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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1895, Page 3

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Cincinnati Weekly Enquirer (Newspaper) - August 20, 1895, Cincinnati, OhioYou see i used to know the rna when he Wasny to so much us a i the feet by running the first Yards in 10 minutes 1 about us n 6 minutes pair 7 the Bull. It carries a is As vicious and a n the bullfight in the Field thro the Bull has been i to the Fence. The Hay ran county but the the glaring a inthe first Cir the Cincinnati weekly enquires tuesday morning August 20, 1895. I 1 not Midnight a storm bit rail Pangier Prairies in the sunlight showers from the trouble Cloud sorrow which ged designed to wean us Frem this world. I trouble comes we put the is stronger hands. Rev. Or. Talas get i sunday Sermon appropriate text in View i late bereavement . Taint be a More appropriate the one to Day considering that Haa come upon had already pm As his text wipe away ail tears from Vii a 17. A Western Prairie a the Hub the Carriage wheel a a a Toza any shelter and while the torrents the Sun was 1 ewer saw it Shine he the Bible Are not but i amp Wodrich David and Aee stae i taken record so to the s to the amp a Aid a certainly. I handed Over the reins to her and i had to Admire the glee with which a he drove. But after awhile we met a team and is had to turn out. The Road was narrow and it was sheer doom both she handed the reins Over to me a Aid a i think you had better take charge the so is Ami All children and this Road life we like to drive. It gives one such an appearance superiority and Power. It looks big. But after awhile we meet gome obstacle and we have to turn out and the Road is narrow and it is sheer Down both Side and then we Are willing that god should take the reins and drive. A my friends we get upset so often because we do not hand Over the Reina soon enough. After a Man has had trouble prayer with him a taking hold the Arm god and crying out for help. I have heard earn set prayers two three occasions that 1 remember. Once a Cincinnati express train going at �0 Miles an hour the train lumped the track and we were near chasm 80 feet deep and the men who few minutes before had been swearing Ai blaspheming god begun to pull and Jerl at the Bell rope and got up the backs the seats and cried out quot god save us a there was another time about 800 Miles out at sea. /. On a Steamer after the last Lifeboat had been split finer than kindling Wood. They prayed then Why is it you so often Bear people. In citing the last experience Tome Friend say a the made the most Beautiful prayer i Ever heard a what makes it Beautiful it is the earnestness it. Of i Tell you Man is in Earnest when his stripped and naked soul wades out in the soundless Botto Sless Ocean eternity. It is trouble my friends that makes us feed our dependence upon god. We do not know our own weakness gods strength until the last Plank tweaks. It is contempt ble in us when there is nothing else to Fth. Hoid that we catch hold god Only. Why you do not know who lord is he is not an autocrat seated far up in a Palace from which Besa merges once a year preceded by heralds a winging swords to Clear the Way. Be. But father willing at our Call to stand by us in every crisis and predicament life ten you what some your business make me think . A Young Man goes off Home to earn his Fortune. He al with his mothers consent and Benediction. She has Large wealth but he wants to own Fortune. He goes far away Falls Rito gets out Money. He sends the hotel keeper where he is Sta tafe for ten Fusee and the answer he gets is a if you done to pay up saturday night you la a removed to the the Young Man sends to a Comrade in the same building. No help. He writes to a banker who was a Friend his deceased no ret Teft he writes to an old a but he gets no help. Saturday and he to the Hospital a 4 4a i a a a getting there he is frenzied with grief Ami he borrows a Sheet paper and a Post age stamp and he sits Down and he writes saying a dear Mother i am sick death. it is 10 minutes w clock when she gets the totter. At 10 train starts. She is five minutes the depot. She gets there in time to to spare. She wonders go 80 Miles a a hour heaven Are Only aerolite Flung off from that world which Rolls bearing the multitudes the redeemed. We Analyse these aerolite and find them crystallisation tears. No wonder Flung off from heaven a god Shau wipe away All team from their have you any appreciation the Good and glorious times your friends