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Cincinnati Times Star (Newspaper) - January 31, 1926, Cincinnati, Ohio_ time Star it arii Lista a a a i no other cinch Natl afternoon paper has the associated press dispatches vol. 86�?no. 313 knt Kiku As Secund Clam Mattko Yuul ii a. to ctr sunday by Post sonics at Cincinnati. Ohio Undin act Macb s. It it. Cincinnati today december 31, 1926 Twenty pages shattered Similt Cost. 2c by car Sis. Nib Wick. Crowded bus hits truck Cincinnati missing bridegr00m-t04je $1,000,000 As brakes fail to hold building says he was kidnapped estate to ice covered streets records we his wedding Day ormer dentist tells Story adventures. Of mis asks forgiveness will manage a hotel Gibson past figures surpassed report discloses. Covington girl will invest one woman. Wife patrolman. Is Hurt. Drivers arrested recklessness charged in police warrants. Etc dec to mud i in in a a a. On icy streets War Momel for it Cul Tinion thursday a in m it t a tin and a try to. He a a in in Kat Tow the i la to no i it a Pony 7iml a he rec Maui if k. A a filch a n to keep Piunini mostly a it Man in a Lite a Aren but Twu de in urls Only to a a a a Avii in it in i a �?z8 hit in mra. Merit t to ctr a i 47�t Fergus trn t. Stir Ihunt. W if it j i Intro lib u Murry j Tull a. I j to As a Ftp Ltd �1 to tin i m to a oops a tui. Auriti tri to left Tow Ulder. Ill a run4llioii i no a a i i inti physician say. But a Law will a Multi in the hot Itji i tart i the Emir l it the it it it Ruth j a i crushed Lii Ami nil the indo a. J by. Kro. Hut. Fortunately. Most the j pm Mirri the Roll won caused a series a Itron Ling mishap dry agents la get you if you done to watch your step Washington. December 21 i amp let a the ground that dry Law enforcement should i the Rulo i new year s Var Well a Rorry Day. A to la a cry. Try Andrew. Haw ref led from tar link tiv a a a a a instruction to his git ii Mir for tonight and tomorrow a nov Rrth in prohibition in various wet Tow Are Row la for an nil night visit a Harrd to Dot their imral toward making liquor al Ord to got sat Hll an Drew Holt. That to my it who Ltd assume the responsibility for Kmil and in la in hand be i i a a via a rely the Ink we a Hong tonight revelar. A 3 a a chemists seek new Denaturant to put in drinks. With other vet cites and de Atija no the ame Nik had Nurmi Ltd Mellon a staff trying to Elun Tny hit a it the. Ai. Nina Nate alcohol poisoning i Ltd Drivers veil Rlee Are run Ltd fsr re Klerr driving alien a a intr Cah a ail Nimon that Thev were Idem tuo fart in View the ire and in Lush it Over i Street s the Hast t Ummen Svetli to. In a driven by William Clatl. To amp 4 Moyer Lince. Waa Omi Tiibi Mil Street. It tvs the milk True. Driven Why i arf pvt it. Aurora. Id. Dairy a Wurr. I waa westbound court Street. Lew had just a Tevere a la Load milk to the Kroger grocery a Luking . And waa proceeding homeward with a Load empty rank. The two Vej Ibler collided at the in Twer Tenn with Terry Ftp impart. The hubs torred to swerve toward the. Southwest Corner. Where it crashed into two truck owned by John Hart Man. Auma Himton Merri Tant. Damas a ins the a truck. The milk truck turned Down Linn j at ret. And Tea pad the Urli onto lha what aide walk it Tore Down an Iron so nuns and then brought up against a eral children Ami woman who were walking in the a the walk to Safstr. Though la left Side the Nedor was crushed a Miqu trently no one re ived injuries Vulakh bruises with the exception mrs. To Herte. Who tainted. The a a a a taken Nway in n Pravata come to a How Petal. He tors two police Auto patrol arrl�e1 i a no 4 Edward kit de ii 111 in night at sat. And War rail boy i Utnik Akins i Hal a nor Row a Row they War heat a fit tiv la Fly Kle the la us Ami a Han the Cotta inn occurred they were thrown am a the a ule they Ware it Felt. Neither Lehr w a in hat it Edward Yon place a h mall and Law Utmar Urray i Rae i Las driving Elm Rgee Ufi the a. Admitted that Quot both be War