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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - February 7, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvi no. 28.wednesday morning february 7. 1877. Whole no. 2071. The House of or a Soldier s Fortune. By my s a. M. Vortex. T chapter Cox Tib Unithe army was now crossm the Danube and though it was the Brave Krayss intention to dispute every Inch of ground he might be forced to abandon he foresaw that Ulin would inevitably be his resting place. To Ulin therefore while it was possible to move slowly he directed count Leopolstat should be carried and in consideration of Demetrius appointed his troop to form the escort. At the first intimation of this Demetrius Felt like a Young and enthusiastic Soldier he was alarmed at the possibility of odium by thus avoiding a share in the danger and disasters of his companions but this phantom of fastidious Honor vanished before fraternal love. A a shall i desert there brother of my soul a he softly exclaimed As he sat watching his unquiet sleep a shall i leave thee to perish for the Sake of a Mere breath my country can be As Well served by any other Arm As mine i have nothing entrusted to me therefore have no duty to betray. If i save thee i preserve her Best Champion to Germany and what censure then can or ought to wound me a Charles awoke in the midst of these reflections and As if he read in his brother a looks All that was passing in his bosom tenderly squeezed his Lind Demetrius vehemently kissed both the hands of Charles in return to his various and eager questions the latter could Only reply by signs for loss of blood and subsequent bodily pangs had sex hau8ted All his strength. A sudden brightness shone on his features when Demetrius resented a letter told him a courier had just Rought it from Adelaide. Charles averted his face As he received it and motioned to be left alone his brother obeyed. On the return of Demetrius it was resolved to apprise the Young countess in part of her husbands situation for Leopolstat rather chose to Bear the knowledge of her suffering now than by keeping her in ignorance doom her to More frightful agonies hereafter. His heart bled As he anticipated the sight of her who lived but in him and who could not behold him thus without presaging the worst yet to prepare her for a gradual View of his decline and to leave her the Consolation of having soothed his last moments were motives which far outweighed his own cowardice at the Prospect of witnessing her grief. Having heard and approved the letter which his agitated brother a tears blotted As he wrote he ordered it to be immediately dispatched and then prepared ion his re to val. Every accommodation that respect and affection could devise in the midst of a retreating army was procured for count Leopolstat the soldiers saluted the litter As it Essed with tears on their rough Cheeks and e general looking after it a Long time turned away with a heavy sigh repeating i a mixed tone of regret and admiration a pm Gallant countryman a though proceeding with slowness and watched by $ skillful surgeon co polsfut seemed to have reached Ulin Only to die. His impatient wife joined him on the Road and now for the first Lime in her life found herself assailed let a a calamity against which she no longer Tipul any reasoning Powers to of Jiose. While she supported him in her Aims to ease the pain of Long continuance in one at elude or watched his slumbers or adminis a tired the opiates that were to bestow them i anxiety for him drove away every Ali Oughton herself but the instant she left him which was Only when his wounds were dressing despair seized her and As she fancied his bodily tangs her suffering threatened to end in frenzy of her father or Demetrius she could think no More even though they were both before her heart struck for her and for themselves. She neither heard Iligir lamentations nor their entreaties but go ported in the future abandoned her Whtie soul to one Darling object. At this period the attentive snip Athy of colonel Wurtzburg who was among the troop in the Garrison excited the gratitude of Demetrius. He frequently watched whole nights in the House when Leopolstat was thought in immediate danger vowing life calf too warmly interested for rest or peace of mind. By those silent attentions which exerted Lor the Benefit of others without noise or ostentation affect the heart so much he contrived to impress every individual with a sense of obligation. What their excess of grief would Hove overlooked his less afflicted spirit might be permitted to reme tiber and All that lie did for Charles or Adelaide or her father was found so necessary to their Comfort that Demetrius chid himself for not anticipating the very services for Wei Che was thankful. The consolations of a female Friend were denied to the unhappy countess Princess Constantia being removed to Vienna whither her Uncle bad hastened on the first news of the French successes. Of Constantia deemed