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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - July 11, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioQuot a the Cincinnati weekly enquirer n the enquire. Cd Komdat july ii 177. Terms weekly 1 year,.# 1 15 weekly 6 mos. 55c daily,1 yr.,. Day 14 of daily. 6 months.57 to Fahan a Mclean. Pubs., Cin. That Peel Lar fourth of july. The promoters of the combined Park inauguration and fourth of july Celebration a at Woodstock conn., have not read the lessons of the past in vain. They remembered that far Back in the dim Patst somewhere there was a picnic of the gods and goddesses the former probably in Straw hats and White pants and the latter with Linen suits and parasols of the same. They remembered that the Lawn managers on that occasion purposely omitted to invite the Genius of discord because she was a gossip and turned up her nose at things and made trouble generally. They remembered that the lady was i fixed about the Cut and came up near the Grous d and throw in a Golden Apple labelled a for the fairest a and though the very moderate id not modest number of three claimed it yet it raised a ten years War Between Troy and Greece and brought woes unnumbered Many More than Discordia would have raised if she had been invited. Those Are a smart people in new England and taking that Wesson to heart they avoided the fatal error of that occasion and invited the Genius of discord to come. 8he perhaps had a previous engagement but sent her two favorite children Blaine and Chamberlain James g. And Daniel 11., and she was Well represented. The first oration of the Day was by professor Cyrus Northrop but of this no account is Given. It was upon the revolution of 1770 and its results. Next came sex governor Chamberlain who spoke of the revolution of 1 st7 and its results and who ventilated his grief and spleen at Large. He began a this is Freedom s Day. I shall speak for Freedom. I shall speak with Freedom. 1 have no private Griefs to present. So far As personal interests Are concerned recent events have but relieved me of a Burden heavy almost beyond endurance. For myself alone 1 could be thankful for it. A a speak to you to Day from a profound sense of duty. Gladly would i close forever that chapter of history to which i have referred. But i dare not do it. A a a i see a hand you can not see t it Ltd 1 hear a voice you can not hear a a the hand of the helpless and deserted Southern Patriot the voice of the widow whose husband of the child whose father Lias fallen by the blow of the political Assassin. I speak too because others do the sex governor might Well have added that those recent events had also related every body else of a Burden. But he said Well that he saw a voice his audience could not see because when he concluded there were Many manifestations of approval of the a policy which had removed him from South Carolina. These however were apparently not the views of the orator. He discourses amiably that is. Comparatively amiably of politics in general in this Sample style a a presidential policy if tie term is descriptive is an anomaly and offence. It savors of bad Faith. It has a native and historical odor of treachery Aud Chamberlain manifestly preferred a president without any policy Sudi As Grant was or such As would 1. Ive been governor Boggs of Missouri who told the committee appointed to ask his politics that he had no polities a a not a single ibis own views chamberlains not but offer he had none of the policy Are briefly these a for myself i take leave to denounce it hero and now As unconstitutional and revolutionary subversive of constitutional guarantees and false to every dictate of political Honor Public Justice and Good r these be Strong w ads and the goddess of discord must have looked up from below with an awful smile Wien he spoke them and must have broken into a Broad Grin when he denounced it further As a a a a Maze of subterfuges contradictions falsehoods fallacies and inanities. Conspicuous in this list is the claim made by the president himself and echoed by his this presidential policy la in Accord with the platform of the Republican party with the presidents letter of acceptance and with his known views at the time of his nomination and during the canvass. I Call this the chief of subterfuges if not of falsehoods. I confess i can not understand or measure the audacity which prompts such a ii Ere is the Way he refers to our own Sta Nley Matthews in this connection a never till the country heard with amazement the first whisperings of the machinations of a Stanley Matthews and the Ohio clique who stood nearest the president the basest passage i have Ever read in our political history did any portion of the Public or of the Republican party imagine that the president w or course of quot without follow no further through his flt ment a As he terms it. A it rid enter upon such a policy in the the final chorus express feelings a err. When i think of these hot with indignation and a i to my lips for the men who blood of Brave men and w plays with iii Dice. Such comprehension. I should e engaged in it would hear greeted the. Ears of the nature medued breaking iut Cine. E o Able wrangler Blumn 4�?