Page 4 of 16 May 1862 Issue of Cincinnati Israelite in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Read an issue on 16 May 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Cincinnati Israelite.

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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - May 16, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio The jews income if 1752,. The. Folio Wing a an extract from a Gorman Book a a a jars Tellugen aus italian a v. . A Lemur a judicious traveler who visited Rome in 1792. He says p. 321 c1 during Many of. The Church festivals and holy processions the jews keep themselves concealed in their Priori on the other Side Tho tiber to avoid the Mal treatments of the populace authorized . The gov a meet it self. This unhappy people harassed and oppressed everywhere is so to the highest degree at Rome. Even the present reigning Pope Pius or. J passed Enedict against the jews in 1775, which nothing can equal As to barbarity. Shut up in a retired filthy and stinking Street called l.4ii.ghetto,&Quot the edict requires them to seen in the City a a Only during the Day and they must under pain of death return to that abominable prison at Sunset. To leave that prison for a few Days in order to recreate their suffering health from the confined pestilential air requires a special dispensation. Under pain of hard labor at the galleys and other punishments they dare not approach the Vicinity of the Convent Annunciate and As must seen in churches convents and hospitals. They Are prohibited under corporeal servants hiring christians for any kind a a i of service or having any dealings with them. No Christian May have a jew sitting at his Side in a vehicle nor to lend him his own vehicle and the jews themselves Are exposed to corporeal punishment for Riding in Rome on horseback in a Carriage or a Calash. As a sign of distinction they must Wear a Mark of yellow color. Their funerals arc performed in the utmost silence and no grave Stone is allowed them. Among the 8000 to 10,000 jews who notwithstanding this persecution and heavy taxes live in that City there Are Only a few Rich ones who succeed Means of Money to get rid of those penal enactments against themselves especially of being shut rip in the ghetto. Noria this auf i Orient for papal despotism thus to torment that unhappy people of this Century of general tolerance but with the most refined cruelty they Are there reminded of the dark Ages an annual festivity when the jews Are treated like beasts. Before the introduction of horse races at the close of the fifteenth Century the jews bad to run races during carnival in the presence of the Pope and under the most cruel maltreatment on the part of the people in commemoration of the humane exemption from that cruel enforcement there still appears annually before carnival at the Capitol a deputation from the jews presenting upon their Knees to a the magistrates 309 Scudi Ike a redemption Money for the abolished Public spec Taco of their races. But however terrible this political pressure May appear under which the jews labor there it is Etili surpassed the cruel violation of conscience with which they Are afflicted the Mother Church in her tender care for their souls. A a certain number of jews must collect together under pain of a Fine on their Sabbath afternoon to attend a Sermon. Tile messenger of peace a thundering dominican representing to them under awful malediction the Damnable character of their own religion and the necessity of taking Refuge for salvation in the bosom of the Church. This parental admonition is followed in the same Strain a string of Forsee upon their want of feeling and their bus Tintcy hitherto manifested on those repeated weekly occasions. All the attempts made hitherto that unfortunate people to escape those conversion sermons havens yet failed. They used to Stop their Earb t ut4he ears of the audience Are now examined. They used to sleep and snore but there Are now overseers appointed to awake them with violent blows. But one expedient they retain which could not avoided cough is blowing noses and yawning. But this they do so loudly that the thundering voice of the dominican in drowned in it. They leave the Church with a wild laughter and secret cursing upon their tyrants. Ii a Good Man when dying Onoe said a formerly death appeared to me like a River but now it has dwindled to a Little Rill and my comforts which were As a Rill have become As the Broad and deep a. If the Spring put Forth no blossoms in summer there will a Beauty and in autumn no fruit to if youth he trifled away without improvement Riper years will contemptible and old age miserable. To not wait for your Fervour to Cool before Roa not. The Workman Ait a foundry might la. Well wait tor the molten Iron to Cool before souring it into the Mold if Tow wouldst justified acknowledge to that confesses hib sin . To salvation he that is sorry it nitetfid8 hib Pace he that forsakes it is ii his journeys end. Is Quot actions words looks the of babe which you May in Ell character Bloch amp co., bin tabs 32 sixth Street. Isaac m. amp . A a Cincinnati Friday morning. May to 1862. Jug pm. Isaac Lew has kindly volunteered to aet As agent of the israelite and Deborah for Nashville and Vicinity. We beg our friends to assist him. ,. Iwa student capable of giving instruction one or a two boars Dally. In hebrew and Gorman will find a. With me a a to Omune ration pro boarding Aud Long log fir Access to nil the lessons and lectures in farm Orsu College Wal a la a Complete one free Access to my Library and a claim on my Lei Aaro boors. Isaac m. Is ise May 16. Office of the israelite. Rejoinder to a study first and then s. Bkuci., Cincinnati. Editor of the israelite a communication appeared in your paper dated april is udder the above heading. I have been requested some friends to address a few words to your correspondent if you will allow me to do so in your first Issue. The task is somewhat arduous. 1st. The random style of its composition. 