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Read an issue on 18 Apr 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Cincinnati Israelite.

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Cincinnati Israelite (Newspaper) - April 18, 1862, Cincinnati, Ohio 4b. I i number 42. The israelite. I ramp is of their words if they can do no bet Century it is possible that some of my an ter under Naining a Nan cd reputation misrepresenting his Ince Dicuns questioning his motives belittling his abilities injuring Bis enterprises adj hurting his feelings at the first Chance because he has the audacity to i Flor with them in opinion to be a Good or better of Able or More so As re expected As they Are. War they wage War against their opponents whom they can not Arnish in Lair debate not overcome by rational arguments. War they Appeal to destructive arms because some other Man worships god in another rna Oner. In his is no holy Zeal no just indignation it is the strange fire Winch consumed the two bods of Aaron it is fanaticism. To them the voice of Moses resounds a a the lord will fight for you Lay Down your mean arms a tremble and sin not Quot consult first with your hearts first sleep on it overnight before you wrong your neighbor and you will be silent. God fights his own Battles truth has a mighty army tile egyptians will drown in the sea of the rolling age but Tou shall employ no wicked Means Honor of the most holy Doe. And the fourth class who cry a a let us shout Quot is the Roost ridiculous. They Are too cowardly to fight too Lazy to work Loo proud to succumb too impious to Pray too ignorant and Uthi Leipic. To reason and Uliey cry Quot let us shout a our noise will frighten the enemy and make things All right Alliey cried then and do so yet to the amusement of ail intelligent persons. Being neither fire nor water neither cold nor warm Neit Lier nor Goliath but noisy philistines the on Hod to arc not orthodox t enough for Vliem on runday if it Rains and they can not follow til or usual amusements but on monday the reformers Are not reformed enough for them while on tuesday they oppose or ridicule every Oriange of mind is trumpeted into the world so loudly and powerfully the it one Mut imagine they want to kill every egyptian. To them tile \ Oice of Moses resounds a and be shall be silent a thatis in vulgar English ii us up your noise it sounds like the frogs croaking on a Summers evening. It n to know Little and talk much do nothing want nothing and actually belie a nothing because you can not the soul is too Small to grasp a great idea too infirm to. Hold it if grasped the heart is too narrow to contain a Broad Benti Yuent a and be shall be silent a your noise is ridiculous useless and child ish Here then is a now Scridon on the new pattern. We intend sending it to . Zience will Call to mind the fad that i am treating of what history denominated the dark True indeed the 12th Century was a dark age for the Christian world. The frenzy of the crusades had not yet spent itself no one out of Che cloister could read or up especially amongst the Eastern jews a spirit of remarkable intellectual activity. A new impulse was imported to biblical studies. The pressure of affliction kindled an enthusiastic piety which is cited a Zeal for learning and Olti Rattely led to a speculation so the printing press a cum i w. Write and the to Jority of the Bishops lated the literary material brought into pros Ini Ity the jews of widely separated regions. Their ticks which were now made against Sieight card the Zeal of the jews knew not Bow to affix their names to documents which Are still preserved but simply born Tchad a Cross lint the jews As it has Well been said Imd no dark Ages. In the for tile inheritance of their fathers and their midst of the 12th Century when Tho rest of i attention for their Rabbins and teachers. The world was i buried in menial dark Iress and when barbarism and Gross superstition sat upon Mankind like horrible Nightmare the Peninsula abounded with Moreno jews who knew not Only the Bible and the talmud but also the works of Galien and Hippocrate of Plato and Aristotle a Jellenik who lately Public sized in the Cit Anariah the rules to his kind of mormons in it not a roaster piece did not the ancient talmud St think pre Gieely of the same things As we said you must not say no in might make us Cross. Now having paid our tribute to fashion we conclude this with the Hope that the Rev. Isaac leaser will never say again that we Are no Kab i whereas we can write such a new style Sermon on a talmudic Al test and if anybody a bold again dare to say we Are no scholar we should always Siuw him this. Masterly Sermon. From the jewish Bro Dycle. The jewish pulpit. Cont Load trom no. 41. But whilst the Middle of the twelfth Century