~in<1 ict-1 conclude with f his indignant i Jinga my heart grows a urse comes unbidden thus played with the Chen us the Gambler treachery pases my a pent that those who docs a a be Tho a which cd Alonzo when All j voice to Herald his me the wind that Dee the urn is r t the a Low per i or. . Al deprecating any it fear it might p i territory in that Ward the Clow in a in my remark i hav Loke Aud told me of it a and the Thunder Man pipe pronounced did bas it my named mainly to it of o t was Tab ult Vith mex t in an Extension it Southern Dirac the came out plainly ii Toniu Ellwel to it primary allegiance being due to his a Tate a heresy which has already wrought so much misery and shed so much blood should be confined to the slates that cherish it and not be permitted to install itself in the govern ment of the nation and finally i believe that any policy which contemplates or by any possibility involves the annexation of mexican territory or any other addition to the disturbed elements of the South is at War with the highest interests of every american citizen of the generation that now is and of those countless generations which in the Providence of god shall succeed to our proud title and to its continually widening there was an address on sunday schools and another on Temperance but these were drowned in and chamberlains intemperance like the shepherds pipe amid the blare of the trumpets of civil strife. Allow to rest late the Yonnine of t or Henry. The last Point to which we proposed to Call the attention of the approaching democratic state convention was the Quantity of greenbacks to he in cd and How such Quantity shall be regulated. Of the Quantity to he issued we have already spoken. It should he commensurate with the real requirements of the business of the country. We have shown that we ought to have according to or population Over one thousand millions of dollars of circulation if our volume of circulation was made equal to the average ratio of currency to population that the three Groat commercial nations of Europe possess. We have also shown that we ought to have Over one thousand millions of dollars of circulation had we now As much in proportion to our present wealth As the periods of 1850 and 1860 had according to the wealth of the country then existing. According to those measures we Are nearly three Hundred millions Short. Instead of the volume of our currency being inflated As is industriously i charged by the Money class it is in a contracted state. There is not Money enough and that is what is the matter. The wants of Industry and Trade require at least a volume of one thousand millions. To guard against the possibility of a redundant Issue there should be provision made by Law for the convertibility of the greenbacks into United states Bonds bearing a Low rate of interest As was suggested by Jefferson the rate of interest not Tobe so High As to invite to permanent investment. And to guard against combinations to make Corners in produce or to a clock up currency a As Well As to accommodate the real wants of Industry and Trade the Bonds should be re convertible into greenbacks at the option of the Holder. There Are seasons of the year when More Money for circulation is needed than at others. The want could be readily and safely supplied by the foregoing plan. It is a noticeable fact in regard to the influence on business of an increase or decrease of the volume of currency that a diminution produces depression and an increase buoyancy. A constantly expanding currency no matter How Trilling keeps up the activities of Industry and Trade while a contracting currency no matter How Small produces a Panicky feeling and hard times. The following statement made up by Alexander Delmar formerly of the Treasury department will illustrate periods and commercial result. 1832-37, expansion from 87 40 to 811 00 activity. 137-43. Contraction from sit00 to 86 00 depression. 1m3-57, expansion from 86 00 to 816 70 activity. 1857-61, contraction from 816 70 to 813 70 depression. Ls61-64, expansion from 813 70 to 828 50 activity. 1864-70, contraction from 828 50 to 820 83 depression. The contraction of the currency has now reached $16 per capita and the depression is severe. The regulator a convertibility of greenbacks into Bonds and re convertibility of Bonds into greenbacks would operate As a Check to contraction out of season or by vicious design As Well As to undue expansion. The country would thereby secure a self adjusting currency. On r to in a certain an Anent. It is not my that Manes it nor if every Man in the it Raul it be removed ration Day nor by of the North and the South forces in our go speaking of thi aut Agoni would the fact Cut ase to sex North should keep silent by effusive Pralor on d a Welling periods on the fourth of his conclusion was in this unmistakable a Stalwart quot language of intolerance a i believe that Southern control in the government of the i nip is the worst possible result even for the 8. Tii itself. I believe that it is menacing and dangerous to every interest in the land i believe that the men who in Battle and in Council a aved the Union should govern it i believe that the men who for four years sought the life of the nation should not be entrusted with its supreme con not 1 believe that the a Rosy of the citizens the administration we Are told interprets the action of the Iowa convention As a plan of Compromise and not an intention to create a fight. The persons next to the throne say that if the Iowa republicans had meant to fight they would have said so. The fact that three fourths