Page 2 of 24 Jan 1862 Issue of Cincinnati Israelite in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Read an issue on 24 Jan 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Cincinnati Israelite.

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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - January 24, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio My 234the Israel Ite. Vol ugh. 8 it i now find myself farther from it than Ever. Yet the time is so eerie up that it permits no one who is not entirely overcome with selfishness to consider his Fate alone the general welfare is pressed upon us with heavy cares my thoughts which first busied themselves with what concerns me personally soon directed themselves to the danger in which our nation floats without fully realizing it. Benedictis Blind a does Dot see it. A few favors which the court has shown him delude him he forgets what n Power the might of the Multi tide is and that the greatest caution will to required to Avert it. Poor Joseph you came to England in an unfavourable time you expected to haste to merry feasts to a desired Alliance and fire received by a melt Anchovy Pinkly Maiden to the embarrassment of the a a am i then so narrow hearted my dear 4incle,&Quot returned Abadal that i should think hut of Roisell the Sun ering Sof your daughter do not distress Roe less for your and her Sake than my own and in the file brews of England i love my cd religion Jtb in whom i take the deepest interest Luw could i wish myself Joy so Long a your House is troubled is my nature is tormented yet the undiminished Youthful vigor of your daughter will restore her health and merry spirits and that god who was Abraham s shield will protect the we will Hope it Quot exc a Iuit gtd Jossen Quot it stands in the hands of the almighty May ills bold decree remain. Yet you Are you do not know How yourself drawn into our 4rircumstances, if everything should be fortunately explained yet your first impression of England was not an agreeable one. In general it can not suit you Here you Are accustomed diff trently the life Bere is not for my Uncle Quot said the youth embarrassed Quot who can desire to find abroad All the arrangements of his Home a of that i did not happen to think Quot said Jossen Quot one who h is seen so Many glands like you learns to habituate himself to strange customs if he can Only unite himself with the pie and their thoughts. This can hardly be the Case with you Here you Piave seen enough which must oppose your feelings. You can be Frank to me for i say it to myself and some tilings rabbi Jacob has sufficiently Crisio Isid in his Sermon. It to if you then Call upon me Quot cried Don Joseph a a i will confess to you that Many things Here made me wonder. The Learned. Tabbi has criticised the neglect of the Tal mud Cal studios and really i am astonish. the Little they Are studied know Spain and will not consider it pre a a a sumption when i say that we Are not satisfied with the manner of these studies in foreign countries. Only. In Spain reigns a a a a Pailo trophic spirit which enters into the heart of the spaniard outside they hold but to the word to tile letters and shun eve Ery deeper interpretation. Yet there is no want of great Lens aug and far reaching knowledge within these restrictions which an anxious foresight and the fear of being led into an impious assault by the obstinate dares cot overstep. Only in England i miss this knowledge in to Many people with whom i became acquainted in this Bouse rabbi Nehemia has of be has told me but few sch Lars and i can not imagine where. I a in this land you will obtain your future rabbis. And yet one forgets of the people in amazement at their Means of gain. Can it be believed that a whole a f i nation carries on usurious Trade More. Or a a less and knows no other Means . This people Bas forgotten Bow to Blush they Are not ashamed of their conduct they boost of it and no one censures them no they even wonder at their cunning. The Pursuit of Money fills up nil their thoughts the passion of gain characterizes All their dealing the Possession alone is their enjoyment and their avarice Tho Glits to Rise in them which Are above the . Quot your representations alas fully.coin-. Cide with the truth Quot returned Jossen Quot and i can not Jua tily Ray. Countrymen nevertheless you must not judge them so hard fair their faults forced non them. From the first moment in which the a hebrews. Touched English ground they have been so treated that outlet them and, , have used the hebrews from whom they Cut off All other