Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
12 Dec 1877

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer in Cincinnati, Ohio
12 Dec 1877

Read an issue on 12 Dec 1877 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer.

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - December 12, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvii no. 20.wednesday morning december 12. 1877. Whole no. 2114.the enquirer. Wbdnend4y. A in. Terms weekly 1 1 15 weekly 6 Moa. 55c. Daily,lyr.,. Day 1400 daily 6 months.#7 of Faran amp Mclean pub�., can. The Senate fall. After an interregnum of seventeen years the Senate a now full. Or. Eur bib of Louisiana was sworn in monday. All the states Are now fully represented in the Senate of this government of states. Since the Senate met on the 3d Day of december 1860, there have been Many changes in this great government of ours. During four of those years the Union Hung trembling in the balances. The government rocked upon its foundations. For dozen years of peace and of Union under the Constitution As it is several of the 8tates have been struggling for their places in fact in that Union. Not until this year have All the states become equal beneath the Dag. One after another they have been reluctantly admitted to file into the Union which they madly undertook to leave and which it was not admitted that they had left till the War had ended. But the states that leave the Union through four years of blood and return to it through twelve years of peace Are in this year of our lord 1877 once More equal under the stars and stripes and they Are free. In these years the character of the Republic has been changed. A great blot at great Cost has been removed. The Cost has been great in blood and in treasure but greater still in the loss of reverence for constitutional government itself. The debt can be paid the dead will not be mourned by the next generation but the precedents established hostile to the spirit of the government in conflict with its Bible will be Felt for evil generations hence. Among a people living under a government expressed by a Constitution it is not Safe to weaken the re Gard for that Constitution. To esteem it lightly is heresy. It is the Christian losing his reverence for Christ. That the passions and the necessities of War have lessened the veneration in which the Constitution was formerly held and in which it should be regarded is painfully evident and this is the most melancholy change that Hue been wrought in this eventful period. In the Constitution itself great changes have been Mude. It is needless to discuss them now. A they quot Are made they will they live wrought revolutions in the system of society of labor and of government in half the latin. A blight is banished but the remedies and their consequences have not been and will not be i noxious. It is the duty of the political leaders of to Day and the writers of our political literature to so shape their practice and their doctrine in these hours of peace to teach the generation on which the wealth of suffrage is just being bestowed that absolute Fidelity to the Constitution the noiseless mechanism of our Republic without which a constitutional government is but an empty name. It will do no harm to admit that the gospel has been disregarded within the Post few years. There have been other changes since the 8enate met in december 1860. The government runs on and on while the grave takes the governors. To the Man familiar with the Senate of that Day the changes death has made in the body that itself never Dies have a melancholy interest. Of those who were then senators but two Are senators to Day Hannibal Haman of Maine and Henry b. Anthony Island. Notwithstanding the Long term of the senator who serves for six years and the tendency to re elect of the seventy six senators. To Day but two were senators less than three times six years ago. Pitt Fessenden was in the Senate then grim keen command Fig but misanthropic seeming to have a spite against Mankind because of the bitter love Accident of his birth that sprung from the nature of Mankind. Fessenden is dead. John p. Hade was there Brave eloquent witty Able to state his Case with unsurpassed Force and clearness. Hade is dead. Henry Wilson was there politic tireless ambitious making More of his native talents than almost any Man in our history and Wilson is a Lead. Sumner was there the student of the Senate the Man who alone in quot the Senate was Able to summon All history and All literature to prove his Point. Massive in his vanity isolated in his tastes and life and Sumner is dead. William Henry sew cd was there who had been for ten years t he idol of a great following and was the Star. Asman of his party in 1860. Seward is dead. Stephen a. Douglas was there his democracy pure and simple and running through the Warp and Woof of his nature his loyalty to the Union so deep a Saud that not even disappointed ambition always a destroyer of the Best things in men a Ould shake it a i am ready to with any party with any individual of any party who will come to this question with an Eye single to the preservation of the Constitution and the Union a said Douglas in those trying hours. Douglas is dead. Andrew Johnson was there his voice of the bravest and Axnas John non is gone. George e. Pugh was there fresh from the laurels of Charleston that shrill Tenor tone singing like a Silvery Bell through the 8enate chamber dinging to the Union and to peace with tenacity but to Hie belief with Defiance and that Brilliant Man deeps. Jeeps Mon Davis was there