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Read an issue on 3 Oct 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Cincinnati Israelite.

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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - October 3, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio I Tbs i i. Sika Kun i the. Vul. Tot always a tub Bike Quot out jjona.--=-Bonb, in Ai Iteria fore Rectra a a tilt i r. A i the 11 Fer be h f d e a pfc it Educ Leiofi he was feeble in Cal a Yio Tion that choir would be granted. Fun do it Giro Rae amp in person and above , the Ori inf they Nerat of was a Jeff placed him. Ustoy Yeata Iiga a Spona re % i i de Ian Pliml Drent Iet their festivals off a Ever was wrecked Aud the Only prevalent in Tushy a Parte of o err any i a escaped a watery lir ave was the Mah Oraie under a Wilid Feit tre Dieric their a Cynd to Len Tad who reached his native City Iii safety at per ii was better than Ebebe there .0,0 to to death of his Imp so could a oeoughtenpaent4tari<ierkfly, jewish Tea it in also mention of. Tho which Artong the Phis Sian Bibie to by the deceased a and a Chunati Amy old a sorry of mild deism did not Lii by had become a pre of the a in uie Lea to efface Between. The occurrence had already begun to be. Corr the Christian and the jew or remove the. In. Gotten keeper pression that the latter was not Only theolo i of the Harbor of Bona noticed some object tical but intellectually the infer Jov of the Al Bakiris on the Sci toward the Shore. Ilex former a a miserable being whom no amount ent out some a. Boat to catch it Ufa Luis Ion could raise to Mevel with the res these could Bce distinctly enough that twas of Mankind. Even when Moses Mendelesohn a Brazen Case Bat As often a s they stretched had Ibn a acquired the esteem of literary men offt their hand tri t"i5e1ze"lt�?�it r eced j All Over Europe and his pm Mon bad been was in a Quot it a wild Goose Chase a the mat translated into almost every recognised Laug i ter excited astonishment. It was at last sir huge he could write a letter containing the noised that it might be the Bible which be following passage a a longed to the jew who had perished Home in this so pulled Tolari it land i feel myself jews were then ordered to the Landing place so confined am so hemmed in on All sides by Quot and behold the Miracle Ujie Case straight to Borough intolerance that for the Sake of my Way floated and put itself into children. I am compelled to remain shut up the hands of a Rabbit Olio was among the All Day in a silk manufactory. Sometimes in jews on the Shore. Tim ease was opened the evening i go my wife and Chil j Bifid sure enough it was the a Bible of the de Deji. A pupa says one of the innocents ceased rabbi recognised As Rufth by his a a a whats Tea boy shouting after us7 Why r Mariora Ediin companion. This Man was so Are they flinging stones at us what Barra struck by this Miracle that lie erected a have we done them Quot a a yes dear papa a a Riouse at ins own expense for Deposit ing says another they pursue us in the streets therein this Bible. Tile Sanctity of the Blok and by a jewel jew or is it then so Dis Graceful to be a jew ? a was naturally imparted to its repository in time converted into a synagogue. The rep old Friiz by Idbell with his liberalism \ station of the Bible for miraculous Powers Quot had a renin Kable dislike to be sons of Abra Ham who were idiot piously detested by you Tapir find there is a singular edict on record Whigob shows How the great King could turn a his tale ration of the hebrews to profitable account la his eagerness to promote the Royal manuf Ciure of porcelain he ordered Flint every jew on Lite occasion of his wed a a Ding should expend three Hundred dollars in the Purchase of China. He bad also a special dislike. Against Mendelssohn who joined with Lessing in the successful Effort to raise a National German literature and thus to Stem the French inundation on which the Monarch floated. Moreover the israelite reviewed not without Yeveniy some of the literary com posit Ion which had resulted from Abe King s Learned Leisure. The reason Why Frederic refused to Sanction the admission of a Moses into Tho Royal Academy of sciences of Berlin in spite of the of its members does not seem Loiba exactly known but the fact is not to be disputed nor did the difficulties of the aspiring israelite. Who wished to Shine As a German /j7-Ierac proceed from Christi wins Only. The jews themselves chiefly under the guidance of ignorant polish rabbis were Active As Well ill the work of persecution a and Quot Iii scorn Wajih which they wore regarded by the whole of Chris Eudora was equalled by the hatred with which they