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Cincinnati Times Star Newspaper Archives Feb 16 1953, Page 1

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Cincinnati Times Star (Newspaper) - February 16, 1953, Cincinnati, OhioLight Snow colder monday Nowr tuesday Cloi Idy cold Low tuesday 20. High 33 mar. Detail Paob h ills stain final edition i14hi year no. 40 phone 1700 monday february in 1953 30 Poges �hk1lb e. By Camm Lott per Wax. A us Rita ure gets record Ohio budget seeks 8831,000,000 Rosef re exec upon Date fixed by judge Kaufman clemency a peal denied Columbus. 200 planes Pound red Coli err i is Ozial v Luader ii i �ncu88 a a s i in a i c t a a kit a it Imit a ii Otic a Ash i Nutan. A fuck 16�?. 0 a i Srna in i a h i a mid today pro a tent a Isen How scr via Ais to make a lib a Jinet rink gave in meet depart it men it out Tho Federal secur a Skoy a lib. 16 a Etc Ltd Wal Liatsis in air strike a lion take walk. 46 dead in a a a by a ii Over Gulf fourth empty Quot life raft . Ity and Haas i Gahry ets today shot Down machinery in motion to create thine russian built Mig such a Despai fmem., a a put Bably de Roj de another and am a be seven while Leader. Who i a a that word to ,. Screening a massive air raid reported s after h 4 i finite Neej v in. Of ��?z5v.--in, co Manist troop and the a Idem the a App it k f up a Foa. A a the t.,r. Fifth air Freij reported the comm Nui ,4 Jel diff her lot sea after Aaronn ctn discussion Lovirt Vii ird the Ucb too a a Phi Hiaring t c i Tain a Secre Tagre orients made by a Rusl Lerit Ron Sevelia Truman. And some a tigress via a re ing it resold Itin such 4 Fis Eisenhowe has caite�1 pm. Earlier that 0 Allied Orphier. Bombera Jam a the sup ply Jii Rea Aiau Thweat amp Yong Tang boxing mass Adobe and flames. It was the second straight Dij the would he introduced in oni Gresso a within Quot a reasonable. Urne Quot. And he Quot thought it would go Taft Jet dog fights in far North Laid. A a West and Hutc speaker. Mar the sabres outnumbered Sun in mass Rhet with news to 22, shot Down two migs in men in the office f while House shielding Allied fighter bombers press Scace twi a James c. knoc4ced out two Genera Kerty irn mediately after they and tors it the by Sueiho Hydro other gop leaders had held their electric Plint the Yalu River regi Ilar monday morning strategy Boundary Manchuria. Conference with the president. A Quot it was a departure from past More than 500 air Force a sessions 1 a h a n congressional Marine and United states Carrier aders had been reluctant to talk planes turned the giant Sueiho. Work the k, Serrit c administration w As Beins pre jew. I 1 kit today s target for the big Al pred Taft said a lid air strike was Komi to Fra now is headed mrs 20 Miles Sou West that Oveta quip Hobby who sits an capital i Ronny aug. Quot Cabinet meetings. Mrs. Hobby participating in the a Hpe before she took air blows were Marine capt. Office that hc4 Post would be Ted Williams famed former bos 1. A / new Orleans feb. 16�? a a fourth life raft Iron the a 1r a a tonal airlines do i plane that plunged into the storm tossed Gulf Mexico with 46 i a persons aboard was found empty today a apparently ending. All Hope for. Eek a other life rafts All a empty were found Bobbing the Choppy Waters yester new York feb. 16�? apr a execution atomic spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg today Wai set for the week March 97 a Federal judge Irving r. Kaufman scheduled the new feb. 16 a execution Date for the husband and wife whose Appeal special a record $831,r 40 the president for clemency has been rejected. 