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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - July 9, 1869, Cincinnati, OhioFeeble use which stood Between As and ease and refinement is spent. We have forgiven her let me try to forget too a a a a let is think now of the future tip past has done with us and we with it Ursta so a we owe a it is p miss by a strange Light shone in knee Bra face. It 1, ,1 a a yes a in she said in a carious broken voice Quot we have done with the past and now a a with a Long breath a a what Are your plans a her sister began eagerly to explain. Nothing to a single Soui on Earth Rose. Coldness contempt Are what we have All our lives received and what we will one Day pay Back inf full you and i should have no scruples our Only desire should be to attain such a position As will enable us to return with interest the slights we have so Long borne to live in great houses fit to bold suon Beauty As yours to Wear purple and Fine Linen such As it is our right to a Well a. A Rose Stephen Brand has returned to the a Well a a a and that is Why i have sent for a a i do not understand you a a do you a understand my Darling that he is Rich very Rich $ and that he will one Day desire a wife a mistress for the weird probable no Ray Hurst smiled the same eager cruel smile that had curved her thin lips on the Terrace in the Starlight. A Stephen Brand has the kindest most generous heart in the world a she said a Panda heart As yet untouched the careless heart of a girls the Strong heart of a Man. Rose in a few months it will be lying at your feet if you Only hold out your a a but i done to feel at All inclined to exert myself so far a Rose answered with a Little shrug of her Graceful shoulders. A a Aud still less if he is so True and so generous As you say. I am not particularly sincere or faithful myself the world having kindly hardened my nature considerably so As to suit it to my vocation but i done to quite care to take advantage of an innocent boy like miss Bra Hurst laughed outright. A boy Stephen Brand with his Fine dark head his powerful White hands a boy of. Rose your compassionate scruples Are quite thrown away if it be taking advantage of a Man to give him a Beautiful Aud accomplished girl for a wife done to spare or. Brand on account of his youth and inno a Cence for i think even you will find him a difficult Conquest in some expression of interest awoke in Rose Bray hurts dreamy and somewhat scornful eyes. A a Tell me about him Adela a she i de returning to her usual Calm and stately manner. A Well a a a miss Adela a i have nerd it again Aud there is no one there a a a a heard what a mias Bra Hurst inquired e Knock it the Kitchen door miss a heard it for sure and when i opened Al door there or audio one there a i a Pou Are nervous my Good Christian a her mistress observed coolly. A but that i May not be troubled again by your fancies i will myself go and inquire into this and it will be As Well perhaps to Call Martyr to our a the is at the Lodge miss Adela and asleep no doubt by t a a then we will awake him come a miss Bra Hurst swept across the Hall followed by ber Handmaiden and entered the old fashioned Kitchen. A pleasant room with its spotless tiled floor its capacious Hearth and glowing Wood for and its genial odour of newly baked bread which accounted for a vague flour Ness in christians appearance. The mysterious door was half open showing a glimpse of cultivated ground beyond half Kitchen Garden half Orchard and above the dark Star strewn sky looking f and before Long or. Stephen Brand might have been seen sitting on the Edge id in Tiant a a and in the Dresser his whip of Thris one hand a m a tart honors in her new Kingdo 1 Rose by Way of doing the ipad grave Humilia Martyn has been questioned the police set to work advertisements insert a one paper our Small town boasts hot All to no purpose. A a As u we were not a s w. A. Quietly de in that already by Ayhurst exclaim insisted on his eating and which he eyed m time to time with a hopeless sex pros Gat swinging his Riding boots of the Crisp Little Dainty As Sion As and despoil l Post a Tal Fps Strong built Man Vila s Brand with a Fine head and face of which however you never seemed to remember More than the Quot dark velvety of the eyes and the Sadden gleaming of White Teeth under the Short Good tempered upper lip toe effect of these features was so striking. \ and so Rose Bra Hurst thought As she stood archly smiling and presided Over the sacrifice though at the same time the magnificent Diamond on or. Brands powerful Well kept hand and the unapproachable style of his Plain dark dress were not lost must be East upon us. Too inst t fresh disgrace Gle Rand took no notice of this out a a bid now i thought we were utterly crushed to Haven a. Stephen saris Ahtl How incompetent Ham to adv in this matter a be said thoughtfully stroking his Chin. A a you need a j woman to Friend you in such a Case but you kno How lonely i am in the world i have not a Nile female relative who could 14 Noble to act As you have