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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - May 2, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio T a a 0a weekly periodicals devoted to the religion history and literature of the israelite. Vol. . 44. Cincinnati Ohio Friday. May 2, 502, a. Ill., 1s62, a. Cd whole number 408. The israelite Pron of Ever a Friday Ai 32 six Iii or it Taiwan main my Walnut Cincinnat j. Ohio by la log ii a co., for Isaac in. Wise Eikor proprietor. do Marvip a , in Advance. Tho Dib Maii in in. M c Tinq. Ai hic a an i of of Sotl by t he Nanio a Iii her ii Ojo Dollar mod Kilt v Chillo Iii a in Hico for he two pumice lion Tak in by Tho a no per to i. Four d it i Fri to Ullin i n a or til. Or Mulier arc Hare Ltd hut in i hone Price. T r in Ofa la Oiler paper per Square of for blvd lines of till Typo. Not up of in a Ono inner lion 75cents two Ali to Lnu ratio is is for i Mouth i 3 m stud a i months i 12 months i 30 i 00 i 0 of j to of a Ivorah Oranett without Cima Job int i ? la im0 j11 Ltd try 1. Not Nam Odin a it a by. 1.ii p in in i in lither no put a if Onmi a i in hath papers a n cd if to will to a a Blo. With 1 a up a off la tote print in j. In . Firm in Fri a hebrew exe i a i p a in mar by Mcrae ii of printing in know Sinh or �1 Pirn in. Or b Ull Frnk bulb a to a i. Wit ii a Irr of a a Neito id >11 in i Cli. A Quot a Joti ii Init Ioni turn or a a nth to ,h011m us vent von on hut one id of rim a tiv of and in a Plain it Ihlo hand. Ii. Sci sch a Porsan Endon to it psalm 123._ to thee i lift my Ion pin of Oyes o thou who d wet lest in the skies Loas the eyes of servants. When they stand waiting the movement of their masters hand or a the eyes of Maiden s gaze. Until Lier band their mistress raise. To trait cur eyes upon oui god the lord until Ile mercy to our souls Accord. Have mercy on us lord we Pray thy mercy to our souls display tor crushed Are we beneath a Load of shame while foul reproach is cast upon our name. Our soul is wholly overborne by the insulting sneers anti scorn of those who Are from >1 anxious cares exempt. Aud of the proud to Ileal us with contempt. /. Union a to ult car Rny hebrews and crusader of England. Or on. forever living. God liveth forever wherefore soul despair thou never our god in Good Iii every place his love is known his help is found his mighty Arm and Lender Grace bring Forth front ills thai hem us round. Easier than we think can he turn to Joy our agony soul remember a mid thy pains god o Crall forever reigns. God liveth Ever wherefore soul despair Ilion never scarce canst thou Bear thy Cross then Fly a to him where Only rest is Sweet thy god is great his mercy nigh Ilia strength upholds the tottering feet. Trust Hun for his Grace is sure Ever doth his truth endure soul forget not in thy plans god o or All forever reigns. God liveth Ever o my soul despair thou never i when sins and follies Long forgot upon thy tortured conscience prey of come to god and fear him not his love sweep them All away. Pains of Heil at look of his change to Calm Content and Bliss. Soul forget for. In thy pain hoi o Arall doth Ever reign god liveth Ever i wherefore soul despair thou never those whom the thoughtless world forsakes who stand bewildered with their woe god gently to his bosom takes a Aud bids them All his fullness know. In thy sorrows swelling flood own his hand who seeks thy Good. Boul forget not in thy Paine. God Over All forever reigns. God liveth Ever wherefore soul despair thou never let Earth and heaven outworn with age sink to the chaos whence they came let angry foes against us rage let Boll Bhoot Forth his Fleice St flame Pear not death nor satan a thrusts god defends who in him trusts soul remember in thy pains god Over All forever reigns. God liveth Ever a Hereford soul despair thou never i a what though thou tread with bleeding feet a thorny path of grief and gloom juy god will Oli Oose the Way most meet so Lead thee heavenward Lead thee Home. For this life a Long night of sadness who will give thee peace and gladness. Coal forget not in thy pains god o or All forever reigns. A Lyra germanic. Mcva4z09 of Lites Are composed of lights and shadows a of genial Sunshine and lowering Clouds. Sometimes we Pluck the fragrant Flowers that exhale their sweets about our pathway and then again the cold winds of adversity sweep Iii pitiless masts around us withering the fair i. T transient objects which we had fond-5hppea were abiding and fearing a All a a Marleav Elk w trans lated a pfc la Fot Tho Laru Olite chapter x i a a it in a misfortune a cried , ill hum redly a a that you Bee the affairs Darker than they Are. If one hears you he not believe that the entire Christendom a no other thought than on our destruction. Can you then really persuade yourself that among to Many thousands every humane feeling a disappeared has no Christian a conscience any More does the fear for a terrible sin frighten no one any More i am convinced that thousands of righteous christians lament the crimes already committed. That they feel tile necessity to oppose their continuance. Your violence however aggravates to Steps through which we Chance into a War the attacks directed toward us which every righteous Christian must detest in which our foes will