of the Iowa Republican convention refused to endorse the policy of Hayes and the fact that the most this body whose republicanism can not Well he questioned would do was to denounce the Hayes policy by indirection appear to be overlooked. But if Iowa and Ohio should quarrel Ohio and Lonyes. It is useless to deny the fact that the Republican party in Ohio is seriously embarrassed by the action of the Iowa republicans. Iowa is the most pronounced Republican state in the West. She Lias a vast territory an intelligent population and a voting population that commands respect. She can Point to Republican majorities in years past and claim the right to speak for the Republican party. Iowa is not Only the most positive Republican state in the West hut she has become perhaps the Republican state of the country the Massachusetts of the United states. Ohio �3 a Republican state but her Republican majorities Are slender compared with those of Iowa. The Republican majorities in this state have dwindled till in the last presidential election or. Hayes had a majority of hut seven thousand votes. This was Given on a total vote of More than six Hundred thousand. Iowa with a total vote of less than half that of Ohio gave a majority for Hayes of sixty thousand votes. To hold equal rank with Iowa in the Republican party Ohio should have cast a Republican majority in 1876 of More than one Hundred and Twenty thousand votes. It is proper therefore that Iowa speaking so Early in 1877, and under circumstances of no Little responsibility should he regarded As the Leader the Herald of the Republican party in the West and As the Center of political Power has been fixed in the West beyond the Power of any tiling but the Ages to move it the political consequence of the great Republican state of North West is easily apparent. That importance has been recognized for years. To Lowa was Given a Cabinet position under this administration in the person of or. Mccrary. Or. Kasson of Iowa received a foreign Mission. There has been a growing tendency in the Republican party to recognize Iowa and the political services she has rendered entitle her to recognition by the Republican party. Iowa Casta three Hundred thousand votes and her vote a rapidly increasing. She is a reliable a and when she his acted she must he attended to. She has recently spoken upon a commanding Issue. If her votes Are of consequence her opinions Are of importance. If she unquestionably leads in devoted republicanism among the Western states she has As unquestioned a Rig to announce a policy for the Republican party no state a better right than she. Unimportant Kansas was once the threshold of the greatest civil War in history. The time has come under democratic teaching. When the voice of every state must be listened to with respect. Iowa has spoken upon a question that Lias commanded recently the eager attention of the country and has become perhaps the Foremost Issue within the Republican party. The republicans of Iowa have spoken upon the Southern policy of or. Hayes. Their convention peremptorily refused to adopt a Resolution endorsing the policy of their own administration and did adopt a Resolution which condemned Tho polio of or. Hayes by indirection. Or. Hayes had scarcely one fourth of the convention of the leading Republican state of the great West in support of his policy. Some of the Republican newspapers of Ohio and of the country Are appealing to the republicans of Ohio in their alarm at the action of the Iowa republicans not to do likewise. They entreat the republicans of this state not to refuse to endorse the course of Ohio a president. That it is argued would disrupt the Republican party in its october Home. It would be an insult to the head of the government if his action was not sanctioned in his own state. If the Republican party in Ohio were to refuse to endorse the action of their Man who is president it would be an affront to the ohioan who has been lifted to Power. In this event the party would be torn in Twain. If Ohio should imitate Iowa confusion would be spread Over the party. This is the dilemma in which the Republican party finds itself. Iowa has spoken the voice of the real Republican party if she has not out of Courtesy refused to speak at All. She refused to endorse the Southern policy of the administration she declined to endorse the financial policy of the administration she occupies a position of command in the Republican party in the West and in the country she has spoken Early and what has Ohio to do Iowa has uttered unquestionably the voice of republicanism. Shall Ohio refuse to do the same and thus in the Middle of the autumn shiver Republican control in this country to atoms will the Ohio Republican convention on the first of August dash to fragments the Republican policy and the Republican glory will the Ohio republicans by denouncing the policy of the Republican party that has been consistently pursued for More than a decade assist in flinging into fragments the party that has been dominant in the United states since 1860? Iowa has Flung a problem into the Republican ranks that will be As the world was for one of miss Evans eccentric creations too Many for it exceedingly puzzling. Silver Iowa Southern policy contraction Hayes will pester the Ohio republicans beyond All account. How to hold the Republican party together will be the most vexing problem. On to Mexico. It