Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
26 Dec 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
26 Dec 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - December 26, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvii no. 22.wednesday morning december 20. 1877. Whole no. 2110.the enquirer. A Komendat de cedi her 26, 1877. Terms 65c. Weekly 1 1 15 weekly 6 Moa. Daily,1 yr.,. Day 14 of daily,6 months .#7 of Faran amp Mclean. Pubs., Cin. Tub Wall Street organs have begun to abuse senator Beck of Kentucky but he can stand it. Under carpet bag Rule the expenses of the state government of South Carolina were $1,046,367 in 1873, and $232,839 in 1870, under governor Hampton quite a difference. Some of the Western papers Are beginning to talk about repudiation. Singularly enough they allude to the holders of the Bonds who Are clamouring against Silver As the repudiation its. Tny Kentucky senatorial race is beginning to assume almost As much importance As our Ohio contest. The lines of difference Between candidates May not be so marked but the fighting is none the less in Earnest. The amount of Money realized on distilled spirits in the United states during the past year is $57,469,429, an increase Over the previous year of $1,043,054. Tobacco produced $11,106,546 of Revenue showing an increase of $1 ,311,207. This is the largest sum Ever collected from tobacco in this country. J. S. Morgan amp co., of London Are offering �1,600,0 h a about $8,000,000�?five per cent Bonds of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at eighty eight and a half cents on the Dollar. They say that the Issue has been made to reimburse in part a Cash outlay of $11,055,071 in constructing the Baltimore and Ohio and Chicago Railroad. Secretary Evarts has spoken and his speech is believed to express the sentiments of president ii ayes. It is an acceptance of the War offered by cd inkling Blaine and Chandler. The administrate on will not be trilled with much less beg for terms. The quarrel can have hut one result and that w ill be the total upsetting of conk Ling and his allies. The Only time to have made War successfully upon ii ayes was before he had been counted into the White House. A leading English journal on the 1st of december said a it was a common opinion that the real object of the War had been territorial aggrandizement in Asia though the great efforts w hich have since been made on the Danube prove that the. Russians were also determined to inflict an incurable wound on the turkish the events since have not weakened the causes for this declaration. What impartial Spectator of the affairs of the world has supposed otherwise very sensational. A Captain Wiggins Lias just returned from a voyage to the North pole. He has discovered an open sea and declares the passage an easy one. The country found was teeming with people filled with Large cities and Gold by the ton. It reads Well but we think the Captain a Little off. We Hope he is right if for no other reason than to dishearten the Gold wolves of this prostrated country. A Hill to de monetize Gold Willie introduced in Congress immediately upon its reassembling. The Early meeting of the British parliament summoned after the surrender of Plevna May not mean War. It May mean simply diplomacy. The threat of War is safer than a declaration of War. The parliament is summoned in hot haste. British ships move up and Down upon the face of the seas without a peaceful errand. The attitude of the English press is martial the Hulk of it. The intent to intimidate is apparent. Meanwhile the russian armies have been pursuing their journeys from Victory to Victory and a leading journal in 8t. Petersburg declares that Russia May await without anxiety the Issue of this political episode this a British it is probably a menace of War rather than w a that England Means. The London times the English photographic journal insists that the sudden assembling of parliament has no extraordinary emphasis. That England Wou lil like to have the Turk fight her Battles there can he no question. She will hold out indications that she will give Aid. Will England do More than hang out the symptoms Pear in the parting of the garment. The movements of England on sea and land seem to be feints. The position of the president upon the phases of the financial question that now command the attention of Congress and the country can not be mis Aken. A representative of the enquirer talked with the president sunday at the fifth Avenue hotel in new York upon the pending financial issues. The president said that he was in favor of a Silver Dollar if it was a Dollar in fact. He Means that he is willing to see a Dollar coined containing grains enough of Silver to make it equal in the Market of commodities to the Gold in the Gold Dollar. This avoids the whole Silver question. This evades re monetization. This is not re monetization or the restoration of