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Cincinnati Daily Times (Newspaper) - November 3, 1854, Cincinnati, Ohio Fri 1l�ee6�, a by lifer Kmitis a a it a m Mtoto a Mumm a a min team Mhz of Tkv Kumh a i 0i�ear we. ,w. It �4lh�rm�a mme a a Barf a tone. To Kra Aura k�trta4, my a. »m4 Kate to my or to t4 #�?�1 we to pier a a a a a a Imam Ufort Tuitt i m to to pm. To a Tomato Toto a Toton a to Simk a. Tomara. Mtg mgt to Bitor w us to Toto a to my Botory w tto to. Ito fms Toft. A Quot a of Towi Emma Matt rat a Toto Gnoato. Ito Toto a Otott Otobe m a Mutl Irmma us loaf to my my Tot to 0m� to Spito Qiu in a mme to a a a to to Otto for 0mtom.otoy�0.m Mutof a to Toto Tom vat Tom my am to a my la a toil Auto to to Toad Ato aaa i Toaltoan to a a a eat Eaton to to Amasa to Tulitoa Kato a Torg a Tor of 16� toe today i to to Eato Ato pall a a Ito 1 Toa Baek. Rei Aeto. I Tot Toa Waart to Appato to Oil it Oleafa to i tktoaatoa4a i Laama mat a Taotoai a a Totoa Akra Toad a Faaa i a a a n. Am us. Jah Kiaka a tora Aib Tompall. A Kattaa Faatoa it Amanita i it in wat oar Toa a a toy to air. Vitok a Aal in my Mator a a ism dam Tom Uiha Haziam Tulitoa to Ian. Tow i Warman a to la Toa iral tfft�s�x�w3fr�ap��rs a Attaar Toad Ata Tortola Muir to if Kaaa me my we Tor Awa Atakai Al my Brm Matoi harm Ryal a a Stoma Tommy Oak m�wipe�r5� a for Ito maj a tog a 1 a Kawai. Thefaa4tototoamhaaatoahm by Al graph. Tot aaa Tato Taaj a up Yff a a fur nomm�9d arrival of Ticel Tow Arama m of sofa Stop. Aon Utomi set Bawa Atni it it min a Footmon. 0� War the . Alaa a Lin Toveal in Lapuk i tymm a la to Oma to Pamat Auto Haw a a a ii am a to vat w that of t. B. Maa Hai a Ator in Toa a k aaa a a a Toad rat i to Cowrt a ahm mat tap for a Piha �?�mm4f if Tom la a Law Tor in it of a Harawa it a har aaa a Kaaa a a Kawmi a Tor at i or. A toe Swap Altos we jewel emcee a Aab Toad Awba Tor Akaab Barr Fiaai. _ oar Parto of Aoa Raab Anat tab i Baah of claw Bato Orawa All i Bawa Walt it a a a a we to Ever Tom _. a a a Totoa bait new. Tot�b0tohar. Tow Law i�?T4 a toifoilaa4 All that hat to my a Siwy Baw of Aart Toty it Obb. By Iba toat. Ojibwa to Plato i to he Toa Toto Waahto a my Quot Quot a a a it a or Rory Aal a to a Tosaw of to a a Ato a Toto to a. La torah a atol a a Toh Tav i it a a he Tow a Tow top it to Ai Aalta a totoartthaala/m4 to i to Totol Etolil Potomi Wah Hato Wara Taja alar Toal i to naa.la4ta kit a a am Laapui. rare Tow Immel i Ai to frytag Aal Aga Toai Tolu he Marthaa Faai part a Ihra a a Tow Avha Aal a Ato Toas a Utor a a of vhf Law a Gat if Tot a a a a a a a apart Tow Wala to Baa. Abigt Sawato Toraa Aal or. To aaa Arat. a Hwan Kaaa Tot Ruito it a Ola Aal. Baba of Toap Rama har car he a a aah to Ash to Mcgaa of Towl of Toa Baah. Tha Lazart armaral i to to haal Aal a Topy to to a Al Agar to Brar Haa Rama in. Of. Oal Ltd Aal Imaa Umar to Anatomy. To a Tough re bar Altor halal a a Toual a Toa Lay Gator aau a Iii was he Tor Tarra i pm Aqaba Law toll a go topic grow of at a toil Aal Fig Trawal lab a. Thaar Toad a Yaag my we in bag la Lavaa at a Attoa aaa Rawal w to the right at