Art having in heaven How different it is when they get news there a christians death from what h to Here it to the difference Between embarkation and coming into port. Everything depends upon which Side the River you stand when you Hoar a christians death. If you stand this Side the River you mourn that they go. If you stand the other Side the River you rejoice that they come. Of the difference Between a funeral Earth and a Jubilee Ini heaven Between requiem Here and Triumph there parting Here and reunion there together have you thought it they Are together. Not one your departed friends in one land and another in another land hut together in different rooms the same House the House Many mansions. Together never More appreciated that thought than when we Laid away in her last slum Ber my sister Mary. Standing there in the Village cemetery i looked around and mid quot there is father there to Mother there is Grandfather there is grandmother there Are whole circles Kindred and thought to myself a together in the grave together in i am so pressed with the thought that i do not think it to any fan Ateima when some one i going from this world to the next if you make them the bearer dispatches to your friends who Are gone saying a give my love to my parents give my love to my children give my love to my old comrades who Are in glory and Tell them i am try lag to Light a Vamp a. Hmm Good fight Faith and i will join them after a while a i believe the message will be delivered and believe it will increase the gladness those who Are before the throne. Together Are they All their team gone. My friends Taka this Good cheer with you. These tears bereavement that course your Cheek and persecution and trial Are not always to be there. The Motherly hand god will wipe them All away. What to the use the Way to such a consummation what is the use fretting about anything what an exhilaration it ought to be in Christian work see you the Pinnacles against the sky a to the City our god and we Are approaching it. Of let be Busy in the Days that remain for us it a. I put this Balsam the wounds your heart. Rejoice at the thought what your departed friends have got rid and that you have a Prospect Moo making your own escape. Bear cheerfully the ministry tears and exult at the thought that soon it is to be ended. / / it. A m Ttoe we Shell March up the heavenly Street and ground our arms at Jesus feet. Buried Gold Dag up Blodgett a isl amp a by two Ohio boys out camping trip. Says a my son what Why do duh you Send to everybody but. Would help you. Is for my kindness to up. You treat us v when that you you Call the your creditors you Call tor Legal counsel you Call you cannot get to god. You say a to help me now out i toe lord eleventh hour. He not Send tor me before As Mother com Forte the so will i it is to throw us Back upon we have this ministry tears. Again it is the use trouble to Rapados tor the office sympathy. The the old dispensation were having water sprinkled upon feet and head and by the people Are now set apart sympathy. When like to have a Grea us. And we. A a a we Romp when they by sing but a a plenty old they know How to Bifid walking. And be the French officer enduring. New York time Captain Raoul the French Arti Gan five years ago a special study military March. He concerned him Peci Aily with the question whether the method marching adopted generally by the armies the civilized world answer the needs War Well. He wished to devise system that should permit certain Young s to acquire a resistance to fatigue and a unknown to the european Young soldiers Are occasionally found to acquire by training great Speed but they Aro exceptions to the Rale and in my the object aimed at they Are often greatly fatigued. After much study Captain Raoul thinks he has found a solution the question in the method instinctively used by peasants in their rapid walking a i am Able a says Captain Raoul a to take the first Comer Between the Ages 20 and 60 years and teach him to run so ion Rill upbeat him without his feel six Miles at the first trial by the old system running such a Man would not without pain cover a tenth that distance. Captain Raoul a method to to maintain the it by straight to hold the head High and Well free toe shoulders to expand toe Chest without special Effort and to hold the elbows Little behind the haunches. The runner trinches to Clear toe hams Bent the upper part the body the equilibrium. In fact the Man is his own Center Gravity which tends to fall in Advance him. 90 seconds and so with i after several