Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
11 Jul 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
11 Jul 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - July 11, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioXcsm0r vol. Xxxvi no. 50. A wednesday Mollring july 1877. Whole 205 3. The rabies cured. A a apor Tant statement i medical an. Thorley a a w Onil Erfyl virtue Pella Rev inst Nnapp inf and Burk Law patient saved from tie grave Kovel Mode treatment. N new York Mercury a Mercury reporter called Isaac m. Corn in so. D., at no. 68 East Broadway from whom the following statement in reply to questions was obtained �?�1 most certainly insist that tinder proper treatment hydrophobia can be commenced the yes Lucian "1 have known several cases which have fat a cured by other physicians and have also saved Many lives myself. There Are still living several persons male and Fern be that i have cured while some died since other diseases causes. I cored persons it in Cincinnati and through Georgia where 1 resided for Over Twenty years but the most violent and Case that came tinder my immediate charge was that a lad about fifteen years named John Mccullough residing in Elizabeth Street in this cily. One Day while passing through Bayard Street he was bitten by a Blaek and tan slut but the wound waa apparently so slight that Little no notice was taken the Alfair. In about six weeks afterwards the lad became ill and immediately a physician was called in who pronounced it a Case hydrophobia. This the father Oliv laughed at As he was ignorant the boy having been bitten. A consultation twas held by four doctors and i was a ent for. After a careful examination i became convinced that the Case was one genuine Hydro phobia. It was eminently successful. The indication i desired to answer wit i the Lobelia was to cleanse the stomach the Virld mucus and phlegm As Well As to maintain the relaxations the muscular system and the equalization the blood and nervous action i had secured by the so enc sweating. The Skullcap was for the purpose allaying nervous irritation and quieting the nervous system it being one the most valuable anti spasmodic Nervine in the Materia Medica and As Safe As it is valuable. 1 firmly believe that this course treatment will cure every Case hydrophobia if applied before the system has become exhausted beyond the Point recovery by the prostrating effect the convulsions from which All suffering from hydrophobia die. As i have before stated no less than seven medical men. After a most thorough examination the symptoms the boy and an Exchange reasoning unanimously declared the Case hydrophobia in a most aggravated form but today because Acure has been effected they say that they must have been mistaken in diagnosing it hydrophobia whereas it must have been some other disease. Now How absurd this is i am heartily glad at All events i was the Means saving the boy s peruvian Pluck. The Gallant fight the Kani inn car against two English men a for. Panama june 27 correspondence details the Battle Between the Shah and amethyst the British Navy and the rebel peruvian ram Huascar were received june 21st. It occurred the 29th May. The English opened fire it about 600 Yards the first shot carrying away the Flag the Huascar which was immediately replaced. The Huascar replied with her heavy wive w. I 300-Pound Blakeley in the Turret and the amethyst hut fancy my consternation when i heard 1 lying Oil and steadily persisted in her attempts sex Olandy a military Force. The resources it her command regular troop in Tiliti amp and Volunteer a untrained re Ernst a difficulty confusion and delay the transportation corps Rad arrangement pointed ont. These a distinguished Allopathy after a prolonged consideration advise that the boy should be bi.f.6 to death m far better than permitting him to die in such terrible convulsions. Previous to my being called in the poor fellow had been suffering for several hours and had already experienced a number paroxysms. In spite opposition i determined to take the Case in hand. I had his bed made the floor and watched him very closely with a View to prevent his doing himself any bodily harm. The Case was a terrible one. He kept biting snapping and Barking exactly like a dog and at times was seized with violent spasmodic convulsions the like which 1 never saw before nor since. He rot his hands and feet and crept under the bed where the Barking biting and howling were repeated until Complete exhaustion set in. The eyeballs were greatly inflamed and seemed to Emit a Jarks fire while froth Cam from the Mouth in Large White flakes. I at once commenced to treat the boy with anti spa medics the Botaniel which consisted the third preparation Lobelia in other words Lorelia Nervine and red Pepper. This freely administered produced vomiting but to such an extent that the father the boy was reluctant that this course should be continued. After some persuasion he however consented and the spasms became less and less every hour and As soon As expedient the patient was Given a vapor Bath. This treatment was continued for five Days the vapor Baths serving As a powerful adjunct and the boy was permanently cured and is i am assured healthy and Strong to Day. Now so much Confidence have i in the Lobelia and third preparation that i should have no fear hydrophobia if the wound bite could be kept bathed with Lobelia and the system kept continually under its influence from nauseating doses tor several Days. But the Vanor Bath is a great adjunct and should always he used in connection with it. The great objection that the allopathic profession has to Lobelia in my mind solely because it owes its introduction to . Thompson the first botanic physician. Beyond a question it is one the most powerful anti spasmodic and possesses no equal As an emetic while it is an equally powerful relaxant and is perfectly Hart less even in Large doses for i have never seen heard any poisonous effects from it. Borne doctors argue that a teaspoonful it is sufi event to kill while i am willing to prove this a fallacy by swallowing a pint Ful it. I know . John Cameron Wilmington del., who treated three Young girls who were bitten by a mad dog in 1869, the Only difference being that the course vapor Baths was continued daily for two weeks. The discharge from the Arm one these girls was the color Verdigris and although this remarkable Case was pronounced hopeless and it was proposed to put an end to their sufferings either by bleeding smothering them they Are All alive and Well to Day but one Heifer and two dogs bitten by the same animal All died hydrophobia within three weeks. If you go to . Hermanet Brooklyn you will find he cured a Case hydrophobia during april last and that his patient is at present in tie Olliee a merchant m this City. This cure is ridiculed and laughed at for its simplicity alone but the future will satisfactorily prove its Efficacy and put ail doubt at remarkable statement . Hermancp Brooklyn. Or. M. Hermanet was found at his office no. 603 Tulton Street Brooklyn. He has practice in new York and Brooklyn for the past Twenty three years be states and has to a great extent made a specific a tudy hydrophobia. A monday april 9,1877,�?