the earliest a Dollar in fact in our history. But the president did not leave the enquirer representative without Hope. He said he was considering the matter. He was inquiring of himself whether the re monetization of the old Silver Dollar of 412% grains Standard would appreciate its purchasing Power. The chances Are that the president will not veto the Silver Bill after All. He Pecins however to he As determinedly in favor of John a Sherman a resumption act As Ever. It is Likely that he will veto the repeal Bill should it go to him for his signature. One fact is noticeable. Or. Hayes position of record touching this question is that he is in favor of no modification of the resumption act that does not name an earlier Date than january 1, 1879. Neither the president nor any other resumption st is now about naming an earlier Day for resumption than that named in the resumption act. As they draw near to that fatal Day it seems to All of them to be near enough. The tone of apart of the English press the sudden summoning of the parliament the recent declarations of the Home secretory of England the Queens speech of months ago the interests of England Patent to All the world All unite in saying that Russia must Stop in her career of Conquest in other words must quit winning victories and make peace or the arms of great Britain w ill sound Between the russian and the Turk. Russia must pause in her victories or England will a a mediated by a declaring War. This is the attitude of England. It is protested that the assembling of parliament May not mean the determined assertion of this attitude. Does it mean receding from the position that great government has taken englum is a judge of bargain. She has been called it nation of shop keepers. If she knows any thing it is about a bargain. She Lias been the bully of Kur Ojie fur centuries. If she maintains the position she has assumed it will be by bullying we predict and not by War. Austria to Day insists on remaining Neutral though she wishes to up j Oil 11 Sherman the charge that John Sherman Lins refused the offer of american Bankers to subscribe for the per four cent loan and on better terms for the government than those made w Ith the foreign Syndicate is very Likely a True Bill. Such conduct would he entirely consistent with Liis character and record. There has been something mysterious about the relations Between or. Sherman and the Syndicate and there have been some things that need explanation. The act to authorize the refunding of the National debt which became a Luw on the 14thf of july 1870, authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to Issue Bonds not exceeding in the aggregate $200,000,000, redeemable in a a coins of the then Standard value after ten years a bearing interest payable Semi annually in such Coin a at the rate of five per cent per annul. The Sanie Law authorized the Secretary to Issue $300,000,000 of like Bonds the same in All respects but payable after fifteen years at the pleasure of the United states and hearing interest at the rate of four and a half per cent. This was also the Law that authorized tiie Issue of $1,000,000,000 of like Bonds hut hearing interest at the rate of four per cent. The Law commanded that the said Bonds should have set Forth and expressed upon their fare the above specified conditions. The second Section of the Law said a the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to sell and dispose of any of the Bonds issued under this act at not less than their Par value for Coin quot a for Coin of the Standard value of july 14, 1870. John Sherman has openly and flagrantly violated this provision of the jaw. He has done this ostentatiously and shamelessly refusing to sell Bonds for Silver Coin. When therefore the accusation is made that lie has received numerous propositions from american Bankers to subscribe for the entire four per cent loan and on a better contract than that into which he entered with the foreign Syndicate we Are prepared to believe Tomt the charge is True. If True the assertion is of the highest consequence. It is of the very Foremost importance that our National debt be held at Home to begin with. In the second place if it has been proposed by american Bankers to take All of the four per cents it Means a saving in interest of fifteen to Twenty million dollars per annul. The Power of the Secretary of the Treasury is enormous. His is a tremendous control. The handling of half a million dollars in a Bank or an insurance company is thought a very responsible business. To the greatest integrity Only Are such intentionally entrusted. This Man handles and controls the movements of hundreds of millians of dollars thousands of millions really. John Sherman Lias somehow grown Rich on a Small salary. That he is in league with the men of Money in the world As against the tax payers of the United states is painfully Patent. Is he a conspirator against