s did not allow himself to think Althou her image like an angelic vision often boated through his fancy calming for awhile the tempest of wildly raised apprehensions. He knew her a to be in safety and therefore to indulge in soft dreams about her while death and than or menaced objects equally near would be been almost sacrilege. The imperialists retreating before a vast army flushed with Success and eager for plunder were rapidly falling Hack upon Ulm. Defeat bad followed defeat though the loss al the enemy was uniformly greater than that of the austrians. But the German lines once thinned were slowly repaired while All whom rapine or fanatic Liberty inspired crowded to fill up those of the French. Italy was nearly reconquered Switzerland their own the Grisons within their from the Mediterranean sea to the a River of the Rhine one enormous army covered the never my countries which lie Between them. Destruction seemed to the nod of a Lawless Republican to overwhelm the very seat of the Empire. These fatal circumstances retarded the Aible recovery of Charles who Felt As each fresh disaster quot string after string was severed from his heart quot by a courier who brought advices of a Bat tie at Memminger. Leopolstat received a note from the commander in chief desiring him to remove instantly to the capital As both angles were Nowon their March toward Uli Enere it was Likely an obstinate engage me fore an advancing foe even though weakened by pain Ami sickness and indeed he was not in a condition to Bear either a sudden or Quick removal. He Besought his wife to seek Vienna immediately while he awaited the arrival of the troops or proceeded with less precipitation but Adelaide refused to leave him. The Imperial army entered Ulm soon after and from their entrenched Carol before the City kept the French awhile in Check. Neither of the Adverse generals thought the period advantageous for an attack and during this accidental suspension of arms Leopolstat a wound assumed a less alarming aspect. He was now Able to undertake the Fatiga yes of another journey. Accompanied by his wife and her father he set out Lor Vienna leaving Demetrius behind him in Garrison. Bereft at once of so Many dear objects and still trembling for the ultimate safety of his brother the heart of Demetrius habitually turned toward colonel Wurtzburg. The kindness with which that officer met his renewed Friendship and the zealous alacrity with which he used to seek out minor comforts for count Leopolstat conveyed a severe reproach to Demetrius. He blushed to recollect his former coldness though Wurt zbig seemed to have forgotten it and he strove to repair his fault by testimonies of gratitude. The colonels delicate conduct increased this glow of gratitude into the fullest esteem. He evidently avoided opportunities of sex tor eng the secret thoughts of his Friend always turned the conversation when it pointed to Peculiar subjects Artel never stayed with Demetrius at those times in which the swell ing breast of the latter overflowed either with tenderness or passion. As material objects appear less at a distance than such As arc near so the past conduct of men loses its enormity when opposed present appearance of excellence beguiled by his own generous nature our Young Hussar sometimes searched his memory in vain for rational grounds for his former ill will to Wurtzburg but nothing amounting to conviction was registered there. He therefore gave a Loose to cordiality and imperceptibly wearing away the self imposed distance of the colonel soon showed without intending absolutely to confide in him All that the colonel wanted to know of his situation. It was Long Ere Wurtzburg could disengage himself from the perplexity in which Leopolstat a character was formed to bewilder him. He could not comprehend How it was possible for Demetrius to burst into a sudden passion of grief when any circumstance recalled Madame de Fountainville yet every Day every hour be cherishing the idea of Constantia or be unconsciously recurring to her in All his discourses. When an exclusive preference was Over the colonel sensible to none but the coarsest attachments believed that every sentiment of tenderness must perish with it he knew nothing of those Nice shades of affection. Pity and admiration which Complete the colouring of a truly tender heart. Observation however forced him to admit the existence of such a phenomenon though it did not help him in the least toward comprehending it. Carefully not Rifg each of these apparent in consistencies he kept a regular journal of what he thus discovered while Demetrius often wrote in his Praise to Forsheim who was now with the army of Bohemia. A Small division of troops being required by an austrian general some leagues before the Camp Wurtzburg a regiment was ordered on the service. Lie left Demetrius with demonstrations of regret at the same time transferring to him a French servant whom Demetrius had occasionally employed about his brother a sick bed in