to Kaaiai am a Toa Ata halal Buitra a aaa Aawar a. Timer to Taba Toa a Isaaf Toa Baah Aal Toa Paakai Yayag Awa aaa hair a pailag to Toa Matt pm of Toa atom to or Gaa Walfy. He a at a Waag a a throw Artym toat Cha last Aala Yalu Wal Taitoa of Aalto Hart Atria at a Togato Toap a la Toa a Fly of a Hig Hall Mhz Hatol to it pm no a w Aittola of to. Bag Tot to to my Aarau baath Atooli tout a to to we Iati Auto Aga toat Mph a Toay anal to Haak. By Mumm aae awl or. By glow radar a tar Faataa Attoa to to., Aal or. Braa Kaara Toad by a Harar Tea t Earl Kail a eager Toel Tow the Bel to a Ator Afik Haak Akallu Pam or . Tanto that of air to la car Toa Toto la to by a a it to pm Aal it a. Aai by to tha Kapwaf the Haak. To Laoag car my Lavaa Aal Braal aay Itao Aai Kraal aaa agh mail data Totoa Kaat to car Rafaat aaa aaa Tor a Atria a Hara. Thai anal Wrbata tha lava Laikam Ina Nan Tal 10 Bara aawmbaa4. Bat a a waa by map palate it i a alb a Baba Baa 4tow�e3 a Eai Yai ass Sewik i do a it Kawg by Toltsi Toia aha Dowa Aad Ktut my bar Delia Ala Rar Toa a la Ai my Gaaei a nag la tha Totoa Tat a Boga womb by Mito Lii. I cd Aal Bear aay anal Tad a Atraz a Toab. Or Aari Blagar that Kiad. Ibiza m a Mito of a am i Maajid wow of Flag Tor ibo Tyr neg Faa by Aagaar a Awn Foulad or Kaaa a Adawi Rwy of aay Klad Ltd Al i Voiad a map afew alls Baloc it to. A of Ltd Alamaa iad Aalt a any Onaga Alt ago a Ara Aad Waff too w away a. Mat so a a glib Chib Aoe Wibbel a at Gad we a Aaro Taataai Toad ill Toba bad lad Mara for pro Taauau. It Tea a a Law mop a a Atar a Iba rat re a Tor Razai altar. T7am to bar Mumm at Awa a w a a or Gaila Oft a at Layat Matatia Auriol a her. Aad aia Keady Toomb Aal. Wall Kwa Taw a . A Ord Rte Ane arte Peak Aad irae aau Lyta i Oak Arr my 0, Ama Piad me Odar and or Brasley it my Mought at tha us a by Aoam mat Tai it Oto of me Parrot by near auda Aal to ail Fra a Paw of Arafat bag bar avg Bor w a tag Foitag a i bar Moraal Fatra. Hat that. Forfar Wafier Asi Atad Aua a a in fair Kaaa Fajr of a my Mph Opp Nat or Tavba troops. Bowory a Tara Tsaifa Folly Wal wad Aalt to Trot Vara a High mar atm us Paola Bat Aoyama triad of p Polar Fatovi to ave a the of tha Bruu Aroas Arm a pity atoll whoa Faay Aav Are am Wealer Libaw to Hamm a i a Natl not a at All Harp Riata a i Ibri Sta Baa of Wall Tea Baad a Baa at Ona aaa ally Plata la front >4 tha Brasilia Mia Toter t r Aida aaa a to Maraiah Aad Attai Aga Barg Vonda Aram Tai a to Atra Ingi a Inhat v Wong bib a Tajo no Iba Tjauw tap Siupa Ham oat by Kaa pee Aad tote to Tor Arler of a. Otto Nara w fat a at Arr owl of Karl Spaag. Wall Harawa a to la Alliod Aat pm a by Kaawa a git Toa Fama tog Riat of Toa pfc Valk Bam of Tost a Toad. Me is. J Awat eat Toad free us Taei a Alothia a Faery tra Apkar k 0toy Fri try Wito to Kaat a Vhana of the Deena a Kad Keea to in ireae w in atm in Ira Rastog May a. Tkv a Kara alway Kaa lag Tom Stoa and Waataja Ratosk my a Kri. Aii amt Aal a Rapaki. Katy Law a Kaawa Wiik Toa Towy Arla Afik a a in a bowl War Aal Wui Loa total Tarry a Ika to Kcal at topic areal Kwa att Toal by Iwa a Tor. Phil to i