the credit of the United states for purposes of private gain has lie declined to refund our National debt or a majority fraction of it at a reduced rate of interest in accordance with the Law creating it by the same Token refusing to keep it at Home for any purpose As he has publicly refused to fund a portion of the debt in obedience to Law declining to sell Bonds for a Coin a As the Law orders we May readily believe him guilty of rejecting propositions to take All the four per cents. Our Washington correspondent says that general Ewing will Offey a Resolution to investigate the proceedings of the Syndicate and that John Phi an will he called As a witness. Wit it s vast authority and his vast unscrupulous Ness he is the most dangerous Man in the country to Day. scattering abroad More anguish than any other Man. He is sowing bankruptcy. H. Is spreading ruin. He is Breeding starvation. He is begetting want. He is pitiless and unprincipled. Ten thousand bankruptcies this year and the unutterable agony that they carry into Many thousands of hearts and Homes Are among his trophies. It would be a great advantage to the american people if he could be investigated and disgraced. _ a Temeles. The new York times in View of the widespread embarrassment of the Western Farmers says a there seems to be but one re tiled. It is a change of the ownership of the soil anti the creation of a class of land a tiers on the one hand and of tenant Farmers on the other. Something similar in both cases to that has Long existed and now exists in the older countries of the new York u orld in View of the hard times experienced by workingmen says quot the american labourer must make at his mind henceforth not to be so much better off than the european labourer. Men must be Content to work for Low wages. In this wag the Workingman will be nearer to that station in life to which it has pleased god to Call in View of the multitude of tramps that crowd our highways and annoy people by asking for something to eat the Chicago Tribune suggests As a remedy for the tramp nuisance that persons so annoyed procure a Supply of strychnine and mingle it with the food they dispense. This will effectually dispose of the vagabonds. We have quoted from two Republican and one democratic Organ. Whenever any individual or Public journal espouses the cause of the shylock they Are True to their clients. What Friend of free government could propose to establish tenant farming in this country to relieve the had owners of their embarrassment the ownership of the soil is the foundation of Liberty civilization and Progress. Who but a hireling of a moneyed aristocracy would suggest the degradation of the Workingman As if god intended that the toilet should occupy forever a menial position what editor uninfluenced by a heartless miser one lost to every generous impulse of humanity would think of suggesting the mingling of strychnine with the food bestowed upon a penniless wanderer in order to rid society of the tramp nuisance w1 Len the Public presses of the country will use or permit their columns to he Seil to promulgate such sentiments who will he astonished at the suicides thefts burglaries Highway robberies and other acts of violence so prevalent throughout the country instead of words of sympathy and encouragement for those who Are overtaken by misfortune those made bankrupts and tramps by iniquitous legislation in the interest of a shylock it is proposed to enslave the one and Poison the other self preservation is a Law of god written upon every sentient being from the crawling worm to the creature hut Little lower than the Angels. Whether right or wrong men to avoid starvation will steal and Rob and murder. They May he subjected to the degradation of begging for what their willing hands would cheerfully earn hut they will hardly run the risk of having the pittance doled out to them under the pretence of Charity mingled with a deadly drug. The wrecked fortunes the enforced idleness the army of starving mendicant which Are filling the land with sorrow with violence and crime Are the legitimate and necessary fruits of vicious legislation. The end is not yet unless a Radical and speedy change is made in the financial legislation of Congress. The slaveholder thought himself secure when All the Powers of government were yielding a willing obedience to his demands. But there was in the hearts of the people a limit to their forbearance. When it was passed the Temple of the slaveholders Security tumbled into ruins burying beneath the debris the builder and All his accumulations. Thus will it Ever be with oppressors while there is a god whose ear is not so heavy that it can not hear and his Arm Sli ordered that it can no save. Shall the lessons of history be disregarded and the principles of gods moral government be forgotten _ recommend a Day of Public prayer in behalf of the country. Quot resolved that we respectfully invite