consequence of the Fellows cleverness and the colonels Earnest recommendation. A succession of disastrous actions Between the two armies followed this period. The imperialists routed in every engagement vainly lavished their blood on the Dains of Blenheim and at the Bridge of Grefsheim. Fate frowned from the Broad Banner of France and the Genius of Austria seemed to have withdrawn in Wrath from an army which under the command of its virtuous Prince she had once red on to Victory. The broken troops having hastily abandoned their Camp at Ulm had proceeded to in Olstadt from whence they beheld with dismay the republicans spreading like consuming fire Over nil Swabia Bavaria Wurt Ern Berg and treves. The country of the Grisons was lost the rooms in the Tyrol were hemmed in by detachments from the French army of Italy As Well As by part of that which Laid waste the frontiers a powerful Force was already on its March to Franconia and Moreau animated with these signal advantages no longer feigned an intention of advancing to Vienna. Whether any unknown causes sufficient to justify his advice As a military Man prevailed with Bonaparte then first Consul and general in Italy to press Moreau a relinquishment of his valuable prize or whether a base envy prompted him to Wither those laurels which the a and of another grasped to decorate their a Bun try is Uncertain. The motives will Ever remain concealed hut the fact is positive. A at the head of victorious troops supported on All sides by successful confederates with Only a few dispirited forces to hang on his rear invited by disloyalty and riot to Vienna itself general Moreau was enjoined by Bonaparte to Grant an armistice now sued by Austria. How is this to be accounted for the first Consul was never suspected of sacrificing ambition to humanity no voice of human suite ring had Ever yet stopped him in the career of military Reward witness the dreadful Bridge of Lodi witness the Plains of Jaffa witness the scene in which his own sick soldiers perished by Poison he was not of that cautious spirit which avoids the very possibility of disappointment. No lie breasted difficulties with ardor an Ltd rather sought to wrest distinction quot by conquering against probabilities than to receive tempered commendation by answering the expectation of his countrymen. The whole Campaign of Italy had been to him a Brilliant series of astonishing Success but a this Star must have turned Pale a had that of Moreau continued to Shine. It was no part of the corsican a policy to sacrifice his own aggrandizement to that of the country he served Moreau must be obscured and Moreau was. The armistice was agreed upon in the month of july when All operations ceased till the beginning of september. S pos if at was striving to exclude from the military councils All sincere lovers of their country the Baron had resigned his office and retired from Public life to a Villa in the Beautiful suburbs of the capital. There in the society of his brother and that of his accomplished Nephew he enjoyed every pleasure dear to a rational and elegant mind. Leopolstat was not yet Able to support himself except on a Couch where raised on cushions he Lay Calm and uncomplaining. Though he could no longer amuse or pm himself but was dependent on those he ploy love it s Likely an c would soon take place a a Charles did the Hraf i disdained thus to Fly to i had already displaced Prince chapter xxii. Impatient to see that beloved brother whose perfect safety affection could pot credit unless absolutely witnessed Demetrius obtained a months leave of absence and hastened to Leopol Stodt was at the House of his faithful Friend Baron i Gersdorf who waa now a widower. Disgusted with the court intrigues which it Centre oved for every Comfort and Relief he repaid their Assiduity is by the everlasting Sunshine of patient sweetness. The music of his Adelaide a voice still thrilled him with Delight and while her Balmy breath rested upon the Cheek she fondly printed a kiss he ceased to languish for the unconfined air of heaven which so often appears to the invalid us if r must a bring Healing on its More than Ever endeared by his sufferings and yet further exalted by the manner in which they were Bome Charles distinctly saw that his wife a affection increased with time. That doting love which glories it its object spoke forever from her eyes and a sense of danger past gave birth to a gratitude too genuine for any fears to Alloy. Adelaide had been so miserable that she was now nearly Happy. Her Charles was recovering her Charles was eternally in her sight and she had every Day fresh reason to bless the event which kept him far from the armies. In the joyfulness of her looks and those of her Uncle and father. Demetrius on reaching Vienna read All he wished. Though he found his brother stretched powerless on a sofa what seemed the body s weakness to him when he beheld again As it were the soul of his brother thought and emotion once More glowed through the features of