Atla aha of to Quot a Aarlea boat Law in Par Tea fat Arlay pm Aika Hama Rai Altal by a Tiaa App Sarah to last anal to Aihara it atom Atiim Toto Ai Raat Agar Walavak it Toad wow a re Taototoa Batall aau Tor help Hai a Ekamp Teiei Teltoe thu Motovi depot toat err Befarah to Mai Ataa Arris a to Icea Atad ire Ataa Atoo artinal final a look Irato Aal in kit a Tel to fatal Tow Aal Thil re Liro Lagapa Era Ttoe a Whiteh Kri Aagot Loaa to it by t a poll to Aorta Asalati Attoa of to Loeo Arad. <1 the in Viviaa Ali actor Ai and a go wry to a who in a Koob Par Wal by pm Brato a Val of by. Wag we or Porto to it Bitol Gawad id Amrai Bair Baitec. 8a to. Arr Riata All to a of to Toke waa toat at to Ewe of Ibraih to hat harsh mar log of a a a b tto Faaoo waa a Toad the Mia not or of Pratt and Amway. Brato. Araral by Leto Tod mama of a klan by is la sight at in a hard a m to Tarraf. Waal Toa was w Tota Atmaa it fat Aal pita to Al. In Tea to Igaly a Tad a a Ina Vao of at Al Aal Toa Toaale of Araa Gaal to Partom of the Capito wan hug his Haw Bat a Yaar to Toto aaa atry i Loav Maag. I a a a a Quot a a a a v f in May mme the m. . Wawlwrtoet., Tor la Hott Mhar a hoax hell Karla. To Toto i. M . to a at a my. Praia a. By Tel Raal tog. / my Sci tog Towata. It was Hara Vara me blog Flat re Mommoo Tho Ata Alag took Plaza Ai to Kila to bad waa motor on. Wojtal ibid k , Laa Aad Tea taal Aruar f to Yuag mor Al Aitor Warda Toa Rhad Tea amp a a who a. A Law Ai by to Noboa a Ito Aat Ora Baliag a Hadaf Carasig Aad Pai Tad Mora go a crowd a pcs bag tha mama Traag Samuta and Arak Ilgap a Tara Ato anally iad a Amaal tse Powk a Spaght of or Ira it Amaat a a amt Bat a fou Dot a Polaa Tara Nabial the Nash me Eit Ivd and Tim a <1 Tkv by amp Viviaa Fiat motor a and to Ahorn Grant jaded Al Oak afar Iai Gaa to at a tar i Lagatol �11�, Aad aha git baath i Fra Aad easy Witk try half by get Katora last to Tolliv at tto bail Raag Baas Kavard Artia of a tour or car log raw Alley Lama rear afm Attar tour a to it so fret a trial Aad a rap Totag thither total a waa David Wii Aai t1mb�b Lytos a Toaiva Sadat goof a a a Pohto to a for Toady Srmag Kally Woad food Aad Aai Ivriy ,r pert re it a. 0aiigawtly, Aat a a bawl Aad Apo a pm to Toto la Waco it waa Mead that has Al Raar ital a aaran a life to head tonal Tatry Abara toe Toft ear a big Ted Krahala to Kal. Barto told data yesterday a Baat Thra Oto Laah. Alar apart to Fri sad Kaw Fra Way Hryb mat Aad of a Waal tap Hanatow aaa Broah of Jahs o a tour tag aet Laag Stoma w to Wato total Frt Oag forge tag that Kwa la cart Aad to or Caara afm dig Liary Waw Tail it to i whoa is rap Rcd. A Atoa Baa by a Lead a to who Advt i Arih tra mud it to Afiba Law Sam to. In warder it we. Tha Wung waa Fraia appear a a it orly to tha whoa to apart a Agar last Ord with a sett w Law hard a i it it to Sistos the oars a k m a legit it Yaat Arday Aad ii a Jah. Bead my tha Tutor a wet Paat a by a a a a it a had Aal tag Pattri Saaly Haw a Aalto to Daigian Wutoh i Arvad wha hag Arham my a Adaira a a Attol m at to Toaia Torton m a Towk Bartoi Bews lat�dafhaadtothtoito�fmmmtomajadga<ato.l�wg�. A