a a Fuat the dub Alp Fry anew tru charge it having in Profyr tags to placed agent Nat Tod. It it la a itar Gad. Had Paneen ear to so his truck a a symphony we read Kaiwen it i in to Tarall Timve Taa our terminal and nothing Ltd Earth win a tap is stare i a Llama. Man Agar the tvs a affair Datert Maul the in Humli it her Hwan a. In s a it Uta Nant a ukr Wing the Pikr try a Welt As la Fatur it ind Neil the Bym phone a a a. A 1.1 and other no Hawaii and even it a tonally Quwwn Natl Tunna cd la a Etc Watt by a at Ata Wilna aah at the try Monc inn wit la Showa the world car a a Murata a any. A the i incl Natl hemp hour Fth was is a Eurg and in the Elm. The mss pm Tuvil it to it a a a a Fth Tevere a we the eat he a la Man v a Goff a Itra Stlvia far the Rhular la a a off. By m Ito Ibay the Phate Park lha Lara mfg and in a a Eye a aet a \vahim?ft5tf�.n. In a in ii it a Stu i i and stared by Dart Hying Over their Iwuh not Quot vat and dry. In Cral chi Mlat Umler 1 order from la a nation a a Lgth it dry. Chief Are working overtime to turn. Out a Ocean for adult a Wnm dual rial Ako us that win Render Thia product us elem a no a a a Teleg a it ice. To under the Cuido Nee Harr tiry Mellon and Ata Latant be return Andrews. They Are endeavouring to find a substitute for the formula affective to Morrow which will reduce the Poison Ous ingredients to the lowest por Nuble Point but making the a Reluct a it Ohn Odiott a a beverage that the thirsty will be Content to let it flow it natural course to the Hody Cumira and heat and Light user la Rozink al Imin at ii the formula to he used new year a Day Prockle for a four per cant Wood alcohol a a Ngam to tin two let cant now used. But with by Rodlene a Rimini itch. For this reason Baer try Mellon la not a a armed Over the the formula. Ii Koukl my to a a. However the Natur it entirely non Imlay Unous hut which would make Tondu atrial alcohol to Lala Tieful that drinkers would be Ike danger signal Long a fire ii reached their Llapa. It Hemiy to doubt that Auch a formula in be Faund. Tar if the product la i lie Madak Kentne a a beverage it must contain at be at a a omit a a rte it a w it my alcohol. They Ltd it not two Lave Thea ingredient u injurious fun Edn a mall Quanta la How even and hav an informed the to Mauro Bend. Or Mellan who yeat Arday made known his a i a in the Luteal flare up in the pro Hihi Ion . Like i chief Proui Htom be Mel. James m Horan Doe not heft a Thrweat were a Juan by Dena lured alcohol hit rather to est a Lvi Buhl Olgg t ii mint Mir in town Liaa Gooe to new Yuri and Philadelphia bul it h my a Noah whether his Aioli Hany Canna Ilau w Ith the Homey Fui lit in a a the rat Ian the anal Saloon Lav go and la Anatoe Lallynn agent Nat the Rohl Hutu it a Metw Gieni a it a nil we to Volca opinion the alcohol quo Amun Wayne ii Wheeler in a formal element Law it night an id the to limn Quot i Putton pro dam la a Mora Fatir Teafor Camel the w. Taylon. National Hairm a the Opl Ewing . Sam thar my. A a Gnita we ovum it away from the Lane Deal reel True Leila Latroa. A Milf Lgth held prohibition an Force Meni Gad a old the dry a very Elton glug to Eland that von it rebut a la the death an u�i�d�1 number a a a a a As Anawat lri at pm snob. I la l�fu�4 my ii Man pm mph a map Toff Hamel Gap a soft More permits receipts for 1926 $119,197, commissioner says. A Tel All record fur building construction were smashed in l�2fi. According to the annual re it. Bled Friday by City building commissioner Fgeorge it Hauser with manager c. O. Sherrill not Only tie estimated coat build Ngy. But the reak pts the office and i the number permits issued exceed i previous record tin al a it no plea not Only for the year hut for the month december a Ltd wringer period. The j figure Yre. Permit. A Dumisi cart. Year a �34.ll�.� try rim. Wjk 3s.mj.tw in Embry. In a. 2 . Ike. 5.ui.�m the Rae Cipta for the year 1925 a Vare 10f.94�, a compared with they i 1vjs, when the re Talpt town cd Flat a. J j9t building during the year who a a oat exp a a a eel .