Page 4 of 10 Jan 1862 Issue of Cincinnati Israelite in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Read an issue on 10 Jan 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Cincinnati Israelite.

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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - January 10, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio 220the israelite. Volu Ime 8. A incr amp co., printers 32 Sisikh is meet. Isaac m. Wise editor amp proprietor. Cin no to or Luau morning,.,., to 1863. Job stopped without patient of Bis sub Crillon l. Schwarz Syracuse n. York balance due s3 i stopped wiil out paying up his subscript Iod Julius Mohr Chicago in balance due 40 $5 of the lost the persecuted and please this Rabat audience flatter Theiron vanity and stupidity and made Money for the poor the Brot Liers of god according to the flesh and pocketed with a pious sigh and a most holy Mien. Since Bower or that audacious bold and Frank Itra Eluf exposed their theories attacked their mean business uncovered their modes Operand peeped behind their curtains and week after week proved that the hebrew is no object of pity that fights his own Way for of modern society and with Tho help of cod works out his own salvation they feel uneasy As Long As the far elite exists. Give him a kick is their motto whenever they is stopped without payment or no Isicc a Scepi of the postmaster m. A Cohen amp co., of York. Bal Hoce due us $14 of to slopped without paying Joseph t. ,.st. Joseph to. S2 of a a amp on do $4 of the publication of these papers at 75 percent of All debts due to us up to july i 18g2 for subscriptions and advertisements of this shall Only pay our debts and und the rest. them propose Liat they please. have Only one condition i. .e., not to give up the Field As Long As can Wield a and shall not give up if god pleases spare us if none come to our Rescue i find no support shall continue to write for Tho last of our readers however fight in i combat must against financial difficulties. Too sacred is the Cau a can yield. There is a pressure in the soul of some driving and prompting to activity Over which one Bas no control and this Force a a a a a a a a a -. Pct Torether a much courage Asio speak of compels us continuity to work and toil for god nod Israel truth and humanity can not yield. With our hands in Shackels in a dark Dungeon would populate Dink a Appeal to the beader. Juhe opponents of the israelite and Deborah a a More than the hairs of my head Are those who hate for no cause Quot a exert All their ingenuity and influx nce to break Dawn this establishment. A d a Hadj their Sitti Iier Down and their rising i am their hidden enemies too Cut Arjay to oppose us in sinfully Aud openly now step Forth with Ai Iligir stings and thorns to do us Linum. Inveterate enemies to whom tins journal or anything Elee wrote always a was a Thorn in Tho Eye now exhaust their Little ingenuity toe bitter our life make us feel sick of our laborious task and Stop an much of our resources As they can Cuntro the one party is grieved to us diffuse Light and truth or Mirvary to their conceptions and , us walk in the darkness of our super tuition and ignorance As did before you Ever came to this country when Eiery Han was no unquestionable authority every Antipode who heard the chant of the talmud somewhere parsed himself off for a hebrew theologian and every minho of every country to or Village was urged As a Law in Israel a portion of our opponents cry a of to main Cizin a show of decency they Call their whims the religion and customs of the fathers in which unfortunately i Turbed til pm and still them therefore they raise tile Rand dog or of infidelity Atour heels nod do us All the damage they can. Then come the whole Craft of those who with a Josh Navoth or any ocher old Book under their Arm peddled from to Houto save poor souls from Purgatory spread All sorts of super at Lions fostered Alt Indef prejudices and gave to ignorance and tear the authority of. Books that neither they themselves nor their read when they examined with important Mien Shoch tim Zoth Ethro-arc., and considered themselves placed in the world for the special purpose of cheating simpler Muayed . us alone they cried at is us make our living in our Civ a Way do not interfere with our bus incest it Jot want your Light i Daz us i Jot likey Ortruth i deprives us of Good customers. But As would not hear nor listen. They attempted and still do to impair and weaker our efforts a much As is in their Power. Persecute him is a l the i Fraelle Vore however and fiercer than by a1 the above Crews of our opponents have been and Are persecuted and injured