weeks the Soldier makes from toe third Kilometre a Speed 6 minutes even 5 and 45 after the sex the Boodle said to Haro Bee Bidden during the War 1812, and amount to $12,000, and was intended for British troops. Showed a drawing an Island but further than that was not Servos to is Holder. For Days months and years Fairfield kept up his Vatu search and finally died leaving the charts in Tbs Possession his daughter who has never parted who them. During inter years numerous persons in this City have taken their tura at seeking the Chest Gold. Among these is the Well known real estate agent Charles b. Bronson who to now serving a sentence in the Ohio Penitentiary the Davidson Brothers and Nettie moors a reporter the week s current Chicago. These persons Are naturally very much interested Over the discovery and Are at loss to understand where the strangers s cured a Clew Wiloh necessity must have been a definite one As they were hut Little Over a week in securing what years searching had failed to do tor others. Cobbler general was in command the army the Potomac for a Brief period. Washington Star the Cobbler who mended my shoes states u writer for the Star was named Bigly and he was always called a general a which somehow did not quite comport with my idea the Cobbler. True he had been a Soldier during the whole the rebellion but just what kind a Soldier i did not know. True also he had lost his leg at Gettysburg but it was a dozen years after the War in the accidental upset a traction engine dragging a thrashing machine into a Field. A a Rit ill he was a general Bigly in the common parlance and one Day i asked him about by. Ltd we rent to you in the army a i inquired. A yes sir a he answered proudly and promptly. A see much fighting a a from april �?T61, to september �?T65.�?� a i notice that everybody Calls you a general what was your rank were you a general a i was lit command the army the a Ucuz dispatch nov a Kwa Tomb. Defiance. Ohio August 17. A Sevelj Days sensation is holding full Sway a Junction a Small Village a few Miles soul this City owing to a discovery made Yea ter Day by Frank Slavin and George Jeffreys two Young men who were camping out the a Glaize River in Paulding county. These Young men left their Homes Junction a few Days since for a two week Outing but returned this morning Almos breathless with excitement and display a half dozen pieces Gold and Silver Coli bearing dates ranging from 1784 to 1808 and stating that they had found them nea a Large excavation at the foot a Hugl Bluff the South Bank the River jus acres from Blodgett a Island. ®�?oha4 pitched their Camp pot Uniac ski he said As truthfully in tone this Island which is a historic spot As any Man i Ever heard speak owing to the fact that la North Short a Job come a i laughed a never heard a there still remains a Large Mound a relic general Billy in Cox Ternand that army the Days when Ohio was peopled by race whose history alike remains in writ True ten and Untim to. Tell me about it if its a he in a a la write the Irisne you see it was this Way a he said stand the old Cement Mills and a Little Ink away at the shoe in his Lap and not Lori further up the River is a he Bluff ing squarely time. �?o1 was in the army tha Flats Stone. The aide this Wall for a a distance is As smooth As though built _. A a human hands. Along the base Bluff is a strip Saiid which stretches a distance 100 Yards. A pm. Ridin it 0 the Field sad that kind Young men re years pediment bad been tried upon several regi in com ments some years ago a Soldier made More for a a read to no if there if a Home my Kaat Friend i the Flat part the the Tost part to Day she know All a a amp a walking in that dark Valley 20 years. At in the afternoon some one knocks wanting bread. She knows All about that. Two three times in her ule she came to her last loaf. At 10 clock that night she goes Over to sit up with some. A Afi al Gyro 11 about fevers and pleurisy is she Haa been doctoring All her use spreading plasters and pouring out bitter drops and shaking up hot Pillow and contriving things to tempt a poor appetite. Do. Abernathy and Rush and hos amp cd and Harvey were great doctors but the greatest doctor the world Ever saw m old Christian woman. Dear me do not remember her about the room when wre Rick in our boyhood was there ass who Ronld Ever so touch a sore hurting it where did Paul get toe Ink with which to his oort Orting epistle where did get the Ink to write his comforting i get the Ink to Tatton they got their own tears. When a Man Haa the Orr Culum. And has