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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - October 5, 1860, Cincinnati, OhioR ij.,1 if. " l l i l " t by 108. The j s r a e l i t e Volu Aie t. C l. I t ii i. R. R a ? � pm. I i i. I. 1 " j t p i j i Tai Lii i 1. 1,1. P r i m e r l b y by pc Elk. C . 33 West sixth ht., Between Mainland Walnut for Isaac by. Wise editor & proprietor. Friday pc tobey�i860. Inc jew an article in Llie Kew York Christian adorn to. Jubeh Ozirea religious men to be charitably Dispo Seil to Liose Olio differ with them in Reli Siou opinion. We Belize this to be . At least it Isth to be Trio Londing doctrine in our Isle Conr. Be with men outlier creed.-. Charitable Visenti Wnenta no the direct contrary in essence and effect. Tizie tho a. To clip irritable inclination Pees third in a pleasant Light Presa did dims the eyes Slit the observer to Jill that 18 Cood in the opposite system a nific8 Ita deficiencies and invents new faults. In All and the lest feelings Charity to Olin contemporaries the a eur girl Christian Adio Caie n e must still Sny the author the Leader sept 20 is blindfolded with prejudices and therefore heeds neither logic Lii Stor truth nor fairness. In speaking religious failures he premises Lis article t h u s " i l often do we hear the cry christianity is a failure we do not propose to discuss the question now. But Bej the Reader to observe that All other systems religion Are Nikuni Westly failures and these systems ii Tike not been few nor imperfectly tried. As when Jeroboam would withhold his people from Jerus j. Lam he get up the Golden calves in Bethel and Dan so a All Ages Lawf livers and the founders St. Ites finding human motives too Walc for the government if men have feigned divine authority. But what have All the religions men done but corrupt and impair the primitive Faith then he shows the failure paganism Mohamed ism Judaism and the reign teason7 Nabich brings him to this conclusion " into the causes these failures it is not our purpose to enter. To rest at the conclusion that Man is shut up to the gospel As his Only Hope. Let political reforms go Forward until Man everywhere shall stand dis enthralled and erect in exalted manhood let knowledge descend to lower and lower Levels until its lights beam equally Over the Valley and the Mountain top let science go Forward in her career discovery until. The obtains the most perfect Mastery Over matter. And Over mind let Art multiply the conveniences the comforts and tho enjoyments men until every sense is satiated with Delight let Commerce cabling All seas and enter weaving All lands bind the nations into a common brotherhood 3 it philosophy s Bright dream human perfectibility will never be realized until the Christian s Hope is How the Good Man came to Thi. S Gigantic conclusion from the Given premises is indeed Mach More than we can Tell because All other religious systems proved a failure christianity did not there is More sense certainly in the conclusion because All religious systems proved a failure christianity prove a failure. But he wishes not to discuss this question Connie not he Only wishes top Ove How All religious systems beside his . N Are a failure to do which he says t h e three forms which they have assumed Are p. Iga ism Johani deism and perverted Judaism. Of the first Little need be said. We have Only to Point you to the widow burning the funeral pile her husband to the Mother Cis cing her babe into the Ganges to tho Blind devotee suspending himself by Hooks in his bleeding flesh r rolling hid emaciated body across a Peninsula to atone for his sins to juggernaut crushing his victims beneath his slowly moving wheels to the Altai a Dahomey smoking with whole Heta Combs human beings to the Pacific islands thinned with infanticide reddened with fratricide glutted with cannibalism. Now Are you ignorant the impurities idolatry As abhorrent its cruelties. These Are not its unusual but its Gener. In results not its accidental but its natural consequences. Man without revelation has ideas supernal beings but being deprived his fears outrun his Hopes and invest the gods his imagination with malignant attribute. Mohamed ism is a reformation paganism its author borrowed from revelation Many fundamental ideas the Unity god the future state the Recti Muije Providence tho duty opposing error the rewards and punishments another life. Its fundamental error was that it sought to bring Man and god Faco to face without a mediator i thing not to be done. I f go d is every where present show Bim to me said a roman