by the moan and despicable envy of who want Honor without labor the Reward firsthand the labor never popularity without love for the Coram Unity and without activity in their ii Alf a who thirst after and dream of Rad for truth Light nod humanity. Ness enliven i dead silence of the prison with thug of for god and Israel Iii Fth Light and Hutn Anisiy. Trust to god when lying in the add grave every Bunje of grass growing from it will still cry for cod Aud is a a renown Fame greatness and glory without having either the will or ability to Benefit the Community who exhibit themselves everywhere flatter everybody knt it a and say everything and Lief ittle everybody Olio might throw them in the Shade. The israe Lite not being in the world to sound their and eulogize their greatness they hate it and try to Che utmost to damage it. Here is area and accurate picture of our opponents. now ask our friends shall yield shall stand idly by and them clap hands no our fall sneer and Jecht our failure. I Fugli and rejoice it our misfortune ask our friends if such have whose mind is not entirely Ursoi in the Calamine or bus Ines of the Day shall leave the Field the entire Field to the Host Vito misrepresented us for years to the enemies of Israel who enrich themselves at our expense sell the Honor of Israel and the Ruilt of god to feed their stomachs exhibit their ignorance is tie religion of Israel to Weir indolence and App lied Sid of Light As the Simenis of our people their a Unity and haughtiness As the object of our existence their hollow Flat dismal and Slough Eop Liisu us the Wisdom of Israel still leave the Field o screech owls and night Hawks to Evde missionaries and deceived impostors to chose who pity us room ignorance and Misuo Derrand us from want of shall in this Home retire and our Honor and cup future under minded by moles and masked hypocrites for ourselves answer Emp Ili Cally no with the bist drop of our blood and the last spark of our to Belleci no of our opponents were As my Finy is ear it do on the san Shore a Oil our Frei amp cult a. As and far apart As Nigel s visits ice would not yield. Too sacred is the ouse in which Are engaged Loo important for the happiness and redemption of to Mankind too necessary for future generations that the hatred Selfin Teresi envy or egotism of any Man or should cause us to Stop our exertions. If Mudi write for the last of our read and combat perpetually against debts want poverty or even destitution which have not to fear of our opponents spit. Poison and fire on us shall still Colinne to proclaim publicly tam a hebrew and the god of heaven i for continue to fight the Bailies idd Boot on flit Cardinal doctor Ives of rf1.1gion. By Don Isaac Abarbanel. Translated Trou Ort Cinal a Bow i ext for Tho 1-Raolite, a Tulgar Dute Jiman a Foroi goer who has a Al vow the Sauci Ness of disputing what this or that of the lord for Israel and truth never yield priest a maintained spoke expounded wrote never stagger. This is our firm determination and printed and always believed in the midst of Ca and trouble and it must pealed and acknowledged disturbs us in written Down for future reference that about most sacred inactivity in Ordo suspense is the Pike in the fish Pond always after our fat and indolent priests Down with him give him a kick do not want Bim Rao another class of our opponents excuse their attempts to break us Down. Then comes the other Camp of modern society and cries Why does not write against this and that Why not write against the absurd jaws of eating this and not eating that Why does to not eat pork write in a Vor of pork and do Aora ething for the Kitchen Why docs not write against the tote of circumcision the fasting on the Day of Toner aeon the rest on Sabbath Day As Long ago dispensed with these Little things to one portion asks and gives us kick. Then comes the deist and gives us Ablow because believe la revelation the atheist hurls his missiles at our Kad Boc Anso believe in god and immortality and have the boldness today so in behalf of humanity and Progress. A next comes the Cosmos Idita mod declares War against us because Are too Zach jewish too exclusively hebrew in religion and would not advocate the amalgam Mauor of the israelite with the gentiles in religion and blood. However All of them Dis a in this Point they agree that damage their respect inc theories Andi therefore they also administer a blow to us whenever a y can. And the i Hodarie and bigots and their tvs info Naseb flip esk How they would like a car cub formerly they coaids the Igor wait 6wr the c r a p inr i on the undone rental do Cinnes a a the Law and its Pron Fiphs by Moses maimomdts., Tho Fife