a Friend if kit Sibie where such a Boon might be of inestimable value and out of the unfathomable sadness of her heart she threw a smile to the Goblin which filled him with ecstasy and a fixed resolve to devote himself to her service. The two girls disappeared in the Dingy loft and the Chipmunk stole noiselessly from the Cabin. Maleck foiled in his attempt to get Possession of the prize now prowled around the Cage which confined her and brooded Over Kolatis to overcome the obstacles in his Way. In Felt that he had been outwitted by be Bruc the careless and Debonnaire Frenchman by whose help he had abducted the daughter of his enemy and whom he expected to supplant in the command of his Indian allies. He found that this carelessness was the Mark of an indomitable will and an intelligence far Superior to his own and that instead of being a Leader among the outlaws he was hardly on an Equality with their Savage allies. These bitter reflections stirred his ferocious nature to its Depths and As his fingers clutched at the knife in his Belt he peered through the window at Jacques and speculated desperately on the chances of a sudden attack upon that individual which if successful would place Ellen in his Power for a time although he knew that he could not escape the vengeance of the band for More than a few Brief hours Long enough however to gratify the passions which raged within Bis soul. Inc watchful Chipmunk sat contemplating the Ebony face at a Short distance. He was not at a loss to understand the emotions which he read there and the Grin which threatened to dislocate his jaws was due to the Happy Conception of a plan by which to work upon the negroes superstitious fears and so divert him from his purpose without calling for the Aid of any of the gang. Rolling to the feet of the giant he suddenly grasped his legs in his arms and by a sudden exertion jerked him from his balance and filing him headlong to the Earth. The huge bulk of the negro added to tic severity of the Shock which fora time deprived him of consciousness. The Chipmunk followed up his Victory by disarming the vanquished and transferring to his own Belt the Long Sharp knife which was the negroes Only weapon. When Maleck raised himself on his Elbow the first object which he beheld was the Chipmunk sitting within a few feet of him in the attitude of a toad and much Rescom bling one. The horror stricken victim shut Liia eyes to exclude the apparition but when he opened them again inc Goblin was still there As motionless As if carved in Wood Maleck Felt for his knife but it was gone. Were the Powers of darkness arrayed against him despair seized upon his soul and with eyes averted from the object of his dread crawled away and hid himself in the darkness. The Chipmunk returned to the Cabin where Jacques in a half Drunken condition smoked without ceasing except to replenish his pipe and stared into the fire while lie sipped his Brandy. The Chipmunk entered noiselessly and kept close to the Wall until he reached the ladder which he mounted. The apartment was wrapped in darkness and the Goblin paused to listen for a moment to a lie breathing of the sleeping girls when he crept cautiously in the direction of the sound. He passed his hand Over Tfir la hair. Madge slept on the front Side of the pile of Traw and rags which served As a bed pie coarse texture of her. Black hair told him so while Euen slept at the Back. The Chipmunk took the Long knife from his Belt and placed it in her Lind and her fingers closed upon it instinctively. Even in her feeble grasp it was a weapon of defense for on Quick blow would place her beyond the reach of Dishonour. A Sosic in the room below attracted the Goblin Acnes was moving. The Chipmunk quietly Drew up tiie ladder and thus cutoff communication then lie Laid hit self Down and took observations through a crack in the floor. Jacques Reynard Lead Arisen from his seat the expression of his face Hud changed from Drunken Gravity to passion Ianc brutality mfg Cheeks were flushed and there was a lurid Light in his eyes which threatened mischief. Quot Peste quot he exclaimed a they have removed the ladder those women and 1 am not so Active of 1 was once but let me he took the chair and placed it under the aperture in the 4floor above and by this Means was enabled to get a hold with his hands by which to swing himself up. The Chipmunk perceived the danger. The rafters of the upper floor were Loose and let a an exertion of strength lie managed to move two of them together in such a manner As to catch Reynard a fingers in a vice. The old Bandit endured the torture for a while and redoubled his efforts to swing himself up but the acute pain unnerved him and he dropped to the floor and began to dance around wit i his bruised fingers in his Mouth but he