pursued a member of their own body whom they suspected of heresy. And their scent of Hel Rodosy was a As Kech its hat of. Jack Cade who thought All Leai using Savoured of evil that went beyond a the to aking of ones Mark. A Good jew was bound to Ati sifting from Correct German in his talk and to adhere to Hiil jargon Cora Poun a ded of German and hebrew which was popularly called a a a and which is enumerated by Goethe in his aul Obiora Givy is one. Of the tongues to a Vicli he paid at untied in his Early youth. As for a Ger Quot Man Book on whatever subject it was an abomination worse than the flesh of the in and consequently tile synagogue soon spread. , for it. To this Day both by jews and Mussulman. Clean beast. To be Cou timed. J a there is a Strong movement in Italy against the Pope As a Sovereign. Tho priests have formed an association which proposes to abolish the confessional and the celibacy of Tho priests and they publish biweekly in which the leading doctrines of the Church of Kome arc assailed. Gavazzi is doing a great work in exposing the errors of Popery though indulging in a coarse style of invective which deprives his lectures of much of their Effort. A most in portantr6z��?~is reserved for Ravazzi in. The future to Italy. Free inquiry is progressing in Milan Genoa Florence and Naples a England a debt the National debt of England was commenced two Hundred years ,in the Tho second Oharles it continued to increase till 1814, when it reached its Nix Emu m. It then amounted to �865. W0, 54,325,000,000 it then diminished for thirty years standing 1845 at �768, 58924i. A the close of the russian. War in.l854, risen again to �800,000,-. Too or.4,000,000,000,7, to i tedi Asey de Froni the Apple of the Eye the two Chara Clurs. A a 4 a a a. There is a negative Ness of character which is often mistaken for ainu Billiton impart Mility or some other Kindred virtue. The person possessing it never takes sides of a question of importance enlisting the interest ind action of men and is equally Well pleased party wins in the contest. The future of the Church of the a. A government of society of Man Are of but Little account to him so that lie is left in a a 4 i to Airbed in his quiet plodding aimless journey through life. He avoids the opposition strife and bitterness encountered by the positive Man,.but then he is practical a and for All useful purposes nobody accomplishes nothing in life and Dies to be forgotten As soon As he is buried. On tile other hand there is a positiveness of character not infrequently mistaken for hardness selfishness arrogance querulous Ness. The positive Man purpose in life and in. All questions of great interest firmly Plante Iii itself of one Side or the outlier and will make himself unmistakably Felt a Licther the decision to. For him or against his cherished views. By. All matters of Public interest engage ins Best Powers and find in him either an Earnest advocate or an Active persistent opponent. Lenwill Call him hard names and some will heartily hate him. But he is a Ocein tile world and All there is of science Art education government is attrib. Table to him. While he lives lie is file Only useful element in society and after death even his enemies will rejoice at Bis Virtues and vie with his friends in their of forts to perpetuate Bis memory among All men. The Poison of the remedy for the bite of air adder and indeed All Poison Ous snakes is simple. If has been proved by Esperi Frient Over and Over again that poisons of this character Are harmless when applied to a mucous surface and quantities have been swallowed without producing any ill effect q he bite nine times out of ten is in some part of the hand and immediately when it is Felt the wounded part should be Well sucked by the Mouth Aud a piece of string tied tight round the linger or the wrist according to the seat of the bite to prevent the Poison for being absorbed into the system or this simple plan known and acted upon death or injury from the bite of an adder would be rare indeed. In cases of hydrophobia this it plan might also a adopted and would present the Poison entering the system a a a an irishman being asked which was the. Oldest be Orris brother said a i am the eldest Bot if Teddy lines three years longer we shall then be both of a a a a a a. I t the i it though i of a girl upon receiving. An. Offer is about her Weddia&Gtg-ares8�.i Quot the the a a a t. Y a 7 4. A. Giver Menf proceeds in jewish of Jim Pia upon the rights of and the refusal of. Alb to jewish i Educ jeij8 fro i Luff no ,ij�e\e3s,�?