emperor to a jew. He is too glorious to be seen by mortals was t h e reply. The emperor sneered a cd insisted. I it me then said the jew first try you opon one his ambassadors it was non and walking out with the end Perot the. Lew pointing to the Sun said look at him there is a Sublime philosophy in the incident. Though Jess corrupting than paganism Mohamed ism Haa failed to regenerate Mankind. What More intemperate than the crossed legged opium smoking Mohammedan what More cruel than the turkish Cim Eter what Raore licentious than the moslem s harem Mohamed ism Liko the Pale horse the apocalypse Haa death before it and hell after. And these arc its legitimate fruits. Its precepts allow each Follower four wives and As Many concubines. Its carnal Par. Idise invites to pollution and its highest seats and most Beautiful hours being reserved for the Warrior provoke to Battle and carnage. It has been revived in the shape mormonism under american civilization and with like if we were n my Hamadan to would answer this abuse religion somewhat in this manner christianity is a reformation p. Iga ism. In author borrowed from revelation Many fundamental ideas the Unity Ood which the priests made a Trinity the future state which the priests diff figured by a. Hell Brimstone and everlasting torment the rectitude Providence Whir h the priests almost annul by condemnation those who do not believe As they do the duty opposing error which the priests make void by setting a inquired Fuith the throne revelation and Rea. Son the rewards and punishments . Mother life which the priests i sygure by their talking a subjects which they know nothing. Its fim Damenti error was that it sought to separate god from Man. By an imagined mediator a Gud Man taken from Pagan conceptions. Though less corrupting than paganism christianity has failed to regenerate Mankind. Arhat More intemperate than the Hiack legged tobacco chewing whisky drinking Christian what More cruel Ihan the italian Bandit the Spanish bravado the English and american prize fighters rowdies and gamblers what Mora licentious than medieval Nunn eries modern brothels. My such houses which we dislike to name be Lido the system concubinage disgracing Ibana families and the Poison the Absconder & o., is c. So we would transcribe the accusations the advocate if ave were a Mohammedan. Ind would conclude with the historical notices the Christian wars persecution. My slaughtering heretic., Inq i scions Auto de fes and f Uch other Small things which the advocate takes no notice and the Mohammedan would have As much proof his Sido a. S the. Advocate his. But we being no Mohamed. In do not intend to defend this Cali so we arc going to listen now to what is s. Iid be. The Fri 7/ f then continues Judie m is a divine religion though it w. Is not designed to save Man but to school him for a Savior to preserve the knowledge god the obligations Man and the Promise deliverance until the coming Christ. It had indeed a saving Efficacy but to those Only whose Faith led them above the types to the great Antitype. But Israel not Content with god s plan would Pervert Judaism to salvation. What was the result the nation Sank lower and lower until it reached the idolatry surrounding nations from which it was not recovered until it had suffered the Captivity if we had not read this piece Absurdity with our. Own eyes we could scarcely believe that in the year 1860 a Man should write such things. A divine religion without the design saving Man is a Novelty rather an anomaly. God revealed his will mount Sinai through Moses and the prophets not indeed fun save Man but to prepare him for the methodist hell for if he is not saved he is ii candidate for hell according to the methodist doctrines. " i t hid a saving Efficacy but " i t was not designed to save the Good Man to fear lost his balance find when be wrote " Israel would Pervert Judaism to is it not a horrid shocking crime to seek salvation in tie words god i Folly Nepf went so far As to say that idolatry was the result Israel s seeking salvation in the words god i. A. The astronomer s observing the motion the stars resulted in the discovery opium smoking tho voyage Columbus to the Wost resulted in the Black plague in London. It is too ridiculous. When god revealed his will mount Sinai he said nothing a Savior but commanded is to observe the Law the covenant and promised us to be his people. We need no Savior for we Are saved " our redeemer is god Zebarth the holy one Israel is his name " " Israel is saved by god an everlasting " we Are called " t h e Sona god and the