� a Aid the doctor 1 was requested to visit Henry Wilkinson eighteen years age residing at no. 304 twelfth Street Brooklyn. I arrived at the patients bedside at about half pus three p. A. And Learned that he was suffering from hydrophobia As stated by two physicians that had already prescribed for him. In addition to this five other medical men bad called out curiosity to see the boy and were All unanimous in pronouncing it a genuine Case hydrophobia and one for which there was no help and advised the family to simply tie him Down to the bed and left him Dif. Upon closely examining into the Case i found the following condition and symptoms the lad was tied Down to the bed hands Aims and body. He was writhing in convulsions Barking like a dog a napping at the bystanders and attendants grabbing the pillows in his Mouth and shaking them from Side to Side exactly like a dog he succeeded in tearing them All to pieces at the same Timo Marling a la canine discharging a Large amount a Icid mucus and froth from Liis Mouth the quantities which were so great As to almost choke him at times. The periods convulsions when the a Bove symptoms were Manifest would continue from ten to Twenty minutes. When the spasms would relax he would return to a state consciousness Converse rationally with those around him and complain great pain in the Arm an Ltd band that had been bitten. The period consciousness generally lasted for about five minutes unless be was requested to drink any liquid substance to Effort Todo which would immediately throw him Back into a spasmodic condition when the Barking biting snarling and frothing would be repeated. Upon inquiry i ascertained that the boy had been bitten by a stray dog that entered a store in new York where the boy was employed about to Days previously. He having occasion to go up a Tain at the time had to pass close to where the do stood and As he passed it bit him the third Finger the left hand. The wound bled freely and the boy wrapped it no and thought no More about it. On sunday evening april 8tn, while at Church he complained toa companion that he was feeling very unwell and at once went Home and went to bed soon after which be was seized with convulsions next morning the family physician was called in and diagnosing the Case hydrophobia called a consultation doctors who confirmed the diagnosis. Being fully satisfied that the cose was one genuine hydrophobia with Well marked and unmistakable signs. I set myself at work to give him a vapor Bath believing that to be the Only Means that could be made available to relax the system and break the spasms As it was impossible for him to Swallow any Medicine in sufficient quantities to do him any Good. I Suc in giving him a Bath while still tied to eng him a Bath while stil theby Means an Etem Porizek apparatus Aud about half an hour had him in a profuse perspiration. When the system became relaxed tie spasms ceased somewhat and with returning consciousness a steady continued improvement until he was effectually relieved All his symptoms. Which took about four hours. In the meantime to Aid the Bath and As soon As he was in a condition Swallow 1 administered a fluid extract Lobelia and Skullcap in doses sufficient to vomit him profusely then in broken doses continued the same for forty eight hours when he had another slight convulsion following which i gave another thorough emetic which seemed to break no All tendencies to further hydrophobia symptoms after which he rapidly recovered and inside a week was As to Rake the ram. The 8hah fired her broadsides which Are discharged by electricity and in a few moments every thing the Ilu Asfar s deck except masts Turret and smoke stack had disappeared. Her standing rigging boats steering gear and capstan were destroyed in the hot fire from the English vessels. The Huascar however continued her lire it regular intervals sometimes from her Turret guns. A Shell from the amethyst entered one her Forward ports exploding inside killing one Man and wounding several. For a moment fire was apprehended but fortunately was prevented. After the fight had lasted about an hour and a half the amethyst was seen with a thick smoke issuing from amidships and steamed away out action not returning for Twenty minutes leaving the Hub scar and the Shah alone. The former now attempted to ram her adversary hut the splendid handling the Shah prevented any successful Man Euver this nature. On approaching As tie Hub scar officers state the Shuh appeared to move As if by instinct and her heavy batteries were brought to Bear the assailant. A Small Gatling gun stationed in her tops very seriously Inco Moded the combatants Board tie ram and her smoke stack is riddled with Musket balls. One three Hundred Pound shot struck the Turret the Huascar penetrated the Iron for two inches and then rebounded. On the Side she was Tiit twice by the sane class shot and with precisely tie same result. The peruvians now adopted a new Mode attack first advancing the Shah and then the amethyst but the Superior Speed and Superb management these vessels prevented her ramming them. The Battle lasted for three hours. Then the Huascar slowly retired the Shell from the amethyst having destroyed All the primers the Turret guns and she headed toward land for which she had been mane vering for some time previously. The enemy did not attempt to pursue but contented themselves with receiving the last shots from the Huascar and remaining about two Miles from Shore evidently keeping watch Over their Brave antagonist. The Huascar although attacked at this time by musketry firing from Tho government troops Shore who imagined that a Landing was to be attempted sent a messenger with a White Flag to the Captain the port begging for ammunition and asking permission to land the few wounded Board. Only one Man was killed. This was refused and an answer was returned calling for the surrender the ship. But the Hub scar being Short ammunition and apprehending a repetition the English attack thought it better to take advantage the heavy fog then rising and slip quietly Down to Iquique where the government Fleet was lying and where Pierola hoped to make some arrangement for combined action against the British Force. The movement was cautiously executed and