taken dungeons and imprisonments and shipwrecks he la quilt fled for the work sympathy. Whan i began to preach my sermons the subject Tonido were All poetic and in Semi Blank verse but go it knocked the Blank verse but me Long ago and i have found out that 1 cannot Comfort people except As i myself have been troubled. God a he used to i this world is not Story a he turns to take to already Laid out and tout yet there Are people Here to whom this world is brighter than heaven. Well dear a onto i do not blame you. It is natural. But after awhile you will be ready to go. Not until Job had been worn out with that he wanted to see god. It was not until the prodigal got tired among the hoga that he wanted to go it use. It to the ministry this world Worth less and % to the use Oit trouble to make us a pendent upon god. Men think k do anything until god shows can do no Ihung at All. We Lay d we live to execute god comes and takes As prometheus was assaulted Emy when the Lance struck him a great swelling that had threat death and he got Well. Soft is trouble that lets out great we never feel our de god until we get trouble 1 Little child along the asked if she might drive. I mss. 2 i he changed make me the son Consolation to the people i would rather he the Means soothing one perturbed spirit to Day than to play a tune that would set All the sons mirth reeling 1� the am an Herb doctor. I put into the caldron the Root out dry ground without form comeliness. Then i put in the Rose Sharon and the Lily the Valley. Then input into the caldron some the la ass from the tabs life and the Branch that was thrown into the wilderness Marah. Then i pour in the tears Bethany and Golgotha then i stir them up. Then i kindle under the caldron a Are made out the Wood the Cross and one drop that potion will cure the worst sickness that Ever afflicted a human soul. Mary and Martha shall receive their Lazarus from the Tomb. The Damsel shall Rise. And the darkness shall break the morning and god will wipe All tears from their eyes. Jesus had a rough trial to make him sympathetic with All trial. This shortest verse in the Bible tells the Story a Jesus the scar the Back his either hand fibs scar Nath Arch either foot the Row scars along the line the hair will keep aff heaven thinking. Of that great weeper is just the one to silence All earthly trouble wipe out a stains earthly grief gentle Why to step is softer than the step the Dew. It will not is a tyrant bidding you to hush up your crying. It will be a father who will take you his left Arm his face beaming into yours while with e soft tips the fingers the right hand shall wipe away All tears from your eyes. Quot a friends if we it oud get any appreciation what god has in Reserve tor us it would make up so homesick is would be unfit for our every Day work. Prof. Leonard formerly Iowa University put in my hands a meteoric Stone a Stone thrown off from some other would to this. How suggestive it was to me and i have to till you toe Best representations we have a Mente some years ago a Soldier made More than 12 8-10 Miles in a trifle Lew than two hours. As the Muscles employed in this feat in in demand in the itching the Soldier was once to take up the March in the usual with As Good spirit As when he left the mends that after a Little ran toe first Kilometre in 15 seconds the second in 6 minutes the third in 5 minutes 45 seconds the sixth each Kilometre in 5 30 seconds. A recommends that this last Speed be not exceeded. 7 reign Uncle a big Kite that Salle High in the sky to Philadelphia record below is shown a sketch a curious Kite known As a Uncle which recently attracted a great Deal attention at Atlantic City. The Kite was made by . Howe e. Dan Slenbaker this City. A Uncle same stands 6 feet 7 in his shoes. He wears a Blue coat and red trousers with White stripes. Around his hat is a starry band Blue. Necessarily a Uncle 8am�?� is in Light flying order when he takes his Claudward flights in fact his Backbone is White Pine. His flying string is fastened at the Point where the Vest Collar ends and be is also equipped with steadying strings. A Uncle 8am�?