had no suspicion that it was other than an Accident. Then lie took another pull at the Braudy task re lit his pipe and soon after fell asleep with his head on the table. Instead of replacing the ladder the Chipmunk lowered himself by his hands a a dropped lightly Down then lie refreshed Hii self with a draught from the flask now nearly empty and started on his errand of ing to the Rock fortress. Warning Cha iter xvii. To the Rescue. With the Dawn of Day Silas and Walter Ringwood armed and mounted Rode Forth to raise the mountaineers. They parted at the Gate and took different routes. They were Well known throughout that wild District and every log House where they stopped sent it least one Volunteer to the fortress. Sometimes where there was but one Man in the Cabin he shouldered his Rifle and took his family with him. When the Sun went Down there were a Hundred volunteers within the Walls of the stronghold Foremost among whom were Reuben and 8am Rimbold. Fred staub whose Devotion to Kate Rimbold held him captive and or. Verger the Jovial and eccentric Medico who was As Well known in a radius of fifty Miles As the Sachem s Rock itself. In return for the draught from the Fountain of knowledge with which staub had refreshed the bout of his Friend Reuben had imparted to him the Art and mystery of woodcraft and being an Apt scholar he was pronounced to be As Good a shot As there was in the mountains. He was a special favorite with sir William perhaps on account of his Superior education and knowledge of the world and Alice welcomed him As a brother. Silas Capro in last Haggard with anxiety Feve Rijh with suspense he was ready to March at once to the attack he Felt that he could not much longer endure the torture of delay. The Story of Ellen a abduction having circulated among the volunteers they were eager to attempt the Rescue. But the approach to the Den must be explored first and this Silas resolved to do that very night. Accordingly when supper was Over he i arose and addressed the mountaineers explaining the difficulties of the expedition in which they were engaged alluded to his own great stake in their Success and concluded with the declaration that he himself would make a Deconno Issacc of the enemy a position without delay. This led to much discussion and loss of time when or. Verger remarked a boys this wont do. We Are a Council of War not a legislative body an i the Best thing we can do is to elect a chief and subordinate officers and obey them. It will save a great do al of the doctors proposal was received with applause and Silas was immediately elected to the chief command with Reuben staub and Walter As subordinates the doctor observing that he would serve As a Volunteer like the rest reserving the right to physic and bleed them at his discretion. The Chipmunk who had returned to the robbers Den at Daylight now made his appearance in his own fashion amid the cheers of the mountaineers. Silas questioned him about Ellen and Learned that she had made a Friend of Madge the reputed daughter of Reynard who when her blood was up sometimes defied that old firebrand. The Chipmunk grinned when lie alluded to Maleck who was under a Cloud of superstitious dread. Altogether the report was encouraging but Silas was resolved to lose no time. Toe Chipmunk was ready to guide him to the Den and Dyce was directed to prepare two fresh horses while Silas held a whispered consultation with his subordinates. Angus buckled his own Broadsword to the youths Side looked to the priming of his of pistols and thus armed and equipped he set Orth like a Knight of old accompanied by his grotesque Squire. The darkness was profound and the travellers pursued their Way with caution until after the lapse of two hours the Chipmunk Laid his hand on his companions Arm As a signal to dismount. The horses were tied to a tree Silas transferred the pistols from the holsters to his Belt and followed his guide into the tigers Den. The stars shone dimly through the soft Spring night As the scout forced his Way through the thick growth of Evergreen Trees w Hose lower branches swept the ground. A Sentinel stood at the Entrance to the path whistling in careless Security and to avoid him the adventurers had to penetrate the Forest screen at another Point but having gained the rear of the guard they sought the path and found it. With the exception of a few sentinels the robbers were enjoying themselves around the fires of the log Cabins with cards and liquor. Silas examined them All and made in estimate of their numbers. Jacques Reynard sat at a table before the fire in consultation with two of his officers one of whom Wible Bruc with his spark Ling Black eyes and French vivacity the other our quondam acquaintance Cyrus Moleton with his polished manners and handsome