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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - March 28, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio israelite. Volu my 8. Bloch amp co., printers 32 sixth Street Isaac m. Wise editor amp proprietor. C inc inn att Friday morning March 28, 1sc2. 44 Breakers ahead j m. Again and anon we Hare called attention. To the dangers threatening our rights and social position if a certain class of men should Ever gain Power enough to have things their own Way but our Learned Friend of Rhode Island thinks we Are too sensitive and Many of our Brethren do not heed our warnings of Long As they Are not immediately threatened or injured in the Pursuit of their business. Again we Are under the unpleasant obligation to Lay a proof before the Community and again we can not pass it in silence we must chronicle our protest against the voice of injustice let it be Only for reference to future generations that in an age when no jew in this country raises his voice against our opponents the Bumble decried discouraged and disheartened editor of a Small Sheet could not stand the outrages committed on us by the pens of bigoted Quot men. Theven is no action but it is its precursor in a thousand cases. We refer to an article recently published in the Cincinnati presbyter by one j. P. L., on the chaplain question. The article consists of four paragraphs which we copy literally and append our remarks thereto. The artic3 starts thus 14 Breakers ahead a every one can imagine with Ubai. A thrill of horror such an exclamation As the above would strike the Mariner and with what consternation he would gaze at the Rock on which his Gallant ship was about to strike. A similar feeling must pervade the breast of the Christian citizen As he regards a measure lately propose Dan the sen feelings if Congress permits a jew to be chaplain id the government legalizes the privilege of the citizen to reject Jesus of Nazareth. Who gave Congress a right to legalize or stigmatize this or ant other religious Dogma our government liar fashion and his word his whim the outpouring of his fanaticism be the Law a Rise from rile grave old Loyola and establish a new Jesuit order to carry into effect the ideas of . On politics and Justice a co Cue be Popes Kings arid emperors re has quite other duties prescribed for it by Instate the inquisition with its Beneficent the Well defined paragraphs of theron Stith and effective horrors to watch Over the Punk Tion. The right to legislate on chaplains is fun execution of those ideas for the Ain not granted to Congress nor has tie exec Eriean people Are neither capable nor Wilts be the least right to meddle in. This respect with the Choice of the regiment. the Case stands. But the logic of j. P. Is wonderful and his blasphemy is most marvelous. His premises Are a conglomerate of falsehoods. The jews never regarded a a Jesus of Nazareth As an impostor a deceiver and one worthy of every term of reproach they doubt with a great Many Christian scholars that Ever such a person existed while others again with other Christian scholars believe that his biographers writing from tradition and under the influence of a Marvel Loving age misrepresented him his doings sayings and they believe that ignorant priests and malicious bigots half Heathen fanatics and selfish rulers misrepresented misinterpreted defaced and perverted the doctrines and intentions of original christianity. They believe furthermore that All the woe and misery heaped on Mankind in the name of a the Church the blood spilled on Battle Fields on pyres and scaffolds in dungeons and Jewelries by the servants of Christ were the fruits of fanaticism of a lie and not of religion were the doings of murderers and not of servants of the most to High and were caused by priestly stupidity or Malignity and not by Jesus and we give j. P. A year s time to refute successfully either of the above assertions hence his premises Are lies. We Socrates Aristotle Plato Locke Pope Descartes Spinoza Kant Hegel and a Host of other philos ate of the United states. Senator Wilton of j others still we do not stigmatize them As Massachusetts in a Hill to teen ill the army among other things proposes that 4 chaplains May be other than christians the under stood design of this clause is to provide jew Ash chaplains to those who wish them. Our government Hay already gone a great length in this respect in appointing roman Catholic and universalist chaplains to the army but Here is a proposal immeasurably beyond anything it has yet done. These denominations at least Call themselves christians and pro fess to Honor the. Lord Jesus however much they May really Dishonour him and of this the govern nem May with show of reason be unwilling to judge but jews regard Jesus of Nazareth As an impostor a deceiver and one worthy of every term of reproach. And yet should this Bill become a Law which god forbid that ii should the government would in. Effect say Ilia one might demise mid reject the Savior of men and thus