saying a it i could see any Means by which i could Evert the catastrophe of a struggle Between the sections of the Union my past life i Hope gives evidence of the readiness with which i would make the Effort. If in the opinion of others it be possible for me to do any thing for the Public Good the last moment while 1 stand Here is at the command of the Senate. I will serve on the committee if the Senate there were thirty three states then. There were other shining names in the list of senators. There were names less Lustrous that take place in our history. R. M. T. Hunter Mason of Virginia Robert Toombs John j. Crittenden Jesse d. Bright Ben Wade Lyman Trumbull Yulee of Florida Wigfall of Texas Benjamin and Slidell and the others were then senators. The Graves have opened and events have shifted the leaders. Five states have been added to the Union since that time ten senators have been added to the Senate of those Ante Bellum Days. The Senate never Dies but How changed is it the president and nil ver end honesty. There be these three but the greatest of these is honesty. The president we mourn to say is hostile to the other two in the portion of his message that relates to the Silver question. It ought not to be necessary again to quote from the Law in the premises to show that the presidents position upon the re monetization of Silver is not in Harmony with honesty in whose name he pleads. The president says in his message upon this subject that a if the United states government were free from a Public debt its legislative dealing with the question of Silver coinage would be purely Sovereign and governmental under no restraint but those of constitutional Power and the Public Good As affected by the proposed legislation but in the actual circumstances of the nation with a vast Public debt distributed very widely among our own citizens and held in great part also abroad the nature of the Sliver coinage measures As affecting this relation of the government to the holders of the Public debt becomes in any proposed legislation of the highest concern. The obligation of the Public Faith transcends All questions of profit or Public advantage the a Public debt a the a obligations of the Peoples Faith a Are the commanding things in considering Silver legislation. Very Well. But the debt is a Promise to pay and the a a obligation must be determined by an examination of the Promise. We must look at what was a a contemplated in the contract in the very words of the president. The president describes the contract As follows a the Bonds issued prior to 1873 were issued at a time when the Gold Dollar was the Only Ooin in circulation or contemplated by either the government or the holders of the Bonds As the Coin in which they were to be paid. It is far pay these Bonds in that Coin than to seem to take advantage of the unforeseen fall of Silver Bullion in a new Issue of Silver Ooin that is made so much less it is entirely immaterial what Coin was a in circulation at the time the Bonds were issued. As a matter of fact no kind of Coin was much in circulation. What did the Bond say that is the Coin a a contemplated by both the government and the holders of the Bonds. The presidents statement of the Bond is in exact conflict with the Bond itself. We again reproduce the contract a be it enacted ac., that the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to Issue &c., a a Coupon or registered Bonds of the United states redeemable in Coin of the present Standard value july 14, 1870. Bearing interest payable Semi annually in such Coin it and the said Bonds shall have set Forth and expressed upon their face the above specified conditions. A Sec. 2. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to sell and dispose of any of the Bonds issued under this at not less than their Par value or con a a. Showing beyond a peradventure that the word a a coins was used advisedly. We find in the fifth Section of this the authority Given for receiving a Gold Coin a and issuing for the same certificates of Deposit. The framers of the Law were capable of saying Gold Coin when they meant Gold Coin. This then is the contract this the payment a a contemplated when the Bonds to which the president alludes were issued. But the president has something to say of the lofty equities in the premises quot the j Ower of the United states to Coin Money and to regulate the value thereof ought never to be exercised for the purpose of enabling the government to pay its obligations in a Coin of less value than that contemplated by the parties when the Bonds were issued. Any attempt to pay the National indebtedness in a coinage of a less commercial value than the Money of the world would involve a violation of the Public Faith and work irreparable injury to the Public the coinage Power of the government that is ought not to be exercised to change a great contract covering the payment of $1,500,000,000, or More than that. This is a sound proposition. There is another equally sound and appealing with equal Force to the sense of Honor. If by any process sinister or otherwise that has been done without the knowledge or intention of the people of the government or their Law making Power the moment the fact is discovered it should be undone. The presidents honorable impulses and High moral susceptibilities will surely not permit him to gainsay this ethical position. It happens that the coinage Power of the Congress was exercised in 1873-4 for the purpose or to the effect of enabling the holders of the Bonds to exact payment in a Coin of greater value than that contemplated