Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
19 Dec 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
19 Dec 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - December 19, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvii no. 21.wednesday morning december 19. 1877. Whole no. 2115.the enquirer. Wbb1v Ebay. December 1�, 1877. To rms weekly 1 1 15 weekly 6 Raou. 65c. Daily,lyr.,. Day 14 00 Dally 6 month�.#7 of Faran a Mclean pubs., Cin. The mexican question. It has sprung into importance or into notice within the last few months though it has been a vexation for a score of years. Early in the late extra session of Congress though we did t intend to Tell so much truth in these qualifying words it was feared that the administration had warlike designs upon Mexico. Some of the leaders of the Congress who were in favor of an adjournment of the extra session without taking action upon the questions of highest import before the country feared to do so lest the administration in the absence of Congress might permit such mexican complications As would Lead to War if not War itself. There is always a theory that a foreign War unifies the people at Home. That has its limitations. If the gain be not Worth the winning the Winner gets Little credit. If a foolish War is undertaken imply and palpably to promote the popularity of an administration sadly in need of popularity the great Good sense of an intelligent people is not smothered by that fact. A War As a trick is Folly. A War with something to lose and nothing to gain is also foolishness. A War meant to unite a people in favor of a president when the War has fewer advocates than the president is not a politic War specially when it is remembered that All wars Are inhumane and need highest excuse to be tolerated by the enlightened sentiment of Mankind. But these doubts did exist in the first Days of the extra session. The message of the president did not dissipate them. It was ambiguous questionable in policy auspicious. The president said a while i do not anticipate the interruption of Friendly relations with Mexico yet i can not but look with Tome solicitude upon a continuance of Border disorders As exposing the two countries to the emotions of popular feeling and the mischance of action which Are naturally unfavourable to Complete Amity. Firmly determined that nothing a Hall be wanting on my part to promote a Good understanding Between the two nations i yet must eak the attention of Congress to the actual occurrences on the Border that the lives and property of oar citizens May be adequately protected and peace preserved. A the disturbances along the Rio Grande in Texas to which i have already referred have rendered necessary the constant employment of a military Force in that country. A full report of All recent military operations in that Quarter has been transmitted to the House of representatives in answer to a Resolution of that body and it will not therefore be necessary to enter into details. I regret to say that these Lawless incursions into our territory by armed bands from the mexican Side of the line for the purpose of robbery have been of frequent occurrence and in spite of the most vigorous efforts of the commanders of our forces the marauders have generally succeeded in escaping into Mexico with their plunder. In May last i gave orders for the exercise of the utmost vigilance on the part of our troops for the suppression of these raids and the punishment of the guilty parties As Well As the recapture of the property stolen by them. General Ord commanding in Texas was directed to invite the co operation of the mexican authorities in efforts to this end and to assure them that i was anxious to avoid giving the least offence to Mexico. At the same time he was directed to give notice of my determination to put an end to the invasion of our territory by Lawless gangs intent upon the plunder of our citizens even if the effectual punishment of the outlaws should make the crossing of the Border by our troops in their Pursuit necessary. It is believed that this policy has had the effect to Check somewhat these depredations and that with a considerable increase of our Force upon that Frontier and the establishment of several additional military posts along the Rio Grande so As More effectually to guard that extensive Border peace May he preserved and the lives land property of our citizens in Texas fully it is noticeable that the president does not a a anticipated War but he a looks with he announces that general Oro wus instructed to give notice that if the crossing of the Border by our troops should become necessary to punish the outlaws the Border would be crossed. It has been crossed in pursuance of this order. Phis would be a warlike movement if there were any authoritative government in the land of revolutions to make War. Diaz begging in the United states capital for recognition is not Likely to declare War without great provocation. Should he it would be a puny not a punic War. He can not conquer the people in his own forlorn Republic who pronounce him an usurper. To subsists upon forced Loans largely a a tracked from enterprising american citizens who Lytle accumulated wealth on mexican a Oil. His government robs americans within its