trample under foot the son of god and this too not inferentially or by implication but formally and yet be a fit minister of re Gion i horror awful calamity the ship of christianity of the Union the Republic humanity and nil its sacred interests Are threatened by the Breakers ahead because p senator Wilson of mass., whose religious liberality will certainly not kill him that very politician of the Massachusetts Puritan school that Brutus of All. The Cousars of bigotry who would like so Well to Cross the Rubicon of religious Liberty that very Man proposed a Bill to the Senate of the u. S., containing a clause the understood design of which is a a to provide jewish chaplains to those who wish them Quot and Caesar j. P. Cries a a also thou my Brutus just think of the misfortune if a regiment of jews or the Raa Joritz of which belong to the mosaic persuasion should be entitled to worship god according to the dictates of their own conscience not Only because the Constitution of the in is. Grants this inalienable right to every human being within the limits us this vast Empire of Freedom but chiefly because those who sacrifice their blood and life upon the altar of their country sacrifice it voluntarily desire the Consolation of religion in the hours of trial and at moments when the inspiring a la Call of religion a kindles the dormant sentiments of the heart to the flames of self denial and bravery. Just think of the nameless misfortune that would befall j. P. And Bis compatriots if a jewish Soldier wounded in Battle should be dying on his Couch Bis soul yearning after the Balm of Consolation the rays of heavenly Light which in his estimation Only his religion gives and he should not be disturbed in his dying Jour by officious bigots whose words he believes not but receive Eliut Light and Consolation of a jewish chaplain. Where is the spark of humanity god has breathed into every heart where is the sense of Justice the creator bestowed on has image a where and to what purpose is this laudable Freedom if a Man Iii Hie dying hour in the Day of trial and tribulation must torture his conscience . Your christianity is fanaticism that begets the demons of injustice cruelty and mental Alvarene. But that is not the Ali aug of which our impostors deceivers ac., Only fanatics do so and think so of others. The Good Man has a Peculiar logic for if his premises were True to the letter his conclusion is a lie after ail. If we consider Jesus an impostor a deceiver Ait does not follow yet that we despise and reject him or trample him under our t such a conclusion Only the brains of a fanatic contain the logical faculty. We do not despise and reject or trample under our feet confucius Zoroaster or Mohammed still they were founders of religions in which we believe not we feel too much respect for the religious feelings of our neighbors too highly the Sparks of truth that glitter through every religion to despise reject and trample under our feet anything appertaining to religion. We despise the fanatic reject the liar and trample vice and wickedness under oar feet take care j. P. Not to be met in such company. The blasphemous words of j. P. Are most abominable we would not use them in connection with the lord of hosts if our passions were Ever so much excited. On Ling to submit to the pious policy or j. P. they would not doubt the propriety of adopting the principle of civil and religious Liberty a in All the the Shepherd of the Mallei a Catholic Organ of St. Louis ten y ears a gave utterance to such unprincipled principles and it was so much attacked that it was discontinued but we have advanced in the Liberty of the press this Day . Says the same thing and nobody tikes notice of it. We Are to Christian nation says j. P. L., in behalf of the Princeton review therefore we contradict ourselves by acting on the principle of Freedom a a in All the suppose it is so what right have you to deprive a Man of a single right or privilege on account of his belief or disbelief pious Man where in the new testament did you find the right of committing the least injustice because one believes not in Jesus do you doubt the divinity of the words �?~1 love thy neigh Bor As thyself a or one Law Shil be for the stranger and the native in your and Quot pious Man where is the source of that christianity that doubts the propriety a there such a thing in Justice of Justice and humanity of civil and religious Liberty answer if you can Point to sources if you dare. But this is no Christian people notwithstanding the opinion of the Princeton review to the contrary. The Constitution and Laws do not mention this peculiarity do not recognize it. The majority of the american people As the statistics of the churches prove do not belong to any of tile Christian denominations. A in millions of souls in these u. Are professed four millions Are not so the statistics of the churches state. Therefore in no Wise and in no respect does the Church exercise any direct influence on Tho state so that even opened Congress and state Legislatures with