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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - July 25, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio R i .1. A i a a of a Al in 4 Ici 4 weekly periodicals devoted to tile religion history and literature of the israelite. I. Vol. 9�? to. 4. Cincinnati Ohio Friday july 25 5622, a. 1862, a. C. Whole dumber 420. Boc amp me to sleep Kotlier. Tho subjoined poems to Konoir of Farbb wrote Ltd is one of Tho most Beautiful of Tho kind we Onva Ever a a a. A a seen. To do not Ouvry Liq heart that does not thrill to a a its wild and tender music backward turn backward of time in your flight i make to a child again Nat for to night Mother Corno Back from the Echo less Shore a take me again to your heart As of Yore kiss from my forehead the furrows of care smooth Tho few Silver threads out of m3 hair Over my slumbers your Loving watch keep Bock. To to sleep Mother Rock to to sleep a backward flow backward of tide of years i am to weary of toils and of fears a toils without recompense fears All in vain Talco them and Giro to my childhood again i have grown weary of dust and decay weary of flinging my soul weath Awyn Wear of sowing for o i hers to reap Bock ,Tlwr--.rb.jn.3asleep a tired of Mio Hejl Pivk it Jarc a pc Asaji be Antnie a a Mother of Mother my heart Calls for you to gift y Gro vrf�?~�v6en it Jyo Ahomed and faded our faces Between yet yearning and Patio Long to night for your presence Aga income from the silence sgt Long and so Deopp Bock me to sleep Mollie re Rock to to Bleep i Over my heart in Days that Are flown to Levo like Motho Inlove Ever has shown. Quot no other worship abides and endures faithful unselfish and patient like yours hone like a Mother can Charm pain fr6�?~m the sick soul and Tho world weary brain slumber s soft Calm of or my heavy lids creep. Bock me to sleep Mother Rock me to sleep Como lot your Brown lighted with Gold fall on 3�?Tour shoulders again As of old a be it fall Over my forehead to. Night shielding my faint eyes away Furbin Thor Light for with its Samuy caged Alia Dows once More Haply will throng the Sweet visions of Yore lovingly softly its Bright Billows Bee Jim Buck me to sleep Mollie re Rock me to sleep i v i a another dear Kotlier the years have Heen Long since i last hushed to your Lullaby song sing thou and a Ute my soul it Liall Seorum. Womanhood a years have been but a dream clasp to your Urnis to a Loving embrace with 3uurlight lushes just sweeping my face hover hereafter to or to weep Bock me. To sleep,.mother�?Rock sleep. The hebrews Aud crusaders of England by do. For Alf Kolm. Translated expressly for Tho israelite chapter xvii. A concluded to to became moment the High folding doors opened and Richard strode hastily into the apartment. 44 now Mother,�?T1 after the first greetings 44 do you know How a rebellious horde has raged in York do you know what infamous deeds have been committed in Lefon Stamford Edmond Bury Norwich and Lincoln these Are the fruits of the forbearance to which .1 allowed myself Toke persuaded against my better judgment a 41 your Grace seems dissatisfied with your counsellors,11 Sai Eleonore injured and with a troubled glance at Hadassar who however had respectfully drawn herself far a a i i1 Back. 44 consider that you were at that. A a time not persuaded but yielded. Your conviction. A much As a regret that which Lias happened i still can not criticize a conclusion which the ripest deliberation produced for its unforeseen results. Who would advisor your Grace if he must be responsible for unexpected occurrences your advisers Are not omniscient and if they were it also needs omnipotence to smother every audacious attempt in the 44�?~my expressions should have been a re proach to no one excepting to myself rejoined the King ill hum redly. 41 there Are cases in which the foresight leads astray and the1 calculating Wisdom deceives itself 9 a while the real feeling of right in our breast the ii Sec movement of our hearts unc loud r w cd by any hesitating prudence guides us to act right.�?T1 a r it a. I 44 let wrong receive its punishment a said Eleonore 44 but first my beloved son and lord Grant your emotion time to Calm itself. In order that Yon will reach the composure which becomes the Royal judge.�?�. 44 Mother Mother i a spoke the King step Ping up to her gentler but still with the expression of the mos violent regret. 14 you admonish me to composure and my a blood boils also she is dead a44 she a cried the Queen. 44 wha a 44 shed she a rejoined the King passionately. A the jewess to whom my. Heart be longed to whom it yet a it a you speak of Malta a said the Queen softly. U i knew a Short time since that she jives no More. But How did this to Incelli Geode reach you a s. . A Caine from j a Hadassah obeyed. Her narrative was London met me upon Way hither a re Short a do the Abbt ii Bijj amp rant plied the King through heard Cir Sumsta n Ces. But notwithstanding a her she did not succeed in suppressing the saints a cried Eleonore astonish her emotion a a Aii a a a 44 you Are moved a said the Monarch conquering his own sensation/44 j of were de. 44 he knows of your unfortunate Pas a a a i a a bion a a 41 unfortunate passion a cried the King bitterly. 