Isnit that Mexico with her a amiable inhabitants is so very desirable a country to acquire. She is something of a hornets nest. It Isnit that we Are standing in imperative need of More ground than we have on which to Engineer a free government. We have better ground than that for our mexican position. It is not because we believe that the democratic party should now take up and pursue a vigorous policy of acquisition of territory. The glory of the democratic party in the decade that has recently closed consists in the fact that it has made the territory Over which the Flag of the United states already floats As Over its own one country once More. It has compelled the party in Power to permit us so much As there is of us to be one country. If it is True As the scripture says that the democratic party which has been faithful Over a few states ought to be made ruler Over eighty or ninety of them the democratic party of this country should proceed to gather in All the country that joins us but it is not upon this ground that we built our mexican policy. We have a broader area of argument though the mexican area is seven Hundred thousand Square Miles. See or Mata has been in Washington it is said to sell five mexican states to the United states but the Purchase of five mexican states so soon after the Purchase of Alaska would make a a a hash of secession. This is not the mixed mexican policy for which we Are pleading. We can Tufford to buy any ground. But we Are consumed with anxiety to realize on that army. Mexico is a Beautiful country. The lavishness of tropical Bounty scatters picturesque gifts upon her scenery. She bears the name of a Republic and is attractive on that account. The Waters of the Gulf of Mexico of the Caribbean sea and of the Pacific Ocean sing about her coasts. She has some of the most charming volcanoes in the world. They Are said by the natives to Shine like stars in the night. There Are Echo Ful and Echo less shores. There Are Groves of the most liquid Ober and the Palm Waves Over the land a t Cefulu Benediction. The Groves of mimosas bequeath their Bounty to the Lover of Beauty. The soil needs not to be asked. Mexico sends the Ruby to the Maiden in Cincinnati the amethyst to the Lover in Louisville the Topaz or the Opal or the Garnet to the lady of fashion at Chautauqua at Saratoga or at Long Branch. Mexico also produces arsenic and if the hand of civilization were once thrust into that land to teach the inhabitants How to use that single product the Benefit to the race would be Worth the use of the United states army for an indefinite period. Humboldt three quarters of a Century ago threw Liis microscopic Eye upon the mexican mines in admiration. The product of those mines with some assistance from disinterested ? persons almost changed tiie financial policy of the United states. But it is not altogether because Mexico possesses All these natural advantages or because she bears generously upon her soil the vegetation of the two americas that we say a on to Mexico a we repeat that we Are ambitious to realize upon that Idle army. We desire with some seriousness to say that we do not care for the Vanilla Beans of Mexico. We do not covet her indigo. We Are not speaking of the indebtedness of Mexico to the United states which As it was reported last night has been a a arranged Between what is called a government in Mexico and the United states but it is unquestionably True that there Are certain rights of american citizens that Are not respected by mexicans to which rights a government worthy of the Hame should give some additional guaranty. There was a civilization two thousand years ago under which the great preacher from Tarsus could not get so far away from Rome that the name of a roman citizen would not command respect and cause men to tremble. Touch the rights of an English subject any where on Earth and England asks Why. The outrages committed by the mexicans upon citizens of the United states upon the Border can not longer be lightly treated. Let the army that has been used to turn out governors and Legislatures be put to a useful purpose. Let Mexico like any other country be compelled to behave herself. Sex marshal Pitkin of new Orleans is in Washington. He is there to see the effect of the indictment of Wells Anderson amp co. On the administration. The president regards the prosecution of the returning Board As a violation of Faith. To hardly think it is Tho fact of the indictment so much As the fear the administration has of the exposures to follow. All that can be done to conciliate Packard and Pitkin Hayes will do. Anderson has already begun to make threats that lie will Tell the whole history of the Louisiana election unless he is protected by the ring republicans. It is too bad that the tiling should be exposed the fight Between Hayes and his party. With reference to the fight Between Hayes and the Republican party the democracy hold a High Vantage ground of disinterested less analogous to that held by the Back Woodman in the loft while the Contention Between his wife and the Bear proceeded below. Without exactly likening Hayes to the wife of the democracy it May be said that the Republican party is the ravenous Bear and it is getting Hayes into a Corner. The administration made a bold and Noble fight for a time but its friends Are All falling into a piteous habit of explaining and apologizing which indicates distress. The