� has frequently looked Down upon Atlantic City from an Elevation 1,000 feet. R a Glass like Wood. New York Sun the introduction doors made Glass is a Novelty originating it appears in Boston and which the following explanation is Given by the papers that City a Sheet ground Plain Glass is taken any desired size and clouded one Side with a liquid Dye the proper color to represent any preferred Wood the Dye being applied by Means a sponge in delineating the Grain the Wood to be exhibited upon the surface the Glass the shading being softened by the use a Badger Brush. Photographers varnish is then made to flow the Glass leaving the Grain cd Arand fast without resorting to nov gelatinous substance with its liability to crack and course damage the whole effect. In completing the operation the Glass is slightly heated and the various shades dyes required for the particular Wood to be represented Are dexterously applied to it by Means a syringe. To prevent the Fine shadings from merging into each other tha Glass is heated the whole being then made a semitransparent appearance by applying another coat photographers varnish thus preventing the dyes from being effaced while the exterior surface exhibits All the characteristics a highly polished and solid Wood finish. Along the River for Thia narrow Belt is overgrown with Willows and underbrush which almost hide the lower surface the Wall. It was while worming their Way through this underbrush that the Ferrad to mad their discovery. Near the Center the Bluff they found a Large excavation in the Safe Stone and Sand and leading to the Waters Edge waa a path which had been Cut through the underbrush. It when the boys had related their Story to the villagers at Junction this morning searching party waa soon formed and the Young men led the Way Back to the River to visit tha spot. They found the Bluff As described and were soon standing at the place where the Coin had been picked up from the Sand near the excavation. A thorough investigation was made and Nom the underbrush near the spot was taken , Pickas and a couple steel bars used As jimmies. The tools were All and it is believed were purchased in this City by two strangers who have by Here tor the past 10 Days claiming they be looking Over the land South this City with a View organising a Stock company and drilling for Oil. This pretext was Good one As it has Long been the firm conviction the people this pity that Oil could be Otot toad the strata Rock near the Cement Mills. A further investigation near the spot where the excavation was made showed that the men whoever they were had be utile difficulty in locating the spot when it is firmly believed they unearthed burled treasure immense value. At several places along the face the Bluff they found excavations various sizes and a spot to the underbrush was found where a boat had been secreted. While examining the ground at this Point a member the searching party discovered in. K two Spanish doubloons bearing dates corresponding with those found by the Young men. On the face the Cliff about six feet from its b found Cut in the Rock a Large Cross and below this a number strange Marks which were As unintelligible As the hieroglyphic al Marica found the obelisks Egypt. The excavation in ito Eif was about five feet in depth and ran Back into the slate Rock tor a distance several feet. Lying the ground near the place waa found the broken pieces what was evidently an Oak Chest Small size which had been broken open and the Contente taken away by mean the boat kept concealed la the Bushes near to Cliff. Which Way the Fortune seekers went is a mystery a they have disappeared from the locality completely leaving to Trace their identity but that they left in great Baste is evidenced by the fact that no pains waa taken to cover up the Tell tale evidence their Good Fortune so much for the finding the buried treasure which has created such a sensation and which is duly vouched tor by the various members the party who viewed the spot to Day but the strangest part the Story is the fact that tote treasure the immensity which can Only be a surmise has Laid buried beneath toe Sand the a Glaise River for nearly a Century and the Story its existence has been known to some the Early settlers Northwestern Ohio for Many years. The finding this treasure Only verifies one the old Indian legends which there Are Many varied character related in connection with the Early history Northwestern Ohio. It also adds another chapter to the written history the Northwest and makes still More Complete the circumstances surrounding the actions toe British during the time the War Isis the legend if it May be called such which for years Haa related toe Story the buried treasure near Blodgett a Island is based upon historical data and Haa been toe subject no a a a a amount attention at various times since toe Early forties by different persons in this Olty and Vicinity. There Liras in Mack township this county to Day a woman grown