acted Rood and Brand a upon that lady. A a let me offer you another a she suggested demurely when the first Tartlet had at length disappeared and breaking into a a i Only know that you Are very goo % Mem. \ it _ j�?1. J Yyi name being spoken of in such a matter. To feeling. A ahead of shrinking from us in Adela Bra Hurst interrupted with genuine Trout might with objected to our trouble you have befriended us know How feeble Papas health is though you our in a Down on the unquiet tree tops was rising an the night was no longer still for the wind merr which y laugh h stent d As miss Bra Hurst and vane def the door was suddenly blown wide open. No one there and a dead silence except for the rustling of the Apple boughs in toe at the appealing glance with Stephen answered her As he stood up and Drew a Long breath of satisfaction with the air of a Man who feels he has done Bis duty in spite of the Cost. A a and now a he said standing with his a. _ s a. S. A a 8 _ a 8__> i til1iib min bib in ome with me to the Lodge Christian a the lady said taking a shawl from a Peg on the door and putting it Over her head. A Rose a she called a come Here dear and keep watch while i Call Martyn to make a search and satisfy christians Rose came in slowly and went an4 stood re and towering very High Oiden head which was catch a n its curly masses in a ver Back to the above roses by the fire trembling shoulders for the co her from without the comfortable Kitchen. Was Filion a a miss Rose wont like to stay Here by herself a Christian suggested with a Loving glance at the Graceful figure b a a of i am not nervous Chr de Rose. A a and papa is within Call you know so run along Ido. Done be Ion and miss Bra Yhu off Down the dark Windy Aarden Utler and walk to find Martyn and the Only protector apparently of these three women two of whom were Young and fair and Rose Bra Hurst was left in the Kitchen on guard. A a _ _ t attractive and becoming manner a what is the matter i could not imagine what mar Tyne a lantern meant dancing about like a will of the Wisp in the Garden. I am very glad though that i chanced to be passing if i can be of any service. What is the matter a a a christians nerves i think a Rose answered gaily and laying a kind Little hand on the old servants shoulder. A she has had a ghostly visitor at this door who knocks and with More than the usual amount of ghostly stupidity disappears As soon As she opens it. What can it be a a a papa is not quite Well a miss Bra Hurst interpolated a so we feel unwilling to disturb him but what can it be a a v a a a a a a a a a a a Ood Lynch thoughtfully. A thieves done tas a Rule announce themselves so we May get rid of that idea at once but we will make a search in in mrs. Martynus care at the the Hearth Tian a laugh Rist 44 i leaning Forward on her Elbow. Said a a i was a chapter Iii. A a discovery. Is n child you know when he went away. What lie like a and a she added suddenly How is it that my stately sister has not attempted this Conquest which at least promises a Little excitement a a a done to fancy that i have not attempted it a the other returned with a Short bitter laugh a a it is because i have failed that i have sent for you. When i was your age Aud that is seven years ago now ears 1�?i used to watch Young s e looked round the old fashioned Miliar room with something of a is doubtless it recalled Many things she fall t. And 115brand from our dark seat in our and build castles in the air about him and his wealth and is probable Choice of a wife. He went away travelled for years and still i dreamed of him and of the weird magnificent Andy Etc deserted because there was no Charm there for his lonely a a he has some relations surely a a a a yes but Distant ones he is almost As solitary As we Are dear. His one sister is still Arso Hool in Paris and Only spends her holidays with him. And then lie fills the House with company for her amusement though at other times it is like a monastery. Well he returned As i have told you a huh �1 Settle in West Dene returned while was alive. Was i Likely to meet him in society ? you know. That i was not and yet i made his acquaintance and by the merest Chance too after All the plans i had thought of to that end a a a air How Adela a it you shall hear. His Little sister she is hardly More than a child stopped one Day As she was Riding past our Garden Gate by his Side to Admire the great peach tree that covers the South Wall you remember a o i remember do i not go on Abat More natural than that i being in Arden at that time should offer the half forgotten trifles yet full of gracious associations. Bwe was the Todt rooter to Ohair in Wowch she had so often sat on Christine slap listening to marvelous revelations in the Hape of fairy tales Aud Nursery rhymes. As she saw it again a Graceful girl now with something already of. The mystery and sadness of womanhood in her face a Rose almost Felt once More the childish thrill of painful interest which every one remembers to have Felt on bearing Little red Riding Hood made her actress series