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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - July 11, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio Periodicals i to Nii Iolati of Iii Friday. July la 55 42, a. Al., as62, a. C. Psalm 131. Not is my ii an o lord i. Nar lofty is Iii inn Eye to Clon by tights i h be not roared nor hidden Myrt in s eke a of Ciji. For no by fir too by it i have numb Iii a a d my non subjecting to thy words Conj i rot. My Strong desire rep reseed a by a mothers naming mild the wean i g inf unit i in go wild my foul is like ii weaned <1 that seek Nim More lie breast it Israel henceforth and for Ever More the lord in Humble Faith Ami Hope. . To to Ploit jul i a chronicle whole lamber 418. The Heidi views and crusaders of Eoj Flavid. By Oft Fua Kolm. Translated expressly for the israelite a c h a p t e is. Xvii. Adash Awakening Lier even Rich. Dazzled by a feeble Ray of Light she. Roe know who has brought me hither i How Cutie you to Rouen where Are Joe sen Aud Handal a of shall hear All a Herp led. Concealing his emotion from her a Only have patience for a few Days yet until you have recovered again. For the present Content yourself with my Assurance that you Ore Safe against All persecution. I remain with you. And will give a i particulars Nho tall swoon no you Are pm Blit As yet 1 von too weak and my report will excite j a a doubt Ami excite me More than your report pm id. Own if it contain of the most i ,�?� she re i plied. Raisin herself tip and with timid Fil Arees nun eying the room a a this brilliancy makes hip anxious. A whose House am a Neuil be rabbi. Do rot torture me i Ain prepared to hear a i. Good la to Bouen. Here you Are now in the Palace of the Queen and the rabbi who arrived Here two Days after us was upon her command brought to with a thankful smile Hadassah glanced at Osborn. A a indeed f Ever knew a said she a that All Are Noble and Good whom my Meredith Grants a closer intimacy with herself Ami her son. the holy one the highly praised god who kept a Helper in the need prepared forme. How anxious Jossen and Rabudal must have been for me i do they already know that i am free have you written to them could they not be Here air pouty ? How Long did i Lay in fever heat a a hold a exclaimed the rabbi a believe us that All has been done which was Possi on have forced us to a narrative a # would leave him no victories Over a that he secretly hoped Tliatha would be detained in Greece. Therein he also was hot disappointed but the latest reports announce that the emperor Bas overcome All difficult Xiene and at present is probably already in Asia. A he therefore has time enough to combat the Sultan Saladdin before our King can yet bring one Man Over to Asia and Richard will hardly find much Blore to do there. On is in despair and now the sicilian affairs have also taken the most displeasing turn. Tho King reckoned that. There would be quarrel there betwee tank red and Henry about the succession to the throne out of which he intended to reap advantage. But King Henry is involved in a War in Germany which prevents him from making Good Bis claims upon Sicily tor scarcely was. The , than Duke pined lately closed again. Sin Clr weary remained immovable no Lier Couch. Be fire hot of spirit half Dre Giuily passed Ariega i fed pictures. She saw herself Auric death cd a rat in. Cio rot torture me i Lin we r it j to for Nill prepared to ii in Roll Good Hannah speak 1�?~ amp amp Ceu t0. A narrative it freely was. The than Duke . Bein end look a there i Quot which i did not till ugly to hear Henry the lion broke Loose totally destroy a twi it in it. My heart child Quot a did wan-1jt a i conv need 3�u a hat gods protected Barde Wick and attacked his neighbors nah. Fri lit Noi a Vii us a a in s surrounded you when the wicked and Begerman King has therein a Lent to do Quot a frightened. A a what should we see ? a a lab a Etaro tiered Ilund ssh a one out of my heavy dream a if her Mother great noise was around her 1 a 1% Rii i w a v. A Vigo o you when the wicked an Begerman King has thereby plenty to do. Nos already thought to have destroyed you. Meanwhile the Pope has recognized tank and now place All further with full Cong red asking of Sicily and he has Bee Crown in hot is 0.-1,.rn,�?� engr Tviet the rack or a a Gher hand which ha9 sped. To this comes yet that Philip August it r ,. La a in honest Friend who hits taken your dirty v a preserve Jou before a1, it >8 inclined for Tad red and because Beno ii Felt Herel seized and dragged away. Slid a you must nor Loor 3 p depends now upon your keeping yourself tines Richards intentions quiet,.and avoiding every exertion. There said a fore ask no further reports from roust not Lear be How weak she is a a / w j if cd she found herself in a strange apart i a you or cd a ,.cbteanrairi it and Hor. And i Hana i words struck Hor oar. Then Nili in. Quot Quot a a a Quot v"3 1 a Vou we was i a re Many candles glimmered Hun. In pvt nowleu7 i to amp 8clf a a discerned to disappear not to in e l quote a Al Era 80 a br10�?