172,311 budget to Nin Ohio a. Coupe. Convicts a Ter biennium a Urtig next july i we submitted to the 1 Ohio general Assembly this. A a. Afternoon by governor a a Quot Lausche. A in in sing sing prisons death House a the budget up about 10 pm Ever since. ,. Cent Over the appropriations for presiden Eisenhower last week the current biennial contains turned them Down. V Prev unions for a 5-a-m<mth in crease in maximum old age pen i sions.,-. This will allow a maximum pension 165 a month. If. The ally cations a a local governments from a ales and incan fables the $12,000, a year earmarked for res for the second time the to tire Mentz world War ii Man Catholic apostolic delegation Bonus Bonds and various state i Washington last week in Rory funds arc included the formed the government the Pope Toul appropriated and Han received Large numbers died by the Sute Wui surpass v pm a mercy. V a billion dollars. ,. A a. Marshal William. Car _. Roll said the Date the elec 7. The si31.600,006 budget the Trout Lon May be March 12. Highest in the state s history Jyh hour-11 p. M. Est. Eludes $655224.576 for general fund operations $148. A Vvs in 1 755,522 for highways $6.262.384 had been scheduled for wildlife Council electric hair there and $15,929,829 for operation j the state liquor department. But the judge Pic toned a setting the new execution Date came. Amid a growing clamor Over the Case. Hundreds picketed the m hate House last week in protest against the death penalty. Julius Rosenberg is Rsie a sir Home was never like this Memphis go edit the Lionet look Down suddenly deserted Street top a fibr Eck pm from her Cage in the re Idit a Hamid Morton circus Maunee at a downtown auditorium Here sunday. Bewildered by traffic my the uproar the turned Back to the auditorium Bottom a Quot he was easily recaptured. Another lioness who escaped at the same time Al to ironed a Back to Captivity a map wire ii tto it. Y. w .pprt.pri.tion, in who. Rent biennium totalled to act in then Clem ships that copied the Waters. 195401 ency Appeal. A a land recovered Quot 17 mangled state finance director Herbert bodies v Defenbacher said the apr Priar a tons Bill introduced in the House the coast it guard said the today after governor Lavache fourth raft was recovered a Mac delivered his budget message to counting for All the raft Adjoint session did not to null ending any Hope for $5,000,000 in the general Revenue a the raft had never fund which is by chg in re a Jawaid even if survivors had Man to Sute employees under the Law aged to get the rafts the rough granting them Cost living pay youth 19 survivors been inflated. The coast guard know How court rib Rodoft serve for pos Sibu salary increases Albuquerque. Feb 16�? Vaters. Would have probably hike a bus a the be dvrs a co a How Quot Pricr historic human carved a Cave a. A 4 Hedda Hopper 51 washed them overboard. The ill fated four engined plane flying in 166-mlle-per-hour a tits waa in Rumle from Tampa fla., to new Orleans when it crashed last saturday less than Flye minutes from possible safety. I a search. Started when Aller Sivore r ./7�?Tlewii 8 arpujemenfs._4-5, mor Keti >29 plane failed to arrive exr. Us fun. 10 14 handed hourly despite 20-foot a 7,.,. I Robe it non. ,.10poperk3�. ,.7 9 which hampered Rescue souths in the in Vear Iago Boyne "8 put ale.15 a a Sels. R a pick. Talph. Sumers Index. The amount would mean a 5 per a cent hike if the Index goes up one Point included in Tho increases in Tho governors budget. Defenbacher said Are about s16.000, -66# for automatic salary step increases and new employees to be hired for the opening new state buildings for new buildings and Price increases 116,590,00# in sheol subsidies and $3.113.-�?�## for Inere aeneid payments by the state into the Public pm Lofes retirement fund. Raised to one full Cabinet a a Egger and air army in March for the Fiji to me 1 5isov lift National dc-6 fell Rosa includes the social aunty Jibarah Amer during the current Coho is 14 5 society a am Elizabeth a vj., feb. In ,.d a >r.f,.vw-bud�.u� a 4cobtln�ed Page 2�. Col. 3 a. Mammon i a tvs seven boards loan if finial Dies ill crash governor Lausche pointed to a la a a 9 per cent his Gen his second combat tour in Korea Jwilliams a fighter bomber 7 developed trouble Ever the a Hamilton you hey s seven boards 9 viol stars bus 23 a a it aage pensions firemen and police tax j Komi to target area Prasuna quotas totalling 223/men