none too soon for about ten clock a steam launch from the Shah came stealing through the darkness with a torpedo and by a Mere Chance avoided affixing that implement destruction to the Side a coasting Steamer in port mistaking her for the Huascar. When the departure the ram was made known the English vessels disappeared from theofflus. The president has is used a proclamation in which he declares he will exact trom great Britain tie explanations and satisfaction consequent such a Wanton outrage a Friendly Power. On arriving at Iquique Pierola proposed to the government forces to unite and go out in Pursuit the English. This was not acceded to and Pierola seeing his personal cause was hopeless surrendered his vessel to the independen Cia obtaining Safe conduct for his followers but refusing All guarantees for himself. With this the revolution terminated. Hog in California. Stockton cal Independent the tule lands this county Are everywhere inhabited by droves hogs that have doubtless originally been propagated for Domestic Stock which have escaped into tie Jungle and have become As wild As the famous game infesting the Black Forest the Hunting which affords so much amusement to the German nobility. They live and thrive the succulent roots to be found in the tules and appear moderately fat whenever they Are seen. They Are exceedingly shy however and it is Only by Accident that one catches a glimpse them As they instinctively avoid the haunts men. They Are trapped and caught occasionally in an ingenious manner by the tule Farmers. Who build Small but very Strong corrals pens their stamping ground. A heavy Gate inn de to drop perpendicularly is fitted so As to close the Corral when Down. This is raised and held by a trap to a Fitch a string leading to the ground is attached. Barley is then scattered the ground inside the Corral and in continuous lines for some distance in different directions. The Corral having been built Over the trails tie hogs they Are not Long scenting the Barley and once inside the Corral they can scarcely fail to Spring the trap in eating tie Burley. A drove a dozen More has before now been captured in this manner. The Young ones Are easily domesticated but the old ones Are slaughtered at once. A a hat make Bow legs. Popular science monthly Bow legs and Knock Knees Are among the commonest deformities humanity and Wise mothers assert that the crookedness in either Case arises from the afflicted one having been put upon his her feet too Early in Babyhood. But a Manchester England physician i r. Crompton who has watched for the True cause thinks differently. He attributes the first mentioned distortion to a habit some youngsters Delight in rubbing the sole one foot against that the other some will go to sleep with the soles together. They appear to enjoy the Contact Only when uie feet Are nuked they Don t attempt to make it when they Are socked slip ered. To the remedy is obvious keep the baby so Oles covered. Knock Knees the doctor ascribes to a different childish habit that sleeping the Side with one knee tucked under the hollow behind the other. He has found that where one leg has been bowed inward More than the other the patient has always slept one Side and the uppermost member has been the most deformed. Here the preventive is to pad the inside the Knees so As to keep them apart and let the limbs grow freely their own Way. All which is commended to mothers who desire the physical uprightness their five centuries burled. The Ariege ois relates As follows the finding the body a Bishop at Saint Lisier France quot the discovery was made in the Wall the Cathedral cloister. The skin is yellow but not mummified. The arms were crossed Over the breast and the head slightly inclined to the left. The hands were from the London Standard. June 15th. It is our Hope and belief that there is no presen probability our being drawn into War the Eastern question hut it is admitted that our interests May sooner later be threatened to such an extent that we shall be compelled in self defense to draw the sword. Under the e circumstances every thoughtful englishman must wish to know what Are our military resources the number men whom we could place in the Field and the time which would elapse Between the Resolution to strike and the blow. On paper to possess an army which fora Power which relies mainly her Navy is no contemptible strength. In the United kingdom there Are about 105,000 regular troops 131,500 militia 14.830 yeomanry 174,241 efficient volunteers and 150,000 first class and 21,000 second class army Reserve making a grand total about 454,000 men. Of these the Active army about 30,000 men the militia Reserve Atid the a first class Reserve Are alone liable to serve out the country though her majesty May accept the offer militia corps to do Garrison duty in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately however there is the widest possible difference Between an actual army and one it appears paper. On the 1st Janu-ary.1877, the effective number tie British Aimy was 99,991. We May assume therefore that at the present moment the effective strength is about 100,000. From these we must for fighting purposes deduct account miscellaneous departments and officers staff and departments required at Home about 1,500 nil ranks. It is also reasonable to deduct for men who Are sick absent about to be invalided and in prison another 3.500. This reduces the effective fighting strength the regular army to about 95,000 nil ranks. Then there Are untrained recruits who May be assumed to Timber another 5,000 but the largest deduction All has to be made account those win though technically trained and effective Are too Young to undergo the hardships and fatigues a . We have High authority for stating that the men recently raised no More than one out three is fit for work till after an average service eighteen months. We can not therefore set Down the number Imma Turo men at fewer than 15.000. Thus Only 75,000 now serving in the regular Rainy can be considered fit to take the Field. The first class army Reserve is estimated at 15,000 men but it is notorious that we can not at the present moment Recken Inore than 10,000, so that the number trained fighting men available at a moments notice is Only 85,000 men. From the militia Reserve we could obtain perhaps 25,000 men. But these Are Only half drilled they could not therefore be counted for the opening a . To May consider however that England possesses a sufficient number men to enable us to Send to the East corps do Armee 88,000 men each and to leave behind a very tolerable Reserve for in a few months the militia Reserve would have completed their military education. So far this is satisfactory but when we come to consider tie