2. The writer proves himself a disbeliever in revealed religion. I have concluded not to follow the article entirely,.believing that the subject will better understood when abstracted. The writer m. E. Jvi., first state that he daily hears mentioned the word of god Well informed persons who have no idea of god nor can they define what they mean the expression. The evil is further aggravated similar words such As Angel hell Devil Paradise and More such daily used and none con define what they Are baying nor the source from whence the expressions emanated. Words were intended to represent our ideas to convey or Converse with other but How can this to done if words or things Are used undefined. If any one should request an explanation the questioner would regarded As a Lunatic since the whole world has sanctioned things which signify nothing. The same May said of the present unfortunate warfare those who Are engaged in it can not explain for what they Are fighting but merely to do so to acquire ruination instead of preventing it. Tile same May said of our judiciary affairs where Law suits Are carried on to the ruin of both parties. All Octie could avoided if men would understand each other thus society is infested the evils of non definition. Thus far i e. M. Bas proceeded in his Peculiar style though evidently As a prelude to Bis first appearance in the Arena with the reformers he takes the Field in person and after this manner he makes the onslaught 11 i will now investigate the sayings and expressions of the so called orthodoxy against the reformers they Are horribly Al tacked they Are called infidel9,the destroyers of Judaism who deny the Laws of Moses and also the word of god Quot but says he a a ask you gentlemen of the orthodox to define your expression but this you can not do As you Are All of you deceived and this i shall show and prove that you have no idea or knowledge of the Law nor of the subject you Are speaking about Quot know then the received books of Judaism Are twotbora9,theone written Moses and closed his death the other is the talmud commenced our Rabbins reformers and still continue in every succeeding age Bat a you orthodox have not studied the talmud i can not expect you should know the first founder of the verbal Law a you Are Only acquainted with the one writer 3000 years after its appearance nor Are you acquainted with any of our jewish rabbinical commentaries. You Are aware that Judaism contains 613 commandments 248 which you shall do and 365 of such a you May not do but As none of you know in what Thora they Are to found a a i hereby Tell you they Are All contained in the written Law and Tho Rabbins have not ordained a question will arise which Are the Oral Laws commanded your Rabbins my answer is they have dismissed entirely Over 400 of them As Moses ordained them Only for Palestine and the rest they have reformed and models suitable for All Ages past present and future for every jew this being Well understood Well then we come to the conclusion that the Rabbins have been from Tho beginning absolute reformers of the written law1, which was found not More practicable for the age and gentlemen let me a a fee people the advice of their Robbins have Long ago dismissed the written Laws that the Laws of state and. That of society can not eternal Laws Only of god. Written in suture Are unalterable and As the our Day Are More competent judges for things becoming our time than those who preceded us Many thousand years before hence we Are hound in duty to accept,.at All hazards Tho dog Nap of the teachers of our Days in preference to that of our ancients of course we bad stars in Early times1 having Brilliant and attractive qualities but they Aro. Now eclipsed with the great Corset of our Day they have More than one a Progress is the order of the Day. Witness the impregnable wooden Walls of , they must a now succumb to Young a Ironsides and Vulcan a forge. A in reply to a a study first and ton criticize a i Ofay venture to say that Quot the orthodox Community who May have read this bold hut novel production will More amused than deed their Pride mortified though held up As men having no idea or knowledge of god and his Many attributes unacquainted in the study of theology or with any of our rabbinical commentaries. I say with All these deficiencies it would unjust to complain since the eternal god the dictator of his divine and holy Law whose infinite Wisdom can not charged with any deficiency nor Are they subject to any amendments or supplements As those composed yet m. E. M. Hashed the daring Assurance to class Tho eternal and author of All things among the know nothings. This is proved i own statement that our Rabbins the reformers have been vigorously employed in moulding and modelling and correcting the 613 precepts of the written Laws to suit the different periods Ani so incomplete have the Laws of god been found that Over 400 of them have been stricken from our sacred Rook and the remaining 200 have been pruned trimmed and otherwise modified to suit the demand of tile times. I have already said that the writer me. is a disbeliever in revealed religion. A the belief of a faithful israelite or that the five books of the Law of god written Moses called the written Law and also the Oral Law which is the soul and sense of the former were both Given to Moses at one and the same time As their unalterable Rule of life if the following passages Are carefully examined it will there found that when god delivered to Moses the two tables of Stone it is recorded he gave him the Law and the commandments. This would a double and useless expression were these two words not to indicate and represent each a separate idea thus the word torah is applicable to the written Law and mils a denotes the practical part of it which is performed virtue of the Oral Law. Quot exodus 14 12. The same expression is used to Joshua when appointed to succeed Moses Josh. 1 7,s. Hence this Ora Law is the genuine Sens of the written one and that they Are so intimately and inseparably connected than they Are consider Eljas one and indivisible. Moses when on mount Sinai was instructed with the thirteen rules to regulate the expounding of the holy Law and other decisive Laws. All these he delivered and communicated at different times As adapted to the various seasons places and circumstances during the 40 years of their abode in the wilderness. Moses was commanded to establish a Synod of which in was the president. The Senate was composed of 70 of the select of Israel the Law whether historical or receptive was discussed in Council the rules there Laid Down and All difficult