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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - November 14, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio Periodicals devoted i vol. 9.--no. 9.cincinnati, Ohio Friday november a 3623 a. Hi., 1862, a. A whole dumber 435. Psalm 141. % a hallelujah i gladly sing o Jerusalem i applaud a Zion j let thine echoes ring with the Prates of thy god. For when augry hostile Powers threaten thee with wasting wars he inc Orclea All thy towers Strong the Ning All thy Gates and bars. Blessings of if is Bounty fro blessings of his love and Grace he benignly pours on thee and of All thy chosen race. A 0 the on every Sido surrounding on thy Borders gives he peace stores in boost wheat abounding in thee causes he increase. A his commandment Forth Ile sends Earth obedient pays regard Onward to her farthest ends Elko the lightning Dies his word. He the Clouds of Winter bringing showers from heaven Tho Wool like snows Hoar Frost o or the Meadows flinging these he As with ashes Stroud. Icy fragments from the North. Scatters he across Hie land when the Dorth wind to brings Forth who the chilling blast can stand ? his commandment when to pleases issues Forth and melts them Oil he invoking Milder breezes frees Tho Waters from their Thrall. He to Jacob by his Grace from his word the veil withdraws and reveals to israelis Raco a his judgments and his Laws. He has not indulged so kindly any race beneath Tho skies tel they to Nis judgments blindly and perversely shut their Oyes. London Peirish chronicle. Copyright be cured according to Law. Rudolph Morgenstern a tale of Loyc and misery. Bill. M. Moos. F author of a a 2forlnrat or the Pope and Hie Unpi Isitoro chapter i. It was a half an hour later. Edc Stcin Markland and Simon Wolf had left or. Newman gone to rest and Helen and Martha had sought their sleeping the bells1 of the neighbouring churches had solemnly pealed Forth the hour of ten the pavements were cleared of human beings the lights save that in our heroines bedchamber were totally extinguished and quiet and darkness reigned supreme in the balance of or. Next Many a mansion. He his wife and the younger portion of his family including his two daughters Sylvia and Gertrude each found peace and rest in the gentle arms of care suppressing slumber the servants who had carefully barred the outer Gates and1 locked the doors tired and worn out by their daily toil had slowly and noiselessly descended into the lower Hall and soon Lay stretched out on their Mats unconscious of life a and misery snoring away with their eyes closed their lips uncompressed their limbs motionless a their whole beings completely under the invigorating influence of sleep. As we said before silence reigned supreme and nature with her millions of human subjects confided her woes and throes to Tho Pale and pensive Queen of night so she May Bury them deep in the Ocean of forgetfulness and spread her unfurled pinions dark and Mystic Over their world wide sepulchre. Helen and Martha had not yet retired to rest Tho former was apparently inclined soon to seek repose her Rich attire of the1 evening was Laid aside and Robed in a Loose gown that web As White As snowflakes descending on december Days she sat before a Small Marble table on which a Fine Mirror was placed watching the reflection of herself As she a wreathed tile Beautiful Crown of Jet and Glossy hair which she profusely dropped in Long. Tresses around her Graceful neck and below her shoulders. By her Side on an Ivory stand which was inlaid and ornamented with purple and azure Dolored Mother of Pearl was a Crystal Basin filled with aromatic water to wet her slender fingers As she bound up her glittering Black hair into a curious knot in completion of her nights toilet. A ravishing smile web playing on her countenance and her Rosy lips curled in pleasure As 6he viewed herself in the Mir ror. Looking enticingly Sweet like a laughing Naiad on the Banks of the romantic Hellespont leaned Back upon her chair her neck exposed and Bare her breast partially revealed from beneath the flowing Robe of Silver and her full round arms divested of All attire As they a a a i a a playfully met in front and gently clasped i her White and proudly heaving i having surveyed herself in Many other at a Titues besides the one described and being conscious of her fascinating charms she merrily hummed a piece of a ditty to herself and thought of Philip and of happiness. A Short distance from Lier in front of an opened window gazing at the dark and gloom Breeding outside sat Martha just As i we have seen her in the drawing room an 1. A. A hour previous. Still Robed in the same Plain garb unmindful of the lateness of the hour she had fallen in a reverie. Her head was reclining on her left Arm which supported itself in the window Sill. Her eyes were Bent on vacancy a her thin lips were very Pale and suited Well to the pensive and Serene countenance which neither pain nor anxiety distorted nor Hope and happiness brightened. The rays of the Moon that sailed above her head played upon her. Regular and Calm features and