win for themselves the appearance of the right and our destruction is a a your Blind Confidence in Christian humanity is a greater misfortune than my impetuosity a rejoined Indiana embittered a a for you keep ii Back from courageous resolutions. Only wait until Christendom will take our part How then shall that happen upon what do you yet count when tim declaration of the King that we stand under his protect Ion. Has remained fruitless of no one Ries for us then we must indeed attempt what we ourselves Are Able and if we fall then we have at least revenged 4 that is just Tho Point a cried Lessen. A a you Are driven by airy you thirst for vengeance in j would gladly fall if you Only could Ako kill your enemy. But when this feeling rules you. Then your advice is not suitable for the congregation which has not to care for vengeance but for its preservation a a confused clamor which Only the respect for the two speakers had a so Long restrained broke out now and prevented the possibility of any further consultation. A a the rabbi has spoken right we want vengeance Quot they cried from the one Side. A a no we must remember our wives and children a resounded from the tile congregation was evidently divided into two parties who screaming and gesticulating tried to make their views apparent to a a a each other. Not a single one could gain the floor notwithstanding so Many wished to get the next word. Every one cried and no one wanted to hear. Their natures were too Stormly excited that they could so soon Calm themselves and the meeting adjourned without having come to any conclusion. A Jossens a More temperate View was the Correct one. The people in England in no ways agreed with the horrible persecutions of the hebrews no Clergyman approved of the disgraceful actions committed and the disgust for such wild atrocities spread itself also among the christians. Therefore also the citizens did not Rise against the hebrews in any City and even if the lowest most vulgar class of people were inclined to an uprising which promised great advantage to their avarice the fear of the displeasure of their betters which in Many cases was loudly expressed still held in Check the eagerness for the hebrew Tress 1 urea and even the Royal proclamation in favor of the hebrews showed itself Ellec a a a a or Ltd in Tivo enough. But All this did not reach to the Protection of the hebrews at those places where a swarm of crusaders threw themselves tor from these emanated the persecution and everywhere their presence gave the Dregs of the people the courage to join with them and in storm to snatch some Booty. The idea which Bob had first spoken out had kindled and also burned after the death of him who was appointed to keep up the fire. The Happy result which had crowned the undertaking in London the forbearance of the government which almost seemed like a silent approval encouraged to similar attempts and the envy of those who had enriched themselves by plundering speedily ripened the determination to imitate them. To this May he added that the most of shoe who had taken the Cross belonged a to the Lazy and indolent rabble which eve cry where prefers a Hasty gain ton laborious acquisition without troubling themselves with conscientious considerations. Nut pious thoughts hut tic expectation of Rich Booty determined them to join the expedit lion to the holy land hut As they were in the meantime unemployed even often suffered extreme want nothing could he More promising to them than just now to begin the Eay struggle with the unbelievers at bom and so to earn for themselves the Possession of treasures which they held for immense for the representation of an a11 surpassing wealth of the hebrews stood so firm that it could not have been Stoa Ken by any experience to the contrary. A but not Only the common crowd was determined on an expedition against the hebrews Ako Many a Nobleman wanted to participate in it in dist Ruke and these knew a 9 better what they effected it treated namely for the death of their would free them from thai debt. Under the crusaders there did not take place in it either a conspiracy or an agreement Cery one knew that he might with Cert linty count upon participation and Tattoo. Only consumed Lier. The unfortunate Man lost his laboriously retained courage and the night of despair darkened his soul to was As insensible to the visits of his friends As for the Consolation of religion. In the midst of their emergency the hebrew still had tender feeling for the their oldest fellow citizen they applied everything to sustain him and conciliate him with his existence. Rabbi Joe Haman showed the afflicted Man a tenderness which one would not have expected from his usual impetuosity. Everything was in Only one time when Jochanan advanced the thought that god could have called two such excellent women to himself to save them a horrible death from the murderer a hand As so Many had suffered it in tile attacked cities and now also my i be feared in York Jossen seemed to be shaken and calmed by it. Jochanan who noticed Thi. A immediately Brokenly to thought to work on in the afflicted Man yet at ins next risk he returned to it. It is presuming he thought if Man sought to Fin the grounds of the godly destiny yet one never erred if he