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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - March 28, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio Periodical vol. . 39. Cincinnati Ohio March 28, 0622, a. Oi., 1862, a. C. Whole number 403 the israelite Trier no by from a at 32 sixth Trout. Between main had Walnut Cincinnati. Ohio by blocs a co for is a a i. Avise editor i prop in tor. Tbs t three dollars i it -r.mnnrn, id Aava Aco. The Kobo Iam i pub i died i Civ to Corwin it the Baion in j by Tho it ainu publisher a it it. A Dollar Anil fifty co Ltd in it la Taco for to two pc mint Ion. Fak a by Clio sir porn on four do nth por annul in 4qv>j. Proa Ihor Jure a Lilac in gift half thou Price. Term in either paper per Square of two i in ii no 3 of this a a a Type. Net up solid one in or licence after intelligence arrived and the j out murmuring As lie requires Ito us. As shuddering details of the outrage the Dames of the slaughtered ones became known then arose the piercing lamentation. Then finally the woke the deeper gnawing Wrath which became loud at the imposing Long As we Are Here we have duties to perform which even in the deepest pain we May not omit and who in his misfortune wishes for the end of his life resembles a displeased servant who Only performs his work As Long As his master richly rewards mourning service. Yet not on Earth lived a Helper for the Down trodden people not j him but who at the cessation of his pay tioa75 cent two insertions $1% i among men Cou in an Avenger Rise for them i strives for the end of his servitude. May for t month 3 months i cd months i 12 month a a to _ a i 50 i 4 of i a 6 of to of Adver theman t without Chanco an vow.12 un-no1 a 1 Irdy. To a six Olid it .0 in by i Job i in pm a if Hubli tidied Iii brith papers sch Irto will he . With Ion re it off Piini no in i wish germ a and us he re Ca i promptly my eve a a War Lovinn of Job print int in a Nifich air Nam a both. The apr la gtd and executed with and dispatch. Comm in c r Ion of intern prompt attention should in Rita non but too id i of the paper and in a Plain agile hand. La mac1.ank, Birne of it ton Dent the hebrews Aud crusaders of England. By or. Fras Kolm. Only to god the3�?T turned to him who spoke mine is the revenge and i will Reward and their warm tears flowed when it said in the prayer at the conclusion of the funeral rites 44 our god remember them favourably with the remaining pious ones of the world and avenge the spilt blood of his servants As it is written in the teaching of Moses you have nothing similar to the servant s soul my faithful wife submit yourself with resignation into this destiny live and Ive gladly do Good As Long As god through your existence summons you to act 99 Lions. A a 4 through representations like this Jussen exerted himself to support his almost de the divine Roan heathens extol his strayed wife. To concealed from her the Transl Itol exp Eeals for the israelite chapter i. Rabudal brought to York the order which was issued by the King. According to which Benedict was granted his return to Judaism. The archbishop of Canterbury had Given this order the clerical consented declared that it Tion for he avenges the blood of his servant exercises vengeance on irs opponents and is reconciled with his earthly realm and his nation. your servant ship prophets it is written of i have punished everything. I have not yet punished their blood but the lord thrones on Zion. And in the holy scriptures it says Why shall the heathens speak where is now god May tile heathens be Ore our Leardy that you avenge the spilt blood of your servants. Further it says the Aren t would be the privilege of tile baptized one to remain in the covenant of Christian As j Ger of the crime of blood remembers them Boon As he should recognize what Fortune he forgets not the lamentation of the per Iod occurred to him in the midst of a wild deed of violence but that the Church would make no claims upon him which would not be supported by his free will. A Ray of heaven a Joy entered the heart of the misused Man when he received the papers which gave him Back his religion his spirit again revived ii is features again wore their a a usual cheerfulness but his strength was exhausted and rabbi Nehemia gave up the Hope of his recovery. Secured the deepest pain reigned in Jossens House when he returned the daughter with whom he had departed in the freshest fullness of hopeful youth sick and destroyed in the opening of life. A Chaja was consumed with grief for her wasting child. She had hoped to receive a Blooming. Happy Bride and had to carry a dying Maiden to Lier Couch. The arrival of Rabudal increased the despair of the unfortunate Mother. It now be he min through his statement of she saw now the Long yearned for Nephew the health of the suffering Man deeply bowed his friends who came i numbers to his House lie still had an intelligence for them which otherwise gave them some Consolation. For the hebrews in York were not Onty startled at the Fate of so important a Man As Benedict was for them they were aim filled with fear and terror at the news of the frightful deeds in tile capital and trembled in the anxious expectation of a further spreading uprising of which there also could be no Lack of wicked and Horri ble participators in York. Their apprehension was however