�h�0 were Westwood m it. Church. 11.000 Market . Less. 1 Walnut Mill leapt to a. Church. $04.�?� �00. A Dino Netlie m. It Church. . I pm Mill co. I7i�, mrs. Of court Fth #�0.000. mme co. 176,000. It. i Chat he. a re her machine Tny al i o., Appelhoff apartments. 1125,000 Avondale synagogue. i Enke a Purl Menta. . Masonic Temple . L.00.0t>0 Avondale he Thlang Ltd a upor too apartments. $200,Uoo. Ilene Man apr Mients. I17s.000. Flood mama Ritan Hospital Wing. 15 1 fn.0 a a Cilfton Prev byte Nan Church. 1100. I a 00o. I it. Monies congregation . A Cromly t Corpora ton. 20�,00s. I Kuc Hlynn apartments. . By. I flee stadium. I20o.00o in re it duration. I175.0ou William Fowell company. I mum. 1. J apartment sda.. Cincinnati Walt Hullt come and. In moan Iti Alolph a a Aiila l omit nor 571,000. Western Llella High school tl.ouo.000. Quot Quot it. A a a a v. Up it a a it. Joseph a Sarayli sch Oil. U0.tai0 chamber a a Murtina. an ring it. 4t6.ik Ferro Itea Ity . F71.ohi. I a jew nutty a Luh. A Ltd a Murtten nurse Home. La is. Gate account. Ken opera a another woman a a Beautiful girls Quot demure and innocent in a Bic srances but Slick and thru h Emu in . A per j Airin a Lory. A told in a letter to the times Star. A a , a a. Mus Mary Oaler. 22. Of 411 weal Twenty in Street Covington. ., expert in arrive in Newyl Ali cd tale Friday in begin her Inver Ligini j Hon drilling Story told by . Ii. In apr re Rio. 2b. Dent 11. Who. Disappeared last wednesday night the eve he Day waa to have married her. The wedding supper was All prepared at the Home her Mother. Mra. John outer. The Kev. C. A. I Tagne Covington Wraa to perform her end Ninny. Ali urday at 4 p. M. ? \ lust a one Day at 11 p. M.. Kap Dratetn left tho Central Unkn depot in Cincinnati a no King East third Street he says. He had jul l j h made inquiry about the train that he and his Bride were la Takeff new York the next Day. Quot to an raining hard. H waa dark Quot a the quotation 1 from . Haper mein s letter Eglal Nung the mystery his a Widen disappearance Quot it a in Sta by you a a a curl. Ralph Nix. La. Vbk 1�i net a a a a a a a it a a a a a Oil to cite pm la a in a a a rr�4 w. I. Hawk. Re a to mtg. A a a it let Siupa be to a a a a a. Hit in How a a a a a 1 a a a a a 11 it to min Tot cry a met fear few no a at Tea Paraway Hall Hatot. waa those nights when everything a Rema to he in mourning Over some Unknow n tragedy Quot Hodden . Hap re teen was reused Ance were Tim we Lead in frown cold a Pride n. Where he a a awaiting nil a Fri in mls do ter. Quoth Ieko own it re than anyone else la my h i love a he distracted dentist write slut in Mesa Osier jul t not to karrs Lum. He Haa it Dhur finns from the rear forced into up a a Quot a Hurll met without am Duon Mobile by Kkt a Iery re al it lord. Labdik a he h Uez a we. and to a vacant Honit a a a a in a in Lla form a. I shall Etc la cd. Nirry her Elton where he waa held a a Quot 1 a a put Allm it Effort in her a Lanfier several a Lay town he a behalf he Sadr. Quot but in Raae Affe re and transported a Long main stubborn a a a. Well al eggy Latance when he gut his bearings by a Oming k to the tag it ,.4 he was the out a try a Cleveland. Ihu in vhf it and i am about the Only onto. My a she a not married Quot ill letter expo inns by it Uay up a continued am Page is i. A re cd kudu cation by tool. A Law. hons. I a King Hus. F75.o�a. It Nyal Blue Llu a i a Prog company its un., Koftoff Guj total go a John Van linage company . Ault a wit org. 9l9�.uo. Avondale canst Burtlon Orp traion. 