lines and his people commit ravages this Side the Border either a ii Tus Cclia ont or Uey Onu ins pow a pc prevent. He can not keep peace at Home. He would scarcely be Able to maintain himself against about half the mexicans and All the people of the United states. There being Down there really to declare War and nobody to carry on War when it is declared and there being Little disposition there to have a War with the uni ted states in any event the talk of War with Mexico is mostly foolishness. The result of it would be inevitable but vre should have a poor Triumph. If we should thus add to our territory it would be a sorry addition. We Are scarcely Able to a Pread our Laws and Justice Over the territory to own. With the Indian and the negro and the chinaman to vex us and Embarrass our Law rankers and obstruct oar system we do not need to add the mexican. To change the Border Lino would not be to change the source or the nature of the Border quarrel. But while these things should be remembered in the handling of the mexican question which requires political delicacy and soldierly barbarism there Are two things which should not be forgotten. The safety of citizens of the United states in Texas As in every state should be secured and maintained. The Protection afforded to citizens of the United states on the High seas should be also afforded to our citizens on land As against any foreign Power or subjects of a foreign Power. If the foreign Power is unable to Call off its robbers and assassins and marauders it should be summarily helped. If it is unwilling it should be made willing. If this costs War let War come. The other thing that should be borne in mind is that these Border transgressions of the mexicans Are matters for the United states to attend to not for the crazy adjustment of the average texan this Side the line. When the offending mexican crosses the Rio Grande he offends the authority and the Flag of the United states and touches the rights of our citizens which we Are bound to keep sacred. Let the United states government take car of its own at whatever Cost none the less because it is a foreign brigand a tropical plundered a Greasy mexican than if he were a decent foreigner. After Plevna what it May be constantinople. It May be the extinction of the Power of the moslem. It May be bloodshed covering Europe. None can say what. Plevna Means Russia victorious and the dictator of the terms of peace. It Means England s haste to secure a peace before the russian draws nearer constantinople and before the necessity of her interference to prevent the keeping of the russian oath which two centuries have nursed and kept warm that the Flag of st. Petersburg shall wave Over constantinople. Plevna became a strategic Point in this War by Accident. Osman Pasha with his army marched into it five months ago As a matter of convenience. Finding it inconvenient to occupy Nicopolis and other bulgarian towns he occupied Plevna. He made it instantly historic. It was Only a town of about seventeen thousand people four or five Miles East of the Vid unknown to War As a martial spot. Kars had the martial memories of a score of years ago clinging about it but the capture of Kars was of far less military consequence than the surrender of Plevna. When Osman Pasha on the 14th of july occupied Plevna it was a comparatively unimportant town. He at once began to throw up fortifications. A russian army promptly and rashly stormed the town and was repulsed with loss. In september the attempt to take the town by storm was renewed again without Success. Meanwhile the russian was encircling the town like the Coil of a Snake with steadfast and cunning design meanwhile also Mehemet Ali and Suleiman Pasha insolently refrained from going to the Relief of Osman Pasha and his in ironed army. For Many weeks Osman Pasha the unknown Soldier struggled against starvation and climate within his lines and More than twice his own Force without with unsurpassed courage and tenacity. His attempt to escape was mad despair but it was valorous. It was turkish incapacity away from Plevna that compelled his surrender. He chose to surrender if he must in blood. The effects of the surrender of Thia town consequential Only because it contained Osman and his army which at one time reached nearly seventy five thousand men but which numbered fewer than fifty thousand on its surrender can not yet Well be measured. In the first place the turks have lost the military Genius of their army. No such spirited commander is left to them. In the next place about one Hundred and Twenty five thousand russian soldiers Are released from service about Plevna to do duty elsewhere and by the same Token the moslem army is reduced by nearly fifty thousand men. The Turk is instantly placed at a relative disadvantage of one Hundred and seventy five thousand soldiers in the struggle with the russian. This is not All. The loss of the great commander a Ghazi a the a defender of the Faith a and the shifting in the War balances of two Hundred thousand men carry along with them a loss in the morale of an army already almost spiritless and Brave Only because composed of fatalist and a loss in the sympathy and expectation of Europe and of the world Seldom following the fallen. Ninety Miles from