44 believe me Mother no Princess will Ever so Fetter Meas this jewess through a combination of the rarest qualities chains me to her. But indeed my love was a Unap i a a a a 0 a by had to tear myself from the beloved being As the. Cold custom commands. I intimate family a she answered affirmatively. 44 then you perhaps also know something about a love affair which should have hindered Jossens daughter from wedding according to a plan of her fathers 11 the King continued. 44 so or was the have bought the heavy offering within marriage frustrated Only by the illness of bleeding heart and no one knows what it your Friend. \ \ costs me least of All a Alaska loved a answered he not suspect anything exp she uld never have seven her Betroth claimed Eleonore. A what caused him to cd her Bandos another , report you Malkas death a a a a although she loved hopelessly.�?�. 14 he did not speak of her particularly/1 a u be Well. Acquainted with replied Richard 44 yes he did not even name the circumstance which is also not strange Ber but he told me that Jossen with All of .�6 Richerd,.remarked with forced his became a victim of the disorders he lightness. ,41 but As we know she told me much lie had a complaint against chateau Gray. A my god i heard Noth a Quot a i a a a ing of All of it but that Malta a lives no a More. Of tile saints of heaven her King loved her and she was unprotected she bled under the murderer s to to 11 44no no 11 cried the Queen there you were falsely informed. She died before the outbreak of the disorders in consequence of a Calm yourself therefore no wicked hand has injured her her by the Man she loved and if 1 a i i a a i she. Could not take Tho natural conclusion of forgetting him and consoling herself by the love of her bridegroom she must have cursed the faithless i 44 cursed Bim a cried Hadassar. 44 she 1 a a i a. A 1 loved and respected Bim to her very last . I 44 did he deserve that a said the King j deeply moved. M did you know him a i 41 he named himself to her As Knight life ended gently she departed from her replied Hadassah. Parent s surround a a by Faith it. I friends out = he Only named Lumsie f so said the of an existence in which she hoped no More a pm Jand. Ser due a do 5 of j believe that he deceived her 44 really a asked the King. A do you i a a your Grace a replied Hadassah after not deceive me out of regard for my feel some silence 4 this moment is too serious Ings beloved Mother but from whence i Are you to clearly informed 44 through this Maiden a said the Queen drawing his attention to Hadassar. 44 you see in her Benedict s daughter Malkas bosom Friend. I have yet much to speak to. You on her account also wish to bring a complaint against chateau Gray. But of this hereafter. Now speak with the Maiden yourself if it so pleases a 44 Hamalka s Friend a cried Richard a 14 Well Well i recollect now Mal Kanam de her. he stepped hastily up to Hadassah. For an instant her Beauty also exercised a harm. Over him which he Seldom withstood in similar cases land whose Power still incrcased1 the Surprise yet this time his recollections of the beloved Ai Alk a were too Active and his mourning for her too deep to permit another feeling to arise. He started As the charms of the Maiden beamed upon him but immediately turned to the which he sought the conversation , the commencement of which embarrassed him As he neither knew whether Alaska had discovered his High. Rank or if she had at All confided her Dove to. Hex Friend. A r. The King collected himself while Hadassah deeply curtsied and in a Graceful bowed position awaited his address. It is Good Maiden a he began 44yoii will dispense with the evidences of a re Specic on which we do not doubt. Erect yourself and give us the information which we require of you. We heat you Are of York and wish to hear of you what Fate has met on treasurer Jossen. Is it True that we have lost this ? a 44 he was killed at the siege of the Castle a a a she . 44 pity for Man a exclaimed the. King with his face averted so . Conceal from her the Felt and which almost bordered on displeasure Tow Ard himself As he saw himself compelled to approach his aim Only by indirect 4? he had As Thuch As is known to us a wife. And Al child. What Las become of them both a. 41 they preceded him. To. A letter existence a replied Hadassah sighing. A 41 inform us jail that you. Know of it a the King continued. 44 the Fate of the fax ily. Excites our. Sympathy.�?�. To permit artful words As the respect for my Royal lord might perhaps co Jamand. The secret of my Friend rests in her grave and my breast. But that May say to my exalted ruler that Alaska loved with All the fervency of her soul that Noble Man who once alas but for a Short period saved her life. A she made no reproaches she was firmly convinced ,.the truth of his love and what could appear As deception As faithless a a Ness she considered As a sacrifice which he a a1 4 t a thought a holy duty. She did not bemoan her lot she Felt herself Happy for having heard words of love. From his lip which resounded in her heart. Her spirit was Ever with him she rejoiced when his name was mentioned and her last words were prayers for his a a a a a a a 1no longer his feelings Richard quickly turned about and hurried toward his Mother. Whom he. Impetuously embraced. \. 