1110,00. Union Central Lite. L big four la Lar did. G,2o.oo� h. A. Dupont Dies suddenly in Delaware former sign tor succumb to heart disease Vincent tuberculosis germs drench doctor As flask Breaks resident dispatches from new York Tell will order. Federal commission to regulate professional i baseball is suggested relative mayor beneficiary lived in Cincinnati during girlhood. A former com nun bin. Now mrs. Jennie h. Lauer new York City. Inherited fl.221,124 an her share the 11.401,9f4 estate left by her nuther mra. Ida Bra Longood to Ido Charle Kedaru Igod. Former Cincinnati clothing merchant and hanker. The a Nii Dement the estate has just by n fixed by the new York 8tate tax com Mission according to a dispatch. Mrs. Lauer. As a girl lived with her Parent the South Sale fight Street Between Vine and Walnut opposite the y. W. C. A. Building. Her father a first Cousin Alfred Hama Ongsod. Father mayor Murray season Good Cincinnati. After a it tiring from the clot lung business. Charlea head Ongsod became Faaoi rated with Job banking firm Bona company which waa later Merf fed with the old Lafayett National Bink. Lua father waa Jacob Seasongood a Pioneer no chant and hanker Cincinnati. Charles s�-.v�-Good moved to new York in Imi. Two i nephews reside in Cincinnati. The a Philip gear Ongna a a. Hotel Alma and Albert Beano Good. Avondale. Beauty contest in Turkey draws Only sneers for entries constantinople. December a 1�? a a Turkey drat Beauty contest Lias been a dded to the an mils the unveiled woman Inq Crews with a a Are thewis that neither beauties nor turks Par Lori panted. Twenty none local aspirants to the title the most lieu Alful girl in Turkey and a ticket to Holly mid. A it led tit stage the Angle theater one constantinople Enright heat moving picture let a Gnu a. In response to the Call in american him Iwic lety. Armenians Freeks itus Slan Ami other a Vunt lne Marie up the Twenty nine. The spectators ran their eyes Over the Enn Duhin a. Found them sadly wanting in Pulcher etude. Snickered and Tore up their ballot. The contest was coined i be Eek flood drives out 6,000 with s2.000.000 loss overt act by Mexico in land cases awaited a a. S. Uneasy As relations become More strained. Move is being considered by Pennsylvania representative. Scandal is motive would exercise License supervision Over plays and clubs december 21�?f/p a creation a Federal a no Hull Cunt. Mission May he proposed in Cut it a Gre Sana a result the recent charge a thrown game Between Cleveland nod Detroit the american Lengum in 1919. Representative Clyde , Etc publican . Who has in treated he new in the i rate to 1 t a Btu and Truta he Fewker who War mentioned Lluli Ert Quot dutch Quot 1 a a a a a i Ard former Detroit Pitcher As having j Leen involved in the to blowing the game Bald today he waa considering i Auch a move. 5. The Pennsylvania in Presentati a inferred with rte Tutor Cap Rrue it Biliran. K., hut wild afterwards that no definite As to a court procedure had been reached h Nator capper wild he a not preparing any prop a a legislation and that a movement for the creation a Federal commission should originate in a the to Etc ii world. A although the a tote proposition i la a tentative state. Or. Kelly said he i Hurt in mind a a commission appointed i by the pres Klent that would Exerlia 1 la tense supervision Over Biyers and j clubs. Lie ital Ned that the Fate in j a Onnet tin a Ltd the charge against i cd he and by Aker Rould is Inu Roll gnte1 by the i Ommittee no signed to Washington. In elem to . Ai Vii in the falling Light the old it hold hearing Hll in Settli can Miil tie american Minte department turn i e1 London Ite Zeiah i 31�?>/& . Henry hah Pitiger. No id Balsa hasten we gust. Was do luge e let Hui nor Ulm Tull Eula a a us turn a when d Large flask Bart by hip . A a a n us Nova Dispo tih to the daily express a a tie sch most a hot Hui cd la it Wnm exhausted by to hour a Utise Iuen wok in Disich Ding himself my Ilie Jii Hinti . Of re used Erelt Assad iii to liar the Witolf luts work. News the Accident comes m time a Hon it a a trove Way Over the fancy at the Pul Iliner Iuchi Vultao Ireail Yuent Seenan imminent due to an article in tie m1fl Journ. Quot the Liuget Quot by . The Tea Claon i George s . Lou Ulon Oha Erving Bat few arc Urale re a ads Case treated by dry a Hll Nger ital then it butt slide. Or. Nelson any. It la in Lff ult