�.-7 a a cd Berton ire the apartment disappeared and an a Al. A a. I met its Uris Iron us which How the sight of this i you will receive As you can Content your Elf air the present with that which you to this explanation the old Meredith sole Belier a in r the rabbi nodded affirmatively and the a other continued god has graciously helped you through m Field spread itself bef.,re her in the Sun j Bie Reah cd Quot the Ihl to Luw again a it Zurit re he err trl l had anew form Rose lip avid emed to struggle with Hannah. The instinct changing picture represented the Rugiu of a Good spirit with an evil one it the Good me must have triumphed for sat at her Side while she was pushed in Dann Row space. Add Mort a or lathe ho11� Demon who bore chateau rain features had league himself with irk Powers who wished to penetrate to her the Dull blows upon the Wall proclaimed. He scenes wore changed several times and null warriors again stepped into an apart Entz in which she had come without known How and bore her away. Here ended be recollections which she sought to recall. The opened her eyes and gazed Between the curtains which surrounded her Couch and guarded against the Day Light into a Large Brilliant chamber in which a slight wins ering disclosed the presence of several porous. She attempted to Rise and at the Light rustic of her movement a woman hurled up to her. A my Hannah a said Hadassah in a fee de voice extending her hand toward her. A fall the saints be praised in cried Ifan Ali. A she recognizes my. Step nearer fore by Rabbit of you area performer of in miracles my you Here exclaimed the sick Maiden feebly but with Joyful Surprise a a my reve a end Friend rabbi Nehe Raia ? of my god i Dave i dreamed ? where Ara i ? Quot a god lie Ever thanked who gave her you thai vigor the Triumph a said Nehemia. A a she w saved the Power of the fever is Bro-kod.1 a a my friends a begged Hadassah a a Tell me Diat has happened with me where am i a a in Rouen a replied neb Cima. A in Rouen a she repeated astonished. 11 and How did i come Here am i then not in chateau rain a Power ? have i Only steamed All this ? a no i. No i too plainly Brand s the terrible night in which he had be abducted before my soul. Of my to Thor venerable rabbi do you know it i am an a Calm yourself my Good child, the not lament your parents i Happy those whom god Calls to him and who Are released from the hands of Man. You however his Grace has wonderfully surrounded and torn you away from your enemies As from your disease. Only conduct your-8lf Calm you have nothing More to rejoined a nah while added representations and entreaties with. Binh the sick Maiden who still was in an to relieve her r it a ,------, she will then he easier sootfcdccrt5li-, to this one he seeks a pretext for a breach of the peace he quite unexpectedly presses upon Quot the fill filament of the betrothal with Princess held in which he certainly can not be in Earnest. This demand does not in the least Queen uneasy but the Kirgis in a a deed through All these reverse placed in of b ii Lei we i a r. In t j no Ive Boha a n the worst humor which he seeks to dispel tier by wild diversions a now one Irv ,0n Hlady with her weak less y about the cd Aoa if be Rte , exerted her More than a her i Raif i Ion Irr a .1_____ l i a a Utia Euer Gei and o a a 8 Eber Wellfelt Mically carries on the preparations for wan a Quot Sun slcnfx0usp and Assiad Quot a Ben she which certainly in Many places require his has graciously helped you through a Rel a a i presence there still Are generally Jovial Tern in Days the unconsciousness with a Doe cried.03born a she feasts Junu and tournaments which he Fol w Frd. I m, Condi on of lows. Therefore the Queen wishes that he i 01086 be absent a hernia. A who knows in what and Whit h would probably have destroyed you. You already became sick in that night in which brought you to the Castle. He forced us in the following night to Lece Veit and sent us to his Castle Crainville several Miles from Here where we a a should have been guarded by Osborn whom he had for this purpose deceived by a fable about you but Osborn is a Friend of my son and when i saw him i again took courage. Ile was surprised when he recognized Hie and i came to an understanding with him through a Short conversation which sufficed to reveal the knights fraud. As cunningly As chateau rain a plans were otherwise Laid he could not have foreseen this Case for according to my prudent declaration he held me for a citizen of York in which City Osborn had no acquaintances. Osborn was greatly embittered at the misuse of his credulity and determined to free us. However this was not to be Mcconi polished so easily As the troopers who had accompanied us remained with us As guards and we also did not know where in Astringer land and with a sick Maiden we should turn. In this Strait a thought enlightened me. I remembered your narrative of a meeting with tile Queen i knew that she had followed the King to Rouen and it occurred to me to represent