Means for the purpose of weakening the of Tbs fire tones and always Sank deeper from generation to generation. Knowledge was of no service to him he could make no use of it nor Good intentions the were jeered at. Nothing brought him respect Only a fleeting Possession Lent him even As fleeting an influence a but he possessed Only. With. Trembling and constant Inge Coulty. Only treat a people v t a scornfully and they will soon be worthy of scorn. In your Happy Spain whore the hebrew is treated according to his worldly w Orth you have do idea How he feels who is violently forced to unworthiness Quot do not Praise Spain in absolutely Quot said Don Joseph Quot there the jew have already sundered unspeakable persecutions till the arabians won the Dominion and them a a a a in. In a Quot that was in old dark times Quot interrupted jos5en, Quot and Alre Judy centuries ago have sunk into a a if it. Only is not brought into re Aem Brance anew Quot the other Conri nixed. A a already Beye and Here one hears the hebrews condemned by the Clurcy our religion censured and the Intercourse with us censured indeed a 3 it they arc but in David vials who themselves so unfriendly but an individual easier loads the multitude to doing wrong Hao Many excellent ones can restrain them in the if the Nui her of our enemies Sli Oul it i increase As it is to be feared the consequences Are beyond Quot May god hold you in his hands Quot cried tossed. When has that i Nunn who hates peace and is employed in destroying every peaceable development of Mankind, Tho seed of corruption in Spain Quot i flow can you accuse satan Here Quot exclaimed Rabudal bitterly. A a i Tell you they fire pious Clurg Rafn Olio us who incite to discord and name the Prosperity of Cristia Hiyi and the salvation of its believers endangered by our existence. Of Sii Tun they assert that Fie dwells in our midst Ayli a hold Eracli one of us for one possessed whom they must flee because the Devil Speaks out of them with deceitful words Gree. Them with the appear Ance of , More safely to entice lets them appear horrible the a ice to entrap o my god i Grant me to inform you How pious fury As Well As malicious will scorns us it is terrible must it be Ocana religion nut sustain itself itself with intolerance does this intolerance Lay in christianity one is almost tempted to believe it when he How All 4 a Christian states treat the my Nephew began a to Hen after a pause Quot have you Ever read the books of the new the to rent Quot Quot i have a he , Quot and can express so unjust an accusation against christianity Quot asked Jossen. A a no my Young Friend christianity real. True christianity is far from All intolerance. But Are these people who according to the word profess the belief. Christians they have but the outer terms of the Creed and also these not in the purity in which the originator gave it to Vliem with his spirit they Are far from being penetrated. How can it be otherwise do not forget that these people Are descendants of rude heathens who were accustomed to the outrage of idolatry. Christianity done enough for them Iritha civilized their wild hearts if it Bas made Tibet a acquainted with duties of love with a spiritual aim of this existence j do you demand that they should Al ready Yon High Eminence from which one Bolds bus belief with the inmost convictions and yet not Only tolerate the differ cantly Liln King brother but love him a i a a # that is demanding too much yet toleration seems to them a treason an evidence a a of religious weakness and that will remain so until they More deeply and firmly acknowledge what an secret to them. Enough 4hat there Are already some christians laymen As Well As a priests who la the strap Limity of their hearts or through their spirits have reached Yon height but their voice resounds unheard and not understood. The time is not . Quot now by my Soull i a timid Benedict from the Ontra Oce ,.gallery a a Ali Isis pleasing thing k>tand.,Heto and gossip i i am a wondering where they can Bel this. Won t do gossip Sonie other time now., you must come to the meal. You certainly a Wilz not meal a a a Tho meal Fri in which Jossen and Abu Dav now could no Longor absent themselves was More of a religious formula than that it Khz rough tvs circuit to get their wealth to them the rulers had the profit. And the was intended fora Post. Indeed there. Hebrew Ruhp retained the a least of it the word two King table3, at which the numer i scorn andante in order to Ous guests had seated themselves that Wero be impoverished waa their destination and covered with various