but sinister face. A third sat upon the floor smoking with profound Gravity and listening to Jacques who spoke in French. He wore a Hunch of Scarlet feathers in his Scalp lock and his renown As a Warrior and Sage was wide spread among the Border tribes. Jacques was shaking voluble and with passionate gestures. �?o1 must have that lock fortress As they Call it a be exclaimed. A again and again have i been foiled before that nest of hard headed Inglese. I have planned and plotted to sur Kise them without Success. Fortune favors Ein Accident defeats me even the Chipmunk failed to open their Gates to admit us Why i can not Tell. They say it is Providence. Purble if things continue i will begin to believe in something of the kind. A Bah Jacques. Jacques Inion Wilt be in thy dotage then but something protects sir William and defies me. Stop not always. I struck the Scot a terrible blow once. It was his child. When the trained Bear of my Indian ally waded through the Creek and brought the boy out of the Rock fortress in his arms asleep and in Broad Daylight it was a grand revenge. What became of the child i forget. The indians took him away with them. He May be a great Warrior by this time with his Belt full of White menus scalps a droll they say the Madam grieved for him to the Clay of her death which was not Long. Why do \ hate sir William because he is the enemy 6f France not altogether. I sent him a Challenge once to come out and Light with me a Duel. What said he the proud Scot he could not meet a liase marauder on the same terms As a gentleman but he would attend my execution with pleasure. A by st. Denis that impertinence Cost him his child and if i live i Jacques Reynard it shall Cost him his Castle and his life. There must bet no aspersion cast upon the Hondr of a Frenchman 1�?� a we Are then to Anarch it Duy break a said be Bruc. The chief nodded. �?o1 like not the looks of that negro Maleck a observed the Bruc a the is inclined to be a blow his brains out a said Jacques calmly a and the girl a asked the Young Frenchman. A nah yes the girl. I forgot. She shall he yours Mon Brave when the Rock fortress is taken. Adieu till i Silas was disappointed to find that he was too late to learn the details of the expedition he had at least heard something of ii kit it acc and retired from his position As the Council broke up. The three subordinate chiefs came Forth and separated leaving the door half open behind them and Silas was about to step from his place of concealment when a heavy step approached and Maleckis ferocious eyes glared through the window a a Jacques Reynard. Tiie latter unconscious of the presence of a spy filled his pipe and sipped his Brandy for a few moments then he arose and approached the ladder which was in its usual place but As he did so he caught a glimpse of the glaring Whites of Maleckis eyes and the truth flashed upon him. He made another turn of the room while he Felt in his bosom for a weapon then suddenly stopped and fired a pistol Point Blank at the window. The apparition instantly disappeared and the chief returned to the ladder with a cold smile upon his lips. A father what Are you doing a asked Madge from the top of the ladder. A firing at a Mark a he replied. A come Down my child i would speak with your1 she was about to obey when tiie door was Flung open and Maleck rushed in. He had torn a portion of his dress and bound it around his head to stanch the bleeding for the Bullet in glancing from his thick Skull had made a terrible wound and at the same time goaded to Blind and reckless fury his ferocious nature. He rushed upon Jacques who had not time to defend himself and clasping him in his mighty grasp bore him to the Earth. The struggle was Short Maleckis Iron grip waa on his Throat his senses reeled and darkness swam before his gym the negro arose and Flung the senseless body in a Corner. Success added fuel to his passions and he Mads a Rush for Tbs lad der but Madge Drew it up out of his reach in time. Not to be foiled he placed the table beneath the opening in the floor and a chair on top of that to enable him to reach his victim. Throwing caution aside Silas entered and confronted his enemy who recoiled before the muzzle of his pistol until he stumbled Over the in Fly of Jacques Rayfurd from whose breast he snatched the empty pistol and presented it at the scout who instantly fired at him. Maleck pulled the trigger without effect and then dropped beside the robber chief. The thought occurred to Silas that the time was propitious for an attempt to escape with Ellen but where was the Chipmunk he was no where to be seen. In spite of his faults Madge Hail a certain feeling of love for her father. Who Silas might he she knew not hut that to was the enemy of the negro seemed apparent enough and his