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Cincinnati Times Star Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Cincinnati Times Star (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Cincinnati, OhioNumb of tk�s4�rtlibw�r�. A Teddy Spadaf. Dawrs a Laar a Arff at to hat miam my a am t a vol 116�?no. 157 i 7 cd m7m Home owed smut Papua foam t$40 saturday or 2, i95s. 20 edition Matt i emm. A Mimi my a a lexis gym a mint Vietor accidents kill woman 2 men actress Bies 4m st mob death injects role into play Traup Ortato on Radii to a a taxed by traveler Polo match action Friday night at Lebanon. O., shows or. Frank Todd Dar shirt of the Cincinnati team cutting in front of an unidentified Lexington by team member. Players at the far right Alao Are unidentified. Lexington won 11 to s. Rocket scientist is lost to notion by arbitrary Rule by nil Freuden Ilbin a Timm sure Chatom Dally nov Washington in what a pears to be the top Secu defense department Rity snafu of the year the Aero Jet general corp. Have scientist or. Fritz Sticky. Sticky i a s7-Y�r-old swi lost their leading and rocket Luzen prof Ewor of a trophy Lei it California Institute of Toch ology and a director at Aero Jet. A Auba diary of general tire pc rubber co. Of Akron o. Hia clearance for Lanai Fly a work in the rocket and Jet research department he Heads at Aero Jet has been cancelled under a Navy a a Adminta Tractive ruling. Post soon Rulea recently have been rewritten to require foreign alien Tiara to ale for american Cima Anahit to qualify j for clearance. I Sticky Maya he prefers to re main a Swiss citizen because of. What happened to his Friend. I prof. Herman Wei the great mathematician after Weyl became a warm apply far Ama Leaa tame raw so lefty Aras rep after As Acyl no. Of Yea Dii net Aew have Twe Calassa of a Makaaa. If Yea Are a data rallied Ellla a. Yea Are a aaa Ead Elamaa Sticky said Weyl lost Hia naturalization because he a went to Zurich to Tucture and stayed abroad too the snafu really becomes thick when Weyl s son or. To Joachim Weyl. Director of mathematical a Dene a. Office of Navy research in Pietens that Sticky has been misinformed regarding Hia fellow countryman and colleague. Prof. Wayl s son explained in an interview that his famous 70-year-old father still is a u. S. A Titan and desires to remain so. Jim father was in this country at the Institute of advanced stud Lee at Princeton from 1033 to j051,&Quot when he Weyl Bald. A Cha married a Swiss lady with minor child ran. After ecu Renteln he went to Switzerland with har returning Only for one semester a year. A new the Stela do Partemos Hea Plas he Haa Malel Aleas Rani Apsa Ehfe i Atoka Loil. Ima a aaes a win Tom Hia Chlara Eahl a Piar Iha Mecan Wamar Tea Tew if a Matet Ehte of Ufa Wayl Bald a May. 10s6, deadline he bean Aat. If he father move Bare for a 12-to-18-month parted he would regain his full rights. But this would mean a separation from Hia family a a hard Choice for a Man of 70.&Quot As a result Bills have been introduced for prof. Wayl in the House and Senate a erupting him from the regulations. An aare Jet spokesman in Washington said the Tepa of Zwicky will be major both tor Aero Jet and the defense department. Three Merelee no be Mug 1m stake Raee new York ins a Only Twe other three year Olds will oppo a Nashua today in aqueducts mile and a Quarter Dwyer stakes which will go off As a a special event Quot with no parimutuel betting. Of tile 3g candidates nominated for the thirty eighth running of tie Dwyer Only Belair studs Preakness and Belmont stakes Winner. King re a Mallander and moot Peser a Saratoga wind up at the starting Gate. Be Arcaro will ride the Nashua in the Natton telc Vista race for the $82.-winncr�?Ta purse. A Victory will Send Nashua past sixth place assault in the Dollar Derby with All time winnings of $880,m0. Brough Wimb Tennis title Wimbledon England a a Louisa Brou of Beverly Hills. Calif., def Atod mrs. Bav orly Baker Pfaltz of Santa Monica. Calif., today. 