kinds of cold fish but ,. sop not a Eph Ronly the of a Sinai que Anity of we fit bread to much in Urfis of an .cnd._,8o, As Tuff ice Dac the Law to Tako paric in the Grace after meals. For it Jossen and Abodale seats had been left vacant opposite Jacob Yum who in ins White Silken Talar upon which i bin Silvery Beard fell sat Between Kibbit Nehemia and the Host like the reverential picture of a patriarch of the conversation a in the apartment a loud and in Many places through the vivacity of the participants crying yet All who were in Eaton in the neighbourhood of the. French rabbi Quot Quot put letters upon their tongues and sharpened their ears that in the buzzing of so Many voices together they might not lose a single word of his Low speech which was directed to rabbi Nelie Xonia. Ile was just bringing up a Point from n treatise which contained Tho judicial decision of a in he so plainly explained that the most untaught of ills tis Leners could follow his representations. The decision was of Roii a nature that it was to serve As a Rule for All similar . Such a a Milar Case the k in by produced from a second treatise and behold the sentence which i decided it was so directly opposed to the first that what was once dec ired As right was the next time declared As wrong. The principles upon which both decrees were supported were so differ a ent that Thev could not possibly have originated in the s line spirit if the contained such its Anion was destroyed. An Ltd could night longer with safer to depend non the accuracy of its Precept it was therefore of great importance to remove the Contri diction. All the listeners acknowledged this As the rabbi in his Clear remarks upon it. Info rape them. But the pm Asili Jiffy nowhere showed itself of bringing the no onsite decisions into a Union. Indeed Nehemia and Rabudal Declarck Firth first judg rent and , one could no longer be directed by the second but when rabbi Jacob who Jilji a slight laugh remarked that he knew the source of their assertion called upon Rhym to substantiate it with arguments Tiey knew nothing to Advance. A Rhyn rabbi Jacob brought Forth a passage from a to Laird try fisc. It had nothing in common with either of the first of a quarrel about property there was no mention made therein Inoh More it treated upon some priestly u.>ago-?, and no one conceived what the rabbi wished to show with it. A but now he entered into a nearer explanation of the passage and there appeared a basis for the various decisions which icon Taino upon which Many More conclusions might to based. Before it was noticed both of these Law cases were brought into the Circle under consideration but they now appeared in a new Lilit which showed an essential dilute Reuck Between them and Prover their supposed similarity to be a delusion. Far from it that the Mccond judgment to the first it now showed itself As confirming in and As resting on the same Folind Atiram. Tile Unity of Betal medical teachings was , and a murmuring of yonder Aye of veneration could he Beard among the listeners i 9 who did not tire of in Thusia Ticali praising tile Penot icing spirit und the surprising sagacity of tie Houry old Mao. To be Cut iced profession a l. A. B. Roots. Wolf. Neely to if attorneys at lava Neil Phil Aclei Ihler Ohio Spe Tal at Eailor it jul be Givon to Collar Lonb do Wiful Trio re and Gurdiana Busi Nedo oar s. Wolf to a n Leary Public Aud i t Ait end to Dratt luf Aoi Tak-iugucbuoirle1i Ino cd of Fijoj. Worl Itaki a a it of Adolphe biases a tto Len e v at l a we a amp act Folie re , lot pm it off cd i no. Is Royal 8trrjr� a �2cj View orca tvs Ano rexy j. Tullis attorney at Law or ninth Audi Onil a Vonner a Ruhl by to Cinchona la Ohio. John g. Douglass i torn by at Law North East Connor of for la a and w no nit 8treetd,, Ohio notary pub to Aud Comoli Dionor tor Kong Poky Juii Iorii Pic Liigand. Poll Odyl Van a Slis Souri Virgi Uja Wisconsin incl Una Tea Eure Uisu Auppl new Jersey Arkun sap Iowa Alabi Kina and new York. Oct by a Jacobia Wolf a a a to Tobey at no. 0, a Olfes build Tapa South bide of third Street bet woo and Waluur Cincin Taitl Ohio. N. attest Ion Graa . Ap20 lewd Dembitz u Filar tid Boljar h deftly Ltd amp Bjurs. A Tob no Bys and,conq.vfi1lora at of Loco no. 3, of court place Oldus Snelle Kyi apis Lyd Decall Joe mists. No. 92 West is tooth Scot Hetreed tine and sea. Set Mcelor work at very Tow Price Tonu Tho timid Edib extracted Puiu Ivey Wlch Pat pain by a Moth odio7igoratld<ttotho a Stem. Loreu Macali of Yea want Good work and would Dave Gonc. Jyl9-iy.t a c. Sie Sydny a he list. Office