of comm the supposed Grandmamma a pers Warance. Ose remembered How she used to shudder at the great Point of a a what a big Mouth Reat on App r you be got a a and hid her tace on christians kind shoulder knowing by experience what a Shock the wolfs answer would a As he spoke he opened the door and took one step into the dark Garden walk then he stopped suddenly turning with an inquiring look into the faces of the group he had left. They had heard it too he saw at once that Little feeble Wail As of some animal in pain which had risen above the momentary hush of the wind. Roses Golden Bead was bending Forward eagerly Over her Sisters shoulder. Miss by Ayhurst a Pale face was filled with Blank Dis Moiety. Your lantern. Martyn a said or. Brand quietly and directed by its Light he stooped and raised something in his arms. Something that had Lam in an Angle of the Low doorway sheltered from the wind sate from passing feet something that cried no longer feebly but with a right Good will As Stephen strode with it into the Kitchen a us unwrapping the coarse plaid shawl tha amp Eov ered it disclosed the face of a sturdy Brwn eyed baby blinking in the Strong Light w doubling up in Little dimpled fists. A a Quick Martyn a or. Brand exclaimed a to the Gate and see that no one passes. A in ii a be and i can never forget it never 1�?Tf her Pale face Waal it up with emotion us miss Bra Hurst looked very d Stephen ignored this outburst As Well As the last. A a have you arrived at any decision concerning the Little Waif yet a he asked. The lady a face grew hard again. A a if i had bad my will a she replied coldly a a it should have been sent to its a Roper Home the Union and without Quot a still a a and at whose suggestion May i ask a. Miss Bray Hurst smiled. A a i. Shall Send you to Rose for an answer to that question a she said rising and putting away her work. A if you will go round by the clump of lilacs or. Brand and through the Little wicket you will find her i think in the Orchard. Pray bring her in to me she is not very Strong and the Sun will soon set. Done to let her Stop out any or. Brand Rose and passed through the open window into the Garden. M a a but will your sister submit to being brought in a he asked turning Back towards the parlor again. A a try her a said miss Bra Hurst with another smile. So Stephen Brand made for the clump of lilacs sauntering along quaint walks dark Cool scented with Sweetbriar sheltered by grimly clipped Hedges of hew and Laurel until he reached the Little wicket that led into the Moss grown Orchard and there he paused leaning with folded arms upon the Low rail looking across into the Shadow of the gnarled boughs. Unconscious of an audience Rose Bra Hurst was singing softly to herself while she filled her dress gathered up in one Handt not Many months since from Norway to there was the old clock ticking drowsily in its old Corner the oven door every shining Black scroll on which reminded her in mince pies. Gig Iff Blue checked curtains Over the latticed window child some of my peaches of which i told ber i was very proud ? she accepted them eased to see in the prettiest Way after a rapid glance at her brother a pleased face plot her gratified kind fellow and from that Day we have been friends though in a strange fugitive Way for i have never yet entered their House or sat at their table and never shall unless you Promise me Rose that it will one Day be miss Bra Hurst paused. Rose was resting her Cheek on her hand some Uncertain a there were the St drawn closely ova. �?., outside which Rose knew by the Lichene Wall there grew tangled and luxuriant red currant Bushes in a wide bed bordered by London Pride. The Happy old Garden a the dear old Kitchen As she stood there and these simple memories came thronging around her Rose Bra Hurst buried her face in ber hands with Low sob and crouched Down in the old rocking chair with a movement of sudden anguish. And then All was silent but for the drowsy ticking of the clock and the Rustle of Orchard boughs without m the rising wind. Presently she started to her meet and began to compose ber face and to smooth her curly hair with trembling bands. Footsteps were coming along the Garden she could hear her Sisters voice and leave me your Lap Tern grounds. What a cruel trick a a a my poor Young ladies what will become of them a Christian said wringing her hard hands. Rose opened her arms and took the child silently from or. Brands Strong clap trying to warm it against her girlish bosom. Miss Bra Hurst burst into an angry passion of tears. A the and looking mid ugly into the fire in an attitude of the most perfect and careless Grace. A a we it Rose what have you to say a miss Bra Hurst asked at last touching her Sisters Bright hair care singly. Rosa looked up with a Start. A Adela what can i say a she returned that you reprise to enter into not my plans or much As i love you we had better part a the elder Lister burst Forth impetus heart Iago set on this that to would drive me mad i think. It Ousby. Be thwart i have grown hard a miss