saw the pulpit falling in decay in France and Germany the Spanish jews were at that time advancing their ulitto the higher Eminence than it had Ever reached in the history of the synagogue. Nothing is easier than the solution of this problem the Spanish jews gave very Little encouragement to the hym ologies and jingling of rhyme introduced by Che put Init. The renowned of whom it Bas been wit tily said a Vir it n nip in a of condemns the Piu tim in very unqualified terms. Accor Ding to him the writers of them Are guilty of a two fold sin first for interrupting the Pervoe by Reading themselves the Piu jews who had created a Golden age of hebrew literature jews Vvhs i had Saau graced a new Era of grammar rhetoric and in who have not Only bequeathed to us a Library of Njma Sive literature in the hebrew language but who have Aho Tran fitted to thu a to whom the arabic is ii Mil car a ponderous stuck of science and Phil Sophy never exceeded in any age in Dunn tiry of matter or in excellence of Quality. Thi a Walt also the epoch when the Eloy of in and erudite be Hardee jews i Dornld rho pulpit of the boo Gogue with majesty and by. Names of Bali renown appear in the i i of preachers of which i need hardly bag to most illustrious is that of Moses Benti Mon More comm Ltd a called Mai Monir. My limit forbid me to detail which the fact that a papir eloquence was Fosi cred in the Syo Agogun la Italy also of the sephardic ritual. A Vilice lion of Sermon still extant preached or fit-15tli Century in the gland of , Ormi in tile Power of the italians leaves no dui. Loud tile subject. The pulpit was Aloo in Egypt and in no i Tiern a Jcj. Arson Ger congregations clip fit of of Panisia to Rigin and in cuu immunities where the Iii Ini tars lacked the skill fur the Compo Itlo i Quot i original sermons sections were recited Iii Stead from the talmud and the and hence arose the custom of reciting in the synagogue on the Sabbath after no in nos pm a the ethics of the the pulpit Fiouris had amongst the Iti Ilian .lew.-, also in the 10th, 17th and though there Are reasons for supposing that the dread of the inquisition of the Cei Istir the prohibition against the Reading of the talmud and the Buga Titan imposed in 15-s4 on All the jews in the papal dominions to attend sermons for their conversion to christianity contributed to Render the jewish pulpit less in these countries Tenn in the states inhabited by the emigrants from Spain and Portugal. Nevertheless rabbi Jehudit Muscato rabbi Jacob Albe of Flurence Figo Perez Abraham Cohen of Zante Jehuda Leorla of Modena and Many others have left behind them Noble specimens of oratorical Power. To All these congregations sermons were preached in Spanish portuguese or italian and they discover for the mos part linguistic Al correctness and great ability due allowance being made for individual differences. Many of these particular do Tino Tion for regularity skill in and a spirit of Raasch line Gravity and not in frequently the most exalted sentiments pervade them All. The eventful times of the i6th cent Piaf felted the jew no less powerfully than the Rester Mankind in the Western part of the Globe. A Btl downfall of byzantine Vinci ded in Point of time with revival of letters the Entrance of the ottoman at Tho Gate of constantinople is of the same Date As gut Tenberge a invention for subduing the Sultana. The cruel arrogance to the Coqui Sitoa was met by the reformation of the Church and As a still gloat log Over the wealth of which they bad pillaged the jews the new world was disclosed to them by Sheri Oheson which they were after a Short revel irretrievably beg Gared. Classical , printing Luther and am Froid the of the Fil Teeth Century the pulpit of the synagogue reflected All the to geological Koiv ledge f jewish Antiquity with its ponderous literature. The pulpit was in a nourishing condition at the opening of the 10th cent Iarj and weekly Enni ins were the general Rule. An in Dienso number of Dii courses appeared in All coun Trie where jews resided and Che portuguese congregation were most zealous in their endeavours to diffuse religious instruction. The jewish preach hers of the Levaic shone Forth in great Lustre and edified on every i Abl Atli numerous congregations at Sah Nina , Jerusalem. Safet discus Aleppo and Egypt As Well As in the Morea and at Ragusa. Amongst the a i i at of this age i May mention r Iblis Lisala of Derbi Almosnino Ai Castro Medina Haim and ask a i the 17thcentury Many Learned and Elo pm it preachers shed Lustre on the Syna of Adrianople Myr in Uva Zeppo and the por Ruzie a of Amster Dini and Lind in were represented by great pulpit Ora to s. The. Chief of whom is u. Menasseh Ren or i i Ourin the first half the eighteenth a . and officiated at Jris is in in. Eli i Cuhen at Smyrna