Charles and at their late parting the very principle of life itself appeared extinct. Those Brave Brothers who had undaunted Day fronted the Shock of armies together were now not ashamed of yielding some tears to the feelings of this moment. They rested silently in each others arms till their Dis burdened hearts grew Calm. A narrative of the military incidents which had occurred since they met was soon demanded by Leopolstat. Demetrius gave it eloquently too eloquently for at his vivid descriptions and bitter censures the hectic on his brother Scheek quivered like an unsteady flame. Their discourse was interrupted by the Entrance of the Baron and. Adelaide of Ali Oil after some hesitation Demetrius inquired about Constantia. His eyes being cast Down prevented him from observing the change this question made in his sister she replied in a Low voice a Constantia is in Vienna but As i have much to Tell you and dare not agitate Charles with it you must inquire no further till we Are for the first time of her life the tender Adelaide through an excess of love spared him who would have suffered the least. These Kirsty words plunged Demetrius into the most frightful Cornec Turing from the moment they were uttered he became silent and watching an Opportunity to have his fears terminated abruptly followed Adelaide out of the room when she left it to procure some fruit for her husband. On seeing Demetrius she made her father take charge of the fruit and led the Way into the Garden. There traversing a walk where the most Beautiful shrubs bloomed and breathed unnoticed they discoursed of Constantia How was Demetrius appalled to find that his Princess lived in a species of self imprisonment. Adelaide knew Lite of her situation yet that Little was enough to rend the heart of a Lover. The substance of what he collected was that soon after the arrival of marshal in Mersdorf and his daughter the Prince of Nuremberg had nearly prohibited All inter course Between the friends but finding his prohibition scarcely attended to he hurried is family to Vienna accompanied by the eldest son of the elector of. This Prince had for some time sought Tjie hand of Constantia and it was now evident that ambitious views for his Niece had combined with ill will toward Demetrius in the mind of this haughty Uncle. During the period which elapsed since her own arrival in the capital Adelaide had heard but once of her Friend and that was from the list a of Nuremberg a wife. They met accidentally at the countess of reusmarck�?T8. While some other ladies were going through the clamorous ceremonies off it recede Nee and leave taking the Princess lastly approached Adelaide. A i shall glad Den poor Constantia a she said timidly a by relating All i have heard you repeat of count Leopolstat a amended health. Do me the 1 Ustick of believing dear countess that am completely innocent of this oppression. The Prince is warm in his wishes for what he thinks her future Good and suffers himself to use some harshness now in the Hope thanks hereafter. But fear lie will carry his severity too far her health sinks under the voice of the Princess faltered As 3he spoke and she stopped evidently afflicted at having thus rescued her own character at the expense of her husbands. Adelaide just had time to implore her interference with the Prince and to commission her with an ardent message to Constantia when some persons who were of the Princess party joined them they then separated. Though she refrained from paining her lord with this information Adelaide could not sleep till she had made an Effort to see her Friend. For this purpose As she would not subject the wife at count Leopolstat to insult by attempting a Clandestine interview she wrote to the Prince of Nuremberg simply stating her uneasiness at a report of Constantia being ill and requested to be admitted to her either alone or in his presence. The answer she received was couched in these terms a the Prince of Nuremberg regrets that circumstances should constrain him to refuse any request of the countess Leopolstat he is Happy to contradict every report of his Niece the Princess Constantia Sill health but must decline for her the Lionor of a visit which by reviving the remembrance of a person whom it is her duty to forget would inevitably strengthen her m the Resolution of avoiding a Prince whom it is her Fluty to accept a a the Prince of Nuremberg does himself the Honor of offering congratulations upon the recent safety of count Leopolstat Ana a the same time of assuring the countess that he would never deny any request of hers without the extremes reluctance. A a Kim nil ? with this cold and cautious Billet ended All ule information of Adelaide. Since then she had heard no More of Constantia except that she was still completely secluded. Charlea with whom Demetrius stayed the hour of rest when hastily excusing himself from the family supper he left the House. Various modes of seeking an interview with Constantia Ync lived and rejected in