Plevna to the South West on the grand route from constantinople to Belgrade Rise the mosques of Sophia Justinian a City a town of thrice the size and importance of Plevna. The russian May move next upon it. Less than twice As far to the South East lies Adrianople the second capital formerly the capital of the turkish Empire. One Hundred and thirty seven Miles so us East of this spot lies the capital of the ottoman Empire the City commanding the seas and the attention of All Europe. Todleben s double cordon line about Plevna was one step taken toward the great capital of Eastern Europe sitting Empress Between the seas the Pivot of the history of Eastern Europe for fire centuries. The five months siege was not meaningless. It evinced the Superior russian generalship the Northern Energy the Frozen determination the historic Northern persistency for the victors in All history in the Long run have been Between the vanquished and the pole. They come from the Hills and the ice rather than from the sunny valleys and the tropical. Russia has lost thus far in this Campaign probably one Hundred thousand men. But she holds the terms of peace in her right hand. The Winter and european interference seem alone to stand Between the russian Soldier and the turkish capital. England is anxious for peace has for some time been. In the beginning of the War she insisted that Russia should disavow any intention of the acquisition of territory As one of the purposes of the War. 8he fears every step of the russian toward constantinople every symptom of her increase of Power. It is Patent that every Success of the russian arms will make that great Power More exacting in naming terms of peace. The soonest peace is the safest for England As Well As the most advantageous for Turkey. While the european Powers Are arranging for the contesting governments the terms of peace the russian armies will be marching beyond the Balkans menacing the very existence of the ottoman Empire. Grown haughty by a Suc Cess Oil of splendid victories Russia is in no haste to make terms. The remaining question now is what terms Turkey will be permitted to make. Out of making peace and not out of making War a great european War May now Spring. Four Hundred years ago the taking of constantinople the event of centuries was an event specially in the struggle Between the Crescent and the Cross. In this War the blood shed hereafter will be spilled to get ground. The Victory is practically won. How far will the victors be allowed to carry their Triumph How Long will England sitting in peace compel the Turk to fight for her Benefit will the russian sworn to take constantinople strive to keep that oath in this generation and now if yes what european. Interference will there be to prevent Russia will not apse an Hundred thousand men and corresponding treasure and quit victorious for nothing. Will imperious England that would do nothing in War dictate the peace that is after Plevna what ten years ago Charles Sumner from his seat in the Senate made a suggestion As to How a certain committee of the Senate should be formed. It was done in Sumner s characteristic manner As he sat taking part in a running debate. It was a lordly suggestion. Pitt Fessenden who almost hated Sumner bitingly and bitterly said a the president of the Senate has now received his the sarcasm and bitterness were noted by the Senate and the galleries and that was All. Conkling made a remark in the Senate in executive session three Days ago analogous to that of Sumner. Gordon of Georgia scornfully alluded to the orders issued to the vice president of the United states by the senator from new York. And now for the second time in our history it is spread upon the Senate record that senators Are no better than Street brawlers and that nothing but the interference of the Senate itself held up two senators from the level of bar room wranglers. It required the Active intervention of the most dignified Branch of the National legislature and the special activity of some of its most influential members to shelter the wounded Honor ? of the representatives of two illustrious commonwealths. Conkling a Lor Liness is offensive. He need not Call a senator a liar who tells him so. Nor need the Senate journal be stained by the record that it is at any time composed of men who Are incapable of being gentlemen. If senators Are quarrelsome Are Bac biters Are slanderers Are Low minded and narrow minded Saloon fighters insensible to the demands of the proprieties among gentlemen even if we could forget that they were senators let them and not the Senate Bear the stigma in history. The Senate is Notan arbiter Between blackguard. It is not a referee for prize fighters. It is not a Refuge for men who would be due lists but dare not or for men who would be due lists if they / dared. The Senate had no business with this quarrel Between Conkling and Gordon. Let not that High body become the historic adjuster of the altercations of ill tempered men. The Senate As a body May preserve its dignity though some of its members forfeit their title to the name of gentleman. The Senate should take care of itself. Its members should take care of themselves. It is not a Good precedent to establish that one senator May Call another a liar and