Means which the authorities would be compelled to adopt in order to Complete Aud pre pare the two corps do Armee in question our admiration the military system this country disappears. We have in fact a sufficient number men for our purposes and an ample Supply cadres but the expanding these cadres would cause much difficulty confusion and delay. Two cops consist forty two battalions infantry and twelve regiments cavalry. Besides artillery engineers amp a. At the present moment there Are eighteen battalions each 963 Strong and Twenty one with a strength 653. The War strength a battalion is 1.097 All ranks from each set figures Large deductions would As we showed above have to be made but even with out these deductions it would be necessary to add 134 officers and men to each the eighteen Strong battalions and 444 to each the Twenty one weak battalions. We say Twenty one week battalions because the guards could easily out their seven battalions furnish three full strength for a . Thus omitting All deductions for sick absent in prison invalids recruits and immature men we should have to add to thirty nine battalions 11,736 men More than the available number first class army Reserve men. Allowing for deductions therefore we should be compelled speaking roughly to draft from other regiments about five thousand men to raise tie service battalions to their full number efficient fighting men. The confusion incorporating from two to three Hundred strangers into each battalion May be easily imagined and it would be some Little time before the new Comers would be thoroughly fused with their comrades. The process too obtaining distributing and clothing these additional men would be a troublesome and lengthy one that could not with the utmost exertions he accomplished in less than three weeks. The twelve cavalry regiments and thirty batteries would have to be completed in a similar manner and at an equal Cost time. Still in three weeks the task could be performed As regards the men though the Price would be tie temporary inefficiency All the regiments and corps left at Home quot. As regards the horses it would be different. If we exclude horses untrained sick worn out quot wanting to Complete a and those the household cavalry we have Only about six thousand horses a number which if every one were taken would not quite suffice for mounting the twelve regiments sent Field service. The artillery Are no better off in that respect but we refrain As much As possible from wearying our readers with minute calculations and details. It is to he borne in mind also that there Are Many Oiler constituent parts a Field army besides battalions squadrons and batteries. There Are the military police a body which Muy be said not to exist in England during peace time. Above All there is the transport service. This Branch does not possess much More than 1,000 horses and How we should to Able at a moments notice sates act oily to provide the 22,000 additional horses that would be indispensably necessary is not easy to discover. There Are plenty horses to be obtained in England if we choose to pay for them but pay As we might it would take Many weeks before we could examine Purchase and collect even 10,000 horses suitable for the military train. It May be replied that having the cadres a transport corps we must As heretofore obtain our horses and wagons it the theater War. The difficulties however which we experienced in 1854 in collecting transport the disheartening result our exertions and the time required to place even 30,000 men with the lightest equipments in a position to move will not soon be forgotten by those who were in Bulgaria. Ai the present moment matters appear to be even worse. Ministers state in constantinople Are comi it Elled to give up their equip Gea horses a re asked for from Tunis and it May be assumed that the available resources Turkey in this respect Are next to nothing. Then there is the army to Pital corps. This is a Force which can not be Etem Porizek and we have provided no Means for expanding the Small Cadra which exists. As to the stiff. It May be Rea son Aby presumed that a list the general and staff officers would be appointed Lias been drawn out. If such is the Case the staff would probably be ready to embark at least As soon As the troops no delay need therefore be feared that account. That the troops could not be ready to go Board in less than three weeks from the Date the declaration War is tolerably certain and it is equally certain that by that time a sufficient number steamers could be collected. The voyage to constantinople May be estimated at from fifteen to Twenty Days. In six weeks therefore from tie y which to to Turkey 76,000 men could be placed Shore at pose. So holds the san Francisco newsletter which Ells this illustrative Story quot once there was a Man who had killed his wife and four children poisoned the House dog to prevent his teaching non set fire to a House. He was caught tried and acquitted All the charges except dog poisoning for which he was condemned to die. For seven weeks he Lay n jail and was visited by three ministers Daify. He read 11,412 tracts but still his heart was hard Ami he did not repent. He had no fear hell Hopes heaven and All the ministers Shook their headband said a woe a at last a kind hearted Jailer seeing How tormented he was by their ministrations brought him a funny English paper full witty jokes and Side splitting puns. Three hours afterwards cries were heard coming from his cell and guards Rushing in found tears streaming from his eyes and contrition oozing from every pore. Let me die a he cried a i am willing to be hanged. 1 desire to expiate my Sites the Gallows in a a wicked bad Man and deserve death but take away that Patter i done deserve that please Pape take it away and leave me in peace during the last Lew hours i have to he was executed and was thoroughly Humble and contrite up to the Mutiny and burder. How a mate an american nah owner was Manrri Eredi a desperate Llama to hand encounter. Philadelphia press american Schooner a. Heaton Captain y quot. Quot Chor in the Delaware off this port yesterday the killed in Kingston jail. Rogers forty four Days from Bilbao dropped an Chor in the Delaware Oft this port yesterday after an eventful passage which the chief incident is a thrilling Story Ernesty and crime. On the 18th May the Heaton sailed from Bilbao with a Crew eight men All told Captain Rogers chief officer Jam p. Jones second officer Sullivan a Steward s�4 four men before the Mast. The fact that the Tvetem was thus Short handed is explained by the desertion if two seamen who escaped before the Vestel left port. From the beginning the voyage it is evident that there existed a bad feeling Between the Crew and