saw in apparent evil the seed of future Fortune and in apparent harshness the effect cd a boundless mercy. The life duties of the persons were As various As Che trials which were prepared tor them one could never know when these would to solved or those overcome but one would ascertain in through tile death of a person for no one would be called out of this sex even when he w us in a journey they Brill did not venture to under Uke anything in London or the Vicinity. However at this rime the crusaders also set themselves in motion toward the coasts they came singly but on the Way they assembled and As Boon As they had grown up to a sufficient troop they threw themselves upon Che first Best City. To was Lyon fallen upon without any previously arranged plan so Norwich. Although it was chiefly designed for plundering yet the fury which accompanies every deed of violence bore on the rough hardened people to the most shocking cruelties. In was so bad that Many in whom there was still a Trace of conscience left were seized with shuddering at their own infamous haunted by the thought that such a horrible murder of innocent people even if they were unbelievers could still be a sin. As however every crusader in Reward for his pious oath was richly supplied with absolution an carried forgiveness for the murder sins which were to be committed Fin future already in Advance with him so a Light fit of remorse could not circuit scribe the undertaking and the hebrews in the cities of Lincoln Edmond Bury and Stamford shared the bloody Fate of their murdered co religionists. A a a until now they had acted without any concerted plan but the Booty did not Corres a a a a a Pond with the expectations could they have deceived themselves ahem the hebrews or had the More wealthy succeeded to escape enough they had shed so much blood without Tho plunder having satisfied their avarice they resolved therefore now to go at the work yes tempt a a a. Mically and the leaders whom the Confidence of their comrades had lately raised to this dignity directed their attention to York. There they knew the hebrews formed a numerous and because of their easy circumstances celebrated congregation. Hut they wished to Tike different Steps than in the other cities and before All perfectly know Tho dwellings of the most wealthy in order not to detain them selves again unnecessarily with searching poor hovels. For this purpose they sent several persons ahead As spies especially Woran of whom the crusaders dragged a considerable number with them. A while frightful news successively always increased Tho confusion of Tho hebrews in a a York. Their Best Counselor As Lessen had always Boon held by them was withdrawn from congregation by his Domestic misfortune. Chaja yielded to Tbs Cave which As co Che King they guarded Thom elves it ind it Nee before the attainment of the end which had been assigned him. The complaint for the loss of beloved persons should therefore never degenerate into a murmuring before gods merciful Resolution. A a a what want you Lessen a the rabbi continued. A a would you see those you love who slumber in peace Given up to the fear of these Days do you know so certainly How it will end with us Yon would expose them to the impending miseries a the effect of such representations showed themselves next in the again Awakening interest of Jonasen for Rabudal. The Young Man was in an awful situation. Deeply moved by so hastily following Mournful events he saw with a bleeding heart the misery of his beloved Uncle and trembled at the same to use for his Bride who chained to the sick bed of her Mother pined with. A a r pain and a ony and by the horrible tidings which could not be concealed from a a her was quite pressed to the ground. Jos sen urged and urged Rabudal to leave her. With save yourself and her a said he a you can yet leave this miserable land. A use Force if she does not wish to part from her Mother for Shiffra is a living Corpse he life is not to be delayed and hid assay sacrifices herself in vain. Give my Only the last Consolation which can yet be allotted to me. To know you and your Bride Are in safety then i will move to Benedict s House. A i will attend and nurse the sick Mother and she shall not Lack any help which it is possible to provide for timidly and not quite agreed with himself yet overcome with the wish of saving his Bride imparted to the beloved one the proposition a of his Uncle. She firmly rejected it a a a could you yet respect me nay Rabudal a said she a a could you confide to me Yoi a life s happiness if i would desert my Mother Here my holy duty Fetters me and no danger shall move Nae to become unfaithful to ii has-1 god decreed that i should fall in its fulfilment do let his holy will a done and his name to praised in eternity. What does it matter any More. If a speedy death Sands me after my father your Noble aunt by Tikoo Honic Friend bran if Tea you the in me struggles Agama an Early end so it is still hotter i should die than that i should carry in to through a Long life Tho consciousness of Haring left my matheral on her death a 41 yes. You remain Uke yourself in misery and cried Abada ,.inspirited�? a a a do not want to Ai amp Tal your pure mind

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