our Brethren of All denominations to unite with us in securing the Observance of a season of prayer. Quot resolved that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the ministers conferences of our presbyterian and our it it Hod 1st Brethren in this City and that a copy signed by the president and the Secretary of the conference he transmitted to the president of the United More than a generation ago the apostles of the then great Reform in our system found their most formidable antagonists in the Church. Lyman Beecher held the orthodoxy of new England held a great Church in the country in his right hand. Garrison went to him and begged him to join in the antislavery Reform and the great divine said he had too Many Irons in the fire to put in that one. With Lyman at its head the pulpit fought the anti slavery Reform no foe so formidable. His son is now calling the advocates of currency Reform repudiation its. But the Church is an Able ally. It is natural that the Baptist and methodist churches should he earliest to take up this great Reform. The methodist Church is the one whose method was to go about with Sandal less feet and preach the gospel. The Baptist Church had its origin in fearless Independence. The proposition of these churches to apply the prayer gauge to the solution of the currency question and to the alleviation of the prevailing distress should lie listened to with respectful and reverential attention. Since professor Tyndall s proposition to match prayers against Pilis in a Hospital the contestants to Start on terms of absolute Equality under the Eye of accomplished referees and since the refusal to accept that proposition the prayer method of effecting any thing in this worldly world has lost something of the Confidence of men. Blit every thing else has been tried proper to lie used argument unanswerable logic the letter and spirit of the Law the equities the pleadings of suffering millions the people s wish every thing that should influence a political lawmakers and thus far in vain. Praying is Worth trying. In Point of fact the Church Coul 1 do no More humane or Christian work than to take up this great Reform in Earnest. It has immense Power j it assumes to represent the human Eon i science and that is precisely what is needed j in our financial legislation. While that i Brilliant Man Henry Ward Beecher is j thundering from his pulpit on which so Many eyes Are fixed the declaration that the friends of the Silver Bill and the enemies of the resumption act Are repudiate is just As though he thought there were no hello As he says there Isnit any it is necessary for the Church proper to do something. It is j True that god has been doing what he apparently could to beat this currency policy of i the government. He has showered upon a nation of Farmers a series of the most abundant crops which have Avert a id the worst of the evils invited he the makers of the Laws. The Congress will reassemble on the 10th of january. The proposition that All the Brethren should commence praying on that Day for these measures most devoutly to he wished is an excellent one. The last of the resolutions indicates that a copy of All has been sent to the president of the United states. It is on that fact that we pin our Hope. The president i is a devout methodist As is mrs. Ii ayes. This plea originates in the methodist Church. On one Side the president May now see the methodist Church and mrs. Hayes and the desires of a great suffering people. On the other Side he sees John Sherman and ins greed. The president owes it to mrs. Hayes and to his and her Church not to veto the Silver Bill or the resumption repeal act. The president is invited to recommend a Day of Public prayer on these questions. Can he ask the prayers of the country to sustain him in robbing the people for the Benefit of the Public robbers the prayer meter and 1 Linnee. When the chosen people take hold of a Reform we May expect that something May be accomplished. The Church has taken up the currency question. In addition the de witless Talmage and Henry Ward Beec Iier have also commenced to discuss it. The most notable declaration upon the currency question that has recently been put Forth comes from the Quaker City and from an Assembly of the emissaries of the most High. On the 17th inst. The meeting of the Philadelphia conference of the Baptist ministers and the methodist preachers in Philadelphia adopted the following resolutions a whereas the country has tor More than four years been suffering under commercial and Industrial depression which has brought great distress on All classes Aud a whereas this prolonged calamity is due largely to moral causes some of which go Back in our history to selfishness greed of gain Public and private dishonesty waste recklessness and in general to a disregard of the rights of mail and the Laws of god therefore quot resolved that it is most fitting that we Humble