to who Beitin to present principles and doctrines of the divine Law was Moses Maimonides in his commenter to the portion of the talmud called Sanhedrin in the chapter called Cheek and the Para or mph headed All Israel Bove a portion in the future world Quot amp a. It should Knoten that the great divine wrote Tiit commentary in the arabic Tongue two Tran Slutins into the hebrew were made of this portion. Although the matter the words of Here versions differ. One of them How eve racing the work of rabbi Tibuni upon whom on account of Liis great Wilt on and Profic Ioney safely rely in nil Tran nations vre adopt his version. take Here from Moses Manintin Desin his own language land will expound it Liat properly belong. To this Book. Ile Sav there that the fundamental doctrines and principles of the Law Are thirteen. Tile first Tundo mental doctrine is the existence of the creator who is a perfect essence in nil respect of perfection the cause of All entities and their continuing existence of it could should Cense to exist All entities would instantly Cense to exist of i could occur that Ellen Tizie. Perish god would exist without Themi the existence of Tho deity can not a destroyed or diminished As needs for his continuing existence not Bing on Side of himself while All thing., abstract intellects celestial bodies and every thing below the depend on him for their existence learn from the words a a i am the lord thy god Quot which is a positive command Viz to Blieve in god. The second fundamental doctrine is his oneness that Isone not like the Unity of a general kind or of particular kind also not like the compound Unity divisible in several parts also not like the abstract Unity which being one in number is infinite division the deity is one in his incomparable Union. This second fundamental doctrine in derived from the words of Moses a a hear o Israel god is our lord god Sonel Quot the third Fundum Edtl doctrine in the Oval of Corpora fiction i. E., that this one deity is no body Ortho Force inherent to a body Baa no attributes of the body As Ino Tion rest neither in essence nor in Accident. have said before that composition and decomposition arc not Ming liable in the essence of god. Therefore the Prophet said and to whom will you compare or vile was a body must w in a w though have Ever so Many friends so Are told at least who dispose and thousands of useless Metal and grew up in wealth while spent our Days and nights in a holy cause numerous friends who Are now wealth in still slept soundly when deceived the sleep from our weary eyelids in the service of god and Israel still sit Bere in care and trouble because can not come up to our engagements and Promise it must to written Down for future reference but if have friends if the cause which served for the last eighteen years without pau.almost served in this country for the comparable to another body. Whatever is fast fifteen years if have friends us said in scriptures of bodily attributes con Bear of them. Lot them propose to do some. Kerning god. As sitting standing or the like d6af of fui5iu� Juzwa a thing for the maintenance of Sheso papers.�?. Are Only As spoken in human language. The Mark accept no presents no gifts do sages already said eau or 31j a scrip not Corno a beggar at your doors nov you can a tihoi of two things for us collect subscribers for these papers take Tho trouble of soliciting now subscriptions among your friends and acquaintances almost every one of you can do it can represent him who is no body and no cause each of you exercises a certain influence Force inherent to bodies. The fourth fundamental doctrine is lures speak in the lung nge of a i by pagans treated on this subject. learn this third fundamental doctrine from the words of mottos a for you have seen of Sumii tudo whatever Quot i. E., no similitude for those who can not afford to pay and would like to read. This is the is the primitive being in truth and All Lief propose. If you know a better one us know it. Of the congregations desire to Purchase these papers they can have them and i Promise to serve is faithfully As heretofore in the editorial department. them do with the business depart meet what beginning they please. In Al fijian Oil resp col pro the fifth fundamental doctrine is that Ings beside him Are not primitive i Compa risotto him. Scripture prove this often. learn this fourth fundamental doctrine from the words of Moses a a try Refuge is the eternal god Quot to. Erdem Means without Hin and not do so to any other being Angels stars orbits elements or anything composed of them for All of them have Iii eur invariable functions they Power nor will except through the Grace