~ req it red All Quali Cut tons Opp. Abr Julian teach hers Aad Wiora it. Subj Elsio Public super Sipion appear. Clearly fro a. A memorial lately presented to the. Minister of Public instep tii. By a body. Of. Prussian jewish teach hers. Who had met in conf Rouce. A j a # 4&Quot a i a a in a t j j of the. Memorial they say a a the a minister of repeatedly declared that the elementary schools Modt Bestricky de Dosiia National that this car Acier must be even to the. Teaching a a a a a. Of in intr Iii by knowledge. Jew ish a nildred Are Fusilier bound by Law to receive Elvis St icily Quot Christian elementary instruction As the basis their , i. J i. A to Jav i ii a and consequently to imbue. Themselves with Christian views. Anyone can picture to him self the discord in the childish Niaud produced by strictly Crisi Iii Noti Dos and jewish. A a 4 a a religious Iod Truclio n both Tnp urged by their a a. #. A j teachers and Fec omm ended Asa by cling Reg a a f a elation by their teachers the children s Hryb a a a a. A a a est authorities. This conflict a be scarily destroys every Veli Giaui Eleini Keiit in the further referring to the supervision b xer Cisel of or Jfe wish private schools by the Cliris an sup Errn Leduca a arged. With this duty by the Law the a me tutorial continues thie has Brien productive of various evils owing to the ignorance of Tolfe authorities on x a a. A _ specifically jewish relation. Thus some. A. A a a. Sclifo inspectors Bare struck out hebrew a. A a a from the school plan now divine. Service among the israelite is it mostly performed in the hebrew language. What is the rising general Iii to think of prayers Liivia to eligible ? a will a anybody deny that the prussian government is convirs Iobst. And thin it is a Coo Splete Stiager to of religious Liberty ? the Ien Chers then Pray among other things that in those places in which the jews have Sci tools of their own a i the municipality should be bound to return to the jewish congregation for its school the suns which Ila members have to contribute to support of the school that jewish teachers the some As Christian should have Lite school administration and lastly hat Christian children should be permitted to attend jewish schools since jewish children Are not excluded from Christian schools. It remains to be seen what answer tile ministry win give. It is Gratifying to see How plainly jews in the prussian Chambers deliver their opinions on the wrongs inflicted by the re no tonary ministry which with holds from them rights secured to them by the Constitution. The subject being discussed in the House Kosch a co religionist from Koenigsberge said liens a jew protested aloud in the presence of the whole country against the viol Hion of his own rights nod those of Liis co Relig Otiis to and required their restoration a from the Chambers our right be continued a a is also your right by defending our right Yon defend let them con Sider the position of the jewish Cali dilutes for judicial offices. Tie be had devoted their youth to studies that.�w.o�l4 dead them to an honourable career. At Tho close of their la Bones they Are refused mid thus either have spent be prime of la Weir lives in pursuits useless to them or must i opposition to their convictions separate themselves from their Faith by in prism he spoke from experience a a baptised jew was yet far from be Jug Christian the speech of the orator was listened to .wi.ih-Jmetnioh. The motion was accepted by a very Large major ii. But yet tile mint siry declines carrying out the revolution of the legislature. Such is the prussian Nick Constitution i exhibition a such of the visitors As take non interest in religious pomp and ceremonial will do Well when pissing along the South gallery to Stop for a moment at the Case of messes. Abraham and Solis class 24, and examine the marvellously wrong lit articles in Gold embroidery which the firm have prepared for the worship of the synagogue and far which they have obtained the prize medal. The most remarkable of these pieces of needlework Are first what is technically called a a a Mantle of Green velvet most elaborately embroidered in Gold with Tho lion of Judah the crowns of the High priest of the King and the to blots of the commandments and bearing appropriate hebrew inscriptions including the command meals As they were delivered to Moses. Second there is a Square cloth of Crim Stan velvet used to cover the sacred bread used in the worship of Friday evenings and also. Beautifully embroidered. The sheaves of wheaten the Corners of this cloth Are masterpieces of Art the two. Articles Are exceedingly curio in a Well Marliea Tifal and the so stand taste with which been tor to lies Art education of our but by a i Lynch c a a Suidt Galicia a Brody in Galicie con aids a very Large jewish the priest or Ihen it Rishi Quot on Quot the re. A or tit a p Tarn of bus do Cesab from borne ordered All curl Iab in the Seir Itce of Evvs to quit their empldyor3�?oat�?Tohce, and charged the police with inv task o f cd Ai trying out this Quot or u to l a i i in in the Indr Natida which this. Decree Quot created a 1 111. A i a 4 i a in a was equally great both Ambos jews and christians but the concordat is Elro amp Ger a i. L a Thail Bither employers or employed., a i a a. I.