old in years who has in her Possession a number charts and papers relating to the hiding place this treasure which she has guarded most zealously for More than a Century a Martha Fairfield has been a resident Defiance county her entire life and when a Young girl she lived with her parents a few Miles below this City toe Bank the Maumee River. Away Back in the Early forties she having forgotten toe exact Date she says there came to her Home an Indian trader. He waa a Frenchman and was sick fever. Her parents took the Man in and nursed him through Bis last illness. During the delirium which attended the fever he frequently raved about some hoarded wealth but his ravings were considered the hallucinations a diseased brain. Finally he rallied for a Short interval and during his rational hours he attempted to Teu his benefactors the Story the buried treasure claiming that it had been told him by an Indian who formed one the party who secreted the Gold. The Frenchman s Story was in substance As follows which is told by Martha Fairfield a it waa during the time the War 1812, when the British under the command Hull had Possession Detroit a party English subjects accompanied by Indian guides left Detroit with $12,000 in Gold Coin to pay off the British soldiers and their Indian allies in the Northwest. They were. Travelling thorough Ohio when they were intercepted by the government troops coming up from Kentucky. The Gold was heavy and burdensome and fearing it would fail into the hands the americans the British had buried it the Shore the a Glaise River a few Miles from its intersection with the Maumee. A in an engagement shortly after Many the party were killed and the treasure was never the French trader realized that he was dying gave his charts and a number closely written sheets Parchment which were written in an unintelligible language to the Fairfield family and told them to seek out the treasure for themselves. Shortly after he died and Fairfield started his treasure Hunt. The it Chart mentioned numerous Trees marked with the in Signa the English Pound and also is there Wasny to nobody Attelio Raetia and the general rid lug around for Miles r. Well one Hing. 1��b together. Well one Day we bad Rode out Dong the Road and we come to a Little place there a Man lived that could make the finest unit Julep in toe whole state Virgin by. I nowed about the place and so did the Gen Fai and when we struck it i could Kinder be his Mouth watering Fer mint juleps did no to m Yii Row Trees when we Gol opposite Orter stopped his Boss and looked Over at me in Days m al Ginny. The Gate toe general and i shut Down one Eye soft and a a a a Bill a says he he al ways a died me Bui in private a a Bill will you do me a favor a a anything top Earth general a says c a to take com Here and get 1 you be land the army mint Julep a a course i go course i will general a says i straight oing up my Hack As if i had a ramrod stuck own it and Corning to a thanks a says he a and please hold Myrent he Imit Inland for about 15 minutes let there my Hoss like Napoleon crossing the Rubicon and was in command the the Potomac and Ever since that the Hoys have called me a general and.1 to pc see any use saying they did no to occur to me to ask toe a general can affidavit to bask this rather remarkable toy his but i Foncy if i had asked he Skuld have readily furnished me one for the a a eneral Wasny to a Man to let a Little thing lie an affidavit interfere with a War Tele. Bull guard. A Farmers la scheme to prevent fishing his premises. Part Tjw it org chronicle Telegraph farther Jackson toe town Thompson a y., has adopted a novel Mode keeping men off his premiere. The old a splendid Trout Stream pure water running through his farm and bean bothered with boys and has for trespasser i neighbourhood would tear them Down and la whermen persisted 111 fishing in the Brook and pkg the old Man to commit much sin m. As his House was a half mile away 1 not afford to spend toe to me watching the preserve with a Shotgun. At last he hit upon a Happy expedient and it works like a Charm. This season his premises have been free from intruders Jackson last year adj whey it is and Ull used t flows. Whenever a stranger enters the forbidden enclosure his a Royal my so scents him from afar and with tail erect and lowering head he charges the intruder who takes leg bail and makes haste to get out the lot. A few Days ago one the City guests at Monticello who was ignorant the hulls presence had just cast i Fly in the Stream when be heard a loud Bellow and Aswan