children the House need no mediator to make intercession for them with the father who promised is to Bonigli unto a the yer and when we Cill him. " we As a nation never sacrificed our fellow Man that we should need the Symbol a sacrificed god. We never were an idolatrous nation to Lough Kings priests other individuals May Havo gone astray hence we wanted no Mother pod to replace the Venus Juno a son god to replace the sons Jove no dying god for a prometheus no incarnations Vishnu no resurrection for Romulus. We needed nothing the kind therefore we do not have it i was not coined for us. The gentiles lost in absurdities Given to error and immobility needed such a Compromise Between t m t h and error they badly wanted a Savior but we need no such thing. If however strangers. Come to instruct the sons the House the nature Ami will their father absurdities like those the Are inevitable. It behoves them to come and be instructed by the � be who must know Best what the father Lik � m. It sounds very foolish to us for men who Are perfect strangers in the words f god which they know Only by a translation at b e s t b y artificial Means to come to instruct is whole study it has Boen for thirty Throe centuries who lived and died with and for the words god. The result Judaism s that it outlasted All other religious and philosophical systems and the Little truth which Mankind posse t. Pcs is taken from our sacred shrine after h i centuries notwithstanding the wickedness the gentiles we still c list and worship god As our fathers did we arc As intelligent moral charitable and civilized As your Best men Are but we have no irrational dogmas no deadening doctrines no opposition to science no absurdities. This is the result. We Are not in Palestine Liee Ause we arc in other countries but our religion is not for Palestine but for the world. If our tire permit we will have something More to s. In this subject. �. Life rabbi diesel Ben Luai mod commonly called . Do . A. Be Niban. Concluded Flom no. 12. Medic a i. Compendium the Canon Avicenna. A Beautiful hebrew manuscript this work is preserved at the dominican Convent at Bologna. The following remarkable words Are Prefi sed to it in hebrew " ebon Cinna from the translation rabbi Moses Maimon blessed be his memory made in Egypt from the Book Eben Cinna which he received from the Groat Sultan the King Egypt in the year 49 16 from the Bend. Mon Faucon who relates this in his diary Italy p. 40 2, sub joins that an italian epistle added at the end states that Ferdinand i., had offered in vain two Hundred Gold pieces for this copy. 11. Uan Aagoth habr Yuth the preservation health this treatise originally written in arabic is an epistle addressed to the King Egypt and is. Ilso known under the Given title. A manuscript in that language is still preserved in the bodleian. It has been translated into latin and German and printed in these languages. In. Sepher Marc Huoth the Book cures this is mentioned by the author in mishnah torah Uil Choth deah c. In. 21, As being written by him. According to Sab Tai rail the yes Denim p. 71, n. 45 the manuscript is still extant in the Imperial Libra 3 Ienna. According to Conforti Kore had Orot p. 1 2 it is identical with Pireh Musbeh. In. Commentary tho aphorisms Hippocrates according to the doctrines Galen is in 7 chapters. A latin Transl. Tion this work made from a hebrew version k. Mosheh Eben Tibbon has been printed. The hebrew manuscript under the Tittle Sepher al Rephah Book Medicine is still extant in the Library the Vatican. V. Garden health. This work treats the animal and Miner. In productions i nature. Immanuel Liboa in no Ologia i p. 275. I. Sepher Hanim Zah the Book existence this is a medical and mor. In treatise which appeared in print it Salo Hiki in 53.5o 1506. Vii. Aphorisms Medicine extracted from Hippocrates Galen al Razi ebb i Masone and a Suzi. It consists 25 chapters and has been translated from the original arabic into hebrew by Naihan Hamati. This version Bas been published under the title " p e r k e a latin translation it has also appeared. In Manuel Aboab states that he has heard from i skilful physicians and particularly from mercurial that the aphorisms Maimonides Are not inferior to those Hippocrates. The work Muat have been written posterior to 1190, the Moreh being quoted in it i Viil comp Endia from21 books Viz. Id from Galen and 5 from the works other authors. They Are written in arabic. Munk brought portions it to Paris Tad rectify. I d the mistake the by biographers. His predecessors who mentioned Only the. Commend from the