-�?T. A Germany a Arrow in Economy has. Long since exo coded the Ola idea that one nation s Prosperity must de Duila on the adversity of of Farsi Apa Bas shown on the contrary a a the Progress of each a. A a a a i .1 to i or / i i nation depends on the advancement of All her neighors a the old mercantile theory is not yet rooted out of Geri Nany. And the latter country has still much o learn from be gland not Buly i n the science of wealth but Alo in that of toleration jews Forin stance Are stir subject Here the of xvii ick Germany boasts be much to Quot considerable political and civil disabilities and popular prejudice is very bitter Fig Arnat them at Meseritz a Gyu Nastic society tuy Verein was foun a red lately. Three jews had entered the club a fourth presented himself for admission but was Black balled of Echo use a As is a written to the a a Ost Deutsche be Ichini a a by the admission of any wore Pera ii of that persuasion a a jewry would theh step in to far too great Pomi Nance a a this however is child a play clip piled with some late events in the German Cah Dir of Swit a a a Zerland called Aargau Liere what has never before occurred there a legislative Council has to tire instance a a of the people at Large. A jaw had been decreed by the great Couch cd of the Canton by which tie to Vil and political sit Ion of the jews w As Assisi Viila ted to that of All the other citizens the conservative and Catholic opposition stirred people against this Mea Fure another request was sent into the authorities to Lay the question of summoning the great Council before the people. At the voting which Folio wed 25,000 voices against 16,237 declared in River of calling a new legislative Council Hince the election of of new officers the Uidl violent measures have been proposed and the position of the jews will Hena Forth far a a worse than before the Issue of the or measure intended to do theiqgu8tice.�?tot. A a doctor Withams latest or. Williams lately published a pamphlet under the Lille a a persecution for ,�?� la this he boldly maintains All the statements made Liim in his famous review. He says a it is argued that the a author ii of go Hist ought to be our proof of prediction by referring to some of his interpretations of the old testament a we shall find this argument not conclusive a further a the Popli Cypre diced by Moses seems to mean the succession of prophets in the Oid testament a again. In Isaiah Vii. The irl conceiving in the reign. Of Sennacherib is either violently disconnected from the context or left at Best k difficult Type of the Virgin in the Las Ivy a in in Iii Iii no one has shown How the plural Prono us Lamo can a mean proper let a single person. Nor has the Inan Fesi connexion of this chapter with those the it precede it been shown consistent with the common directly messianic inter Veta Tion a he Ells us in fact that lie Chin not honestly take psalm 68v in the sense . A it is taken by the prayer Book though the Church considers she has divine authority for applying it to the Whit sunday since St. Paul Bas done so Eph. 6 8. The charge against or. We Ama being that be does not so impugn it but that doctrine is Eroneous that it has been established on princ Les which modern science and scholarship can not away with and that its present defenders Are guilty of ignorance superstition. And t he moral delinquency of adige ring to a system which they must know to be false. A we learn from the a a Maguida that this As soc Iutin presided Over by the rabbis Sil Bermann of Lyck Sachs of Berlin andr chief rabbi or. Adler further by or. J. Zedner of the British museum professor Luzzatto of Padua m. Albert Cohn of Paris and Herr Gordon of Lycky is making Progress. Of the 1000 subscribers it re quires in order to be enabled to commence operations it has already 600 and now that the importation of hebrew books is allowed in Russia a Large increase of members is expected especially when it is considered Tiit the annual subscription is Only of the Obj lowing works have been selected for publication some never having been painted Ithiers timing reprints of Rara works a # a no Nii a "3 Man n �?Thj5u Unpi up p to j we Byj Quot Ujj b7 in Glish. Well a f 3. Vul Risin 0

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