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Read an issue on 8 Aug 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Cincinnati Israelite.

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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - August 8, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio I. To ii a i s Rae a a volume 9.excerpta.a i a a a a a what is dyspepsia a with due attention to Temperance exercise and Early hours you Day set dyspepsia at Defiance. Neglect one of these precautions and you Lay yourself open to the approaches of the enemy Reg Lect two of them arid it is hardly possible that you can escape and above All things in mind that no other disease or affection of the body is so Stealthy or insidious a dyspepsia. If Che first few instances of carelessness or transgression were to be visited with the pains and penalties that afflict Quot the patient Ween the malady has become chronic few men would be so insane or so obstinately reckless As to postpone the Orji of. Reformation. But the earlier symptom 6 Are rarely of an alarming Kitade the appetite is not sensibly affected Tho theol Gest Ion is impaired and the complaint seems to be limited to. Flatulence and heartburn. Such unpleasant sensations however can easily be removed. Essence of Ganger and fluid magnesia Seldom fail to give Relief and the patient flatters himself that there is no ground for apprehension. But. The symptoms do not disappear. They recur Vith greater the ant Dotal doses though "increased., Are found to have lost their Efficacy. The stomach h As now become More seriously deranged. All kinds of food generate acid Irr this stage the patient usually has recourse to the carbonates of soda and Potash which in their turn give a temporary Relief though without in anyway arresting the disorder. By this Means dyspepsia Hico an insidious Serpent has fairly folded the victim within its embrace is squeezing him at its Leisure. Everything he eats disagrees with him and seems to undergo some wondrous transformation that which was served up at the table As Haggas seems to have been converted two hours after wards into a Ball of knotted town a Mutton chop becomes a fiery crab rending the Interior with his claws and every Rice pudding has the intolerable effrontery to become a hedge bog. After that soon comes nausea and vomiting. You derive no Benefit from the food you Swallow. From twelve Stone weight you dwindle Down to ten. Your countenance becomes ghastly your eyes hollow and you totter prematurely on your pins. The Mere notion of exercise becomes distasteful. You feel As if you had no strength tor any thing. You Are pensive Moody and irritable. Your mind looses its elasticity and Power and when you sit Down to compose instead of Manly matter you produce nothing but Tho Deariest of drivel.�?blackwood1 s Magazine. Published every Friday morning. Bloch amp co., printers 82 sixth Street. Isaac m. Wise editor amp proprietor dollars per a cum. In Advance. Tho Deborah is published weekly in Gorman at the flame office and by Tao earn proprietor at one Dollar and fifty cents in Aranco. For the two publications the same person four Dotters per annul in Avance. Preachers Are charged Bat half those prices. A terms of advertising in either paper per Square of twelve lines of this Typo set up solid one insertion 75 Centa two insertions Ai three insertions 81% a a fort month f �?~3 months i 6 months i 12 months i so 1-4 00 i 6 00 to of advertisement without change and paper. I year,.i2, business card not exceeding six lines solid .6, published in either pacer if published in both papers Tho charge will be double less to per cent. Book printing in English German and hebrew executed promptly Andover description of Job printing in English or German or both thankfully received and executor with promptness neatness and of Patch. Communications to in ure prompt attention Aronld be written of but one Sido of the paper and in a bold legible band with Large apace Between the hoes. D. Maclane s do ebb it Endert. A will keep pm Newark n. J., lived St very pious a family who had taken an orphan to raise who was rather under witted by the Way. He had imbibed very strict views on religious matters however and once asked his adopted Mother if she did no to think it wrong for Tho old Farmers to come to Church and fall asleep paying no better regard to the service. She replied she did. Accordingly before going to Church the next sunday he filled his pockets with apples. One Bald headed old Man who invariably went to sleep during the Sermon particularly attracted his attention. Seeing him at last nodding and giving nasal evidence of being in the a Landof dreams a he hauled off and took the astonished Sleeper with an Apple Square on top of his Bald Pate. A the minister and aroused congregation at once turned around and indignantly gazed at the boy who merely said to the preacher As he took another Apple in his hand with a sober honest expression of countenance 4< you preach i 11 keep pm a a a therein a grievous Lack of women in the Colony of British Columbia. A curious letter on the subject written by sir Henry Verney appears in the London times embodying the following extractor a note from a functionary in High position in the Colony a ooh if fifty or one Hundred women should arrive from England every month a until the Supply equalled Tho