ourselves under the hand of god in View of our sins and Pray for his interposition in our Bhuli. Quot resolved. That we recommend to All our Brethren to employ thursday of the week of prayer january 10th a a season of special humiliation supplication and prayer before almighty god for the forgiveness of our sins for a revival of personal and National righteousness for the bestow ment of the. Tuot Wisdom upon our rulers and for the favor of god w hich alone Csc bring real Prosperity. h cd. Tin t we should regard it As a most flt in lev i t me a me i of the United states should we print a Washington dispatch this morning touching John Sherman and the Syndicate that will lie read with interest. The Telegram however does not go to the Bottom of the question. The proposed investigation May reach the facts themselves. John Sherman so a cheap loan was put on the Market in june last. For thirty Days the loan was looked on with favor. The Syndicate and the Home advertising sold about seventy millions of those four per cents prior to the Middle of july last. Since then somehow there has been no Sale of them. It is not Silver legislation or anti resumption legislation that brought this state of things about. There had been Neil if hut the Sale of Bonds stopped. It is false to charge the stoppage of the Sale of the Bonds to the action of the House of representatives upon the re monetization of Silver or the repeal of the resumption act for the Sale of the four per cent. Syndicate Bonds stopped three months before the assembling of Congress even in the extra session. Tiie policy of John Sherman or one part of it the policy of this administration appears to be to sell Bonds abroad. The goal of american ambition under this regime seems to be the borrowing of Money from other countries. To sell Bonds in Europe seems to be the Ultima Thule of our governors of finance. This charge against John Sherman telegraphed this morning is less Liun the truth. He should be impeached. He Lias violated the letter and the spirit of the Law of the land even though the accusations this morning made were groundless. The Laws authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to sell Bonds for a Coin a payable in the Secretary of the Treasury has publicly and ostentatiously refused to do it. He assumes to interpret the Law and to judge Between the coins. It is charged that John Sherman has refused propositions from american hankers to take the whole four per cent loan authorized. There is no reason to doubt the Justice of this charge. He ought to he investigated. He ought to be impeached. He ought to he removed. He is anxious to throw our Public debt into the hands of a Syndicate to Send it abroad. Why none hut a corrupt motive could prompt such disloyal conduct. He refuses to fund the debt according to Law. He will not obey the Law. The hanker who handles a million of dollars is watched with jealous scrutiny. This Man handles two thousand millions of dollars. Shall he not he watched a Cleveland december 19, 1877. Quot to the editor of the enquirer a please give a denominator that will demonstrate As Between the relative value of a old and other commodities now and at the time just preceding the de monetization of Silver. Make it tangible if you Cun that Gold alone has gone up and not that Silver has depreciated. Intelligent men often Tell me such is not the Case that the quotations of Gold show it to be quite the reverse. 1 know this to be a fallacy. I know that a new Standard has been attained and that such Standard is not the one contemplated in Public and private securities. You have made this subject a study i judge and can Masier the subtlety of the argument. A ii. K. this is an interesting question. The Money of the country when commodities values transactions arc fairly settled to it heroines the Yard stick by which All commodities Are measured. The Yard stick May not itself he silk or Cotton or tape it measures them. Greenbacks have become the Money of the United states. Silver and Gold have been simply commodities for years. Tiie business of the country is adjusted to the Greenback basis. The Greenback and the currency redeemable in it Are the a Money of the Gold and Silver go up and Down As wheat and Corn and Coal and pig Iron and diamonds go up Ami Down. It is even now urged by some that the proposition to re monetize Silver would result in the advantage of the Bondholder. An Appeal is made to the history of Gold and Silver. We have a table before us showing the recent value of the Gold and Silver commodities in the world. It indicates their value As that of pounds and ounces of Lead would be Iliili rated. This is tin table Fine Gairis. Ness. Value. United Eagle 258. .900 810 09 United Dollar 412.5. 900 1.04 Argentine dollar412.0 .915 1.05 Austria Lombardy Scudo 401.5. 902 1.01.5 455.0 .875 1.11 5 460.0 .877 1 12.0 Dollar 416.5. 902 1.04.2 Brazil a Saver 8 4140 8�l 1 Xuy Dollar 411.0. 