matters were expounded resolved and determined the Public instruction was taught orally and in this manner is recorded 40 different synods with the names of their presidents covering a space of time of 1787 years whose teachings and decisions were transmitted tradition to their successors. In this number Ezra the 2d Moses is included he and his Sublime Council of 120 persons composed the chief of our prayers. Rabbi Judah the pious who lived and flourished in Tho reign of the emperor Antonius. To and his Sublime Council perceived the deplorable state of Israel caused the wars then raging the teachers disposed the masses dispirited the colleges neglected. They judged it proper Quot to collect and compile All the instructions concerning the practical part of the 613 precepts which had been thought in the various senates from that of Moses to their time As a Fence and preservation of the divine Law All these acts and religious duties that were transmitted tradition and called Oral Law were now recorded and concentrated into the celebrated work known As the Bix volumes of the mishnah later the two talmud on a More extended scale made Thor appearance. It is virtue of these productions our religious and moral con duct toward god and Man is thereby regulated fixed and established but As Only men of ambition Are Well versed in these works constant application that Oan appreciate their Many excellencies our Learned rabbis in succession have Given us copious Cour Volpe 1firmed extracts of theirs essentials in the publication of the shul ban Oruch they it it and Many More of the like these arc now universally received As a Standard which All our Law abiding teachers Are governed and base their decisions and not from their own invention nor for the accommodation a a a a of their supporters. It is True that Many of the 613 precepts. Are connected with the holy land and May More relate to the Temple of the sacrifices Tho priests and Levi Tea ake., a. Some of these cannot he performed Iii our present position and local situations but a Ici Precept that relate to pain incumbent and depending on persons individually Only have a binding Force whether in the holy land or out of in. It has Ever been a custom in in a Rael that a when any Law became impracticable Tho spirit thereof has been preserved a much As possible. Prayers were instituted instead of the offerings hence they should performed with t in same Devotion and care As the rat offering itself. It is therefore not True that my of our authorized Rah a bins i to missed any of our biblical Laws on the contrary they have fortified it from decay and destruction. For the information of your readers i herewith extract from a pastoral letter of the s. Ult an the head of the Central consistory of Paris 1856. From it the duties of religious teachers Are defined. A a the jewish doctrine does not permit to those who Are its representatives to Chance modify Way of suppression or obligation the particulars of the Law whether written or Oral which god has revealed tons nor to deviate from established rules of which the form of worship is determined and the religious idea preserved and die tradition of practical Judaism is perpetuated faithful to this principle the authorities who have succeeded each other in Israel have never arrogated to themselves the Power to abolish annul or to efface from the religious code any doctrinal Point whatever having once been established As an obligation All on the contrary. Have endeavoured to maintain the Law in its integrity in a word to Piea Erve it entire Precept and m. E. M. Contends that rabbi a. Has the same right to Amend or to annul the Laws of 1860, As rabbi b., in 480 so they have if their dec in. Ion is based Mirn Accord ing to the wording of the Law and Tho amendment is approved a Synod composed equally in numbers and of learning Asthore who enacted them. It is not True that rabbi Johnme composed the 13 divine rules of the exposition of the holy Law neither does he claim the authorship that belongs to Moses our preceptor. Your construction on his closing sentence that Quot of two verses seem contradictory a third must decide a is erroneous. You raise a query on the words not i a in till it comes and a a text can not come of itself until produced those having the key thereof you infer that that the conflict Ion must remain Ine Bryor like the sign in the Candy shop of a a pay today and Trust tomorrow a which Oever comes. This is bad logic of yours and a bad compliment to rabbi Ishmael to whom you ascribe the authorship of the first Book of Reform but conflicting passages Are of frequent occurrence in holy writ a third can. Be found that will explain the contradiction. This ought to establish the divinity of our. Holy Law. The example thereof is often noticed our Rabbins and exemplified them. The late d. Levy translates it this 41 when two texts contradict each other a third text will found co reconcile in should reflect that we Are the recipients of Tho holy Law. It should our duty to implore the assistance of god to enlighten us in it and attach oar hearts to his precepts. Should any inconsistency appear to us in the sacred Book arrogance should not precipitate us into passing censure but rather let humility and Pride produce its Contrariety considering ourselves not Wiser than our predecessors nor can it imagined that the words of god Are less perfect than we Are we shall then attribute the supposed inconsistency to our defective comprehension and wait till we Are More fitted to discover the truths contained in the sacral words of god. A a #. From who a publication of the jewish a woe la tim Tho diffusion of Beli Tous . Voyage of life. Concluded from no. 45. How like a ship is Man in this world a Noble vessel fashioned god himself to traverse the Small sea of life setting out from the Shore of birth to the Haven of eternity. Braves Hill How beautifully modelled i what delicacy of outline i what Fine proportions i How exquisite Tho spars i How Well tempered the Btu dding sails How Well fitted to the ends proposed i what capacity to contain every necessary appliance voyage i How Well furnished with footnote the whole time of the passage How Eben Pieta the grappling How secure the of ill of rope How perfect the Anchor How. East the Chut i

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