the chief officer and this culminated when the morning the 3d Jane the mate met his death at the harm Stephen Berrel a coloured Seaman who stabbed him to the heart killing him almost instantly. On the arrival the vessel Here information the crime was sent to lieutenant Moore the Harbor police boat we. S. Tokley who boarded the vessel and took Berrel into custody. Four the Crew and also the second mate were detained As witnesses and the entire party were marched to tie Central police station. A press representative visited the men last night and from the conversation with each is enabled to give the exact facts the tragedy. Shortly after four clock the morning the 3d june the chief mate came deck to relieve the second officer. Who but a few minutes before had Given orders to set the to sails. A piece meat was lying the deck and this he ordered thrown Over boat a Berrel said quot done to throw it overboard we Don t get enough now to this tie chief a bite retorted a you get More now than you Ever by before a almost immediately after a homicide the morning tie fourth in later comity a prisoner shot and killed Liy tie Jill Era a Clinch in n corridor and the Jailer seized by the Throat then i revolver drawn the Idle an incorrigible Farmer boy. New York Sun Kingston York. July 5.�?at about four clock yesterday morning while James Mcintyre the Jailer was sitting in a chair outside he heard a noise like the breaking boxes. Going inside accompanied by Cornelius i. Westbrook and Gilbert Dumond he found the prisoners quiet but the floor was strewn with the Glass tie windows and the Walls and ceiling were smeared wit i the contents the Spittoon which seemingly had been used for footballs. A coloured Man Anthony Samson sat puffing the Bench and Mcintyre thought he acted As though he had been one the principal rioters. He ordered the coloured Man in his cell and Samson started to go. William Legg who has been in jail for some time for assaulting Frank Gay Poughkeepsie and breaking his jaw. Began to curse Mcintyre saying that Samson was not the Man who did it. Mcintyre then let Samson out his cell and Legg con tin i g his abuse he told him to go in his cell. Legg dared him to put him in. Mcintyre then walked toward him and Legg struck him under the car staggering him and followed him up. The two men clinched Legg having Mcintyre by the Throat at the same time tripping him with the evident intention throwing him Down and taking the key from him. Mcintyre Drew his revolver and fired two shots the first taking effect the second striking the Wall. Legg kept his hold but finally weakened and Mcintyre put him in his cell and sent for . R. Loughran jail physician. The wound was found the left Side the Abdomen the Ball having passed through around to near the spine. Legg lived about half an hour after the examination. He was a muscular Young Man and though Small was Strong fully a match for my Lutvie. Leggy a father tried hard to Reform him and even bought a farm in the town Rochester and took him Down there hoping he would Lead a better life. He remained there about two weeks and then came Back to Pouck Hockie and committed another outrage which caused his Bondsmen in the Gay Case to surrender him. Coroner Larkin summoned As jurors William b. Finch. Richard h. Broas we. H. Mcelroy. Has. B. Safford m. L. Rawson c. S. Stilwell Daniel e. Of godhead theron Johnston. Lewis Dopey we. A. Cockburn c. Roosa and we. H. Turner. I r. Loughran testified that he found i egg in jail gave him some Brandy and upon examination found that he received a pistol shot wound Over tie Lei Side the stomach and that the Ball was near the spine which he extracted. Upon a postmortem examination . Loughran found that hand a . Joi use my tie up mate id Down at into the Tion. The around the this time t pump Ham loaded Rev it the Fugi the weapon. The men a re ordered to the pumps when Berrel the Ball had gone directly through Leggy a body still gloved Soo dals were the feet and having been carefully removed the members were found to be in a perfect state preservation. No article Well As Ever and is to Day at his business As usual. A in studying the Case continued . Ii., a i found that the hydrophobia was the result value was found in the Tomb which appears to have been opened at the time the revolution. A Leathern Cord around the neck must have carried blood poisoning acting a Pix the nervous system and having used the vapor Bath for nearly a Quarter a Century in almost All fonts disease acute and chronic i knew it to be one the most powerful Means that can be used for the elimination blood poisons whatever name a Ture consequently 1 determined to try it in this my tret Case hydrophobia and. As the result shows the pastoral Cross which was sought for in vain. The body is proved to be that mrs. Auger ii., Montefalcone Bishop co Serans according to the Tombstone. The archives the Bishopric state that Auger ii. Waa boiled in the cloister Wall. The abbe Cargein describes Auger Montefalcone As a remarkable prelate. He had the Church Saint Wislar ornamented with frescoes and died in Hob quot Day which the Cabinet resolved to Send an army constantinople. With these data and a calculation the time which it would take a russian Force to March if unopposed from tie Danube to Adrianople we know exactly How much space for consideration Resolution and execution we have. To a certain extent the above examination our resources for defending British interests in tie East is satisfactory but we must not be rendered supine by the reflection that with six weeks warning we could place 76,000 men in a High state defensive efficiency turkish soil. A passive defense invariably fails and to a passive defense the English troops would be for Many weeks after their arrival reduced. Without transport they could not. In a military sense move a mile from the Point disembarkation and a transport train we should have absolutely to create. Indeed the same May be said the army generally. We have a de script admirable materials certain descriptions but no g them Togetti in Many ii elements to fighting strength absolutely Deal Lieut. Arrangements exist for putting them together and bringing Thorn into play while in Many important Many essential complements to our Mere sv-.,y tits London alleged humorous papers Are never humorous icy sometimes serve a Good Purs in a a a a a / a it is i iii to whom the mate had made some disparaging remark said a you Are always talking about a Well you Are a Nigger ainu to you a was the reply to which the Sailor responded quot Well you re a Nigger too and a at this moment the if Etc ran to tie Cabin and taking off his coat he pm cured a Large Slung shot and once More advanced by the Seaman. The latter placing his Tumath knife cried