in books Galen Anna vol. I. P. 94. J in. Treatise the Hemor rhodos and their treatment translated from the arabic into hebrew t y k. Shennel Eben Tibbo manuscripts both the original and version Are preserved in the Royal Library Paris x. A treatise poisons and medicines we Iii May cause death a hebrew version made. Ilso by tho above named is preserved in the same place. I i. Consultation the snoring the nose and Throat consultation Zurle Ron Lemont do Nezet do Gosier ets., translated from the arabic into hebrew by the same and Man script kept in the Samp Plenc. Xii. A treatise coitus n hebrew version which exists both at Paris and i � i do Rossi s Library it Carmst. I Xiii. A trea Rinc the asthma and the remedies for curing it it is Transl cd into i hebrew and preserved in the two libraries i mentioned. I \. position drugs in arabic pharmacopeia quoted by ebb Abi Oshiba Xiv. Consultation . Medicine consultation de Medicine composed for a. Prince i his Century who was a Valet Diarian and a hypochondriac. A hebrew translation made from the arabic a the above is preserved at paria. Xvi. Method curing those who have been bitten by venomous beasts have been poisoned. This treatise written in 110, a. It the command f t h e Saltan and quoted by d ller Belot under " Moea latal in. Aliat has been translated into hebrew. My manuscripts the version exist in tho libraries Paris and Parma. It was written according to Stein Schneider in 1193. X vhf. Treatise the causes maladies written in arabic and extant in the Bod Lei. In de to. Isi Diz. Ii., p. 3.3. X \ i i i. Compendium the Medicine Galen. Perhaps conjectures Stein Schneider the books de Ali Nentis de medics imply. And Galena de arte Merendi in 6 chapters belong to the compendium. It was written prior to 1190, it being mentioned by Abdullatif k Xix. On the pod Agra a Spanish translation exists it the escorial . Ill xxi a. Stein Schneider first called attention to this writing which is perhaps Only a portion some other work Oestry. By. P. 119 Viscella Neol s. I. I Gereth Teman epistle to the South this w. Is origin. Lily written in a. Ibid and sub. A quintly translated into Hobrew under the title Petach Tikvah door Hope this version As Well is the latin translation liar c been printed. This Epi. Stio written in 1174 see the letter to tho sages Jmar icicles was addressed to the. Lews inhabiting the countries the South in order to strengthen them in their Faith and to inspire them with fortitude under the religious persecution to which they were then subject and to caution them Ngn inst the imposition a pretended Messiah then endeavouring to mislead the jews. The occurrence which called Forth the epistle is thus related by Maimonides in this Doci Imol a Man arose Twenty two years Buck in the South country who stated that he was a messenger sent to prepare the was for tho coming Messiah. He further said that the King Messiah would reveal himself in the South country. Upon this Many people both jews and arabs assembled and he wandered about i n t h e mountains leading them astray and calling out come with me and let us go out meet Messiah for he sent me to you to make Ovon the path for and our Brethren in the South country wrote to my a Long letter informing me his manner. S and habits and the i nov. It Iona introduced by him into the prayers and what he told Thom. They farther stated that they had witnessed such and such his miracles and they asked my opinion him. 1 inferred from the letter that this unfortunate Man was insane without any learning but still fearing god and that what he said he had done. Kas All a lie. Fearing for the jews there i Wiot e an Messiah his characteristics and the signs tho times in which he is to appear and warned them to caution the pretender lest he perish and the congregations with Hira. After. I year to was taken prisoner and All his adherents fled from him. One the Kings a. Ibia who took him prisoner 3aid Tobim what Astahou done upon which he replied. My lord King i speak the truth for i have acted at the commit id at the lord the King said what proof Hast thou he replied Cut off my head and 1 shall be restored to life and be As before the King said there is no stronger proof than this and if it to so i and the whole world will believe in tree at the command the King his head was cat off and the jews Many place were heavily fined. Thore Are still however Many silly persons who say he Wolbe restored to life and ride from his u i Garoth Leha Maor hog Adol epistles to the great mgt. Tai is a collection

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