a a to in Tomato Mara Art a we if to he Anat Aag Gamma my Karaj Wmk War Toama Hazaal a dab Alaga the War Wither a Gintoa a Igal my Reprieto onto a it at tha Masad Aad Baw atom har a i a to Yair we a a jew Ltd Ybara Tara to Aagaat Lirato toaa., a Hasmi i lag Amodia a air Arabi i a y Pood Laager Road Tea to Oao waa at to to Koa Lomi to 1 Statora 1 last Gaita Diega Tod. 1 lewd Gow t an la a of 1 Vallad Awah to i Law. Auorb a afar Kat Araa Amblod Laptop Kra to Mph tuft the Kaw Yamaka Pppe a Malakar Taall Aai Raa Vato to apr Aartola Dagmar in Tow. to Aalto lag it a Ledaal Baas a Kaa Kaaa w my Taeok a Kaa bad toe to Litoria to Aitatoto Admar la Aart aia mtg Aad May Kera Yeeee totally Pearl bet a Bat tots Kaa Wakut Waray he Bettt Kaa Beau a aka Atway a Mykia part at Toad a eat total aka actor a Malbar a to Rwy. A Wapaa Harsad Hara Torand am Aaria of pm Tomak Ratto Aad Asia Tow Hamara a Toto a Dia Tda Day a hard aaa. A Tow Days Alana Alt so. Of this Sty Trastoy sir Nasaw wet Hasaf la a Tayir afm Patti Apkaw Aam Granad of Mem As Bye toss a tha Taai m. Sato Iasi a it ill tool. Ghahra Agov a goad Paas Ragar a Aad to Mahut Aam 1� Pip Toad Aal m a a Marat Kaawa. A tas a Gaal Ayaay. Aay of Yaar Usua Galahad a Wapaa to pm a pm atari a Iball Haas a to Yea a a Yama Day the Mato it War we la Baa Tor to it Aad m. Baal a map to Hasi gala and. Twa Tawia a lip Law Oak Anantua tax array Marateo Al u Ato Toas w is Praml Saa Law a of Aye Aram a Raaba Toraa Tomaia a Toad Agar Cavafy Ato Kaawa a la Jatow Lawham Trapany. My by my Baa Pya Dawl Mials at a Wattale adj ammo. Baraw do Aazaad. A aaa Iowa Anraad Toto Wara fag a Iba Rapan afm Agair Arwana Panto Aloag Toast Saab Agar whih la Caa Peay Wim ton gee in Toad a aaa Atto Hadhy a data aha itt Obma Aad Aik Aoi Imuan gym a wan All it pin it Kir owe of icon Graah Loam Aalto at Mumm to Ato oar Busato armed Aad Tatry Tosaw an ice ornate to to ready to Laad a Oak Soroor now wan Fri Toad Aad maa Ciao Tou to m. we to Ravo Latina Ludwood i Moet Dae pair Bow of a we toy Kaaa Aii Iii of set remaly Digap Omlid. Bow Arar of 1 Doay it nth Aci of Baion Saaring mgt a Atou Brj Aad done tab w Bot 1 Fiuty Gal of if mat m to Obama. Ill a air mtg Arraio or mad Quito a m of Asarito Gaoat Aad i Gap Iowa it will a me topic of of Nara Alioa Fer. Bat about oar Ridge it we Partone Fanagy m of Tadad it we a pm. Or w Obagy a mag in Mommy fam my Gentl i Aada toting. Wim afr a Karpat or gnat. Ago by a Boom or Ai Yirbi. G Aaroa bred of Gat dear Borras Ogham Way to Bagaw Aad my Tan we Mehrra Papla Gnu a own a o Tomun it. Into twi he own Taw a atop to blog Tad my Akela Lawai it itral aaa i i a Karyto a who Totoy i Woald grow amyl my Iana amt mrs it a a a a cd Pault a Toba Law Oil. Aad Yah . T Law Baio agora land. Aatif Bat a oat two to taiga of Baal. Danag psf a Bota rid Aad my a a Wrbata etame a Aida Poe Libaw people Bat. Loda wid Trota Mairi Catoma thaw Raa Saily bras Fesiak a Gragat a Bam Iroe go tag into a Twira farm Law Opra mom a Toa Obama bal Gaab a it toy m a by Mam hero bile Good. 1 Birbara i Law Aam agia trial in. Aaa Apa Mumm r get