out Wardingly if you use that Slung shot i will Ife a and backed away from and ran aft to the poop. The a and ordered him to come. Berrel refused and tried to get to Appeal to the Captain for protect mate pursued him and As he ran in Drew his revolver and fired. At second mate Sullivan pulled out the and with that in one hand and a in the other he joined in the Chase a a. Whom be overtook and Struc Kwh Berrel ran Forward to the forecastle still followed by the officers. Jones ordered him out when the Sailor replied a i am ready to come put up your weapons and i the officers went aft for u moment and Berrel. Going to the Cooke a Galley said to Gibbs the Steward a you see what is going to this the Steward said a i see but what can Ido a even As the Steward was speaking the chief mate came up and dealt Berrel a blow with the Slung shot. Another Pursuit and another shot fired and then the two men closed in a death struggle. It was Short. The chief mate put his hand to his heart staggered a few Steps and Sank the deck stabbed through the heart. After having dealt the blow Berrel ran below barely escaping a shot fired at him by tie second mate. In a few moments More the Captain appeared. Berrel came out and was placed in confinement and was kept strongly bound until the vessel arrived in Philadelphia. This is the Story As told by the Steward Gibbs nil intelligent coloured Man. A the reporter found in the next cell a Young English Sailor named Henry Brown who corroborates the Ubovic statement in every detail and added a the mate was killed in self defuse. He had treated us All like brutes and there is the Mark where he kicked me a pointing to a Cut Over his Eye. A French Sailor when a ked if the mate Ever abused him replied a oui oui oui a and with expire Sive pantomime made signs kicking at the same time indicating Sears his face. So did a spaniard. The writer then sought an interview with Berrel. The prisoner stands six feet High has the Frame a Hercules and face Ebony lie was born in Gloucester county va., and simply said a i had to be killed kill 1 am Berrel adds Itiat the mate Drew a revolver Oil him at Bilbao and that when he asked to be put Shore to see the Consul the reply he got was a wait ill give your Consul Sullivan the second mate claims that the prisoner had been sulky and disobedient tit admits the Slung shot and the shooting. Jones was buried at sea shortly alter the tragedy. There seems Good reason to believe tight had not the coloured Seaman used his knife when he did he would never have reached Shore to Tell the Story his perils and stand his trial for murder the High seas. Philadelphia july 2.�?Berrel was Given a hearing to Day before commissioner Smith and the Case continued till to Morrow. A latin h i i led by Piug Wilile drawing a baby Carriage. From the Rochester Democrat and chronicle during the recent severe Thunder storm which passed Over this Section a Young lady named Carpenter a daughter David Carpenter Holley was stick by lightning and instantly killed. Miss Carpenter in company wit i another Young lady her sister in Law was walking along the Road some distance West the Village when the storm came up. The ladies were drawing a baby Carriage each them having a hand upon the handle the Carriage. They were hurrying Forward As last As possible to reach the nearest farm House to escape tie rain when a Bolt lightning fell upon the group and instantly killed miss Carpenter. The fluid struck her upon the Side the face and. Passing downward Cut her clothes entirely from ner body and Tore the shoes and stockings upon her feet to shreds. Her companion was stunned but received no serious injury. The baby was thrown from the Carriage and Flung several feet into the Center the Road without receiving even a scratch. The body the unfortunate lady was taken to a farm House near by. She was about Nineteen years age. A Deer with the Barb an Arrow in i heart. Humboldt cal times yesterday a great curiosity was placed our table a Deere a heart containing a Flint Barb an Arrow. Last sunday . E. Sharp Areata was out Boynton a Prairie a Deer Hunt. He saw a Large five Point Buck and brought him Down with his Rifle. Taking off the hide and securing the heart and other rare bits he started Home. On arriving there mrs Sharp boiled the heart and when the meal was ready placed it the table. In attempting to Cut the heart tie knife struck against something hard. The lady split the heart open and in the flesh part the Flint Barb an Arrow was found. It must Nave been there a Long time As the flesh was calloused All around it and the sear where the Barb entered is Plain to be seen. This is quite a curiosity As Only a few such instances Are known to be record. A Mare s grief for ii dead Coll. From the Reidsville times Gray stocking. A thorough bred Mare lost a Fine Colt in Milton the other Day. The Colt was four Days old. Gray Stocklus is a granddaughter Lexington. The father the Colt a l a grandson the grief Lexington. The Mare Orer the dead Coil was terrible to witness. She was shut up in the stable and the Colt Lay dead in the passage outside. Their was an air Hole through the roof the stable Aud in her Ray lugs the Marc actually got her Hind legs and poked her head Brouch the Hole. Perforating a rib and making a clean Hole. Gilbert Dumond testified i went in with the Jailer. He had conversation with some the prisoners. His first conversation was with a coloured Man. He told him lie would like to have him go in the cell. He the coloured Man sat Down the Bench and said he go in. Then this White fellow Logghe says a there is nothing done in this jail unless you pick Samson then Mcintyre says to him a being you have got so much to say about it i will put you in the he says quot i wont go in for Mcintyre says. A being you have got so much to say i will lock you up any he went to the cell door and took the look Loose so As to be ready to snap it fast and he told him to go into the quot cell and he went i do it. Mcintyre clinched him. Legg did not use violence before Mcintyre took hold him. Legg go in. Menty repaid he was there and lie must go in. Then they had a a filch. The Black Man sat the Bench m t wt�mkiat6od. I was a waiting for him the raise we when i could set him Back where he belonged. While they had hold each other the shooting took . After he shot him he dropped his hold and Mcintyre stepped Back maybe two three feet. Done to know whether Legg had hold his Throat not. They were closely clinched when he fired. After they dropped holds he told him to go in the cell. He walked in his cell after he shot him. Cornelius d. Westbrook justified i went in the jail with Mcintyre i think about four clock. The prisoners were peaceable when we went in. After we got inside the door