in. The edit Ono a 6,women. .9-10 if foil schools tuberculosis Waco in Woroft a month. I Garret ion. 8 wont ads.23-27 Many a rib front a slain Mammoth have been found a ranch near Estancia n. A officials at the University new Mexico say a 7k�leton turn up by a plow i Kved to be that a Nigie beast slain by Folsom Hunters some 10,000 years bore that a 390-Pouml rib roast had. B4en hacked a it by some Flint instrument. Of human believed to have lived in this area about 10,000 by Mammoth among the it big game hunted by Folsom Man sometimes weighed As Nuch As 11 Rosenberg a a 5 Muiir Yta Nauru abbe a Observatory. Folsom Man 1s a pre history 8 9 a. M. A. A. 10 a. A. I. 34 11 a. A. A. 3$ 12 noon 41 i p. My. 46. 2 p. Mgt. Ably hit by ground arc. In managed to get the plane a no a to an Allied air Atrip and Antab landed. He walked away from the wrecked and biasing plane. Allied warships mean however Only boards 49 and. C7 y a a if Quot a a it 50 said they a probably Quot would be Joda a l,hufkl0 forced to Call up 19-year- �8 to a a a a Nina conceited a a a the. boned a a. Bad Mil. Pau a b men la a 20 Norw. Pal. 88 manager at common to a quotas. A v i could see blast. Loai port won san. The 0 wealth state Headquarters is flu advised Square building who was killed a s. He a Cruiser Toledo and local Board to a make a very i Quot k sunday in an automobile Aock two dwt dyers. The a Ltd it Burn Al tort a to flu quotas 20 a Uelk debt hear Lancaster o., was re Rich ii in an automobile Acci two destroyers the Wedder bump Effort to flu quotas Wilh sunday in an and Moore fuelled Shore Insul year Olds but if they Are 0�t three charges issuing Worth 7 lations. A available to induct youths born Jess checks were Ipp ced against sheriffs deputies said Carl a. Turned monday to his native the seige won san is the before May 1, 1933. Men born Harry it Westmeyer 36, 6017 Wolfram lost control an icy Home in Peoria Iii a longest in a s. Naval his Torr. On that Date will be Only 19 years Cis Phane Avenue. Monday by turn while he and the five Chil a Bachelor pm ack resided to it began feb. 16. 1951. A and 10 months Ltd March . Warren Tegeler. 3755 in dam were returning he St. 910 a air Oun hide Park 1 the Battleaxe old front Allied quotas and induction dates Yiew Avenue charges West a Helen roman Catholic Church in he lick s Accord a a a a a Ned a Milton county Meyer cashed checks for 50 in Newbury township a to As cited pres that Quot conic unlit probes in pre bored is Board 49. 33 March 5 a cafe at 4907 Whetsel Avenue darkness. Temperatures Board 50, 25 March 5 Board Edisonville and a Bank fail to a curve near Al 3� March 12 Board 5234 turned them. Westi Neyer told it a joined guard i and Stopp to. A March 19 Board 53, 38 Orville burls son he in sued about in it to help Wolfram and has cemetery a a struck a Utility said the March 12 and 40 March 26ix worthless checks recently. He seven yes a old Dau a. Is he Iii fied a chinese attack was by a Board 54. Five March 19. And still be arraigned in Pouce court j to safety another child Cuti jr., ssi Rii it than no n a a a a a a wies health District poor Chardon . Feb.16�?relief find Aid to dependent and three children lost their lives crippled children and the Blind yesterday when a car driven by i the allocation for poor Relief their 72-year-old father Ventir a a a a a $1.000.000 out control and overturned a Only decrease in the into the Cuya hoga Quot the three All trapped in the i a in it Icher said rear seat when the car plunge the governors recon amended into ill feet water were contained an now anew Helen Wolfram. 11 Volta. 10 and a Richard 13 included $5,100,000 from mystery is ote halts court martial trial Joseph a neighbor who was following them saw the by Vern Haugland. It. Mead ., feb. Mysterious Tell ram brought the Courtr Nartia trial it. Col. Melvin i. Voorhees to an unexpected recess today. The presiding military a Ridge Quot injuries and a possible a fracture officers reported Plack had been manager i died the Cincinnati loan office for 18 months. A Commonwealth pm. Ploy for eight years he previously managed branches in Canton. 