enemy she argued with a woman a logic must he her fathers Friend and she accordingly let Down the ladder and went to tiie assistance of Jacques. If Silas was disturbed by the presence of this woman whose interest in Jacques Reynard was so evident there was no time for doubt or hesitation. A where is Eilen Willet a he asked her in French but the sound of his voice had reached another car and Ellen with a cry of delighted Surprise sprang Down the ladder and threw herself into the arms of her Lover. A we must go at once a he whispered after a Brief moment of greeting a for every moment lost lessens our chances of escape a and lie led her to the door which was thrown open at the same moment and the firc Lilit fell upon tiie faces of Cyrus Moleton and half a dozen Cut throats at his Back. A a Wittst in time a said that affable gentleman taking Ott his hat with mock politeness. A i regret that 1 can not permit you and the lady to Deji Art until you have answered a few questions. But what does this mean a lie added entering the apartment and observing the condition of his chief whom Madge was supporting in her arms. A the is dead a sobbed the latter. A who has done this a asked Moleton. Madge pointed to the negro. Silas knew that the Chance was lost that not o by was their position alarming but it was almost certain that the Rock fortress would lie attacked in the morning perhaps surprised and carried by storm. He with the Good sword by his Side might Cut his Way through his enemies and escape in the darkness but what would become of Ellen his reflections were interrupted by Moleton who with a significant glance at his followers ordered Silas to give up his arms. Chapter xviii. The eve of Battle. Silence reigned in the Rock fortress As the Long hours of the night glided by silence which was broken Only by the sentinels relieving each other. Fred staub was second in command and had Tnp de the arrangements to guard against a night Surprise with much ability. He visited the posts every hour and saw Itiat alibis directions were carried out. It was past Midnight and he was thinking As he slowly passed the line of sentinels of Many incidents in his Early life a period surrounded by obscurity for he knew Little of his own origin except that As he believed lie was an orphan alone in the world the last of Bis race. And yet since his sojourn in the mountains his mind was haunted by half awakened memories a tilings which he vainly endeavoured to grasp but which As constantly evaded him. Places strange at first became familiar not by the slow process of habit but by the sudden recognition of a forgotten feature. Leaning against the barred Gate of the fortress he heard the murmur of the Creek and saw the dim shadows of the Hills with a new feeling of familiarity. But these thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an approaching horse evidently urged to the utmost Speed which the nature of the ground would permit until it stopped at the Gate and the Chipmunk sprang from the Saddle. The liars were thrown open and the Goblin entered leading the horse. His face wore a gloomy expression and he made a gesture indicative of despair. Fred instinctively divined the truth. A Ringwood is a prisoner or dead a lie exclaimed. The Chipmunk threw up his hands. He then with his usual rapidity of gesture described what had occurred. He came to warn the Garrison against the intended assault and having fulfilled this duty he announced his intention to return to the Den and wait an Opportunity to assist the Cali Tives for which purpose he selected a fresh horse and departed. It wanted four hours to Daylight and although Fred Felt that the preparations for defense were Complete yet he concluded to arouse his fellow off leers and take their views on the subject. To this end he summoned them to the Hall and informed them of the chipmunks visit. The capture of stirs was a heavy blow not Only to Walter but to All his friends. Or. Verger proposed to steal a Anarch upon the thieves and attack them in their Den for which he said there was still time if All were As ready to March As he was. The doctor was Short and fat with a round red face and very Small Bright eyes the left one being subject to a spasmodic motion suggestive of winking. He was always in a Good humor especially when there was a Prospect of a fight. On the present occasion he wore a knife and a pair of pistols in his Belt while his right hand grasped a Short Dun Derbass the Virtues of which were his favorite theme. The doctor was overruled by the majority however and Fred having unfolded his plan of defense received the approval of sir William and Reuben. A let us then to our posts said Fred rising and his example was followed by the others. He was busied with various preparations when Alice entered