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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - December 05, 1877, Cincinnati, OhioVol. Xxxvii no. 19. Wednesday morning december 5. 1877. Whole no. 2113.the enquirer. Vex Efina. Of Omni h 5,1x77. Terms a i 15 weekly a Moe 55c. Weekly 1 year. W dally.1 . I by 14 mgt daily. 1 months.? of a Kan a Mclean. Pub can. The Prea web a a the presidents message to Bis a fellow Citi Sens of the Senate and How of represent lives a an eccentric address upon which he might obtain letters Patent begins by Felici Tating the country on being a blessed with wealth a and a with encouraging Prosi it acts of an Early return of general notwithstanding oof blessed wealth we May yet be prosperous. The president then leaps at once into the topic which has embalmed his administration so far a9 it has earned a place in the impartial and lasting affection of his countrymen a the pacification of the noun Tryk a this the Foremost part of his message is admirable. It is a Frank Manly defense of his 8outhcm policy. He Points with pardonable Pride to the results of that policy Calls attention to the fact that the measures he adopted were the Only constitutional Onca. He recognizes the criticisms upon the course be has adopted but shrewdly says that any other course would also have been censured. There is the Havor of tenacity Ami Pluck in his comment upon this feature of his work. He says in effect a gentlemen i shall adhere to this i a Ivey. It is no longer an he pledges himself to the Protection of the negro in the South so far As in him lies and reminds the Congress that the a a outrages in the South ceased on the adoption of his Posiey. This fragment of his message is patriotic and excellent. Its Catholic spirit will warmly Coin mend it to the fair minded people of the country and it is an invincible defense of the Southern policy. The president next proceeds to the discussion of the questions of resumption and Silver re monetization. This portion of his message is the most a heretical vicious and heartless that has emanated front a president for Many years. It �9 impolitic. It oversteps the proper boundaries of a presidential message under existing circumstances with tyrannical eagerness. The president arrays himself against the people of his state that has nurtured hint with partial hands and has showered her bounties upon him. He places himself in abrupt antagonism to a great majority of hts countrymen in a matter that touches All their Homes. He asserts his opinion upon two legislative matters against the freshly recorded judgment of the Peoples Branch of the National legislature thrusting his individual belief in the Teeth of a House majority of thirteen upon one question and a vote of about five to one on the other. He lifts up his voice too against what is known to be the judgment of the 8enate. The surrender of the Western president to the Money lending Section is Replete. The people have been deserted by the National executive. The president is joined to his idols. A the heretofore published extract from the message is found to have been genuine he message says All that and More. Upon the question of resumption the president declares that a no legislation would be Wise that should retard its attainment. Upon the a most anxious and deliberate examination of the subject lie is a a confirmed in this opinion. The repeal of the resumption act would of course a a retard a resumption. He wants no a wavering in he will Brook no a unsteadiness in his attempt to show that this course is pursued in the interest of the a Industrial masses is a feeble falsification of the existing situation. The House has passed the resumption repeal Bill. It is believed to have a majority in the Senate. This passage in the message can Only be Ine unt to Awe the Senate into defeating the measure or to announce a veto in Advance. In it is supremely improper. The constitutional limits of a presidential message Are clearly defined in the Constitution itself. The president May give information to Congress As to a the state of the country and he May recommend topics for the consideration of the Congress. The Constitution suggests no More executive privilege than this on the sending of a message to Congress. This message of president Hayes is clearly without the line of either prerogative. He if not giving information to Congress and he is not suggesting subjects for the consideration of con Oss. The president has endeavoured to bring executive influence to Bear upon the action of the Congress upon measures already he fore it and upon which the Congress is already informed. He is plainly transgressing the constitutional limits. The language of the Constitution is that the president a shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the Union and recommend to their consideration such Meas Resas he shall judge necessary and expedient to recommend to their consideration. No More. In Tho discussion of the Silver question. The absolute subjection of the president to the Money lenders is painfully apparent. The upshot and Issue of his argue Nie it and Recomio exudation May be found in the single peremptory command for it must be almost construed As such to the Congressa that in any legislation providing for a Silver coinage and imparting to it the Quality of Legal tender there be impressed on Tho measure a firm provision exempting the pub Lic left