the same moment agitated the thoughts of Demetrius As instead of going to his lodgings he hurried along the suburbs. Had he been pressing on to the immediate execution of some plan for seeing her he could not have Felt More Ina Tiemit while indeed nothing but a chaos of schemes wishes and apprehensions was before him. Ere lie dared attempt any thing for her enlargement it was incumbent on him to learn How far he was concerned in her refusal of her titled Lover. Till he had sought a renewal of those vows she once breathed and gained a knowledge of her future intension must be buried in his own bosom. He now exec rated himself for having shunned an interview at Munich and trembled at the probability of having lost her heart by such apparent inconsistency. In the midst of these reflections he came in sight of the place which contained her. The spacious Palace glittering in a Bright Moonlight with its magnificent gardens and stately terraces towered above the Danube whose Swift Waters flashing under the Eye poured through a scene of Brilliant enchantment. Numberless Villas empowered among Trees a Ere seen scattered in Gay confusion along its Banks and through every Grove and every Glade the warm breath of aromatic summer softly steamed from Earth to heaven. Demetrius now approached one of the Side entrances. At that moment a Man vaulted Over a Low part of the Garden Wall and alighted close beside him. He was somewhat surprised to find this Man his servant Pierre. After a few equivocation the fellow confessed lie had been visiting the gardeners daughter to whom on account of an old quarrel with her brother he could not venture to go publicly that besides love for her he was prompted by regard for his master of whose attachment to Princess Constantia he had heard in the Kitchen at Baron in Gersdorff a from one who had it from an italian servant of the Princess that officious perhaps in his Zeal he had ventured to ask Many questions of his sweetheart through whom be hinted the probability of conveying a letter or a message. At this moment Demenus was incapable of pausing upon any proposal which held out such a Prospect. The fellow could have no motive for ensnaring him he had served him faithfully some time and had testified so affectionate an anxiety during the sickness of Charles that he readily pardoned a Little Freedom in his endeavours to serve. He now put a few questions to Pierre whose answers determined him to Hazard some thing. The Prince of Nuremberg was gone two leagues off on business which might detain him some Days no one but his Princess was left to guard Constantia who though still restricted to the Palace gardens was indulged by her in All the Liberty she dared Grant. Constantia was then alone in these very gardens Pierre had seen her himself. He now offered to return and conduct his master to her since Demetrius was unwilling to put the woman he loved into the Power of her Domestic he refused to admit Pierre a sweetheart into their Council. A few lines written with Pencil on the Leaf of a pocket Book we Ere Given to Pierre each leapt the Garden Wall at the same moment Ana nastily struck into a walk shaded by elms so thick that they excluded every twinkling Star. They followed the track till it brought them to a Grotto which suddenly emerging amid the Light displayed a Broad Glade where the Trees receding in magnificent groups left a vast expanse which terminated at a Side portico of the Palace. Demetrius rushed into the Grotto and Pierre turned into another path. The tender Moon shedding a Mellow Luster through an opening in the roof of this Calm Retreat quivered among the spars and crystals of which it was formed but no sound no breath even of the faintest Naglit Breeze. Stirred the Long tresses of a Willow which streamed above. There was something in this stillness and Beauty oppressive to the agitated heart of Demetrius. He advanced to the Entrance All was still and Lovely. The Loveless Trees the soundless water the dark vistas and steady Luster of the Moon All seemed to his wild fancy fraught with expectation he scarcely breathed but fear had no share in tuis emotion. Too much absorbed in solicitude for con stantian a reception of him he had not room for any suspicion of Pierre a Fidelity. Lovers Hope All things and dread All things Wilder than the starts of a Lunatic were the apprehensions which tormented Demetrius the remembrance of Zaire mixed itself with them but for the first time since her death he strove to banish it. Hasty Steps As of a Man advancing along the walk into which Pierre had struck were now distinctly heard. Root bound with expectation Demetrius listened to catch the Echo of a softer tread but whether it were lost in the other sound he knew not for he heard nothing More. His heart began to sink when cons Taifita herself flew into the Grotto. One glance of her endearing eyes banished both fear and regret every event that had occurred since he used to a see her at Velieri fled from their eloquent brightness. Time