7�?g. A a go regain the i Mundon woman a Ain glm Tennis title aha held in it if and Imo. It was the Folh time the two Calico Mana had mat in vital Touman Nta in the Pnat two but Only the first Tima that . Added \ to soviets plot goal los Angeles ins a Congress Onat a tvs information that american reds plotted after the War to make the United state the seventeenth state of the soviet Union. The Eeda Alai hive Allgater Ware told to dives the aunt re into Twe Nasena. Ene White and the Ether Negra hut Idao was dropped Char Elf after h was put Earth Hama Una the Nagraba etemad Thrasha Down of m. Information on the Twe Plana was Given yesterday to tha House sub committs in in american Seti victim st tha current probe of com Naunita opera Oak in the los angelas area. It wag supplied by Stephan a. Wms. S7-Yaar-old operator of a typewriter Narviea who served As an Fri spy in the Hawthorne Inglewood Al Gundo communist group for five years. Wereb served As a gov am ment spy upon the Community from 1844 to 184�. He said that the plan to make the United states a part of the soviet Union was unveiled at a party Masting at which John Houston was installed As chairman of the Haw Thomy group. The witness said on another occasion he was present when Elisabeth Leigh Glenn whom a los angele8- i vat a ran Brt Midway aet Dpi Isabel a minor died last night in the midst of a on tha Staga of tha Carthay Cirela tha Atar. The curtain Down Aud Lanea at tha tha Atar where no was play in Iha ohm Ala Lead in a Vtha Shrike Quot did no to know what had Happ Anad until Atega manager Hanry staudigl Tom Haas Row was Daad. Mlaka Bonner was 47. Steu Degl said a Tia Ildvad a Haart attack caused har death. A Poat oar Tam Laxami Natter to a tar mine the Causa win a nude today the co Onaria eme Wae Platino a Hospital Alana with Mala Lead Dana Clark in the first act Whan aha Aud Danly fall Forward on tha bad where Clark was Aupp omd to a a patient dark Lanai far Saard and Pat identified As a communist party instructor told of a Rad plan to Divide the country into White and negro nations. Gordon Schebben. Of explained that the reds Quick Fly dropped the idea when negroes within the communist party a Trasa up against this idea of Wereb gave the the names of $1 Persana who were members of tha Rad unit he infiltrated. Three Ware promptly Callad As with aarae. But they invoked Felt enl and fifth Amand Menta and a fused to Taat Ify. Then he realized Comet Hilr wag wrong. He turned to tha wings and a bring Down the Many in the theater thought h was part of the play. It Haa Only two More Par form Anim to play in its Loa Ang Atoa run. Under tidy Edith Bala Marin will play Mlaka Bon Aaris Rola in two shows today. On a her tor Busy readers Timoni Stac Wirt Ipp Toti it amt Kiwi of Toga it Mutli am Truann a Denpe of Pon Nkru a husband. Joseph Kramm. The author of the play. A arranged to by Hare from new York. Mates Bonner was a Veteran of Many top Broadway plays appeared in new York television dramas and was an act aaa in tha Radia Aari Ala a Nora Drake Quot and a the Timit to a started har stage Carara a a child act aaa in har fathers Toek company in Pittsburgh. Har television roles included parts on Philo a teahouse. Studio one. Omnibus. An Strong Clr Cla tha Atar Sun Wana show leg Rhoda. Colgate comedy hour. Ford Tho Atar and Schlitz playhouse. 