the Hall. She went directly to him and Laid her hand upon his Arm. Fred turned and looked smilingly into the Beautiful face which met his gaze with such a sisterly expression. A i know the responsibility which rests upon you a she said a and i entreat you to be prudent for All our a fair lady quot he replied raising her hand to his lips with the Graceful gallantry of the time a if i needed aught to strengthen my heart the knowledge that i am one of those whom Fate has chosen to protect you and yours is enough to insure a Cha a exclaimed the doctor. A Beauty tic kids leave of valor he Well Captain my Only request is that you la place me where i can do the most execution with my a come then a replied Fred leading the Way to the court Yard where the entire Force was gathered. The Dar was Xix the attack. Jacques Reynard recovered from the strangling pressure of Maleckis fingers but in a mood the reverse of amiability and forgiveness led the robber hand himself assisted by his lieutenants Moleton and be Bruc and his ally the Sachem with the Bunch of Scarlet feathers. The Whites were Well mounted but As horses were useless in an attack on Walls he decided to picket them in a Patch of Timber al out half a mile Distant from the Rock fortress while the riders were disposed behind rocks and Trees to await the signal of Onset. The indians arrived first under cover of the darkness and crept close up under the Walls where they crouched like Wol ves. The stillness within the fortress led the besiegers to Bel a Eye that the place had no defenders and Otie enterprising Redskin Moulite on the shoulders of his Fellows to pee a Over the top of the stockade but what he saw he never told being persuaded to that course by the impression made upon his intelligence by a Bullet and he started to join his forefathers. But now a trampling sound is heard and the besiegers ask themselves ran it be a reinforcement to the Garrison this belief gains ground when a Long shrill whistle is heard from the Point whence the flying hoofs Are approaching with a thundering tramp and the great Gate of the Rock fortress is Flung wide open. Then peals the War whoop of the Indian and the scarcely less Savage yell of his White ally. The former who Are close at hand Rush in a body to the inviting Entrance Only to recoil before a withering Cross fire of rifles which sweeps the threshold with terrible accuracy. Again the Long whistle sounds and a drove of horses tied together three abreast driven by two mounted men behind and flanked by four others to guide their course Gallop Over the bodies of the fallen braves and pass beyond the Gates which Are promptly closed in the faces of the excited robbers who recognize the captured chargers As their own and reply to the triumphant cheers of the Garrison with yells of rage and a random Volley which rattled harmlessly against tiie defences. This Success was due to the plan which Fred had formed and placed for execution in the hands of Walter Ringwood. Two hours before Daylight the latter mounted As Many men As there were horses in the stable and Rode Forth to and if possible to strike the enemy at some unguarded Point. Fortune favored him for soon lie heard the approaching foe and dismounting his men let them pass by in tiie obscurity. He was a witness of the picketing of the horses who thus became his captives and the Gates were thrown open to receive him at the pre concerted signal. A by Jove sir that was Well done a said the doctor with i Shandin his coat pockets and his Blunderbuss under his Arm As he walked up and Down inspecting the animals. A there is a Gray horse that would carry a Man of my Caliper nicely. He is the likeliest beast among them and a Good Roidt ster 1 am quot doctor a said Fred staub a that horse is yours. 1 thought so when i first saw him. Do me the favor to accept him As a trifling Token foxy of Yoe Many Tiene qualities. This speech was received with much applause by the mountaineers with whom the Octor was very popular and a general clapping of hands followed. The doctor was More than pleased lie was affected. He wrung Fred a hand with his vice like squeeze. A by Jove my Young Friend it is a a Noble gift by Jove and a accept it with a Pride which is also a plea Urc and a feeling of pleasure which is Akin to Pride for i am not less honoured than obliged by Jove a this speech was also applauded. Fred and Reuben discussed the situation As they paced the court Yard. �?