jewish prayers. This is the fact beside this. If the doubt of j p. Is founded on christianity then the u. Recognizing that doubt is not Christian. Thus the second paragraph is no less a lie than the first and its logic is no les9 miserable. First he admits the abolition of All religious tests and supports this premise by his doubts to the contrary from this however be argues that we Are a Christian nation hence the test is not abolished therefore a jew should be no army chaplain. Poor Man we entertain serious apprehensions for your brains. To what purpose did you write the first paragraph you could have avoided Tho trouble if the second is True the first must be superfluous in your own judgment if we Are a Christian nation Tice of enlightened men the humanity of philanthropists the mercy or religion Arni the common Behest of common sense dictate that they should have their priests conjures or Liate or those persons he culled who can give them the religious Consolation desired. I Low impious that Man is he compare the belief it the old testament with the religion of chinese mormons and indians. Ile must be a Peculiar kind of Christian for our friends and acquaintances of the Christian Faith profess the highest reverence for the old testament and would not draw such a comparison for any Price. J. P. In his attempt at grandiloquent declarations is As unfortunate As in his to g e. Lie should hive said the Sands of time Are strewed with the wrecks of empires. Which have split on tile Rock of Justice Freedom and truth then some sense would he found in the declamation for the Rock of Ages destroys no empires injustice despotism falsehood and fanaticism destroyed and will destroy them until Justice Freedom and truth shall reign supreme form the policy of nations and be the. Trunk and roots on which the empires Are propped. Listen to the concluding paragraph Itji a master work As All the preceding ones 44 while we should feel rho deepest interest in the jews of n people and seek their welfare in every possible Way neither religion reason or patriotism require that we should Foster their prejudices and by compromising our own Relief in the Christian religion Harden them in unbelief it was with profound gratitude thai we observed in the inaugural of president Lincoln a distinct formal acknowledgement of i he claims of christianity and though he wits taken to task for this by some hebrew , we Hope that the Wab so charitably expressed by them a that he would drop the use of such language when he dime to understand the proprieties of hid a Ai Ion a will not be realized. J. P. 11 a thank you sir for 3our kind feedings to us pour jews. Now we really appreciate such he inane and pious boned thrown before dogs to satisfy their Teeth. But if j. A l. Had not said so we could not guess thai he entertained such kind feelings against those Olio a despise and reject the Sailor of men and thus trample under foot the son of gild Down with that miserable mask of kindness it looks like the caresses of the cat with the mouse Down with that Hje to Crisy that hides the a Assin 9dagger under the wide cloak of religious declarations. Nothing can be More a horrible to an honest than the sugar words of the wicked. Manly the ungodly and impious can speak of and christianity doubts the propriety of adopt and As j. P. Does of his. This of course is none of our business but it shows what kind of a heart such a sort of a mind has what a species of religion produces such fanaticism ing the principle of Freedom 14in All the length no other argument is necessary to prove your Point. By writing the first Par that Man Speaks of religion while he Blas pm memes his own god and puts his own religion to shame talks of reason with such a miserable logic and of patriotism with a protest on his Tongue against Tho vital Princi of his country s Constitution i that Man Speaks of prejudices and unbelief while every word he writes breathes a new prejudice and testifies to his utter unbelief in the god of Justice and Grace. The jews in do not Appeal to your kindness Theja seek not Tho mercy of Man Justice is the tiling acclaim and Especial that Justice which the Constitution and Laws of the u. S., the declaration of the progressive enlightenment Grant us As men and citizens. We want no More and will take no less not an Inch less. Our belief or unbelief judicial or prejudicial dogmas and doctrines Are none Ogle mph and appealing to the fanaticism of of your business we stand before god and the few Sod excite their ire you disco fit not before Man to be judged in these matters apparently feeling himself the fallacy of your own argument in the second a and his argument j. P. Proceeds in the next paragraph to Advance a new species of his wonderful logic. He says 14 we can understand Why the founders of our government abolished religious Tesla As a qualification for citizen slip and for civil and military office Bough we might have some doubts about the propriety of adopting this principle in All the length and breadth to which it is carried