Abla a tha a a Omar Tami he a Gaza Tama Dibaia to Toad a Qia Arilo an la Famay to it Mir. Hat my Pahll a grow Ian wig a Iii a Aymat a a West n to my Laird to a is Oriya iraqi mod Wmk a Awilow of Pra oium a Dar dal pm my. My a it Shah a waa a a groan Atoa . We a ketone Abbot Toast new to to male. Had wet to a at Tob Wato a a Abnatha Torsa Afima was pasta Agar Bara be a Orea a a Raulee War Mamrak Prawd. Kowrak rth Aaan Fth Ayr aha Ignatow Tihy a a St a a a Alia Awa it to my Ahl. Criag Day Wadi he a Gra Iamsaad is Gaza Aad Aam hah m atom Taariq add a Matt Tara Adir Omta Matoga Togiak. Had Laa Toft Tor pm Tot to Aalt a a a pm Ane Pei car Aad to . So Tatana Hal a aka Dap Nara. bad a a Ardarth to Aboa a it Koward Iba i a of com. Phi us Elf a8 avd my rear owe. Tor a Gmez car a _ Arr. To a we sat bar Ash aau a Aalf pm pianos Fob rent. New apr a Boott Quot a Dir a or Tlam mom few trap a an wins Laws it a Lata Ball War i a Quot f Batraw in Carat Toraaki Gatton to la Toto ral Wigdis a a a Mui Awta bail was. Amm Asama aaa the a away a Pautuk to a a ipod la a la err of my Irais. That jew Apraw Trato had .meaaewl.aa4tkatmsagtortb�ahtoi to a a to .1. To Aag tatar. Aba Kaa re Arad Aal Tam iwo teas. Leatos Mii. Theav mama to Ary of a Dutary. Vian i icons a sri ass sir Iii the atom a we ? Todahl so a Soond band pan06a Rora Praia raw my tatar beaks la no a Rwy Jaswa Gra Acala. Bar. T. Vow. O. Oar aaa. Aba a Larel Kis we la Tea a try a Bias risk Abara Afiwa Toaga. A Lam brat ism. Aal a aaa Aereal to toe Stab it Itaw far a Ayar Aal a half. of 4 a Maan Aat. A Mehrl mail fwu Tolob. Gleavea aaa Pray tha Aerator. Harht Seaway arterial pm a a Bara Aso Toaale tack tog Atria apart Iba Yasu Rattery. A a Fierar Malar Maamar Gaag Karalaw Aaan Kurt up Tal. A a Toad fatal Ira to leak pm. R. V. Joanar. Bera Amar a-4st m. Tanto Law Al Altol an Rastog to my a Toad part of it Waal Torata it . To str Star Aat Iwato of to apart of my Lawai. That Rawet Ham. One Gre re Metal bareh Aal Baa Aitta Moak Hai Aoa maw Ara in trial. To it a tips an Law to bal we do Paris a St town Garhwa. atom Tharl Rar Latta Mazary Wim Annaina Taska it Aawar to a aka Aal warm Raab maw Yara mat bal. Baw take. Be Matoker so to malay Warmt to Matt Aal Katoh. Beak we by Markyl a h. a a a Drogt Oto Toal Aal Tortola n. Aal Brit or. Tea to that a Mia to Aad Pastora Paar to Toady. Elma Alecse Imbs Toai ssmms7 far pad Ohlir. . Gaita of a akan wkly Bast at As is bbb. Blk today. A Fla aaa Kangal. Wmk a Hubal Haitow Toft Totoa. Dlila Bep Abish Sibli comial Law Baba a. Bar t. Kiwi Dey to my dam Rai ditto Ian of me papaw Taam Oxaal w a Gaw Ebe total. Ift Tyr it it Osba my do May my As Batow Mahabal. Bowal waa Awaad. Bar. A . B. Mandaw by aviary of awol aha Daf it Wato Aarau to Lamaak n Paw w Tasato Ftp Towba in a Ladarr warty at it Dawa. aaa kataura Leha Toda Adl / a pled a Ken Aey egad Pann la Aad a Palkay web a Aara Ogbra aaa it Kaaa Wytewa Han a Laront what Makalu me pans a Anwat waa aat1bm May Wighs trash Malaga. Bat Sikai to Goth Toimi Wight at Ofca Para awol Dia toy w Mma at Tow Aad Ardery Bam Arak a Abanatha i Bauma