that that senator May Call the former a horse thief and that the Senate must blot its history with the record of the salvation of the a a Honor of both the offenders. That is not the business of the Senate. It has a higher Mission. Let its pages he kept As clean As possible. The circular note dispatched by the Porte to the european Powers interested in maintaining the peace of Europe is a whining confession of turkish defeat and a petition for the sympathy of the nations. It just now occurs to Turkey that she does no to understand Why this War was begun at All. The moslem has always been in favor of the Turk has been a clapping his intellect a As Artemus Ward would say upon the problem How to derive reforms a without distinction of race or Religa ion a with marvelous Devotion. The Porte can not understand Why Russia is making War. The Turk says it is a Causeless warfare. This after Plevna is the essence and the ludicrous Tenor of the turks address to Europe. It is a Wail of despair. It is a confession of defeat it is a plea for Succour. Meanwhile the world knows that it a not religion but territory Vitiz not a ter Plevna a is conscious of having done nothing to provoke his attitude is that of the suppliant. The Porte regrets War exceedingly because it hinders the fact stares the world in the face that Turkey is grasping at a spar of foreign self interest a broken Plank of european Aid As her last Hope. She asks a what reason can there he for continuing War a this question from the Porte in an official circular to Europe is All that need be said at this moment touching the War chess Board of the continent. It is a Herald of a total surrender unless help comes. It is the circular of a mendicant. It is the plea of the Man that is Down appealing to the bystander As to Why he should be pounded or As to Why the Victor should take the stakes. A it is to be hoped that the present Congress May be prevented from taking any action on financial questions in order that an Appeal May be made to the country. Next fall a new House of representatives will he chosen and in the forty sixth Congress there will also he several new senators. In the Choice of these the Money question should be made the decisive one. For the Choice of members of Congress the party division should be on that the Boston Globe says that. The Globe is warm for the single Standard of Gold Coin and a paper currency based on Gold Coin. It regards the Silver Bill As dishonest and the anti resumption Bill As infamous. It wants those two Bills Laid aside and no further legislation on currency urged for two years. The forty sixth Congress will not meet until the first monday of december 1879�? eleven months after the time fixed for resumption. It strikes us the suggestion of the Globe is All in favor of the Money classes and against the people. The fairer thing would be to pass the Ewing anti resumption Bill and the Bland Sil ver Bill. The people would then be More on an Equality As to position with the Money classes. The question As to the future character of the paper currency whether it shall be issued by Banks and based on Coin or issued by the government and based on its credit exclusively could then be discussed with More coolness and deliberation and less disadvantage to either Bill Chandler the Man who served the party so Well in Florida during the late presidential election has written a letter very violent and Denun Chatory of president Hayes. He charges the president with having entered into a coalition with Southern democrats during the Days of excitement and with having bargained quot with democrats for the office he now holds. He refers to an article which was published by the enquirer in which it was said that one Roberts of new Orleans and senator Lamar of Mississippi had been selected to Confer with or. Hayes As to the Best thing to be done to insure him the office of president. The statements As made by the enquirer at the time were denied most positively by or. Roberts and senator Lamar but Chandler says that nevertheless the article but stated the Stern facts. In this possibly or. Chandler has such information As he deems undeniable. Chandler has the accumulated wrongs of a Man who was used and then turned adrift to urge him on in making his exposures. He is a Man of ability spite and Blind partisanship and will therefore permit no Check to be put upon him. He imagines that Hayes has betrayed his party and consequently seeks vengeance. Truly the great Republican party is in a sad plight. Governor Porter in his message to the Tennessee legislature insists on the acceptance of the proposition of the creditors of the state for an adjustment of the debt. They propose to surrender $10,000,000, thus reducing it to $14,000,000 and committee of arbitrators in new York to whom the matter was submitted in endorsing this proposition say that a when All the circumstances under which the debt was incurred the Peculiar condition of affairs in the state together with its present ability and future resources a Are considered the Compromise recommended by Theip a is just and fair to both debtor and at present the debt is increasing at the rate of $4,000 per Day. The majority of the legislature Are not satisfied with these terms. Though the state has on several