by the parties when the Bonds were issued. This in the very language of the president is what quot ought never to be done unless the president is willing to say that Congress May exercise the coinage Power to extort from the tolling masses a Ooin of greater Vaina than they promised to pay Bat May net exercise it for tile Parps be of enabling the people to pay the debt a the precise Coin they promised. This is the predicament a which the pres ident and All enemies of the Silver Bill find themselves. The friends of the Silver Bill say quot let is undo this thing which you admit to be a the enemies of the Bill Are compelled to say quot it Isnit wrong if it robs the people to pay the bondholders. Let us cling to the we submit that the president ought not to veto the 8ilver Bill or even use his vast executive influence against it in the name of honesty. But John Sherman says quot i have sold $75,-000,000 of these Bonds within six months for Gold a this Isnit a Large sum in a debt of nearly $2,000,000,000, but it suggests additional reasons Why the Congress should say to Sherman a sell these Bonds for Gold Coin or Silver Coin As you please but the Promise of the government is to pay Silver or Gold Coin As it the president alludes to the saving of interest by paying in Gold. But John Sherman in direct violation of Law is refusing to sell the Bonds for Silver Coin to save interest to parties who announce their willingness to receive Silver Coin in return. Compare this conduct of the Secretary with the Law quoted above and it is Plain that John Sherman ought to be impeached and removed. John Sherman the president the senators in Congress will do Well to remember that the tax payer in this country is muttering to the Bondholder with deep and bitter determination the words of shylock a let him look to his he talks of a honesty a a let him look to his a the was wont to lend Money for a Christian Courtesy let him look to his a i have sworn an oath that i will have my Bond. Ill not be made a soft and Dull eyed fool to shake the head relent and sigh and yield to Christian intercessors. Follow not ill have no speaking i will have my Bank inflation. The men in this country who Are howling against a a inflation Are themselves the Arch initiators. It is the clique of Money lenders whenever found in the land that solemnly protests against this clique denounces credit Money which is not their credit Money. It lifts up its voice in Wrath against the Issue of a Dollar of Money based directly on the credit of the government because the clique claims that such Money has no substantial foundation. The members of the oligarchy insist that the forms of Money accessible to the people shall he contracted to the last degree while the forms of a medium of Exchange used by the oligarchy itself Are enormously expanded. The clique is hostile to All forms of inflation not its own. The Money Power is in favor of contracting to nothing the Legal tender notes of the United states and the theory of the Money Power is that we now have too much Money. Let us examine the facts the report of the comptroller of the currency is before us. The facts it contains give a picture of Bank inflation. They show the enormous control of the Money Power. They explain Why the Money lending oligarchy is horrified at the thought of any inflation but its own. In the first place it should be borne in mind that the Money of the country is really composed of Legal tender notes and National Bank notes. The Money in Gold Silver and fractional currency in use As such is Small in amount. On the 1st of november last the outstanding National Bank circulation was $315,881,990. At the same time there were nominally outstanding of United states Legal tender notes to the amount of $354,490,892. These give a total of $670,372,882 of Money assumed to be in circulation in the United states. The fractional currency and Silver and Gold in use As Money will not begin to reach the volume of greenbacks that Are hoarded imprisoned out of circulation. We have therefore less than $700,000,000 to be loaned or deposited or used As Money. But what is the volume actually deposited and loaned according to the report of the comptroller the liabilities of the National Banks alone on the 1st Day of october last were $1,741,084,663. That is to say the liabilities of the National Banks alone Are one thousand million of dollars More than the currency of the country. % the Banks loan that capital and their deposits. They loan a great Deal More than these but these certainly. We quote from the report of the comptroller of the currency a if the number capital and deposits of the National Banks on june 22, 1877, be combined with the number average capital and average deposits of the state Banks private Banks savings Banks and Trust and loan companies As shown by the foregoing table for the six months ending May 31, 1877, it will give a total number of 6,579, a total banking capital of $704,547,943, and total deposits of $2,120,113,395.�?