suffering were annihilated and the full conviction of being beloved of still tenderly Loving spoke to nis renovated soul Constantia did not Check the transport with which he pressed her in his arms. She participated too much in that Joy which was produced by an affection As pure As her own innocence. For a Long time neither of them spoke but at length Demetrius recovering recollection of the past said fearfully a dare i still Call you my Constantia a the Princess did not hesitate to Confer the steadiness of her attachment though a Crimson Blush glowed on her averted face. At such a period As this she would have deemed useless Reserve both foolish and cruel. A i she replied a whether in my desire to save you even the smallest uneasiness i May not be sacrificing the propriety of my sex but my heart impels me to assure you almost unasked that you see Constan tia at this moment what she was at Velieri that however Fate or inclination might have disposed of you she would never have altered a thai a appropriate quot a Oulu not proceed burning blushes a Over her whole countenance and the Ana that it remains with yourself to sanctions to she Cou spread Over Quick pulsation of heart impeded her further utterance. Snatched repeatedly to the breast of her impassioned Lover whose ardent gratitude scarcely found words to express itself Constantia heard with astonishment and in trepidation his proposal for immediate Elf ight. At this moment of delirious ecstacy Demetrius thought Only of securing the be had endured for him loved creature who every species of outrage of bearing her far from such oppression and dedicating the whole of his coming life to the Sweet task of eternal gratitude. When she allowed him the madness of his scheme by reverting to the Power which her Uncle would have of reclaiming her and rousing the Law against him Demetrius urged another plan. He offered to conduct her to some Remote Convent. From which she might claim the Protection of her other relations and obtain Legal redress until the period in which her uncles guardianship must end. Constant Law a eyes glistened with tears at his generous Ardour. She gazed on him in a trance of tender admiration while she rapidly revolved the dangers to which he would thus expose himself. Her rank her Fortune her fat Nero a will and her uncles influence would All unite to make the life of her Lover answer for his temerity. For his Sake therefore she steadily declined it though he fell at her feet and implored her even with tears to consent. Constantia trembled and wept too but there was a sad foreboding at her heart which strengthened her Resolution. Continued harshness and restraint bursts of violence threats and invectives against the lovers character or menaces against his safety had Long worn on her spirits and gradually sapped the foundations of life. Cut off from every Consolation and wilfully kept in anxiety for Demetrius by seeing Only those papers which detailed the horrors and not the particulars of every Battle a her health had imperceptibly Given Way she was now the Shadow of herself and except at this period when tumultuous agitation kindled a flame on her Cheeks and new Strung her nerves no tint of color animated her features no elasticity gave Spring to her unsteady Steps. Demetrius whose admiring eyes saw rapture sparkling in hers who beheld no change in her Beautiful person but what appeared the natural effect of an unquiet mind was far from divining the gloomy presentiment which suddenly altered her manner. When she had silenced All his arguments for her flight she fellas if in doing so she had signed their eternal a separation. After that night they might never behold each other she might not live Long enough to see another meeting. At these thoughts she burst into a it Assion of tears again and again she pressed is hand wildly to her heart and the convulsive sobs which Shook her whole Frame choked the fond lamentation that struggled to her lips. Alarmed distressed astonished beyond measure Demetrius vainly Besought her to impart the cause of this strange emotion. Constantia Only replied by fresh tears. At that instant the Palace clock struck 12 it electrified the Princess. She started up hastily exclaiming a we must part a to not yet not yet my Constantia a exclaimed Dern Etzius retaining the hand with which she had clasped his a leave me not till you have told me that i May come Here again. To Morrow night at the same hour your Uncle will still lie absent. All that i wished said to you i have left unsaid. Tomorrow Dearest sweetest Constantia Tell me you will be Here a the Princess promised and exchanging a Hasty embrace vanished from Bis sight. Demetrius stood like a disenchanted Man. The Bright vision was gone and for a while he scarcely knew whether to believe it had indeed been. Pierre a Entrance brought Back his senses. He gratefully grasped his hand. A i am indebted to you for More than life a he said a and i will never forget it. But for heavens Sake remember