occasions recognized the Validity of the debt the legislature is Stout in the determination to repudiate. It is supposed that this extraordinary session will fail to adjust the business and the Issue he again submitted to the people. A reforms a but Power that we find at in this european War. The Turk t Afik. Alte the Chicago Tribune says that the Silver Dollar was abolished so secretly that general Grant though he signed the Law did not know it for eight months afterwards when he wrote to a Friend expressing his regret that the coinage of the Silver Dollar was not progressing to his satisfaction. It is also said that two years and a half after the passage of the act general Hayes did not know it since in All his speeches during his Campaign against Allen in 1875 he advocated the payment of All our debts in a Gold and the Tribune thinks that had the fact been generally known Allen could have beaten Hayes and of course the latter would not have been thought of for the presidency. With great attention and hard work the country May be Able to get on a War with Mexico. American filibusters have crossed the Rio Grande and the mexicans Are getting a Force together to meet them. The distracted Little country May be americanized yet. Terre haute Indiana has had a town meeting at which resolutions were passed favouring the restoration of the Silver Dollar and protecting our paper currency. The citizens of Syrl the towns and cities in the country should hold meetings and Send words of instruction to their representatives in Washington. The Newark n. A savings Bank is also anxious to Settle with its depositors and to that end the managers have concluded to see that its property is fairly divided. The Bank is now in the hands of the Chancellor who will investigate its condition and then proceed to Settle. This can hardly be taken As an evidence of Golden Days. The Eastern press and Wall Street Gold fanciers will explain it satisfactorily of course. Washington is to be invaded again. It is the Wall Street mob once More. The late exhibit of Friendship to the Silver Dollar by the semite has brought every old and Young anti Silver rat from his Hole. They Hope to stave off a vote on the Bill fearing that its popularity in both houses will deter the president from using the veto Power. Rasca Lity May Avail them for a Short time but ultimate Chagrin awaits them. One More Chicago Bank decides to discontinue business. They Are German savings that Are locked up this time. The Bank makes a fair exhibit has plenty of assets but not enough currency. That is the trouble with nearly every Bank that fails want of Money to pay their depositors with. If the Banks do not quit this foolishness hoarders will largely increase in our Western country. The War of the republicans on Hayes seems to he determined upon. There is no escape for him but to Rush to the democrats and ask Protection. It would be Good judgment in him too. With Congress in democratic hands and the Senate nearly even Hayes can run his policy and have an administration to he proud of. The Tennessee legislature seeing disposed to Settle with the Public creditors of that state at fifty cents on the Dollar but not at 6 per cent interest 4 per cent being considered the highest rate that can be bravado. Remarkable utterance of the ply month pall ply wander a heresy or blasphemy a or Are these the wild ravings of an irresponsible a Lunate England continues her course of indecision. She is willing to give Turkey Good advice but nothing else. The russian losses to december 13th Are 77,658 men. All in the cause of christianity ? a at at thirteenth annual meeting of or. Beecher a Church last Friday night reports wore made upon the several departments of the Church work. The total number of members is 2,545, with a net increase of 34 during the year. The females largely Preponderate there being 915 male and 1,630 female member s. During the year 55 males and 76 females were received and of the removals 61 were males and 36 females. There Are three sunday-6chool.s attached to Plymouth Church the Home school with 986 pupils the Bethel Mission school with 1,269, and the Mayflower Mission. 715 total 2,972. The revenues of the Church for the year amounted to 556,427, of which $40,000 were for Pew rent. A correspondent of the new York Tribune giving reasons Why the tenure of office Law should be repealed makes the following statement a when the tenure of off co Bill was pending in the House some conscientious member ventured to say to Thad Stevens the great Republican Leader a i do not believe Thia Bill if passed will be constitutional we have no right to take the Dower of removal from office from the the imperious old Man replied who the d�?1 said that it would be constitutional this is no time to Giggle about the constitutions we must head Andy Johnson at All and so the Bill passed. It was vetoed but a two thirds majority made it a new York correspondent says that nearly every Church in that City is heavily in debt some of which will probably be sold under the Hammer. Or. Kimball who succeeded in Clearing an Uptown Church of a debt of $110,000, stated in his last Appeal for Money that he had no doubt a such debts Are primarily the cause of Many of the Deal cations that have become so frequent