heretofore issued and now outstand ing from the payment of either principal or interest in any coinage of less value than the present Gold coinage of the that is pretty nearly All there is in the Silver it la As it has passed the Honse and is before the Senate from the Senate a own committee. The essence of tie Bill is to make Silver Money once More Money once More not Money anew. To Coin the old Silver Dollar not a new one and to make it Money is the Jer monetization of Silver. To that the president announces his determined opposition. He considers but one class the lenders of Money. He forgets the american people who were compelled to borrow and the men of toil who arc compelled to pay the debt. The president says that a the Power of the United states to Coin Money and to regulate the value thereof ought never to be exercised for the purpose of enabling the government to pay its obligations in a Coin of less value than that contemplated by the parties when the Bonds were in the name of the people we say that the Power of their agents to Coin Money and to regulate the value thereof ought never to be exercised for the purpose of robbing the people. It ought never to be exercised or the purpose of paying the obligations in a Coin of Trealer value than that North inured in the Bond. It it what is nominated in the Bond that All parties a contemplated a or must be understood to have contemplated. That was a Coin a of a Standard value named on the face of the Bond. The president is opposed to the Bond. It matters Little what the president says about civil service Reform. There is very Little circumstantial evidence against him tending to show that he has meant to change the political methods by which the great political party he represents has maintained Power. It did not gain Power by these methods but on an idea. The idea being one of the past it has kept Power by the party methods and the party machinery. To the discerning Eye been a symptom of by president Hayes. Recalcitrant senators him that he did build up the re pub party. He will vex no one disappointed applicants by civil service Reform. Our foreign relations Are pleasantly and properly touched. There is an in Dei socratic allusion to the French exposition in the line of., the old Flag and an appropriation. There is some solicitude expressed touching the american relations and it is Well grounded. There is just a suspicion of the proper sentiment touching Cuba. What the president says touching the army is tainted with the tendency to make the army a police Force and in speaking st the Navy there is nothing Worth mentioning. The message is creditable in style. Had the president chosen to take the Peoples Side upon the Topmost question he could have made his name everlastingly Sweet upon the lips of men. The agony of that failure into ten thousand failures and you have the Workings of the policy of a Peoples government on this continent for a Twelvemonth. One woe chapter of financial history will be instructive just Here. The facts Are dry but they Are also moist. In 1862 the number of failures in the United states was 1, 552-. The amount of indebtedness was which he refuses the use of his Normo in the senatorial struggle soon to come. We of course recognize the perfect right of governor to do with his name As he will hut we at the same time regret his refusal to accept the senator ship. He possesses in a greater degree than any other Leader whom we know the Confidence respect and admiration of the people of Ohio. True he has $23.000,000. In round numbers. At that time a idea with the liveliest opposition from Liis there has never abandoning them he who what lican but told the called on he did to a financial policy was adopted whose essence is expressed in the phrase a a sufficient Bonds of the government were made a Legal tender. Legal tender no is were issued. National Bank notes tolerated Only to Force the Sale of the Bonds were put Forth. The National Bank act was an outrage if a necessity. The Greenback was sent Forth branded but these forms of Money and others the machinery for the conduct of business were made abundant. This policy was maintained for three years. Let us watch its effect. In 1863 the failures dropped in number from 1,652 to 485, and in amount from $23,000.000 to $6,000,000. In 1864 they were hut 520 in number and $8,000,000 in amount. In 1865 they were Only 530 in number and $17.090,-000 in amount. In 1866 they were but 632 a number and $47,000/100 in amount. This enormous change so steadily maintained for several years was not without meaning. In 1865 Hugh Mccol Loch the Vioney shark began the cruel policy of astounding contraction. The various forms of Public indebtedness that were Legal tender and had been used As Money could be so used no longer. The Legal tender notes were contracted. The policy was one of tre Mendons contraction to secure what had never been. The effect of this policy of contraction diminishing the machinery with which business is done crippling All business had begun to be Felt in 1866, As the above reports show. The sure and dreadful work had been done. In 1867 the number of failures jumped from 632. In old Fri to 2,386. We will not follow the wasting tread of this policy through the intervening years. The reports show that the number of failures in 1876 was 9,092, instead of 485, and that the amount involved was $191,117,786, instead of $6,864,700. For