Adela interrupted Christian at this moment opening the door with a soared a Well Christian a her mistress answer walk see the gleam of a lantern As she open door and stood on the step with the warm red glow in the room behind her lighting up ber Golden head her Lithe outlines. A Well Adela a a she said gaily a what wonderful discovery have you made a a a the very last i should have expected to make at this hour dear a miss Bray Hurat a voice returned. No less than a frien it who has offered to help us in our party has now Rea Obed the by the gleam of Martynus lantern Rose discerned the tall figure of a stranger. A Rose a her sister Saiid entering the Kitchen with the shawl still Over her stately head a a emr. Brand is so Good As to wish to assure himself of our and then she presented the gentleman with a smiling absence of ceremony. Rose laughed at the idea of being discovered in her new character of Kitchen maid and or. Brand smiled at the countrified Little curtsey with which she chose to illustrate the role so that in a Momen t they were friends. The sex door a chapter in. A a t a a v Lotos eating Voit was ape Days after the Little adventure at Vlf Rich or. Brand had assisted a Day late in waning october. E slant afternoon Sunshine was streaming into Oak parlor at Wood Lynch the parlor with the threadbare curtains looking its very Best just then in the Mellow Light. The lattice Bay window was thrown wide open showing pleasant stretches of a Green old fashioned Flower Garden beyond and of the three poplars stranding out darkly against a faint Primrose sky. In her favorite High backed chair sat miss Bra Hurst mending some old lace and talking the while to or. Stephen Brand who was lounging on the cushioned window seat opposite to her. No woman could help admiring Stephen Brand if Only because he was so unlike the popular idea of a a a lady is he would provoke her it is True Twenty times a Day with his brusque Ness and inattention but she would feel at rest in his society would feel that she could depend on the strength and Force that were evident under All his quietude of manner. At that moment he was allowing miss Bra Hurst to stoop and pick up her thimble which bad fallen at his feet without taking the slightest notice of the action and the lady,.being probably accustomed to his Little peculiarities did not seem to expect anything else. A a and nothing More remains to be tried l she was saying to her visitor Here is no Hope of discovering the truth a am afraid not a or. Brand replied a a Brand was struck afresh by her singular Beauty As stopping to lean her head somewhat wearily against the dark knotted trunk of the tree by which she stood a darting Sunbeam fell on her face through the leaves making her hair flame out into its most gorgeous colouring and flocking her White Throat with dancing shadows. A Beautiful picture and Stephen Brand Felt almost unwilling to disturb it As Liftin his Aims from the wicket he passed the Rug the Trees. The Click of the Gate put roses reverie to fright. Looking round she greeted Stephen with an exquisite Lazy smile and Hela out her hand without lifting her head from its rough Pillow. A dreaming among the Pear Trees a or. Brand said raising his hat and taking her hand. A a a a Lotos eating a Rose returned still lazily. A a Uliey May look like pears but take care Yon Are not afraid then will you have a Lotos a Aud Rose held out her Black dress filled with the pears she had been gathering. A a a branches they bore of that enchanted Stem whereof they gave to each a a a quoted or. Brand fastidiously selecting the most tempting of the fruit. A a Well i will eat and Brave the consequences. I think there Are none so delicious As the Woodlyn Chlea a i beg Pardon the Woodly Noh Lotos mean. You Are a student of Tennyson them. Miss Bra Hurst a a a a a a i am afraid i have acted rashly in venturing Here i recognize the features of the Lotos-1 and distinctly. ? 41 �?o4 Here Are Cool mosses deep and thro the Moss the ivies a a %. A f a a How came you to venture or. Brand a Rose inquired languidly adding to her store of pears. A a your sister sent me a said Stephen Sim ply holding Down a tall Bough with the Young lady a hand. I a to a level i was to beg you a nah Little s done to Rose laughed with a a a i know Adela it ants me to leave this Sunshine and the scented evening air and to go Back to the House with you a and try Why should 1 ? to be fascinating. But then it is so troublesome this in act in ? is my quotation or. Brand. Done to you think it applies ? the Lotos eater says a a Why Are we weighed upon with heaviness in c Hbl Jumi Impi while All things else have rest from weariness a in. R a _. A a a a a a a a or and utterly consumed with Sharp distress All things have test Why should we toll alone a a we a meaning eral or. Brana i Marriageable girls in Gen m a to in the Middle of to Wood Ohhi the folded Leaf is Woodd from out the Bud with winds upon the Branch and there grows Green and Broad and takes no Oare. A

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