4nder8onwin8 class c title in the vol uni 1/0 of Waipa w. Atela Lon. 0�?z is Llala by the the Pim potato Tea aft from ont Erin. Caul. To tha 1 pm no la Bicka trophy Raea to Batroh by Jal quota of Iha air Nal Tenal guard. % to Prada Quot a had guts Quot Guy Thomas Fanny of rare Vaspert la., fatally shoots Hia wife and Anda Hia own Ufa in a drava in tha Atar. Overseas _ in the Pei a drags into Tea sixth Day wire no Rign of Althar nun. Fragoa k Anil or troop Wainfor Samanta to Tro mad a Garte to halt tha uprising of 3a00 National list ii Ariaa. In Bilgrai. Prime minister Nehru of India and pram and Tito reaffirm hair Balteff that coax Stanea a a the Only peo Qibla Way to preserve Rad to Aaan to Iha Atolia of get Amman Public Narviea am Loyal Wahidi Haa forced a state of Amar Gancy in Parta of Chito. Re Yow is Brough who was nmn Arup la let and him had Wen. Tha Many a Aing Laa taken Yaria Day of bal of Cincinnati. Kurt Nelam of Dani 7�?#,. doctors Buu Diu he by thief a pure and Cash drawer Ware dotted in the Doctora building. If of Ribald Placa. Saturday a a a Chalky Quot Uhtof. Polica Laporto. Tha Young Wau Darau Dunan took about $38 from a Drewar in tha off Caa of dra. 8. D. Rehnon and Nathan Shapiro Suita 788. A Man a naming tha a Scriptter took $7 to from tha Pursa of mias Barbara share. 31. Suita 177. A Ivo comment says vote machine Man a voting Machina company had no comment saturday about an Alagad 10 Par cant to two Cincinnati pout Al Lmadara. Tha attempted payoff Friday in a Axel Alva copy Rigstad Alec Iatha Tims Stab. Lite rating Machina Caw Pany waa Baltod satyr Day by tha Talob Futak and Amad if a Fri mad to to Nutant tha Atoy of Iha am Amblad i Matt a Thiwa to aay inv Dai May Claay of my Hoam by a phoning am. And if Ana a single no hitter and a pair of one he toni were pitched in Early saturday Knothole Ganim. John cattails of the collage Hill Degara a Tara c team hurled a no Rihtar against the courage Bil flu Ian winning 33-8. Anderson Hills cell Chad tha championship of tha it. Washington class c Tkagut on win Chril Smith s Ona hit Victory Ovar Sutton Pony mtg. Smith tanned 14 Man in tha 18-0 win to to oms a third oath at alight. Nelson Miller of Sullivan Wyo annexed a class c. 8-3. Win Over Sph Gdala. Whiffing nine. Class a to rom Ryffe is. My Movius a us Al pm Man a Leliwa slim l Sass new awl 1. Passau s swi Dan a. R. R 4 Misatis a in a s. L a atom to i heavy Holiday traffic claimed the Livee of Turbi greater Cincinnat ians Early saturday in two Separak accidents. The Daad Are Billy Bart Shawmaker. 27. And in wife. Ins. It. 1s74 Lynndale a Reet. It. Healthy. Marry achy air. S3. 3141 or Pray. Man Ava aaa. Or. And mrs. S h e w maker w Erc killed instantly when their c a collided. With a Semi Turt Torr no trailer truck near Limonier. Ind., at 4 a. M. Cost. Behymer also was killed in stantly when the car in which he was Riding Rhashad with a produce truck three Miles South of Springfield. Hts wife. Margaret. 42. Driver of the car. Was in a a fair a con. Me. And lbs. Smegma he edition at Springfield Hospital. Idie be Cresh. The truck Driver. Carl Or Means of transports Turmire 51, Springfield was were being strained at uninjured. Thousands sought to take Adan or. And mrs. Shewmaker of the Holiday by vacation Behymer were the first reported f. ,. Traffic is unities from the Cincin a Nati area. Airline. Bus and train of Randy the toll Fer the hell facials said Thev Are carrying Deri Wick end Haa in Weedad last re stoners at rapacity. Train Vanria. Only Twe traffic deaths Ous officials said exam clone Noall and a Mitten buses and train cars have been added to Achonu Iodate the traffic. Connaty Ware re herded last year. Indiana Stait police reported the Shewmaker vehicle a Iran Quot a Slop sign on u. S. 33 at a hi00t>9cd and was struck in the Side by a Semi trailer truck. The Impact hurled the so maker car 74 feet into a Feldl it overturned. 