angry Bull making rapidly toward Hite. Without taking toe trouble to reel his line he made for the nearest Fence be made barbed wire. The Bull which happened to he landed the other Side just As Farmer refuses to sell toe Bull p the animal As Long As is Norm a Good and he retains his hatred fishermen. And says he As his horns Are Many ways pronoun Conff the simple title v / f Princess. A k new York times a \. General usage and the consensus the dictionaries appear to be at variance with respect to the word the members the Royal family have for so Many years been in the habit taking part in philanthropic undertakings that the words a princes a a Princess a princesses have become among All clarets the Community a familiar in their Mouths As household the consensus the speak ets therefore has a right to carry it against that the dictionaries though theory May be with the latter. That general usage nowadays puts the Accentual Latrasa upon the second syllable a a Princess is clearly seen by comparing the two sentence a the princes set the example a and the Princess set the example a these not being pronounced alike Are not confused. Or again a comparison the plurals a a princesses and a countess est show toe difference in the position their accents the two words could not change places in �?o1 a Nesses two three were there 1 Tun term a a a goodly share to Grace the a More than 50 years ago Latham in a the English language5�?T p. 202. Wrote a a a Princess is remarkable As being the Only word in English where the accent lies the subordinate and about 50 years before Latham the opposite accentuation was warmly supported by Walker in a principles end Lalla i ooh Cut a i a t i. % every woman economical to make the waste a objections to waste fashionable be less in at nor com pm t. A a a i. A up % a a Vrr a 4 v a a a i m to ita ppm i look it Ere sur Dity which that a pronouncing a he plural a Prin Cess a and even the singular with the accent toe second syllable like a Success and a successes a for we might As Well say a Duchess and a Duchess est As a Princess and a princesses a nor would a Correct ear be less Hurt with toe latter than the a b�ostle�?T3 . V Philadelphia record some years ago it chanced that in a barrel clothing received by a missionary in the South for distribution among the poor negroes a wire Bustle was found. The missionary threw it aside Sof no use but an aged negro saw it and inquired if he could have it a Why yes certainly you can have it . Jackson a was the missionary a reply a no doubt you can make use the wires in some the next sunday mrs. Jackson appeared at the Little Mission Church m a huge much bedecked Bonnet that fixed All eyes upon her and made her the envy All the Sisters present the missionary regarded the Gay Bonnet with mingled Surprise and dismay. After the service she called mrs. Jackson aside and her first question was a v a see Here mrs. Jackson where did you get that dreadful Bonnet a a a we a Laws miss Jones. I made Dis yer Bonnet Ray own self. And i Rebbah spent no Money hit. De trimmings i had in de House and de Frame was de one what come in de Bart de Good ladies in de Norf sent and you done Gib hit to Mose for me and mighty obliged i is for hit.�?�. Necessary precaution. National hotel reporter. Customer bring pie Tome lobster salad and some cucumbers. Waiter bringing Ink and paper a please write your name and address before you tackle that order. A a Cleggs for answers to the questions Oftle a curious to question about matters general interest excepting those a Legal nature will be pub shed in this every saturday. Who first used the a tote beet policy a this proverb is in osrow Antes a Quixote a fart in chapter xxxlli., May have been used before this. Oisiu it Means delivery mails by Wagon any Mode other than railway Steamboat to Small places not a railway Thia la contracted for by the gov eminent without other reference to the Mode transportation than May be necessary to provide for due celerity certainty end Security. A can you Tell me the real meaning the words a kick the bucket a Clarence b. It to a Slang phrase and Means a to die. The allusion is probably to the Way slaughtered pig is Hung up viz., by pass the ends a Bent piece Wood behind the tendons the Hind legs and so suspending to a Hook in the beam above. This piece Wood in locally termed a bucket and the dying pig kicks this in its death struggles. _ where is old Point Comfort to which so Many people Are going. F. T. It is a watering place in Virginia situated at the Mouth quot the James River is North