of god. Nor should one imagine a Media tir Between Mankind and god on the contrary nil Tho gets should concentrated in god and its Lac from other beings. Learn this fifth fundamental doctrine from Many commandments of the Bible against the worshipping of other beings of Lii Eli the whole Bible cot is full. The sixth fundamental doctrine is prophecy i. E., every person should know that Man possesses Many qualities and great perfections so that his soul can purified to such a degree Rhal becomes susceptible of the most abstract and direct this Biliman understanding to Tho world of realities by which exercise attains an exalted Quality of discrimination and Pene tuition. Such Mon arc prophets this is a prophecy and its definition. To have expounded this at length elsewhere. It is not our intention to prove every fundamental doctrine Here Index Pun j its truth Only place totem Here in the Nurr Tito style but the Law and the prophets contain plenty of chide no for this. The seventh fundamental doctrine is Tho prophecy of Moses i. E., every person should believe that was the father of All Prophet of those who preces him and those who followed and will follow him nil of them were Are and will under him in prophetical Lection. God chose him alone from All Mankind and to Learned More of god than any person before or after him. To was selected with the object of entire separation from Man so that ids of in is nation corporeal sensibility and Inper Section were entirely Reou ived from him and the intellect alone remained. Ther Foro i scriptures Tell us of god speaking to Mosca a from Mouth to Nio Uili i speak to i would Certainlyxpouml tins marvelous matter if the subjects connected with in Scro not so profound that Illey require a Plain commie Sta introduction and appendix so that i fire must explain the nature of Angels and their different grades by the Crea tor then tile nature and qualities of the soul then enlarge on Tho figurative style in Bieh the prophets speak of god anti after All i could work of a Hundred pages. Therefore i must spare this subject for another Book and return now to the prophecy of Mose his prophetical Power was distinguished from that of the other prophets in four Pointe they were inspired by Meir ump a Moses was inspired directly by god. Is in says a a from Mutli to Mouth i speak to him Quot they prophesied Only in a rents in nightly visions or in daytime in Ashim Bering condition when corporeal Send rib was suspend Tell and they were like to sleeping . Which state is culled tile state of vision and Conte Clurion. But Moses received the word of god in Day time and Stan Ding upon his feet Fri to Between the two cherubim a god promised him and i Sli Aji become known there unto thee Quot and As the a Ord furthermore said Quot if Oliero a Prophet of your kind i the lord do make myself known unto him in a vision in a dream do i speak to him. Not so is my servant Moses in All my Bouso is faithful. Mouth to Mouth do l speak with him even evidently and not in dark speeches and the similitude of the lord doth numb. 12.1 the prophets although prophecy came but in a vision non them still their physical nature was overawed their bodies trembled and Shook so they came near dying As Daniel says a a no strength remained in my his glory turned upon ndc8troyer,and i was it was otherwise with Moses never trembled on receiving the divine messaged Quot from Mouth to Mouth i. E., As a Mon addressed by his neighbor would not treat Hie so did muses not tremble when addressed by god As his intellect was closely connected with the Universal intellect. The prophets did not receive divine messages whenever they wanted them on who nod desired to communicate through them. To a prop Liet May pass years without Prophesy ing and Pray to god to have a vision on a Cert in subject and afle several Days have a vision on quite another subject. Some of them contemplated anti concen Ualey their thought a Long time As Elisha did a and now take unto a musician and it shall Corno to pass when the musician shall pkwy Quot &c., i Kings 3 Khedoo it was Notin their Power to Prophesy when they wished it. Moses however could Prophesy whenever wished As i says Quot stand you and i will hear what the lord furthermore Quot speak to Aaron thy brother that come not at All times into the Aaron should not but Moses Couch whenever chose. Tho doctrine is the Law is divine l of a every person Bouw pose co sell them the types press forms i Man most wors hip and extol god alone sing books end All other Unai echals. Needs taty for Kis raise. Bi9,Jpjconly tit exalt by Liege that the Law Wii by Npw a a

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