Mcintyre went up to this coloured fellow and asked him if he had done this and a ked him who had been breaking tilings and making a muss the floor. The coloured Man said he did no to know any thing about it. Mcintyre said he would lock him up until he could find out who did it. Legg says a you Are always laying every thing to this poor Nigger. I was As much interested in it As he was. Done to be picking him Ull the Legg volunteered this before Mcintyre said any thing to him. Mcintyre says a then i will lock you up until i can find out who did he took the dark by the Arm and marched him Down to the cell. He Legg was cursing Mcintyre because lie was going to shut the Darky up. He said quot i done to know what in h�?1 you Are going to lock this Darky up for i done to know As he had any thing to do with he says quot you Are putting too Many airs running in Here and blaming it him. You wont lock me up until you lock All the rest Mcintyre came up to about the Middle the jail left the Darky then unlocked Leggy a cell and Caine up to the front part the jail and told them to clean the muss up. Then he went Back and told Legg to go in his cell. Legg jumped up and said he do it. Mcintyre took him by the Arm to Lead him when Legg struck him Back the ear. They then got in Between the Steps and the Wall the Jai. Legg tried to trip Mcintyre up. Mcintyre told him he wanted him to go in his cell. He got Mcintyre by the neck and Mcintyre went against the Wall and dropped the lock out his hand. Legg Lead Mcintyre with his right hand his neck and the other hold Mcintyre a left hand. Mcintyre Felt in his pocket hut i did no to see whether he took the revolver out not. Tie next thing i heard the shots fired. He fired two shots and Legg still held hold him. Mcintyre then put Legg in the cell. Anthony Sampson the tidied a i am the Man that Mcintyre first spoke to in the jail me and Legg was sitting Down the Bench in the jail . Mcintyre asked me. A what was this uproar did you Start this disturbance a 1 says a i done to know i done to think i did a a he says a you go into your cell a i says a what for a he says a you must know something about it a i says a i will go to my cell but you Hadnot ought to take an innocent Man a he went ahead me we got in tie door and he went to unlock the lock i says a fall right i will go in but find out first who done it a going in i turned round Mcintyre had hold the lock and Legg and they were talking and Legg says to Mcintyre quot How is it that every thing that is done you throw this Nigger for he did not do it a . Mcintyre then dropped the lock and let me out he had not a loosened it yet he left it hanging he turned round and went Back i followed him and passed him and went toward tie window ahead him. Mcintyre stood by the Chimney and lie and Legg said something. Legg said something to him but i do not know i can recollect what he did say. Mcintyre says says he a if you talk so fast you must know something about Legg says a if i do you find then they had some other words and Legg says a you ainu to god almighty if you do carry tie then mein Tyre says a Well you go in your cell if you know so much about it and be locked he stepped Down toward him. Mcintyre stepped toward Legg. Legg says quot All and he moved off toward the cell. I thought he was going in and turned my Back the other Way. Then i heard a Sci file and turned around then Legg hit Mcintyre either the shoulder in the neck. Then he was Riding . Mcintyre shoving him Back toward the Wall. I game up and sat Down the end the Bench close by them. Then Mcintyre had hold him with one hand. I done to know which hand. They said something to each other but i do not know what it was. They scuffled there Between them and then i raised up my feet and then i heard the report the pistol. Then the boy scuffled a Little while yet and then there was another shot fired. The turnkey moved toward the door and Legg had hold him yet with one hand. I done to know which one. He says a go in your i done to know whether he said he would go in not but he moved that Way. Mcintyre led him toward the cell. He went in and sat the bed. Mcintyre locked the cell. He Legg threw himself Back Over the bed. I went to the cell then he threw himself Back in the cell and i seen he was shot. I asked him if he was shot. He did no to say any thing. Q. Was he carried to the cell did he go in voluntarily his own account a. I think he walked in. The inquest was adjourned until thursday. Hew Heads first Cane Tebe cropped. Previous to the time Francis i. The French Nobles had worn their hair Long the Cense this cause fashion forms e curious chapter in the history modes. On the twelfth Day be Jour Des Roit the court then being at Romo Rantin. The King was informed that the comte de st. Paul following an ancient custom had made in Hie House a King the bean. Upon which Francis gathered about him All his courtiers and informed them that he should place himself at their head and Lay siege to the counts House to dethrone this King. St. Raul made aware his coming prepared for Liis defense and caused his people to bring within their doors a Large number snowballs. And gathered All the apples eggs and other things that would serve As projectiles they could find. The assault commenced but very soon the besieged h d exhausted their ammunition in the excitement the moment some one snatched up a burning tog from the Hearth and cast it through the window. It fell upon the Kings head inflicting a severe wound. The physician found it necessary to Cut the hair close to his head. From that time he allowed his Beard to grow. A few weeks afterwards every pretender to fashion whether court town a appeared with Beard and cropped head. Charlotte Corday and Marat. The House in a Titch the sanguinary Kovolus Lonist mas assassinated. From tie London builder among the Many famous incidents the history modern times there is probably none which possesses a More vivid interest in the minds most to than the Story Charlotte Corday a assassination the sanguinary Marat. The Story indeed has become one the legends French history and which has had a Peculiar fascination with All modern readers some believing Charlotte Corday to have been a frightfully Republican murderess and others investing her with Alt the interesting Romance an enthusiastic royalist and the uninformed regarding her with the a same kind imperfect knowledge that the world possesses respecting the it is not until this moment that parisians have been suddenly reminded that the House in which Marat resided and where Charlotte Corday assassinated him tie 13th july 1793 for which she was executed two Days later is actually one those that Many them have passed every Duy their lives and within the last week so a written