4i of my god a , 44 she loved me till her death. And i a. A a collect yourself my beloved Richard a said Eleonore. A do not let the Maiden a a a a perceive How you Are 44 of this Maiden knows my secret re plied the King.44 she is worthy of. Being the Alaska. How comes she hither a a a a a a a i a a i a a a i through the the. Queen Richard Rabudal the former be a a a in a a toothed of Alaska was Hadassah s Bride Groom and that he was a being by her As one who had Tai leu the struggle while Tho rabbi feared that chateau Grain had killed him. A Quot Quot a. A a a. I. I a. .4t of a this miserable chateau Gray a a cried the King flaming up. 44 this is the a Quot a a a a a i i. I. A second complaint that i have him so Salisbury named a Puth to me whom to had maliciously seized and imprisoned. Ahti a Bardhut half of what he said i was bewildered As he had before mentioned to me the death of Jossen and a a ,.if i his family. The poor Maiden yet she must not go away. Bishop Call her Pudsey who had during All this time waited at some distance bowled Hadassah thither. A a a. A a a a a a. La Tho King seems extraordinarily gracious toward you,11 he whispered to her. 44 ban ish now your gloomy mood Nadvan Tage of his favor.44 we sympathize with you poor child a began the King/-4 a we live heard Wei Csc a heavy year mean wac a a i a a a j few words which we have heard froth you have Given us the most exalted opinion of a a i f t % your spirit and if Yod possess any of the strength of your Friend we Hope that Liko her you will calmly Bear that which cannot be changed. But let us see of your King is hot capable1 of Healing Tho wounds which a a a a a 4 destiny a amp a give amp a you we wish not i Haft you should take Refuge with strangers Al a 44 Don Jose Phi a parents Are not strangers to me a replied Hadassah a 1 a 14 Don Joseph cried the King surprised. 41 is not your bridegroom name a Udal a a a a a a certainly your Grace a said sher4 Dion Joseph abudal/1 a i 44 heavens a cried the King. A it. Could it be possible whence have you the information of his death a a a a a in a ,4, came. Fro in London a replied Hadassah a a a \ it i r 44 but i Tell you ,�?�, exclaimed Richard beaming joyfully. La Joseph Joseph yes that was the name o Godf. Then i can at least impart repay. Mother. Grant that this Maiden remain Here yet a in i will soon return a a. A a / he departed hastily Hadassah trembled and the Bishop cheer Fudy addressed 44 be prepared for a great Joy a Sai he. 44 for you have certainly been deceived. But now your must know the truth j1,. J while the Queens inpatient expectation a walked about and occasionally. My Pakhiza singly and anxiously looked at the Maiden Pudsey stated what he knew of a Udall so a capture. A a a a i. A 41 Aly dear Myrtle will again Bloom happily a exclaimed Eleonore smiling with moist eyes. A a a she had scarcely spoken this when the King again entered. He was followed by is Young Man. A a. L a a a. A. V 44 Rabudal a cried Hadassah i. Cha it Elk xviii. A a a Quot /. Only Long after when Hadassah again awakened to consciousness from the. Ecstacy into which the unexpected Fortune bad plunged her and when she her. Newly found Friend before the Alibi and. J a a a a a ill Hannah Meredith was impossible to gain a a t a a a Quot ii i .i�5 0. A i Mutual explanations for even Bodah did a a a a a a a i. J i. Nob. Comprehend How an unexpected Fortune had preserved the Young Maiden for him Here. A was also present. And his Mother who re urinated herself in looking at i.-?. Cried to every one. T. R a a see what my son has done god has granted him to repay what abudar.8 Uncle did for a a Owen was naturally in despair while his mothers disappearance continued and All his attempts to speak to either Jossen or chateau Gray failed driven about by fear it was late when he heard of Tho hebrews Possession of the Castle without a tightly comprehending what had Given cause for this step. He was astonished when the Knight besieged the Castle he was hot capable of explaining the connection of .thes.e. Occurrences. Had t a a a a a a a a a a. A a a of. The Castle voluntarily left it and what ground rps there for theone or the other.?. Now could have spoken Sochat Saugrain but he did not wish to do so , As he disgusted with the the Knight. Several righteous citizens who likewise. Disapproved of the persecution of the hebrews Owens presence and accused him of hypocrisy As he had formerly shown a Friendly disposition to the hebrews and so often been at benedict1 s. Another citizen laugh eclat this and thought that the Knight had Only meant it for Benedictus handsome daughter and it. Might Well be possible. That he had an understanding with the crusaders at the burning of the House for he .had.probably, a a ducted the daughter. A a a. / 11 why.�?T�?T, when they doubted his assertion i have my information from

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