to any that any the Mia showed improvement after the treatment co ally non showed marked let to in Luu Eye to the he uth to a hoping almost against Hope for some j sign peace and con la late a in the two it major controversies that re us a the new year s Hurt i attn at fiery a. My the in Mexico where new Mineral regulation Are to effective it Midnight. A Vrr the protest american mining interests Ami in Ntim Tuguo. Where the tenure an american a rec Gale a president is let it Erl Ert b a i the armed Forre his enemies a. A Ai american do Jomacy a falle�1 thus Nashville begins Relief work j far id produce any the resulta i impede for by Washington. In la oth these it unit let to All nuts rel appearances the Issue Hae hissed out direct Contact with the american government and into the keeping the contending groups i hem Sel re an Imi a emf Kex it chortle weeks ago the tute depart i intent Nui a pull a us a a a Rry was a Leme j with the Mexico City authorities Over the land and jul regulations die. Ltd Ltd Sii g in pm me which left the amerkan it men to deckle for them a Ives whether thy would accept the drastic pro Qsar a is a resident called a Ltd remain passive under a threat he Ennior capper wild he Hart be n informed that a a Mil it a originating in Cleveland was bring dlr related it Federal a a a Mai Biasion among refugees in pity. Nabhv1llk. T.nn., Dintler 21a a Bix thousand refugees from the i areas the Cumberland Valley j in Nashville piday and the dam 1 age so far is estimated at s.00.�h a the Cumberland River has reached a stage �5j fret five tenth a supt a higher than the record i1n2. And i i err Ping higher Balay with a Crest fee est acted by night. In Clef work Inder Way. If the approaches the Hub to eur to a huge Over the Cumle Rland. Lending extends time Auto tags t a in a bulletin Friday City Man Arr Sherrill Bald a the Folk department will not make citations for 1926 tags automobiles for a Short period to allow time for the completion the Taa us the 1927 lags 5y the county author it Lea All Auto met i lists a urged to pvt the hew tags a rapidly As they Are 1 Crew a 5� up j i. It # i Ith Kory. Have let Een wasted out. the a holdings b the leaving Only the Center the Structure. 4 downstream loan Art eing inuit Laird by the Gianta swell and now High water Marks were established at Ashland City and Cumber in coh in go Vernm it Quaw actual a a Dep to take Over the properties. To a j eng Lite a Mem in Quot overt act Quot Prole it ably will have to be awaited before the i Issue really ranches a it rial meantime mesh Ltd an Erly in rely it rebels Quot prepare to raid capital Nicaragua land lit mors tbsp half i a latter in Quot in a Huw Quot a a town was submerged at Cirtsville the River Rose newly today la ten Inch higher than yesterday the yearly trial balance Wilmington. Del. December it a Oplt col. Henry a. Dupont former fitted a to Tel senator from do thwart a kid unexpectedly this morning at k a Home near Wilmington the result heart disease he and a. A in uan the present Vontor. T co Man i hip my a Dupont nerved we a a list Nexion in hie civil Btu try before 7 tor k this morn ing he was stricken by heart Roume and Lac a very Euon 1 hereafter. Ill a in. Lenry f Dupont and his a nigh ter. Mrs Franelak a Rowin shrem. Were at Hla bedside fun so a Funge Menta hav not Hern mad. Henry a. Dupont. Del a Ware was represented that haste in Ftp to ii Bennie from ib#4 i 1917. Was Horn i new a pc county Del a Ware an july a a gradual from West wat May a. Ltd a do leapt a a com miss mud a lieu Ednanl in the Fehm army and served with fam Magut throughout the tall War. Being Krev bed k Usu Penaat Tahl for it re nmn Servio a. Hub eco rim a Erna a warded a engr a Selus my medal it Honor ii harass president and general manager use Wilmington 41 North san Railroad in to Ltd Nerving for it Eor and retiring i Winter thur. I family estate where to engaged in agricultural Parault in ism. Milf data wars Bennie he received 16 a ilk 19 