Shabtai no Tivi Utu bid de Avila at Fez Abe Duna a Iii in Holland and Nieto in to be Coli Louea written f i it for the israelite Slody i first and Hirn . I stated in a previous article contained in Xuy and styled a Ali Ion religion should be Prefi rred Quot that Ali tray daily mention the name of god by Many even by Learned and highly educated men who have not the least idea of god and Are notable to give the least Lief Aitio what. They mean by such expression. I have to add this existing evil is not alone applicable to the word of god Bur there Aye sir Ilir words As Angel Paradise Devil hell Aud hundreds of expression which people use but never Are Able to define so that it seems to me very remarkable Tiow language could accept undefined sounds in her vocabulary and How people have a right to use expressions which they Are not Able to define. Language consists of words which represent id efts impressions and feelings which we want to convey to others but How we Are Able to perform this in uttering sounds called words of things of which we can neither define the existence nor know the of it will always remain a problem and society is so overloaded with such expressions and the majority of the people Delight to use them in Coby creation that science ought to inquire where they All came from if any body has the boldness to ask for adef oltion they will turn the question of Theiron main that rabbi a. Had the same right in tenancy to yourself and will think any per i Soo As rabbi Hannah in the year 480y. Son fit for an Asylum who asks for a Defini certainly they have. Now if i have con and yourselves Are deceived. I shall show you that you never Badian idea of what you said and that you have not any knowledge of the subject you Are speaking of the Standard books of Judaism Are two torah so the Thorah proper and the talmud. The i Terence Between them is the one is the written Law by Moses As written by him which is closed by his death and the other is the verbal Law commenced by our rabbis reformers and still continue cd in every succeeding age. I do not ask you who was the first founder of the verbal Law As you never have studied the talmud and Are Only acquainted with the written jaws As you found them in the translations .3000 years after they were written without studying even the commentaries of jewish rabbis wh6 lived during that period still i shall make you hereafter actual or de with this remarkable person who has exercised Stuffl a conspicuous Quot part in the development of idea % and who was the first reformer and with whom the tel medical matter commences you Are aware that Judaism contains 613 commandments namely 243�?which you shall to. And 365 a which you Are forbidden to do but i doubt if you know in which Thora they Are to be Douai i shall Tell you therefore that they Are All contained in the written Law and that the rabbis have not ordained one. A question will then arise which Are the Laws that the rabbis have commanded and which we Cair the Oral Laws which you i and every Man glorify so much in my answer is they based is issued entirely Over a 400 jaws considering them Only ordained by Moses for Palestine and have the re mailing ones reformed and so modelled to make them suitable for Ever jew in every age and in every spot on Earth. This is All True this is All Well understood very w Ell then we must come to the conclusion that the rabbis from their beginning Willnow a Days were nothing More nor less than reformers of the written Law which was found not More practicable for the age and As the rabbis who live in this age Are certainly More competent judges of that is becoming our age than chose who lived Many thousand years before jews came to the of occlusion Ai All limes to stand in command by the recent a Norrby the ancient authorities. This is a Rule Laid Down by every court by every Rah Bilby every Codex and by a cry write Ron ens Quot Ristics. There was a time when Judaism accepted As a Law the Thorah but with Tho appearance of the reformers who of Rstituto the Oral Law every age according to their rabbis had its own doctrine. We had our Geo Nim our Cha Chomin our we adopted rules Laid Down by Maimonides a Abarbanel and rash some chooses their Standard the Mcmo and some the Beth Joseph we had in later times our rabbi Jonathan Eliah the Caon Akiba Eiger and now we have rabbi Hirsch rabbi Raphael rabbi Suloway rabbi Lilienthal and rabbi Wise. For my part you May choose the Doctrin which you Uke Best every one has his own taste we still Are and will be All Yehu dim. A of will Eon fess that i have shown you that the Law of closes May be Laid Down As an original Constitution which the rabbis a bad and have a right to Reform and Model for the use of their congregations certain a by i can nub deny this Well if you