the first six months of this year there have been 4,749 failures the indebtedness reaching $99,606,171. The policy has multiplied the inexpressible anguish and the disaster to business thirty times in a decade. The philosophy of failure. The failure of a single business concern the bankruptcy of but one individual is a matter of no Little moment. It is treated lightly As a Deatti is by the indifferent world but a bankruptcy is sometimes worse than death. The Man w to once walked the Street proudly clothed on with Manly self respect Serene in the consciousness that he had bravely earned a competency for the wife of his youth for the daughter that tender hands and Loving hearts had taught the first foot Steps in life for the boy whose future paternal Pride fondly pictures firtos All happiness swept away by one cruel blow. Agony is the furniture of the household. The other furniture is sold. The daughter is withdrawn from school the Scarlet tinge of shame replacing the Blush of Beauty. The boy is put to work and the Bright Hope of the future is banished. The roof that had sheltered that gentle Circle with a common longing is hammered off to a heartless purchaser and strange rude hands Are to efface the Little familiar tokens and traces that had become dear but dear Only to the exiles. The Man who recently could lend thousands with ease is pointed out on tie Street to strangers by the recipients of has favors As the Man who failed yesterday. To walks in torture but the agony for the Manly Man is Felt at Home. looks into the faces of wife and children the Strong Man becomes weak. The wife and daughter May be shunned or worse than shunned where they were once Welcome. Sympathy is excruciating the Little that is tendered. Condolence is often insolence and those who have dwelt together in the charms of one Home Are tossed into a suffering which they feel keenly while Tho world knows it not. The most honorable Man is made to appear dishonourable in the eyes of Many by events wholly beyond his control and which neither human intelligence nor Enterprise nor Industry nor the usual business prudence could Avert. To walk into one such Home is to feel the presence of a sting which the House of mourning does not know. There Are Hopes crushed ambitions buried Pride sacrificed happiness slaughtered the fruits of half a lifetime scattered the bitter neut of Causeless shame. Circling about one Home so touched there Are Bitte Nesses and privations in Many Homes untouched by to lib dread pestilence failure. One bankruptcy is the Pebble dropped in the Lake. There is but one plunge but the Ripple is Only stopped by the Shore. Multiply the agony of one failure into the Many Homes it reaches multiply. A a it a a a a 1� a.8 Polit cal opponents but at the same time no ii Hii Ever doubted Bis sincerity and honesty. He is a Man who will Ever live in the memories of All True democrats will Ever be regarded As a pure unselfish and Learned statesman. Governor Allen prefers the privacy of a quot a Home to the Hustle and excitement consequent upon remaining in the Field of politics for once in the fight Stone More Active than he. The positive declination of governor Allexi will create general and unfeigned regret. The Senate sow and Theu. The recent struggle in the United states Senate has lifted the political composition of that body into curiosity Ami into importance in National politics. The attempt to gain immediate Possession of the Senate was never we believe seriously made by Thev democrats in that body. The attempt to gain the votes that belong to us was valiantly made and in the determination of the vacancies has been partially successful. Butler from South Carolina Democrat and Kellogg of Louisiana i publican have been seated within two Days leaving Only one vacancy in the Senate to fill. The Senate stands therefore politically democrats 35 republicans 39 Independent 1, with one seat vacant. The Independent senator David Davis of Illinois usually votes with the democrats. Without any party allegiance As the democratic party in All the National questions that have Arisen since he took his seat has been right he has been democratic. On All questions upon which we deserve an impartial and intelligent vote the democratic party is Likely to continue to have that of or. Davis. This gives the democracy thirty six votes in a Senate of seventy six. The remaining Louisiana vacancy is Likely though not certain to be filled by a Democrat. This would leave the Senate till 1879, with a Republican majority of two in a full Senate thirty nine republicans and thirty seven democrats. We do not count Conover or Patterson As democrats in this showing. This majority is to be changed in 1879�?not sooner save by death. Tie terms of seventeen Republican senators expire on the third a of March 1879. These senators a r Spencer of Alabama a Dorsey of Arkansas Sargent of California Chaffee of Colora Alo Conover of Florida Oglesby of Illinois Allison of Iowa Ingalls of kit a Jones of Nevada Wadleigh of a grew Hampshire Conkling of new York Matthews of Ohio Mitchell of Oregon Don Cameron of Pennsylvania Patterson of South Carolina Morrill of Vermont and Howe of Wisconsin. Five of these republicans certainly will be exchanged for democrats on the 4th of March. 