� Here is tremendous inflation but it is Bank inflation. What is deposited credit. What is loaned credit. Who is benefited the Banks. Who controls this vast inflation the Banks the lenders of Money. Let us note another fact the report of the comptroller says that a the exchanges at the Clearing House in new York City for the year ending october 1, 1877, were nearly Twenty one thousand Here is an amazing inflation transactions in one year amounting to ten times the National debt 1 what amount of Money clanged hands Hie report says that a the average daily Exchange were about sixty one and a half millions Hulett i Tiff a it b 7114111 al al Wen hut about two and a half millions or Only four and two tenths per eel of the amount of the this la Bank inflation. This is the info a it the cities. This is Clearing House inflation. Of course these people do not want any inflation save their own. Why should they to Lucy do not want any Clearing houses on the Prairies. They do not object to inflation for they Are the most enormous inflation lists but they want a monopoly of inflation. The Money lenders loan inflation. They Swap inflation. They Hank on inflation. They declare dividends on inflation. They draw enormous interest on stupendous inflation. But they deprecate they lift up hands in holy horror at the Prospect of when the people of the West and South ask for facilities in Exchange approaching in the slightest degree to those of the shylock who enjoy this huge monopoly of them they Are met with the cry a inflation is a the vast sparsely settled producing sections of the country who have no Clearing houses ask for the Clearing House of the people the Greenback and the cities crowded with Banks owned by Banks blessed with vat machinery for the conduct of exchanges howl a inflation a a hint to the democratic party. Senator Patterson a picture of the Republican party in the South Isa melancholy one. He called on the president and charged him with the destruction of the Republican party South. When asked the reason for the Faith that was in him or not in him he said that the legislature of South Carolina Only had one Republican member left in it and that one was about to resign. When we remember that South Carolina has been the most Republican of All the Southern states that when the Republican party had collapsed in All the other Southern states it still was Able to keep up a fair showing in South Carolina that while Florida was democratic and Louisiana was democratic on a fair count and every other state was democratic by common admission an honest doubt still Hung Over South Carolina the importance of this admission is Manifest. It Means that the Republican party in the Southern states is forever dead and buried. That element in our politics is a fixed and irrevocable fact. The cause that contributed to this result it is needless now to discuss. They Are separated from the causes which will make the South democratic in the future if the democratic party is Wise. It is not yet forgotten that in the vote upon the resumption repeal Bill a few Dawrs ago the South voted almost solidly in favor of repeal. Of the eighty three Southern democrats voting seventy nine voted for repeal. This is a tremendous Power in the politics of the country. Eighty votes in a Lump for an humane currency policy. It is an unexpected element of strength added to the cause of the currency reformers. We May be sure that the representatives who voted for repeal did not misrepresent their constituents. It is equally True that in the Southern congressional changes the currency ideas that now Bear Sway will not grow weaker. The discussion of a question strengthens the right. It is this that has strengthened the Greenback cause within the past few years. Another proposition that should be borne in mind is that the politics of the future for some years will hinge upon this question of currency. Upon this question All praises to her the South will be a a solid for the right. Our Brilliant correspondent George Alfred Townsend in his letter printed in the enquirer of yesterday gives a glimpse of the condition of things in the other end of the country. By Way of collating evidence and making testimony cumulative we quote from a a Gath so letter. He is interviewing hon. Timothy Davis sex democratic member of Congress from Massachusetts 1856-1859 a a Are parties held together very firmly in new England a quot no. If the financial question comes up in new England it will split every thing to piece. And i thing it a coming up very a a a Why has it not been up already a a a because it has never been debated with us As it has been in the West the soft Money or anti resumption Side has never been vigorously a a a Why does no to Bun Butler present it a a a Butler was elected As i understood on a pledge that he agitate that a a Why should the financial question strike new England at this late Day a a a because the times Are harder there this year than a the Peoples Side of the Sloney question a has never been vigorously presented in new England. That furnishes the philosophy of new England a position. Why has it not been presented new England holds $400,000,000 in government Bonds almost one fourth of the National debt. The atmosphere is a Bon holding atmosphere. The press is a Bon holding press. Wherever the people have had an Organ As in new Haven Connecticut where the Union is doing splendid work the Peoples cause upon the currency question makes rapid Progress. We have thus the Patent fact in the South. We have the known and acknowledged possibilities in new England the great stronghold of the financial oppressors the Home of the Bondholder and Tuoney Lender. There is another class of facts. Within a few weeks we have seen greenbacks cast nearly two Hundred thousand seceding votes in a few states. Many men will vote for a measure within party lines where one will leave a party throwing aside its affiliations and obligations to vote for the same measure. Men Are in Earnest when they will Cut Loose party ties and vote for an idea with no Hopa in the present with Only Faith in the in tire. Two Hundred thousand votes suitably distributed would overcome All the