but surely it was far from their intention to assert thai to religious test should be required of ministers of religion employed in that capacity by the what Bas been argued lately in the Princeton review that we Are a Christian nation Aud our government a Christian government is True As indeed is proved by the proposal under consideration. For it appears that by the present Laws of Congress chaplains Are required to be christians 9 a the Good kind Many what a Law abiding citizen he is though he has his doubts by the miserable logic of the second paragraph and irs false premises you disclose Kotonly your misapprehension of christianity state government Justice humanity and truth but also your entire unfitness to write for a Public journal. Attend to your business j. P. It you have no qualifications for a Public writer. One thousand men like you Are sufficient to ruin anything von might advocate in Public print. The Render might expect j. P. To Advance arguments in the two remaining Para graphs no such a thing no such attempts made. Here is the third paragraph a a the principle asserted by senior Wilson in As Broad and Universal As if is wicked and pernicious. By it terms it would Exroad the privilege of chaplaincy in the or my of the i United slate alike to jewish rabbis mormon 1 Deba Chees. Chinese priests and Indian con is men and citizens. Sir As a Law abiding and respecting race who keen far from the raging vices of the Day we demand Justice and shul i not take an Iota less than full Justice. If tile part3r now in Power shall refuse to do us Justice we shall he Foremost in dethroning it and assisting Justice to reign again. As regards our unbelief and prejudices we request j. P. To be More definite and Clear on this Point or Points. He shall alway find us ready to prove How this very shoe fits him. We do not intend to have a a theological dispute just now but whenever i he desires it he shall have it in any form a at any place and we shall attempt to prove not in his logic that the prejudice and unbelief Are ins much More than oars. In almost every military Hospital physicians and nurses Are at the same time mi6 about the propriety of no religious test As jurors. Before our rulers take this step it Sion Aries to annoy Tho sick or dying Soldier a a _ a i m in my ii _1 i of a i a 1a qualification to citizenship and offices and this doubt like others signifies to be of a contrary opinion still he understands Why the founders of this government thought otherwise. Had he been sitting in the midst of the constitutional Assembly of this country or should he be elected to fill such a place hereafter he would give vent to his doubts on civil and religious Liberty and urge the impropriety of adopting this principle in All its length. But As Long As the jaw is As it is he feels obliged to understand i j p. For All we know about May be would be Well to weigh its the Sands of time Are strewed wit Lithe wrecks of empires Winch have split on tile Rock of Ages. A for whosoever shill full upon this so one shall to broken but on whomsoever individual or nation j it shall fall it will grind him to powder a How do you like tile company j. P. Gives to the jewish rabbis we fur our part have sometime queer notions 7�? do believe those debauched priests and jugglers May Hemen and respectable As it Ami caution against its being carried into effect a in All Iii Quot length a especially in the chaplain qut ration. Crime Huck Allye Black fanatics of the dark Ages of ignorance and violence establish anew Tho Dominion of ambitious priests Over the devoted Heads of self reflecting men that very it direction. He reasons whore arc your i body May amp of to heaven in the priest s Peru who believes not like them. Beside them the priests of All favored wets come drink the wine and eat the us Cenati which Good ladies Send the patients that to a fact also hero is or six Nati and make religion Good army chaplains at an annual expense of no less than j2.000.000 of dollars must be fed to make religion for tile fiddlers. Was Ever a government so foolish and a people so absurdly religious to submit to such a costly National Church now those priests fear some jews also might drink some of Tho wine eat in. Furthermore we in our simple state of sumo iii1 the sweetmeats and take part of the mind do believe Ifa regiment thereof of mormons chinese or sacrifice their lives on the altar of this coun try and desire to have tile religious Consuia-1-uion of their respective religions in Thedy spoil. That i the oat not let out of the hag yet the mask of religion Hie cloak of bigotry must help to Ggut the hurtle of mammon for the Pion priests. How Many of gentlemen went there without pay none. Let j. P. if he do not belong opponent thought his logic runs in Alioth. A a a _ to ,. A ,. ,. To that fuer. clique feel ashamed of. Him hour or in the moment of trial Aud tri com Patty and advocate no injustice to Salis Bula Tion the gratitude of patriots tim jus by the servants of mammon a

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