1 the truck rolled on its top. L. Brawn. Stati it Mma Ater at Union terminal said 2.000 More persons Sre expected to go by train this year than last tor the fourth of july Holiday. Or. And mrs. Thew Makibe s bodies will be returned to Cincinnati for services and burial. He leaves his Parent or. And Driver Mem Abel route 4. Wajmer in contusions. In a Goshen ind state police reported. M Otanm Cau late 1. Aaste nut Omar u. Was Tomi Osa Ronak an Toaru m. Yum tee s nah att Ifante Cha Ratet a i cult b Side a Wmma m we a s Wwlma a i thoroughly cheeked for Sibie vote tattoos of tows. In Mew Quimry mag Kim a Kew it wow. 21 children goal of nebraskan Sld or. Neb. A a it a Porty Cave year old mra. Brylla Hernandez gave birth to her Rix Toath child this week. Mrs. Hernandez Laid her husband. Frank wants five More children but a i to Haik 18 Are the demand oct family room Houma Here and have Dron at Home. The oldest tor. Both aha and her Hustind Are ordnance Plant workers Here. A Mhz Datton of Juniie oops b. Has run Lamanti in Ellit of their Chil crud a daughter. To Home town walked into the police ate ten Tost night and told a Story of having Unsueta awfully to Rob three a Aakiera. A he Bald the Cashiers All Girla were a just too Tough Quot Whan a walked up to their Sanaa and said a a a it your Money and you went got Hurt when they told him to Quot Baet it Quot he Dee Klad to give up he . He had be wee pm he added. I knew you were looking for no Quot a told Oliea. Will answer to eur a mtg a the is Par Emit Velong machine pay Flor to under Knees it Gatien by my a aunty Proa Lauteria Fly Stoa. A Proa actor c. Wataoka saturday Bald the a Ridant Wui pc fat Dosam Al Tosey. Arc Aat As mde a 8m could have a no led to Itose 8or the Michma of to tical a Ohms i he nolo of aunty. The Omar was nude to the Twe i providing Hoy would tech Idieo to Mohe Aore a Partahi Type of no Ohhi Wao Phr Daood by Tho county. Oao of Tho is Oraste s class c re rate a Ami Ami mar is rsm a taar a Crft am la so my Tomt Kas a Iri amp a Al Obom pm a a a Mustor sins note st Sata is is rec of of a my Sassas offem a a Saith Imilsi a Orff a a a omis a pm Wmk a. Is Rosa am Sac sri n. On a Thule sold Baltimore a ins a the Baltimore Ori Otea purchased out Flondor Dave Shiuey from the Elf Voland Indiana today for the Gloo waiver a tee. The 38-Yoar-old Phu toy played with the Cateano White sox and Phili Dalphna ath Totlis before going to the Indiana in 18�4. He hand seen Only limited service this season. Or. Willie r. Shewmaker. 4�3 Wayne. Ind., suffered Cut and i Dayton Street. Weat end three Hia Ron Dillon is fair brother. Ray of. Lee r. And Hospital. Robert e., and two Sisters. Mrs Marie Martin and mrs. Ruth Adams All of it Cincinnati. The Shew Akebi had just mrs. Shewmaker leaves be moved Inin their new Home a sides her daughter and Mother new i ago the family 0 Brothers. William Perkins couple of weeks ago. The Cincinnati. And Irvin Perkins Dayton. Sisters mrs. Raymond Gram. Mrs. Jean Rob said. They had taken Quot mrs. Shew Duiker s eight year old Doagh tar Judy to visit her grandmother. Mrs. Olive per Kiru. In Hampton Iowa last week and were in route to Michigan for a vacation fishing trip. Shewmaker a family said. Erts end mrs. Mark Dugan All of Hampton. Iowa. My if tempt Nama Dren. National safety Council Livia on americans Highway during the week end. �ohwat8 through ctn Cannati were loaded with motorists. The Ohio state Patil Bald there would be no extra men to help handle the heavy Huff in. Cincinnati police will use 4he regular Force. The automobile club Eek maid u goed share of the 48.-888a88 veh Letos expected to in Nat too a highways this cd wiil peas throng i can l. 12 my algal 74 1 . 71 1 a. Us. 74 8 . 8t it 2 a. A 74 18 a. He. 88 2 am. 73 11 a. A. 88 4 a. As. 72 12 Raae. It 4 a. A. 72 1 p. A. 8f a a. M. 72 2 p. Us. 81 i y 7 a. A 72 no club be you boys and Girla. 14 to 17, who want work for tha Mek. Never had it so Good. The names Star a rotting you advertise for just such a Job As you want and h Coats. You nothing. See the instructions and rules on Page 18. Fumi fit tar fam fair pm Ming of Moi mv4��i hmm us the mate wig. A my monks a inlaw a of nil tax Iff Aamli a fit on Ami a of Fig pm. A to bar us May few Job Tow. A la yes a Mufide Effite la me med Job or my

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