907 1.05 0 Dollar 417.0 .910 1.00. Dollar 445.0 .872 1.09.3 real 430.0 .8 10 1.00.0 Dollar r5.7 .897 1.04.4 Milan Silver Scudo �01.5 .902 1.01. Norway.bimsdaler1.09. Dollar 415.0. 899 1.04 c Crown 1.50.0 .912 1.16. 415.0. 900 1.01.0 Russia to Gnu or y f 48ti a 87i u8-5 1b2.0 .831 1.00.8 411.0. 900 1.04.0 Daler 525.0. 751 1.10.4 422 0 .925 1.09.3 454 .875 1.11.2 it appears from this table that the average value of the Silver coinage of the world is that is was More than five per cent above that of the Gold coinage. If an enormous Mountain of Gold were to he discovered to Morrow greenbacks would buy More Yards of cloth than Gold. The Greenback is already Worth More than that it promises to pay. It is not claimed to he More than a Promise to pay in it is therefore payable in Silver by common consent. It can be a a paid in sums of a five but it persists in being Worth More Liun the thing it promises to pay. It will buy More real estate than that which it promises. If the Alleghany mountains should suddenly be found to be full of Gold the Greenback would buy More land and More Silver and More Holiday presents than Gold would buy. The great principle in finance which tiie world will some time acknowledge is that Money is a medium of Exchange Between commodities. It is the machinery for the conduct of business. It is not itself business and should not itself be a commodity. Tiie transactions of the world Are accomplished by making Flimsy Bank inflation Money. It is Bank credit or individual credit inflation that is borrowed and loaned. They Are made Money. Government credit will one Day be substituted for i hese. The democratic senators who will not vote for the Silver Bill even As amended by the Senate committee appear to he Kernan of new York Eaton of Connecticut Bayard of Delaware Davis of West Virginia Hill of Georgia Lamar of Mississippi and Saul Shuyu of Delaware. Here Are seven senators promoted by the democratic party. Do they represent the belief of the people of their states or. Kernan knows that a majority of the people of new York if permitted to vote on the question would vote in favor of the re monetization of Silver. Or. Eaton knows thut one Greenback Organ in new Haven has made seeders from both parties so numerous in Connecticut that both parties arc scared. He Cun not mistake the sentiment of the masses of the people of his state. Bayard and Davis and Saul Bury and Hill and Lamar appear As Southern demo cratic senators. When the democracy of the South last voted on the currency question they voted seventy nine to four in favor of the humane decent honorable policy in finance. Three of these senators have admitted that they Are voting against the wishes of their Section of the country. These gentlemen represent men who recently went to War because of their alleged allegiance to their quot own they were thus wedded to the belief of their states. What strange change has Tomc Over them Why is it they Are incorruptible and undefiled of course but will they not fade away Castelar tiie orator Anil sex president of the Republic of Spain has been interviewed for the new York Herald he is fully of the opinion that the Republic will be restored it no Distant Day. He holds that the Bourbon restoration is not a solution of the problem. A restorations have never been definite solutions of political questions. At Best they Are but Alfonso reigns without the desire of any important Section of the people. The odium with which the Bourbon dynasty is regarded will prevent it Ever taking foot in Spain. A the restoration was imposed on the country by a Section of the army and was acquiesced in because the people were fatigued and disgusted by the disorders and civil wars which had torn Spain during eight internal divisions prevail among the monarchists and the Liberal elements have taken on renewed activity. The real strength of the restoration is found in tiie division existing among the liberals and unfortunately these divisions a Are More profound than at any former they Are split into five parties. Castelar thinks that the present quot frightful Dis order quot in Spain can not Long continue and that since monarchy can not afford a solution his Only Hope is in republicanism a the Only government which can secure to Spain peace order and he thinks that conservatives and republicans will ultimately coalesce in behalf of this solution. As to himself he said a should my compatriots again Call me to the head of the state i will inaugurate a firm policy my government will be Republican certainly with Ali the liberties which the spirit of the age demands religious Liberty of tin press the right of Public meeting and discussion in fact Ali the rights demanded by the of the age but regulated by a Strong government Able and porn it to ice Ess disorder. These constitute my views on the present and future of the Liberal party in the director of the mint reports that during the