allayed As Nehe inia informed them How the highest officials of the realm had personally at the head of their troops hurried to Tho Rescue of the hebrews and How the King had issued a proclamation that he placed the hebrews under his Protection and would strictly punish any injury of their persons or of their property. Although the release of the captured disturber of the peace did not quite correspond with this Promise they still were convinced that at least three of the ringleaders had expiated with their lives amp a tile pretext under which these had been condemned to death deceived the hebrews As Little As it had been capable of concealing from the people the real cause of the punishment. Yet the people in London had indifferent seen the criminals Hung and his features recalled to her the picture of the father who had died in anger against her of the conciliated brother the recollections of her beloved Home were awakened her joyous peaceable youth Rose before her she had for years nourished the dream that this youth would renew her the Beautiful past be it now that he remained in England As her son firmer bound the tie Between her and her brother and gave Ber through his presence Asho made her child Happy a guaranty for the forgetfulness of Ber Youthful error or that he led his wife into his Beautiful fatherland to which she was gladly resolved to follow her beloved daughter. But the dear child the Pride the jo3 of her mothers heart tile Delight of Hor eyes the embodiment of All her Hopes was. Now a Blossom destroyed by a poisonous worm still Lovely to the View but concealing the boundless inner destruction. It did not require first Nehemiah answer whom the disconsolate parents conjured not to hide the truth through any false indulgence it became apparent in All the signs through which the approaching dissolution betrayed itself and that dissembling Brilliant red with which terrible Effort with which he himself struggled against his double pain for As he 6aw the vital spark of his child Burn Low he also perceived that the health of his wife was undermined from grief and agony. So much the More he sought to work upon Lier spiritual and by stirring her languishing Powers of the soul also to Supply your j the body with fresh vigor of life. He judg eyes i de her correctly he knew that her spirit if awakened from her fatigue would win new elasticity and make her capable of an extraordinary self control. A a a a a Why do you Grieve me with words which oppress almost like reproaches a asked Chaja at a similar conversation. A 44 what strength what greatness of Soldo you require of a poor woman god has assigned us women the narrow sphere of the still House As the place of our activity while the world is open to you men. You must live you can exert an influence. If your agon a overpowers you then the sufferings of our nation Call you Back to consciousness and to activity. 7�?Tbe congregation asks your advice your. Assistance in the gathering of men you forget yourself and your pain when agony Bow 3 of Down you Are erected by the conscious Ness of having been useful to Many. I am locked into my House in which affliction spreads out its darkness. These arc the rooms in which i saw our daughter grow up. Here tile child played about me Bere i rejoiced at the Blooming of the ripened Virgin Here i hoped redecorate heros Bride a a and o my is fading before my eyes. Most merciful father in heaven i a a % what do you Lay upon your feeble creature what hand out of the Clouds will raise me out of my deep misery who will Deaden my memory who give me forgetfulness i am , where everything reminds me of my Fortune in order that i will the More painfully feel my destruction. What occupation remains for me in tile desolate House what Good can i effect what duties can i fulfil a 44 support yourself for my Sake 11 cried Jossen. 11 consider that you Are the Only things Liick remains forme upon i spare ourself for my Sake. Upon you i j have counted in want and misery do not. I. I a or j. I desert me you kill me in yourself. Be my Tho gradually escaping life suffused the j or. A. R-1 j faithful Wile remain with me live forme. Let us weep with each other let us gain Cheeks of the suffering Maiden As tile departing Sun in sinking covers the heaven with the most Beautiful purple did not de contented themselves by the non punish chive even Rabudal s inexperienced Eye. A ment of so Many others with the cause hich they chose to assign to the execution of several the hebrews however were satisfied that the King in a warning example had shown what Fate might await the transgressor of Bis now publicly proclaimed safeguard. Altogether it was for them of less import As a revenge for the committed atrocity than As a guaranty for the future peace. Accustomed sufferings and persecutions of eve for sort they also took up the slightest favor As a gift of Fortune with which they consoled themselves in their misery. This Consolation they required for there was scarcely a family in York to had not at the tumult in London lost a child which had married there a relation w a Friend and after the first fear for their Awn destiny a which had deadened the feeling of mourning was banished when Intel Malkas miserable love was no longer a secret to the parents it if the wasting passion the sorrow of the hopelessness and finally the grief of the disappointed Confidence had produced the evil or i1�?