1879�?spencer, Dorsey Conover Matthews and Patterson. Without counting Davis or the Louisiana vacancy the democracy will thus Haven trustworthy majority of four. In California Illinois new York Pennsylvania and Wisconsin democratic senators May be elected. In sonic of them democrats will certainly be chosen. In none of the states is there the likelihood that the democrats will lose a senatorial vote. In fifteen months therefore there will be a democratic majority in the United states Senate ranging from four to twelve votes. For any democratic majority in which Confidence can be placed and for which tie democratic party a willing to be responsible we must wait till then. That year immediately precedes the next presidential year. On these few states whence the new majority a to come Resta a great responsibility. Ai Aesia iii i a publish elsewhere a communication from the hon. William a a operation settlement in the to eat. Quite a number of Boston citizens of some prominence Are maturing a scheme for colonizing the Public Domain. Or. Franklin w. Smith seems to be the special philosopher of the movement. The Globe says quot the Enterprise is yet in its infancy hut the known business sagacity Energy personal character and pecuniary resources of the gentlemen moving in he matter give Assurance not Only of the Success of the Enterprise but that upright honorable and Liberal dealing will attend it. The scheme is one in which tie interests of the projectors and the colonists Are identical and Only upon a Basic of mutuality can it succeed. The organic Tion is not yet fully perfected but the following named gentlemen come Rise what is entitled in the by Law of the organization quot the Board of Aid to land ownership a Thomas c. Amory Martin , William i. Bowd Itcik John g. Cushing Alexander Cochrane. John Cummings. William o. Gro ver David b. Flint. Henry s. Grew George a. of the Young men s Christian association George h. Norman Robert treat Payne. Henry s. Russel. say Tonstall Franklin w. Smith , Jun. James Tucker George l. Ward. Toward to Complete the organization an advisory committee of 150 prominent citizens of the different new England states is to be added. The basis of the scheme is in the Purchase of Large and nearly and if possible wholly solid tracts of land that is land not now occupied by squatters and of an area of 100,000 acres or More and the Sale to settlers at Cost of alternate tracts of eighty acres. In the ultimate advanced value of the reserved al Ternate lots the company which will he made a corporation will reap its profit. T insure the social respectability of the settlements thus made the a Vineland plan will in some of its main features be adopted quot it is promised by the corporation that every settler shall have passage transportation at the lowest commutation prices that coins Ortale shelter and Good food shall be furnished at Cost on arrival that lumber for the erection of farm buildings shall he furnished at prime Cost that As already stated land shall be secured in eighty acre lots at Cost that is the Cost to the corporation and incidental accruing expenses no profit being looked for except on the alternate lots and these of course will not be taken by the original settlers seeds farm supplies labor saving apparatus for Starling the farm in rushed at minimum tie advisory committee propose to Aid worthy men who May not be Worth a Dollar to a settlement on a half lot of land by giving to Jieu credit for passage Board lodging and farming tools As Well As for the land. It is expected that parties of settlers will be organized in new England and go to the lands in a body. There is doubtless Money in it for the company and very great advantages for settlers of Small mean9. John Sherman ought promptly to be impeached and removed from office. He is guilty of the most indecent violation of the Law. He is ostentatious in his lawlessness i at a time when his infractions Are calculated usurp tie legislative Power of the land. He chooses a time to advertise his lawlessness when he Hopes to Awe the legislative Power into accepting his interpretation of the Law. He is the authorized agent of tie government for tie Sale of certain Bonds. The Law authorizing tiv air Issue says that the Secretary of the Treasury shall sell them for a a coins at not less than their Par value. The Law says that the Bonds shall he a redeemed in Coin of the present july 14, 1870, Standard the Law says that the Bonds shall hear interest a payable Semi annually in such the Law says that a said Bonds shall have set Forth and expressed upon their face the above specified the Secretary has no Choice in the s be of these Bonds but to observe and obey these Maff lates of the Law authorizing their Issue which we have accurately quoted. Instead of doing this he writes a letter printed elsewhere refusing to sell Bonds for Coin which �5 one violation of Law. Lie announces an interpretation of the Law As to the payment of u19 Bonds which is in exact conflict with the conditions set Forth upon the face of the Bonds themselves. This is another piece of usurpation. He confesses that he has sold seventy five millions of the Bonds of the government according to his Promise of Tayi Uenta not according to the Promise of the government to pay. He thus confesses himself a dupe As Well As an usurper. While legislation a pending touching Tho coinage acts he sitting close to the White Honse the fiscal agent of the government takes upon himself legislative and judicial and by his intimacy with the president announces it will be understood