Tous a a fat in mad Giste senator Tret Hla #6##-ik ii was Roar teats the United he nets a medned 6# a my him the lag is Tatura i it a Law re. To we ear. Inter Ekeh him March 4. Imami a a a her also feed la till and Serrad until Mot i a. Juffra Harry la ctr in Asher Topow i huge tor court dts hartal a Petite it he h Fern Prem it. To targe that Mexico ill lug a aided directly the Kart Grump in Lea Ragini. Pm it a ing by Srmek Are Tlle i a a government rec a in turd by the in noted tales Hove Lia Reaa it a the tension Between Washington and View a lip Miiko Fukiji foot with a Mirt the pm lure a la a is the fact Ilia i our arcs in Wifvat amen can Clatl Send in Mexico a Grindt which Many protest have been my in in the Las few months Are i Onti Nuong Toda a Luau Idar he Erteld a Del sell la stale department that he had hands i an urgent note to he mexican foreign demanding the release j w. Wiley and r it. Conner. Amen in employees the ban Francisca mines Mexico. U4. She were up lured by mexican Bandit decent her they Are held for Ransom. The to a twin them sort pee a dollars Quot to their delivery. An Quot urgent nolo Quot la resorted to in diplomacy Only when the complaining a a a eminent a is to put behind he sued a great weight official Prue to severe defeat admin Alered to dial Contero Tives a. B. Fall again has relapse i condition hot Nurmi by my i Abo. To a. Dace it her ii a it Rajhert b fall a a a hasp hit nil lome heps sunday suffered a a Ghl hut it alarming ask ape this morning. It giants Bald the to rom Larraury the Interior to reported in a a a a nillion r Soto Ida bul Tetina by fait # physician in the Glrst Day Hla a Lunaas Bald a spending to Btl tor in Luena a pneumonia Waif he to tit a i Dvan do be. Fall is a a a a i a Easore a a Froff 3$ per ctn i for Obi mine m h Elji Vii. W a. �1 la a a Duhg reduction #1 n per a apr shop minors was no Suncy a today la in Frani Wijn i a a a ii t i ii Ami attn Ali fam Quot it Tea it .1&Quot&Quot in Safret Ghadi by Bdl a we Row i w Buff lip wm11� w a return to la till a a go Senle. Else love Jon Wory a John r my quo de i he so Ang grub mar if ii 4fcff a a a a Presa a tal a Norih Eui frat Nyji to ii my the my Day Wabiis Noton. December 21-f the civil War in Nicaragua judging from i to latest Cable Art v Loe apparently has progressed to a most serious Mage for tho conservative Force president Adulfo Dias. Coupled a lilt the new that a american censorship has been established. Then removed. In he Neutral Santa and reiteration dins # charge that Tbs a Aan Liberal Ara receiving Aid from Mcaloo. Diu had word Haa Cone tho svy Ralty the defeat i Haas troop a a Thanai coast and Plano the Libor i army to March Managua la capita 1. I the Interior. Meanwhile. Juan to Sacatos in n nil Sang la the Aaan Coglad press declare the Landing american naval Force in Nicaragua to be Towk a try a Ince no live property Pradad pro and add that Quot the re i purpose was to protect the go earn me at it Ihaza. Wire coulis an the Effort i a influence Wall Street banker Quot Pedro j it Clpeda. Harawa a chief agent in Mexico City. I null i authority thata temen t that the min. Resong Laed by Mexico la id March Managua Teal tax. Who a d5$gi9fllbm9 Hommr. Daugherty Case again february 7 a so rang Morton. The to Irma. W in be a hand far no did a trial new York december ii a a Harry m Daugh i a a in erty vib m by Sec All in Ito Arminie trim Fang and Thomnas w matter. Fer a Hen property cd sly Ullan. Hargert h defrauding the Govert meet ref Quot fair and impartial Quot toss will in february Sfara judg knot Richard Merten germen sepia pm. We Lesi thed at la brat trial which resulted in disagreement an in Gar la jury will few an hand to testify again Marlin a hum a flak attorney be talked Armmnth untied bin la attorney i Jour Ludyny advanced wage in november a has it bib Effort Seal due a try Lmh. Moved a the British a. In me a in Ltd in edition a new years Day a

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