Pierre that the least indiscretion would ruin Princess Constantia for Ever. Henceforth do not whisper this nights adventure even to your own thoughts. I fear nothing but accidental Imprudente in you for i am confident you Wouk Flever wilfully betray the Cheeks of Pierre glowed he replied with All the vehemence of his nation heaping vow upon vow and pro Estaron upon protestation. His master Shook him again y the hand and then turning away soon reached the place from which they jumped into the Road. The whole of the next Day was spent by Demetrius in an impatient longing for night yet he forced his mind to exertion for the Sake of his brother. Select parties were admitted of an evening to the room where count Leopolstat was confined. His benevolent spirit delighted in the sight of diffused pleasure he could even join in the playfulness of Gay discourse and though unable to increase the concert himself was gratified by hearing music from others. The countess of rens Marck was the Only person this evening who added to the Domestic Circle. Demetrius quilted it Early and bidding Pierre attend him hurried toward the Palace. How different was the scene from what it appeared when last he saw it a chill tempestuous night blackened and agitated every object. The enormous Trees bending to their very roots before the wind cast Gigantic shadows As they waved across the front of the edifice. The Moon herself seemed Pale with fear As the Clouds driven Over her face were sometimes rent asunder and scattered by the storm. One continued Roar of Trees and water pealed around Demetrius. He trembled for the safety of Constantia when he beheld Large branches torn off by the furious blast and falling on every Side of him. Pm re was sheltered in a Root House at so4rittt� distance but he Stol Forth under the inclement sky praying that his Princess might have abandoned the attempt. Just As he had completely satisfied himself that sire Wolfl not come he turned at the murmur of a breathless voice and beheld her near him sinking with fatigue and apprehension. A i have been so frightened a she gasped out while he led her into the Grotto a it is a Long Way round from the House and the noise of the Trees on every Side the dreadful darkness i thought i should never have lived to reach a deep sigh broke Forth with the last words and her head sunk on the shoulder of her Lover. The Moon now momentarily gleaming into the Grotto showed Demenus her pallid face. He spoke to her but she was insensible. Exhausted by toil and terror oppressed with a conviction of her own decay she had fainted. His alarm at this circumstance we As heightened by the consciousness of their distance from any Succour. He could Only chafe her cold hands and press his warm Cheek to hers As if hoping that might communicate something or its own life. She revived shortly after yet the Clay like color of her once vivid complexion still remained her hands trembled her lips quivered her respiration was Quick and interrupted and when she attempted speech she was obliged to Stop frequently for want of breath. Demetrius taxed on her with an air of Dia traction. A is this but fatigue or fear my Constan Tiafu he exclaimed a for some new suffering occasioned by your unde or is it what my fond heart will break to have confirmed is it illness a tears swam in the Princess eyes As she answered him. A i am not so Well As i used to be a she sighed out a but you know i never was very Strong and such a separation from you together with anxieties and discomforts have rather injured my health. To Vever i Promise to live for your she stopped then added in a suffocated tone a if heaven permit me a a a if heaven permit you a repeated Demetrius clasping her bands with agony in his. �?o0, Constantia am i a second time to he broke off abruptly and suddenly releasing her walked to the end of the Grotto. At sight of her lovers anguish Constantia reproached herself for yielding to a despondency which accidental circumstances had thus deepened. She approached Demetrius and sought to compose him. He turned wildly round and passionately upbraided her for concealing her altered health from her friends. A what could i do a asked Constantia a How was i to have informed them you forget that i have been Long denied the privilege of seeing or writing to any a was there no creature in that hateful House who was accessible to bribery or entreaty a surely some servant might have been found a Constantia gently interrupted him a i have always held such conduct in Abhorrence. Not even for you my Demetrius would i try to corrupt the Fidelity of another. Not that i consider myself bound to keep terms with my Uncle for every stratagem i can invent to see or correspond with you i shall seize without scruple but a principle of right teaches me not to procure my own gratification at the expense of an inferior s Demetrius gave her a look expressive of the it admiration which for a while had displaced his grief. Coils Tantia seized the Calm moment and taking