and Bod Donco. Lit sixth Street Between Haco and Elm crib Side Ciucio Doti Ohio., a a a a in Benti atry in Tho most thorough and Eclen Tilc Roauer. Teeth in Quot a a t Arr Al. From Nna f Aux full fun a now in , Ensaf pinyin him Plato a ulc admixed Fork All of it which id warranted to Yaiyo eat isl Aguon terms a Moderato to to cloy. Nelvy or. Sere filth dentist. Mock 133 Sinh Street bet. Race a Kim. Near Kim. Of Tbs to i oxi Racehl u ii Nul a new Pron turn x. Chile we Huiji he a of drip cry Orang ill u Noum agent. Pod Tirey no Humbug. Nevin a Diehi by to Veail Yean Speri Eucon the Price inc of Bis Prufeta by in ill Fri cloy to can give per fact a Iel action to an who will him. Hinter ii Ore a it afr Nabla Liat will Safe be Arier Uno Bau by calling on him Apo Ivok Cincinnati business card amp j. H. Good a a it amp co. No. 7 front Street of feb for Sale in any of Ontott email of Large the Beni family flock. Annj ail of Dor tuft fresh supp idea received daily. Callas no 7 aest front Stfort _ dot22 Coal Coal Coal h Avino of cd up no attn at the old n no i of a trept radio turn a a goad an aloof part coat at the love Egurce in to a it Myrnot. Wifi sri id Yards. A. Cor. 3d a no Central Ocli&Lt-3oi-g c. Oui Aff. Wanted every body to know that a a. H. Hammell Stencil Catter in Copper and brass third St., Riaff Coati. In per Ord to fill orders t. Wb2ite amp soil Marble w a k k in old ? Jug l57 i feb Street Between ring nod Central , t , Olio menu meets Ani mantels Alwi. Of baud and i Ide to order. Find in in m Rose bad in Copper Ami Sheet Iron worker no. Idi Villa Street Between Elm nod Plum Ohio. Is a a Anta clans War Rittir Victor silk Imu Tidi a Tiger Relief Pinto Stover const Andy on hand and fir Dale at the of a priced. Old Shureb Thea in Etc Nonge at or cob. Aully t 1-10 m. Scales St Fet of Torp i Quot Eli a of watches be Poiry Aby Low , to close Bishi Ziess jvj7 l. Puppo Wieimer s , Adolph Mack , die i cos and co j 31poutf.11s of in adware. Tiery. Guns and l>0 oin Nati Ohio. L. Loeb Mel chant Tailer n o 2, Dur net Loube 3�?~�c Bim Bio Bif i �0 i too among Tho merry int Nib r Prinios and Leeks oat a Iii Jas for till la Fri in Finmere pm b its with to eel Ghisi und of a Vihti Rimble. We it Ever to Loc k i i mid a Thiv i Quot a retell cd Rise bed Mart hive a suit of Cluther made by m r. I , Juja Fishel and Leo. A Rool Sale Clui Borj arid paltry in for Elan and it uni Tomc dry Goi Ria no. By it Lin Street arb door below Market . Conory Mer client a Sare invited . A vat Friedman and Miller wh0lfsalf Etui Bier id dral Erb in Colbs. It a Meres. Be suing nod All Viride of to Milord trim Man go Nulo Pearl Etc Lett Bol wed main and hrs More Iii Cinami Ohio. acid Helt Mahl f an u fact piers and u holes no i enlers to Tesla if imperil ref plumb of Quot and Troini bugs no. 121 Naluai Street Joso Licten pie i. Ohio. Syf Yeihey David. and while Tole do Mer in Fanty soap j cry Imit by Etc., 27� mule Brett Between Eui and 7th, i Cir inti Obio. All orders Crux aptly Gilead Chi to packed. Jye h. Franklin Anniao of Tirb and w wolfs Ila dealer Laju Wel Lury. Watched, Maud Ware no. A main sleet \h1. 3il s 4ib, Ohio. M m Simon by a in Hiil Juli Iid a i Ufama. Rosenthal in Kaufman general pud Lee amp in Deil chants. No.22 West front Street Clochin Nikiti Ohio. In i a v 1- air flav 1 a it a a a m a whole Sal to herring la dealers to what Sofieh Mac Katel cod Hoh Bee do butter Bacon lard Crain seeds dried fruits a. in Coo Digori Hotd. 0,4 in Rose Mullai amp Kaufman 22 \vc8l front Street pay the highest Market prices for Ginseng and feathers. A. A Sholl a mfg of Valise. And carpet bags 6� 7 Plum site or and a7 n. W. A Oruro of we lieu and Clotio Infa dogs a cd. . Ojito. L. Leonard. John Cook. New York trunk Storf Leonard and Cook such absorb to Reid Aud Endebrock. No. 4s main Street Corner of record a Cincinnati dealers id travelling a a King trunks Valise Carper bags a w Bol cattle and retail. Bop Aixang done by Shore get to Intro. Be2s-Ly s Dometu Sivc or e a the Only Regnat youth Rey amp children clothing House i n t h c w e s t. W Glaser Abro of to Tbs boys amp child rent a c loth ing nod. Of ant Loo Pearl Street Between flu eau Rue Cincinnati Orio. R j a a a a solicited an of their Stock from Tea e Trado. Emylu o single gentlemen pm Bafo furnished Vij rooms id a pleasant Ood Central Locatto. For Partlou Karpf ibis Orsco jcl4-tf it. A. Wester ii chair i amp furl Marc lit. A Nair air to it v v i re a a f to pvt us Job a Gina t John be Yeav Naaf Acturo of chair and Fuu Taro no. 3 East fourth St. . Suhs

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