gave them a More soft and Lan a gushing appearance. Her forehead was smooth not a wrinkle defaced its Marble surface Aud a Tranquillity almost bordering on happiness gave it the expression of a Paradise forbidden Peri wearing the air of heavenly peace and earthly melancholy. How changed was her life one month ago there was an elastic Spring in her body smile on Lier features and a Freedom of speech so Peculiar to youth to relieve her. Overflowing heart thousand times each Day. She thought and knew of nothing to Mush at or that her Mardenly modesty should withhold. She was pure and innocent Ani j Happy in Lier purity and innocence. Loved by All who saw and knew her a fondled by her parents and dearly cherished by her j Uncle and aunt she dreamed of nothing but 1 of love and in return judging every boing pure As herself indiscriminately loved a one -1 and All who came in Contact with her As i Only a Young burning heart can love. Her Happy countenance beamed in smiles which threw a Radiant Sunshine of delectation Over her whole Frame. There was beaut Quot in her j speech Beauty in her song Beauty in her laughter. Her laughter so Sweet and free a More musical than the merry Bells which. Summon Angels to a festival her exhilarating voice rolling As the notes of the Nightingale and Dulcet a9 the tune of the Canary exulting by echoed throughout the air and almost bordered on madness. Sunshine reigned wherever she was and her wild and Lively actions made All participate in her happiness. Her Beautiful Blue eyes swam in tears1 of Joy and All her thoughts were born and bathed in transport rapture ecstasy. Such was her month ago one Short Short month ago. She was Happy a Haughton Earth disturbed her mind and her path was strewn with Myrtle and with Evergreen one month ago. Is 9he loss Happy now since the Rose has faded on Ber Cheeks Bio Guiles no longer frequent is she less Happy a Reader the sequel will explain. She was still looking through Tho hoisted window As Ber mind ran Over the strange events which took place on that evening Between her Uncle and Rudolph Morgenstern and Charles Markland and herself. Quot she meditated with Pride and admiration on the behaviour and deportment of Tho Young student but visibly trembled As the bitter threats of Markland swept across her accused herself of having disrespectfully and insultingly acted toward the modest and sensitive Rudolph and feared that 6he had inflicted an additional wound on his already too much bleeding heart by her seeming diffidence and t is True his dreamy eyes so modest and so Mournful appeared to speak to her of love a of nothing but of love. But Why should she think so ? Tho burning secret of her soul s in in had not been revealed to him and 3ct she fancied that he read it read it plainly too and despite her dissembling despite the suppression of her feelings and emotions saw in her Tell tale eyes the untamed passion that knocked against her heart and set her very mind on fire. Frantic with an inward Joy she could have fallen on her knee to thank her god for what ? �?1 for the gift of pure and virtuous love a for the sensation so heavenly Aud ecstatic a tenderer than a Sisters love and More unselfish than i a a a Mother 8 affections. She could have fallen a a a on her knee and thanked her god for the exquisite pleasure that bordered on pain to read for the first time those a thoughts from which she trembled in becoming modesty yet would not banish nor Exchange were Beauty youth and even life Tho she loved with her whole heart As woman a Only loves and what was life to her deprived of love a a Bleak and Barren existence a fragment of a Rook upon a desolated Heath a a palet ind flickering Light in the vast sepulchre of Hope destroyed. Life is love and m a love outlives the Short existence on Earth and with the spirit soars to heaven. Martha loved and she began to live. Care and Trou # a Hies were already Liers and anxiety made her pensive and uneasy. A world of thou to reigned in her mind and Lier passions were in wild disorder and commotion. Yet her brow was Calm her features undisturbed and nothing indicated the raging storm the burning fire of the strained imagination the agon a of wavering and unsettled Hope and the thousand apprehensions of the inner being. Calmly she sat by the window with a mind More misty than the atmosphere with in i a. Out. A Little Clouds Etc a in the Distant heaven having gathered strength on its steady Anarch advanced with formidable prowess toward the dignified Queen who surrounded by a myriad stars in resignation watched its Progress and her doom. It came increasing As it neared and threatened to submerge her in its Mist encumbered Avalanche. Nearer. And nearer did it draw and soon concealed the last vestige of the Moon behind the Grey Sheet of Vapours and Darker grew the darkness of the night Martha had watched tile horizon and the t slow but successful Progress of that Little speck first seen no larger than a Dove ascend. Unnoticed from the West and she trembled and breathed a Long and heavy sigh As it soared on High a Pale phantom of the night Between the Light and