Republican majorities in All the states in the last presidential election save two. Three Hundred thousand men in Ohio have repeatedly recorded their opinions in favor of the Peoples currency for the Peoples happiness find Homes. The democracy of Ohio Indiana Illinois Michigan Wisconsin Iowa Minnesota the vast North West Are harmonious upon this currency question. We simply say that these facts looked at in a Bunch constitute a hint to the leaders of the National democratic party. As they make platforms adopt policies indicate tendencies enact Laws let them put Forth such declarations As if held up from the Earth will draw the people unto them. It is an ugly Story a very ugly Story that come to us from Washington to the effect that Secretary Schurz caused the name of the president to be signed to a renomination of Hoyt As Indian commissioner without the presidents knowledge and against his expressed wish and sent the same to the 8enate for confirmation. Never before we believe in the history of the government has a Cabinet minister stood charged with the commission of such an against the executive whom he has been called upon to advise and assist and with whom for that very reason he should sustain the most intimate and confidential relations. Other cabinets have had their scandals and some of them of late years bad enough ones but if this Story be True it remained for the one chosen by or. Iiaye8 and heralded to the world Asun example of Reform in the civil service to show what May be done by an unprincipled officer to accomplish his ends. We Hope that the Story As it is told is not True. For the Sake of common decency in our Public service for the Sake of Reform which is so much talked about but seems unattainable we Hope that it May prove to have been incorrectly told. If or. Schurz who has been cited As the exemplar of optimism in polities is found to be the one who first Falls under the ban he the Bright shining Light of Reform the advocate of honesty in every thing pertaining to the Public service is the first to be pointed at As the awful example of the debasing influences of our politics. With him gone to whom shall we look for an illustration Unis Custodie Custodea the Money Power Are confident of their ability to defeat the Bill to repeal the resumption either by the Senate or by a veto of the president. They Are determined at All hazards to violate what they know to be the wishes of ninety out of every Hundred of the voters of the United states. They have set their hearts upon reducing the volume of currency some $200, xxx ,000 or $300,-000,000 below the amount we now have. Their grand scheme of confiscation must proceed until the debtor class have parted with their real estate and other property. If the Bill to repeal the resumption should pass the Senate and the president should veto it the monstrous confiscation scheme can not be checked by Congress until the next president shall be elected. This will give time to ruin a million of honest people who Are so unfortunate As to be in debt unless the states come to their Rescue. The democratic party of Ohio claim to be the friends of the poorer classes and the enemies of incorporated wealth. The people of Ohio have confided the government of this state into their hands and look to them for Relief against the heartless creditor class a the Money shylock who Are driving the debtor class to desperation. The democratic legislature so far As Ohio is concerned can Check these heartless creditors by passing at once stay Laws that will put the debtor class out of the hands of the wolves for three four or five years. By that time the democracy will have the National government in their hands and can regulate financial affairs in accordance with the wishes of the honest people of the country. Osman Pasha attempted on sunday to break through the lines surrounding Plevna. The russians attacked him front and rear. After a desperate engagement in which Osman was seriously wounded he was compelled to surrender unconditionally. The russians now occupy All the works of Plevna. This is a Plain recital of facts which will change the expectation of Europe and of it a Large degree of the world touching this european War. It Means that the Turk is beaten in this contest at arms. So much of the sympathy of european was with him in the beginning of the conflict will not accompany him in this disastrous and decisive defeat. The great kingdom on whose Friendship he counted with Faith and to whose Alliance he looked with Confidence sends word to him through the London times the Mirror reflecting the sentiment of the government that he May Hope for Succour thence in vain. There seems Little now for Turkey to do but to make the Best terms of peace possible for the War appears practically at an end. The russian has taken a Long firm step toward keeping the oath the ancient Czar bequeathed to All the russians the planting of his triumphant foot in constantinople. It is interesting to note now in this hour of russian Victory the ostensible cause of the War the turkish persecution of some so called christians is entirely forgot. The christians will be Little affected by the Issue but the maps of Europe May be slightly changed again. 