key note was As usual sounded by Morton he protesting that those Noble acts for which the praises of the executive were sounded were not the voluntary promptings of a generous nature but that Hayes was so beleaguered by the democracy that the change of base Wasa necessity or in the cautious language of a late russian report from Asia a the commanding general being convinced that the enemy had been strongly reinforced deemed it advisable to concentrate his forces in a More advantageous it was in language somewhat less guarded than this that Morton similarly admitted a threshing and a Retreat. If the Southern people had thus ascribed their liberation to the necessities of Hayes it would have been denounced As the basest ingratitude. If the democrats of the North had so decried the Noble action they would have been denounced As implacable. But when Morton did it no word of blame or reproach was ainu go at him by the advocates of the administration. At that Point then began the detraction of Hayes motives which has since so widely extended that no administration supporter now claims credit for his chief As for act of patriotism generosity or virtue except in so far As necessity May be made a virtue. The very Best they claim for it is that it was not a policy not a deliberate course of conduct but merely one single act Widich however irrevocable is not evidence of such As a continued line of policy might be. They go further and taking the Cue from Morton they say that this single act was forced on Hayes by the precedent events during Grants administration it was not Hayes who did it it was just a a things did it somehow. Call you this backing your friends in the midst of this confusion of apology and explanation however there comes a Small voice from the republicans of Covington Kentucky to cheer and sustain the lonely spirits of the lonely Man at Washington. It is True that the encouragement loses some of its encouraging Quality when taken in connection with the accompanying Resolution that it is a a inexpedient to try to elect any candidates there on their platform. Nevertheless truth is truth and sympathy is sympathy though it be offered by the weak and Little ones. Therefore Hayes will be comforted when he learns that instead of following in the Wake of the new York Tribune and those other lukewarm friends who try to Succour him by interposing Grant to the Wrath these trusty Covington republicans boldly proclaim that he Hayes did it and that he was right. They say a we believe that the policy of the administration commends itself to the Good and True men of All observe that they say the a policy a not the a single act which is not a policy a and they say a the policy of the administration a not the necessities imposed on it by the last administration. They add that they a have Faith that it will receive the support of All whose love of country is Superior to their allegiance to there is something ominous in the discrimination Here drawn Between a love of country and a allegiance to party a an inadvertent confession that it requires some sacrifice of allegiance to the Republican party in order to support the policy. However this is in Accord with Hayes a own views on that subject As expressed in his inaugural. Let the Ohio republicans follow the al ample of this faithful Little band in Kentucky rather than that of the unwieldy bold and impudent majority in Iowa. Let them Lay aside their a allegiance to party a take up their a love of country a endorse the policy m a policy in fact and not a sin Gle act done in sudden heat and passion or in self defense and let them then resolve that it is not expedient to nominate candidates and so let them go to their Homes knowing that All will be Well. Hayes can then know that he has done the greatest work of Reform Ever done that he has reformed the Republican party. I Ben Harrison has been in consultation with Hayes. This Means mischief to mor ten but the change of advisers will to for the Benefit of the Republican Brethren in Indiana. Harrison is representative of clean slip red republicanism in that state. He is undoubtedly honest and if Hayes will filter his appointments through benjamins Small hands it will result in a purer net of appointees. But Ben can not pick up a yearling Bull arid shoulder it and that is one reason Why he can not Cope with Morton As a Leader. Morton can accomplish this feat if he sits Down to do it Morton is big Burly and thick skinned. Harrison is slender slight and sensitive. Morton is loud and obtrusive. Harrison is quiet and modest. Morton is a conglomerate Bowlder hard rough and unyielding As naturally found in a mud Hole or any where else. Harrison is a parian vase clean Chaste and Graceful an ornament of the boudoir or Library. If or. Hayes wants clean Cut advice in the interest of genuine Reform he will consult general Harrison but if he wants some one who can a a grab the Republican party in Indiana hold it up by the tail and Sling it Down at his feet notwithstanding its yelping and howling and its filthy condition and say a there or. Hayes is your dog a he will Call on Oliver p. Morton. It has come. Riot and rapine Are Loose in the streets of constantinople. They could not like Paris wait till after the siege for their commune. It has been Long brooding and the air was fearfully charged with disorder which once started must sweep like a pestilence through the crowded