she lowered her eyes and nervously moved one hand across her brow As if to collect her scattered thoughts then looked once More toward the buried Moon and to the stars that shone like diamonds on the upper vault no longer Hung in brightness there. Other Clouds larger than the first and More gloomy in their aspect had arrived upon the Des a tined Battle Field and threatening Hung the luge Gray bodies in the awful and mysterious space. A gain a tremor Shook her Frame and ghastly waxed her countenance. Helen Whoso mind was occupied by happier thoughts had just concluded the song she had merrily chimed to herself As the heavy sigh which escaped from Martha a breast fell drearily upon her ear. Quickly she Rose to her feet and hastened to the Side of her Cousin. Having thrown one Arm around her neck and printed and affectionate kiss upon her lips she gently whispered i 1 a 44 my Martha is not Martha kissed her in return but did not speak. A 41o, Cousin dear,1�?T1 continued Helen Coaxin Gly 44 to More cheerful. A u i will a answered Martha and a faint smile trembled on Hor Marble Cheeks. A Why Are you so pensive Cousin ? a Helen inquired still finding her companion uncommunicative 44 you barely arc unhappy a have i offended you ? a. 44 of god i not no a and Martha pressed another kis9 on Helen s brow and commenced weeping on her bosom. A a a in a a. Helen took up her White Muslin handkerchief and gently wiped the moisture from her cousins eyes observing. 44 now cease weeping Cousin and Tell me your complaint so i enabled to afford you Relief. You know my love for you is great Dearest Why hide. From me your woes ? a Martha Mannington had partly regained a a a a t her composure and erecting Ber form she disengaged her hand from Helen a grasp Aud dried up the few remaining tears which were still rolling Down her Cheeks. Moved a in. By the kind Appeal of her Cousin she gently dropped her mild and Mournful eyes on the floor and taking hold of her companions hand whispered in tones so Low As if afraid of her own voice 411 wish Rudolph Morgenstern had not been Here 41 Why my dear a replied Helen 14 to certainly has not been rude to you.?-�?� 44 rude a no no in not rude a quivered on the lips of Martha. 44 what then my Cousin a eagerly observed the other. A Martha dropped her eyes still lower and her voice became More Mournful As she remarked a 9 t 441 have been rude to him a 44 How in what manner a asked Helen 44 How a replied Martha 14 in everything even not not looks. He came to us a at least to me a comparative stranger and As such he had a claim to hospitality and respectful attention. How have we hour have i received him a let me not think a on it. A Mere cold introduction was his a a formal reception tendered with undisguised reluctance and embittered by a show of indifference that it brought tears into his , Helen i Helen that must be the cause of tears to him re a and Martha commenced sobbing aloud and once More throwing her arms around Helen a neck. X a a a i t i a i j a j buried her face of her cousins bosom and a % a a a fairly succumbed to the wild emotions storming at the Gates of reason. 41 yours is not the fault that tears came to his eyes. If injustice has been done ascribe the blame to my behaviour and not to yours. A twas a who As the hostess ought to Bave received him More become ugly a replied Helen. 14 what matters it now whose fault ii a f a a a a a a a a a was i a sobbed the other. 4 a i know it brought tears into his eyes he was wronged re and Martha a a a i again a burst of tears coursed Down her Cheeks again the affectionate Helen picked up the handkerchief and wiped the pearls from Martha a eyes sweetly whispering in tones almost inaudible a a a 44 he loves you Cousin weep no the storm had subsided and the passions having spent their fury exhausted sunk into a Calm and Martha Marmin Tori Felt Relief and her countenance once More became Serene and pensive. She had heard that he loved her and she Felt an indescribable % a a a a a loved her a what a world of. 9 in m a a 1 f a wild and vague sensations of Delight a and a a happiness swept Over her Frame a he loved Lier a the very thought engendered Bliss,1 and Hor exultation almost bordering on mad Ness Lent an unnatural fire to Hor eyes which were so mild tender and soft arid yet so burning that Helen who had noticed their appearance smilingly said w 44 you Are Beautiful even in once More Hilt this time More coquettish by Martha stamped a kiss1 upon her cousins brow and with her Cheeks suffused j Nacar let blushes,1 bashfully asked 44 does to love me Cousin a does he a a a Philip Edelstein says a lie does replied the other 44 and they Are cousins and companions. a Martha Mannington modestly dropped her Beautiful eyes on the floor and the smile to lift for a moment played upon her features died As it was created a in a moment a. Be m f a Rene and Pale like a somnambulist seen walking by Moonlight appeared she seated by the Side of her Lovely Cousin. She Wassail and motionless a Ali Helen disturbed Hor not. They remained amp it by a Fow min

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