among business men Many of whom were Church members. Wit i such examples constantly before them they allow themselves to fall into debt and in despair at their own condition become defaulters in order to Clear the Vanderbilt will Case in connection with so Many similar cases that have been contested in our courts reminds us that if a millionaire would escape detraction after he is dead and keep the evidence that he was an old fool out of court let him Call together All his heirs direct and collateral and ask them to make his will and if they can not agree which they can not let him Well dispose of All his estate before death. The total receipts of Cotton at the seaports of the United states from september 1, 1877, to the latest Date were 1,865.957 Bales against 2,198,378 Bales for the same time in 1876, showing a decrease of 332,421 Bales. As compared with 1875, the decrease this year is 55,376 Bales. A writer in the new York Christian advocate says that of the 515,490 coloured children in the South but 134,000 attend any school. The South annually raises $800,000 for tiie education of coloured children. The m. E. Church is zealously at work in this cause. A stubborn and harassing cough that will not yield to Ordinary remedies May be thoroughly cured by or. Jayne a expectorant a most effective remedy for All bronchial or pulmonary disorders. Do glm and Breckinridge. To the editor of the enquirer will you please state through the columns of a your paper when and where was Stephen a. Doug As nominated by the democrats for the presidency also when and where was John c. Breckinridge nominated we want to Settle a dispute and leave the matter with Yon for settlement. Yours truly a constant Reader. The democratic National convention of 1860 first met in Charleston South Carolina on the 26th of april. After a Stormy debate on the platform s portion of the Delegate left the. Convention. Those that remained balloted fifty a even times without making a Choice Douglas largely leading and then adjourned to meat in Baltimore on the 18th of Jane. Douglas woe then nominated for the presidency on the second ballot. On the Aoth of june the delegates who 4m not participate in the convention that nominated Douglas assembled also to Baltimore and Anani Boualy nominated John c. . End serial dispatch to the enquirer. New York december 16.�?tho virtuous or. Beecher seems to be gradually shaking off the old fashioned doctrine of the congregational body of which he is a member and striking out in Hia accustomed sensational Way. All doctrine hangs lightly upon his shoulders and it has Long been easier to Tell from his Public utterances what he does not believe than what he does. He indulged in a vast Deal of swearing to Day on the doctrines of the Trinity and of hell. Speaking of the Trinity he said he believed there were three persons United in one god head but if any one should ask him Why he believed it he should Tell him he did not know any thing about it Only that it was easier to believe that which he thought coincided with the doctrines of the new testament than to deny it. Orthodoxy says that men must believe in the Trinity or they can not come into the Church. That is called orthodoxy but he called it heathenism. Quot it is not an easy thing a said or. Beecher a for an honest conservative Man to know just what to preach and what not to preach. A Man who values morality and who has the Good of his fellow Man at heart can not be careless As to the things to ought to teach. It was said that Adam was created perfect. It was also said that Adam sinned and that in consequence of that sin the whole human race fell. The human race had existed on the Earth for thousands and thousands of years and had gone on propagating and multiplying until All the Waves that had rolled in upon the Shore during those centuries did not contain Dropo enough nor the Sands of the sea particles enough nor All the figures of the arithmetic numbers enough to compute the preface to say nothing of the great history of the human race. The numbers of the human race were actually beyond computation and for thousands and thousands and thousands of years they had been born into the world had lived and struggled and finally died and gone where if you Tell me that they have All gone to heaven my answer will be that such a sweeping of mud into heaven would defile its purity and i can not accept that. If you Tell me that they have gone to hell then i swear by the lord Jesus Christ whom i have sworn to worship forever that you will make an infidel of me. A the doctrine that god has been for thousands of years peopling this Earth with human beings during a period three fourths of which was not illuminated by an altar or a Church and in places where a vast population of those people Are yet wit Honi Light is to transform the almighty into a monster More hideous than satan himself and i swear by All that is sacred that i will never worship satan though he should appear dressed in Royal Robes and seated on the throne of Jehovah. Men May say a you will not go to a heaven presided Over by such a Demon As that who has been peopling this world with millions of human beings and then sweeping them off into hello not like dead flies but without taking the trouble even to kill them and gloating and laughing Over their eternal misery is not such a heaven As i want to go to. The doctrine is too horrible. I can not believe a it and i wont. They say the saints in heaven Are so Happy that they do not mind the torments of the damned in hell. But what sort of saints must they be who could be Happy while looking Down upon the horrors of the bottomless pit and by the blood of Christ i denounce this doctrine. By the wounds in his hands and in his Side i abhor it. By his groans and agony i abhor and denounce it As that hideous Nightmare of a horrible crime. A blood curdling confessions the Way Henry Norfolk murdered his wife near Baltimore Maryland. Special dispatch to the enquirer. Baltimore mde a december 11.