Norfolk. _ what is the right name mrs. Orphant. The novelist Reader. Margaret Wilson and she was 1mm at Wall Ford Midlothian England in 1828. What place is meant by a City rocks a it a v _ a curious. This is a name by which Nashville tena., is sometimes called account the Many quarries Limestone in its immediate Vicinity. A a what author was c. I l o., the pseudonym g. B. Joseph Addison the English essayist and humorist. He would append various initials to his manuscript according to the place where it was written denoting the City London Islington where he lived and indicating the office. Finally he combined the four making the word _ where did the expression quot cock and Bull Story a originate an old subscriber. It Means a tale that is incredible and very Likely originated from the old fables in which Cocks bulls and other animals Are represented As endowed with speech. Another theory is that the phrase originated from the Popes Bull which is so named from the a a Buhay Seal which was attached. They bore the impression a figure st. Peter accompanied by a cock. Hence after the reformation any tale discourse that was unheeded was said to be a Par with the Popes Bull Wiloh was referred to As a cock and Bull affair. Why is Kentucky bloody called a the dark and group dry c. R., Covington by. These words Are said to be a translation the Indian word though some authorities claim that these mean a at the head the epithet was originally bestowed because the Region was the scene Many bloody conflicts Between the red men the Northern and Southern tribes and later account constant feuds Between White settlers and toe aborigines. _ v when and where did Oliver Holmes die in Boston mass., october 7, 1894. Wendell l. L. In style new York weekly mrs. Ebony is you Gwine to mrs. Dark a to Morrow mrs. A Africa Watts Gwine at mrs. Dark a mrs. Ebony she is Gwine to give a Black Tea. Can to be downed. Detroit free frees a Kwh Stile a a. A because the style wont be sat upon in these Days that a a a done to they sing a Jve re sitting the Ary a As they used to Long agora suspicious. He had Good reasons for getting into another business. Detroit free Prate there was an old coloured Man pushing a Whitewash cart along Brush Street the other afternoon when a woman opened a chamber and called to him by you do you want a Job a a what sort a Job mum a he stood at the Gate. A carrying ashes out the cellar. A Werry sorry mum but i could t do dat Job. I used to be in de ashes Biz Neas but in be Dun quit it. I a Ca pe., Doans tech atom no Mon. It the cad As he i used to be in de ashes bigness but if it was White washing Beatin a Ca id be right hand but i a a i a a what a the Tratter with ashes a heaps de Pattah May am. Last Job i worked i found three knives five for Khz Seben spoons two Towles and a Dollar in Cash in de Ash Heap and what you Dun a Spose de Edge Gimme fur it a a i done to understand a toe said. A Why a policeman took me into oort and de Edge Gimme three months in a the must have thought you stole the things a a is artilly mum Sar Tinly and Days Why i say dat owing to de sushi thus occur Paton de suspected sushi Shin in be Hea Harter Gwine to hold myself right Down to and can Peter a a Ghe Heb York work the people the hotel Piazza saw a suspicious volume smoke issuing from the window a cottage across the Road. They a a curated the Chance it being fire in a Little spout flame appeared and they rushed toward the cottage. A a let a Tell them gently we May scare them to death a said some one to instead advancing with Comanche like yells they merely leaped Over the Garden Fence scorning the Gate ran Over Flower Baths and piled Pell Mell upon the Leader the expedition gave the Bell a ring that woke the echoes and in a second a Virago like woman opened the door fiercely and glared at the intruders. A what Are you making such a noise about a Fie demanded angrily. A beg Pardon Madam a mid the Leader the expedition a but your House is fire and we thought you would Uke to a House a Well you noise anyway. Fire a it know it. Snapped the woman have made so much Why i had just put tos baby to sleep and ill Wager you be waked paper socks. They will be too cheap fists. Of the a Twat Rufii 4 �9 in a j.,/ devised material socks be retail Pritee about three this rate there is no reason world May not be Sun Ings. At three cents life will become Gladsome said that substances can be 1 Parathion this material to so Impe too. Is a by a. Works in curing rating Humours the Ltd to m pave my l

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