the executive opinion in Defiance of the Law he trans Redas to interpret. He has tie a confident Hope that the United states will never pay in a Allen in Coin of less value than it we have shown that the United states Law which he should obey. Does t a a exact a any thing but a a Coin a of the Standard value named. The government Hasni to promised to pay any thing else. It will not pay any thing else. If John Sherman has Given assurances unauthorized by Law All the More should he he tossed from his place to he fed by the bondholders whose Servile tool he is. But John Sherman a interpretation of the Law is no More binding on the government than John Smiths. Or. Edward Atkinson has written a letter to the new York bulletin to the effect that a Case has Arisen in the supreme court of Massachusetts in which the word a a redeem in the resumption act must be interpreted. The Case is Likely to go to Tho supreme court of the United states for final decision. The decision of the highest court can Only be Given in one Way. It is Only the politicians that translate the word a redeem a a redeem and this question has been in dispute singularly from acid before the passage of the resumption act when it was pending in the Senate John Sherman its author was asked the question and refused to answer it. Hon. W. M Springer of Illinois finely called attention to this Point in his speech on the repeal of the resumption act the double interpretation placed upon the Law. Or. I a Arfield in his famous speech against repeal said a we who defend the resumption act propose not to destroy the Greenback but to dignify it to glorify or. Hewitt of new York said in the same debate of the greenbacks that a every one of them must go out of circulation under the resumption aet. It is Only by falsely holding that the resumption act did not mean the destruction of the Greenback that so Many men in Congress and out of Congress have been persuaded to look with Friendly eyes on the resumption act. It would he a National advantage if the supreme court could immediately decide the question. Liars chief among them John Sherman Hir self. Secretary of the Treasury have deceived the people As to the meaning of the Law. Clearly the Secretary of the Treasury can do nothing with the Greenback under the resumption act which the Law does not authorize him to do. He in list leave the Greenback where the Law leaves it. The language of the Law is the Secretary of the Treasury a shall redeem a sic. The Secretary is empowered Todo no More. To redeem is to pay. To pay is not to renew. The paid note is dead. There is no authority to reissue Legal tender notes conveyed in the resumption act. That is a sufficient answer to the theory that it permits their reissue. The Secretary has As much authority to make at this moment a new Issue of greenbacks. The repeal of the resumption Art is to he acted on by the Senate. We ask the senators to remember that the Law Only gives the Power to redeem that there the Law leaves the Legal tender note that there the Secretary of the Treasury is compelled to leave it that the enforcement of the resumption act Means the annihilation of the Greenback. The Law does not say a shall redeem and the. Right of the vice president to vote in the Senate upon a question affecting the composition of that body is at least doubtful. A delicate sense of propriety on the part of a vice president would forbid his doing so. The question was very properly raised monday by senator Thurman. The vice president is not a member of the Senate. He represents no state in that body and no part of any state. The vice president is a kind of useless appendage Anjer How. While he is waiting around for a president to die and having nothing else to do the Constitution says that he shall preside Over the Senate to which he does not belong in which he has no logical place and in which he is constitutionally forbidden to vote save in cases of a tie. Tie language of the Constitution is a hot shall have no vote unless they be equally when the Senate is made up its membership determined its composition known when it is acting a a Senate upon legislative matters then the vice president Lias the a feasting was it intended that before tie Senate is constituted the Man not a Jiember should decide who Are members the Constitution declares tha a each House shall be the judge of the election returns and qualifications of its own or. Wheeler is no part of the higher House. He is not a senator a unless they be equally divided a says the Constitution. Until it is determined who a they quot Are what Are the privileges of the vice president ought he to determine who a a they shall be when the Constitution tells us that a each House shall he the judge &c.,�?