demand what i a Blessing it would be to us and to the Colony at Large i women i women women a Are the great want. Tho Normal state is a Man with a help mate for him and if something is not soon done either by the Imperial or the colonial government or by some philanthropist at Home i know not what will become of us. Doorman goes sadly Down Hill if he remains Long without the supporting influence of woman. Get some miss faithful to turn her attention to these promising lads. And Supply them with women. It is lamentable to see hundreds of Fine Fellows with plenty of Means living on in flinglomi8ery, and no one to help them to get out of their pleasant s pleasure after All is much affected by the Quality of one s neighbors even through one May not be on speaking terms with Thorn. A pleasant Bright face Ai a window is surely better than amp discontented Oross one and a Bouse that has the air of being inhabited is preferable to 0i08g shutters and unsocial blinds excluding every Ray of sunlight and we like to see the glancing cheerful lights through the windows of Acou night or watch them As evening deepens gradually creep from the parlor to the upper stories of the houses near us. We. Like to watch the Little children go in and out the door to play or go to school. We like to see a White Robed baby dancing up and Down at the window in its mothers amp rms or the father Reading his newspaper there at any of these cheerful Impromptu Home glimpses which though we Are no Paul pry we will assert make a pleasant neighbourhood those who live for Comfort instead of show sad indeed some morning on waking to see. The blinds Dow n and the shutters closed and know that deaths Angel while it spared our threshold hq8 crossed that of our cheerful neighbor a sad to miss the White Robed baby from. The window and see the Little coffin at Nightfall borne into the House a sad to see innocent Little fau�8 pressed at eventide against the window pane watching for the a dear papa who has gone to his Long Home. Cincinnati. Friday morning August 8,1862. Gay Leopold Meyer of Detroit,mich., owes to this office $9 25 he will please pay. A a a a is Isaac Shire lately of Canandaigua n. Y., has an important letter at this office. Send address Francis Goldsmit on the Saratov Case. A new Era has begun la jewish history. In former Ages when vile functionaries in need of bribes when fanatic priests requiring sacrifices for the propitiation of the moloch worshipped by them or sanctimonious princes lacking special divine favor for any Enterprise brought about some Perselu Tion of the jews for the purpose of supplying their want All that the victims could do was to submit to their Fate in silent despair. When the torturer contented himself with merely mutilating instead of crushing out of them Tho last vital spark they esteemed themselves fortunate and when they actually escaped with life and limb Only leaving behind As a Ransom everything they possessed on Earth they loudly Sang praises to the god of their fathers who had evinced his Loving kindness to them and recorded their deliverance As a Token of a special interposition of divine Providence. And Happy thrice Happy did they esteem themselves when on some few occasions the Talent of the Prince s jewish financial agent the skill of his jewish physician or the charms of another Esther for Romance maintained its Sway even in the. Darkest Ages succeeded in averting from them the impending Fate. But however self evident their innocence however atrocious their persecutors pleading their own cause in Public and calling their slanderers to an account was a thing not to be heard of for what people what court or what Assembly had bowels of mercy for a jew the descendant of race the murderer of god himself a who trodden Down and crushed and despite the terrible lesson inculcated on the rack and by fire and sword still persisted in denying the right of the majority to Force its religious opinions on the minority. Was he not doomed from All eternity to perdition ? did not every catechism teach this doctrine did not every pulpit in Church and Chapel resound with it ? did not every Nursery rhyme associate his name with the vilest of the vile ? the glory Tho imperishable glory of having ushered in a new Era. Was reserved for our own Days for our own country and for our own Anglo jewish Community. The privilege the truly enviable privilege of having been destined to vindicate Tho cause of cruelly persecuted Brethren in Faith before the most August Assembly in the world of having obtained an attentive Hearg and elicited a sympathetic response not Only from the House but from its most influential personage this High. Privilege belongs to sir Francis Goldsmid. It is now the second time that this parliamentary Champion of his people spoke for them in the House the first time soon after his admission to the legislature when a rash member dared to cast an aspersion on his religion and the second time when the voice of the blood of Bis murdered Brethren cried to him from their Graves on the Wolga. And How he spoke and How he pleaded the Zeal of the philanthropist tempered by the shrewdness of the lawyer the feeling of the pleader for his own Kindred illumined by the rays proceeding from the Lucid Ness of a Clear thinker the persuasiveness of the Diplomatist combined with Tho convincing Power of a truthful witness and All these ingredients seasoned with a Dali of satire which while a relish for his listeners and readers must a j a a a ,. /. 