to her your misfortune. Osborn hastily seized this idea he hurried to Rouen and throw his bold assertion that he. Brought a pressing announcement he procured an audience with the Queen. God Bas watched Over you my hearts child for Tho Queen had not forgotten you she became violently enraged against your abductors and forthwith sent Osborn with a troop , charged with the errand of bring us to her. Co religionists in York May now be. Their messengers brought the writing in which the a called upon our assistance to London and we turned to the Chancellor. Yet he is overloaded with business he is not prepared for the Case of suppressing the excesses of an armed multitude. And without this thinks the hebrews sufficiently protected by their Harbor in the Castle he therefore Only promised us to report tile affair to the King. It therefore seemed proper for me to come Here myself and through the assistance of Che Bishop of. Durham to move the King to vigorous measures. But where is the King ? he4 goes from place to place no one knows whither he will repair daily it is said that he will return and still he stays away. I am now Here a week and As yet 7 a a a a a therefore the Queen wishes that he be wedded As soon As possible. She Hopes that a Lovely and intelligent Consort will m nrcrrjiiauiiu2ctuousniipd. �?T1 Nehemia 3tartleatn,>>�t-u--1<_ self any special result to my entreaties my oppressed a a a nevertheless a exhumed Osborn a a he will not permit the disturbance of the a if he Only would come a Ltd red Nehemia impatiently. 44 every Day will bring my friends fear and danger. A they have taken a Safe Means for their Protection a consoled Osborn. A the crusaders will not attack the v a and what will to a Udall a Fate ? said the rabbi. U chateau Gray must release him a Assur cd Osborn. A a that is certain.�?T0 a not so certain As you think a replied a i 9 w a i have not done the slightest for the Meh Emht 44 for he can deny the statements mint of of object for to my misfortune the. Justiciary of whom i hoped so much is in the retinue of the King.�?�. A there you Are mistaken sir rabbi a a said Osborn. A a indeed it is generally believed Here that the Bishop of Pudsey is with the King but i know better and will confide it to you. The Bishop has departed for Navarre and is there quite silently suing for Tho Princess _ Berengaria for our King for the Queen Nehemia was deeply troubled the horrible of the old Meredith he can say Rabudal was not brought to the Castle at All or that he had escaped he had died. O god How Many evasions does the wickedness of Man not find who wishes to exercise his vengeance on an innocent Man a Osborn could not Call the care of the ran Quot by overdone although he gave himself trouble to Calm it through remonstrances. But Eleonore sets All upon having this Alliance brought about a that you know a cried Nehemia astonished. A to much More yet a or led Osborn laughing. A i haves unexpectedly been dragged into the indolent life of the court servants that i often wonderingly ask myself if Lam i a a a Vai v v a m a a a a v or a Rny a a. White i yet anxiously sat at your Couch yet Osborn. The Good people have through and. Scarcely could. Find room for a weak j the live Long Day nothing Idse to do than to Hope already arrived. Might it no it have been that these Felt themselves encouraged by of the Queen against to punish him or that his own warriors who through your release found themselves disappointed in the expect listen and to prattle and the secrets of the murder of so Many congregations had filled his heart with a pain which allowed no Hope to come up in Bis breast the bitterest conceptions raged. Hannah was startled by the unexpected events and was anxious for. Jossen and Rabudal at the same time she was made uneasy by the thought that her son was without knowledge of her. Osborn did not know whom be should first console and with his kind-keartednes3 also Felt their pain. So in this Small Circle Hadassah was the Only agreeably a Pra thruway the time and there i discovered Many things which Are not otherwise heard. The Queen is very Unea a because the King has become so Chang tation of a Rich Reward in their fury Angri de that there is no getting along with him 1 by raged against their commander enough 1 anymore. Already the expedition Oft Heem tie Castle was set on fire and Long through per Frederick the the holy land has put great must suffer that the Small people can i one who did not share the sorrows of the a a a others and so much the less As they care Vatu in i j i u ult % e us til a in a isl 1. W i r i Pray Jou a Bhe rejoined eagerly a a let the night the Fla Roeb lighted no on the Way him out of humor he feared the emperor fully concealed these from her. By Heru it weakened Youthful vigor she improved wonderfully fast and already in a few Days the Rosy Bloom of health again showed itself fur on her Pale Cheeks. With Tho strength of her body the go and clearness of her spirit again Reuf

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