�1 am in favor of throwing open the Gates and giving Battle a said the former. A we Are about equal in numbers and i done to like the idea of hiding behind Walls from such a gang of a that would be imprudent i think a said Cut iii. A we have the advantage and we can keep it but if we place ourselves on an Equality with them a must also take the chances and thieves and villains As they Are you know that they Are not to be despised and then there Are helpless women and children to be a there they come a shouted Angus Grant and there was a Rush made for the Gate by the besiegers. The blows of an a were heard As if it Weie the determination of the robbers to hew their Way in and the mountaineers crowded to the spot chafing at their own impotence to punish the insolent foe. Fred looked anxious. A this is a feint a said he a to cover a More formidable movement. Look out for an attack elsewhere. 11a what a that a it was the Shock of an explosion and a Large Gap was torn in the Palisades at a spot Remote from the Point of noisy demonstration through which the Savages poured with terrific yells and a Sharp though scattering fire from their rifles. For a mom opt the besieged seemed paralysed by the boldness of the attack but w Ere speedily Aron sed by the voice of their Captain a steady men fire a a crackling Volley culminating in a tremendous bang from the doctors Blunderbuss was the response but it failed to Check the torrent of invasion. A the redskins have been reinforced a said Reuben a a we will have to close with a charge a cried staub drawing his sword and the order was gallantly obeyed. Some of the defenders had Queen Ann muskets and bayonets these Fred had instructed How to act in Case of such an emergency and they led the charge with a cheer followed by the riflemen who loaded and tired As fast As they could. Walter too at a sign from his Leader gave a signal which was understood and obeyed by the Small band who had that morning driven in the captured horses. These were speedily mounted and did efficient duty As cavalry and the indians were being slowly driven Back choking up the breach and preventing the Advance of the robbers to their Aid. Sir William and Grant mounted and joined the cavalry armed with the Broadsword which they knew so Well How to use while Fred fighting on foot and in the Froat rank made great exertions to reach the chief with the Scarlet feathers who led the redskins but in vain. The infantry with levelled bayonets pressed the foe in front the rear ranks keeping up a deadly fire Over their shoulders while the cavalry surged against the crowded mass and trod them under foot or hewed them Down with their trenchant Blades. The indians would have abandoned he contest but for the impossibility of Retreat the robbers trying to Force their Way in Ana pushing their allies before them. But the Battle could not last much longer and the defenders began to cheer in anticipation of Victory while the indians fought on stoically and courted death As is their wont when escapes Cut Oft or. Verger had just discharged his Blun a Cloud attracted his attention causing him to look above him. A fire fire a he shouted. A the roof is on fire a it was too True. A column of smoke mingled with red tongues of flame roiled up from the Rock fortress. An exclamation of Surprise and horror arose from the mountaineers which was answered by a yell of exultation from the redskins Ana their allies beyond the Walls. A stand fast a cried Fred in his Calm ringing voice quot Well finish our enemies then he whispered to Dyce who a in hand was fighting by uis Side to take five or six men and try to extinguish the fire. But tiie robbers had not been Idle while their allies were bearing the Brunt of tiie Battle. By the Aid of axes they had Cut a Hole in the Gate Large enough to to Ermit two to crawl through at a time and were prepared to effect a diversion in Aid of the redskins. The latter were now pushed Back so far that Fred withdrew from the fight to help in extinguishing the fire and his Eye fell upon tiie bandits crowding through the Gate. Already half their number were through and were about to open fire on the rear of the defenders when Fred called his cavalry to charge on the intruders thus preventing the fatal consequences of a Surprise and panic at a critical moment. The Little band of horsemen wheeled upon their new assailants with military coolness and address and charged them so fiercely that they were in danger of annihilation. But the defenders were correspondingly weakened by the loss of so Many men in front of the breach added to which the fire was raging with increasing fury and every moment added to the danger of the destruction of the Rock fortress. A pump stood in front of the House to which Dyce had attached a leather Hose some Twenty feet in length and while two he pumped the water on the negro set a ladder against the House and mounting it brought a Stream to Bear upon the fire while other supplied with buckets Drew water from a Cistern and passed it to the roof thus holding the fire in Check. The besiegers however gaining Confidence in proportion to the embarrassment