announcement has been placed the door the Porte cohere the House to the effect that the room in which Marat was assassinated can be seen by the Public for the Small charge a franc. The provincials have flocked to the Rue de la Ecol de Medicine and among other distinguished individuals his Imperial highness the emperor Brazil whose love Ola Paris is Only equated by his esteem for modern science. The old House in the Rue de la Ecol de Medicine no. 20which in a very few Days will be levelled with the ground was one those substantially built parisian residence the latter lays Louis reign with the familiar vote Coch Cre and Small court out which ran an open Stone staircase ascending by a very gradual slope and passing the ent Resol reached tie first floor in which was placed Marat a apartment looking to the court in this part the House there appears to have been Little no change during the present Century but with All its recollections we can not affect to feel any great sentiment at tie loss the House where Marat was killed although it certainly possessed artistic Merit such never appears absent from the productions the past Days. Within but a few Steps Marat a House still exists the Cour de Commerce which in its antique picturesqueness reminding one the old a change Alley the South sea Bubble seems a worthy Home for the revolutionary traditions which Lurk in its mysterious Corners. There dwelt Danton one the great movers that awful Page history along with Many another convention Vel whose Heads fell before the bloody struggle was Over. Within a stones throw again Marat a House is the Rue de l Cancienne comedies where still remain some relics dear to the dramatic antiquary the old French theater the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Apt far often the Rue de la Econie de Medicine is the famous Museo Dupuy Tren established. In tie still existing remains the Convent Cordelier during the revolution As it was in this building that met the terrible quot club Des Corde Lierse above the houses May be seen towering the dome the classic sorbonne quot and within but a Short distance the my see de Cluny. With its roman remains its fifteenth Century architecture Aud its priceless contents. Florida i armies Lilac a Knake. Forest and Stream one your correspondents writes the killing the rattle Nake by the common Black Snake As witnessed by him. This i have not myself seen but in Florida where the rattlesnakes Are numerous and Large it is universally believed that they Are killed and eaten by the Large Black Snake Alied the Pine Snake go plier Snake from its habit occupying the Hole the Gopher land Tortoise. We Are told that from tie Mouth three witnesses every word shall be established and i have that number to establish this fact. One them tells me that he has twice seen a Gopher Snake kill and Swallow a Large Rattlesnake first however biting off the head which was rejected. Another time a Rattlesnake waa seen to crawl through a Fence into the Yard when it was killed and lining up a tree. Soon after a Gopher Snake came through the Fence trailing the other along the ground like a hound followed the Trail to the tree and when it saw its dead enemy hanging there it departed. He tells me that he always encourages these Blaek snakes to live about the House As they Are excellent vermin killers driving away rats and rabbits which do much mischief in House and Garden. They themselves Are harmless except that sometimes they steal eggs and pout re and perhaps now and then a Kitten May be gobbled up. On one occasion a Large Black Sitake a a which grows to the length eight nine feet took a Kitten and finding it to his taste came for another when the two House cats attacked and killed him after a severe Battle. It is not Only tie Rattlesnake which is killed by the Black Snake but it has the habit killing and eating All other serpents which it can overcome which it does by strangulation. Killed by Hie sting a Bee. Cardiff mail a distressing event occurred at Lydney Friday week and was the subject a coroners inquiry the following Day Viz the death Henry Larkham sen., a retired Farmer from the sting a Bee. It appeared from the evidence Given before . M. F. Carter divisional Coroner that about a Quarter to five clock the Day named . Lark lain was in his songs Garden and passing in front the beehives received a sting upon the Temple. The old gentleman at once returned to the House and asked a Young Man named Lloyd to fetch the Blue bag which was done and the liquid Blue was applied. Lloyd likewise at the request . Larkham took an egg from his pocket which he had gathered from a nest. Upon sitting Down in the Yard . Larkham had fainted and was bathed with vinegar and water. This however proved a powerless restorative death supervening within a Quarter an hour after the sting. Or. Gimblett was Alied at the inquiry and stated that he had been sent for but deceased died before he could reach the House. He had since examined the body and found a wound upon the right Temple in fitted by a Bee. This it was which caused death. Upon this testimony the jury a. Turned their verdict. A Darke county horror. Greenville o., Herald about three Miles West Berlin near the dark county Lino last Friday a lady went out to draw a bucket water from the Well in the Vard leaving her two children a Little Doy about four years age and a Little girl less than a year in the House. While she was drawing up the bucket which was attached to a Windlass her Little Bov came to her with bloody knife in his hand and the Mother let go the Windlass and ran to the House to find the Little daughters Throat Cut from ear to ear and quite the Windlass to which dead. When she release the filled bucket was Fitt ing handle struck Tho Little boy crushing Bis Skull killing him instantly. Our informant we unable to give us the name the family. De Tho swiftly revolt iii an historical fact. During the troubles in the reign Charles in a a country girl came to London in scarch a place As a servant maid but not succeeding she hired herself to carry out Beer from a brew House en4 was one those called tub women. The Brewer observing a Good looking girl in this Low operation took her into his in icily As a servant and after e Short time married her but to died while she was yet a Young woman and left her the Hulk his Fortune. The business Tho brewery we dropped Aud to the Young woman was recommended . Hyde As a skillful lawyer to arrange her husbands affairs. Hyde who was afterwards the great Karl Clarendon audios the widows Fortune very considerable married her. Of this marriage there was no other Ian us than a daughter who was afterwards the wlm James ii. And Mother Mary and Azuc Queens England

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