9 prove Gall and Wormwood to the iniquitous instigators to the Saratov tragedy. Sir Francis Goldsmid by thus constituting him-1 self the Organ of his people in the House has nobly fulfilled one of Tho principal objects contended for in the great struggle for jewish emancipation. No doubt the presence of to wish. Members in. The House is a considerable service to their people Bat unless they Avail themselves of this privilege As. All other religion-1 its do half of the expected benefits and perhaps the larger half Paust be lost. This larger half of the benefits it is the lot of sir Francis to Securo to Bis people. By thus publicly identifying himself with them by pleading their cause on a platform and by thus showing with what sympathy the most civilized and the most religious nation on Earth listens to a jews pathetic recital of the sufferings of jews they Are not on Yira ised in the opinion of nations looking up with respect and admiration to England but wholesome Awe is also struck into the a a 1 a minds of their enemies who see that there is a court in which their iniquities May be exposed. No doubt sir Francis in thus speaking and pleading Only obeyed the promptings of his religious heart without thought of either Fame or that the general recognition from the Good and Wise after which the Good and Wise of a l Ages have striven. But let him depend on it in fulfilling a simple duty he Bas. Also secured his claim to what he did not aspire after although All Noble natures Are gratified by it. He Only meant to discharge a duty but Fame the appropriation of All Good and Wise and the respect of his people follow in its train like Solomon who when he prayed for Wisdom Only also obtained boons for which he did not ask so has sir Francis acquired that for which he did not strive. And this approbation and this Fame will increase a3 time Rolls on for he has connected himself with a cause which is that of the future. A True the jews Are comparatively a Small people True the disposition to do them Justice is As yet far from being general. But apart from the special cause the adhesion to which has brought upon them All those terrible persecutions which have rendered the a National exist ence one Long martyrdom there is another More general aspect of their struggle which is daily gaining More ground which will in time supersede every other and which will present them in a new Light. Whether th9 jew is in the right or wrong whether Judaism is True or false whether its doctrines Lead to Salva Tion or perdition he was clearly in the right when he resisted either Pagan Christian or roman in the attempt of persuading him. The first defender of Liberty was a jew. The first Martyr for the Caus of the highest truth a the truth that compelling instead of Eon mincing is the grossest falsehood was the jew. This truth he championed in it he lived and for it he died at a time when it had not even dawned upon Tho highest intellects. The Banner of til is greatest and most sacred of truths even As he raised it More than 2000 years ago in the time of the maccabees so has to borne it aloft through All Ages however numerous however furious the enemies and however fierce the contest to snatch it from him. If no moral truth has Ever been established without struggle none has As yet failed ultimately to conquer and to obtain Universal recognition however powerful however obstinate the opposition. It May be humiliating to those flattered into a belief of their higher transcendental morality excelling that of any other people to admit that alter All the decried despised Gross and material jew had within him a greatness and a spirituality to which his conquerors were strangers and which taught him to spurn for Hesako of a Mere idea All the substantial truly earthly advantages offered to him in Exchange for it. This admission May be humiliating but it is the Triumph of morality to pave the Way for the eventual Victory of truth at whatever Cost achieved and if Tho time for this decisive Victory has not yet come we can already discern to which Side it inclines and every year hastens on the decision. The time will come a and we can see it for it is not air off when the historian of the struggle Between matter and spirit Between an idea and Mere interest will choose Ehe jewish people As the most suitable illustration of the contest and As the very embodiment of the struggle. At that time full Justice will be done by the Best and Wisest of Mankind to Tho people that sacrificed its highest and Dearest material interests to an idea and thus set to the nations of the Earth the most glorious example that Bas Ever been placed before them. With the jewish people All those will be raised who suffered with it and pleaded and strove for it and vindicated its cause when it was not yet sufficiently recognized when Fame and ambition seemed to Point to a different direction. Sad As is the tale which sir Francis had to bring under of Tho House As is the picture to which he had to Point it is yet not so dark As to exclude every Glimmer of Light. Amidst the night we can yet perceive the twinkling of a Friendly Star which cheers us on. No doubt terrible wrong has been committed in Russia an at a. Rocity has been perpetrated such As was Only