City with its moral uncleanliness. The immediate effect must of course be to unsettle All things at the capital but though there should be a Complete subversion of the government and though chaos alone should reign it is doubtful if there will be any immediate effect at the Distant seats of Tho War. Armies Are machines and they operate themselves with the same stroke Long after the hand is withdrawn which turns on the motive Power. It is even possible that the turning of a part of the army Back to quell the disordered capital May introduce into the whole country a military discipline such As will leave it stronger and More compact than before. But unless such movement is promptly and vigorously made or unless the storm shall suddenly pass away of itself the armies will come to a Stop for want of fuel and Russia May like Prussia in France find it difficult to find any government to conclude peace with. The following from Morton a last instalment in the North american review expresses both apology for his conduct As a member of the late electoral tribunal and the deepest regret for its results a though electors May have been chosen by violence or Manifest fraud and though the whole world May know it their votes must be received and counted and there is no Power in Congress or any where else to reject such a vote. This is clearly one of the great imperfections of our system to begin redeemed per it. During month red mid it is interesting to note Little by Little the additions made to the Public debt in pursuance of the plan of the Republican party to the figures As to the destruction of the fractional currency May be of interest of Mournful interest to some. We give the amount of redemption of fractional cur Rency since the Issue of Silver began outstanding end of month. April is76.$40,8g0,039 48 May. 37,359.474 30 june. 34,446,595 39 july. 32,902,880 89 August 31,355,311 45 september .29,858.415 62 october j8.555.478 05 november._.27,408.508 98 december 26,348,206 45 january 1877.25.424.567 14 february. .24,434,420 35 March .23,440,512 08 april.22.186,575 52 May.21.206.930 23 june.20,403,137 34 $3,500,565 1$ 8.56 2,912.878 91 7.79 1,543,715 00 4.48 1,547,568 94 4.70 1.496,895 83 4.77 1,302,937 57 4.70 1,146,969 07 4.01 1,060,302 53 8.86 923,639 31 3.51 990,146 79 8.90 993,908 27 4.07 1,253,936 56 5.35 979,645 29 4.42 803.792 89 8.79 the temper of the merchants on a change Friday last was not favourable to resumption in 1879. The merchants of the great Central City of the West Are entitled to and will receive a hearing on this question. There is no City in the West so nearly Able to endure the execution of the resumption act As Cincinnati. She is the moneyed City West of the alleghenies. Her business is now More a a solid than that of any other considerable town in the land save perhaps one. There is less of credit of a wind a in the conduct of her affairs than in the management of those of almost any other City in the country. And even Thig City which under the enforcement of the resumption act could look with comparative complacency upon the ruin of sister cities protests against the enforcement of that Law and against its existence upon the statute books As working unnecessary hardships to the commercial and financial interests of the country. The most intelligent republicans of the West urged tills declaration. The patriots Wells and Anderson of returning Board Fame have been indicted in new Orleans for perjury. The Law should be enforced against them. If found guilty the penalty the full penalty should be enforced we May expect a great Hue and cry for these worthies from the Radical press. Wells and Anderson have been to a great extent the curse of the robbed state of Louisiana and their infamous jobs in the late presidential election should be fully explored. A Little judicious pinching and the rascals who Are behind them who gave them Aid and advice will be exposed and possibly share a prosecution with them. New Orleans is doing Well and All Good men will applaud the efforts of the citizens of that City in their endeavours to unearth the Villa inies which have nearly paralysed their state and local government. An investigation by the people of that state into the doings of the last ton years will cause a Lively emigration from there of carpet baggers political Sharks and dead beats. Go on with the Good work. The republicans of Ohio we Are All aware Are placed in an embarrassing position in the approaching political contest. Iowa has spoken the voice of the Western republicans and it is hostile to Hayes. The to publicans of that stanch Republican state have said a no further contraction at present a have said a the Complete re monetization of Silver have said a no More of this Hayes policy a a have said 1�?