of the Garrison now began to push the latter Back from the breach and Trie cavalry had to be called from their temporary advantage to resume their old position but with less effect against an Ever increasing Force. The fire however was gradually yielding to the exertions of Dyce and Liis assistants while the robbers who did not desire the destruction of the House until they appropriated its valuables abstained from interference. Again the White thieves gathered Force at the Gate and Fred Drew off his cavalry to intercept their charge upon the enter anon to the House itself. But the movement was fatal to the defense of the breach where the defenders were slowly pushed Back by the sheer pressure of Superior numbers but they retired in Good order and formed in a half Circle the ends of which rested against the front of the House. The plump and those Tubo worked it were enclosed in this Arch behind which the cavalry retired after a charge and from its shelter made sorties upon the enemy who on their part were making desperate efforts to crush their outnumbered foes. The redskins maddened by their losses and eager for revenge howled their War whoop and with brandished Tomahawk and knife prepared for a final Effort. Fred mounted on a Black horse the Claymore tied to his Waist and dyed with blood from Point to Hilt was about to order another charge when or. Verger panting from exertion Laid his Blunderbuss Down and called to Dyce to give him the Livorse. The negro obeyed and the doctor said to the pumpers a now my lads work away and keep up the Stream and ill show you the virtue there is in cold water by Jove a the doctor pointed the tube Over the shoulder of the Man in front of him and let Fly in the breasts and faces of the enemy a Stream of ice cold water blinding be numbing bewildering. The victims gasped for breath their blood became chilled and their courage oozed out at their Finger ends like a Bob acres a and there was a general movement on the part of the thieves to retire from the front while the doctor encouraged by the Success of his Experiment but maintaining a Gravity of visage unusual with him played solemnly on the painted faces of the terrible warriors now almost drowning those in front now sending a Stream Over their Heads to Wash those in the rear who with the icy current meandering Down their backs Felt entirely indisposed to make its closer acquaintance. The War whoop was hushed but not so the curses of the White thieves. Jacques r Yard alarmed at the turn of affairs waved his sword above his head and opened his Mouth to Damp ter them to the charge when splash the water struck him in the face Ana changed his warlike command into a fit of alternate coughing and sneezing. A peal of laughter Shook the ranks of the defenders. Again and again forgetful of danger fatigue and wounds of every thing except the incongruity Ami Absurdity of the scene shouts of mirth rolled Over the Battlefield. It Fhay Well have been the first time As it was probably the last that such an impulse overrode the fierce passions of a mortal combat but it was a one sided joke after All and the laughter which accompanied it instead of being reciprocated or even resented by the sufferers overwhelmed them with terror and confusion. Fred like a sagacious general seized the propitious moment to order a charge. Cheer alter cheer arose As the mountaineers sprang upon their drenched and shivering foes. The Onset of Hie Little band of horsemen resembled that of the celebrated count do Foix when he Defeated the French Vacquerie. It was a Mere butchery. A Small group of French and indians retired in Good order with their faces to the foe. Among them were Jacques Cyrus Moleton and the chief of the Scarlet feathers. Tha rest were exterminated. To by continued an extraordinary discovery of ancient coins has just been made on the Montane estate. A few Miles from curare Fife. Ii. Scotland the property of or. Allan Gilmore. In draining a portion of land the labourers struck on what appeared to be a Bowlder but subsequently was discovered to be a pot a Stone was firmly wedged into its Mouth and on being removed it was found that the vessel was filled with coins the Tota number of pieces being 9,000. Most of the in have the appearance of a Well worn sixpence a few Are of the size of a Florin though nut quite so thick and a Small number Ai about the Sise of a shilling. They Are All Silver and so far As has been ascertained of the twelfth thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. It b supposed they were used in the reigns of a a Robert ii. Robert David ii. And der Buss into tiie enemy and was about to re have lain in the Earth Mora than Throe Han a it Whan something like tha Shadow of a Rcd Vears

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