8ecrbtaet Sherman a relations to the new York sugar refiners Are not very Sweet just now. On october 1st, the Secretary reduced the drawback on exported sugar greatly to the damage of the Trade As the refiners claim. The draw Back had previously covered the amount of duty void on imported raw sugars less one per cent to cover expenses. Of course this is a serious matter to the refiners who Export their products and they claim that the Secretary instead of administering Law has arbitrarily changed the Law. This country produces annually 800,-000 tens of refined sugar or Over forty two pounds per capita of the population. During last August and september the Export of refined sugar amounted to 15,000,000 pounds per month. The Secretary a went at the refiners on the ground of great frauds in the business by the introduction of High Clafus sugars artificially coloured so As to pay the lowest rate of duty. This charge a indignantly denied by the refiners who refer to chemical analyses that have not shown a Trace of colouring matter. They Promise to a try conclusions with the Secretary until the dispute is the message of the president has clearly defined what is to be the real Issue in the future Between the Republican and democratic parties. The former by the of the president avows itself the advocate of tha National Banks and opposed to greenbacks in favor of the resumption of specie payments and therefore in favor of an immediate contraction of the currency opposed to the re monetization of the Silver Dollar. Here the Republican party boldly and defiantly avows itself the Friend and defender of All the acts of the Money Power and challenges the people to a trial of strength. The leaders of the Republican party have now made a Clear Issue. This is All Well. The democracy will no longer be annoyed with Bank stockholders directors and attorneys palming themselves off of democrats. They can no longer deceive the democracy by claiming to be hard Money democrats. The Cable tells us that the English Are pleased with president hates. Their papers speak of him in the kind Liest manner. They congratulate him upon having the Pluck to go against the wishes of his country and favor British holders of our Bonds. If a new election was to be held to Morrow no doubt he could get All the votes of England for president but few american ones. President Hayes is a Lone Man. If a paper Speaks Well of his financial Wisdom it condemns his Southern policy and vice versa. He has lost the Confidence of Many Western men by his action and it now looks As if he had been coached by John Sherman. The imports of merchandise into this country daring the ten months ending october 31st amounted to $413,135,000, against $364, 912.000 for the same time last year an increase of $48,223,000. The exp it Orts of domes Lic produce for the same time in specie value were $474,766.000. Against $446,959,000 for the same time last year an increase of $27,807,000. The balance in our favor for ten months in 1876 was $82,047,000, against $61, 631.000 in 1877. Our exports of Gold and Silver in 1877, after deducting the imports Are $25,000,000, against $34,870,000 last year. On december 1, 1876, the government had $42,400,000 of Coin against $101,600,000 on december 1, 1877. This is to let a soon reduced by the payment of $23,900,000 of called Bonds. Osman Pasha and his army have surrendered. Sadowa for Austria Sedan for France Plevna for Turkey. Great Britain with 32,000,000 of people maintains a fractional coinage of $92,000,000. The Bona artists Are not pleased with the present Workings of the French government. The Massachusetts society for the prevention of cruelty to animals propose to organize the school children of the state under the title of a legions of Honor for the purpose of instruction in the principles of the 8ociety. Human beings Are included with dumb animals in this Benevolence As seen in the pledge which the children Are to take As follows a we the undersigned pledge ourselves to do what we can for the prevention of cruelty to human beings and to dumb animals. We also pledge oar Honor that we will use no profane language will show respect to the aged and will be respectful at All the motto of the legion is quot reverence truth kindness the. French budget for 1878 Calls for $850,000,000 Revenue Over $450,000,000 of which is to be raised by indirect taxation. Among the articles indirectly taxed Are tobacco $6,446,980 sugar >3,098,-080. And liquors $7,783,500. Stamp duties produce >9,348,720. The Public debt demands $250,000,000, the army $118,374,348, and the Navy $37,785,346. Tha expenses of the National Assembly Ait. $2,000,000. The bonded debt of Tennessee which the legislature is now in session to consider is $24,000,000, at five five and a Quarter and six per cent the state papers generally favor the proposition to adjust the debt by paying six per cent on sixty Cento per Dollar. It is now quoted in new York at forty eight cents. There Are 434,073 men liable to military duty in Ohio divided into two classes. The first class embraces those liable to duty under Oil circumstances and numbers 366,429 men. The second class contains those Only liable to duty in certain emergencies and numbers 68,153 men. It is held by a new York court that presents being made a few hours before marriage become the property of the wife who can bold them after the divorce or death of the husband. It a bilious headache and All the uncomfortable symptoms a accompanying a disordered liver May be Speed gotten rid of by the use of or. Jayne Santive Pilla Winter in preparing to spread his while Over the landscape Bat it to nothing to the Fiebag tic old bugs Are preparing tor Long Saf bring in to Happy tidings for nervous mob Era and who have been dosed dragged and quacked. Trnini pol fam be it is fun m a ito Waey Ture debility. Tod. Fule m Prev and loot address Fulvous acres al Vamp on it

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