~resumptlon by gradual Steps a which is a practical denunciation of the resumption act in fact have left no place where to stand for the Republican party. The republicans of Iowa have antagonized the Republican party and the policy of tha administration at every important point4 what can the Ohio republicans do the most serious news from the seat of War is that the russians charge their late reverses in Armenia upon some bad Faith on persians part in permitting the turks passage through persian territory to the russian rear. Whether this is truth or a Mere Jere text matters Little. It is the Cloud of a russian aggression on Persia either now while the former has her turkish business Well under Way or at some future time when Thia shall be concluded. Persia is on the direct russian Road to India and though every stipulation As to the integrity of turkish territory should be kept yet the menace to England s interests will be Mere portentous than Ever if a russian War with Persia should ensue. It is difficult to say yet that the War is localized. The threats of Wells and Anderson to Tell All they know will have its effect. Influences will to set at work to stay the prosecution. Failing in that governor Vich Olls will be cajoled into granting a Pardon. The exposure of the frauds would not to agreeable to the great lights of the Republican party who told the returning Board How to do their work. We Are glad to see that the press of Tho state is beginning to recognize the fact that John Sherman is the objective Point this fall. His policy has made the business distress. If the retention of John Sherman could be Trio question to be voted for by Tho people at the next election he would step Down and out by a very Large majority. Secretary is doing All he can to make the times harder. He has stupidly set to work to Experiment upon the patience of Tho people. His policy is now governing the administration. In the cause of great Reform can the be induced to resign or. Hayes is struggling to Complete Hia Southern policy. On looking Over the South he does no to think it necessary to have any troops in the South at All. He takes Mem All away believing that the Republican party can exist without Mem. It is Folly to run the democratic party with the idea of getting the support of the bonded aristocracy. In attempting it we lose True democrats and disgust genuine republicans. _ Germany and Russia appear to have an understanding. What Bismarck wants none know but when the Divide takes place he will be seen among the Foremost. John Sherman is said to be the Holder and owner of two millions of Bonds. He Sayz the interest and principal must be paid in Gold. The camerons have promised the state of Pennsylvania to the democracy. Bound to get even with Hayes. During the past six months the Public mind Hee been More or less agitated on the subject of life insurance and we must say there has been Soma cause for it. During this period three of our com Panie have had to succumb and now comes another a the charter Oak a which has been looked upon for the past Twenty seven years As stanch a the name she bears. The Public naturally ask Why is this so what companies Are sound one great trouble with life insurance companies is they have to pay too much for their business another is depreciation of securities especially real estate and mortgages another is re insuring other companies and thus being compelled to carry undesirable risks for it is evident that when a company Falla and reinsured its risks in another company Many of the better class of of tasks become disgusted and will suffer their policies to lapse while those who Are half dead already will continue to pay to the new company in the Hope that to will no a break up before they die. The fact however that companies fail should not cause the Public to Loee Confidence in All companies. Banks Railroad Sand other corporations fail with men at their head who h love the fullest Confidence of the Community in which they reside. The millions of dollars paid out by life insurance companies to the widow and orphan Are solid arguments in themselves that lit insurance companies Are a Benefit to the pub to and that therefore they should not be condemned by wholesale. It is Well to use proper discrimination Between companies and no Good company will fear searching investigation. The life 1 insurance companies doing business in Ohio for the year 1875 received in premiums $2.600,900, and j paid out to the widows and orphans $1,414,000. It does not follow that because a company Paye promptly it is therefore the Best managed and most reliable. Many companies have paid promptly but Are now no More a every loss paid so promptly that it does not leave time for proper investigation a done at the risk and per amp in loss of the remaining policy holders for every policy Holder has a material interest in the management of the Funda of the company. Companies Are daily imposed upon although the general Public can hardly be Nuevo it possible that a life insurance company could be cheated but a tis so. When selecting a company in which to insure find out who the officers Are investigate their character and standing i business men see what it costs the company to carry on the business and How its assets Are invested. Kentucky is going to have a Little War of Het own. The Underwood family of Carter county have announced that they Are ready and willing to meet All Comers. This interesting family a been a terror to their neighbourhood for years. They have been engaged principally in stealing hone and brewing illicit whisky. The action of the Iowa Republican col tent a i Baa alarmed the Republican press this state the clamor is raised that Hayes shall be endorsed. All nervous exhausting and painful speedily yield to the curative influence of Mulvee Machers electric belts and Banda they Are Aig simple and effective and can be easily applied by the pattern by Mecit. Book with full particular mailed free. Add rest Galvan on. Cincinnati Ohio

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