thought possible in Tho Middle Ages. A but when it is considered that before it did occur commission after commission had to be appointed Ere the desired conviction could be obtained that All impartial officials had to be removed and to replaced by. The creatures of a fanatic twin Osier that despite this Clear in pronounced and settled purpose of condemning Tho prisoners tribunal after tribunal acquired them and that despite the verdict of Lite Council and its Manifest bigotry and the temptation thus held out for other similar charges the calamity remained confined to one single jewish body without involving in its ruin any other congregation it must be admitted that popular enlightenment in Russia must have progressed very considerably and popular morality risen to a height exceeding that of Many another much More pretentious nation. Let those who at first sight Are not disposed to admit a the Force of our argument but consult the pages of our own history. When popular prejudice against roman catholicism was As Strong in our country As that against Judaism is now in Russia a villain like Titus Oates whose antecedents certainly did not recommend him could Rouse a whole people to fury and could Send no a few innocent men to the scaffold. When the Success of the first charge showed that the court was Well disposed to listen to informers and the people to Honor and Reward them informers and false witnesses were not wanting and would not have been wanting until the whole roman Catholic population should have been exterminated bad Only the popular frenzy continued. That after the condemnation of the Saratov martyrs despite the clearest evidence of the innocence of the victims every murder in Russia was not Laid to the charge of the jews so numerous in the Empire that murders were not committed for the very purpose of laying them to the charge of the jews that blood accusations did not arise in every congregation. And false witnesses Spring up like mushrooms is certainly not the Merit of the sex minister Linski or the Council who As far a Lay in their Power. Held out the greatest inducements possible for the perpetration of this crime. The Merit of confinement to the place where the charge first arose is due solely to the enlightenment anti morality of the people. This certainly is a cheering Ray amidst the darkness justifying the Hope that Bright Sunshine will soon follow. Of course sir Franciss object in bringing the Saratov Case under the notice of the House was As declared by him to exercise a moral influence in Russia. This influence remains whether the statement in the House be followed in the dominions of the Czar by a practical result or not. It is however to be regretted that lord Palmerston in adverting to sir Franciss remarks should have lost sight of the religious Side of the had the fanatic commission minister and Council not been impressed with the belief in the truth of the absurd slander a thousand times refuted and As often resuscitated by the persecutors of Tho jews that the latter required Christian blood for the Celebration of their passover the supposed murder of the two children by jews would have been object less and suspicion would never have fastened on them. Unfortunately in the struggle Between liberalism and now raging the latter in its eagerness to strike the former a blow does not hesitate to thrust at it through Tho Side of the innocent jews protected and favored As they Are in the contest by the enlightenment and Benevolence of the age. to avenge itself on liberalism revives All the calumnies of old hoping thus to excite the people against the jews and indirectly against their defenders. Between these charges and the Liberal movement that has set in from the Tagus to the bosporus there is a close connection. The religious hatred of former Ages is embittered and intensified by political. The Shadow of the hatred to Victor Emmanuel and Garibaldi Falls upon the innocent jew. If us Tramontanis can not reach the representatives of modern liberalism those chiefly benefited by these sentiments Are within its. Grasp. Quot with the True a Savage it turns its rage against the helpless. Young ones when the old one Are too Strong. As pharaohs two dreams however dissimilar in form yet betokened one and the same object so the fanaticism of our Days whether breaking out at Rome or fest. Petersburgh whether betraying itself by the Manifest contempt for Many a most sacred rights or by the open Defiance of All Justice to the jew it clearly Springs from one and the same source it clearly has one and Tho same aim although there Are no indications of either concert or co operation. The Liberal ministry of England is As much interested in combating this Absurdity As it is to sustain the cause of Victor Emmanuel apart from the purely humanitarian aspect of the question. A word of condemnation from the Premier on this subject would just now have rendered Good service to the Liberal Causo. An excellent Opportunity has thus been lost yet would it to the height of injustice to attribute this omission to any other cause but lord Palmerston is too excellent a tactician and too cordial a hater of ultramontanism1, to lose an Opportunity for giving it a blow. He omitted to do so simply because the presence of the Opportunity escaped his notice. A Exour chxonitu1

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