year ending june 30th the value of Bullion deposited and purchased for coinage was 880,533,000�?8-18,-788,000 in Gold Ami 801,47.5,000 in Silver. The total coinage was 872,690,209, of wich $41.078,199 was in Gold. Between january 1875, and november 1877, Hie government bought 28,707,034 Fine ounces of Silver at the average c is of118 8 10 cents per ounce. The average. London rate during the same period was 120 5-10 cents per ounce. The coinage from this Purchase amounted to 839,605,088. Giving a Gam to the government of $5.566,714. The fluctuation in the London Price of Silver ranged from 102.78 cents pier ounce july 13. I860, to 128.21 cents december 14, 1876. The average value of 412% grains the old Silver Dollar was 91.45 cents. July 13, 1876, the old Silver Dollar was Worth in London 79.26 cents and on december Lluli of that year 99.19 cents. The average relative value of Gold to Silver was 1 to 17.48. Ranging from 1 to 20.17 to 16 11. During the first six months of 1877 the London value in our Gold of an ounce of Silver varied from 127.92 cents january 18th, to 117.28, june 21st. The average annual production of the mines of the United states in Given at $8 1 0.50,000�?$45,100,000 Gold end $38,9 0,000 Silver. The two mines of tiie Comstock lode have yielded since their discovery in 1871 to october 31, 1877, 878,852.918, and Are now producing nearly three millions per month. The total estimated amount of Gold Coin and Bullion in the country is 8192,720,000 Silver $50,136.000 total $242,-856,000, showing an increase Over 1876 of 861,175,000. By adding the increase from last june to november the total of metallic Money resources in this country is about 8261,000,000. For All lung complaints and Throat troubles or. Jayne a expectorant is both a palliative and curative. It is a st Medard remedy besides for coughs and colds and needs Only a trial to prove its Merit. The Newyl Ork Sim gives some interesting facts bearing on the sugar Market. During eleven Mouths of 1876, 553,596 tons were imported at new York Boston Philadelphia and Baltimore against 615,761 tons for the same time in 1877 an increase of 62,165 tons which is 11 per cent. During the same time in 1876,581,893 tons were delivered for consumption against 567,648 tons in 1877 a decrease of about 3 per cent. The Stock on hand december 15. 1876, was 20,811 tons against 58,362 tons it the same Date 1877. The Price of Good refining grades of raw sugar in new York was 10 cents pier pin ind december 15, 1876, against 7% cents per Pound december 15, 1877. It is sail that millions of dollars have been lost in sugars during the past six months and the loss of millions More is probable. Our troubles on the mexican Border May be better understood by the fact that the Region of disorder is largely peopled from Mexico. For instance Cameron county has x inhabitants of whom 6,972 Are of foreign birth and chiefly mexicans and a considerable portion of the balance of the population Are of mexican origin. Hidalgo county also on the Border has 2,387 people of whom 1,619 Are mexicans. Maverick county Lias 699 natives and 835 foreigners. Other counties have from one half to one third mexicans. It is therefore probable that depredation reported As by a a mexicans a Are by our own citizens of mexican origin. The liquor business of the United states la seen in the following distilleries 4,992 rectifiers 1,130 Brewers 2,758 wholesale dealers 4,604 licensed saloons 164,598. On a basis of 45,000,000 people there is one legalized Saloon to 280 persons. The increase of our exports to foreign ports of refined Oil has been steady and rapid for ten years. In 1868 3,151,801 barrels were exported and in 187tt 7,997,416 barrels. It is supposed that this Export will reach 10,000,000 barrels in 1877. The land agent of the Northern Pacific rain has sold 250,650 acres during the past three Mont realizing $1,118,260, averaging $4 55 per acre. The has been a great demand for wheat lands in min Sota and Dakota Between 1848 and 1s7g the product of Gold a Silver in Mexico was $702,000,000. And of Amei Ici from territory formerly mexican $1,389,372,185. Happy tidings for nervous sufferers and t who have been dosed drugged and quacked. Ver Machery a electric bolts effectually cure in Ture debility weakness Aud decay. Book and j nal with information wort i thousands mailed add pm Acker galvanic co. Cicilio Ohio

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The NewspaperArchive collection can be searched several different ways - advanced search, browse, and publications. The advanced search offers filters to narrow your search for more precise results.
NewspaperArchive’s collection of newspapers boasts more than 85% unique content compared to other newspaper sites. In addition to big city newspapers, we have a wide variety of newspapers from small towns that hold a wealth of information about day-to-day life. Our collection dates back to 1607!