anew beaut mis aft in Aagaar heard of mat a Saaded a to Tow hmm a maw of wart Oak few Daw Whitak lab a Plank Atria Sam la is Paapaa atom to Mem amt of a . Beat atom a Aan Padt Aad abm Satoga a Amgao air Vaa Aap Arad a to Mesa. Tobahe Partog Agar Laag warmth Gay spa. A maa we actg Prara Blar Aad a Mac me Altott of Wmk hat Wake Watino my Agate aaa eat Aad Sapad Warant of aaa adman of Baba aah a it Towie Latt Oid a to Sabar Kat Toad wait org. Fahara amp Farej katmai Gotha pub aha a Attoh waa a Draht Karaan of a at i to in Tato dear Aad a Amaia had har a a try Maagma Baton Mapan Chatt few log a Matt we Ami . A Gaza har Mumm m Bra Fahla or. Patar a Toast pah ship a Lamto of Hora Emma Atam. Mean. A raw me Talaat of a Pahler Aalto Bash Hap try. Own Amaal. A Ato a Aratow Paw Towi m a than Ebay Hara Ham a Kymm Inah Atoa Rada Azaan Mara hog Aad waa Otoe Amstad. Tho a Anomi Haft a Mapham Owart has a Baad 1 Aada Aala. Ula How already mama Tommy pea had Athial Tow tog aay Mator malty. A that Haymi Harar Star atom Kava Batog mahal Abaavi Padhy my Samaah Dawm Arga amid. Stoft toss m Ivy Garda agora Al. A Baas Tom a in mho net a if aim Hal Wilto amid Tor by Tow Ama Iha Tomm Iati Ham of a plam Al Madia a Toto. Butt he town Nader Tor Ihal i Toraa a Atara. The Ato Ift a Pema ban Tjw it to Bhada Tola 11 aaa Alsap Hahm Alt Oak a Raar of pfc Aad Paha Eto Ato Elf a Makaaa atop we beat. The Saa so Way Arastod Miltom Baat Das a Aloma a ses a a Toto Abiaad Weths Watari sat m to the ism of or Hood of it May Lamo a. Mat his Tad Araa Mnawar that my Hab Laa Madai by a party of lad Toad. Mme Mumm Erah sly aet Rea ebb Paw Baton Baba War a Salwa Wmma Saa Dan Saarah of Bazar. I i a Bali Aadam a Nsairy inns to the wms Waad Tea aim Matt Rary sex Salt it m wad m tary Haada Aii Tomaia. A a Rede Alaga we fit family la Arad a go but a Aba Adaam Vba Lamb try in tab of dear m wish my prawn a we Flag Kaaa a Taft Aad Nib Grisim. Of Amaat efm Ltd we �0 . Boat Aad bad ism Baw Abaft Tor Zimm adapt a Imaad that my bad Baba Amaua Isleta gaels Baum a Maago to game Aad Tara Boh Haig amen Sabota Aad Aid Babotan. Bimm Al air Meetis aim weird be a a meow to Flam Goat Smiy Wraa Waak Baal a thaw Mato Aad i Woal Dat Baas a car plaid if my e a a Itab to liar saah Tor mad Waw my Yaw so Gimbara. Anto it ital a us a Boa a bad my Iii a heat Iva att a Stoa a maw Alai apr Laa Ailafo Aad wan ail Torza Chadid Aad Demy Waga in we we my. lha ipad a Adubat atm Mil aim Aba Walag Aad a Tolm Rastog Wim the a Emmai no Ipili a Iago the Gaam Aad Ami Albar a bad Many Tda Otis Aad is by Aims Guam a took. Tea to Ala Maxa admit Baba to Bough him Tomas go a await am in Al res gum Iba wag a Aai Riad a. What Gar Law but what Amaal Imere tobit igl to a wbb it a at Ida Oraa Gliklad Row to Brkl a Aouad a Era Atara or a Toby Toti Baah Aad dab thu a Saadi if Tom told Aioli Haapla Aba Waga am gnat Hood bread a War Tutor Toad id Gora Bank Iha Smauin Samra Ama at a Amara Aaka Faast Aad la Tsira la Iba in jul pm in limb Geem hug atm it Kiln Law Makaaf Atoian. Orm Awai of Wurz aaa. 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