up a casket which had fell from her hand when she fainted held it out to him. A this Little casket a she said with a languid smile a contains the Means of future happiness i Trust for both of us. Listen to me Demetrius. After we parted last night i spent Many hours in revolving our conversation and considering the Best method for ending the cruel oppression which undermines my heart. The result of these reflections has been a determination to Appeal publicly against the tyranny of my Uncle. A i have written a candid and i Hope moderate narrative of the undue methods by which he endeavours to influence my will i have stated my own willingness to remain obedient to him in All reasonable things even to that of foregoing any Intercourse with Jou till his guardianship shall expire and i have addressed this to a near relation of ours the Canones of whom i in treat to take such Legal Steps As May Transfer this Power to herself being ready to seclude myself in a Convent under her Protection tilt i am of age. A this narrative with copies of my dear fathers and Grandmamma a wills Are enclosed in the casket i now give you. It rests with you my Demetrius to have it delivered safely. If you can confide in your servant let him set off with it immediately join Bohemia where the Canones now is. I Trust the course of Justice is not interrupted in Franconia once released from the misery of perpetual persecution i think health would soon return to me and then to wait Only eighteen months for Bliss and my Demetrius would not be unable to reply Demetrius kissed her hands fervently. A Long silence ensued after which they conversed Oil the probable event of this new Enterprise. It seemed to Demetrius like a Prospect of Paradise. His sanguine soul rushed Forward to meet ils completion with a Joy so certain that it painted his countenance with fresh Bloom. His health his youth his Beauty still flourished in the sight of Constantia while hers were fast wasting into naught. She could have wept with bitter regret had not regard for his feelings repelled her tears. It we As Settle Fri that Pierre should be dispatched to the Canones Early the next morning and that Demetrius might As he saw fit impart the business to his brother and Adelaide. Constantia being Only anxious preserve them from her uncles insult. She instructed her Lover to Deposit the can Onessa answer in the hollow of an old tree which though near to that part of the Wall by we hic i he entered the grounds was so overgrown by other Trees and a Quantity of Ivy that it was not Likely to be observed by others. Here the letter covered with Moss and leaves and stones might lie till she had next an Opportunity of visiting the gardens and replacing it by one from herself. With this night their meetings were to end for the Prince of Nuremberg was expected the coming Day. When they might meet again Demetrius knew not and he would therefore have prolonged her stay beyond discretion had it. Not been for the threatening appearance of the night which now fore boded heavy rain. The Moon and stars were completely obscured the wind Only rushed through the Trees in infrequent blasts and the sides of the Grotto became moist and cold. After combating much opposition from the timid Princess he at length obtained permission to accompany her As far As the Entrance of a High teen Terrace behind the Palace where opened an apartment of which her indulgent aunt had Given her the key. Demetrius threw the military cloak he wore around the slender form of his beloved and half wafted her Forward with his Arm speeding her trembling Steps and quieting her fears. They were both too anxious and too hurried for conversation. Sometimes Demetrius pressed her momentarily against his breast As they flew along sometimes a sigh bursting from both their hearts at the same instant seemed to mingle their very beings. To among lherbs.1 e started up at the sound of his voice and expressed the utmost pleasure at seeing him Safe again. A you must be in my chamber to Morrow morning by Day break a said Demetrios when they reached their lodgings. A i have business that you must do for me in Bohol Mia. I confide in you implicitly you see Pierre. Remember discretion. Good night a Pierre promised and they entered 0a� House. The morning was just dawning when tin v dim Light burning m the lower chamber stretched darkly before them. They stopped and Constas tia throwing herself Back into the arms of her Lover renewed her prayers for his safety and the completion of their Mutual wishes. 8hen then Tore herself from his embrace and Dera Vetrius tif Ned sorrowfully Back. In All probability Fierre had been so lacing himself with the society of the Gardener s daughter for he display Wal not the la Kat discontent at his masters Long absence by such the place he sheltered in was not High enough to admit any thing taller than a Spade. Demetrius found him contentedly sitting i of Flower seeds and candies of. A a

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