~ it was a result of the blow which the Maiden had received in the tumult could be As Little concluded As by the insurability of the evil depended upon it. Rabudal stood faithfully at the Side of the afflicted parents even if he knew no Comfort for them. <4>my Consolation is that i will not outlive her a said Chaja often. A do not sin wife a Jos be a then replied. 11 Bear what god lays upon you. What value has the piety through which in Good Days we would show our thanks to the lord Only when his hand bows us it is shown if we confide in the eternal father if we strength from our Mutual love.1�?T a our love a Chaja interrupted weep my. A a How do you know if god does not punish us because we have sacrificed a childish obedience to our love a 41 this was the first reproach which i Ever heard from you a rejoined Jossen bitterly 11 in strikes me . 44 my hearts Friend a cried cd qua embracing him. 41 favorite of my soul do not misconstrue my speech to awfully. I have expressed my feeling my torment before you because i com not distinguish Between you and me. How could i accuse you when my fault is the greatest what duty had you against the Man who refused you your beloved because to did not Lay your Noble mind your Rich Worth in the scale to balance a few blessings of Fortune but i should also have submitted to his hard Resolution for it came from my father. Arc prepared to him with i was your mis Leader Aud if you also have sinned then i have beguiled you to it. My alone should the imprecations of the angry ones meet i your guilty Consort brought them Down also upon your head. God has heard the curse of the offended father and it now overtakes us both. As i Tore my fathers heart so your heart now Breaks together with mine for our 41 i Cag not criticize your words a returned ,14 As you Only express that which i often thought Onty that i do not diminish my fault. In the midst of our Fortune the thought of them has often caused me to tremble and without seeing any danger approach tortured with rhe presentiment of an impending avenging misfortune. Yet now that it has appeared in so terrible a form i see it different and repent my slanderous apprehension. God does not hear the curse of an irreconcilable person and As heavily As we transgressed we could still Hope Lor forgiveness. It was punishment enough that the father inexorably refused it to us and if we merited a still heavier punishment surely the lord of mercy and of Gratia did not therefore destroy an innocent being. The misfortune is Bere heavy terrible Bot it is no avenging one it does not meet of alone Hundred suffer As we do. Are All those fathers and mothers who on that Day of terror saw their children strangled before their eyes and whose hearts Are now bleeding entangled in deep crime but Why the horrible affair was ordained against us perhaps our purified spirits will once comprehend it but the mortal however can not conceive the ways of the eternally governing foresight we must with believing Confidence acknowledge that everything is Well done which the merciful god 11 his holy name be praised a a cried Chaja �?�4 he is full of mercy and compassion his right hand performs wonders. May it be his Hoty will to heal my broken heart and preserve my child for what is impossible to him May he Pardon me if my thoughts sinned for you spoke truly. He does not avenge the fault of the parents through the death of the child and the fault of my Alliance with you is not. To heavy As i Haveal-wa3�?T8 Learned from you How one should be pious and Good. So you have also now taught me and i will no longer see in our misfortune the work of the highly praised who also does not wish the death of the sinner but that he leave his evil ways and a a then you will again gather courage and Hope a exclaimed Jossen quickly. 44 see my beloved wife we May never give up life where it yet even in the weakest spark shows itself and As Long As it is not quite extinguished everything must he applied to preserve it and Arm it with new strength. I do not wish to console you with a fals Hope i will not represent the danger of our daughters disease As smaller than it is but 8he yet lives and it is sinful to View her and weep for her in Advance As a hopelessly lost one. What say you yourself ? with god nothing is impossible and i know a remed3 to respite her life if it pleases god to Bear my 41 what is it what is it a Chaja interrupted trembling by. 44 we must take her to a Milder climate 1 a a he replied 44 she might perhaps recover under Spain a gentler 14 o god o god a cried Chaja trembling in every limb. 14 and Why Are we yet Here Why do we not hurry thither a a44 because the sick one could Long journey upon the Stormy sea in this rough season a he responded. 44 we must a await the Spring i have to make Many am now busied with them. As we Are now speaking of this i must a1 1 to Tell you All. Benedict is seized with an actual horror if he thinks of he himself alas will not leave it. His wounds indeed Are not so important that they could not be cured the stupor which at first held him Down has also left him but m its place a total exhaustion has set in and he feels that his end is no longer Dis it a vim an i to Wirski. In. In in a a n

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