111., and Parkersburg West Virginia. His father and two Sisters Reid in Peoria. Taxes parimutuel betting horse races. The state got $1,700,000 a year in the current biennium. The a governor has col. Edward j. Oirich ordered ipg the asked the Assembly to increase the Telegram referred to it Gen. Of if the tax from 2.2 per cent to 6 Edward h. Brooks the cur to convening authority to D�ter-1 mine whether it was prejudicial arid recessed the court until Brooks could Rule. A the Telegram addressed to the an it per cent. A the aet get Neal Ned no provision for a tan flu tax treks a Penny tiers ago in who Cna Elino tax which the governor also Haa Reeoma minded. Court martial Board a Aid a an aroused Pabloc is watch one fighter damaged Start today More news if today f Timis Star 19 Coli mans More ton today t me Milf Pap a saturday 24 columns Mori than to Oshiar. Ivon Iii roof a whats my name a polara no. 16 soviet of4 Page 5 Tokyo feb. 18�? a two United Sutea warplanes challenged two russian Type fight Era Over Northern Japan today damaged one in h Brief Skirm Over Japan hit Stron United Sites the la Lla near Demuro the the Peninsula just Brief Seconda planes. The u. S., in reply denied lashed serially in the times Start a 12 he a a a Tern tip Northern hokkaido. I in a Jet both charges and old the super a the in Patlon believed the i.? the a a. Intrude Thu do a a. . On _ a a a a a Voorhees trial should not he Eon his published Revala Tlona Are. No different than that published by other High ranking officers. A Conte then. We believe. Who result in a Publio demand for an invt Gatlon general court martial pre Medure a the Telegram signed a a group veterans a was sent from Detroit. Voorhees is trial for five court martial charges arising from publication his Book a korean tales a and other manuscripts based his work As chief censor the eighth army in Korea the Book was pub spent with backing mighty neighbor to the North Thundu Jet opening age ii St such unauthorized who i the order was ignored. The air Force identified the planes As la Llu a russian ish and chased both intruders it b u i 11 prop driven single seat to the soviet held Kurile 4 a Mil per hour class. The american planes wars f-84 Thunder jets fast planes but considerably slower then the lends the far East air forces said. It was the first time soviet Type planes had appeared Over Northern Japan since the Golem one the la los waa in the Fesa Lage and wings. Beth planes fled toward the Kurt As. The thaa Darhele Brake eff the Ekaete a ale Aveld it Ouitaa Eua Risu Hotd air feral Aem. Mig killing Sebre Jet veterans it is Only 4k Miles from be Mig Alley. Muro to the nearest Rua Siab Hald the air Force announcement Island. Japan a air Boundary la. Said tha Thunder jets Intyre opted Only 214 mlle from tha tip toy and opened fire soviet the Thunder jets routine patrol Mission when radar operators the Amund spotted the intruders. The radar men flashed the signal that sent the u. Planes roaring in Pursuit. It was in the seme general area within sight the Buriles that a u. 8. B-28 super fort was shot Down oct. 7. Russia pro Tastad to the u. Amp that the pupa fort violated Rua Sien Tarry the Peak gave few details m today a to Tami. It did not Spe Eulale in the nationality Tho la-11 pasta. In the. Jap Antao foreign Loo. A spokes Man Sam a your Suom is As Good As in Tao about identity the Poots. Air bases in Japan had orders not to comment. A a in be got orders right Here my desk a one officer said a not to say a Kissame information rial the either Side la brought the the attention the Senrt a and it appears the the Eon Vealus authority that asember Tom court cannot to Reese Nathly expected the Renud uninfluenced the Eon Vonlang Oeor May withdraw the Casa and refer it. This could mean that Roohr could halt tha proof dings nem in thar our new second front. Page also two new comics i

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