�?henry Norfolk the wife murderer who is awaiting his execution at Annapolis made a confession this evening detailing the particulars of the horrible crime. He was convicted on purely circumstantial evidence and his confession was the first positive evidence of his guilt. He told the blood curdling Story in his cell in the presence of his counsel clergymen and others As follows quot i left Home on that saturday morning ten minutes before eight of clock my wife leaving about the same time. She went Over to the tobacco bed taking a different direction from myself. I went from the House right Down where Stallings was blowing crossed the Bridge and went up the Meadow toward Tho tobacco bed. We both got to tha tobacco bed pretty much about the same time. I Cut the cabbage plants. Some words might have passed Between us but nothing unpleasant my wife did not expect me there i gave her the Basket after i Cut the plants which she took and started for Home ahead of me. When 1 gave her the Basket she said she did not think there was enough but she started on. And after she got out of the Woods i told her to come Back and 1 would Cut her More. Just As she turned to leave the tobacco bed was the first time i attempted to raise the club to strike her when she was under the same tree where she was killed but my heart failed me then. I called her Back and Cut the rest of the plants. She Only came to the Fence when she came Back the second time. After the plan were Cut she started for dome again. I was behind her and just As she got to the t be i struck her on the left Side of the head holding the club in both hands. Her Bonnet was on then but flew Oft at the first blow and remained on the ground As it fell. Tho Basket fell Oft her Arm and did not overturn and she fell with her face to the ground. She tried to get up and i saw her full face and then i struck her four or five blows More. She never uttered a word nor cry after the first blow. I went from there to the tobacco bed where Stallings was picking with the coloured boys. I got there Between nine and half past nine of clock. Before i went to the tobacco bed i went to Morlins i Fence and Cut one pole and put it on the Fence. I picked on the tobacco bed until i went to dinner a Between half past eleven and twelve of clock. Stallings was about the Middle of the bed when i got there and i commenced to work right alongside of him and flubbed the breadth before we went to dinner. On my Way to dinner 1 stopped at mrs. Stailing a to get a yeast cake which my wife asked me to get before 1 left Home that morning. I had been thinking of killing my wife three months before i did so and made up my mind on the wednesday previous to the saturday of the killing. On wednesday 1 Cut the club at the woodpile with my Hatchet it was a new Hatchet Bat was mapped the a shown in court had nothing to do with cutting the club. After i had Cut the club i put it in the Corn House where it remained until yesterday morning when i took tout when i started for the tobacco bed and when 1 passed Stallings who was blowing in the Field 1 Hod it Down my pants leg and took it out after i crossed the Bridge. Whea.1 got Over the Fence it the dam House 1 had the club and a in my at the close of his confession the Cler prayed that As he had now confessed his cri might receive mercy from heaven. Norfolk it desired his confession made Jublle and was gently unmoved. The murder was. It is Bell prompted by the love of Norfolk for his wife ster who he hoped to marry. Reliable help for weak and nervous suffer chronic painful and prostrating los Row cd without Medicine. Pulema Ehert a electric a the grand Desideratum. Avoid imitations. Wjk and journal with particulars mailed free. Add Pulvermacher galvanic co., Cincinnati Ohk

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Newspapers allow readers to step into the life and times of past decades and centuries from all over the world. Not only do they have interesting and unique articles and photos, but they also have advertisements, comics, classifieds, and more.
The NewspaperArchive collection can be searched several different ways - advanced search, browse, and publications. The advanced search offers filters to narrow your search for more precise results.
NewspaperArchive’s collection of newspapers boasts more than 85% unique content compared to other newspaper sites. In addition to big city newspapers, we have a wide variety of newspapers from small towns that hold a wealth of information about day-to-day life. Our collection dates back to 1607!