can not deny this you must acknowledge in in a a of tim and econ Day for inducing others to say them a it z dance in Quot Jiroud open Erica gradually changed the ideas and maa Jonz a exclaims this renowned critic. No Liers the Laws and inst cautions of the world less unsparing Are the remarks of Abe Uez. A the greatest hebrew scholar that the world has Ever beheld in ancient or in modern times. A who a says he a has brought us into this trouble of praying in strange languages ? and in his commentary on the fifth chapter of Ecclesiastes he says in reference to the Piu tim in general Quot a Quot in pm a k a this is not prayer but Folly a another great rabbi of the Spanish fichoo1,Leon de Modena though of late Rnic and author of the magnificent Vico n near non ?3 proposes in his time to lengthen the Sabbath Aud festive services. A not however Bays he a o Ioam Nix n Nora. S ? do n75n uidt3o�?�?o.with the wretched Yot Zeroth nor with the the Piu tim god forbid i a but by a useful and edifying pulpit when i speak of our great jews of the 12tli and prepared new abodes for political Power and theart Sof . The effects of these changes on the moral and social position of the world were Consi Dorable but they varied according to the nature of the respective countries in which the sons of israeli were suffered to abide. The High minded exiles from Spain for the ignoble hebrews Only remained behind to assume the character of new christians emigrated principally to countries under Otto Man Rule where the islam influenced b3 a spirit different from that which actuated the Spanish Priesthood afforded them shelter and Security. A portion of the exiles set tied in the cities of ,and subsequently in France Hollind Germany. Wherever they Canije they Ira ported with them the treasures of knowledge literature and refinement and from that time there sprang lion of tin expression when the whole world Bas sanctioned such a use of words and meanings which exactly signifies nothing such a state of society is deplorable but alas i it is so. How Many evils in society could be spared if people would define their express Sion look of this unlucky War ask a Southern Man to define what he fights for ? he can give no explanation and fights exactly to acquire his ruination a instead of preventing it. I would not mention polices in this a amp per if k would not be satisfied that any thing leading to the happiness of Mankind is religion therefore politics embracing the Happy state of Mankind should certainly Vinced you of ail this Why did you attack the reformers and and in ire so much the Rah Bis of old when they All form Only one class namely to teach their congregations the duties obligatory to confessors of Judaism ? my answer is i did Nob know what i said. I heard a great Many people talking against Reform i myself never had the least idea of the Law or the Law of rabbis i did not know what constitutes a jew i was taught to preserve All that is old without having an idea what Progress meant f Thoa Glit always that the rabbis were conservative bus i now look belter in the Case and. Find that our rabbis were the first who preached Progress then the Honor is due to them Ond it is be mentioned As an argon ent a a religious easy to Trace All the new philosop4\ical pro paper As this. Gressie speculations originating with jew let us again glance at the judiciary Bow ish authors i shall in future consider and Many Law suits Are carried on destructive reflect what i have to say and for All never to both parties which could be avoided if Small judge in affairs in which i have no. A men would under Tandl each other. Society is knowledge at All but one thing i would l be to. Know a which of the doctrine snows Muchin controversy should be Tho guide of Judaism i shall answer this question but have first to make a few remarks on. Tho undefined assertions of the reformers it As my answer May fib. Both parties you will find that the be Cormers often abolish or remodel re a a truly infected by Tho evil of non definition that volumes would require to enumerate Terji and in order to prove my assertion i shall investigate the of the so called orthodox against reformers and t Ciff Moi the orthodox a Teick horribly the reformers they accuse them of being infidels who destroy Judaism. They accuse them of Fornol a practice sanctioned by time and con denying the Law of Moses and therefore deny the word of god and consequently Are do Jehu diff i ask you gentlemen of the orthodoxy now Are you Able to define your or pression i Tell you. That 3 our Adli Crants Side red binding Judaism l showed that they have certainly a right to Reform any Law As Well As their reduces Sera had. Rabbi Gerson made even a , against comma Admont cont Miami

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