� does it include any Man not a member of either House is not the right to determine its own composition strictly limited by the Constitution to tie member of a each House a to preside of or the Senate not to compose it is the privilege of tie vice president. To vote in it and Only when it is evenly Divide not to vote it in is Liis limited prerogative. The proprieties at All events would forbid his voting upon the right of persons to a seat in the body of which he is not a member. The passage of the Silver Bill and of the resumption repeal Bill in the House of representatives has revealed the sectional venom and the deep underlying Pur Hgt be of the East in the financial management of the country. The purpose of the Money lending a action of the country appears to be to Rob or ruin. The threat has come across the the West and the South must submit to the domination of new York and Boston or must lie crushed. Two threats indeed have already come. One is that the Alleghany line must be regarded As tie new Mason and Dixon line and tie people West and South of that line must be treated As enemies of the country. The other is that if the West and South will not quit voting for the salvation of the people As they did on tie Silver and the resumption Reneal Hills the East will refuse to lend us Money. To the former a Fence we have simply to say that we Are in a majority and Are not scared. To the second we reply first that the greed of Money Wilt not permit the execution of the threat and secondly that if we can succeed in grafting an humane Tina Ial policy upon the government we will have no need to borrow Money of the East. We Are struggling for a Chance to breathe. We Are subjects of new York and Boston. The debtor is always a slave. The vast producing sections of the country Are serfdom beneath an Eastern Sway. We Are striving for Freedom for an equal Chance. We Are met by the threat of sectional War. We Are confronted by the declaration a we will lend Yon no if these specimens of intimidation do not kindle the righteous indignation of the people of the West and the South and deepen their determination to demand an equal Chance for Homes and Prosperity beneath the Flag of is All we Are mistaken. The time has come at last we believe when tie people Are intelligent enough to see the grasping schemes of the spoilers and Brave enough and Strong enough to defeat Theta. The people will pay what was nominated in the Bonds no More. The people will have a policy that will permit them to pay no less. Are the Only Bonds whose interest and principal Are alike payable in so said the men who advertised the ten forty Bonds for Sale. The wholesale swindle of i860 made All Bonds payable in Gold a Clear it ase of robbery. Why it an t an investigation of that legislation be had it has More than once been said that it Cost the Money wolves $5,900,000 to pass the Gold Bill of 1869. Can to some honest Man set an inquiry on foot in Congress to see if our legislators were debauched the. Legislature of North car Dina has 3 democratic to Roe of 82 Whites and 3 coloured men in the House against 33 coloured and 2 White republicans and 20 White and no coloured democrats in the Senate against 1 White and 5 coloured republicans. There Are 2 vacancies in the House and 6 in to e Senate with 1 Independent senator. On joint ballot tie democrats l ave 197 and the republicans 42 democratic majority 65. Republicanism is decidedly coloured in that state. The East says she will to longer lend her Money to the West if the West insists Ilion her rights. What will the wolves of Wall Street do with their ill gotten gains eat them we suppose. No thanks to tie East for sending her capital West. She gets paid for it and double what it is Worth. Withdraw your filthy Lucre and we will let you starve to death or feed on fish and sea gulls. The Bill introduced into the extra session of Congress for creating postal savings Banks provides tha every postmaster of a town of 2,500 or Over shall he a hanker and shall receive deposits of $1 or Over and less than $500, and pay merest at 4 per cent per annul on every sum of $25 four times a year. Such a provision would doubtless greatly encourage the working classes to save Money first a cold and then another on top of it until the accompanying cough became settled and confirmed is the sad Story of Many a consumptive. How much letter to Uro that Safe curative or. Jayne a expectorant on the first appearance of danger when the symptoms May be easily controlled the feeling for English interference Between Turk and Russ grows. The great defeats the turkish arms have suffered within the last month have awakened a feeling of fear among English merchants. The Winter will close any Active work bet Ween England and Russia but it looks As if tie Spring would see al Europe in arms. Kellogg and Butler Are both senators. The great War of wind has closed. The game throughout has been a disgraceful Ofle by the republicans. Only by tie greatest determination and generalship has Butler been Given ins seat. Judge Thurman managed the fight for the democrats and Haa done most credit Nelv. The Secretary of War says that if one thousand soldiers had been in Pittsburg the Day of the riot nil would have gone Well if John Sherman had not engineered rascally financial Laws there never would have been any riot. It is a great pity that we can not have a big Stu ruling army to serve a lot of snobs. The second National Bank of Lafayette Indiana Lias closed its Golden doors. Tho losers by this move Are mostly Farmer. The Bank assures its customers that it will pay All it can which is at least consoling. The Bill for the repeal of the resumption act will of course be vetoed. Tie Senate need not fear to pass it. Hayes will do the bidding of the shylock a. Rib jail help tor weak and nervous end his a chronic painful and prostrating diseases cured without Medicine. Pulveno Achebe Jde Erlo belts the grand Desideratum. Avoid imitations. And journal with particulars mailed free. Add Refl. Hotot Oak co. Ducj Tinati Ohio

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